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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 22, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: the federal reserve today did what almost no one wanted them to do, they reiterated itself original description for reasons of its interest rate cut as a mid cycle adjustment. market sold off after chairman of the fed powell uttered those words three weeks ago. today, investors ignore the repetition. it is up, what is worse than a fed chair whom investors have ignored? perhaps a fed chair who shaves
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policy. a wall street that yawns at whatever it does. joe biden -- sleepy joe biden, mixing up his decades. >> on my generation, i got out of school, when bobby kennedy andd kin dr. kennedy were a-- by kennedy and dr. king were assassinated in the late 70s. lou: they were assassinated in the late 60s. will the group put up. and president trump tells reporters that birth-right citizenship is ridiculous and looking at ways to remove it. among our guests former i.c.e. director tom homan. and asia expert gordon chang.
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we begin tonight with president trump. ordering the department of homeland security to end its 20 day catch and release policy for illegal immigrants and their families caught crossing the border. mike emmanuel with the story from washington. reporter: trump administration moved to end a controversial agreement over how long migrant children can be kept in detention, flores agreement, has been in effect since 1997, requiring the government to keep children in least restrictive setting potential -- possible and release them after 20 days. >> i'm the one that kept the families together, with what we're doing now, we'll do more of that, but it will make it almost impossible for people to come into the cun w country ill. reporter: earlier his acting secretary of homeland security
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spoke about the need for this change. >> human smugglers advertise and migrants know well even if they cross the border illegalling well arriving in -- across the border with a child means they will be remain in united states this a significant step in increasing the integrity of our system and addressing the core aspect of the crisis at our border, what is the arrival of family units in record numbers, this will help change that dynamic, u. reporter: president is very serious let's looking at r reraising the idea of ending birth-right citizen that automatically grants citizenship to those born in the united states critics hope that court will stop any changes from taking affect. lou: thank you mike emmanuel. >> you may have noticed that acting dhs secretary failed to
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credit president trump for today's action by his department. troubling trend on the part of the secretary, and hopefully an oversight. >> strong leadership of this president to stop illegal immigration is paying off, despite the resistance of radical dimms and rinos. government watch dog group today warns that dhs has overlooked a disturbing practice on the border that puts public at risk. they say customs and border protection officials may have allowed murderers and other criminals to cross our border and walk free for years. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with that report. reporter: in 7 page letter, to president, was on th office saiy compromised public safety after failing to.
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-- implementing a daily screening for illegal migrants. saying: >> fox news first profiled the whistle blowers last money, under the law, required to collect dna from individuals in custody. and compare it against the dna in the fbi's file crime database to identify and then remove or prosecute illegal migrants whose dna matched over cases from sexual assault, and murder this program is separate, from dna collection to establish family connection obama administration. put the dna screening program for violent offenders on hold in 2010, after then secretary
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napolitano said that homeland security deputy had resource issues then attorney general holder agreed. but somewher special counsel inr sided with the whistle-blowers, that the waiver was never meant to be permanent. >> folks have expressed concern it could become a liability. reporter: who would sue the government in that case. >> presumably families and individuals who were harmed by noncitizens in custody. >> the issue is angel families? >> yes ma'am. reporter: there was no immediate comment. lou. lou: unfortunate, catherine herridge thank you. >> joining us. tom homan, former acting director of hi immigration and customs enforcement and also fox business contributor. we start with catherine
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herridge's report, troubling that dhs for whatever reason, has not been taking advantage of those incarcerated to check their dna against the list. >> yes. i'm glad that story is coming out, this was a push back by the obama administration at department level, they complained it was no funding for it. this is 2019, we're professional law enforcement agencies, dna is an easy swab of the cheek now. let's be clear this was last administration that pushed back to this rule. thank god it is comes out, this president will take action. lou: and it appears he already is. i have to bring up dhs secretary mcmechanical -- talking about
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actions taken by his department. he ignored again refer to president's order carry out policy changes that are now underway. >> president -- i briefed president myself. we brief congress for two and a half years on flores settlement agreement, that was main mag knelt that brought these people here. >> i am asking you about his failure to credit the president for making this decision and this order? >> well we should always credit president trump, it is his push that make a difference on the border. president is acting solo on a lot because congress is not helping court is not helping. >> wait, wait, we respect each other too much. for us to even insinuate we
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expect congress to do anything to help this president. everything this president has done to this point, he has done without the democratic congress or the rinos in the u.s. senate or the house. >> i think we have to keep telling the american people, lou -- >> i will speak for this audience, this audience understands the issues, that the radical dimms and their like are simply the resistance. not the loyal opposition when this presidency. so the idea that there should be any discussion about congress is represenis-- realm represent tishous and redundant. schumer and pelosi aim to stop this president at every turn. >> i will spin plat stipulate t.
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i will not forget about them. lou: we have is a president who is taking action. can be detention, and impact it will have. and every single initiative that i have seen to this point, you correct me if i am wrong, every single initiative has been at the order of this president whether guatemala third safe kaucountry policy whether it be mexico.
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cooperation of the mexican government and guatemalan government to see that partnership in this region is unprecedented. i think he deserved credit. he is the first person to step up and say, it is going to happen. and if you do not take responsibility to mexico and to guatemala, he said -- there will be tariffs, there will be consequences. >> i think like i said a hundrd times with you. lou: there goes that representation again. >> we have to make that call. he has done more to secure this border than any president, we deserves the credit, god bless him, the right president at right time, doing the right thing. lou: this is the leader and the fact is that democratic party is filled with people who don't have the since to follow. luckily, luckily the american people are following this leader that we have in the white house.
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a great deal is being done. your thoughts now about how significant the policy changes are. what will be the impact on illegal immigrants, both approaching that border and crossing it and being apprehended? >> well, if i could talk. why this is such an impact, fy14 and 15, we built first family detention center, i built it, we held families for about 45 days. maybe to 50. 90% of them lost their case in front of a judge, we put them on a plain, sent them home, the numbers dropped, then you got 9th circuit that said you can only hold them 20 days, i told the court, if you maka decision -- >> where in the world -- >> you will see a surge like never before. i was -- >> i have seen so many surges. i don't know if you want to make
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but the fact that this country can being targeted by the traffickers, and cartels, there is no sense playing game, this is not the loyal opposition on capitol hill opposing this president, this is a group of -- the democratic party is hate-filled and the resistance, they are trying to do all they can to subvert this president. and we can talk about sex trafficking, we can talk about flores until we deal with the fundamental problem here, that is the cartels that own most of mexico, wild operate at the margin, in my opinion, give us yours. >> the cartels control the northern border of mexico, cartels control much of mexican law enforcement. much of the mexican military, the cartels are running this operation on northern border with mexico. mexico said they are attacking the cartels, i have not seen it, i know they are doing a lot for
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this president. but i have to the seep the dismantlement of the cartels yet, that is when we need for a lasting affect. they need the help of u.s. agency from hsi, i.c.e. that know how to attack the cartels be their money, and transportation infrastructure. lou: and absolute partnership in central america and north america. the foundation is laid rm it is working. good to see you. >> thank you. lou: up next had. new numbers that show president trump surging in 2020. plus victoria tensing and joe dezenecdigenovaing join us hire. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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take your business beyond. lou: bad news for the resistan resistance. more voters in one poll say that president trump will be elected. rarasrasmussen saying that prest will likely win in 2020. it has been rising every month.
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that same poll finds 69% of voters say that president trump is responsible for any recession should it occur. that would not be a problem if the same 69 per remembe% remembt strong economic growth, and record unemployment and stock market is also his responsibility. >> "new york times" you were fire again, after a leak transcript from a townhall meeting lead by executive editor meeting with employees, targeting president trump, they can't stand our leader, can they? dean backette, saying this:
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>> joining us, former reagan white house million at -- political director. ed rollins. so what is new? lou: what is new is the straight forward lifting of any i think
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at the end of the day the readers. >> the failing "new york times" as president calls them. >> expect nothing more from them except criticism. lou: it is unfortunate that national mediacom ited to a proed to a --approach. it makes me nostalgic for fair, and balanced news coverage, you can't find it on the broadcast networks or msnbc, or abc. it is just stunning. and the fact that supported by torture the truth if you can
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call it that. >> biggest change, he didn't let his reporters go on television, they wrote for the paper. all liberal, but now they write their stories, they go on msnbc and explain them it is a double hit. lou: close feedback. >> absolutely. representatives experts representing here is the story i told. lou: this is a absolute unprecedented leader, by any objective standard when he has accomplished on the economy and foreign policy, destroying isis. the list goes on. >> rebuilding our military. lou: for them not to be be a even grudgingly to acknowledge what he has done and he has achieved it stunning. >> they think their duty is to
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trash him every day. and get someone else elected. i don't think they will succeed. at the end of the day the public will see through this, so. lou: idea that joe biden cannot get his decades straight. you know to me, he is becoming a sympathetic figure he is obviously dealing with real difficulties here. >> she o he is on a very limited schedule, not running full-scale. even his staff, they talk about his campaign, say we have to keep him guarded, he has a long way to go. if they get to main even, and go ahead to ahead with donald trump it will be a tough siege. i don't think he will make it he is most widely known candidate. >> we were talking about polls, you were dismissive of them,
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this early stage. but there is a imperial reason for your skepticism and if you will, strong qualification. >> i looked at polls, they are a measurement of a day or a week, real see theral -- reality there is always a figure that people forget. plus or minus 9, there will be a gap on top or bottom, they are not accurate. lou: meanwhile their political fortunes depend on those polls, these radical dimm presidential hopefuls. >> people forget that hillary clinton was 10 points ahead of trump, she was th the inevitable president, that did not happen. and biden is the inevitable nominee, because he can beat
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trump, i don't think that is true. a measurement of one day. we run state by state. lou: 2 elements to watch. margin of error, and composite of the poll, and numbers that are being surveyed. >> reality -- >> what are the numbers see in most of the polls. >> trump's numbers are stuck. lou: no the numbers that are people who are polled? >> they just want to 7 or 800 people maximum, and 300 to 400 down to the democrats. lou: through have it from savant, ed rollins. i'm trying to wrap it up. >> wrap it up. wrapped up, wrapped up, thank you. lou: thank you. >> up next. protests turn kay on the nick hong kong -- chaotic in continental continentalhongkongt after the break, stay w w w w w
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lou: protesters in hong kong clashing with police in a subway station. demonstrators seen overturning trash cans evening machines and -- vending machines and carts to use as barricades. it is my pleasure now to bring in gordon chang, columnist, author. senior fellow at gate stone institute, that is a small number of people, we're looking at a million and a half people flooding the streets of hong kong, protesting, relatively orderly and peacefully. this is an exception to what we've been witnessing, your
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thoughts about the patience of xi and whether it is to be tested. >> xi jinping has lost control of hong kong, he lost control of hearts and minds, we've seen that in the 3 big demonstrations. sunday it was torrential downpour, you had parents bringing their kids they believe this is last stand for freedom and autonomy. lou: and the president supporting him, for first time in three decade, u.s. foreign policy is linked to human rights. and that is -- it should never have been separated in my judgment. but this president of ours is becoming a global leader. in every respect. but in bringing human rights and our foreign policy into alignment with one other sends a
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powerful signal. >> that link was broken. this the clinton administration with regard to china. what is now you see been put together, because president trump understands that china poses an existential challenge to u.s. across the board, trump is using all elements of american power, the aspirational power to put them together. lou: interesting we have not each a leader capable of the ability to move government in its enterty in policy across frankly the entire horizon of public policy choices, whether to be foreign policy, domestic, trade, economic policy. it is two and a half years in and this country, the democratic party, so-called loyal opposition, unwilling to abthink
4:33 am
abacknowledge him for leader she and has become, a historic leader in the oval was on the. office, your thoughts on what would it take to change that, if anything. >> important thing is you know we saw this last year. president trump actually just as you say, defending u.s. and defending american workers from china. we've seen it in so many decisions last year and this year. it is critical, chinese are doing after us, they are just coming after us, in may people's daily declared a people's war on the united states, that means they think we're the enemy. lou: this has been an expansionary government, china, they intend to be dominate to dominate this world of hours. there should be no question on the part of wall street elites,
4:34 am
academic elites, or so-called media elites. >> you know. what is really been distressing, is you hear people you get wall street, and multinationals saying oh, you know trump's tariffs hurt the u.s united sta, they don't. lou: that is a lie and they know it. >> china is stealing billions of ip -- >> ho how many news stations, it gets to be silly. >> yeah, reality -- >> the threat to united states. >> and though the just us it is other countries as well. lou: i get parochial on occasion. >> every free society is being attacked by china, and in hong kong, china cannot deal with any
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free society, even one as small as hong kong. lou: that leader of ours is standing up for our values, western value, much to the frustration of the chinese and president x,i a xi, i'm sure. >> up next. your comments. here the order seemingly ignored by prison officials where epstein died, we have that and latest on. >> spy gate.
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lou: "washington post" reporting 8 prison officials knew orders were given to not leave epstein alone in his cell.
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8 officials. the surrounding circumstances of epstein's supposed suicide are being investigated by the fbi and justice departmen departmens inspector general, attorney general barr has seen quote nothing to undercut the findings of the autopsy of epstein, declaring his death be on a suicide. joining us victoria toensing. joe digenova. great to with you. let's start with attorney general accepts the finding. for example dr. mark siegel here at fox does not. he has many questions. other medical examin examiners e there is a statis statistical pm
4:40 am
is likelihood as suicide as cause of death. >> it appears that epstein tried to hang himself a few weeks prior. it would make sense to me, i would never promise to do medical analysis on tv, i know the law, if bill barr is looking at it, and has gone through the right procedure i trust his call. lou: all right, you, joe? >> i love dr. seein siegel bui k he is wrong with this one. he tried before. i think t to conclude that anything else happened we'll need a substantial aim amount of amount of evidence, at this point does not seem to exist. >> the real issue, lou is
4:41 am
incompetence of the bureau of prisons. lou: or? dot, dot, dot? >> well, i don't know. you know the warden that was act pointeactappointed -- appointed. he sued holder for racial discrimination, she was pro mostepromotedto to warden. lou: i want to turn to now spygate. in that very rarefied environment. the wiener laptop. where is the wiener laptop? and why don't we know what's on it after all this time? >> that is a good question. i don't know where it is, i have not seen any published reports
4:42 am
or investigative reports, perhaps inspector general, will tell us something about that. but that actually relates to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. lou: right. >> it was the wiener laptop that caused james comey, the great dirty cop to reopen the hillary investigation, then once again concluded that there was no there, there, it is clear that fbi took a dive -- the wiener laptop, they took a dive on the hillary clinton. lou: what is the southern district of new york? u.s. attorney? last we heard they had possession of it. last we heard, there was great frikfriction between the fbi and southern district of new york. i put it in environment of spygate, because that is about what we're talking about. this is an environment -- >>, of course,. lou: we can't layout lines of demarcations, too clearly right now, after three years of
4:43 am
investigate, we still know so little. >> and guess what, if not for the corruption at top of the fbi, and deputy o department ofe to swing the election toward hillary clinton we would have these answers. but what you world premier law enforcement agency, fbi so politically bankrupt and corrupt it cannot run an investigation the way it should have, that is why it is important they clean house, and so sad that christopher wray has never addressed these. >> as bill barr said, i have more questions now than before i became attorney general, that tells you something. lou: why is it that we have not heard anything about nsa, as it relates to 30 thousand missing e-mails of hillary clinton for example. why we have not heard anything from nsa about texts that are
4:44 am
missing as a result of the world? victoria in incompetence of the mueller special counsel or dot, dot, dot? it is an amazing collusion of income 1incompetence, possible i corruption, then the surrounding question, why doesn't the nsa have copies of all this. >> they do, they do. in fact we know for a fact that as a result of the generic scoop up program, which is perfectly legal they have every e-mail, text-message, it all there, when we were told that hillary clinton had delighdie -- deleted e-mails my response was okay that is fine. >> they do have them. lou: why is not the executive of this government going to nsa
4:45 am
bringing it forward? and investigating the investigators to get rid of the fiction pause they destroyed evidence. >> absolutely. perhap. lou: who knows. you got us to the end of our discussion with the same question. it is where i started. who knows, i just love the justice department, fbi. oh, boy. i hope, i hope william barr brings this to a successful and well, revealing conclusion very soon. >> he shall do so. >> amen. >> he will have such fun with on -- the day that happens. >> amen, brother. lou: you got a deal, i'm signing up right now. >> thank you. lou: two people say they are lucky to be alive after this.
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after plane lost power and crashed off of the coast of california, they were stranded and treaded water as they must. this happened in half moon day, south of san francisco. pilot said they were in the water for 30 minutes. surrounded by jellyfish and whales. after that story of sharks, jellyfish and whales must have been a welcome set. coast guard found them after a friend flying in a different aircraft reported their crash. up next. aoc thinks that electoral college is some sort of a fraud. a scam. oh, yes, and it is racist. we take it up with a republican trying to unseat her. and programming note, before we go to break. joining sean hannity on fox
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news, 9 p.m. eastern, hope you will join us. stay with us. we're coming right back. ♪
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lou: radical dimm, alexandria ocasio-cortez calling for abolishment of the electoral college, calling it a scam that hurts minorities. she said she saw many votes while driving through the desert, referring to as the electoral college. nothing like wit. where do you stand on the electoral college, she decided it is a scam. rather than an integral part of this constitutional republic. >> this is a constitutional republic that is why our founding fathers put that
4:52 am
electoral college in place to ensure that rural states across the country have an opportunity to elect our president, without that we would have cities with high populations, determining who are president -- >> new york and -- >> california. lou: throw in maybe florida and texas would be running. >> correct. lou: let's listen to aoc as she talks about her perspective on the electoral college. >> we're coming to you live from the electoral college. many votes here. as you can see. very efficient way to leadership of the country. i can't think of any other way, can you? lou: i get a kick out of her referring to efficiency, as if that is the upper most concern of a socialist is efficiency, your thoughts? >> we need her in the district, this is another indication of
4:53 am
her just pandering to a constituent see that did not election her into office. lou: we called both her local office, district office, and the washington office, and did not talk to -- it was all voicemail, every other elected official, just in this test had someone answering their phone, including jerry nadler by the way. >> key to serving your local community, and it is important to really be able to connect with the voters in the district. lou: last time we talked, you did not know if anyone in the district knew her. that is changing. because it is hard to believe, she has been in congress now just about 8 months. >> yes. lou: and she is reforming, changing abolishes th the electl
4:54 am
college. >> yes, abolish i.c.e. and dhs and now the electoral college, this kind of rhetoric is dangerous. lou: she is aligned with anti-semitism, this business of attacking israel. >> the back and forth we saw to your point is shute sh absolutey shameful, i wall on aoc, plus 3 to take though the there is a international stage that is watching, what you are doing is demonizing america, which is wrong. lou: this will be a clear test between you, and the other aspiring to replace her. >> we're ready for a primary, we know there are other candidates in the race, but we cleared the field, i think she taking our candidacy seriously i would encourage viewers to go to my
4:55 am
web site, and you can learn more about me and our platform. lou: sherri thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: great to have you. look forward to seeing you soon. >> thank you. lou: up next. president trump sharing his support for our nation's veterans, that and more right after this break stay with us. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: investors don't care too much about what the fed does or its chairman. stocks rebounded. the dow up 240 points. the nasdaq up 72. the volume on the big board 3 billion shares. president trump had a vets convention in kentucky and pledging to forgive student loan debt for our disabled veterans. >> the members of our armed forces have always lived by the word of doug has macarthur. in war there is no substitute for victory.
5:00 am
we have an armed forces that is unparalleled. to achieve victory there is no substitute for the unmatched cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. a surprise reversal, president trump says he is not looking at any tax cuts for now. he also continued to talk up the strong economy, even admitting one of the ideas being floated around was, quote, somewhat elitist. lauren: biden under attack one of his 2020 democratic contenders. why one of them says his bid may soon be history. cheryl: apple's new credit card made a big splash when it debuted. is it a secret weapon to sell you more stuff. lauren: if you love college football and tailgating, we've got a dream job just for you. it is thursday, a


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