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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 23, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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time, i host my own show, "bulls & bears", right here on fox business network. our stage manager loves it so that's a goo endorsement. big day tomorrow, jerome powell has his speech at jackson hole. we will see you then. >> you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. the chopper ministration once again learning that is impossible to please the liberal media and the democrats who are hell-bent on doing everything they can to make the president look bad. thank you for joining us. the latest controversy is child separation at the border. for years the way you worked, families were detained, kids can only be held for 20 days. after that families usually released in order to return later for courtney. someone do that and someone not sure. in certain cases most notably
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last year the children were separated from their parents in many cases. the president and critics have been calling that part of the policy needlessly cruel and had a point. they reversed it and the trump administration in a bipartisan condonation. the conditions in turn facilities are far from perfect. i will remind you, these policies have been open book since 1997. the white house announced a new plan from no one the fed will keep families together but they will hold them indefinitely until their cases are heard. this cuts down on so-called catch and release and keeps family units intact. but the left is screaming that the latest proposal is also barbaric and inhumane. despite the fact that the families are staying together. the president doing his best to point out the hypocrisy. >> president obama has separation, president obama built the cages that you people talk about in attributed to me. so president obama has separation. i am the one that brought them
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together, the new world will do a beam or to bring them together. but it was president obama that had the separation. >> it's important to note although obama did not start the separation policy, he did not stop it either. so give him a partial mall get on that one. he gets a lot of those. is there anything that he could do on the border that will silence a relentless credit? here is the panel, president and independent women's forum fellow is here, in the podcast, dave smith, and cohost of the fox news channel one williams and i understand you're the president's favorite on fox news. we learned that over the weekend. >> if you look into the radio show, you'll know it has not been fun to be targeted by the president print. >> 3 - 6:00 p.m. eastern on the guidance and
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let's start here on the new anchor in the policy, last year everyone was screaming at this family separation. and this is needlessly nasty. it is painful to watch, here is the chopper ministration saying we will do away with family separations and make sure that families are held together and at the same, isn't this a lose lose and cynical for the president's critics to go this direction? >> i think it's interpreted as an extension of the president anti-immigrant rhetoric. it seems through the critics. the critics of the opinion of what he is emphasizing is indefinite detention and indefinite detention as a deterrent for people to apply for asylum. of course he had the decisio fos decision that was in place since 97 that limited the time of detention. the idea for the democrats is
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let's put in place the facilities, the judges, the court officers and even the ice officials necessary so we can have proper application of the law instead of saying we can hold these people indefinitely. >> here's the issue, indefinite detention makes it sound like these people are in prison. rachel maddow on another network said it was like on 20 will be a, these people can go home if they want. >> they do not to come to the country if they don't want to, they don't have to stay there if they don't want to. it feels fascist if he does a and no longer a, let's do be under b is also factious. >> the issues of any people had was about family situation, families are not together. yet the acting extractor going on cnn the other day talking about how long he would expect
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these individuals to stay there. if you look back to 2015, the average length of time is around 50 days. this is about processing cases to make sure were not doing catch and release into the states and then do it appropriately and making sure the humanitarian side of healthcare, security -- >> it's in the term plan. i think it's a scare tactic by the left and i don't take it helped families even those trying to come in. >> debuted the libertarian, so your view is lock everyone up terminally. >> not everybody but all politicians would be a good start. as a libertarian when you hit a phrase indefinite detention. the list became popularized under the obama ministration for all the obama signed into law that you could hold an american citizen indefinitely with no charges. and he never held american
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citizens under that, he did murder a few of them. >> murder is a strong word. >> yes. >> i would say so. some honest people on the left. i think the bigger picture with the trump, will: factious no matter what he does. but what is really being done about the immigration system. donald trump has not in an effective way loaned on immigration like everything else the federal government does, we cannot win the wars, can't balance budget, what does the federal government do well. >> very few things but bernie sanders wants him to do a lot more. bernie out with the boldest policy yet a greener new deal if that's even possible, thoug, the beloved $16.3 trillion federal investment to fight climate change.
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he said it would get to 100% renewable energy by 2050 and creech 1 million new jobs and in unemployment. all power by methane free, hours after releasing this, he was touring a california town called paradise ravaged by wildfires. >> if there is any silverlining in this terrible tragedy, i hope people of the united states and the people of the world understand that we need bold and aggressive action with climate change which is become an enemy not just for the united states but country's all over the world. >> the 16 trillion-dollar behemoth goes far beyond other candidates plans, joe biden calling for 1.7 train dollars. it's a serious policy idea or an expensive fantasy. it was a journalism student but i can do basic arithmetic. $36 trillion for the medicare
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for all which he just tweeted $16 trillion for the greener new deal, that's $52 trillion over ten years which is over $5 trillion in new spending every year, that is far more than the current annual budget which is a little over 4 trillion. that's a little more than doubling it. is this remotely possible in any way shape or form? >> i'm a journalism student but i'm not as good as you, i don't do the math. he said it would pay for itself. and i don't know exactly how it would pay for itself. the key thing we pay a lot of money for the healthcare system and we don't have the best healthcare. and a lot of people don't have any. i think that's the instinct you are saying in the second part people say remember, it was president trump and the conservatives the said will do away with the deficit and we will have mind of spending.
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we've had big tax cuts that have not been paid for, the deficit is climbing higher and higher, but who is benefiting? >> everyone is benefiting from the tax cut. every single income group got a text that. >> the majority went to the rich and the corporations. >> everyone got a tax cut across every income group. >> we are not arguing, i agree that anything was disproportionate. >> but it was $2 trillion of letting people get more of their own money. that is very different than $52 trillion of new spending. these are not in the same ballpark. tell us can elizabeth warren outbid bernie sanders in the auction with all of our money? >> she would try to find a moderate middle if we can call that moderate. what is fascinating about the proposal, he said he wants to reach decarbonization by 2050 so he does not think the world is ending in 12 years.
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there's a lot of disingenuous arguments about this issue because if you're going to throw around that amount of money, over 50 trillion give us the details. what are the details. >> as a libertarian i know your stance is this plan is insufficient, much more spending is needed and much more boldness. >> i don't even need to be here, you have me summed up perfectly. to what you are saying, if you're going to complain that the disc proportionally benefiting the rich we should not complain that their disproportionately paid by the rich any tax cut will disproportionally help people with more money. you don't need to be good at math to understand this is insanity, it is more than any government in the history of government have ever spent. >> we cannot afford it. >> were running a trained dog deficit of a good economy) this is very, very dangerous in the idea that any serious person could look at this and say we need to more than double the current level of spending --
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>> it is going to pay for itself >> wrotright. it is not bonkers when you have people who do not have healthcare. that's when people say, it's not working, the point is a libertarian, government does not do very much well-placed but in this case you can say, what about the private sector, what about the pharmaceutical companies, what about the big hospital systems, here is the market people, you don't ever say you just name three of the heavily regulated sectors in the american economy. >> i agree and i was safety regulation and free of the market. but the idea of this level of spending, the only reason we been able to do this from obama
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to now is interest rates have been so artificially low. if they take up more than they are now we will face serious problems. >> let's talk about another controversial policy, the call to eliminate the electoral college, some 2020 candidates, and far left lawmakers have jump on board with us and we completely changed the way that presidents are elected in this country. aoc calling elysium. the electoral college negatively impacting minorities, he think that gives rural states with smaller populations undue influence. and she took a road trip out of the big city. >> we are coming to you live from the electoral college, many votes here as you can see, very efficient ways and i can't think of any other way can you? >> i guess that is supposed to
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be clever. look at this land, the electoral colleges. my head is hurting. of course the foundin fathers came up with it to prevent states of gaining their own outside influence. should we let new york and california dominate process every four years, here's an idea. crazy one for aoc. maybe try to appeal to the voters who live in places like she was driving through line up the entire system. >> obviously it's very insensitive to the flyover country. i think her claim that the electoral college is racist is a disservice and i don't think it helps interview point that there is never a majority that has the full say in this country, it's to make sure the minority so people in states that have a smaller population, obviously i
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don't think the comments make sense to begin with but the debate of the electoral college, but i think obama was elected because of it. it seems like when the democrats lose let's pack the supreme court, let's reform the senate and overturn better knowing to us because we feel entitled to part. why not play by the rules that exist and try to win that way. >> i understand your argument, it's easy if you're on the other side to see the democrats are whiners and tried to change. but i would argue with you, i would say what happened to one man, one vote. there's one election in this country in which everyone should have a vote and that's for the president. with the electoral college it's not one man, one vote, if your utah or montana or vote counts more than a feynman new york city. that does not seem right or
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american. >> without thought, without the electoral college states like utah and idaho in smaller populations they have no say in what happens. >> that's not true. >> let me get david as a libertarian. we all know you're secretly dating on the side and you're in the car with her. >> when she is not on camera she the really nice person. >> i will say it's a most american system of the electoral college, where the united states of america, why would any of the small states want to be a part of the union if it was one man in california and new york, utah will not sign up, i will be ruled by new york and california and forget what you believe about the electoral college, this will be a campaign ad for donald trump. the idea that aoc does not need to worry about this. >> there are no prairies and
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queen. but the hundreds of counties that went from obama to trump, the democrats tried to flip the counties back and this is waiting in trump's hand. >> risky homeless calle caused y meltdown where unqualified homeowners with low credit scores being approved for mortgages they cannot afford. i will ask if we are headed towards another housing crisis, maybe even a recession up
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>> president trump claiming we are very far from a recession so far. not even close. some potentially worrying economic data makes that uncertain. the department revealed over the last year the u.s. created half a million fewer jobs than originally thought. this is according to the new metric they are experiencing. take it with a grain of salt. the losses were widespread ranging from hospitality to construction and brick-and-mortar and even scarier than the job losses are new reports that risky home loans are back on the rise. remember the whole sub crime disaster that take the economy in 2008, for some insane reason
12:21 am
their back. are these early signs of another financial collapse or false flax? joining the cio of wealth management, scott martin is back, hello how are you? >> i'm well how are you. i'm a little nervous about some of this. where are you on the recession. >> i thought you're going somewhere else. it's a word that is being thrown out a lot because as you mention the economic data point has scary housing market stuff in the inverted yield that the media has gone crazy given what happened in the market after that happened a week ago, the reality is this, it is coming, if not here but with respect to recession which by definition is two negative quarters of gdp growth which is true shrinkage,
12:22 am
that is probably not going to happen but a slowdown is here, but we will have to deal with in the fed cutting interest rates or tax cuts. >> more tax cuts. >> yeah, the original corporate tax cut what you are a your puzzle, they did some good, but i will tell you those have been weighed as far as the fact of the trade war. and we have seen the s&p 500 companies most of which get revenues overseas and the emerging markets like china the start to talk about the slowdown because of the trade wars. to me you will have to come out with additional stimulus via tax cut, via physical measures because the trade war has sucked out the benefit that the corporate tax cut provided. >> what do you think of the criticism of jay powell. is it fair or unfair?
12:23 am
>> it has been heavy, it is been active, a little too much as far as every time he rips on them you're correct, i have to tell you about the with the president got on the stick, if you remember nine months ago practically, this is back in 2018 when the president started talking about the fed meeting to cutting rates in the tightening they were doing. what they did not do is do that, they raise rates in december and push the market deeper into q4 and we had trouble after. to be the president is correct and the rhetoric and viewpoint but he needs to back off because it's muddying the waters between the influence of the presidential office and the fed but they are telling the fed they need to cut-rate. >> i want to get to the mortgages, i'm so old i remember the 2008 meltdown. >> are we going there again?
12:24 am
>> i doubt it. but i will tell you those mortgages are out there and out there for a couple of reasons. not to make anybody worry i don't think will get the situation where will have the mortgages repackaged and sold and traded. but let's face it, there is not a lot of great borrowers out there. i hate to say that about america but some of the bars are sometimes prior borrowers. banks need to lend money to make money so they have to relax their lending standards to keep doing their business and while i think there were capable this time, it is true that the scary loans are out there. >> thank you so much as the geniuses who run the city of san francisco language of the criminal justice system. you should not call them a
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> san francisco the beautiful city is overrun by drugs and homeless people but rather than cleaning up there cleaning up their language. the city board of supervisors passed a resolution sanitizing the language of the committal justice system so ex-cons are no longer remembered for the worst things they have done. that objection or the goal at least. from now on a convicted felon will be referred to as the justice involved person. it payroll he will be called a returning resident. according to "the san francisco chronicle" using the new terminology someone whose car has been broken into could be a person who has come in contact
12:30 am
with the returning resident who is involved in the justice system and currently under supervision with a history of substance abuse. that's a fancy way of saying a crackhead stole my priest. so inventing the loan which help or should they find a better way to deal with homeless people problem or is it maybe likely call them free range people. >> the panel returning with me now, dave, beverly. in this resolution from the people were running the city of san francisco, they said this is their fight back, pushback against normalizing institutional racism and supremacy. >> if you like ex-con, whatever they apply to any race. >> i don't know why this has to be a racial thing,. >> race gets caught up in the high levels of incarceration of minorities in the country and people have all sorts of bizarre
12:31 am
in arguments about it but i don't think there's any question that race comes into it. you are trained to change attitudes, that is what the supervisors are saying. it's not all the problems of san francisco an. >> by the way guess who supports us, donald trump donald trump and the republicans passed a reform. >> that is privacy, yet such high-level of cynicism in this country, let's make an effort to say, if you are convict -- >> if your incarcerated person with the criminal justice system, employers will look at that a little differently and not immediately exclude. >> everyone will learn the new
12:32 am
codeword and that's my point is priorities. when you have poop on the streets literally and maybe say let's pass the thing about the words that we use, it seems like misplaced attention. >> will we be fined if we don't use the right term, what we spoke to call this term now. i grew up in the bay area and i love the city of san francisco, it does have issues, i don't have a problem with changing the stigma you don't change the language, you don't need to change the terminology, you do that by getting them back to work and helping the beeper but enter productive members of society. i think it's changing the speech does nothing but aggravates people. >> my favorite one is returning resident. [laughter] that the high-end rehab place the returning resident is back. some of this is silly. >> but it is a microcosm for everything that seems to be
12:33 am
wrong with a hard left and an obsession with rhetoric and terminology as if that's more important than actions in solving problems. as you elute to the first step act, this gives donald trump no credit with the mainstream left in this country and he still a fascist, because they don't like the way he talks. it doesn't matter the actual lives have been saved but a lot of them cannot. real human beings lives that are affected, anyone who's been to san francisco and the problem that they have in their concern with the party of what were calling and ex-convict, just as involved person, this is pretty silly. >> let's pivot to feel good news on a particular thursday. robots will kill all of us. a dutch company conducted a
12:34 am
survey that said many large tech companies are putting the world at risk through the development of artificial intelligence, the survey of 50 companies, amazon, microsoft and intel for having high concern programs it also cautioned that weapons will inevitably becomes weapons of mass destruction if we don't keep human beings involved in their weapon decision-making system. the guidelines in april to regulate the human oversight of a.i., should we do the same thing here or head to the bunkers because the end is near. my general philosophy on robots is to speak very kindly at all times. because when they come they will be welcomed, i will mean them no harm. >> i'm an optimist about the spring george w. bush ran in the year 2000 on never using the military for building a policeman of the world. obama ran on ending the wars in trump ended on ending the wars
12:35 am
and i'm hoping put robots in charge with everything. >> technology improves the standard of living. people are really scared but it always ends up working out fine. >> that's a concern. i read this quote from the study, companies developing these weapons which could decide to kill people without any direct human involvement. i got a chill format. >> i've seen movies on that. the question with innovation, robots are taking jobs, they are taking human relationships to read articles about that but with innovation there is a responsibility and the question is what we do. we have been afraid of new technology and new systems that of been developed but we figure out how to handle that. i am afraid of packing. >> their safeguards and bad actors getting and reprogram
12:36 am
them and say kill all those people. thank you for that. i will be up all night. >> that's a movie i think you should write that. >> that is an interesting point, as is the latest technology or an appropriate spot government regulation to come in? >> i don't know about regulation, the problem to me right now with the use of drones in the warfare, there is a sense if you hear this ironically and not just but you could do for people in the military, we don't have to look you in the eye to kill you, we can send the drone and there's a sense of disconnectedness. >> we are bombing people,. >> i get the point to that, but we did not have drones and world war ii so we sent tens of millions of people. the hundreds of thousands of arson tens of millions of everyone. without the drone technology human beings with their have to look you in the. >> we did not look the japanese and they i will be dropped the
12:37 am
bomb on them. >> what kind of conscience in arguments have proceeded of all times. you imagine now, we never have to send anybody on a person-to-person basis. just like in world war ii, look at vietnam versus the war in iraq or the war in afghanistan. far less blood in terrible. and part of that was because of technology for. >> it might help the situation. it's hard to say. >> this is great. thank you very much. we vow to our coming overlooked. >> a trio of republicans hinting they might challenge president trump for the party 2020 nomination. do any of them pose a threat, we will talk about 2020 coming up. stay with us. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's...
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♪ ♪ joe walsh, not the singer but the host in illinois congressman has reportedly considered challenging the president for the 2020 gop nomination and he could announce as soon as this weekend according to the near times. he served one term in the house and called the president unfit and told politico people are eager to see the president challenge. also today south carolina, announced he is headed iowa. he will test the waters. we will be going to iowa next weekend and would love your wisdom on local perspectives if you're from the buckeye state. iowa is the hawkeye state. the buckeye state is ohio. stanford has problems with geography obviously. his flood comes up date after john kasich saying he's handed
12:43 am
to new hampshire to take a look at things. he saw a lot of things in new hampshire last cycle but he will take another crack at afraid all of this as a president disapproval rating at 62%. the approval rating than the 36%. should president trump worry about these poles he claims their fake news or should we worry about the potential challengers and his own party. here with me too break it down, former speechwriter for george w. bush, mcgurn. >> real talk, i know everyone is excited in the media, there could be people jumping in. is not a fools errand if you want to improve your audience for your radio show or something that your presidential candidate and so forth. in terms of defeating trump, this gives folks stuff to talk about and write about in august,
12:44 am
the reason it is silly within the republican party going your dad there's not a satisfaction with the voters. and there is dissatisfaction outside the republican party. but not within the party itself. it's independence that are most worrisome. but you are not going to unseat in a primary process. with the progressive pre-the republican culture even when donald trump is not the democratic culture. they routinely challenge each other and fight. jimmy carter had a challenger, republicans are like the elks, the skies turn, you can be 98 but that is how bob dole and john mccain get on the ticket. it was deathly not trump's turn. >> there that disposition, when a republican president, george h. w. bush was in the party,
12:45 am
kevin did pretty well, a lot people than people thought in new hampshire but he did not win any didn't win any primary. that was against george h. w. bush who did have a lot of people within the party upset at him. >> we put the poll on the screen and it seems like it's still a bit of an outlier. how bad would have to get republicans to start getting nervous. it may be entertaining this idea. >> that you would have to see this in republican party, and the voters. i'm not sure we are seeing this. and the criticism of donald trump is that he is not playing outside his base. he goes to the rallies and in extreme anything was so many people. it's too the narrowband. but the band is republican. so until there is a dissatisfaction -- weren't we told it doesn't materialize.
12:46 am
>> they are technically already writing, bless him. are any of these people remotely threats, even spoilers? >> i don't think so, things would have to rapidly change. the irony of donald trump, i was a scam, and on the fence of his judges. that was the only concrete conservative policy that you could latch onto where he was well within the parameters of the established republican conservative thinking. he turns out to be on a lot of issues more conservative than people thought. not that people don't have disagreements with him. but on the tax cuts, deregulation which i never would've thought was possible. i don't see the discontent within the parties. we live in a polarized society, you mentioned the independence, they will be up for grabs and maybe a case if donald trump
12:47 am
alienates so many college-educated suburban women he loses a few states or do democrats alienate some of the working-class workers -- >> even suburbanite suburbanite. we are out of time thank you so much. the storm is coming up next. my favorite time of every single ♪ buckle up for some insurance themed fun ♪ ♪ at progressive park! children: yeah! announcer: ride the totally realistic traffic jam. ♪ beep, beep, beep, beep children: traffic jam! announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars. children: never bump! announcer: it's a real savings hootenanny with options that fit your budget. that's fun for the whole family. announcer: only at progressive par...
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maybe an insurance park was a bad idea. yeah. yep.
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>> california woman found a dead body in the back of the pickup truck as she was unloading the plastic grocery bags. californians were shocked. i cannot believe you used plastic grocery bags. law corrupt, this is a topical storm. topic one tonight. for mentioned state of california, the popular tourism destination in all the land but flights have taken a dip. this right here is why you never book in expedia package the bundles of light in a cruise. the married couple was flying over the bay when they crashed into the pacific and they were both fine. although when you've been married quite as long as they
12:52 am
have, chances are at least one of them wanted to die and man you thought they fought about driving. they are calling this a miracle that the couple was not injured at all and the internet has trashed the husband's public schools, we will layoff because it's still a little wet behind the ears. he knows i'm getting married in two weeks. thank you buddy. topic two, no shortage of craziness in denver, colorado where cop has been caught breaking and entering. any cop combustor criminal but only a true hero combustor move like this. the denver cops aren't kidding when they tell you to get down, 2 million people watched this video which is a shame because they're far too famous to be on "dancing with the stars" that show is a hospice for tv crews. and with all due respect who may find the judges -- the deputy
12:53 am
advocate on the streets of denver but oddly enough he learned his dance moves right here in new york reportedly he was taught by two prison guards that were distracted by koi or graffiti, hope nothing bad happened to the guy who was supposed to be watching. >> topic three, to seattle while washington where our same which shop has the stroker on his way to get a foot long and he lost his control and hit the store, no one was hurt but the guy wound up eating subway. if this were a dui he could've have been hauled off to prison to eat better food. i'm kidding, subway is some of the best fit around if you'd asked for. i may sound like were being a little harsh, but in new york is difficult to imagine why anyone would name a germa sandwich shor
12:54 am
that. or economic school after bernie sanders or after elizabeth warren. did you see her dance yesterday, it's like they told her she is part latina. topic four, the makers of krispy kreme donuts have partnered with kitcat to create the first-ever kitcat donut it's a big deal because now they have something to steam them as a storm area 51. it's only on sale in the uk, partly because they want to test it in the smaller market and most because everyone already has health coverage. it comes in two types as did the diabetes you will get from getting them. their only answer for a month and then they will be cut off just like your foot. after you wait for another month for surgery to be clear or not that shaming anyone, kennedy writers are just better because
12:55 am
they cannot get them here yet. jimmy has been forced to stick to his regular diet of baking, beer and whippets. jimmy has crippling sadness. love you bud. topic five, finally we salute a florida woman who puts the mug and mud sho mug shot she offeree cops a bit, they wanted to bet on how high her bac was going to be. it's a shocking story if you remove the word florida, top cos did not take her wager but they took her to jail where she just landed a new role in the spinoff series orange is the new johnny walker black.
12:56 am
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