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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 31, 2019 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> good evening everyone i am sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. the state of florida is bracing for direct hit from a monster storm in the extremely dangerous hurricane doreen expected to make landfall late monday as a powerful category four. we will have the latest on dorian's path as it directly threatens at least 10 million people. robert mueller cricket special counselor prosecutors swam by the defense team for general michael flynn the national security of either claiming that the department of justice is
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refusing to share evidence with them and denying them the necessary client to access flynn's record. the latest on the story. >> greg, this from former national security bu visor announced that during a bomb at special come to prosecutors, accusing them of gross misconduct with the late senator ted with a conviction was dismissed. the link between the cases are scheduled as relevant per nearly two years after he pled guilty to lying to federal investigators over his contact with the russian abbasid or he wants to go to sentencing. in earlier court filing showed there still a lot of daylight with flynn's new legal team and the government. the only thing they agree on is flynn's cooperation is complete. also in the filing the legal team said they are being denied security clearances.
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and to classify records. showing to what extent it was cleared in advance, on december 2015 moscow trip with intelligence agency. in the military intelligence after he was paid $45000 to attend a russian media dinner where he sat at the same table as latimer putin. that matters because this was the subject of a separate and second investigation over his russia context. he also says the government has to produce transcript and recordings of phone calls between flynn and the russian abbasid or after the 2016 election. it underpins the charges against him. as well as the original of fbi interview which was conducted into trump agent peter strzok. he has ordered the status conference for september 10. >> catherine. thank you so much. joining me is cindy powell
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former federal prosecutor and author and attorney for former national security advisor michael flynn. i have your 19 page motion to compel and also requesting that the special counsel prosecutor be held in contempt of court. you accuse them of malevolent conduct and i suspect you are quite right about this. by hiding evidence that by law they are required to turn over to you and michael flynn. what exactly are they withholding and suppressing? >> the exact thing they are holding and suppressing are outlawed and emotion that were required to file because of a protective order. we have a significant list of information that were very concerned about that we have asked about and asked for earlier in the government has refused to provide it in their stated responses and there is no
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braden evidence and they've given us more than their supposed to give us already. they point to thousands approved under pages they provided but as you know being a lawyer is one or two or three or 50 pages that are often the ones that matter. what i want to make sure that we find is whatever the truth is, we want the truth and i don't think were anywhere near finding that yet. >> i want to go to page four of your motion to compel. you argue that mueller prosecutors have been putting excruciating pressure on him to enter his guilty plea and manipulating or controlling the press to their advantage to extort that plea. how exactly did they do that? >> that is something that is going to have to wait for further discussion. i think once we outline the timeline of all of it that will become apparent. >> two of his prosecutors,
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andrew weissman and zenaida. what is amazing, i've written about this in columns, these are two people on the special counsel team and yet way back in 2016 they are part of a group that was disseminating the phony information in the dossier by christopher steele, the anti-trump fabricated information to the fbi and apparently to others. doesn't that call into the question not only their trustworthiness as neutral investigators in the mueller witchhunt but the legitimacy of that investigation? >> is certainly raises a lot of questions that need to be answered. i do not understand how they could participate in the interactions about the steel dossier running the back channel between fusion gps in the fbi
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and all of that equally when they were even in the chain of command in the department of justice to be involved. they were part of a small group and then they wind up on the special counsel prosecution and then ahmad particularly is prosecuting the neural flynn. >> they changes it and contaminated the legitimacy of robert mueller investigation along with peter strzok and lisa page. two weeks ago, prosecutors blatantly handed over 330 pages of evidence in the case to you. it's unbelievable that two weeks ago they caught this stuff up and then the same time they claim it is not exculpatory information. are you of the opinion that they are so biased they cannot even distinguish exculpatory from inculpatory customer.
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>> i think as a matter of general principle in dealing with prosecutors as long as i have particularly in the last 20 years for standard for conduct is seems to have changed. i should not be up to the prosecutor to decide what is exculpatory to the defense. that's why the supreme court said the prosecutors shouldn't tack too close to the wind because if they do they need to handed over. only the defense can decide what is material and important to the defense. the prosecutors don't know what the defenses are. this case exemplifies everything that is wrong with the criminal justice system and how many reforms are one of the reasons i so applauded judge sullivan is because he was willing to hold prosecutors to account to produce all the evidence as a favorable to the defense. gregg: you know, all of this arises because michael flynn agreed to, under pressure -- and he was, basically, fooled into giving an interview with peter
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strzok and another agent which as we all know now is joe pienka, and the special counsel accused flynn of lying in that interview. and yet here is the fbi report dated july 19, 2017, we'll put it on the screen. throughout the interview flynn had a very sure demeanor and did not give any indicators of deception. strzok and redacted fbi agent both had the impression at the time that flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying. how is it possible that flynn could be charged with lying if the two fbi agents who interviewed him concluded he was i
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have all the evidence. gregg: in other words, you want to lay out all of the evidence, and then the judge on his own saying, prosecutors on the special counsel team, you were unconscionable, you were unprincipled, you violated the brady rules, and because of your egregious misconduct, i'm dismissing the case against flynn. would that be the optimal result? >> that would be the optimal result. the man, from everything i've seen now, should be completely exonerated. gregg: all right. sidney powell, good luck to you. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. gregg: hurricane dorian is gathering strength as it barrels
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towards florida, already a major storm at category three. it could begin battering the coastline as early as monday. dorian could make landfall as a category four storm with winds as high as 140 miles per hour. senior correspondent rick leventhal has our coverage tonight from delray beach, florida. >> reporter: the mobility wing of the u.s. air force is evacuating tankers ahead of hurricane dorian, forecast to be a catastrophic and extremely dangerous cat four storm capable of destroying military hardware and hangars like michael did last year. the u.s. navy also moving planes and warships out of harm's way with satellite images showing dorian's eye fully formed as the quickly-strengthening storm threatens to blast the northern bahamas. this view captures all the lightning generated by dorian. on the ground residents are shuttering and boarding up homes
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and businesses. >> i got a wind tunnel, so we've got all of our power poles, lines everything. >> you never know. you've got to be safe rather than sorry. >> reporter: sandbags are being filled by the thousands, and drivers are topping off gas tanks with hundreds of vehicles lining up at some stations and pumps running dry. most grocery and box stores are packed with concerned floridians stocking up on food, bottled water and other supplies, emptying shelves of essentials. this home depot in north miami ran out of generators and gas cans two hours after opening its doors before dawn. >> everybody's prepping for the storm early, and that's a good thing. water is gone, generators have gone, plywood's starting to fly off the shelves. >> reporter: florida governor ron desantis is warning dorian is a major threat, getting even more dangerous as its forward speed drops. >> the bad news of the storm going slower is that could
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potentially have some negative impacts once it reaches landfall, but you do have time before it reaches to prepare if you have not done so. and so we urge all floridians to have seven days' worth of food, medicine and water. >> reporter: and gas buddy is reporting that more than half the gas stations in four major metropolitan areas are already out of fuel. in miami, gainesville, fort myers and west palm beach. others are running low, so the governor has ordered state police to escort fuel tankers to try and replenish supplies before it's too late. gregg? gregg: rick leventhal, thanks very much. coming up next, joe biden tells a compelling war story on the campaign trail. only problem is it wasn't true. plus, fresh reaction tonight from president trump to decision not to prosecute fired fbi director james comey. we'll have all that and more after these quick messages. ♪ ♪ geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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gregg: welcome back. president trump reacting today to the department of justice decision not to prosecute the lying and leaking james comey. >> i have a lot of faith in bill barr. i thought the charges were unbelievably powerful. i thought the i.g. report was incredible, but i have total confidence in bill barr to do the right thing. i think, if anything, this should help bury this. he's a tremendous man, and i think that this really showed, you know, how fair he is. but, certainly, those were very serious charges, but let's see what happened. gregg: joining me now, byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner, a fox business contributor. byron, great to see you. hats off to you for focusing in among the 79 pages of the blistering denunciation of comey on one particular, very vital aspect, and that is comey, clapper, brennan and mike rogers
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decided that they were going to ambush trump and try to trap him or ensnare him into saying something incriminating. you point in your column to page 17 and 18 of the inspector general's report, and here it is. witnesses interviewed by the oig say they discussed trump's potential responses to being told about the salacious information, including that trump might make statements about or providing information of value to the pending russian interference investigation. so this was a whole scheme that they had gamed out, right, byron? >> they had planned it very, very carefully. and, you know, i think this i.g. report has changed the view of some students of the trump-russia affair about this meeting, the very first meeting between president-elect trump and james comey on january 6th,
1:19 am
2017. i think in the past they thought of it as a way for comey and the intel chiefs to push this dossier information about the tape into the media to get it reported. they never believed comey's story, but now i think given what's written in the i.g. report, they see it as part of operation or the investigation on this crossfire hurricane that the top officials had kind of gamed it out beforehand, they had set it up so that if trump said anything interesting or of investigative value, james comey was to run down the stairs at trump tower, jump in a car, a secure fbi laptop was waiting for him. he said he began typing as the vehicle rolled, go over to the fbi's field office in new york where a secure video teleconference is waiting where
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comey will debrief, talking to top fbi officials and the crossfire hurricane meeting. so one other thing. if you look at comey's memoir, he talks about this meeting, and he says that he looked at the president and said we're not investigating you, sir. they really were investigating him at that very moment. gregg: right. and, of course, it was all untrue, the whole p-tape thing, and the fbi knew it, but they were trying to entrap him anyway. so days go by and, of course, it explodes in the media because these guys leaked it to the media. comey gets a phone call from trump, and trump goes, what's the deal with this leak, who leaked it? and it appears that comey then lied again to the president by conflating the leak of the dossier with the leak of the meeting. >> right. he's certainly blowing smoke. i mean, first he tells the president that this document -- meaning the dossier -- was not
1:21 am
classified so it couldn't be a leak. and, of course, we all know very damaging leaks can be things that aren't classifieded. but then the other thing was that he tried to say, well, everybody kind of knew about this dossier stuff. it had been circulating in the press. but the news, the thing that made it all possible was the leak of the fact that the intel chiefs had briefed -- or comey, specifically -- had briefed the president-elect about this dossier allegation. that gave it to news hook because any news organization could say, look, i don't think what's in this dossier, but if the head of the fbi, the director of the fbi thinks it's so important that he has briefed the president-elect on it, then that is newsworthy. that's a legitimate news judgment, and that's what that leak made possible. gregg: you know, this was an embarrassing, an embarrassment
1:22 am
to the fbi, it was certainly a scathing condemnation of comey and his conduct, and he has the audacity to tweet out a demand for the equivalent of an apology. i just want to put it up on the screen, here it is. here's what comey tweets, it's unbelievable. doj i.g. found no evidence that comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media. now, byron, he's focusing on the media. that's a clever misdirection because the i.g. found that he leaked classified, at least one classified document to his attorneys. which can be a violation of the espionage act. >> you know, the idea -- a leak is not just to a member of the press. gregg: right. >> it's leaking classified information to someone who is not authorized to receive it. and his attorneys were not authorized to receive it. now, i think the reason that the justice department declined prosecution here is that there
1:23 am
were some fuzzy areas or there were questions about how much was classified in this whole, in these documents, not a whole lot. some of it was classified after the fact. comey did not link it directly to the press, and i think that this was a case that the justice department just didn't really want to make, especially in light of the fact that there's still two big investigations into the origins of the trump-russia that we haven't heard from yet. gregg: although they could have also charged him with theft of government documents, 641 is of the criminal code, because the i.g. found these were not his personal documents. they were government documents. >> yeah. we should really take comey's claim that these memos that he wrote were his own personal recollections, kind of like a diary -- [laughter] did not pass the laugh test because -- and the inspector general just knocked that down. now, we know, we were just talking about the first memo he wrote on january 6th of 2017. he writes it on an fbi computer,
1:24 am
secure computer. he discusses it ahead of time, and he discusses it after the fact with top fbi officials, and he sends them the memo as well for them to discuss as well. this is not a diary entry. gregg: no. it's just ludicrous but consistent with all the ludicrous lies that comey has been peddling. byron york, good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you, gregg. gregg: coming up next, the significant new discovery allowed today in the investigation of hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. we'll take it up after the break. ♪ ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect... and find inspiration in new places. leading them to discover:
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♪ ♪ gregg: welcome back, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. a federal judge giving judicial watch a huge victory today in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. reagan-appointed judge royce
1:29 am
lambert granting seven depositions, three interrogatories, four documents related to hillary's use of her private e-mail server. clinton and cheryl mills have 30 days to oppose judicial watch's requests to question them under oath. joining me now, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. you have been waging a protracted legal battle, and you're winning. assuming that you get these two individuals to testify under oath in a deposition, what do you hope to gain? >> well, the court wants to know whether she was using her system to avoid the freedom of information act. the court wants to know where all of her e-mails are, and the court wants to know as it relates to the justice department and the state department whether they were trying to game the courts and hide e-mails from the court in order to shut our case down without anyone knowing about her
1:30 am
e-mails. so she's going to have to answer, if the court allows it, questions about this. you know, it was this case that uncovered the clinton e-mail scandal. we wouldn't know about it -- gregg: right. >> frankly, she would be president but for this case, it could be argued, and it's about benghazi. the court wants the know, well, did they hide the e-mails because they were worried about what might be in there about benghazi? and, you know, what's also interesting, the court wants to know about the involvement of the state department and the justice department in this potential cover-up, because he wants the lawyers in the case to answer some questions about when they knew about the clinton e-mails. and we've already gotten discovery over the last few months, gregg, you wouldn't believe it. obama white house is involved in the cover-up, state department concerns about underclassification, they were putting material out there that arguably should have been classified -- gregg: right. not to mention destroying 33,000
1:31 am
documents under congressional subpoena which, gee, i don't know, last time i checked the criminal code is obstruction of justice. >> and we just uncovered the fbi or justice department gave the lawyer that did that immunity. gregg: i know. well, five people that we know of got immunity, by the way, in exchange for nothing. i've been a lawyer for 40 years, i've never heard of immunity in exchange for nothing. but let's assume you get hillary clinton under oath in a deposition. you realize, tom, that she's going to pull the same routine she always pulls which is feigned ignorance and chronic amnesia. this is what she did in her fbi interview back in 2016. she said i don't know, i don't recall to almost everything. she could remember her name and date of birth, and that was about the extent of it. >> well, there's going to be a court looking at her testimony, so there will be accountability if her testimony is not credible. and i just want to highlight the -- because it's all tying together, because the clinton e-mail scandal is the reason we
1:32 am
have russiagate. they needed to cover her, protect her, so let's concoct this smear against president trump, distract the doj and justice department during the campaign and, frankly, into the trump presidency. this justice department was in court on behalf of this state department arguing against additional questioning on these issues last week. so we are fighting the justice department to get more answers on the clinton e-mail scandal. they're protecting her still -- gregg: unbelievable. >> and then we get the announcement this week that james comey gets a get out of jail free card. it's infuriating. gregg: it is. i was talking to byron york, he could have been charged with theft of government documents because he clearly did that. that's a crime, it's a felony. could have been charged with mishandling classified documents, because one of the documents he leaked to his lawyers was classified. and doesn't president trump
1:33 am
have, actually, a very good point? we played a chip a few minutes ago in which he said, look, this does demonstrate that william barr is reasonable, he is fair and that he, unlike comey, doesn't weaponnize his position of power? >> oh, i think president trump's being -- gregg: kind. >> -- kind. i think attorney general barr made a terrible decision -- gregg: i agree. >> -- and i don't think there's going to be any prosecutions on spygate. we had a coup targeting the president. comey stole and leaked his fbi files to try to destroy him, created the mueller monster, and there's no accountability yet. this i.g. report is terrible, but it's not going to stop comey from continuing to earn millions doing whatever he's doing. gregg: oh, yeah. there are no consequences for james comey. he went out and peddled a book and made millions. he, you know, is not going to be held to account for what, to me, are clear crimes. what kind of a messaging does that send to others in federal
1:34 am
agencies? not just the fbi, but the cia and all of the alphabet-lettered bureaucracy that, you know, you can break the law with impunity, and there are no consequences? >> yeah. and it's interesting you laid out the potential crimes of james comey, which match almost one for one the crimes that mrs. clinton should have been prosecuted for as well. this justice department -- you know, i respect attorney general barr, but i think he does not understand how far out of touch and how fallen the justice department has become because of the corrupt partisanship of too many of its lawyers in leadership. gregg: i've got 30 seconds left, but a national security law expert said, you know, it's hard to prosecute comey because you'd have to prosecute just about everybody else because this kind of conduct is so rampant in our bureaucracy. that's a sad commentary, isn't
1:35 am
it? >> well, you know, we just had a report out -- you may have seen -- 14 leaks by fbi senior officials, fbi agents and such. not one prosecution. we're still waiting on the andrew mccabe lie and leak prosecution. that was referred to the justice department 18 months ago, gregg. gregg: it's unbelievable, you know? and juxtapose how quickly special counsel robert mueller was accusing people of crimes including michael flynn who committed no crime, and yet he facedded -- faced the doc. >> this is why we have judicial watch. gregg: thank you very much. good work. >> thank you. gregg: share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs like him on facebook, follow him on instagram @loudobbs tonight. coming up next, the wild claim made by one of the open border 2020 dems about daca ca recipients and u.s. citizens. we're going to share it with you when you come back. you will not believe it.
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i wschool boards transformter speak up at yours and make your voice heard. text school to 225568 to find out how you can get involved. gregg: joe biden using a campaign event in south carolina to praise daca recipients, calling them more
1:40 am
american than u.s. citizens. >> the other thing we have to do is we have to find a path for dreamers. these kids who come and they end up doing well, they become americans before a lot of americans become american. no, i'm serious. they get in school, they do well, they contribute to the community, they contribute to the country. gregg: when you say, no, i'm serious, that pretty much means you just said something really stupid. and breaking news tonight, the first district court of appeals in california has thrown out the sole gun conviction against an illegal immigrant who fatally shot kate steinle on a san francisco pier back in 2015. garcia zarate has been deported five times and, of course, killed kate stein thely. -- steinle. we're going to be joined in just a minute -- we have the
1:41 am
president of the national border patrol council, brandon judd. we just lost for a moment there our satellite connection. also in other news, the trump administration is reportedly preparing to begin dna testing of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens on the southern border. this, of course, is an attempt to clamp down on rampant immigration fraud and prevent criminals from entering the country under president obama. the law went unenforced for nearly a decade. brandon judd now joins us. all right. we just lost it again. welcome to live television. we apologize for the interruption. one of the things that joe biden said is that daca illegals are more american than americans. does that sound like a winning campaign strategy? well, we'll be talking about it with brandon as soon as we reconnect the satellite.
1:42 am
last month montgomery county, maryland, announced it was a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. since then six illegal immigrants have been arrested for sex crimes. fox correspondent doug mckelway has the details on that. >> reporter: montgomery county, maryland, is a liberal stronghold of over a million people. the county council and county executive are all democrats who shun the label of being a sanctuary jurisdiction but who pride themselves on welcoming immigrants regardless of legal status. that sensibility is being challenged now birdies gruntinged citizens a after the arrest of 21-year-old nester guzman who was accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl and her brother. he is the latest of six illegal immigrants to be arrested in montgomery county for sexual abuse or rape in the last several weeks. >> we don't interact with i.c.e. we don't contact i.c.e. nor do we ask any of our residents in montgomery county
1:43 am
about their immigration status in the united states. >> reporter: one community activist has written members of the maryland congressional delegation and the county leadership expressing a common concern. quoting now: this is outrageous and unacceptable. we as montgomery county citizens and taxpayers are fed up. >> should they have to tell the federal authorities that they're releasing an illegal immigrant before they do it? >> yes, absolutely. for public safety reasons. >> reporter: earlier this summer county executive mark elrick signed an executive order barring i.c.e., effectively preventing them from interviewing illegal immigrants. he has further likened the trump administration immigration policies to terrorism, quoting from him now: to take the civilian population and subject them to constant fear, that is terrorism in its basic form, he said. gregg? gregg: doug mckelway, thanks very much. joining me now, the president of
1:44 am
the national border patrol council, brandon judd. brandon, thanks very much, and thanks for hanging with us as we experienced some satellite problems. maybe it's hurricane dorian, i don't know. >> good to be with you. gregg: when you hear a report about these kinds of heinous crimes by illegal immigrants and you juxtapose it to the position of so many of the democrats running for president saying open the borders and joe biden in particular saying, oh, just get rid of the detention camps, just let them come in, we'll give them a court date and they'll show up, what do you think? >> joe biden -- and this is very disappointing coming from him -- he's made so many mistakes that he's now having to go so far left, a position that he would have never gone to before if it wasn't for those mistakes. but what he's doing is he's actually encouraging people to come to our country illegally, violate our laws, and he's basically saying it's okay as long as you go to school. when he says that these people are going to school quicker than
1:45 am
american children, i'd really like to see what american children aren't going to school before these people that come here illegally. what he's doing, in essence, is he's telling everybody -- he's broadcasting to the entire world that it is okay if you come to the united states and violate our laws, we're still going to protect you. and that's why you have these sanctuary cities. we don't just have politicians politicizing illegal immigration, now we have law enforcement that's politicizing illegal immigration. and then you have judicial activism that is also working against us in the fight against illegal immigration and the protection of this great country. gregg: so i want to ask you about the breaking news just moments ago that a judge has now thrown out the sole gun conviction against the killer -- there he is -- of kate steinle in san francisco. and, you know, when you hear something like this, a guy who keeps coming back, coming back, coming back to the united states and always goes to san francisco
1:46 am
because it's a sanctuary city, shouldn't that just underscore to everyone that sanctuary cities are inviting criminality if not murder? >> it does underscore it to everybody. in fact, people are beginning to see that. there's a lot of pushback that's taking place in california right now due to all of the lawlessness that is taking place in california. the only positive -- and believe you me, this is the only positive -- is that when the pendulum swings so far left, there's always a correction, and it will come back to the right, and it needs to come back to the right sooner rather than later. when you have justices that are sitting on the bench and they're making rulings and they're doing that strictly based upon their own political ideology instead of the actual law, that's when with you have a breakdown and disconnect in this great country of ours, and that's when lawlessness starts to run rampant.
1:47 am
look, i'm run of four -- five brothers that is in law enforcement. we all believe that the rule of law must play a prominent role in the united states to keep the citizens safe. you're just not going to get that if you have judicial activism from the bench. gregg: sure. and when you add into it, oh, come to the u.s. illegally, we'll give you free health care, i mean, you're just -- [laughter] you're just throwing out another incentive to break the law. brandon judd, we've got to leave it there. apologize for the shortness of the interview, but we did have those satellite problems. please come back soon. >> appreciate you having me. gregg: coming up next, joe biden pushes back against claims that he lied about this war story: >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire, and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i went to pin him, i he said, sir, i don't want the damn
1:48 am
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gregg: and now time for our segment biden blunders which is, sadly, becoming a rather frequent affair. joining us to talk about it,
1:52 am
gina loudon, political analyst, co-chair of women for trump. also with us, republican strategist and former chair of the nevada republican party, amy tarkanian. good to see you both. >> good to be with you. gregg: we played part of a short clip with biden, he's at this forum, and he's telling this story over and over again, a very moving story of how he pins a medal on a war hero and, you know, it's, sadly, just not true. here's what "the washington post" said about it. in the space of three minutes, biden got the time period, the location of a he lowic act, the type of medal and the rank of the recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. and biden is now on record as saying i am a gaffe machine. [laughter] amazingly, he gaffed that he gaffes. is this sending a really negative message to voters?
1:53 am
amy? >> well, i think it's now coming to a close for him as a presidential candidate, and he can probably feel that it's ending here fairly quickly. sun -- instead of running for office, he's probably now looking forward to more speaking engagements, maybe writing not autobiographies, but maybe more fictional and fantasy stories from here on out. it is very damning. and the fact that he doesn't even realize what he did was wrong is very, very disturbing. and i honestly mean this. i hope that he's okay. gregg: yeah. is there a perception out there that, you know, that biden is becoming really forgetful, diminished mental acuity and so forth, and how does that play politically in a very contentious primary election for the democrats? >> well, certainly his opponents are going to take advantage of this, gregg. he's really moved from the gaffe
1:54 am
machine column over to mistruth factory. i don't even know how you tell seven mistruths in three minutes. i think most of us would be challenged -- [laughter] to be able to do that. and so, you know, you hate to second guess what's going on with his mental faculty, so you just have to assume it was intentional, and this is a big problem for the democrats who already have the person who claimed to be of native american heritage and lie about that to the american people and joe biden as their really most reasonable candidates. i mean, think about that for a minute. that's the best they have. what are they going to do now? gregg: amy, there's a report in "the hill" that president trump's support among women is waning, although i must say there is contrary evidence, isn't there? >> absolutely. and i actually was just asking asking -- at a women for trump event rally in las vegas with kimberly guilfoyle, and it was packed. the room was filled with
1:55 am
energetic, enthusiastic women who are ready to pound the pavement and recruit even more women. and the fact that we have the lowest unemployment numbers on record for females and we've also had the doubling of the child tax credits and also the fact that he's been focusing on other areas, social areas dealing with abortion, i mean, it's really been quite amazing -- gregg: gina, i've got about 15 seconds, and i apologize. what's your take on it? >> polls today are like weather forecasts. we have of a president who's reached tout women, created six million jobs, more than half for women. everything i know, women love this president. gregg: good to see you. gregg: good to see you. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right -
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gregg: president trump tonight speaking to reporters on his way to camp david for the weekend saying his trade policy with china is bringing back american jobs. >> and i just saw that it came over the wires that 13% of certain companies are going to be leaving china in the not-too-distant future. that's a big thing. 13% of companies will be leaving china in the fairly near future, and i'm not surprised to hear that. i think it is going to be much higher. gregg: that's it for us tonight. lou will be back on tuesday. a reminder, my new book "witch hunt, the story of the greatest masked delusion in american
2:00 am
political history" now available for preorder on-line. hope you will buy it and more importantly hope you will read it. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. >> the heyday of hollywood. >> it was exciting. bette davis, marilyn monroe, joan crawford. >> a star-struck teen bit by the bug. >> before there were paparazzi, there was jack kuster. >> this autograph hound takes names like no other... >> elvis and, oh my gosh, robert redford. >> you name it, all of them. >> it's probably the best collection in the world. >> ...and leaves his stunned heir a lot to sort out. >> what, in your wildest dreams, is this collection worth? [ theme music plays ] ♪


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