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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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political history" now available for preorder on-line. hope you will buy it and more importantly hope you will read it. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. jarre dobbs. have great labor day weekend, everyone. david: brand new fallout from the inspector general's scathing report on fired former fbi director james comey, while there's no prosecution this could be just the tip of the iceberg for comey. former u.s. attorney worked alongside comey and says his actions reveal shocking levels of arrogance and hubris. he will elaborate in moments. meanwhile, 10 million people are currently in the crosshairs of a powerful category 3 hurricane called dorian. coming up, we will have a live report from the ground in florida as well as the very latest on the track of this slow-moving and possibly catastrophic storm. and remember the latest biden
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gaffe? >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back, under fire. and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there, this is god's truth, he stood at attention, he said sir, i don't want it. do not put it on me, please, sir, do not do that. david: he was wrong in just about every detail in the story and yet somehow he's trying to defend it and now doubling down. we will tell you how he is spinning it. "trish regan prime-time" begins right now. good evening everybody. i'm david asman in for trish. our top story, the new york post dubbing fired fbi director james comey the quote leaker of the free world as president trump lashes out saying comey got lucky, by escaping prosecution
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after a blistering inspector general's report found he had violated fbi policy and set, quote, a dangerous example for the agency's more than 35,000 employees by leaking memos detailing his private conversations with the president. joining me now former fbi special agent and former u.s. attorney. gentlemen, great to see you. bud, first to you, you worked with comey. when you hear the inspector general call his actions dangerous, i'm wondering if you harken back to any signs of that when you worked with him? >> well, you know, and let me say good things about jim comey, talented guy, nice fella, obviously now we know that he was in positions that he was not qualified to be in. you can see a progression if you look back in the history of jim comey, going back to 2004, when he had a conflict with the white
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house over a provision in the counterterrorism program. in the 2007 hearing, he engineers away it is not a hearing about that, it has nothing to do with that, but he engineers a way to tell that story in a long dramatic way. guess who is the hero in that story? jim comey. in that same hearing he reads from an e-mail that he got where he replied to another u.s. attorney. the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. well, he gave that e-mail to the committee to ask him about it. jim's been promoting himself as this paragon of virtue for his whole career, but it finally blew up in his face. david: john, when you were at the fbi, did you hear any reports on comey that would indicate to you at that time that he was dangerous? >> i wouldn't use the word dangerous, but i certainly had the opportunity to work directly with director comey, and i had seen him in action. i would agree with my colleague,
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that the fact is that director comey seemed to be interested in director comey. the fact that he goes out on twitter and says that he deserves an apology. director comey wants an apology. i'm sorry you were director of the fbi. it's not been good for anybody. david: yeah, well, he's also essentially denying he was a leaker when he admitted he was a leaker. that's the subject of the ig report is about how he leaked information that was not his own to leak. bud for two years now, the media has been painting this guy as a hero. i'm wondering how they try to justify the ig report with their heroic presentation of him for more than two years. >> it's easy. he was standing up to a president that they don't like. i may be aging myself here. you remember the movie the cane mutiny with humphrey bogart. the lesson in leadership in that
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movie is not that humphrey had some issues or he was a bad captain, it was that the fred mcmurray character, love fred mcmurray, but lieutenant tom keeper was arrogant enough to organize basically a mutiny instead of supporting their captain, and the moral was and jose pereira says at the end of the movie you don't support your captain because you like the way he cuts his hair. -- parts his hair, pardon me. you support the captain because he's got the job, and without him you are no good. that's where jim comey was. david: john, that leads to a question whether this whole thing was an attempt to get trump right from the very beginning, that is, russia wasn't the subject as much as it was donald trump, keeping him out of the white house, and the first place once he was elected getting him out of the white house. that was the prime goal of this group in the fbi, whether you're talking from the top comey or going down the line to mccabe
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and then peter strzok. >> well, it appears that way, and it obviously is a lack of leadership. the good news for the public is the agents in the fbi weren't brought into the fbi the way james comey was. agents go through a vetting process, and they want to serve their country. they forfeit high salaries to work for the fbi and protect the public. jim comey did a lot of damage. fortunately we still have the men and women of the fbi that do the right thing every day. he could have learned from them. david: speaking of mccabe, and i just want to put up a sound bite for you guys, something the president mentioned andrew mccabe today in his press conference before he went to camp david. let me play that and get your reaction. go ahead. >> he's a bad guy, i can tell you that. he's a bad guy. i think he's a sick guy personally, but i can't get into that with andrew mccabe, but andrew mccabe was a bad guy.
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david: one thing that would make him a bad guy, bud, is the fact that if he knew the information he had was bogus, with which he was trying to get trump, that is, before finding any evidence against trump, he manufactured it or had somebody else manufacture it, like mr. steele with the trump dossier, do you believe that mccabe and strzok and possibly even comey knew for a fact that the information they were using against donald trump was bogus? >> i haven't personally seen evidence that they would intentionally did that, but what they did do was decide that they were superior to donald trump. d they decided they didn't like donald trump. they decided they wanted to believe those allegations and went into the investigation wanting to believe the allegations. as john can tell you, that's not how an investigator goes into an investigation. >> david: john, there's been a
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besmirching of the fbi from the top guys comey, mccabe and peter strzok. how long is it going to take for the fbi to remove this stain? >> it's going to take a while, and unfortunately it shouldn't because those folks are gone t and the men and women at fbi are here. what director comey has done that seems that everyone's missing, the american people are not being well served by not having faith in the fbi. david: absolutely. >> we need the public's help. director comey should be ashamed of what happened. he should be asking us for an apology, not the other way -- we shouldn't be apologizing to him. david: you know, again, it goes totally against most of the fbi people i have met, believe in the core of their being that you need to just pursue with blind justice the evidence as it leads. you don't plant evidence that you know is phony, and frankly, they did exactly that with the fisa court, and it's a disgrace. hopefully a disgrace that can be
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removed by their removal. gentlemen, good to see you both. have a wonderful labor day weekend. we appreciate it. coming up, biden doubling down on a war story fabricated pretty much out of thin air. listen. >> this guy climbed down the ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire. and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and this is the god's truth my word as a biden he stood at attention. i went to pin him. he said i don't want the thing. don't put it on me, sir, please, sir, do not do that. david: you know, there was a little bit of truth in what he said but so much false information that the "washington post" above the fold on their front page had to lead with it today about all of the mistakes at the very least of what biden had said. biden is literally wondering what was wrong with what he said. coming up, hear the out of touch sound for yourself. also tonight incredible video of a reporter almost hit by
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lightning. take a look. wow! tonight more on that story, but first president trump declaring a state of emergency in florida as hurricane dorian is now projected to reach category 4 strength. we've got fox team coverage with the very latest update from the ground right after this.
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david: hurricane dorian is now a category 3 storm as it churns towards florida, with 10 million people right in the crosshairs. these floridians are heeding the warnings and are either getting out of town or gathering supplies to hunker down and brave out the storm. fox correspondent ellison barber is live from north miami, florida, with details. ellison? >> hey, david. you can see some of -- [inaudible] -- just behind me, this small gas canister is probably the only one that's left in the store. the larger ones they have run out of those at least twice since we have been here today. people have been coming in and out of this home depot all morning. over here is where you should have flashlights and rain gear. you can see the vast majority of it is gone and it's been gone for quite a while now.
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there are some voluntary evacuation orders in effect for a few counties in the state of florida but no mandatory evacuations so far. officials say they are waiting to get some more information, better idea of the potential storm surge that could come with this hurricane and where it will hit before they issue those mandatory evacuation orders. the governor of florida has issued a state of emergency for all 67 counties in the state. he says they issued them for every county because the path of this storm is still fairly uncertain, but officials say the intensity of the storm is not. they are warning people that this is going to be a major storm and that they should prepare for it. they say it could hit up to a category 4 plus. a category 4 means winds of 130 and 156 miles-an-hour. most of the people we have spoken to today here in north miami say they are going to ride out the storm. they plan to stay at home. others say they do want to leave but right now they are having a
11:16 pm
little difficulty figuring out where in the state, which other counties will be the safest. listen here. >> this is my first one. >> are you nervous? >> just a little bit. you know, driving down, seeing all the gas stations full and stuff like that, like this is real. this is the real deal. >> i'm worried, but there's nowhere to go. >> i'm pretty familiar with hurricanes, been around them all my life. >> this time i'm going to get ready. >> leaving my house and going to my brother's house which is more towards the west. >> hoping for the best. >> once they talk about it, start going to the stores. don't wait till the last minute because it gets crazy. grab whatever you can before they fly off the shelf. >> a lot of people have been coming in here today to get plywood to board up their stores, their homes. we have seen a lot of businesses boarding up their win dose, doors today -- windows doors today. plywood seems to be the biggest things people are buying. other people have come here to buy generators. the generators cost over $600, a huge expense that a lot of people were not planning to have to buy, but they say they are
11:17 pm
trying to be better prepared for this storm because they know, they believe that it is going to be serious, and right now they just don't know who is going to get hit the hardest or where it is going to come up -- david: and generators require gas. and frankly aren't a lot of gas stations running out? >> yeah, in miami, we're hearing that over 50% of the gas stations are out of fuel. david: wow. >> we have seen lines and alliance. -- lines and lines. some near this store where they put the tape around it saying they are out. the governor, ron desantis says they do have gas, the issue is getting it to these places if those mandatory evacuation orders do come into effect, though, that gas is going to be needed a lot sooner. they are trying to get it in now. in miami, upwards 50 percent to 60 percent of gas stations are running out of fuel. david: i'm hearing the same in palm beach as well. many are fearing the very worst of dorian as the hurricane not only supposed to continue to
11:18 pm
intensify but its pace is slowing and that could mean prolonged destruction with weather damage, all kinds of weather damage. fox meteorologist adam klotz is in our weather center with more. adam? adam: hey, there, david, we got an update at 8:00 p.m., and we're seeing continued intensification. now winds getting up to 125 miles an hour, that is 6 miles-an-hour shy of turning this into a category 4 hurricane. we're likely going to head that way before it is all said and done. you see a very defined eyewall which also leads to letting me know this is a strong storm. the winds are gusting up to 140 miles-an-hour. it's moving off towards the north and to the west at about 10 miles-an-hour, currently. still hanging on just barely to a category 3 storm. we think it will eventually climb up to a category 4 storm before running over the bahamas. that's getting into sunday. you run into monday and tuesday before you start to run up right along the coastline. and then all of the models suggest once you get near the coast, this is going to turn to the north and then shoot up
11:19 pm
eventually weakening as it does so, but i want to highlight just how wide of an area they are is. there is a lot of uncertainty still in this storm's path. in general we know it is going to track off towards the west from where it currently sits until it hits the bahamas. by the time you get there on sunday, there is a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainty, will it turn up and run up the east coast of florida, the middle? it may work its way into the gulf of mexico. i'm going to leave you with the final spaghetti plots and just show you all the indecision here. there are a lot of places. there's even models suggesting it doesn't make to the coast, just runs up the east coast and drops heavy rains and winds. there's still some questions with this. david: unbelievable, adam thank you very much. netflix announcing it is producing a series inspired by hilary clinton's presidential run. coming up, our guest is here who says she loves a good tragedy. also tonight liberals sued when
11:20 pm
president trump blocked people on his twitter account but now socialist darling aoc is fighting to do the same thing. we have the details. but first biden doubling down on a largely made up war story. >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire. and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and this is god's truth my word as biden, he stood at attention. i went to pin him. he said i don't want the thing. don't put it on me, sir, please, sir, do not do that. david: biden now literally wondering what he said what was wrong. coming up a guest who says he said literally everything wrong. at fidelity, we believe your money should always be working harder. that's why, your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today.
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david: tonight 2020 democrat front-runner joe biden's known for the occasional gaffes, silly little mistakes that he quickly walks back, but his new story of an emotional war-time gesture
11:25 pm
proved mostly false has many asking is biden moving into full-on tall tale territory? watch. >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back, under fire. and the general wanted me to spin the silver -- pin the silver star on him. i got up there and this is the god's truth my word as a biden, he stood at attention. i went to pin him. he said sir i don't want the thing. don't put it on me, please, sir, do not do that. david: now, even the "washington post" known for giving the democrats the benefit of the doubt reports on a front page piece quote in the space of three minutes biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch, and the rank of the recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. but the former vice president's not taking the hits lying down. in fact, he's doubling down and wondering who all the fuss is about. -- wondering what all the fuss
11:26 pm
is about. joining me now is former obama campaign advisor. this is on a whole different level, is it not, than the normal biden gaffe? >> this is. i mean he's put together at least three different stories to make up this one, going for emotion over fact which apparently is what democrats like to do. aoc has certainly pushed for it, but it is concerning on two fronts at least, david. number one, on whether this is just him losing his memory and whether his mental -- whether he has the full capacity to be able to recall dates and be sharp as a tack. and number two, you know, where does he draw the line with embellishing stories to his benefit? brian williams made up a war story and we saw what happened to him. i wonder if there's a double-standard here in treating -- in not calling joe biden out. david: david, you know the washington post is not an enemy of joe biden, quite the contrary, i think they prefer
11:27 pm
him over donald trump any day of the week. but it was the number of mistakes and coming up with things that were made totally out of whole cloth and then he doubled down when he was announcing the story saying this is the god's truth, my word as a biden. it makes you wonder on a lot of different levels about what's going on here, no? >> well, i would say, david, as you alluded, he's conflated some facts from other stories and some other stories together, but this isn't new for joe biden. he's done this before. this is joe biden. he's got an unfiltered quality. remember this, this next election, the general election next year will be graded on a curve. the same "washington post" that ran the story today has said the president of the united states has told mistruths 12,000 times since taking office, 48 times in the last five days. former representative joe walsh says he doesn't have the cognitive ability to be the president of the united states. david: if you stand behind joe walsh, you stand behind a real bigot? >> i'm just telling you what he
11:28 pm
says. this will be an issue, david, if it's repeated and if it reflects age. david: patrice, go ahead. >> joe biden needs to figure out how to make himself sharper. he's going to be going up against elizabeth warren. he will be going up against kamala harris. these are women who are sharp as a tack. david: if he's the nominee, he will be going against donald trump who is as sharp as a tack right now. >> i agree that the process will take care of itself. if he doesn't do well, he won't get the nomination, patrice. i agree with that. we will see. david: there's also something that really hurts a lot of veterans of afghanistan about a person who wants to be president politicking on the basis of an embellished story like that. i want to switch gears to another high-profile democrat, freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez she is defending her right to block people on twitter even as she
11:29 pm
faces at least two lawsuits over it. here's the issue, the ruling in president trump's similar case set a precedent that elected officials can't just block anyone they want. does aoc, patrice, thinks she is above the law? >> i think she thinks she is above the law and there's a double-standard for her. we have even seen in virginia where a federal court judge said listen if you are using your personal account for official business, you are opening yourself up to challenges, and you cannot suppress someone's 1st amendment right, like it or not. david: david, yeah i want to switch to david because we're running out of time. she said something in her tweet that i agreed with. her said in her tweet harassment is not a viewpoint when she was talking about why she wants to block some of the criticisms which she considers harassment. i'm sure some of them are. i can agree with that, but i would say why has she never condemned maxine waters for encouraging the harassment of trump supporters? i mean, it happens on her side
11:30 pm
from the democratic side all the time. >> maybe she should have, david. listen, this is the 1st amendment, the tech revolution. i think that both donald trump and aoc, they should have the right to block people on twitter, especially if they are using hate speech or violence. the courts have decided against that for trump. we will see how it goes with aoc. the 1st amendment doesn't guarantee you have to listen to someone. it guarantees they have the right to express that opinion. this needs to get sorted out in the courts. >> i will say that -- david: go ahead, final word. >> i will say what is harassment and when someone says there's hate speech what are they referring to. if you are challenging on policy rounds, should that be considered hate speech? i don't think so. david: as maxine waters when you advise people to go out and harass people when they are trying to eat dinner or if you support antifa and their violence against conservatives, i think that would qualify as harassment. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. good to see you both. appreciate it.
11:31 pm
>> thank you. david: after being accused of cultural appropriation, kim kardashian finally relaunching her shape ware line under a new name. coming up, we will ask our guest if it's any better. also tonight the country that chants death to america burns our flags in the street. we're talking about iran. flubbing another missile launch. we have the details. but first hong kong protests now in their 13th week, and again, taking a violent turn. we have the very latest from the ground right after this. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients
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resistance to china's encroaching power now reaching a boiling point. china's answer to the ramped up tensions, new arrests and zero compromises. fox chief correspondent jonathan hunt has all the details from hong kong. jonathan? >> david, good early saturday
11:36 pm
morning from a very wet hong kong in the wake of the ongoing crackdown by hong kong police, including the arrest and charging of several prominent activists, one of the leading organizing groups abruptly cancelled its participation in this weekend's planned demonstration, saying it cannot guarantee the safety of protesters. >> we know the consequences. we would be either beaten up by police with batons. we may be dispersed by -- [inaudible]. we may be arrested, so i don't want people to take these risks, but i believe that it's a decision this can only be made individually. >> this is one of the streets where those who do decide to protest tomorrow are likely to gather. it is a busy street at the best of times, running through the heart of hong kong.
11:37 pm
and these the worst of times by in measures the site of potential chaos, if protesters do decide to defy the authorities. the chinese government also sent troops and military vehicles across the border from mainland china, calling it a routine rotation, but clearly also sending a message. the weekend demonstrations, by the way, have already been declared illegal by hong kong authorities, but many of the more hard core protesters say they will be on the streets anyway, and the obvious fear is that the violence we have seen before will repeat itself. david? david: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. well on the topic of china, our own connell mcshane has been digging into the nation's economic surge for years, his extensive knowledge all comes together this weekend in a brand new special, fascinating look at china's success and how the eastern giant's newfound wealth was shocking to many american politicians. here's a clip.
11:38 pm
>> initially a lot of our presidents really -- [inaudible] -- with china, starting with president nixon. they thought this is our ally against the soviet union and china was. we didn't understand at the time that they had a bright future to become the number two economy in the world. we all thought that china -- the presidents i mean thought that china would be kind of a poor backward country forever. so our policy -- these policies are all still in effect today. what president trump's trying to do is focus on how much this has hurt america, as he says, we built -- or we rebuilt china sometimes he says. connell: the thing that i'm thinking about -- >> they have stolen from us. david: joining me now is cohost "after the bell" a show i'm familiar with here on fox business week days at 4:00 p.m. eastern, connell mcshane, congrats on the show. sunday at 9:00 p.m. i imagine it will be repeated on monday. first on hong kong, you were there recently. what do you think will happen this weekend? connell: well it's changed a lot since i was there. i was interested to hear
11:39 pm
jonathan's report. going into the 13th week of consecutive protests. what happens this weekend will be less important than how china reacts to whatever happens this weekend. notice their reaction is gradually getting more aggressive. when we were there, for example, there was almost ignorance of what was going on in hong kong. they weren't paying much attention to it publicly, obviously in private they were watching it very closely but they were censoring the news coming into mainland china so you didn't see anything of it. if you went to the mainland, you wouldn't know anything was happening in hong kong. that's changed. they're spinning it so their own people have their sense of what's going on which may be quite different. with what jonathan mentioned, there's been fewer reports of troops rotating out than troops rotating in, it could be a build up, yeah. david: the president was asked today as he was on his way to camp david, specifically whether he supported the protesters or what he would -- what message he would give to the protesters.
11:40 pm
here's his answer. >> i do believe that because of what i'm doing with trade, that's very much keeping down the temperature in hong kong. i think it by really a lot because china wants to make a deal. i actually think china has to make a deal, but that's holding it down in hong kong. david: the president is saying essentially they can't be as tough as they would be otherwise because they're worried about repercussions in the trade deal if they crack down really hard. connell: he might be right about that. i don't know about the last part about china having to make a deal or having to do it in the near term. that's certainly debatable. the first part, though, seems to make a lot of sense, and it works both ways, right? the idea that it doesn't seem as if president trump is very interested in making a deal until there's some sort of resolution to what's going on in hong kong. if you think about it, if you cut a deal, if you're president trump or even if you're xi jinping or you're president trump, cut some sort of a deal in couple of weeks with china and they do go in aggressively
11:41 pm
with hong kong, then what do you do? in some ways you kind of buy yourself more time to negotiate with china for better or worse but also wait for this resolution in hong kong. it's tough to imagine a trade deal between the united states and china before something is resolved one way or the other there. david: how they all came together, our changing in relationship with china since president trump became president then hong kong, it is all coming together at this point. connell: one of the things about china that's interesting, that changing relationship, you heard mike pillsbury talk about it a little bit. in the special that's going to air this weekend, we tried to kind of take a step back and look at the big picture. we're always talking day-to-day about tariffs, who is going to put a tariff on who, or what next move might be made in the trade war, but what are the larger goals here? is it to make a short-term trade deal or bigger than that? we talk about things like decoupling in the special, are we going one way or the china going the other. if so there are ramifications to
11:42 pm
that. we went to the electronics market, just across the border from hong kong where the so called copy cat culture of china still lives. david: copy cat putting it nicely. connell: right. there's a word for that type of culture. the point about culture that i bring up is interesting because it is as you say theft in the eyes of most americans, but sometimes in china they don't look at it that way. what's the question? can they really change their behavior if it's so ingrained just because they sign a trade deal? david: connell the show is called for our audience "the challenge of china". it is on sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. it's right here on fox business, folks so you don't have to change the channel. coming up the story behind incredible video of a reporter that was almost hit by lightning. look. that wasn't connell mcshane. coming up we have the details. but first the country that chants death to american, burns our flag in the streets, iran
11:43 pm
flubbing another missile launch. you can see smoke in the satellite images. my next guest is not surprised. former army intelligence and special ops soldier is joining me next. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome.
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david: we have some quick breaking news from the national hurricane center. boy, that didn't take long. dorian has now strengthened into a cat 4 storm. more to come on the storm in a moment. meanwhile, iran's latest rocket launch going up in smoke. images from space appear to show a rocket exploding on a launch pad of an iranian space center that had been gearing up for a satellite launch. the failure is the third so far this year. president trump saying tonight the u.s. had nothing to do with this one. listen. >> they had a big mishap. it is unfortunate, and so iran as you probably know, they were going to set off a big missile and it didn't work out too well. had nothing to do with us. david: joining me now is former army intel and special operations soldier. bret, i see a wry smile on your face. one can't help but be a little suspicious. there seem to be kind of a
11:48 pm
hidden message not only with what the president said there but in a tweet he put out earlier, which i will read. the united states of america was not involved in the catastrophic accident during the final launch preparations for the slv launch at the launch site, one in iran. i wish iran best wishes and good luck in determining what happened. we know he doesn't wish the iranians good luck. is it conceive thabl he's sending -- is it conceivable that he's sending a message to iran that maybe we know who was behind this, if not us? >> no, i think he's just poking at them a little bit. with a rocket mishalf -- rocket mishap, this wasn't sabotage. when you pull back the curtain, you see they lack a lot of the expertise and competence to do some of the things they are trying to do with these rockets. i think that's what happened in this case.
11:49 pm
david: at the same time, it really is remarkable and it goes unsaid too often how big and powerful the coalition particularly among arab states is now against iran, that the president has gotten together. and of course not only saudi arabia, the uae and other arab countries, but working with israel, they're enemy in order to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. i mean that alliance is very important in our strategy, is it not? >> right, right. and in terms of what we're doing against iran, i mean, the main focus collectively with our allies has always been to reduce their power and influence in the region. reduce their ability to covertly fund their proxy and terrorist groups and also posture our forces in a way that can basically stop them in the event they want to get out of line. we are placing pressure on iran from every front. it's not just economically through these sanctions. it is also through military assets that we have been moving
11:50 pm
into the region. david: right. >> naval vessels, aircraft surveillance and troops that are all designed really to get the iranians to sort of change their calculus, and so while we're looking at it more from a defensive nature and we have been relatively calm and measured in that regard, behind the scenes, the israelis are acting as our action arm in cases that we are unable to act militarily. a perfect example of that is what happened in iraq when the iranians basically -- the israelis destroyed an iranian base where they found that the ir iranians about to conduct an attack. there are things behind the scenes that are taking place where we're giving them approval to do this. david: quickly, an iranian oil tanker that the u.s. has been going after in the mediterranean for weeks now is set to off load 2 million barrels of oil into
11:51 pm
smaller vessels that will then take the crude to syria which is exactly why the u.s. has been trying to stop the tanker all along. what now? quickly. >> well, we need our international allies to help out with this. we can't have other countries just allowing this to happen. and what i'm really concerned about are countries like china and russia that are starting to buy iranian oil and allowing to circumvent these sanctions. there's a play there with working with some of these other countries to make sure that doesn't happen. david: yeah, we don't want assad to get iranian oil. that's against our interests. good to see you, bret. thank you very much for being with us tonight. appreciate it. coming up next, the story behind incredible video of a reporter who was almost hit by lightning. take a look. he went on by the way to finish his report. netflix announcing it is producing a series inspired by hilary clinton's presidential run. the question, why? madison gesiotto is here to try
11:52 pm
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i want some more what's he doin? but, he can't look at him! it's just not done! please sir. i want some more more? more? more? more? please sir he has asked for... thank you what? well he did say please sir yes he did and, thank you yeah. and thank you he's a wonderful boy (laugh) a delightful boy (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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more than one million people in the unwith are living we are your family, friends, and others that you love. hiv does not define who we are. when you support us, you make it easier for us to live healthy lives. we all have the power to stop hiv stigma. ♪ ♪ david: welcome back. it's time for our lightning round. joining me now is trump 2020 advisory board member, madison. first up is university of california at berkeley, it's at it again, offering a new course taught on adulting. that's their word. madison, sometimes i'm speechless. what is adulting? >> so apparently the adulting
11:56 pm
class that uc-berkeley's going to offer is going to teach students how to write checks, how to budget, how to go out and do a job search once they graduate. it is privately funded, it's going to be student-run but, i mean, largely unnecessary, i would hope, by the time you get into uc-berkeley for college. david: one would think that if you were at uc-berkeley, you should know how to write a check, but i don't know. meanwhile, take a look at footage from a reporter, one of our fox affiliates, wow. [laughter] just the sound of that. let's play that again and listen. put on the soup on that so that we can hear it. no, you can't do that? all right. at any rate, you saw what happened. basically, this reporter was standing up doing a live shot, the bolt -- the lightning bolt was right behind him, and yet he went on afterwards and gave a report, right? >> this video was crazy. they say that the lightning struck just feet away from where he was. i don't think he looked nearly
11:57 pm
as terrified as many of us would, and he went on very shortly after and did his report. i mean, kudos to this guy. david: coming up next, a award-winning actor and producer, matthew mcconaughey, is headed to college to teach. tell us about it. >> super exciting for students at university of texas. matthew mcconaughey, he's an academy award winner, he actually got his film degree in 1993, i believe, at the university of texas. he's been teaching there part time since 2015. he's now going to go in full time as a professor in their department of film, tv and radio, and i think students are very excited about this. david: you know, that's a course i really would pay -- i wouldn't pay for adulting, but i'd pay to hear matthew mcconaughey talking about making a movie. >> what he says is this is a class he wish he had in the '90s. david: kim kardashian, her new
11:58 pm
shape wear line has a new name along with a new face for the campaign to go with it, and it's not the kind of pretty face that you're used to seeing with the kardashians, right? >> no. people are loving this. there's a lot of controversy when she first announced her shape wear line because of the name. it's ultimately come up with a new name which is going to be skills. i don't know how people feel about it, but it's better than the first, apparently. alice marie johnson's going to be one of the faces that's part of the launch of the campaign. just a year ago kim kardashian west helped free her from prison and was a big part of that effort along with president trump's administration when she was serving over 21 years for a nonviolent drug offense. david: it's a great story. good for her. and finally, netflix. netflix is set to produce a new series that was somehow inspired by hillary clinton's failed presidential run. tell us about this and why netflix is doing it.
11:59 pm
>> well, it's very interesting. netflix actually got into a large bidding war off of the book, chasing hillary, to get the rights to do the show. it's going to be a drama series, and it's going to follow four reporters throughout their following of four -- or a couple different hypothetical presidential candidates. obviously, this is inspired by hillary clinton. we'll see how it turns out, but netflix did pay a lot of money to get this one. david: the extraordinary thing, madison, not only republicans, a lot of democrats wish she would go away, right? >> yeah. i mean, there's a lot of democrats that were sick of her before she even ran in 2016, so i can't imagine everybody is thrilled about this. i won't be watching it. we'll see who does watch it. i'm sure hillary and bill will watch it, but, you know, we'll see. david: we'll wait and look. we wish hem the best in their project. madison, have a wonderful holiday weekend. thanks for being here. and you, too, have a great holiday weekend. thanks for watching. catch me on my show, "bulls and
12:00 am
bears," on tuesday trish is going to be back to follow through on what i've done here. i hope i haven't messed it up too much for her. she'll set things in order on tuesday. meanwhile, maria bartiromo's "wall street" begins now. ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend, everyone. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up in just a few moments, khan academy founder and ceo is here with me to talk about the challenges of making quality education more accessible right in the middle of back to school season. later on, ben shaw will talk to me about the booming business of animal care. but first, joining me right now to discuss this wild august for the markets, what's ahead for the rest of the year, strategic securities head of policy research, dan clef kin. it's great to have you. >> thanks for having me.


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