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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 28, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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just a reminder, all you folks you can catch me every weeknight, i'm on at 5:00 p.m. eastern time, hosting my own show, "bulls & bears" and you can catch it right on fox business. i will be back tomorrow and you can catch kennedy right now. >> thank you david, tomorrow is deadline day for democrat candidate, they have to make the double threshold to qualify for the parties, the presidential hopeful need 130,000 unique donors but 2% for national polls approved by the d&c to make it on the big stage and longshots have resorted to desperate gimmicks to get over the line, it will not work watch. there we go, nothing to see for you. herbert, kirsten gillibrand who is short on donors and brains is offering a t-shirt, retailing at $30 a pop but if you give her
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just a 1 dollar contribution, it could cost her and her campaign $130,000 in shirt cost alone. even if that works, she is still three poles short of qualifying with the politics at .4%. that is .4, not even half of 1%. a new yorker bill de blasio has 0% and ever simple, he has been claiming he can beat donald trump because of his height. he said that at the town hall that had bad ratings. they repeated the claim saying remember the candidate won every general election of president and i think there was only three exceptions in the history of the republic, if you want to get rid of donald trump, she is the tallest candidate in the air must be thinner at the high
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altitude. it is one out of 25 presidential elections. beto o'rourke who is qualified for the debate stage appears to have gone back on his big promise to end cliché campaigning, beto is being ridiculed on twitter for a video he posted over the weekend, the texas democrat struggling to cook a basic cheeseburger serving it on english muffin with broccoli. the video comes as his campaign sent a fundraising e-mail saying they do not want to leave anything on the table, in order to make future debates. if you don't leave everything on the table make sure everything is edible, you don't know how to cook. these gimmicks will probably do very little to help the candidates gain any steam they need for 2020 but will that prevent them from regaining any dignity? look at tonight party panel.
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we have cat on fox nation and national review online reporter fox news contributor jessica and we have, political editor and host of the fox news radio, guy benson welcome. let's talk about christian children. this is so desperate it's in person. when you are begging people to donate 1 dollar to your campaign and still not going to make it, what is it say about your candidacy? >> it's a joke and debt. there is a whole piece two days ago from her former staffer begging her to get because it is an embarrassment to everyone involved. she was former and current staffer, how do you not listen to the intervention.
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>> no you might get arrested, the gay-rights thing that she did, it was so friendly. >> i wonder how many she had to do -- >> we have to be more off-the-cuff. in any case when you have gone through to debate cycles, you have gained negative momentum and nobody wants to be president. i don't fathom the mentality, i must press forward. what are you doing? >> it does not help your brand at this point in your knocking a cabinet position, a book deal, no one is intrigued, you are not david versus goliath --
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>> goliath would've been taller than de blasio. i actually think, that she is doing damage for progress that she made in terms of representing new yorkers and why she was a good senator. a new yorker i remember loving hilary as my senator and delivering came along and i didn't have a sense of her identity. >> neither did she. >> it has shifted but i listen to her on the campaign trail and she spoke where i work as well and advocated quite well for her coupled with in the senate and i feel like this is a good time to say people don't want me for this job but i have this other amazing important job and i'm going to go back and represent. >> it hits the nail on the head, a sense of entitlement and lack of humility with so much of this that they cannot let go. it is incredibly bad.
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i want to talk about beto. a little bit of momentum because he's swearing in very serious and he had new energy to go after the president, he also relaunched his campaign on august 15 and said no more clichés, number stones, this is serious. and he used a metal spatula on a non-stick pan, i cannot. >> i figured it out. beto does not actually want to be president. >> he wants to be a 20-year-old instagram model because the only people want to see cook things and people want to see changing tires, maybe he should put on a bikini. >> before the next debate is he
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going to say are people going to ask me about my skin care regimen. [laughter] >> remember that pole that we told you about yesterday where uncle joe laid himself in a three-way tie with bernie sanders and liz warren came out of the campaign out of the trump fake news saying there's absolutely nothing to worry about, the poll shows former vp 13.4 june, sanders surged from a tie of democratic fields. last night the biting campaign told fox news quote, this poll is an outlier and contradicted by every measure of the national average. meanwhile a new college pullout
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has biden on top with 31% of the votes and beating president trump by eight-point is a former vice president still the front runner for democrats or is elizabeth warren with her pretty hair. another biting campaign doesn't seem nervous, they came out and said, i'm not going nuts. it showed off who joe biden us in acknowledging you are aware. >> is he crazy? >> someone who visages visitors on campus and knows everyone is looking for you to slip up, so to say, i travel around, anyway
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that pole was an outlier. >> the next breath he was in new hampshire and said isn't it great to be in vermont. shame about the shootings in houston and mexico, el paso and dayton, ohio, but i do believe if you listen to people defending him and people who have known him a long time, this is baked in here and for the biting core, they are comfortable if you sell the new ads, if you heard him talking as a young man who joe biden was talking about and giving your phone number, he calls people. >> sodas elizabeth warren and her supporters are much more passionate about her but her husband isn't going to come out and say i like elizabeth. but maybe elizabeth, maybe she had to do that for him and i don't think that's as much about his candidacy. >> i'm so traumatized by your threesome joke.
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>> first of all if i'm having a threesome it will be with the top 1%. >> the old soviet swap i think one nice thing, a friend of mine went there something horrible and in the orbit of joe biden. that physical thing. so there is something genuine there the problem is, among the polls and outlier, that's becoming clear there's been two poles still ahead, there's only so far the argument can go, some of these other candidates can also be trump. they focus on cory booker, pete buttigieg, but on any given day
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in november 2020, at the centerpiece of his campaign he is in trouble because every other candidate can say the same thing if they point to the right thing. this poll was an outlier and now that it's out there, it is giving people who might like warren or sanders better, everybody doesn't follow the news as closely as we do. they see that and think maybe there is hope and they might actually have a bigger gap next time. >> i think, if it is an outlier, what if it's not, what if it's a forerunner what if his first one that shows some of the gaps entire picking is gaining traction because i think elizabeth warren is heating up at a good time. >> it actually wasn't the first one, last week was the first one
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to have them work together and biden was up by four points, what i think is the main take away from the pool is elizabeth warren is 17% to 20% candidate. bernie sanders still hovering around where he was. joe biden clear front runner. an interesting poll that showed since june it has increased by 14 points in terms of her electability. her supporters are duggan were before they would say i like elizabeth warren but i don't think she can win so i might have to go so what else -- >> she is really smart and she's figuring out she is figuring out every other candidate deficit and she's filling the holes in her own campaign and she said what enough people like about joe biden, he's not sharp all be more sharp, open up more policy papers. what are people not like about bernie sanders, i'll let him know i'm on board because what bernie did, he had a massive
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list of e-mail addresses and supporters in 2016 that he would not give over to the d&c, elizabeth warren has pledge, whatever i get it's yours "after words" and that's music to their ears. >> also we have a talk about this, warren has not got a direct ahead shot, all the others have, she has not and i think that the contrast she is licking her chops over. >> she and bernie were side-by-side in the last debate. they did not take each other down. they're going to work together until they finish off joe biden, the panel will stick around,. >> jeffrey epstein action committed suicide, what does the rest of america think. we will talk about that in the new developments in the surveillance video. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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>> many people would like todron jeffrey epstein's death. the instant replay is not available. washington post reporting that footage from one camera outside of his cell where he hanged himself is unusable who were
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probing his death. the images were so scrambled they made a male guard look like hillary clinton. isn't that weird. [laughter] with the camera chaos is doing nothing to, the conspiracy crowd. they believed he was murdered in his cell just 33% agree with new. 32% say they are unsure and are not buying what the feds are selling. several of his female accusers spoke out about the ordeal in the new york city courtroom, they were joined the billionaire perverts lawyer and urging a judge to get to the bottom of his mysterious death, will we ever know the truth about him or will we all be left hanging. kat i will start with you.
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one of the reasons i think he did kill himself was because how he amended his will to make it impossible for any of his accusers to seek restitution. but it's much easier to throw even flimsy logic out the window when you have things like garbled video and unwatchable images. how convenient. there is a lot of different things about this whole situation that make you scratch your head and conspiracy theorist are into conspiracies for the look at the official count of this situation, this is like a case of the worst head scratchers. it is so many things -- why was he off suicide watch, why was nobody watching -- [inaudible]
12:20 am
>> i don't know what happened, i don't claim to know what happened, i'm not a psychic, i'm only sometimes psychic. [laughter] i just don't think anybody who questions the official account is crazy. >> i don't think so either, there's a lot of can pursue theories that are truly nuts. and it is just people filling their lonely days, this is not one of those. >> i generally leave it down on conspiracy theorist and i hate when i meet them and i hate when they tweet at me but this one dies and i thought every week -- >> this one i like. >> especially when they break up with me. [laughter] >> but this one is confusing but today was a tough day because i feel a we consider around and we can joke about it and all of that makes sense because of the story and how did they not raid the pedophile. but then when you see those
12:21 am
women and it grounds the heinousness and the lives that he destroyed. >> they were 14 and 15 years old and they do not get justice. these girls would know money that he. upon. disgusting, with a series of young lady pimps. >> and believing that they could be helping them more. if that camera was not working, there's another camera or someone in there who knows that he did not have a cellmate -- >> there's not that any inmates. >> there were 18. >> somebody knows. >> it is so unacceptable but who do you blame, the bureau of prison, the clintons, prince andrew? >> i don't have to choose one of those. >> i have some additions. just on a serious point, there is one woman outside the
12:22 am
courtroom talking about how epstein was approaching her and then attacking her and then raping her and she begged him to stop and said it made him more excited. this was something that he got off on victimizing people. >> and that is not an isolated incident. there are other young women were he did the exact same thing. but to see this human being describe in her own words on camera, that sort of thing shooting him into hyperdrive is deeply disgusting and there's a chill down your spying moment. >> and that's what i feel like the conspiracy theories happen because none of it makes sense. we been talking about the intelligence angle to all this. >> who told him that, i want to know who told him that. i want to see the e-mail exchange or want to know the contents of the conversation and
12:23 am
who he had it with. >> the camera 2019 is scribbled with no explanation, your thoughts start going to places like as you described like the cia and it's not totally completely crazy to think about which is actually rather scary. >> we have much more with the panel a little later on but according to reports, federal prosecutors are close to deciding whether or not to indict andrew mccain for lying and leaking. i'll explain why he should not be above the law and my memo next. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today.
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liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the fbi director and clinton beneficiary andrew mccabe may be in the final stages of sliding
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into a batch of deep yogurt as they continue, they met with federal reapers to try to persuade them for indicting him. he lied four times, three oath about pushing the special counsel to blab to the wall street journal about the clinton foundation investigation. you might remember the lover who helped bury andy and peter, paper trails so it was not hard for james comey and fbi investigators in the inspector general to come to the e-mails and text to find that he had sent his messenger to kickstart the entrance policy. so he told someone to leak to the wall street journal about disagreements in the ongoing heller investigation. what's the big deal. but covering up for crime, how crush your head and squirt your
12:29 am
brains all over his salad. it's a cover up. and be in the butt man he knew better than to lie about being the leak source. he liked to comey, fbi investigators, inspector general's office, in 2017 and he cakept changing his story. that's why they recommended his firing, they followed through the act on michael flynn lied to fbi agents when he was not under oath and charged with a felony. george up loftus also fibbed when he changed his story to the feds. you cannot lie to the fbi. that also goes for those who take the oath, where the badge and ruin people's lives for doing the very same thing. if he's escapes and be sadly understood one for boehner both
12:30 am
motion and for another people with access to money and power who are above the law. andrew mccabe has sued the fbi and d.o.j. saying it was politically motivated and carry out as a retaliatory just because the president hate you does not give you the right to screw the law especially when you're the guy who is trusted to enforce it and that's the memo. >> mccabe has not seen a fall from grace since being park, he released the best-selling book proof will he finally meet justice. the author of the only book you need to read for the subject, the plot to rig an election and
12:31 am
destroyed presidency and mccarthy is here. let's talk about the mccain case a little bit. do you think he'll be indicted? what do these meetings between his lawyers and federal prosecutors tell you? >> it sounds like you're obviously nearing a decision and if it was going well for him he would not need to meet with the hyatt people in the justice department. i would rather see the whole picture against him, we know the ideas about to come out with a report and bar is looking at the origination of the investigation but this is a snapshot that they could prosecute the does it have anything to do a truck. the clinton foundation and leaking and a case that was really found by the attorney general that obama picked so in
12:32 am
terms of a one off, that you could possibly prosecute, it certainly makes sense. >> it would be one of those procedural crimes that several operatives have been indicted for including words pop up at us and michael flynn and others. but it's interesting because the big picture shows how the system failed and was crushed under its own weight. in the magnet for corruption was so profound and you say there was two tracks, one was to protect hillary clinton. >> i think the two things they were trying to accomplish was to get hillary clinton elected and when that did not work, to try to smother presidency under investigation which allowed them to monitor and made it much more difficult. >> the fact that there was overlap, higher up at the fbi
12:33 am
who were in charge of both of those arms that you're talking about, how problematic is that? >> in terms of what you talked about, the two tears of justice, i think it's very problematic because you have the exact same agents dealing with two different investigations that both bore on the election in one of them they bend over backwards not to make the case and the other one they scorch the earth to find a crime even though there does not appear to be one. >> even if you're not politically invested in either personality, hillary clinton or donald trump, you still see the contrast. you cannot deny that. and that is what your book focuses on. and obviously great writing from you. what can actually re-instill trust in the fbi? unfortunately that is one of the victims here. and people do not have the same faith they once did and on a national law enforcement.
12:34 am
this is the big issue, i don't care that much about the 2016 election. but last year i worked as a prosecutor i worked in national security cases and i realized in a way that it did not winnow sacramento investigator that you need to have these intelligence towers to protect the country and it's only area of law enforcement where they have to be able to look you in the eye and say you can trust us we will build these powers responsible. and if they cannot show that they can hold people accountable and we at least get a factual recitation of what happened, what inevitably happened is that people will demand that these apologies be peeled back or repealed and then you cannot protect the country. until you as we sit here, you cannot predict the country from secretive international terrorist organizations that target civilian population. >> that what we should be going after, bag ice who want to do us harm and take away our freedom. there is so much corruption when you have that level of power and secrecy and that's what civil libertarians like me are always mindful of but there has to be a way to keep us safe and also
12:35 am
keep us free. great book. thank you so much. do you want to live longer? a new study says you do not have to eat healthy or sleep more or drink less, all you need to do is be happy. the survey found the most optimistic women live 50% longer than pessimistic counterparts of the lady said. an optimistic man saw an 11% longer lifespan. the highest scoring also have the greatest chance of living to age 85 and beyond. so should we all tear up a bit. back on the panel, th kat, jessa and guy, are you an optimistic person? >> i think i am. what do you think of the surve survey,. >> it rings true, i feel like optimism is a fancier more adult word for happy, growing up europeans would always say, look on the bright side, just be
12:36 am
happy, it will all work out okay. i get makes a ton of sense. you does notice and people you're around that they have better lives, upbeat, i don't know how this relates to chronic disease. >> sometimes you die in it's not okay. >> that is absolutely true and there is something to being a realist. i think pessimism is bad for your health but i think realism is different than pessimism. you can still be optimistic and realistic. >> i think the optimism you let go of that need to know what the truth is and you look on the brighter side to what you want to see in people. >> you can choose to be a little bit more optimistic while understating the truth. i will say last week i was on the panel with kat and we were
12:37 am
talking what dual related deaths now were talking about pessimism related deaths. and i'm deeply concerned. >> i'm addicted to the jewels and i am a pessimist. -- do you want to be 85, no. i do understand people say this is good news, it's good news for me too. because i'm a pessimist and i realize the world is a cruel unforgiving place, you work work work and finally when you get to retire everything hurts and you sent better watch dateline. and then you don't want to do that anymore and you realize you're dying more rapidly than used to be. i don't care, i am not trained to live forever. that is why. >> we think of optimists as these hippies, you know to heartbreaking optimist, frederick douglass because if you look at his version of freedom, interpreting and
12:38 am
gamblers, the some of the most optimistic people in the world and i love them. >> frederick douglass and then i was expecting gandhi. >> they are not all sick,. [laughter] [inaudible] people who scratch and think the going twin to win. no engine.[inaudible] >> there are more people that you need to send that to george washington university.
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>> i am personally disturbed by bedbugs. >> i think it happened -- >> remember what it was in the movie theater. >> i love you all, good chat. the first crime in space, hacking into her strange wife inc. account, what did she do with all the money and will she with all the money and will she be arrested by aliens? hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem...
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that's yesterday's song, big shot ushot out, nasa astronaut d
12:44 am
mclean, she claims her estranged wife broke more than just the law of gravity during her time in space. she has filed a complaint the federal trade commission accusing her of identity theft saying she stole her login credentials to access private private financial data in the space station. she is back on earth and has admitted to accessing her account. she said she did it to make sure there was enough money to pay bills. are we about to see our first astronaut on astronaut of cops. here's andrew. >> thank you, happy to be here. the first space crime. >> it's not the first time, don't forget when the aliens tried to up doc bugs bunny is based treatment 1996, that was
12:45 am
first, this is a second, if you have identity theft and 70 hacking into an account, you're not allowed to do it, it's a crime. >> that is true but who has jurisdiction? because this did not happen in the united states or in orbit, happened on the international space station. >> it's a law professor fantasy come true. is it under federal, state, federation, who knows. and that is to be determined. >> whose side are you on questioning. >> well it's kind of a tough one, even astronaut who is a hero, open space for six months but the funny thing is, usually when astronauts steam like this they do a much better job of planning the crime. >> i think she was looking to
12:46 am
see, she had the longing for the chase joint checking account so she was looking to see what she's but money on our help he had a nice dinner with diluted breadbasket. >> she has good defenses, she's in space, board, a great deal of blood supply going to her head because of gravity. we will see what happens. >> i don't know what happens when your brain is compressed in your heart is isolated and you are nowhere near your relatives, i have listened to space oddity published 6 million times i know exactly how it feels. >> you're a lot smarter than me i was going to say rocket man elton john. i like yours a lot better i want
12:47 am
to thank you so much for your time. >> anytime. how about in two weeks. set the
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>> eddie murphy has signed on to host saturday night live since 1984, he has not done live comedy and 35 years. but then again -- because this is a topical form. a big brown shark came. we begin tonight in sugarland texas where the botox crisis is a steal. this woman broke into a spa and stool botox before fleeing in her mercedes. it was an older model, had a bunch of body work done. be careful phyllis, her story has a wrinkle in it. the police are asking to help find the botox bandit.
12:52 am
prosecutors are rounding up botox users to conserve as surgery appears. emotionally older than i am. topic number two, emc is releasing a vegan fried chicken, most people assume they weren't using real chickens now but not to poke, and the breeding process, that would be insensitive to the birds, who don't even have beaks, why do they call it kfc, to create something called beyond fried chicken. it is the perfect food for people who do not want like cras although we should warn you you're eating big and fried chicken you should probably put a nutrition class on your bucket
12:53 am
list. if left a lot of people asking what the differences between vegetarians and vegans. pretty simple, vegetarians don't eat meat, begins don't like themselves. relax, i can make fun of begins, they do have energy to protest. i'm still hungry and still much better than you. >> we now had to south carolina where a drug user has been on a cold streak. police have no idea how much money 42-year-old david sheppard spent on drugs but he clearly has a lot of skin in the game, the naked narcotics user says his drug dealer forced him to disrobe after he failed to pay off at $350 debt. it is surprising because he has always been the kind of guy who will give you the shirt off his back and his pants and is on the words. this suspect told cops the dealer waved to guns at him before changing the story to
12:54 am
just one which is not surprising because when you're naked running around in the night you're bound to be shrinkage, so far he has not been charged the police took him in for questioning because he had a suspicious package. [laughter] i had to do that last one. topic number four, nobody had a crazier week than i tell you helicopter crew that made a high-stakes rescue. look at this. this cow got stuck in a field after accidentally walked up a cliff, which is why you should never buy account, fortunately the ground was rescued in minutes, captain peter and his flight crew happened to be right in the area, right now he and the crew were back at the barracks celebrating a job well done. that is a cream spinach fellas. we'll limit the cow falling off the cliff is on the craziest video, it was refreshing to see
12:55 am
something fall off a cliff notec number five. finally we had to china where the birthday party can be real doozy this time of year. this liberty panda known as green deep anna turned 37 years old this week, according to her cupid profile she is only 26. [laughter] just kidding. they are on tree harmony, and defense of the joke we wanted to talk about the male stripper who jumped out of her cake but they made it too expensive to import magic mike so she could only and ford a guy named tragic mike. although he did eat a few
12:56 am
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