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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  September 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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twitter at lou dobbs follow me on facebook and instagram at lou dobbs tonight. thanks for being with us and good night from new york. have a great weekend. good night. >> breaking tonight, he's finalizing his submitted track to attorney general bill barr. more details coming in just monuments. his part of that policy on the big stage. he talked to the game but when ask essential questions and how to solve this, but differ from the others. he can't answer the question. we are exposing him for what he wants to be. find out how sanders wants to
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take everything you worked for. while the socialists steal your money, should you dare to think trump with lower taxes? you will get hit with your favorite title. you know if the rent. >> we have a white supremacist in the white house. we know trump is a racist. >> accusations of all shaming people and this effect at the ballot box. also, find out why a professor grades his student not on actual content and quality of their writing but on their labor? correct english he said, basically the language of white supremacist.
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justice department wrapping up his review of committed, when the fbi apply for a warrant to spy on the member of trump campaign in 2016. inspector general telling us his office reviewed over 1 million records and conducted over 100 interviews and right now, the early stages of finalizing that report. the draft is in two bill barr. joining me now, contributor thomas. good have you here. knowing what you know, that they basically were able to obtain this warrant, not even telling the judge that they hadn't checked their forces and they were using research to get a
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warrant, where you think it's heading? >> when i file a motion in court, the foregoing, i'm telling the judge you can count on the facts. this doesn't see the other side. clearly they are lying because they said it's good information but they didn't e-mail that. i don't know how that could be used without someone who signed on the line saying is lying to judge. if that's the case, there could be a mistake but this is not a mistake. turning the tide against the democrats, impeachment can flame out over this as well. >> it could turn a tide but it could get some heads rolling here, potentially people going to jail because you you are
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weapon icing the u.s. government. >> what we know is true. even without the report is that the obama administration sought to spy on the opposing parties presidential campaign at the height of the election. the obama administration went back to the court to continue spying during the transition. this is an outrage and it should not be allowed to happen. >> i can't wait to eventually read all of us. the draft being submitted to bill mark. bernie sanders trish pushing out his agenda and when asked by the moderator, how they would differ from socialist policies that had obliterated places like
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venezuela, sanders didn't know how to answer that question. >> one of the differences -- >> to equate what goes on in venezuela, i'll tell you what i believe, i agree with what goes on in canada and scandinavia, guaranteed healthcare to all people and human rights. >> no surprise here. so socialists senator wants guarantees to call dictator nicholas for what he has, a dictator. >> still you refuse to call him
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dictator. can you explain why? >> anybody does who what he does is a vicious tyrant. >> could you add dictator to that, too? he basically has kind of imprisoned people there in venezuela. your ability to feed your family is not dependent on whether you are willing to vote for him or not. they deliver boxes of food. this is the fear with socialism that the system can divide without market forces in play and consequently, it becomes the state that runs everything. the state becomes rich, individuals within that political sphere. so i wasn't clear from sanders how he will make anything different. >> let's keep in mind, i wasn't clear either, a generation ago, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money. as the situation we have in
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venezuela and cuba and venezuela right now, the people are in such bad economic straits that they have to kill zoo animals to feed their family. their currency is currently worth toilet paper. this is a travesty, that's the bad news. but there's good news, why it's so important trump be reelected. we've got conservatives in brazil. we've got -- >> i hear you. just to bring it back to u.s. for a second, i think that's a warning sign, tom, he said he wants to be like the kansas scandinavians, don't forget diversity in our greatest times. we had a big country with lots of people.
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diverse population. you got sweden, a little more of the same from a little easier to enforce this socialist style but i want you to see finland. 136 days so if you ask me, you want an mri or a didn't deadly illness, you will wait weeks and weeks in canada. >> breast cancer documents is worse there than it is in the u.s. they advocate one 100% tax rates to the richest people in america. he wanted to get rid of the cia, he wanted to nationalize banks. this is bernie. he's calmed down, he only wants
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91%. but the scary thing is, between him and elizabeth warren, they take up 40% of the democratic vote in the primary and both are full on socialists. from 5 trillion a year to 18 trillion year end spending, bernie is just behind that. he's more like 12 million. it's not if, it's when. >> scary. i think we all need to stand up because this is not who we are as a country. capitalism, i get it, it may not be perfect and there are ways to help it along but you don't throw it all out and say will start over. guaranteed, if you go down that path, venezuela is not so far. the debate stage to call the senator a racist. watch. >> we know trump is a racist. we have a white supremacist in the white house and poses a mortal threat to people of color all across the country. >> used so hate and division among us. >> the madness doesn't end there.
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here why mayor pete is calling some racist. unbelievable story, why one college says grammar is a form of white language supremacy. democrats railed on their false immigration promises. >> your party controlled the white house and congress. white house and congress. why should they not trust you?
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presidential candidate in 2008, you supported the border crossing i voted for 700 and you serve as vice president that deported 3 million people. did you make a mistake? >> the president did the best thing able to be done. i'm the vice president of the u.s. >> your party controlled and didn't pass immigration reform. this was a promise made to latinos.
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why should voters agreed now? >> donald trump has a dark heart when it comes to immigrants. >> democrats on the state passing the buck when they were passed on the policies or lack thereof, lashing out on trump. it's amazing, it's like they have amnesia. they once believed importers and having more protection and now it's all gone because trump wants them. >> border barriers the detention of illegal immigrants began long before donald trump was and. 2020 democrats embraced open borders. that's not a republican talking point.
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secretary jake johnson said as much. when you disagree with democrat, they call you racist. this whole ordeal for illegal immigration worked all america americans, in the middle and lower classes, that's not the discussion democrats want to have. >> they do that? when you say you shouldn't be in the country illegally, why do you say therapy racist? >> i think biden has to suffer a lot of arrows from moderator by defending the obama administration's tough policy on immigration. >> but it's racist to say -- they are calling for open borders. i don't think it's a good tactic.
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>> biden is not calling for open borders. >> all right but the rest of them are on that platform. when you say open borders don't make sense and that's because you are racist, i mean, david. >> who's saying that from the democratic party? >> just humor me. i'm going to ask the control room where they all say if you support these policies on immigration, you are racist. here we go. still working on it. we will show you so trust me. >> we know trump is a racist. we have a white supremacist in the white house and he poses a threat to people of color all across the country. >> trump, he spent the last two and half years full time trying
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to sell hate and division among us. this is all about immigration among other things. that is their mo, if you dare to say anything, you are racist. >> if you put them back into power, they are not going to close the loophole and they don't want to deport anyone. it was up to them, the taxpayers would be forced to legalize everyone. yes, unfortunately biden supports open borders because he erased that in the first debate. that's a magnet, that will cause more people to come here. >> about this, how is that ever going to work? free education and free healthcare. >> it's not going to work. on the obama administration, it was a 50 year low. he's think there's immigration
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crisis. >> but they tell him off. >> i do think the majority of americans divided the country and that's why people are angry at him. >> good luck on that one. the more you drive it home, as someone is are racist for thinking the president had good economic policies which by the way resulted in the lowest an appointment for african-americans and women ever in the history, if you say he's racist because they have the economic policy, then you've got trouble. they're not telling you who they are really voting for. you have made them ashamed. it's good to see her. for forget everything you learned in grammar school. at this college, it's not acceptable to grade someone on
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their fighting ability. somehow if you are racist if you say it doesn't make grammatically any sense. i will explain in a moment. remember when democrats were for immigration reform? >> we cannot allow people to pour in the state undetected, undocumented. >> we do want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country. >> the american country is pro- legagagagaga i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage,
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tonight, felicity huffman will be behind bars. fourteen days in prison for her role in the college admission scandal. this is after she admitted to
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paying $15000 to have a proctor adjust her daughters sat scores. >> advised not sentenced to two weeks in prison by a judge in boston. felicity huffman, one of the most recognizable royals in the college admission scandal became the first to face justice in the case. in court, she sobbed and apologized to students, parents and colleges impacted. she didn't speak to the media released a statement promising, i will try and live a more honest life. she pled guilty to one fraud count in may, admitting she paid $15000 to a foundation, she paid the talented test taker to
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adjust her daughters test. she was showed little sympathy. most parents have a moral compass and do not step over the line. lawyers wanted probation and community service but they determined prison time was warranted. in essence, she knew what she was doing wrong, it was a fraud, it was not an impulsive act, trying to be a good mother does not excuse this. another dozen parent entered guilty pleas and will be sentenced in the coming months. the question remains, is huffman a benchmark that they could look to? what does it mean for the parent moving toward trial? >> felicity huffman on october 25,. >> just when we thought political correctness couldn't get any more out of control, this story resurfaces. there is a seminar of teaching
12:27 am
professors at american university, the sky said grading papers for correct english could be a form of white supremacy. so if someone does not use correct english, then you're somehow penalizing them with a lower grade and therefore, is white supremacy? last i checked, if you're at an university, you ought to be writing in the proper language you are communicating and how you write using correct grammar should be part of the grade. professors were taught white language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms despite the better,
12:28 am
particularly through the practices of grading writing. you got back? rating someone writing is not racist? the correct alternative is to grade labor. [laughter] unbelievable. forget content and how he right or whether or not you can communicate and get your message across in the paper, it's how many hours he worked on it. the new center, doctor scott, welcome. good to see you. i thought i heard all but this is really out there. >> this is another step in the dumbing down of america. this has gone wild. here we are, it reminds me when they put this in public schools that the legitimate language. it suggests that black and brown people are not competent enough
12:29 am
to speak or write intelligently and articulately and there has to be a compromise and allowing them, it's actually racist to think that way because it is think we are not intelligent enough to be able to write correctly. so we have to accommodate their lack of intelligence. ridiculous. >> you are supposed to evaluate them, grade them on how much labor they putting to the paper. i don't care if it took you two hours or two weeks, if you're a writer who can get your ideas across and it's a good paper, deserving of an a because of the content and ideas and language,
12:30 am
you should get an a. i don't care how much time you spent on it, if there's no content and nobody can understand it or read it because it's not in proper english, that does not deserve a better grade. >> the whole argument is dumb. effort is involved in learning how to write correctly. there's effort involved in learning how to spell punctuate and do the all correctly. >> we are going through this right now. >> if you don't want to take the effort to learn how to do it right, i can't reward you for your lack of effort in doing wrong. this language, this is a whole other line. i'll accuse you of white language supremacist, a white migrant racist. >> we life about it but it's really crazy. where are we heading? if this is the and now.
12:31 am
>> somebody is thinking too much. they are taking everything to extremes, that it doesn't have to be taken to. it's very sad for this country. it's a very sad indictment. >> i see this reverse racism. absolutely right. if they cannot communicate properly and they are deserving of a certain great just because of that, that's messed up. pastor scott, thank you so much. caught on camera, a dog. a toilet. i wish i could teach my dog to do things like that. ever wonder how much an american spends on dating in their lifetime? the number is shocking. we will reveal that in a moment.
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tonight, no follow from trump, a massive tax cut and it could be right around the corner. >> we are working on a cash cut for the middle income people is going to be very inspirational, something i think is what everyone is looking for and will announce it in the next year. will be a very substantial tax cut for middle income folks who work so hard. >> another tax cut for people who work so hard for the money. there are questions like could republicans get a cut for the
12:37 am
middle class to the democrat controlled house? democrats are refusing because people back some of the money that they rightly earned in the first place. they may play a political price but the tax cut for the hard workers, keeps all this momentum going. no state income tax, no sales tax, that's where i grew up. i happen to think this would be great for the economy. >> i think it would be great except the money has to come from somewhere. we have an enormous government with enormous expenses. the money has to come from somewhere. >> right so.
12:38 am
[laughter] i hear you're. by the way, we need to cut funding for sure. that's a priority but i don't think this is entirely linked. i look at the last year, this president came in, cut taxes, pleasant regulations and band in 2018, we have the highest revenue in the history of this great nation. so my good buddy, basically you've got to hit that sweet spot. you have to make it worthwhile for people who want to go out there and invest if you hit that sweet spot, it's going to get
12:39 am
more in the way of revenue. that will take anything away from what you just said, that we spend too darn much. >> and we need to spend even more on defense. we are facing a worldwide crisis of a multi generational strugg struggle, it's a dangerous struggle. the russians are army very fast and the chinese army very fast. we are going to spend serious money on defense. where is the money going to come from? it's dangerously questioned as to whether we will have bankrupt going on. i would love to see spending cuts, i don't know where but there's always going to be someone that can't be cut. where is the money going to come from? >> one of the things this administration has done that i have admired and thought should
12:40 am
be used great force going forward regardless of who is are in office, if you think creatively about the economic tools we have, you got the military but rather more things we can do to confront these countries and squeeze them heart hard? without the pappy sanctions tariffs because, if you hurt their economy, you're hurting their military. it's another war tactic. frankly. >> the japanese went to work with us in world war ii beginning with pearl harbor attack because they were so angry at us for sanctions.
12:41 am
it's not an easy thing to do to have warfare cuts and sanctions. it's not an easy thing to do. it's a dangerous thing we run. why do we need a tax cut so bad that is more important than having a very strong defense? to me, the department of defense is number one. >> i disagree, especially. to me, priority number one is having a strong economy. to be continued for another day. i'm all for defense, don't get me wrong. coming up, from new york city, liberals continue to push for more taxes. joe biden making another.
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>> poor kids are just as great as white kids. as white kids. i met with them up on the hill.
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billionaire moving his company right out of new york. downtown miami, florida. he knows what he's doing. he says he wants the sun and a casual pace. while that may be true, florida 0% income tax has a lot to do with that move. this is what liberals do not get. it's going to keep on happening. plus, the weather is good. >> i watch my business three years ago, i can do this anywhere. like new york but the economics just don't make sense. >> you look at the case of the
12:47 am
ultimate tax, it's probably in his case, a 20, maybe 22 percentage points swing from new york city down to florida. >> they have rules about this, you can only spend so many states, whether to sell. >> who wasn't who made that comment about once you have the government in and they think their cause, they never get them out. >> then they will go -- >> they go through phone records and electricity in any number of means they can try to prove that you are in the city or not. it's one of those things, guilty until proven innocent. >> i mentioned earlier, i grew up in new hampshire. we had no income or investment
12:48 am
tax, it's pretty darn cold there. maybe he's on to something. >> new hampshire, your neck of the woods is beautiful and moderate. >> you are playing to my weaknesses there. great place. let me turn to china. a story out tonight, a gesture of goodwill, exempt purchases and this is a decision being cheered by u.s. farmers , this indicates maybe we are getting somewhere. >> there have been so many naysayers from each side needs the other not only for trade but each leader needs the other. trump wants to win an election. he won't be able to do that if the economy slipped into recession. the uncertainty over trade
12:49 am
created enough kinks in the flow of funds that we really do need the certainty of the trade deal. we already know what china is dealing with, they are slipping gdp. each leader needs the other. >> at the same time, i don't think she wants trump to have another four years. like okay, great, we will go back to business as usual. >> trump is way tougher on china than any other president in recent history but guess who will win.
12:50 am
>> i think you're right. >> i don't think he will lose it. i think he realizes the key to this whole thing, which is why he's talking a possible new tax cut, he's also talking about a deal even if it's half deal just because he wants to give businesses the certainty that comes with even half deal because expenditures are done. i think you want to get a deal done. that helps the economy and helps him. don't tell the dems. >> the market continues. >> at times, i have been there. i was buying last december and in may and august. i don't have as much exposure for my subscribers and the people whose money i managed, i used to but i'm -- there's no recession in 2020. i think what good americans names like jake behind, like you or i. >> thank you. don't move to florida. i love seeing you. [laughter] caught on camera, a dog.
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12:55 am
excusing students next friday because there's a climate change thing happening? >> right. and what bothers -- first of all, let me just say i like planet earth. i live here, i think it's nice. that being said, this school coming out and saying just, you know, all you kids can go to this if you want to kind of implies that they should, and there might be some students who don't want to. i would rather be in class. i never missed school. i would be so sick, i was so freaked out about missing homework with, a lot of anxiety for a 5-year-old, but still that's how i was. [laughter] i wouldn't have gone, and what if everyone would have been made fun of me? i had terrible hair, i couldn't have dealt with -- trish: you don't have terrible hair. >> oh, i had a mullet thing going on for a while. trish: wow. you know what? i'm glad you're standing up for those kids who wouldn't want to go -- >> if you want to go, that's fine, but the fact that the school is pressuring them. trish: yeah, i hear ya.
12:56 am
former vice president joe biden -- [laughter] it's so funny. he's citing the record player, the record player. can you even buy one right now? discussing segregation at thursday night's debate. watch. >> we bring social workers into homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. it's not that they'll want to help, they don't know quite what to do. play the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player at night, make sure the kids hear words. trish: trish: okay, i know where he was trying to go with that -- >> right. my favorite part about it is that he started with television and then said, no, excuse me, record player. it's like, no! [laughter] i feel bad for him, like, i'm like -- you were so close! you were so close. when he accidentally called bernie sanders the president
12:57 am
again yesterday, i was like, oh, no. [laughter] it's gotten to point where i'm like, no, joey, no! trish: like you're rooting for him. >> yeah. trish: all right. so dating, apparently, well, i get it. it's really expensive, yeah. a new study reveals just how much money the average american is spending on dating, and it's quite a bit. >> yeah. six figures throughout their lifetime. i'm sorry, but i just want to say where were all these men in my 20s when i was single and hungry? because these were not the dates i was going on. i went out on a date once, he had me meet him at the park, thought that was kind of weird. he shows up late with a bag. he pulls two 40s out of the bag, one for me, very sweet. [laughter] that date cost no more than $4,? [laughter] that was the kind of dates -- even the park, the dates that i was going on. so i feel like, i don't know, i got shafted. trish: so now even's going on these expensive -- everybody's
12:58 am
going on these expensive dates and spending all this money. maybe over the course of a lifetime maybe it would help if they just settled down. >> yeah. i have friends who are on dating apps and they're on a different date with a different person every night, and it's -- trish: wow. next, a furry little friend is giving his family quite a surprise after being caught on camera using a training potty. this is kind of -- [laughter] interesting. he actually went in the training potty. >> i love it. i love it. trish: right? wouldn't it be great if you could just train your dog to go in an actual potty? >> yes. trish: flush it. sorry to be graphic, but that would be great. >> yes. i don't have a dog, i do have a cat. and his litter box is in my bathroom. and he kicks litter everywhere. every time i go to the bathroom, i end up having to vacuum it up again. so i want this dog. i'm telling him when i go home, i'm going to say, listen, you're
12:59 am
on thin ice, buddy. that's not true. trish: you're a cat person. >> i love all animals is it's just that cats are easier to take care of. they require very little of you. trish, no i get it. i have a dog right now, a little maltese that is kind of like a cat. [laughter] >> yeah. little nugget? trish: but without the benefit of a litter box. >> the litter box is a nice thing but not when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and get cat litter in your clothes. trish: any mans for the weekend? >> i'm going to put sweat pants on and drink wine. and then i have to go to a lacrosse game. it's not a sport. trish: really? why not? they run. >> they run but it's just, like, you know, it's -- it doesn't appeal to me, so i've decided it's not a sport. trish: but it's a date. >> it is. you're welcome, honey. [laughter] trish: thank you, kat, have a great weekend. everybody out there, thank you as always for tuning in. i see you back here on monday.
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