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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 22, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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thanks for being with us tonight and good night from new york. david: a home los crisis on the west coast spiraling out of control from san diego to seattle. residents and business owners are fed up. listen. >> this video is for gavin newsom. i want to tell you what i have to do when i get to work. i have to clean up the pooch and pee off my doorstep. you want to make it comfortable for everybody who work hard and tried to get ahead in life and
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now we have to change that because of your laws. david: socialist bernie sanders unveiling his $16 trillion climate exchange plan. i'll tell you how the king of freebies is planning on paying for the outrageous platform. is this a bird or bunny? hornacek is back with us tonight to clear this up. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. i'm david asman in for trish. our top story tonight. the west coast in crisis as residents and business owners from seattle to san francisco and beyond bear the brunt of the homeless crisis. many are blaming liberal
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officials for causing the crisis. but in california the state's governor says that's ridiculous. >> to suggest it's because of liberal policies is laugheddable and insulting. maybe the reason they come from texas to because you probably need a better bern fit if you go to san francisco. >> so the choices. what kind of society is that we are just not going to help. >> they don't have as big a who a homeless problem. >> good for you. but you know what? you lose a little bit of your soul. david: joining us is doug schoen and charlie kirk. do you lose your soul if you stop enabling the homeless? >> here is what bothers me what governor newsome said. ' he conservatives would rather
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have people of and charities help people. he's misrepresenting and demagoguing what red states are doing. what's going on in the west coast is stunning. there is over a billion dollars last year that was spend to fight homelessness in seattle. that's the is $100,000 per homeless person. if the answer is to create more government bureaucracies and decriminalize their action, mayor giuliani did such a great job to clear out the streets. he allowed the police to do their jobs. he said small crimes matter. he said if you have decriminalize everything, you will have lawlessness.
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dave: rudy giuliani wrote an op-ed. he fixed a lot of it when he was mayor. but he said people living on the streets urinating and defecating on the streets mark the dark ages of western civilization. i would argue -- i don't know about you, but san francisco is in denial. i would agree. i have a soul. i'm a democrat, but i have rationality and sanity. when charlie kirk talks of bureaucracy, i talk about the appropriate role of government to extend a helping hand to get people who are mentally ill and obviously have infirmities off
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the street. if they commit crimes, sure, reinstitute them. as a society we have a right to enjoy quiet enjoyment of our homes, businesses and streets and give people the services they need. that's rational, sound and sane. dave require's inhumane. david: it's inhumane not to get these people off the streets. it's inhumane to them and the people around them. let me say what rudy giuliani did. he said clearly the police should approach every person attempting to sleep on the sidewalk and tell them they are not allowed to use the streets as a bedroom and toilet. if he only needs a place to stay that can be provided. if he needs a job, the city can find one. or if private working be found he can be required to work for the city for the legal limit of
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20 hours a week. it worked. >> doug, i find a little disagreement with what you said. there is no lack of government efforts to solve the problem. but the problem is they are not solving it, they are subsidizing it. san francisco is distributing hundreds of thousands of syringes to homeless people. that's not going to solve anything. here is the other part and i think it needs to be focused on. when you look at san francisco and seattle and portland, when you don't have a marketplace of ideas, when you have one party rule, you you turn your back on these sorts of issues. mayor giuliani was able to become mayor of new york city as a republican. when only one party controls a city for so long unfortunately you start to see it go into
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total decay. david: the situation got so bad here. the late alan colmes was a lovely guy, incurably liberal. he voted liberal all his lived but he did vote for rudy giuliani the second time he ran because he saw he was making progress. we are still talking about san francisco. it's apparently trying to rebrand the way it refers to criminals. from not you on a convicted felon will be called a quote formerly incarcerated person or a justice involved person. or just a returning residents. doug, what do you think about these new definitions? >> i think they are absurd, ridiculous and a byproduct of this mass incarceration movement that suggests the real villains in the process probably metaphorically or literally, too, are the institutions that
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have the temerity to arrest people for illegal activity and not the people themselves. it's horrific. david: when the police are going through everything they are going through, getting stuff duffel'ed on them and insults hurled. this is not the direction to go in. you need tough medicine. >> i totally agree. california has a bizarre mix tiewrl where they turn a blind eye. if youness gender someone in california you have could face prison time, but if you publicly defecate that's okay. it's not healthy whatsoever. i wish it wants as partisan as this. mayor bloomberg and i don't see eye to eye on a lot of stuff. mayor deblasio. new york has gone the opposite direction.
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san francisco is one of america's most of after he -- df afteamazing cities, and there ae parts of it you don't want to get near. david: we hope the sanity re-emerges in these magnificent cities. thank you both. >> it's rationality, david it's just facts. david: let's hope the facts lead to action and policy changes. the debate taking over the internet. is it a bird or a bunny. abby horn krerabby horn hornace. >> we need bold and aggressive
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action to combat climate change which is the common enemy. david: guess how bernie sanders plans to fight the enemy with a green new deal. this will cost $16 trillion. and he claims it will pay for itself. but first remember when the media got 2016 so wrong? >> the abc news tracking poll has hillary clinton up by 12. >> no candidate down this far this late has ever recovered. david: lord conrad black is here with his 2020 prediction when we continue. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual
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the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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david: voters claiming they won't get caught again after the 206 election. overseas assuming trump wins in 2020 is the new normal. the belief trump will win reelection appears widespread. if president trump is going to
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be the free world's boss for another four years, many are taking note he wants russia back in the g-8. the meeting starts in 48 hours. mr. putin won't be there. president trump says the group talks about russia so they need to be there. joining me, lord could be rad black. what about russia in the g-8. a good idea or bad idea? >> it's a good idea. it's not a democracy like the others. the big game with russia is to avoid pushing them into the arms of the chinese. that would create a strategic problem for the entire west. in that country since peter the great's time 300 years ago there has been a contest between the
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western emulators and the westernists. and we want russia in the west. we can bring them into the g-8 without compromising democracy or our own integrity. that's not appeasement of the russians, and we have much more in common with them than the chinese. david: do you think we are more likely to resolve those problems if they are a member of g-8 than outside of it? >> i think possibly. i think the danger is it would be easy to humiliate russia. it's no super power. it has gdp small are than canada's and it doesn't have an impressive economic record at
8:17 pm
all. it has some of the muscle of a former super power. i think we can deal with it -- they wouldn't care about venezuela and cuba if they thought they were being treated respectfully by the americans and western europeans. david: let me switch to europe itself. their idea or their tremendous dislike for donald trump for the first part. it's not a hidden dislike. they are pretty open about it. the elites are anyway. have they pretty much convinced themselves donald trump is likely to win reelection? >> i think so. but you have to remember, you and your viewers, it's easy to forget when we are sitting in north america. but most of europeans are envious of the united states. they have seen this country rise very quickly to a position much
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preeminence and they resent it. they only like us when they need americans to liberate western europe, then of course they become extremely pro american. but in my time the only president they liked was kennedy. they thought something negative about all the others. they like america to be the great st. bernard while they hold the leash and give the orders. they know trump isn't that. but they realize he has delivered a full employment economy and understand why he may be popular in the u.s. david: why can't they pick up on what we have done. lower the cost of doing business, and therefore you get more business? >> in fairness, that's what margaret thatcher did in britain. and there is a genuine disciple
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of hers in boris johnson. and there is a move in the italian government. but historically, the continental europeans are so afraid much political upheaval for obvious reasons, they have had so much of it. they pay the lower class and working farmers. david: conrad black, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me, david. david: far left socialist bernie sanders admitting he has no idea how much his free government healthcare plan is going to cost. >> if you ask me how much it's going to cost, i don't have that in my pocket. nobody does. we are talking about $3 trillion a year. that's what we are paying.
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david: but he knows how much his climate change plan is going to cost. the host of dancing with the stars having a fit over former trump press secretary sean spicer joining the cast. abby hornacek is here with that story and more. what's going on in mexico. a judge permitting the use cocaine saying it has a calming effect. all that and more right after this. with zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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venezuelans. reporter: this emily. she is 9 years old and from colombia. he said he tried to get the lump on her forehead removed since she was a baby. >> doctors in colombia are very slow. i have been trying to get her operate on for more than 7 months and haven't been able to do it. reporter: doctors on board ship said they believe it's a benign tumor. the doctors are on a mission to treat both venezuelans and colombians in need. >> they are seeing 20-25 people per day. reporter: the u.s. is not alone. they have had help from the
8:26 pm
about yaleian navy. >> he went to venezuela -- reporter: he moved his family to practice medicine in the united states. he's work alowngdedside them helping patients like emily. there are off rating rooms that look like this but are in use. we have been in and out of those rooms all day today for the last two days seeing patients getting treated for things like cataracts, hernias. it's a 5-month mission. already in a short period of time officials say they treated 27,000 patients on board the
8:27 pm
ship. even temporary medical sites set up on land. all of the crew will get back on this ship. they will strap everything down and head to the next country to see if they can help more people. david: more on the secret talks reportedly taking place between venezuela and the trump administration. this a maduro aide called cabelo. he's been put under sanctions by us for drug trafficking, but he's one of the ones we are dealing with to try to get maduro out. do we just have to swallow hard and work with these bad people to get him out.
8:28 pm
>> sometimes you have to when you are trying to minimize military action and leverage diplomatic action. cabella helped usualer chavez in several years ago. now he's one of maduro's congressmen. maduro --'s -- strong men. we are tightening the economic and diplomatic screw. we don't want to intervene militarily. there is taken information war going on as well. frankly the piece you led with on the humanitarian work, the president will never get any credit for that from these people who criticize him about the border, and here he's taking care of children, women, families that are refugees from this crisis necessity venezuela. this administration is handling
8:29 pm
this deftly. it reminds me of the haiti intervention during the clinton era where they concerned colin powell to go down there to deal with the dictator. we bought him a condo in panama. and that government improved. david: there is a significant difference which is haiti has no natural resources to speak of. where venezuela is sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. it's not likely they will give that up easily. there are other people in the region like cuba and nicaragua that would probably starve out of power those dictatorships if they stopped getting their oil from he venezuela. >> they are the world's largest
8:30 pm
proven oil reserves. and what you have got is russia, iran, hezbollah and cuba all intermixed because they understand the natural resources there as you rightfully mentioned and the power -- the enormous resources and china is involved as well. what you have is all the the if nefarious actors around the world that are enemies of the united states concentrate in venezuela which is why it's so important that we take this on and move it towards guaido. david: what is your percent chance that maduro leaves and we get a change of government in venezuela? >> three months agive was at
8:31 pm
60%. now it's less than 50. if they can offer him a sweetheart deal to leave then we might be able to get somewhere. david: mexico, approving the recreational use of cocaine. a guest says this puts mexico on the path for countrywide legalization of cocaine. far left socialist bernie sanders admitting he has no idea how much his free government health plan will cost. >> if you ask me how much it will cost. i don't have that my pocket. nobody does. we are talking about $3 trillion a year. by says he knows how much his climate change plan is going to cost. -and...that's your basic three-point turn. -[ scoffs ] if you say so.
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>> there is no reason why we shouldn't be, in fact we are, developing tax cuts 2.0. we are touching base with all the key people in the administration. >> it seems like the president took 2.0 off the table yesterday. >> he didn't. david: might we see tax cuts before the election? >> additional tax cuts. and you might see that during the campaign. dave are * that's an interview i did with larry dud low saying tax cuts could be part of the campaign. joining me now is economist done leaf kin. donning -- don lufkin. what do you think the voters
8:37 pm
will buy? >> that's a head scratcher. am i going to buy into higher taxes or less. what do you think? david: the fact we can't hear the whole interview. but larry said it would be specifically targeted to the middle class. this is something that was missed in the last tax cut. a lot of it was focused on the corporate side. even those middle class did benefit, they did so in such a small measure, this one will be noticed by voters. >> it started in the "washington post" over the weekend. one of their typical no source story. the white house is terrified there will be a recession so they are cook up a new tax cut. the white house said we are not worried about a recession so we are not coming up with special
8:38 pm
tax cuts for that. then oh that's a flip-flop. then we have larry kudlow running economic policy of the united states of america. is he thinking about tax cuts? yes, because larry kudlow is always thinking about tax cuts because there is nothing better you can do for the economy. so it's no surprise this administration is thinking about tax cuts and thank goodness it is. david: what i like is putting it to the voters. turning this into a referendum on tax cuts. >> this election will come down to trump campaigning and tax cuts and the democrats campaigning on spending a gazillion dollars on healthcare and global warming. but not quite getting to the point about how much that's going to raise your taxes. the democrats aren't going to be
8:39 pm
that honest about the tax consequences. david: some are. mayor deblasio doesn't have a chance of getting the nomination, but at least he's relatively honest with wealth confiscation. they take stuff on which taxes have already been paid. so there is that. you mentioned green plans being rolled out. socialist bernie sanders, he has one he says is going to cost $16 trillion. a climate change plan. he says it will pay for itself through new taxes and fees. fines for carbon pollution, cutting military spending. he says all the taxes will pay for it. >> cutting military spending. isn't that an interesting thing. did you know the american continent is so heavily forested and the american economy has done so much to convert to clean
8:40 pm
fuels that our continent is basically a carbon sink. as air classes west to east over our continent it gets cleansed. you know who is the biggest blew ther? china. you know who is building up their military? china. sanders' plan is a gift to china. let them continue to pollute while cutting our economy. how many gifts is sanders going to give them. david: great to see you, thank you for being here. the host of dancing with the stars whining over sawn spicer joining the cast.
8:41 pm
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david: a mexican judge approving the use of recreational cocaine in a landmark ruling. joining me, fox news contributor and professor medicine, dr. marc siegel. what do you make of this ruling. it's just affecting a few people, but eventually they could legalize it. the judge is talking about tension relief. david: recreational use of cocaine has many benefits including tension relief. where did he get that? i have never seen a crack addict that had anything but tension. >> let me tell you, with cocaine, increased risk of stroke, heart attack, anxiety, car accidents, death.
8:46 pm
33,000 deaths from drug cartels in mexico. he's talking about health benefits from cocaine? that went out in the 19th century. david: it looks to me that this judge has been bought off by the cartel. >> yes. how about last year when they said marijuana was okay. i don't have a lot of hope. if this goes to the supreme court, maybe all drugs will be legal in mexico. then it bleeds over into the united states where we have a huge problem. david: the libertarian response to that is that's why we should legalize drugs. because by criminalizing them, they are still pouring across our border. >> there is a difference between decriminalizing and legalizing. i have a problem with users being put in prison.
8:47 pm
but i don't have a problem with people selling drugs being put in prison. that's what you end up having if you fully legalize things. i'm against the idea of legalizing these drugs in a big way. david: recent polls showing a majority of americans do not support medicare for all in addition to the cost. getting government involved, wouldn't that affect the quality of our healthcare? the quality of healthcare. what would happen if we went to medicare for all? >> i am going to answer that, but i will start by saying these are not health policy experts. they don't understand not only the cost factor here. not only destroying the employer-based health system. the quality of care would be a
8:48 pm
disaster. hospitals in the united states rely on private understand for the research and academics they do. you could see a decrease in income for doctors. i am paid 40% less and i can't get a specialist and i can't getta an mri or ct scan for months. we already have a shortage of primary care doctors. i'm against medicare for all because of the employer based healthcare system working. david: we have already seen the beginnings of a shortage. one medical association saying in 10 years we could have 100,000 fewer doctors than we
8:49 pm
need. >> the association for american medical colleges over 100,000 short. imagine if they only had government insurance to choose from. doctors are fleeing government insurance now. almost 30% won't see new medicare patients. are you going to give them only that or are you going to quit? >> we have seen examples of the waste and fraud and government controlled medical centers, whether it's dealing with va hospitals. for all of the good news about medicare. the bad news is it loses 10% of everything we put into it which comes up to 60 billion a year to waste and fraud. you multiply that by a factor of two or three or four or more to get healthcare, how many dollars would object going down the drain. you lose innovation. we are talking about a time of
8:50 pm
personalized healthcare. we are talking about genetic treatments that only work for one person, not another. genetic therapies. we won't be able to pay for that. we have medicare for all. everything gets negotiated. we'll talk about the money the drug companies make. we'll lose our solutions of the future. all are going to go by the wayside. a terrible idea for the united states which is a leader in innovative therapy. > david: we'll be losing the future of medical research. >> dr. siegel. good to see you, thank you for being here. david: dancing with the stars host having a temper tantrum or sean spicer become a member of the cast.
8:51 pm
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what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. welcome back everybody. time for the lightning round. fox nation host, get busy again. we finally returned to the site of the titanic what did the
8:55 pm
deep-sea exports fine. it is deteriorated. they did not expect this much because titanic enthusiasts love the bathtub. unfortunately that is complete god. i listed these photos and it is terrifying. my biggest fear is submerged ship. >> you jump out of airplanes bu- >> it is unfortunate because it sunk back in 1912 and you think there's going to be deterioration but they did not expect this. >> at least they got enough video to last for a generation. >> a police officer received a stinky reward for green trapped skunk. >> when he saw the tail go low
8:56 pm
up maybe you cannot see the details, first i don't think he got it. >> have you ever got skunked? >> no but i know what is public. >> this is very heroic. i talked to people who happen skunked it takes a lot of showers and tomato juice. >> it was a yogurt cup that was stuck on his head. >> i would let the skunk figure out a way to get it off. >> it could not see. but if your wife had done that would you let her in the house? >> of course i would. she would not go anywhere near that skunk though. not that the policeman was dumb, i just would not have done it. a video taken the internet by storm, a question to this, it looks like to some people that this person is rubbing the no's of a bunny rabbit. you see the two ears and the
8:57 pm
back but there's a question that maybe there actually a beak. >> i looked at this many times, they all got me but this one you can tell there is no for on the beat. to me it is a bird. our world -- >> case closed. sean spicer is casting on dancing with the stars and stirring backlash. >> of course anything political related is going to spur a little bit of backlash. here is the thing, i read his quote and he said he hopes he can show the people a different background cannot engage in a respectful way and show americans how we can get back to that interaction. i think that is genius. we don't see this very often. were so divided and this is a
8:58 pm
dancing show. it should bring people joy, the fact that he left the white house in 2017, it's been two years removed we can cut him slack, let's bring each other together through a show that is not serious like politics. >> they done it before with political figures in the various characters come on as well. >> why not take the opportunity to put everything aside, look at what they done in the past and the way that has more of an effect in today's world but hopefully it brings people together. >> politics should not be in everything. >> there certain things that should be immune. >> there is a study about people's reaction to whimpering dogs, tell us about that one. >> i am not surprised at this. people say a whimpering dog has the same effect as a crying child. >> i have a beautiful old dog. >> and you have kids questioning. >> yes, i do. if your kid was crying and your dog was whimpering. >> that's a damn good question. my kid is crying obviously i go
8:59 pm
to the kid first but when you he the whimpering of a dog, there is something about it that you react to instinctively that goes very deep. >> because you don't know exactly what is wrong. with a kid maybe there crying because the hungry or tired but a dog you don't speak dog. >> in fact when a dog is in pain they cannot tell you they are in pain and they do try to tough it out sometimes, my dog right now has a particular thing trying to toughen out andy's gritting his teeth. >> i got in trouble last week because it was national cat day and there was people that have cats, i am sorry, but people say dogs are better at listing emotions than cats. >> absolutely. there almost human. they were made by god for human beings. great to see you. >> you can catch me every weeknight at 5:00 p.m. eastern
9:00 pm
time, i host my own show, "bulls & bears", right here on fox business network. our stage manager loves it so that's a good endorsement. big day tomorrow, jerome powell has his speech at jackson hole. we will see you then. >> you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. the chopper ministration once again learning that is impossible to please the liberal media and the democrats who are hell-bent on doing everything they can to make the president look bad. thank you for joining us. the latest controversy is child separation at the border. for years the way you worked, families were detained, kids can only be held for 20 days. after that families usually released in order to return later for courtney.


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