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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 29, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tomorrow for family bruce and pastor robert jeffress. see you tomorrow. good lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. hurricane dorian taking aim at the florida coast after narrowly missing the puerto rico. the storm packing winds of more than 85 miles an hour. cheryl: china speaks and britain in chaos, how world markets an and global investorse responding. lauren: the stage is set for round three of the democratic debates as kristina kristin gild bows out of the race. cheryl: from robocalls to privacy scandals, everyone is out to get your info. we're talking to one of the world's most famous scammers of all time on how to prevent all
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of that from happening to you. it is thursday, it is august 29th and "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ you're still the one. ♪ that makes me laugh. ♪ still the one. ♪ that's my better half. ♪ we're still having fun. ♪ and you're still the one. ♪ you're still the one. ♪ that makes me strong. ♪ still the one. cheryl: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: let's take a look at how your money is moving on the fresh headlines from chinese officials overnight. it has moved markets. as you can see, futures trading last night were down. now, the dow is up 196 points, s&p up 20 and a quarter, nasdaq up 71 and-a-half. lauren: global yields this morning are dropping. the german yield at a new record
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low, minus 0.71. with the headlines from china, the yield in the u.s. is up 2 basis points. cheryl: a little more confidence in stocks there. lauren: we just saw that jump up a bit. cheryl: the trump administration rolling back obama era rules on the oil and gas industry and the energy march hmarket and the traders ae watching the headlines closely. we've got a bump a half a percent on crude. lauren: asian markets mostly lower, the shanghai composite down a tenth of 1%. china indicating it won't retail retaliate against the newest tariffs that will go into effect on sunday. cheryl: we've got pressure on the u.k. ftse this morning after the plan to suspend parrel plant raised the likelihood of a no deal brexit. iitaly will likely be forming a
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new government. lauren: a lot of politics going on, moving markets. our top story is hurricane dorian, millions along florida's east coast are bracing for impact as dorian strengthens in the caribbean, it's a powerful strong. it buy passed -- bypassed puerto rico and it's taking aim at the sun shine state. cheryl: aishah hasnie joins us now. >> reporter: it's not looking good for floridians. the state is under a state of emergency as people rush to the stores to try to buy anything that's left. dorian became a hurricane near st. thomas on wednesday. you see some scary waves rocking boats in st. thomas. we saw some of that happen, some reports of sunken boats out there as well. tourists in saint john were trying to cover from the wind and the rain. there's the video of the boats in the ocean there. this is all going to get worse here. the national hurricane center predicting dorian will be a category 3 as it passes the
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caribbean and makes a hard left for the florida coast early monday. we're talking wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. as you said, millions of people getting ready for this. there have been long lines for gas in south florida and water. water is already sold out in some florida stores. >> i bought tuna fish and potato chips and peanut butter and jelly and water. >> reporter: florida's governor tweeted this, spoke with real donald trump, potus tonight at 8:45 p.m. to give him an update on hurricane dorian and he reassured me florida has the full support of the federal government as residents prepare for the storm. and as the threat increases, some major airlines are restricting travel already to florida. southwest and allegiant began issuing travel waivers last night. cheryl: we're going to be following airline stocks today based on the headlines. thank you very much.
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many airlines as she was talking about are talking about those waivers. if you do have plans especially to travel to florida, definitely check with you your airline. lauren: the debate over brexit is reaching a fever pitch. more than a million people signed a petition to keep parliament in session after queen he'l elizabeth granted a request to suspend parliament. it suspends the time opposition members will have to try to block a no deal brexit. thousands of people protesting in the streets across the country. this comes as the leader of the conservative party in scotland is set to quit over disagreements with boris johnson. and take a look at the british pound, under pressure, down today at 121 versus the u.s. dollar because the pound is weak, the ftse 100 is higher but the ftse 250 is down. so that shows the real impact of the brexit negotiations. cheryl: we've got breaking news
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overnight. china is now suggesting it will not retaliate against the latest round of u.s. tariffs that are set to take effect on sunday, september 1st. that is what is moving futures. a spokesman for the minister of commerce saying the higher priority is to talk with the united states about removing these new tariffs, prevent that trade war from escalating any further. both china and u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin have confirmed there's going to be talks next month but no word on exactly when or where the talks will happen. lauren: and the impact of all of this is expected to have slowed economic growth here in the u.s. in the second quarter. today we get a read on the second estimate for second quarter gdp. it's expected to slip to 2% from the first estimate of 2.1%. that will be he released about an hour before the opening bell. also, u.s. footwear companies are a angry about the new roundf u.s. tariffs on china that's coming. edward lawrence has more on
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that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 200-footwear companies signed a letter delivering it to the president something askin askine course and cancel the next round of tariffs, which will be at 15% on the additional $300 billion worth of chinese imports coming into the united states. the first part goes into effect on sunday, the rest on december 15th. the footwear companies say the cost to americans would be $4 billion each year. the point of the administration is that this is a long-term gain because according to the u.s. secretary of agriculture, americans will lose more over time with the status quo. >> the question is, what's china going to do to stop stealing our stuff. maybe you would like to ask china, president xi, what china's going to do to come to the table and trade like a number two economy in the world and trade fairly, freely, and without hassling and jerking our producers around. >> reporter: as the u.s. trade
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representative's office increases the tariffs, the chinese have retaliated. the chinese will reimpose a 25% tariff on u.s. imports of autos and industries democrats say they're mostly on board with the president's plan to do this. the white house saying the tariffs have brought the chinese to the table. >> this is the way the president negotiates, whether it's the usmca, the mexico deal where they sent troops to their border. he wants other countries to succeed as well. this is about protecting america and getting the best deals for us. >> reporter: both trade delegations say they will meet in washington in december. a meeting has not yet been set. cheryl: edward lawrence, thank you. the trump administration unveiled new rules that say that children born to certain u.s. service members and other government employees abroad will no longer automatically be
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considered u.s. citizens. parents of those children will have to apply for citizenship on the children's behalf. the before they turn 18. this appears to be aimed at military families and diplomateic families who haven't lived in the united states for many years. possible legal challenges are expected. a lot of confusion about the policy announcement. we'll have more later on. lauren: lawrence o'donnell is a apologizing after running an unverified report that directly tied president trump's finances to rush shark russia, saying hie cosigned by russian oligarchs. >> i didn't go through the rigorous process fro prosrigpro. i shouldn't have said it on air or posted it on twitter. i was wrong to do so. lauren: there was the a
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apology. president trump tweeted this. there has never been a time in the history of our country that the media was so fraudulent, fake or corrupt, when, quote, the age of trump is looked back on, i hope a big part of my legacy will be the exposing of massive dishonesty in the fake news. cheryl: the fbi is expanding a criminal investigation into alleged corruption in the ranks of auto workers. federal agents searched the michigan home of gary jones and dennis williams yesterday. the investigations has led to convictions for eight of nine people charged in that case so far. lauren: wow. well, we're another step closer to a space force. cheryl: something president trump talked about many times. tracee carrasco has the story. tracee: the trump administration is set to launch the u.s. space command today. it will include 87 active units handling operations such as
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missile warnings, satellite surveillance, space control and support. this is seen as a precursor to a sixth branch of the military known as space force which has been proposed by president trump and requires congressional a approval. juul working to combat underage purchases in response to growing criticism over teen vaping. the company is pushing retailers to install machines that will verify a customer's age. juul is offering $100 million in incentives to get retailers on-board with the new technology. another retailer heading towards bankruptcy. or cording to bloomburg, forever 21 is preparing for a potential bankruptcy filing. negotiations with potential lenders have stalled. forever 21 has more than 800 stores worldwide. and marriott is saying good-bye to those little bottles of shampoo. the world's largest hotel the chain is phasing out single use
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plastic toiletry containers by 2020. they will be replaced by larger pump bottles. they say the move will prevent about 500 million of the small plastic bottles from going into landfills each year. that's about 1.7 million pounds of plastic and that's what's happening now. lauren: i like it. cheryl: good for the environment l. what am i going to steal from the hotel room now. lauren: maybe the soap. tooth brushes. take a look at futures this morning. u.s. stocks are building on yesterday's rally, dow up 235, but with today and tomorrow left for the month of august, the three major averages are down at least 3%. still ahead, apple is apologizing. it says i'm sorry no sore for lg to private conversations. what is apple going to do about it is the question. it seems like everyone is looking for a way to scam you these days. >> what does it take?
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>> i don't exactly know. nobody ever asked me that before. lauren: we're going to talk to one of the world's most famous security experts about how you can keep your information safe. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ no one's going to tell you what i'm all about. ♪ you need to find out h automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today.
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cheryl: breaking news overnight, a federal grand jury indicted the suspected capital one hacker. paige thompson is charged with wire fraud and data theft. she is accused of stealing data from more than 100 million capital one credit card applicants. thompson going to be arraigned next month. lauren. lauren: hurricane dorian is gaining strength as it heads towards the u.s. on a path right now expected to hit florida. fox meteorologist add saddam klotz is here with -- adam klotz is here with the latest. >> as we saw mostly yesterday, this hurricane missing puerto rico by and large, running over the virgin islands instead which was good news for those folks. now we're back out over open water. this will start to intensify. todays it is a category 1 hurricane. it will be several days before it gets to the florida coast. it will continue to strengthsen. winds currently at 85 miles an hour, gusting up to 105 miles an hour, moving to the northwest at
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13 miles an hour. it is likely to jump up to a category 2 storm this afternoon, jumping up to a category 3 storm by monday morning. we're beginning to run up along the coastline but you're seeing the area from miami to jacksonville, there's a lot of time before it makes its move. again, likely a category 3 storm, very strong winds with landfall early monday morning and we'll be covering it from now until then as it continues to work itself out. lauren: thank you very much. cheryl: u.s. stock index futures are rallying this morning as china is indicating it will not retaliate against the latest round of u.s. tariffs. we're trying to figure out what that means. let's bring in dominic tavela. and look at the futures market right now, up 236 on the dow. so they're saying they will not retaliate. does that mean that maybe they're not going to put those tariffs on the $75 billion of u.s. imports into china? we're trying to figure that out but we don't know. >> let's start with i hope so.
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cheryl: me too. >> clearly, president trump reacted immediately, as soon as china announced that they might increase these tariffs, he said well, i'm just going to increase it another 5%. i think this would ping pong back and forth. i think the chinese are like let's put coldwater on this, let's calm it down. cheryl: the headline from the chinese commerce industry overnight whichs is moving our markets, we would like to resolve the issue via they're acknowledges the tit-for-tat, the war of words, the chinese are putting the brakes on all of this. >> president trump reacted immediately and talked about increasing it by another 5%. so i think this is a good stat. cheryl: mnuchin talked about it, larry kudlow, everybody is talking about the fact that we're going to sit down and talk. you've seen the president's advisors have the calm attitude about the talks. the news in hong kong, you've got potentially these chinese troops reports they're moving closer to the border. so far, they're saying this is
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just regular exercises but that complicates things for xi-jinping. >> they're calling it fresh troops, maybe the rotation of troops. the reality is that troops, new troops coming into hong kong is going to inflame the situation, might make the protests worse. there's a global spotlight on this whole event. it's scary stuff. cheryl: another big evidence eventevidence ponly, gdp readine second read on second quarter gdp. first read, 2.1%. expectation is for 2%. but that is going to be also a trade story h story especially a lower read. >> over the last several weeks it was recession, recession, he recession. we're looking at a 2% economy. i believe the third quarter might be worse before we get recovery in the fourth quarter. but we're not talking recession, at least the balance of this year. cheryl: we've said before, we could be talking ourselves into a recession i think. maria bartiromo has been very clear about that.
5:20 am
let's not talk ourselves into it. >> the consumer represents the majority of the economy in the u.s. if we lose consumer confidence which by the way we've got a fabulous number the other day, if we lose consumer confidence this could turn on a dime. cheryl: dominic, thank you so much for joining us on a crazy breaking news morning. lauren: it's crazy in great britain as well. angry backlash after queen elizabeth granted the request to suspend parliament, limiting the time boris johnson's opponents have to prevent a hard brexit. oliver blackboard is a portfolio manager. he joins us now. good morning, oliver. >> good morning. lauren: is there way this increases the chances of getting a deal by the deadline, october 31st? >> it does put a lot more pressure on the eu to do something in that direction. but at the same time, it's still unclear exactly what the government's strategy is. do they want a deal or how happy
5:21 am
are they to go away with a no deal. lauren: what is the market telling you right now? >> i think the market is telling you that a lot of this is priced in. the he reaction so far has been fairly muted. yesterday's movement wasn't an outsize move compared to the scale of moves we've seen in recent years. the u.k. market was up, saying there's not a lot of risk to premium coming into that market partially you had a weaker start, helping overseas earners when you translate that, you improve those with a weaker pound. lauren: what legal challenges. >> yields were lower. lauren: just what legal challenges can we expect and does any challenge on that front interfere with the october 31st deadline? >> any legal challenge takes you into the realms of a constitutional crisis. it's uncertain how much power the courts have to overrule
5:22 am
parliaments in this sort of situation. instead, i think you might see that more of a legislative effort by politicians to change the direction of the brexit process is more likely. and if it cranks up we'll see efforts to remove prime minister johnson and replace him with a unity government. lauren: we're seeing those signs being held by protesters, what happened to u.k. democracy. oliver, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up this morning, folks. the justice department now targeting james comey in a new report. we expect to see that report at any moment. why the fired fbi director and his controversial leaked memos are in their crosshairs. and you better watch out. ever seen the movie mean girls, lauren? lauren: many times. cheryl: me too. amazon is taking a page from the movie's playbook. you're watching "fbn: a.m.."
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cheryl: apple says it won't have humans listen t to siri's audio recordings anymore. this comes after a report that they had contractors listening in. apple said they will start a program in the fall with a few modifications including not keeping any of those recordings. lauren: the breakup between amazon and new york city apparently was worse than reported. the wall street journal says amazon kept a burn book of all the negative things that politicians and union leaders said during negotiations for amazon to build their second headquarters. it has ce separate sections for
5:27 am
people who were formidable opponents of the project. they said it was preparation for city council hearings. cheryl: brand-new policy and a lot of confusion about whether children of u.s. military members and diplomats, those children born abroad, are still automatically u.s. citizens. let's bring in attorney vino va rgaze. this is interesting. they update the policy basically, it's supposed to affect a small number of families but it's children of non-u.s. citizens adopted by u.s. citizens employees or service members, so it affects adoptions, children of non-p no. citizen parents who become citizens after the child's birth and changes residency requirements. this policy seems very confusing. and it's going to be legally challenged. what do you make of it? >> well, i've just got to wonder
5:28 am
why this is going into effect. a state department official say about 100 people will be affected. you're talking about veterans, people serving the country and people in the diplomatic corps. maybe this is something to do with john mccain because mccain was born on a u.s. service base in panama. none of this makes any sense. you're talking about veterans. cheryl: i hope not. >> i hope not either. you're talking about veterans, people who served the country and you're talking about the problems with illegal immigration but this has nothing to do with it. cheryl: i want to give the agency's response. they say the reason is because it conflicted with the definition of residence under a part of the immigration and nationality enacted act in 2008. they say they're trying to change the guidance. i think to your point, this is going to end up in the courts and it's a small number of families. nancy pelosi said our service members and diplomats are among our nation's best, yet the president is launching an attack
5:29 am
on their families. let's talk about james comey. this is going to be interesting. we're expecting this new ig report, about comey, this isn't about the investigation and the fisa abuse on the presidential side. this is just into comey's behavior, in particular his taping or excuse me his memos he created after meeting with the president in private. what do you make of this and what do we expect? >> i think first thing is that comey has not had good luck with the ig before. the ig had came out last summer and you and i spoke about this, saying that comey had acted improperly in conducting that press conference, criticizing hillary clinton while validating the underlying investigation that cleared her, is very critical of comey, said he acted improperly as an fbi director. it will be interesting to see where this comes out, particularly if this has to do with his memorializing meetings, which is what prosecutors and
5:30 am
law enforcement officials do, they do me memorialize. cheryl: the ig referred the memos to the justice department for possible prosecution but they didn't do anything with it. we'll see if they do anything now. that's the tough part on that. thank you very much for getting up early. lauren: let's take a look at action on wall street this morning. green on the screen. dow up almost 1%, gaining 233 points. the nasdaq is gaining 1.2%, up 87 this morning. still ahead, as senator gillibrand drops out of the presidential race, joe biden makes what could be his biggest gaffe yet. what it means for the race going forward. and climate change now feeling the burn. how bernie sanders turned this viral video into a teachable moment on the campaign trail. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ break on through to the other side. ♪ break on through to the other side. ♪ at fidelity, we believe your money
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should always be working harder. that's why, your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity.
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open an account today. lauren: new york senator kirstin gillibrand adding her name to the growing list of democratic candidates to drop out of the race. >> after more than eight incredible months, i'm ending my presidential campaign. we wanted to win this race but it's important to know when it's not your time and to know how you can best serve your community and country. i believe i can best serve by helping to unite us to beat donald trump in 2020. lauren: only 10 democratic candidates qualified for the next round of debates in houston and they can all fit on one stage. but how will the field whittle down further. joining me, gary kim and laura fink. laura, now that senator gillibrand is out, is this good for let's say elizabeth warren
5:35 am
or kamala harris? >> first of all, i'll say that kirstin gillibrand left the presidential race better than she found it because she expanded what h we think of when we think of presidential leadership, by being a woman on that stage long with colleagues -- along with colleagues like cam cakamala harris and elizabeh warren. she also expanded the focus on equal pay and women's healthcare. it illustrates how hard it is catch fire and meet the thresholds for fund raising and for polling that are required of candidates in the race. lauren: senator gillibrand was one of the first to forcefully attack joe biden on the first debate stage, remember that. apparently that strategy didn't work for her. as we take a look at a new poll, it shows all five top democratic
5:36 am
contenders are beating president trump in a hype net l cal hypot. what should the democrat strategy be? >> first and foremost, the democratic strategy seems to be one of just complaining. they complain about the polling numbers that they themselves set up in order to winnow the field. they complain about the fact they don't have the right platform. senator kirstin gillibrand spent eight years in the united states, haunited statessenate, e bill. what you see is opportuneism to focus on themselves. senator gillibrand smacks of ruthless desperation more akin to tracee flick in the movie election than she does ea serioy focusing on the issues in front of americans. lauren: she's out. she was a female. you both are females. i'm a woman. that's a weak spot for president
5:37 am
trump. to you as a republican strategist, how can president trump better appeal to particularly white women? >> well, i would respectfully disagree. as all three of us know, women are not a monolithic block of voters, just like it would be rather condescending for us to believe that men are monolithic block of voters, asians are a monolithic block, women tend to bifurcate their issues into either economic or social. when it comes to the economy, we all know that unemployment is at the lowest it's been in 50 years. when it comes to social, i think as women and particularly women in the democratic field, they only need to look at two figures. one, speaker nancy pelosi who got that job not because she was a woman, but because she was powerful and focused on the issues. and two, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. she spent 50 years of her lifo cussing on issues that are important to the entire society. lauren: got it.
5:38 am
and laura, as we wrap this up, joe biden, the frontrunner in almost every poll, made some more gaffes yesterday. how does he get past that. >> i want to comment on the previous conversation. president trump's numbers are declining among white women which are his base. he lost college educated white women to the tune of 60% that say they won't vote for him. the real trouble is that working class white women are starting to be lost as well. we saw them shift slightly after 2018 and now 41 to 43 -- 43% of them say they're not going to vote for him. he really is losing his base which is his firewall in states like wisconsin. that's because they care about issues like healthcare and are soured by the fact that he is race baiting in a lot of instances and focus groups say this over and over again. white women are souring because he's not a addressing their needs like healthcare costs rising, like prescription drug costs rising. only plan is to attack the
5:39 am
affordable care act and take away pre-existing condition preventions. white women are a trouble zone for president trump where they have not been before. lauren: laura, thank siri, thank you very much. cheryl: another headline, the department of homeland security says it's not going to allow democratic staffers from the health oversight committee to visit facility at the u.s., mexico border, claiming they interfered with operations on their last visit and they were rude to officers and didn't follow instructions. one source saying the visit may be canceled over concerns about what they were learning during the visit. lauren: climate change feeling the burn. bernie sanders turning this viral video into a teachable moment on instagram. you can see him throwing this at the climate crisis, even fighting fossil fuels.
5:40 am
sanders taking jabs at himself after this video surfaced. cheryl: we're taking a look at a big move in the markets this morning on headlines out of china. chinese officials saying they're not going to retaliate against the president with tariffs, instead they want a calm dialogue. markets are liking this. the nasdaq is up 83. still ahead, the trade war has several ceos at major retailers up in arms many one ceo says the president is on the right track and businesses should back him. and forget about casual fridays. what some workers would give up to go casual all week long. you're watching "fbn: a.m." lauren: i feel like most people do. ♪ i belong with you. ♪ you belong with me. ♪ in m you're my sweetheart. ♪ i belong with you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. ♪ i'd like to say we'd do okay. ♪ forever in blue jeans. lauren: what would you give to wear blue jeans at the office all the time. a new survey says 33% of employees would take a pay cut for a more casual dress code. some firms are going no jacket required on wall street. cheryl: the trump administration has made it official its extra 5% tariff on $300 billion on chinese imports,
5:44 am
prompting protests from hundreds of u.s. retailers, manufacturers. but one u.s. business owner affected by the tariffs stands behind president trump. he is titan gilroy, he's got quite a story of his own. titan, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: you're a titan of business, a titan of the boxing world. you still back the president even though major retailers, especially shoe manufacturers, are saying this has got to be figured out and these tariffs need to be erased. why do you still support president trump? >> i think we have to look at the overall landscape. one, the last 20 years you've had millions of jobs like going overseas. we've had tens of thousands of companies going out of business and what i'm talking about is american manufacturing. okay. so technology allows us to out-compete anybody in the world and yet the conversation is not on american manufacturing. while our prisons are populating, while our homeless populations are exploding, while we're trying to look at chicago
5:45 am
and baltimore and say like, hey, like how do we fix this unfixable problem, what i'm saying is you can fix that through manufacturing. you can bring in the right types of companies. you can build phones in these cities. you can bring hope. but what do we need to do to get that done? we need an even playing field. cheryl: i know that you pushed that especially higher pay for u.s. workers. unemployment is at record lows which is nice to see. i know you want wages to tick up. at the same time, a lot of companies would push back and say it's going to take months or years to move manufacturing specifically out of china, even though other parts of asia. but your business is more u.s.-based because it's aerospace and defense. i wanted to ask about boeing, about spacex. these are major customers of you. what are you hearing from your counterparts there about the effect of tariffs and what do you see happening in the manufacturing sector in aerospace in the united states? >> well, i think that when you look at aerospace, you have to
5:46 am
think to yourself that you're dealing with complex parts and a lot of those parts are actually not going overseas. they keep them close by so they can machine them and actually assemble them quickly. okay. and what i see is that over months and the last couple years, a lot of jobs have already been coming back here. so having a level playing field is extremely important. so i think that a lot of people look at the tariffs and they're like ah, but at the same time, you've got to put them up there to bring china and other countries to the table so we can all have a reciprocal trade and fair trade. cheryl: the chinese are talking about calmer discussions and maybe not retaliating so this might be where it goes. we'll have to have you back and talk about your boxing career and how you got to be the ceo of titan. it's a pretty interesting story. we're out of time but we'll have you back. titan, thank you, sir. >> thank you. lauren: the markets are liking
5:47 am
the rhetoric coming out of china this morning. the dyes up about 1%, -- dow is up 1%, nasdaq up 86. still ahead, the secret move that amazon is making to influence more of what you buy. and alexandria ocasio-cortez is going viral once again, but why the freshman socialist congresswoman has the internet you now up in arms. we'll be right back. ♪ people try to put us down. ♪ talking about my generation. ♪ just because we get around. ♪ talking about my generation.
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lauren: in a late night instagram rant, democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez defending her millennial gen raise, calling them the -- generation, calling them the greatest of all time.
5:51 am
>> i think that they're bad [bleep]. i think this new generation is very profound and very strong and very brave because they're actually willing to go to the streets. previous generations assumed that governments got it. let me tell you something. you are the government. lauren: some on the internet are pushing back, saying aoc is the one who needs a history lesson. one person tweeting this, watching hamilton does not constitute reading and understanding our history. another wrote same generation who eats tide pods. cheryl: major news in the auto sector. toyota recalling hundreds of thousands of cars. lauren: news you need to know. tracee: toyota is recalling 191,000 cars due to an air bag issue. the automaker saying it needs to fix defective air bags that might not work properly in a crash. the recall affects certain 2003 to 2008 corollas and 2005 to
5:52 am
2008 matrix models. tesla's latest offering, car insurance. it now has its own brand of insurance fors tesla owners in california. the ceo, elon musk, says it will expand to additional states in the future. tesla claims the insurance is designed to offer owners lower rates due to its car's safety features like auto pilot. and amazon is pushing consumers to its own brands. it has a new feature that markets its private label brands to shoppers, just before they are ready to check out. amazon's dominance has been drawing criticism from lawmakers and calls for a breakup and that's what's happening now. cheryl: thank you very much. lauren: he traveled the world, forging checks and pretending to be everything from a doctor to a lawyer to a pilot. >> you're going to get caught. think vegas. the house always wins. >> they call him the james bond of the sky. lauren: he's here. he'll tell you how to protect
5:53 am
yourself from scammers and scandals. be right back. be working harder. that's why, your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today.
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we're changing what's possible every single day. with technology that helps you offer shoppers a better experience. take your company's app. we can add in all sorts of capabilities, which help your customers manage rewards, offers, and payments on the fly. and now, applying for credit can happen in a flash. that way, more people can start shopping with you on the spot, wherever they are. how's that for changing what's possible? >> $1.3 million. cheryl: one of the most successful con man of all time.
5:56 am
lauren: also the author of catch me if you can. what you can do to protect yourself and frank joins us now, what can we do to protect ourselves? >> really educate yourself, education is the most powerful tools of fighting crime, i remind people whether i'm educating consumers and if you know the scam, if you know what's going on you can protect yourself. unfortunately people don't, people are very honest and they don't have a deceptive mind. the caller id says u.s. treasury, medicare, they assume it is because no one told them that altering the caller id is simple to do. really a matter of educating people. this is what i tried to do, this is how scams work, this is the red flag. cheryl: technology is a wonderful thing and i can do everything on the internet now
5:57 am
but that means my financial life, my credit card is on the internet. i think the average consumer is overwhelmed. >> one of the things i see is we develop a lot of technologies but we never go to the final end of the technology and how would someone misuse it, you have a device and you ask what time of day, what's on tv tonight, order this from amazon, it's voice-activated. a hacker can flip your cameras, manufacturer is return on investment and never to the conclusion how do we keep someone from misusing this and put that into technology. lauren: what's the solution, it's not passwords clearly. >> passwords are for tree houses, they are 1964 technology, they were invented
5:58 am
when -- [laughter] >> your phone will identify who you are and we are seeing more of those passwords seeing away. cheryl: seems that law enforcement is really behind the curve when it comes to hacks and also health care systems, individuals extorted to pay somebody in bitcoin to get their business back, website back, is there anything that law enforcement can do to better prevent this? >> we had 5,000 fishing emails a day, when you track them $12 billion a year that gets lost, you're dealing with criminals, china, india, jamaica, very difficult, crime is global and very difficult to arrest those people, poos cute -- prosecute them and bring them to the united states. cheryl: please come back.
5:59 am
>> that does up for us now mornings with maria begins right now. dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern, signs of progress on china trade, beijing saying it is against escalating trade war and is not looking to retaliate against new tariffs, now, both sides discussing the next round of face to face negotiations and look at the markets go on this news of 242-point gain on the dow futures gains across the board, nasdaq 100 futures, biggest mover at the moment. hurricane dorian threatening florida, the storm skirting by puerto rico gaining and moving toward the eastern of the united states. latest ahead. >> tesla will come with a discount thanks to electric features, find out first state
6:00 am
to get the insurance. plus congresswoman cortez all while cooking up food. mornings with maria starts right now. ♪ ♪ dagen: big show this morning, joining the conversation wall street journal assistant editorial page director james freeman, maslansky + partners


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