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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 27, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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watching, lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network ♪ ♪ lou: good evening everybody. president trump back in washington, d.c. congress and the senate however, are not. almost two more weeks of vacation, the president and the first lady returned last night from the g7 summit in france with the president made it clear the french president, digital tax on u.s. companies would not stand. the president announced he and japanese prime minister have reached an agreement on a new trachea. while mr. trump was working in negotiating a broad, the radical
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dams, the left, rhinos, deep state in the left-wing national media working for the shadows trying to undermine and even still to overthrow his presidency. new court filings show the radical dams have begun their own impeachment investigation, weeks before robert mueller turned over his report to attorney general william barr. that report vindicating president trump and what about the radical dams recession fantasies? americans confidence in the economy, we are pleased to tell you the confidence has had the highest level in decades. tonight there is no evidence that the party of hate has been lying all along of impeachment efforts against the president. newly released court documents show how house judiciary dems open an investigation to threats to the rule of law by the
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president and his administration, they did that on march 4. that is more than a week before nancy pelosi told the washington post she did not want to go down the path of impeachment. it is also five months before joe nadler told cnn the appeasement seedings were underway. the documents reveal in impeachment investigation had begun more than two weeks before robert mueller dilip his report to attorney general barr. the radical left did not care what it revealed, instead they allowed their hate and moved to impeach the president by any means necessary. with blatant disregard they would hurt in the process. joining us tonight, vice president of the republican national lawyers association, rnc committee for california, a member of the 2020 trump advisory, great to have you with us. >> this is not in any way flabbergasted but it is a clear
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record of what the radical dams and the house are all about. they are harassing, and tempting to impede this president and his ministration in any way possible and have started with of all things, impeachment. >> that is right. it shows there totally divorced from any basis in reality because as you pointed out, the effort has shown to started two weeks before robert mueller delivered his report. before they knew the punchline and maybe they suspected it was going to be a big nothing bigger, they went ahead with this effort. and they had legal advice along the way that told them for example it was virtually impossible and not in the circumstances likely to get the grand jury testimony. and this is all being done --
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>> so they do not care about the law, they don't care about the facts, they don't care about the integrity or the leadership of their own party. nancy pelosi is consistent of ensuring away of impeachment. the fact that they are doing this and violation of any vote being taken in congress it shows how legitimate it is. i am happy for not spending the time make bad policy in congress but nancy pelosi said it's extremely divisive and damaging to the country and it's really unfortunate the deb jerry nadles doing it on his own party. >> what is the republican response? is there a counter strategy on the part of house republicans? in both the house and the senate? >> i saw a statement on this condemning this effort and insisting that there be an openness of sharing information that nadler is trying to hoard in judiciary and intelligence and make sure the members of congress get a chance to see it. but it's been done during a recess and people are in the
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district i saw a member in the studio that i'm in. people are not focusing and it's been an effort to get this information with people not able to respond in front of cameras. lou: it is appalling. there seems to be stubborn inherent to the idea that the democratic party is a loyal opposition when in fact, whether it's jerry nadler, adam schiff, for that matter chuck schumer, they are doing everything that they can to undercut this president. we have never seen the likes of this. and it continues, it goes on and the republicans while they're not all mute, they are all neutralized and to the point '. >> you heard me say this before. i think we both agree that republicans, many of our friends
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who are republican legislators are played by queensbury rules for the democrat's are using uzis and it's past time for us to fight back and be vocal in support president and more portly stand for the rulepeople. andrew thought about what response is available to the republican party, to the rnc, to all the campaign committees of the house in the senate, there is a seemingly a lifeless quality to the mall, while this president leaves. i know that upsets them terribly that we have for the first time in decades a leader in the white house, that is really what is animating the left, the rhinos even, they cannot stand the fact that they do not own this guy, they have no way in which to influence him, all of k street is a waste of money and this president continues to lead, day after day after day and achieve.
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>> you are absolutely right. i think the reason that he is the target of so much illegitimate opposition is because of his effectiveness. if you are more feckless, lame republican as a type we have seen before to even hold the white house, none of them got this type of opposition because they are not perceived as a threat to the very way of life of both parties and their establishment in washington. i think that is what is going on. it's up to all of us republicans and certainly the rnc extending behind the president and i would love to see other members step up and condemn their colleagues for setting aside the content, just the abusive process of the court and of the congress and illegitimately using this to drag people through the mud, harass them, now being subject to subpoenas and testimonies and it's all a legitimate and
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against establishment. >> i don't think it's against president but i think it is most of all against this president and so many of the gutless republicans don't have the principal or the courage to stand up for him it is a sorry scene indeed to witness. >> you are a bright exception to all of that and we appreciate always having an opportunity to talk to. lizlou: the national left-wing doing just about all he can to cheer on a recession rejecting doom and gloom about the trump economy, despite all of those seeming efforts, consumers assessment of the economy its highest level since november of 2000, the conference boards, present situation index which measures consumer's current
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sentiment and confidence about both business and labor market conditions jumping to 177-point to in august up from 170.9 in july. the highest level of confidence in just about two decades. coming up next, the chamber of commerce, the national left-wing media. many of the folks just don't want you to know about the vast numbers of women and children who are crossing our southern border into the united states. as part of an ever-growing sex trafficking crisis in this country. we take that up tonight. also a new allegation about radical freshman congresswoman ill hand omar. in her relationship with the political strategist. we will have that story and much more straight ahead. you don't want to miss any of it right after this quick break. stay with us.
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lizlou: this is an amazing development, new york federal reserve president william saying federal reserve chief jerome powell should stand up against president trump and raise rates or whatever is necessary. he wrote for bloomberg despite the fed's desire to be a political, the president has made that impossible. he is actually saying these things, central-bank officials face a choice, enable the trump administration to continue down and disastrous path of trade war escalation, but if the ministration does so, the government will bear the risk of losing the next election. to raise interest rates and set policy that would be against the interest of this president and his reelection.
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precisely what this president has been concerned about with the fed from the beginning of his statement about lowering interest rate. remember the fed raised rate for times and then economy and markets that were calling for lower rates and in fact following those markets would've been significantly lower interest rate. the federal reserve responded to the statement. the federal reserve policy decisions are guided solely by its congressional mandate to maintain price stability and maximum employment. political considerations, and absolutely no role. the federal reserve having to respond to a former president, the new york federal reserve at that. to tell him that they are not going to follow his political advice, it makes you wonder whether if there is independent or they would like to claim,
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there are new reports that applicable consultant tim has been cheating on his wife with congresswoman ilhan omar while receiving tens of thousands of dollars from omar's campaign. federal commission records revealed that the omar campaign started paying more than $21000 in travel expenses to the east street group on april 1. he is a partner at the east street group and according to the reporting of the new york post he and his wife split in early april after disclosing the affair with congresswoman omar. fox news is not independently confirm that. while joining us tonight, news foundation editor-in-chief, christopher bedford. good to have you with us. let's start with bill dudley, that one time seem to be a rational individual. and now calling on the fed to
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inject itself into presidential politics, where is the cry of federal reserve independence, we heard a lot about the president calling for lower interest rates, why do we get the statement from the fed when bill dudley makes a fool of himself? >> it's incredible. we know so many people who have done this and seemed like they were rational actors before donald trump was elected president and now everything has to be about the resistance buried this is not uncommon in places like new york or cross-country were a lot of folks have been currently elites or former elites, we need to use the department of justice, the attorney general, we need to use every power that we have two bring down this president. , using intelligence services. lou: that has already been tried and did not work out. >> the president one.
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it makes you think, how effective are these intelligence agencies that they could be co-opted to work against a duly elected president of the united states, a former federal reserve talking about moving monetary policy into the political arena with purpose, to stop the most effective president into in the first two and half years and history. with huge amounts of the press behind him. the president has been able to call bush everything is a he has with so many enemies, all of her. this call that we need to preserve our independence, resisting president trump, we need to hurt the american people and put it risk employment and monetary policy so we can hurt president trump, that is very, very dangerous thinking and the
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competency of these people is certainly in question. let's listen to a couple more words from dudley trump's reelection arguably presents a threat to the u.s. and global economy. to the fed's independence and its ability to achieve its employment and inflation objectives. if the monetary policy to achieve the best long-term economic outcome then fed officials could consider how the decisions will affect the outcome in 2020. that is ignorant and the rawest form, i have to believe even as the federal reserve itself, whether actually independent or not, i was shocked that they would be that open, that raw and calling for actions against the president of the united states. >> it's incredible now he's a
7:20 pm
senior research analyst for bloomberg writing columns going up to folks going out. lou: he writes for somebody who hates his president. and who by the way spoke against him at the democratic national convention to no effect. it is really time for people to try to understand that there is some room for stability and rationality. and they should look for those doors immediately. >> people forget, they don't have a great sense of history. the first action the u.s. congress took after constituting itself was passing measures to protect american trade in american industry. this is not treason by president trump to try and hold back china 221, americans think that china is messing with america and have a very unfair trade policy.
7:21 pm
this is not the thing you want to weaponize the central bank has no accountability to stop. lou: to your point, suggesting that tariffs are not highly effective and responsible tool of government. this president knows exactly what he is doing, it's the morons, absolutely no nothings who are casting about in the darkness of their own ignorance, not contemplating what is good for the country, not considering what is in the national interest and then like jackasses and everything that he does. >> to the cult of free trade they would sell their soul. lou: you're the first person that was a free trade on the show in a very long time. one of the things this president has succeeded in doing, if you look at the most recent statements of the chamber of force, the business roundtable, wall street, they are not
7:22 pm
talking free trade anymore because the president has put before the american people the true cost of those idiotic actions over decades of free trade to u.s. economic growth. it is cutting -- by trillions of dollars. >> i love free markets but i cannot stand when they call it free trade and what that means is tearing down barriers to allow foreign powers that are corrupt and against america hostile like china to get american jobs, that is not free trade, that is insane. it is been created and sustained throughout binational left-wing media acting in complicity with the rhinos and the establishment right and the left. >> the whole crew. >> you bet it is great to have you with us. up next, more vile rhetoric from
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america's educational elite. how can we call them elites? how can we? they really are nuts. and they think about their orthodoxy having been question in the point of fact shown to be riddled with absolute contradictions and fictions. we take it up with the manhattan institute up next. and the trump administration asked the supreme court to take action on a major immigration policy, we will have that right after the spring. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees
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low income, low skilled immigrants which would lead to severe worker shortages, do nothing which is what three successful presidents have done, nothing. and let everybody else decide who will come into this country and not bother are pretty little heads about it, the border patrol unveiling footage, must enter much to the editorial board, showcasing 60 miles being built on the southwest border in arizona, the border patrol expects to complete 450 miles by the end of next year, here is a look at the same area in arizona back in 2005. see the problem? look at that. and people ask why does mr. trump need a wall, because america needs a wall. the trump administration asking the supreme court to immediately
7:29 pm
grant the white house authority to implement the border asylum band that would allow rulings to be overcome, the band denies asylum to central americans who go to the southern border without seeking refugee status and other countries they have traveled through. joining us tonight, portable troll counsel, vice president, great to have you with us. founder of a nonprofit organization against sex trafficking and thank you both for being here. let me start if i may, sex trafficking is not discussed often enough but seldom discussed and at levels amongst the most dangerous and most sinister of all smuggling operations in the world. >> it is an epidemic in our country. trafficking of children.
7:30 pm
it is an interesting situation, the left cannot support the notion that children are being trafficked which they are, if they do then they have to make a case for the need for a wall or border protection mechanism. so though turn a blind eye away from children being trafficked to be exploited in order to keep the rhetoric going against a man in the white house who wants to protect the southern border. it is an epidemic in a child that comes across the border is a ghost. that child has no birth certificate, how do wheaton nashville, tennessee when they infiltrate or in texas find the child that we don't even know that they're in the country. >> this administration is just discovered that president obama had pushed aside dna checks with the violent crimes database of the fbi. it is one thing after another with the permanent bureaucracy in the deep state, and this in british troop the ministratiomi.
7:31 pm
>> we were seen some debris to give us things being done in the past to ministrations. i do recall some point individuals that were in the country were brought to the station, agents were asked to go ahead and figure put them in if they did not have any prior criminal record, just release them back into the shadows. as many people at the time that we were detained you're here illegally, that was a violation of their own rights because they were not given the opportunity to talk about their own cases. maybe there were asylum cases at the time. pastor ministration chose to put him and shadows. obviously where the mass number of children being brought across. there's no way for us to tell if these children are minors or
7:32 pm
really with their parents. as we heard the stories and we seen it done before, some of these kids are being rented out by people in other countries to ensure that the people come in legally can be released within 20 days. lou: are border patrol in league with the mexican drug cartels and the others who are trafficking, and with all of the criminal networks in the world. it is because they chose to do something politically correct rather than the most humane thing which is to protect women and children of the border. >> they are laughing at us and they have been laughing. when have internal memos and groups like ms 13, they are internally say it's easy for us to trafficked children then cocaine or across-the-board. let's traffic human beings
7:33 pm
because this border is open. in the cartels, they have another advantage and that is that the united states does not even keep the numbers of those victims of trafficking in this country. that is astonishing. nowhere in the federal government. we did find the upper tier of countries facing runaways, traffickinsextrafficking volumeo numbers. >> i'll take it a step further, we detain these individuals from central american countries, we fingerprint them through our system and because they are here with minors, they get released within 20 days, there is no way for us to know what crimes they committed in their country. >> that is a problem.
7:34 pm
and what can we do? as critically important as sex trafficking is, we have to take control of a better border as the president says. >> it is the foundation of the cartels they basically run mexico right now, at least 80% of it. if you have a president that has to resort to tactics like canceling the flores agreement in order to stem the tie in order to say when these children come across the border, give portable troll a minute to understand. i found a child who had to be released, wondering by himself, we had to feed out of a vending machine. this is happening in our country and we have a president in the white house for the first time.
7:35 pm
this is the first president in the united states that made sex trafficking in issue. children cannot be for sale, that border is open and we listen to elizabeth warren who is during rhetoric but they want open borders. they want kids to flow into this country and the traffic in the united states is like christmas. >> is it your sense on the border that we are seeing a sustainable effort that is having a material effect, even without the wall because it still desperately needed at least to me. >> it definitely is but because of the rhetoric, president trump has pushed any talk about the tariffs, all that has made other countries step up and take the series. it should be taken serious is graded abou '.
7:36 pm
we are for immigration. i am pro-immigration but has to be legal. people need to understand the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. lou: we have to go here. thank you. we'll be right back. we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ your business is up and running, but is it going beyond fast? comcast business gives you high speed internet. we also have solutions like powerful wifi that gives your entire business more coverage and automatic internet backup that can keep your business running. and it all starts with our gig-speed network.
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lou: the college board, the group responsible for mistreating the sae test is abandoning a pa a plan for adversity scores. the college board says it will replace the score with the landscape and that will provide college omission officials with information about a student's background including average neighborhood income, crime rates, but will not attach the student to stor score to the daa points. a science instructor at the university of texas in austin collie president trump and his supporters nazis. the good professor or the bad professor alex wilde use the word in response to the president's suggestion that anti-for maybe designated a terrorist organization.
7:41 pm
he also suggested republicans were not pro-ethnic cleansing. they will be teaching about insects in the upcoming fall semester. whatever that means. joining us tonight, manhattan institute, one of the smartest people in the country. let's start with the professor of the university of texas. to make a statement, where is the jdl, where are the various groups, where are the democrats and republicans alike, where is the administration of the university of texas in bringing this at least two of reprimand? >> unfortunately he is purpl pey representative. we pick on individual stories which create the impression that there is an individual problem out there, that mindset, grows
7:42 pm
grotesquely ignorant historical mindset that thinks there's any more wrot remote similarity betn the united states and nazi germany is pervasive within the academy which is dedicated to the narrative that there has never been a greater force of evil and oppression in the united states and in the history of the world than the united states. >> students are taught to think of themselves as victims or the fellow students as oppressors. >> the world is gathering fools that they can enlighten, it is remarkable in their point of view. the college board dropping adversity and an adversity score. if that was somehow going to revolutionize college omissions and quantify for the terribly
7:43 pm
lacking omission offices of universities and college so they wouldn't have to read something or try to understand someone. >> this is a cosmetic change. they replaced the single score was six different scores. frankly what this is about is an effort of preferences in a more palatable form. all of this tinkering with admissions in colleges and throughout the economy frankly is all driven by one fact which is the persistent academic achievement gap. if black culture or the rest of culture to close the gap, we would be back to colorblind system but the college board is trying to give colleges an excuse to continue to give preferences to underprepared black students to catapult them into academic environment to
7:44 pm
which they are not prepared. this is done in the name of helping the students and there is nothing more cool than awarding and student a racial preference and putting them to an environment in which he is not academically prepared for he is going to struggle, he will inevitably blame his problems on phantoms being racism rather than acknowledging the difficult truth that he would've been better in an environment where he is matched with his peers. this is not a race problem that would occur with gender preferences as well. that is the underlying problem that america doesn't want to address head on. lou: we also don't seem to want to address another issue, that is simply the performance of students, who are extraordinary, bright as they can be and yet admissions find reasons not to
7:45 pm
take those who score the highest, who score and achieve the highest grades in school, and somehow put them over into a separate bucket because they want representative student bodies and by the way this is not a new development and caused by racial preference. this has been a judgment made by omission office for half century. >> we used to have a ceiling on jews and college campuses harbored most famously. but now it's driven by racial preference and asian students who are getting screwed the most. i would love to abolish college omission offices paid their most omission group who think they are capable of making this minute decisions about people's character and worthiness, i
7:46 pm
would do it purely based on objective numbers. if you have worked your butt off to get your grades up in your academic scores up in your sats which are perfectly objective and not bias, that should be the sole merit increase. for getting into college. but right now, we're fiddling in putting our competitive edge at risk because we insist on engineering student body based on racial quotas on who is most capable of succeeding and academic environment. >> universities and colleges, all make this is appointed statement, there are exceptions, but for the most part they don't follow through to ensure that their graduates and science and engineering, technology and mathematics. they are getting jobs in their majors and given opportunities in private enterprise and it should go first and will never see the operating i believe.
7:47 pm
but i believe it will be a helpful thing to see a follow-up in the score of the university and colleges in the way in which their graduates do move and their majors occupation. you get the last word. >> we need transferring to. again the real problem is a cruelty of racial preference. it is that which is dragging down stem graduation rates, i think the asian students are doing pretty much okay, obviously the integration system is bringing in people to compete with their own college graduate. that does need to be fixed but the main problem is college should be looking simply academic achievement color is irrelevant. is i it's a betrayal of the country ideals and very negative consequences for the beneficiaries. lou: heather it's always great
7:48 pm
to talk with you. thank you for being here. up next, should president trump re-invite russia's latimer put to the g7 summit, why is that such a big deal? we will take it up after the break. stay with us. cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. that a handle is just a handle. chair is just a chair. or... that you can't be both inside and outside.
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lou: joining us tonight senior fellow for the state department senior advisor in the trump and bush ministration. good to see you. u.s. china trade talks, they have either talked or they have not. there is reason for optimism or there is not. >> i think it's great that the president leads an open door but i don't think they will walk through. at the g7 you have improved messaging fromai out donald trui don't think that's a smart strategy but when they're going to take and i don't think they're willing to undertake the reforms necessary because they're in a lot of trouble across the board. you see what's going on in hong kong. i don't think there will be a trade deal but i think the president is right. lou: how important, president trump has offered support to the
7:53 pm
pro democracy demonstrators and there is very little in terms of responses, the united states could take to intervene productively. >> it's good that we stand with the protesters, the chinese hate that so that's one reason to keep doing it. if we can encourage political trouble for the adversaries while doing good work and moral work, that is a good thing that we should do. we should push toward a dialogue. it's an offramp to the conflict and violence in hong kong. hong kong should sit down with the elected leaders and the democrats who are elected and talk about democracy. >> the united states and china are talking again about trade and there is excitement in the market about talking about talks. is it your sense that a deal is
7:54 pm
obtainable given that the chinese have already reneged on what was all the close deal, done deal that they have said they don't want enforcement of any kind, at the end of the day, we're talking about a phantom at least in the perspective of the chinese themselves. >> that is what hong kong reminds us of, how bad they are keeping promises. they promised the joint declaration to protect hong kong and they agreed in the basic law to have a path towards democracy with universal suffrage. they promise barack obama we won't militarize the south china sea. we won't cyber espionage against companies. all of those out the windows. number under none of them fulfill. that is why president trump has the ability to reimpose tariffs
7:55 pm
if and when china violates and that's one of the several sticking points. it's not impossible that a deal comes together, i just don't think it's super likely. lou: let's turn to the prospect that the g7 would return to g8 with the president's invitation to vladimir putin to rejoin. we have about 22nd. >> it's a good idea. we need to talk to russia, we have to think twice about taking on two great powers at once. were in a conflict with china whether we like it or not. we should find common ground with russia. we are going to host the g7 next year and he should invite putin and say he is coming, will try a real diplomacy because arrest is relevant. lou: good to talk with you. thank you. we'll be right back. stay with us. and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company,
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oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. lou: court filing show the radical dimms seeking the impeachment of president trump long before the mueller report. >> think don't care -- they don't care about the law or the facts or the leadership of their own party. nancy pelosi has been consistent of shying away from impeachment. the fact that they shall doing this in violation of any vote being taken in congress shows how illegitimate it is.
8:00 pm
ask join us tomorrow, victoria toensing and joe difficult convenien -- digenovaamong our . good night from new york. [♪] david: tonight, president trump following through on one of his earliest campaign promises, building the wall. thi -- this new video reveals 60 miles of new bordered wall. known while, iran's president hassan rouhani backtracking on talks with the u.s. demanding sanctions be lefted before talks begin. kt macfarland says rouhani is overplaying his hand. she'll tell us why in just moments.


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