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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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♪ thank you so much for watching the show. follow me on the graham i kennedy nations. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump facing a critical moment of his presidency. he's overseas at the g7 summit in france where he seemed open and willing to talk with anyone and just about everyone including the man who reneged on trade talks back in may, chinese president xi jinping. just three days ago president trump called xi an enemy. today he calls xi a brilliant man. and the market loved all of today's talk about talks. moving up nearly 300 points, showing just what kind of world we live in. fox's chief white house
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correspondent, john roberts, has more on the president's g7 summit from france. >> reporter: lou, good morning from france. for most of the weekend, the other g7 leaders were sweating the economic uncertainty caused by the escalating trade war between the united states and china, uncertainty that saw the dow plunge off a 600-point cliff on friday. but as monday dawned here in france, a new sense of optimism over the summit. the final day of the g7 was dominated by what appeared to be an about face in china's position on the trade war. the vice chairman telling media china is willing to resolve its trade dispute through calm negotiations and resolutely opposes escalation of the conflict. markets in asia took a nose dive this morning, and while it is too early to tell whether this represents a sea change in china's attitude, president trump is optimistic. >> do you trust that they are
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sincere? >> i do. i think they want to make a deal very badly, i think they very much want to make a deal, and the longer they wait, the harder it is to put it back. >> reporter: on friday president trump labeled xi jinping an enemy. today he called him a great leader and made no apology for the ping-pong rhetoric. >> the way i negotiate has done very well for me over the years, and it's doing even better for the country. >> reporter: president trump could invite vladimir putin as his guest. fox news asked the president about that possibility today, the president said it would probably be a tough sell. putin is a proud man and would probably only attend as a full member of the g8. lou? lou: john, thank you very much. john roberts. joining us tonight, gore to be chang, columnist -- gordon chang, chummist, and k.t. mcfarland, former deputy national supervisor to president trump. great to have you both here. optimism at the g7 summit.
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about what? >> i think for several reasons. one, i think that trump -- because of the american economy -- is in a much better position. the german economy is slowing, they're probably in recession, the french economy -- lou: we're saying we should be optimistic because germany's going down -- >> no, it puts us in a negotiating position whether it's with the british, the europeans on the chinese. lou: but respectfully, the german economy was in contraction before the g7 summit. >> right. lou: what was accomplished that should lead to optimism here? >> i think that trump is, should he choose to get his priorities right where he's got a trade agreement with south korea -- he's just gotten one with japan, he's got one with canada, with mexico -- the prospect of one with britain is standing out there, and i think trump is in the position then to get all those coalition partners, all of our new trading partners with our new trading deals and then
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as a united front to go up against china. lou: to go up against china. and china is -- we love that they're ready to make a deal, but he made deals and then backed out of them just three months ago. why should the united states at any, at any moment take their word for a thing? >> yeah. i mean, it's the dna of that regime to lie, cheat and steal. the fundamental issue is you have a trade agreement with china, you enrich the regime with trade and investment. that regime uses the money to build up its military where its officers openly talk with glee about killing americans. so we shouldn't be funding our destruction. i think essentially, yeah, maybe we could get a trade deal, but, first of all, the chinese aren't going to honor it. second of all, we shouldn't have one in the first place because of china's hostility to us. lou: and france, macron was looking like a game show host over there. [laughter]
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i couldn't figure his entire act out. boris johnson, the new prime minister of the u.k. with his feet up, the only picture i saw he only had one do you want on macron's fancy table with little macron pointing down finish. [laughter] >> like a dog, right? lou: i mean, great. the european union looks like a clown show. >> well, i think they are a clown show at this point. the european union, having pushed the brits out, basically, the brits want a divorce from the european union. the european union is making life extremely miserable for the brits, so they're just going to leave. now, what happens -- lou: claims, claims boris johnson. we heard theresa may claim the same nonsense for two years. >> oh, i think boris johnson is not going to renege on that. if he does -- lou: is he actually tougher than theresa may? >> i think he's much tougher than theresa may.
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[laughter] lou: we'll find out what his iq is, because he's going to have to be a lot smarter. >> a lot smarter, a lot tougher, a lot more determined -- lou: and he doesn't ask act like a person who even begins to understand that it is president trump who is the leader of the free world, not mr. prime minister. it's, he's a bit of a funny actor. >> he's a little bit of a goofball, but i think he's the most brilliant politician in britain right now, of his generation. [laughter] oh, boy, we're really -- lou: you've offered two or three more qualifications to that -- [laughter] let's turn to china, which is unfortunately not as amusing as the u.k. leadership. xi is in trouble, the economy is in trouble, the president pointing to that as a reason that he thinks he can get a very good deal. but it's not in a lot worse trouble than it was in may, as
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you say. it is in their dna to lie, cheat and steal which they've done aplenty to tune of trillions of dollars that they've denied this country and that we permitted them to deny this country in economic growth through huge deficits and a half a billion dollars a year in theft of our technology and intellectual property. >> yeah. and -- lou: what's to stop it? what's to stop that? >> the only way is not a deal, because they have broken every trade agreement with us, almost every other agreement as well. the only way you're going to stop it, lou, is just pile on the costs until the costs we impose on china are greater than the benefits china gets. and by the way, china's getting somewhere like maybe $600 billion in theft alone. and on top of that, you add the benefits they get from violating their trade deals with us, so we're talking close to a trillion dollars. lou: and let's focus on national security here, because we have an alignment of interests with the communist government of
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china. and that is wall street itself aligned with china against this president on trade policy, on its foreign policy, against the single greatest threat, in the words of the department of defense, that this country faces. >> see, i, i mean, i don't think a deal is bad. i think a bad deal is bad. but if the united states can get into the economic -- lou: how can you make a deal with people who rekneel? rekneel -- renege? >> what you're saying is no deal, we'll never have a deal. lou: what i'm asking are questions that have to be answered -- >> completely agree. you have to have a tough deal with the chinese that they can't wiggle out of, and you have to have the penalties be so significant -- lou: so where do you find enforcement to such a deal with people who are not likely to favor having their principles -- remember, it was a loss of
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faith, face and it was embarrassing to the chinese to even pretend to acknowledge that they've been stealing a a half a trillion dollars a year. [laughter] i mean, are you kidding me? suddenly cultural sensitivity can't obviate a half trillion dollars in theft? i'm, i don't think i will ever be quite that p.c., how about you, gordon? >> yeah. you know, the one thing china said in may, absolutely fascinating. they said they objected to any sort of arrangement that included legal obligations on the chinese. you know -- [laughter] so -- lou: only, i only, only america. as the president says, we've had leaders so stupid that they would listen to such tripe, posing as some sort of posture of cultural supremacy on the part of the chinese. it's ignorance. it is foolishness. it is silly. it is, most of all, stupid. >> and dangerous.
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lou: yes. >> very much. lou: and the president acknowledges, every time he speaks of china. >> we rescued chinese commune nhl three times, and -- communism three times, and every time they come back, they try to hurt us more. we should not try to save them a fourth time. lou: we should not, and why is it that our business interests -- oh, the chamber of commerce, by the way, the chamber of horrors came out immediately as the president took a tough stance, and they said, oh, we don't favor these tariffs, and we don't favor this, and you mustn't talk too tough to the chinese communists. i mean, this is our chamber of commerce representing, what is it, three million businesses in this country? what would they like to do? have the president just flip the keys to the country to the chinese? >> do whatever f what every other -- what every other president has done for the last 20 years -- lou: what they're told. >> i must give trump a lot of credit, he's the only guy who's
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had the guts to stand up to the chinese. does he have a deal? he's in a better position now to force the issue, and i think he's a guy who doesn't back down if he sets his priority. lou: and do you notice what has been ignored throughout this day, people focus on the market can go up 300 points, they forgot about what's happening in hong kong and the fact that guns were drawn and that the police are putting down demonstrations that are becoming increasingly violent and persistent and growing in size and dimension. this is being ignored by the media in this country. the quest for liberty, the insistence on human rights. and, by the way, it's memorialized in treaty two systems and one little principality in hong kong. >> there would be no
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disturbances, no protests in hong kong if beijing had signed the british joint declaration. they couldn't do it. that's why you have all of hong kong on the streets. that's a warning to us. because if nothing else e, lou, you can't have a deal with that regime. >> but i think it's also a warning to the chinese. what happens in hong kong can happen in shanghai, in beijing, and i think they could have another tiananmen square type incident if they respond too harshly. lou: tiananmen square, the communist leadership, the 85 million strong communists who run all of china, 1.4 trillion people. they were grains of sand, grains of sand. that memorialized in chinese culture. it is the history and it is distant. i fear that they wouldn't hesitate to do the same. >> i completely agree, and that will be a bridge too far. lou: well, it seems that they live in a place that has a
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bridge too far on so many levels. k.t., as always, great to see you, thanks so much. gordon, thank you, sir. good to see you. >> thanks, lou. lou: appreciate it. up next here, prepare the pity party for the former vice president. joe biden's campaign is not doing well. these are some of his latest blunders, and just how are they playing with voters? and charges could soon be on the way for andrew mccabe, you know, of fbi infamy? judicial watch's tom fitton joins us tonight with how is it he got such a sparkling job over at cnn? maybe he wanted to be closer to john brennan. john brennan, you know, they worked together before, i understand. stay with us, we're coming right back. all money managers might seem the same,
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♪ ♪ lou: former vice president joe biden making another campaign blunder this weekend. this is becoming a sad story. and it is continuing almost without interruption. this weekend he mistook new hampshire for vermont. the former vice president wants to insure the radical dems, however, that as he put it, he is not crazy. >> i just spoke at dartmouth on health care at the medical school -- or not, i guess i wasn't actually on the campus, but the people from the medical school were -- i want to be clear, i'm not going nuts. i'm not sure whether it was a medical school or where the hell i spoke, but it was on a campus. lou: excuse me for just a moment. it looks, it looks like voters aren't entirely buying the
10:19 pm
former vice president's explanation. nor his conclusion. a new monmouth university poll finds biden now trails both socialist senates bernie sanders -- senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. joining me now, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, the savant himself, ed rollins. i have heard a president say that he's not a crook -- [laughter] i've never heard anyone who wants to be president say that he is not nuts. >> well, he's not finish probably not nuts, but he is being looked at as kind of senile, and that's a sad state of affairs for a presidential candidate who has to go new a very long, tedious process. the mistake there is not that he was in new hampshire and thought he was in vermont. the mistake was he was supposed to be in california with the dnc. the democratic national committee was having its big meeting. he didn't want to be with the other candidates, so he
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basically goes up there and stumbles -- lou: and the reason that he wasn't at the dnc by all inference was so that he wouldn't make a blunder that would capture national headlines, and instead he went to -- was it new hampshire or vermont -- to make his blunder. [laughter] i mean, and then to say he's not nuts. >> and even in new hampshire, he's in the wrong place. he's at the northern tip of new hampshire with a very small population. this far in advance you've basically to got to -- but saying all that, this poll's about momentum, and he has lost his momentum as we've said over is and over again. but the most telling number in this poll is he's now voters under 50 he's getting 6% of. this is an election about the future. it's not an election about the old votes. lou: you're not telling me this is a -- i can accept a lot of things, but the democrats have how many candidates that are east 70 and over -- either 70 and over or approaching 70. this is, so far i have not seen a young person in the democratic
10:21 pm
party emerge who's even close to ready to try to -- there are no jfks amongst this group. >> there's none, and there won't be in the future, but what there are are new ideas, and obviously as i've said repeatedly, i'm not for -- elizabeth warren has a lot of ideas that are appealing to young people. they're crazy ideas, and they'll basically e be taken apart in the course of the campaign, but the reality is biden has no idea other than i was with obama, let's go back to old dayses. young people don't want to go back to the old days. lou: well, the president now saying he wants to do a deal with china. this is only days after he said that xi is an enemy of the united states. this is only a few months from the time that xi and the vice chairman decided they would
10:22 pm
renege on a deal that had been 90 percent plus negotiated if we're to believe some of the sources. what are we to make of this? >> historically, the chinese have never lived up to their deals. equally as important, their bigger problem is hong kong, and, you know, that riot has gone full bore and has been now for a couple months. that'd be like california trying to break away from the united states. so my sense is xi and everybody else in china is focusing on that, kind of half pretending they're trying to do a trade deal. my sense at this point in time is the president ought to just basically be cool, see what they offer, and right now don't be the aggressor on this. lou: yeah. and so it goes. we're going to find out where this is all a headed. as always, ed, thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: ed rollins. up next, you won't believe the anti-trump accusation that went totally unchecked by the, yes, cnn. that's what they call
10:23 pm
themselves. cnn. next, the latest target of jerry nadler's harassment campaign as chair of the house judiciary committee. quite a, quite a fella, that nadler. stay with us, we're coming right back. after walking six miles at an amusement park...
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♪ lou: the radical dem-led house judiciary committee issuing another subpoena today, this time for former white house staff secretary the rob porter. earlier this month the committee issued subpoenas for former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski, former top white house aide ricker dearborn -- rick dearborn and appointed an obama-appointed judge giving the fbi60 days to compile all of its communications with christopher steel after the bureau removed him as a confidential source. steele was fired in 2016 for leaking to the media.
10:28 pm
and former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe could soon be indicted for his roles in the hillary clinton e-mail outrage and the fisa abuse scandals. "the new york times" reporting mccabe's attorneys met with the department of justice and the u.s. attorney handling the prosecution. joining us tonight, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. tom, great to have you with us. >> hi, lou. lou: let's -- how you doing? let's start with mccabe. a freshly-minted contributor now to cnn. i believe mr. brennan, formerly of the cia, is over this there as well. is over there as well. they've got to have a certain familiarity, they've worked together before. what are we to make of whether mccabe will be indicted? let's whisper this so nobody hears us. based on the record of the justice department, i bet he doesn't get indicted or charged. >> well, that new york times
10:29 pm
story today reporting out what allegedly is going on at the justice department shows frustration within the justice department that it's taken so long to figure out what to do about his alleged lies three or four times -- lou: the poor darlings, tom -- >> a year ago -- [inaudible conversations] lou: think about the american people, for crying out loud. >> yeah. you know, we just got a group of documents, 14 fbi officials, agents caught leaking, including mccabe -- lou: right. >> -- not one prosecution. and, of course, james comey, he had the fbi files of president trump at his house. he leaked some of them. some of it is classified. evidently, they don't want to prosecute him there. lou: no. >> right now the fbi doesn't want to give us one text message of andrew mccabe, and they're being forced by a judge, as you just pointed out in a judicial watch case, to go and look for steele documents after he was a confidential informant because the fbi is telling us they were
10:30 pm
trying to protect steele's privacy. and the judge halved at that and said, come on -- laughed at that and said, come on, you've got to look for the records, and then you can figure out what you want to do here. this is an fbi that thinks it's above the law. christopher wray has done zero to reform the institution, and he's fighting tooth and nail anything that might make the fbi look bad. and you've got mad theler over there harassing -- nadler harassing the president while the fbi was abusing the president and there's been no accountability, no oversight by congress. and it's up to judicial watch -- and we're happy to do the work, lou, but isn't it outrageous that we're doing more than the justice department and congress to figure out what went on in spygate and all these abuses? lou: it is outrageous but keeply troubling and, i believe it should be deeply troubling to every american, to think that the democrats in control of the judiciary committee and the house intelligence committee in charge of the house.
10:31 pm
haven't the integrity to insist on this kind of conduct ending and insist on on transparency and openness with the american people? this should not be a partisan issue unless, in point of fact, it is a partisan conspiracy; that is, a democratic conspiracy. because it is otherwise, to me, inexplicable, the behavior of the democratic party in charge of the house. the way in which they're acting, they're being -- it's just, it's simply outrageous. >> well, it's part, it's the next phase of the coup. they use their party apparatus to pay fusion gps through the campaign, the democratic national committee, they got mueller appointed. it didn't work out the way they had hoped, so now they're going to abuse their power to root around for whatever to try to come up with an impeachment case against the president.
10:32 pm
there's no credible reason to have any investigation related to impeachment. if someone has done something worthy of impeachment, it's quite obvious. you don't have to go around looking for -- lou: it's already -- [inaudible conversations] louisa: once again -- lou: once again has said there is no support for citizenship. what does it take for nadler, for adam schiff? adam schiff has lied and lied and lied to the american people, and no one is holding him accountable including nancy pelosi, by the way. birthright citizenship, we are told that birthright citizenship is being looked at to be removed from the, from law, if you will. and that the president thinks that it could be done by executive action and so do his advisers. what do you think? >> well, i think they need to look at it. the establishment tells you you're not allowed to talk about
10:33 pm
the idea that we ought to give automatic citizenship to the children born here to illegal aliens. the constitution doesn't require it. anyone who tells you that it does require it, i would suggest you go look at the 14th amendment -- lou: how about the editorial boards of, you know, major newspapers in this country? they all act as if the 14th amendment, a person born and naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states and the state wherein they reside. what does it mean? why would they have otherwise put in subject to the jurisdiction thereof? the phrase is meaningless if it, indeed, is ignored. >> and it's a political decision to provide citizenship status to children of illegal aliens who obviously are not summit to the jurisdiction -- subject to the jurisdiction of the united states at least as the constitution seems to suggest. lou: right. >> and if you want the rule of
10:34 pm
law to prevail, you want to protect our boards, you want to stop this abuse, you've had four million children of illegal aliens born here in the united states, and that's not -- surely not what our founders or the creators of the 14th amendment intended. lou: yeah. well, they also intended that the united states be able to protect and defend both its citizens and its borders. tom fitton, you're one of those doing just exactly that. we appreciate it. thanks so much. tom fitton, judicial watch. we'd like to hear your thoughts on this. share your comments. follow me on twitter, @loudobbs follow me on instagram @loudobbs tonight. social media, don't you love it? up next, the dramatic shift in what young americans value most. we'll take up what is a widening generational divide with the hoover institute's victor davis hanson. stay with us, we'll be right
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with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. lou: about andrew mccabe joining with john brennan,
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foreman cia director, at cnn, he's actually joining up with james clapper. but who knows, maybe they have room for one more commentator, and they'd have the trifecta from spygate. well, let's turn to anti-trump cnn stooping to new lows over the weekend, allowing the former chair of the psychiatry department at duke university, of all people, to compare president trump to some of of the 20th century's most notorious figures. >> trump is as destructive a person in this century as hitler, stalin and mao were in the last century. he may be responsible for many more millions of deaths than they were. he needs to be contained, but he needs to be contained by attacking his policies, not his person. lou: wow. we'll never know how he came to that conclusion because the show's host, brian shelter, never pushed back, never asked a
10:40 pm
follow-up question, didn't ask him to explain in any way. just it was there. stelter later said it was because of a technical difficulty. well, a new poll shows millennials are abandoning america's traditional values. nbc news, "the wall street journal" finding just 42% of young americans view patriotism as very important to them. that's compared to nearly 80% of those aged 55 and older. 30% of millennials say religion is very important to them, that's far fewer than the 67% of baby boomers who say religion is very important to them. and having children is only seen as a top priority for 32% of young americans. a more than 20% difference with those aged 55 and older. well, joining us tonight, victor davis hanson, a senior fellow in military history at the hoover institution at stanford
10:41 pm
university, author and national review contributor. victor, great to have you with us. i want to start with this, the duke psychiatry professor. i how -- how could any -- what's your reaction? [laughter] >> well, it's kind of irony, lou. here we have the expert on mental health saying one of the most mentally unhealthy things you could imagine. he's supposed to adjudicate whether trump is unhinged, and then he shows the world that he's unhinged. because if you think -- i guess he was referring to climate change, but because we're pollution even more natural gas each year than the year before is and we're substituting that for coal, you could argue that trump has more than met the paris climate accords. in fact, he's produced more -- less heat and less pollution in the atmosphere. so i don't get the argument. there used to be something, do you remember, lou, when we were young, it was called the
10:42 pm
goldwater rule in. lou: right. >> the american psychiatric association said don't diagnose goldwater as crazy just because you don't like him. lou: right. [inaudible conversations] a yaleic. >> yes. -- yale psychic. >> a psychiatrist from yale told us donald trump was unhinged, and she did such an effective job of spreading that myth that we actually had that montreal cognitive assessment test that trump aced. maybe we could have joe biden take the test and see how well. but it's ironic that somebody who's used natural gas to lower pollutant is called a killer in the same category as stalin or whatever. ahistorical too -- lou: it is stunning what the left has stooped to and become because there's more misinformation, disinformation, it is an orchestrateed --
10:43 pm
without question -- campaign amongst the left. the coincidence of terms if remarks are just too similar to be accidental in any way. >> you know, i think if conservative psychiatrists had a said there were certain statements obama did or made or committed about lowering the seas or the temperature of the earth or, as we call them at his convention that he was a narcissistic personality, there would have been outrage because that's not what professionals are supposed to do. but because it's from the left as an indictment of the right, then it's any means necessary to ennoble or justify. again, it's ironic. lou: is there any way, is there any path -- >> yeah. lou: -- to, i'm not going to say back, is there any path forward to reducing the amount of name-calling, to taking into account truth, asserting
10:44 pm
reality, independent, objective reality in national media that has become so idealogically and partisan canted as to make reality more remote, not more proximate? >> i don't know. i think what trump inherited was sort of a wound with a thin scab on it and then very roughly he pulled off that scab, and what we saw was what we expected. it was the old, you know, the dan rather fake news and all of the bias of the past. but now it was exposed, and this was reaction. so when the shorenstein center said 90 president of coverage -- 90% of coverage towards trump was negative, pushing a fabricated narrative about mueller and now going to another constructive narrative about racism or what you mentioned about cnn, that causes outrage because they're supposedly
10:45 pm
disinterested and unbiased, yet they know in their hearts they're not. they feel that republicans in general, conservatives in particular, trump especially are so beyond the pale that they have a moral, ethical, higher duty to be unbiased. i mean, exhume, to be biased -- excuse me, to be biased. some of them have written articles about that, it's an era where journalists cannot be unbiased any longer. lou: yeah. they have a moral imperative to be immoral. quite an argument. victor davis hanson, always great to see you. come back soon. and it is great to see you again. >> thank you. lou: a big congratulations to the new little league world series champions, the team from river ridge, louisiana. shut out, 8-0 sunday. they are the first team from louisiana to win the championship. president trump has invited the team to the white house. and congratulations to the
10:46 pm
entire state of louisiana and, yes, the entire united states of america. up next, the new numbers that establishment figures on the right and the left should perhaps consider, take note of at least. we share them with you right after the break. they are earth-shattering, i assure you. we'll be right back. -and...that's your basic three-point turn. -[ scoffs ] if you say so. ♪ -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody.
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lou: it appears most of us are angry with the political establishment according to the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finding 70% of americans feel angry because, quote: the political system seems to be working for insiders with money and power, end quote. that number is almost identical to 69% of american who is felt the same way back in october of 2015, just a year before the election of president trump. joining us tonight, kelly sadler, former special assistant to the president. she's now the director of communications at america first policies and america first action. kelly, great to have you with us. let's start with birth right citizenship. how does that poll, how important is that to the president, to country to resolve
10:51 pm
it now? >> well, i think what you're seeing here is president trump using all, everything that he has in his arsenal to stop this flow of illegal immigration coming across our borders. so he's got to do everything he can, and with an executive order -- this is something he's been looking at with steven miller for a long time now. i mean, basically you have 300,000 anchor babies born here per year at the cost for u.s. taxpayers at $2.4 billion a year in hospital costs that we're footing the bill for. and then these babies grow up here with citizenship, and they bring in their family members, and you have chain migration. you've got to look at this, lou. we are only one of two adopt developed nations in the world that has birthright citizenship. canada is the other. all of these other countries have put a stop to this or ending this because, you know, protecting our borders is, number one, to protect the integrity of this country. and this is what the president's trying to do with this. lou: i think it's important to
10:52 pm
restate what kelly said. there are only two countries in the entire world. those two countries are the united states and canada. kelly mentioned steven miller. here is steven miller on this issue. let's share this with the audience, if we may. >> most americans think it's crazy that you can come across the border, say perhaps in your ninth month -- >> what do you plan to do about it? >> well, we're looking at all legal options, but the key point i want to leave you with because we're running out of time is that many legal scholars believe subject to security jurisdiction thereof means it doesn't apply to people here illegally. lou: that's the administration's argument, and is it your sense that the president plans to issue an executive order? >> i believe you'll see this maybe in the coming weeks, coming months. obviously, this executive order will be contested in the courts. but, you know, the supreme court
10:53 pm
has never had any interpretation or ruling on whether the 14th amendment applies to illegal aliens. lou: right. >> they've only ruled based on u.s. citizenship. so i think it'll be an important case for the supreme court to decide, but we also -- also the 14th amendment was written to basically give citizenship to freed slaves, to reverse the dred scott position. so i think these legal scholars that are arguing that this is up constitutional, i think there's a lot of other scholars would say it's totally constitutional. lou: as you suggest, there is no doubt that it will be decided, ultimately, in the supreme court. you all have tried something called a trump victory team moving women, 4600 of them, out into the community programs. give us a sense of how it is that you're going to do markedly
10:54 pm
better with women voters, suburban women voters particularliesome. >> well, we saw the trump campaign last week go to 16 states, and they basically turned out 5,000 women in these states who were supportive of president trump. now, one of the things that might not show up in polls are suburban women because they're reluctant to tell pollsters or even their neighbors or family or friends that they're supportive of the president's actions. this is a grassroots effort. this weekend, with these women volunteers, they registered more than 2,000 other women to vote and to vote for the president. if you look at what the president has done for women, and when we tell, you know, different focus groups like did you know, for example, that president trump is the first president in american history who in his budget allocated for paid family leave? they don't know this. of the six million jobs that have been created, 58 percent of them were for women. lou: i'm starting to get a little nervous.
10:55 pm
[laughter] we seem to be getting overlooked here. kelly, thanks so much for being with us. always good to talk with you. >> you too. lou: up next, president trump clashing with the national media,, imagine that, about his america first trade policies. we'll have much more on that coming right up after these quick words. stay with us. if your gums bleed when you brush, you may have gingivitis. and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these?
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lou: a rally you on wall street. crude oil down a percent over $54 a barrel. look at that silver price. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem network. president trump told reporters he believes china wants to make a deal. gordon chang says we shouldn't be make any kind of deal with the chinese right now. >> the only way you are going to stop this is not a deal because they have broken every trade agreement with us and almost
11:00 pm
every other agreement. the only way to stop it is to pile on the costs until the costs we impose are greater than the benefit china gets. lou:omorrow christopher bedford and heather macdonald among our guests. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. david: president trump predicting a trade deal with china could be in the works soon as chinese officials reportedly called washington to resume negotiations. a psychiatrist rants on cnn comparing president trump to hitler and stalin and cnn did not even challenge him. new tonight. sources confirming to fox news that disgraced


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