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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 12, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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we will see you tonight. good e. from washington, while running for president, donald trump promised the american people that under him, america was start winning again after more than two and half years in office, president trump is delivering on his promises and his winning and winning and winning some more for the american people. north carolinapelling an important win in a highly contested congressional special election against a pro century city radicals them by the man of dan mccready. at major vendor enter victory
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for border security. the supreme court has sided with president trump. allowing the administration to fully enforce the policies cracking down on asylum claims. and attorneys for former national security advisor for michael flynn say the justice department new that they were at the very least problems with the fbi investigation of flynn and that the case should be thrown out. fox chief intelligent correspondent with the latest. >> thank you and good evening. according to the records unsealed by the federal court, i flynn's legal team believes there's a letter from the british embassy warning about the dossier credibility in the alleged was withheld by special counsel prosecutors. the defense team motion states in part, a letter delivered by the british embassy to the incoming national security team after donald trump selection and outgoing national security advisor susan rice says the letter just about or more
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british secret service agent and causes credibility into question and declares him untrustworthy. the timing matters because the warming about christopher about the presidential transition would be another red flag coming and james comey with president trump on the allegations in the senior justice department official could the fbi handler with a personal political biased against trauma. but the fbi and d.o.j. still relied on his work to obtain and renew the surveillance warrants to monitor a former trump aide. he recently filed his legal team who negotiated the plea deal for lying to federal investigators and his new attorney says the retired generals pressure to cut a deal to protect his son. >> when you put together the fact that mr. mueller got the letter authorizing him to target to michael flynn junior and they seized his computer and
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electronic devices in those things, it's not too hard to imagine that that might have happened. i don't want to speak now to things that are not a matter of public record. but stay tuned. >> we reached out to the british embassy and they responded and said if they had anything to offer about the letter warning they would get back to us and we also reached out to an attorney for susan rice and we will update you if we get a response. lou: susan rice knew, it's pretty clear that the obama administration understood as they prepared for the transition. that dossier that was before the pfizer court presented by comey and his fbi. it was at the very least unlikely to be interpreted on the court. >> there were several red flags, and this letter exists. we heard about it before but now in the court record. it's another red flag that said
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it was problematic to be using the dossier. if you silo it out and said maybe not everyone was on the same page with the dossier, by january of 2017 when they brief the president on allegations that they had been told months earlier that he had this bias. yet the bias was not relayed from what we can see to the national security court. all of these things were red flags and the biggest red flag of all is it was ultimately fired by the fbi for lying about the media content. lou: this was a government to government contact raising the question of steels integrity. instantly the foundation for the presentation of the pfizer court. it is stunning. after two and half years -- this is obviously been an effort and a cover up on top of -- >> we heard a lot about this letter, let's see the letter and
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its existence. let's see what it really says. >> we would like to see a lot of things. the fact of the matter, we have not seen it and time right now seems to be favoring those who would like to rewrite the record and conceal the facts from the american people. let's hope that that an end. as always thank you for your reporting. the supreme court has sided with president trump once again on the issue of illegal immigration and asylum. the court blocked the nationwide injunction against the proposed ban on asylum for anyone tried to cross the southern border through a third country. the ruling allows the policy to go into effect while the case on its merits continues in the lower court. president trump tweedy moments ago, big united states supreme court when for the border on asylum. joining us now, mark meadows who
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is north carolina congressman and head of the house freedom caucus and sits on the house of foreign affairs committee, member of the freedom caucus. it is great to have you here. and, let's talk about the win for murphy and for bishop and those races in your home state. >> big wins, both candidates ran excellent campaigns and guess what they did, they embraced this president and they said they did not run from him, not only are we going to support this president but we will advance his agenda, we will not change when we get to washington, d.c. and what we saw was an unbelievable victory. it would not have happened without the president coming in to the ninth district, you can see the voter turnout surging where he and the vice president gave the rally on monday and it was a big win.
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>> the president tweeted a comment about cnn packing up with satellite and its talent and pulling out. they had quite a different expectation obviously of the outcome. that frustration, that is one thing to see the complicity between the left-wing media and the democratic party is to be absolutely stunning and goes on and on. but for it to be so overt and so toxic and insidious is appalling. >> listen, don lemon was on at 10:00 o'clock. >> the guy on the other network, he's trying to spin it as a big win for democrats and i tell you, he was not on the ground in north carolina, i was. you could feel the energy. >> how did he spin it as a wing? >> because murphy one by 27 points and bishop one by two,
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down 17 before the president got engaged and before you who were instrumental in engaging the president in the race. >> i think they're saying the president wanted by 12 points when he ran into thousand 16 and he did, the president was not on the ballot. this was a special election and i tell you, the president is not always good going to win north carolina hell when it by a big margin because the made promises and captain. >> talking with ronald mcdaniel in the last week. the chair of the republican national committee, she is obviously trying to remove republican party to follow the leader, president trump. she obviously states unequivocally that this president is central and absolutely required for the republicans to stay strong in the house and if not retake it
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and keep the senate. >> why is there discussion? >> with his approval rating among republican voters, you would not think there would be a discussion. >> that's a good place right behind you. the capital, this swamp, they do not want to embrace this president because they love things the way they are. for special interest in special deals. the only way we will get back in the majority is for this president to win big in 2020. lou: how will you do it? and how will you energize folks who are not bright enough to understand where their future is absolutely dependent and that is upon the presence of the president at the forefront of the party at election day. >> we need to understand it was not a one off event in the november 2016 that it was indeed
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a movement that will continue to exist and somehow they think it will go back to the way it used to be. president trump, he is reaching democrats and unaffiliated hard working men and women that no republican ever reached before. lou: i'm quite used to the left-wing media not giving the present credit he's is a historic resident. but for them not to understand what this president is doing right now, whether it's engaging result, the second largest country in this hemisphere to create a new trade relationship with a country that is been to leftist into join them together, as populace president fighting global elite and, you cannot believe it. and then to see what he is doing with the border, doing with this economy, you scratch your head and say who the hell a these
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fools who do not understand the benefits of following his lead. >> a lot of them pay attention to the media that says you are not really doing as well as you think you are. they pay attention to a narrative that is not accurate but is not reflected on main street. this president is so serious about getting his agenda done, he is willing to buck the system the traditional way and he gets ridiculed for it. lou: he gets ridiculed? >> only occasionally. lou: he is thinking bigger and bolder than anyone in this country. there's not anyone in academia or the republican party or the democratic party who compares to his remainder of this decade and century. >> is only one bold enough to take on china and we knew china was a threat and he's willing to
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do that, here's what people are frustrated with and could deflate this. these investigations that have gone on for two and half years, catherine just talked about this. if people do not go to jail, this is all about just talking and rhetoric and people not been held in countable. american people will be dissolution and say enough is enough. they believe the sanction area that applies to flynn will apply to comey, peter strzok, all of them, glen simpson and they need to be held accountable. lou: i get a very strong feel from the attorneys that i respect in the folks who believe in this attorney general, i believe in him and i think he has the intellect, courage and the principal to get it done and i know -- >> i'm a big fan of bill barr, he's doing a good job.
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john durham doing a lot of work behind the scenes and i tell you reaching people that i thought only i had talked to and it's going to be a good day for america in a good day for justice. lou: in the meanwhile he resigned as chair of freedom -- >> effective october 1, i'm passing the baton. lou: i just want to answer you quickly, what we do with your free time? >> i don't know if there will be a lot of free time, we have to gear for 2020 and make sure not only is andy biggs carrying the message but that jim jordan and i and others like us continue to defend the president and do it in a way that is meaningful, the democrats are planning a show hearing tomorrow on impeachmen impeachment. lou: do you have a counter strategy. >> there's a couple of counter strategies that we will deploy and we been working with the ranking member and jim jordan. lou: that must warm the hearts
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of every republican because watching over the last 70 years, it would be nice to see the republicans up and worrying. >> about time. >> great to have you here. up next, the relationship that is being constructed between the united states and brazil by president donald trump. what is he doing? promote freedom in the western hemisphere, what is he doing with the brazilians. what will that look like? we will talk with the brazilian foreign minister here next. stay with us.
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what's happening in washington d.c.? good evening tonight from washington d.c. no one knows more, in my opinion about the legal shenanigans and
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doings, deputy assistant journal from the justice department, joe former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. as i was saying, nobody reads this doings of this swamp. so let's start, where are we going with this? we just heard congressman jordan say the truth is on the side of the republicans. i have to say, i don't se see.truth. everything we've learned about the lack of integrity, the principal and actions of the prosecutors and investigators, what is that truth worth to this president? president. and when the morty i don't see
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what it will come out and fortune. >> the only place we can go to the courts. they are trying desperately before judge to get some truth out of there. some of the things she's asking for are just amazing. they don't -- the lawyers for michael flynn didn't even have a copy of the transcript of michael flynn's conversation. he is accused of not knowing the truth about what was said. he is accused of not telling the truth and his lawyers. it's embarrassing. and he's accf not telling the truth and the transcript and his lawyers, multimillion dollar lawyers did not beget the transcript before they told him to plead guilty. it's embarrassing. but sydney is now on the case. lou: and yet, question about why there aren't exculpatory documents that exist apparently but suddenly the country
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law-enforcement agencies in the department of justice don't know where they are? >> i think we are going to come to jesus resolution here shortly. the horowitz report on the fisa warrant is a really big deal. and it's going to be awful and appoint. but beyond that, the durham work on how the conspiracy against the president got started in the role of john brennan and klapper in comay in the conspiracy is going to be really big. but the problem is the delay. every day that goes by, the president loses an opportunity to make a bigger case than the one the 30 been made. that is not his fault, that's the system. the problem is, as you start as poorly as the president was forced to start with jeff sessions and rod words inside and you don't get bill barr until two and half years into presidency, it makes life pretty
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rough. i'm hoping that horowitz and durham will fix that for the president. >> this president wants transparency and he is declare that. does he not have an option is to say let every damn document out, i do not want to see anymore nonsense and let it rip. >> he does have the option but he gave it to bill barr, that will be up to bill barr to do any declassification -- he gave it to bill barr and bill barr is probably waiting for durham to finish whatever he's doing. this should all happen, this never should have happened in the first place. >> the only people who have been impugned in all of this, who have been found to be unethical, dirty and lacking utterly principal are the investigators
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in the department of justice. >> let me tell you one of the documents that sydney is asking for, any evidence of the videoconference were angela cade said, first we asked flynn and then we ask trump. how about that. >> that was an fbi teleconference among fbi officials. not a single fbi official in that meeting ever complained about the statements about mckay. let me say this, may cade needs to be indicted. he must be indicted. if he does not get indicted and get to pass, i will be the single most disappointed lawyer in this country because you cannot do what mueller did -- and not have mccabe be indicted. i expect him to be indicted. i cannot conceive of a situation where he would not be. lou: the issue of time is
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something that we have throughout this process talked about. there is a point in which time fundable as it is becomes extraordinary precious. it's never been more precious than now. it's a nation that is been forced in a president who's been forced to go through this for three years. it is outrageous on every level, it is a sin against the republic and for this, there is a point in which bar has to move because me is cortical. and we know what the issues are, we even know where evidences and it's not being seized or acted upon sensibly and certainly not publicly and publicly and must be revealed. think that what you just said is exactly the way that everyone who loves this president and supports him, feels, not only because of him but for the sake of the republic.
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we cannot have what happened to this president ever happen again and the only thing that can prevent that or help prevent that is full disclosure and full transparency of everything that happened. i have complete confidence in bill barr and john durham. lou: i do too. -- i have to say, this is a time that we need some answers and we need to be straightforward. it becomes upfront against the american people for there to be further delay. i am not really that concerned about mccabe's feelings or anyone or co-means, it is time for justice come barreling in. >> before we leave can i say one thing, i wear this 9/11 pin for barb watson. lou: a dear friend.
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we have all lost -- so many of us have lost friends as a result of 2001 september 11, and anyway we remember. thank you, we appreciated as always. thank you. up next, new research on how much the illegal immigration population may increase just this year alone. we will take that up with michelle malkin appear next and she has written an important, very important book about this crisis. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right
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lou: joining us tonight is michelle nationally syndicated bustling author and she has a new book, it is open borders inc. who is funding america's destruction. and i urge you to buy this book. it is fascinating, detailed, it is specific and she name names. great to have you here michelle. congratulations on the book, we recommend the book to highly craig let's start with george and the role that he is playing
4:52 am
in the funding of all of the activities that seem to persist, despite almost every effort to stop illegal immigration, to secure borders, to bring law and order and respect for the nation into our society. >> instead we have a deliberate chaos that has been imposed upon a country, george, the ceo of open borders inc. and you certainly cannot underestimate the amount of wealth and influence in the power and control that a single man, billionaire who is now a multibillionaire who is dedicated 18 billion out of his net worth of 25-point to billion to the open society foundation. which exercises and exert authority around the world and people need to understand, they may see a sanctuary city or county like montgomery county of the street from the swamp and
4:53 am
think, this must be the result of forces domestically. there is a larger agenda at work. and george himself, in the case for global government which i read says the idea of sovereignty so many of us are children of illegal immigrants for example respect as a fundamental precept for the survival of the country, sovereignty to george is an obstacle and he has created an entire infrastructure of tax-exempt nonprofit to do his doing. lou: is extraordinary and i think most people, all include myself cannot conceive before a man what effort that would work against sovereignty, work against our laws, there are laws against illegal immigration and to see his tentacles reach out into various nongovernment organizations and nonprofits that are working with everything
4:54 am
from the koch brothers to the sovereign poverty law center as you document through this book. it is stunning to see how pervasive and how successful he has been with a strategy. >> and on top of what you said, it's very important fact that is also exposed in the book, he cannot do it all on his own. in the confluence of special interest that include corporate interest like the koch brothers on the right, the u.s. chamber of commerce and any number of international organizations from the united nations to european union and here, the entire legal community, you wonder why there are no seminars immediately at the border working by nationally to confirm more rights on illegal aliens than american citizens themselves. lou: this is a conversation that i would love to continue and please come back as soon as you can, i know here on a national book tour and let me tell you,
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if you're going to read a book, make it this one. we appreciated. thank you so much. great to have you here. the president leading big and leading by example. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: congress is back in town.
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but the trump administration has been here throughout. and in the past two weeks she have been working hard and moving this country ahead toward realization of the president's goals, despite double-dealing rinos and subject versey dim ms. the president has won cases in the coast appeals in the 9th district and the supreme court in the last two weeks. he's reshaping foreign and economic policy and changing the discussion in almost every issue in every realm. balancing trade relationships not only with china, but the world, and bringing the globalists and big citibanks to heal. america is succeeding and so is
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america largely because president trump makes it so. hope you will join us tomorrow. we'll be in new lauren: it's 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. new signals of potential easing, trade tensions between washington and beijing, sending u.s. futures higher. president trump delaying tariffs on chinese goods until october 15th and china says it's serious about buying u.s. farm products. cheryl: the dow is up 57 points in the premarket. tonight will b do or die for soe candidates, 2020 candidates front and center, tonight's third debate is on. joe biden's gaffes an issue. who will have a bigger target on their back? lauren: after six deaths and a mysterious lung disease outbreak, the white house plans to c d


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