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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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♪ >> good evening everybody from washington, while running for president, donald trump promised the american people that under him america would start winning again. after more than two and a half years in office president trump is is delivering on his promises and his winning and winning and winning some more for the american people. north carolina legislator dan bishop last night using the president support to propel into an important win in a highly contested congressional special election against a prosanctuary city radical dem by the name of dan mccready and major victory for border security, the supreme court has sided president trump
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allowing administration to fully enforce its policies cracking down on asylum claims and attorneys for former national security advisor michael flynn say now that the justice department knew that there were at the very least about problems with the fbi investigation of flynn and that the case should be thrown out. fox chief intelligence cor or spoangt katherine with the latest. >> well thank you lew and good evening according to these records unsealed today by the federal court michael flynn legal team believe there's a letter from the british academy warning about the author credibility and they allege it was withheld by special counsel prosecutors the defense team motion states in part, quote, a letter delivered by the british academy to the incoming national security team after donald trump's election and to outgoing national security advisor susan rice it continues to say that letter apparently disavows former british secret agent
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calls this is credibility into questions and declares him untrustworthy . the timing matters here because a warning about christopher steele during the presidential transition would be another red flag coming as then james comey brief president elect trump on dossier most salacious allegations and senior justice department official says fbi hand her of the personal and political bias against trump. but the tbifer doj reveal on work to obtain and renew surveillance warrants to monitor a former trump aid and fired his legal team who negotiates the plea deal from lying to federal investigators and newly attorney says that retired generals was pressured to cut a deal to protect his son. >> well, when you put together the fact that mister -- mueller got the letter authorizing him to target michael flynn jr. and ceased michael flynn jr. computers and electronic device an those thing it is not too hard to imagine
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that might have happened. i don't to speak now to things that are not a matter of public record. but stay tuned -- >> fox news reached out to british academy here in washington tonight. they were responded and said if they have had anything to offer, about the letter warning about christopher steele they would get back to us and we also reached out to an attorney for suzanne rice, of course, update you if we get a response there. >> susan rice knew it was pretty clear that the obama administration understood as they prepared for the transition that that dossier that was before the fisa courts presented by comey mig and his fbi was that the very least -- likely to be a fraud on the court. >> several red flags and if this letter, in fact, exist we heard it be before but now in court record it is another red flag that said that it was problematic to be using the dossier so if you kind of it out
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say maybe not everyone was on same page of the dossier by january of 2017 when they're briefing the president on most salacious allegations, bruce told by him he had this bias get that bias was not relaid from what we can see to national security court. but again all of these things were red flags and biggest red flag of all is that steele was ultimately fired by the fbi. for lying about his media contact. >> and this was a government to government contact raising the question of steel's integrity. and certainly the foundation for the presentation to the fisa court. it is stunning after two and a half years. of the -- taken this long. it is, this is, obviously, been an effort, this has been a coverup on top of an absolute. let's see the paperwork we've heard a lot about this letter let's see the letter in existence yeah british academy letter let's see what it really
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says. >> we would like to see a lot of things the fact of the matter is we haven't seen it and time right now seems to be favoring only those who would like to rewrite the record and conceal the facts in the american people. let's hope that that is at an end now. katherine as always thank you for your reporting. appreciate it. the supreme court has sided with president trump once again on the issue of illegal immigration and asylum high court blocked a nation wide injunction against the proposed ban on asylum l for anyone trying to cross the southern border through a third country. the ruling allows the policy to go into effect while the case on its merits continues in the lower courts. president trump tweeting moments ago big united states supreme court win for the border on asylum. joins us now mark meadows north
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carolina congressmen and head of the former head of the house freedom caucus. stits on the house foreign affairs committee member as i've said of the freedom caucus congressman it is great to have you here. lean eats talk about about wins for murphy -- and for bishop, in those races in your home state. >> a big win both candidates ran complengt campaigns and guess what they did. they embraced this president. they said they did not run from him. they said not only are we going to support this president. but we're going to advance his agenda. we're not going to change when we get to washington, d.c. . we saw a victory and without the president coming into that ninth district you can see that voter turnout just surging right around where he and vice president gave those rallies on monday and it was a big win. >> the president tweeted out a comment about about cnn packing up its satellite trucks and it
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pulling out. they have quite a different expectation, obviously, of the outcome. that frustration -- is one thing but to see that complicity between the left wing media and the democratic party is to me absolutely stunning it goes on and on. i shouldn't be stunned. but for it to be so overt and to be -- so toxic and insidious to me is appalling. >> well, i mean, listen don was on at 10:00. >> don -- who that guy on other network so he's on trying to spin it as a big win for democrats and i can tell you he wasn't on ground in north carolina . i was. you could feel the energy and how did he spin it as a win i'm just curious about that. >> because murphy won by what was it 27 points. >> yeah. bishop won by two it was down 17 before the president got engaged
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and before you were instrumental in engaging the the president. in that race -- what and how well do you think when they're saying president won it by 12 point when he ran in 20 1-6g and he did. but guess what the president wasn't on ballot this was a special location low turnout and i can tell you that the president is not only going to win north carolina. he's going to win it by a bigger margin why because he's made promises and he's kept those promises and he continues to do that. >> talking with ronald within the last week, the chair of the republican national committee, she is, obviously, trying to move and follow its leader that is trump she's, obviously, and states e unequivocally required for republicans to stay strong in the house, and if not retake it and keep the senate.
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>> why is there a discussion here? >> well, i mean, and with his approval rating among republican voters you wouldn't think there would be a discussion. >> 94%. right behind you. yeah lou this place right behind you the capitol this swamp they don't want to embrace this president because they love things the way they are. where special interest and special deals they love being in minority and love being -- >> no they don't love that but only way to get back in is for this president to win big in 2020. >> how do you do it and how are you going energize folks qhor first of all not bright enough to understand where their future is absolutely dependent and that is upon the presence of the president at the fore front of the party come election day. >> well we need to understand that it was not a one off event in november 2016 that it was indeed a movement that will continue to exist. you know somehow they think it is going to go back to the way
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it used to be. president trump, he's reaching democrats and unaffiliated hardworking men and women that no republican ever reached before. >> you know, i'm quite used to national left wing media not giving this credit he's a historic president without a doubt. >> by any definition or standard. but for them not to understand what this president is doing right now -- whether it is engaging brazil the second largest country in this hemisphere to create a new trade relationship with a country that has been so leftist that -- and to join and trump together as populous presidents fighting global, globalist elites, i mean, and -- you know, just you can't believe it. and then to see what he's doing with with the border. doing request the economy. you just scratch your head and say who the hell are these fools? who don't understand the benefit of following his lead.
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>> well a lot of them pay attention to the media that say well you're not really doing as well as you think you are. they're trying, you know, they pay attention to a narrative that is just not accurate but it is not reflected on mainstream and here's the thing this president is so serious about getting his agenda done that he is willing to buck the system that traditional way of getting things and he gets ridiculed for it but here's what we also -- ridiculed for only occasionally but by his own -- he's thinking bigger, and bolder than anyone in this country. there suspect anyone in academia or anyone in the republican party or the democratic party who even compares to his imaginings for the remainder of this decade an century. >> only one bold enough to take on china which we all know that china was a threat he's willing to do that. here's what people are frustrated with and here's what could deflate all of this. these investigations that have
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been going on for two and a half years katherine just talked about this, if people do not go to jail, and this is all about just talking and rhetoric american people will be dissolution and say enough is enough. they believe that the same standard that applies to general flynn, should apply to james comey, and andrew mccabe peter strzok all of them glenn simpson and about they need to be held accountable. >> i have a very strong feeling -- from -- from the attorneys i respect the folks who have, believe in this attorney general -- i believe in him and i think he has it both the intellect and courage and principle to get it done and i know that you are -- i'm a big fan of the bill barr he's doing a good job. the i. g. is doing a good job john durham doing work behind scenes and i can tell you they're reaching people that i
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thought only i had talked to and it is a good day for america and good day for justice. >> meanwhile you have left your resigned your post as such of the freedom -- effective october first in passing baton, and to congressman andy biggs, i wanted to ask you quickly what do you do with all of your free time now? >> i don't think there will be a lot of free time. i think what we have with to do is gear up for 2020 make sure not son-in-law andy biggs carrying message for freedom caucus but jim jour done and others like us continue to defend the president and do it in a way that is meaningful. you know democrats planning show hearing tomorrow on impeachment trying to it shall >> counterstrategy. >> couple that we're going to deploy and we've been working with the ranking member and jim jordan and -- you know we're not going to take it sitting down. >> good because that's -- that has got to be -- must warm hearts of the
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republican and watching over the last so many years, it would be nice to see the republicans up on their roars. >> about time isn't it? >> mark great to have use here. >> thank you, thank you congressman. up next, the positive relationship that is being constructed between the united states and brazil by oh, yes. president donald trump, what is he doing to promote freedom in the western hemisphere what is he doing with the brazilians? what is that going to look like? we'll talk with the brazilian foreign minister ernesto here next. stay with us. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing]
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well the president today say he's working with south american nations in assisting with venn sway are venezuelan humanitarian crisis and called it an example of what socialism produces. we're working with other countries on a humanitarian basis venezuela is in very sad shape that shows you about socialism. i mean, that shows you what happens. you take a country that was so wealthy 15 years ago and today they don't have water or basic
11:19 pm
food. >> welt the president also making it clear that the large test country in south america brazil should expand their trading relationship with the united states, the president calling for a free trade relationship between brazil, and the united states. i sat down with brazilian foreign minister to talk about the possibilities that president trump has put forward and he and president shared vision for the two countries. >> we're joined now by the foreign minister of brazil is ernesto great to have you with us and welcome to fox business. we want to start with first the relationship between the united states and brazil. the two largest countries in this hemisphere. it's an extraordinary opportunity the president says he wants to see a strong significant relationship with brazil your thoughts. >> great to be here, lou.
11:20 pm
that's a moment to build the relationship we always wanted to all we wanted to do to the united states, brazil and for a long had time denied that possibility. they assumed it anti-american and the natural thing was to have a trump partnership. our diplomatic tradition, the good diplomatic tradition is that brazil wants to be the player in the world and for that, you need a strong relationship with the united states or we want to be -- to go that way. >> brazil is always historically as you suggest been orr yengtsed towards the european union it has also been politically ideologically far more -- far more left than the united states. that with the election of the government that is, obviously, changing. how critical is that to
11:21 pm
succeeding in building a strong trading relationship, a strong relationship between the united states and brazil. >> yeah we're changing the whole economic and political approach that was wrong that gave us maybe four years of corruption of inefficiency partly because we try to follow let's say the welfare state motto without means. you know without being able to afford it. but that's because of intellect elite not because of the brazilian people and identify much more i think with the american way. they want to be entrepreneurs they want to be free an have an open economy and that's the way fors us to break cycle of stagnation and corruption. >> it is interesting because the president of the united states and brazil are two men who are populous who are reoriented their countries and their economic systems. and their national perspectives
11:22 pm
toward balanced trade, a representation of the people of both countries in their government rather than up e elites and globalism has become point a fact a dirty word certainly in discussions with this government and i take it in discussions with your government as well. >> that's right. i think we have two leaders two great presidents who want to build strong nations. strong economies. and we want to connect to have that with brazil certainly this would be important for the project that we have. of the open competitive economy, and for freedom l for us the world for us it shall our region, and the world. and the globalist -- mainstream doesn't like president trump doesn't like because they know we come for, we come for basically ruling for the people that's --
11:23 pm
that should be what democracy is about. for some reason, and we have those eliteses that through the media in brazil and maybe in europe elsewhere try to control what had people want. in brazil we have a very clear situation like a that. you have the government and then you have a smoke screen that is media that tries to hide what they're doing but people are watching and we want to watch for the people. >> the president has branded most of our national media as faith news, and the american people and the brazilian people neither are fools. and they see what is happening. and why they're leaders would like to direct chair economies indeed their countries, and it's an exciting prospect for both. there are some details that one is national security for brazil and for the united states. and for the role of the two countries in this had hemisphere
11:24 pm
as we were looking at cuba. we're looking at venezuela, and both the disappointment of their economic and ideological models but also their some of their aggression that is -- they try to extend throughout the hemisphere. >> yeah that's a big concern for us. we want to stand for freedom across the hemisphere. for real not just in words, and we want to get rid of the dictatorship in the hemisphere for a moment it looked like dictatorship and totalitarian regimes were gone but in the waif coming back so we went to other democratic countries across the region to help venezuelan recovered their democracy, we have to address other nondemocratic countries in the region and the rule they play. and that's not only for solidarity because we want to live in a safe region and this
11:25 pm
region will only be hemisphere will be only faith if you have to read up those left wing totarianism regime. >> exciting history in the brazil and united states we look forward to talking to you a great deal more in parking lot future. thanks so much. thanks so much for this. >> next the radical dems in the senate want to nix president emergency border wall funding why would they do that? let's find what the administration had will do in response acting director morgan joins us after these quick words. please stay with us. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees
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liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ joining us tonight acting custom border protection, commissioner mark morgan great to have you with us mark and let me start with eight illegal immigrants in sanctuary county, the story is
11:30 pm
replicated across the country sanctuary cities, sanctuary counties, california you can call safely a sanctuary state. what is -- is there any sort of response that's effective here on the part of your agency? >> so the first thing i would say is commissioner of the custom and border protection is this is another reason why we need the wall. this isn't a project for the president, this is a tool or technique that the men and women of the united states border patrol have been asking for a long time. and what this should tell the american people lou i'm glad you are bringing this to their attention is this is not humanitarian crisis. this is why this is also national security crisis. because people do not want to have intellectually honest conversations if we would there would be migrants coming here that are good people but also a lot of bad people they're getting in this country because our borders are not secure because congress won't do their job and this is just another
11:31 pm
example that proves this. >> and you know, another report that u.s. prisons reporting that about a third of incarcerated prisoners are from -- are not born in this country. and the impact on our society is absolutely disproportionate to the number of illegal immigrants as well as those who were immigrants but more elsewhere. in our prisons. i mean, this is straightforward stuff. but it is almost impossible to cut through the noise of the left wing national media and, of course, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and their conference in both chambers. >> lou here's another element, here's what the american people should be kl concerned we just had a sheriff this week a sheriff a public servant get out there and say, that he talk ad about forces the law but i.c.e.
11:32 pm
detainer is not the law it is just a request. since when did one law enforcement agency not honor the the request of another law enforcement agency? when you have stopped doing that, i'm telling you this country, every city that that is attitude that city is left safe. this is where we've come many this country with cooperating with each other and this crisis. >> speaking of cooperation, because the president threatened mexico with tariffs. he brought unprecedented cooperation from the government of mexico, but now we hear from the foreign minister of mexico that there's perhaps a limit to their cooperation they do not want to cooperate on the safe third country policy of the united states. your outlook. >> so lou, i think look, i hope press conference this week, about the numbers.
11:33 pm
mark look it is clear. the government in mexico as you said has stepped up in unprecedented way 25,000 troops. under migrant protection protocol over 44,000 people that they've agreed that are wait manager mexico as they go through the process in this country. and that was at large part the reason where we have seen had the 57% reduction in the last 90 days if but as i've said make no mistake, mexico we need this them to do more. we're going to continue to press for them toll reach additional agreements continue to stain their operation, and continue to work with us with strategic target and enforcement operation they're doing a great job looking at true partners as a regional crisis but we need them to do more and continue to press them to do more. >> when you say press them to do more. i presume that mean it is that president reactive his tariffs should they decide to let their responsibilityies lapse. >> so i don't to speak per the president.
11:34 pm
but i absolutely believe that is still part of the negotiations. >> all right. mark morgan always good to talk with you. thank you so much. >> you bet. up next more on what michael flynn' legal team says should move the case to dismissal. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? every curve, every innovation, every feeling. a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months.
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a lot of happening in washington, d.c. and good evening tonight from washington, d.c. no one knows more in my opinion
11:38 pm
about -- the league should i call them sha -- in doings victoria former deputy assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the justice want, joe former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia founding partners of the intense law firm, and as i was saying, nobody reads this the doings in this quite as well as you all so let's start with well where are we going with this? we've just heard congressman jordan say that truth is on the side of the republicans. i have to say to you. i don't see that truth which is without question based on the special counsel report on everything we've learned about the lack of integrity, the inprincipal actions of the prosecutors and the investigators. what is truth worth to this president? >> in the minority i don't see
11:39 pm
how truth will come out in the house of representatives unfortunately not while they're still in the minority. the only place we can go is to the court and sydney powell our friend is trying desperately before judge to get some truth out of this. do you know, some of the things that she's asking for are just amazing like they don't even -- the lawyers from michael flynn didn't even have a copy of the transcript of michael flynn's conversation with kris accuse of not telling the truth about what was said in that transcript and he's accused of not telling what was in that transcript and husband lawyers his multimillion dollar lawyers didn't get transcript before they told them to plead guilty it is embarrassing but sidney is now on the case. prchtion on the case and yet, a question about why -- about there aren't document its that exist apparently but suddenly the country law
11:40 pm
enforcement agencies and department of justice don't know where with they are -- >> well i think, i think we were going come to there's going to be a come to jesus resolution here shortly. horowitz report on the fisa report is a big deal and it is going to be awfulling and it is going to a point. but beyond that, the durham work on how the conspiracy against the president got started and the role of john brennan and clapper and comey in that conspiracy is going to be really big. but the problem is the delay. and every day that goes by, the president loses an opportunity to make a bigger case than the one he's already beened made. and that's not his fault. it is the system, and the problem is when you start as poorly as the president was forced to start, with a jeff sessions and rod rosenstein and don't get your bill barr until two and a half years into your presidency, it makes life pretty rough.
11:41 pm
but i'm hoping that horowitz and durr what republican going to fix that for the president. >> this president wants transparency he's declared that. does he not have an auction just to say -- lets every damn document out i don't to see anymore of this nonsense and let it rip. >> he does have that option but he gave it to bill barr that's up to bill barr to do any declassification and probably waiting -- until durham has proved -- >> yeah. [laughter] but you know he gave it, he gave it to bill barr, and he's probably bill barr is probably wait for durham to finish whatever he's doing i know it is see this should have all happen whatted this never should have happened in the first place. the only people who have been of all of this and not impugn but unethical dirty, and lacking utterly in principle are the investigators and the want of justice. >> so let me tell you one of the
11:42 pm
documents that sidney is is asking for from the judge any evidence of the video conference where andrew mccabe said first we f flynn and then we f trump. how about that? for an unprejudices -- >> that was fbi meeting. teleconference among fbi officials and guess what, not a single fbi official in that meeting ever complained about the statements by mccabe. let me just say this about mccabe, mccabe needs to be indicted he has to be indicted he must be indicted. if he does not get indicted and gets a pass, i will be the single most disappointed lawyer many this country because you cannot do what we -- what mueller did to pap papadopoulos and lies and romger stone and all of these people, and not have mccabe be indicted i cannot conceive of a situation where he would not be. >> you know, the issue of time is something that we have
11:43 pm
throughout this process talked about. there is a point in which time as it is becomes extraordinarily precious it has never been more precious than now. this is a nation that has been forced a president who has been forced to go through this. for three years -- it is outrageous on every level it is a sin against the republic and for this -- there's a point of which barr has to move because time is critical. and we know what the issues are. we even know where the evidence is, and it is not being ceased nor acted upon as sensibly. certainly not publicly and publicly it must be revealed. >> i think that what you've just said is exactly the way that everyone who loves this president and supports him feels. not only because of him but for the sake of the republic we
11:44 pm
cannot have what happened to this president ever happen again, and the only thing that can prevent that or at least help prevent it is full disclosure and full transparency of everything that happened. now i have complete confidence in john durham and bill barr. i'm assuming they're working as fast as they can -- large pleasure because we need it now. >> and you. but i have to say -- this is, this is a time that we need some answers and we need them straightforward we can -- >> it is it becomes affront against american people for there to be further delay. i am not really that concerned frankly at this point about mccabe feelings or anyone or comeys, it is time for justice to come -- to come barreling in. this is just -- >> we agree with you but before we leave can i say this one thing i wear this for barbara olson. >> i think -- >> of your friend i think we all
11:45 pm
lost we all shouldn't say -- >> so many of us have lost a friend as a result of 2001, september 11th, and anyway. we remember. god bless. thank you victoria and joe. we with appreciate it as always. thank you. up next, my thoughts on the gap between president trump historic accomplishments as president and how he's being portrayed by the fictional leftist media that is left this media that well, trades in fiction. and the party of hate is right after these quick messages, stay with us. ♪ all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route.
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>> there is a widening differential between the america described by the national left wing media and the america and the world in which we actually live. and expense rat gap between president trump historic accomplishments and the caricature of the president that is drawn by both of the leftist media and the radical dems who so viciously attack a mr. trump in their mad continuing obsession to not only block his agenda to slow his achievements to somehow no matter how vicious
11:50 pm
or crave in the means prevent his reelection in 2020. president trump at a critical moment has successfully maneuvered chinese into a new reality that replaces their now defunk obsession of world domination. iran understands the economic power of this country understands because of president trump they don't want to ever test our military power. afghanistan, north korea, and the worldwide employment of our troops are legacy of decades of american arrogance and the bureaucracies that have been habited and indeed controlled. our state department for years, the vision isist leaders who in succession in white house did the same. john bolton served as president well and we thank him for his service is. and now a new national security advisor will be chosen by the president and he or she will execute the president's strategies and vision we hope for the same success and commitment to mr. trump values
11:51 pm
and vision as did john bolton. a great american. up next, radical dems waste nod time to ramp up their efforts to try to block this president's agenda and harass anyone involved in his presidency including our next guest . former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski he joins us after this quick break. stay with us. ♪ that one?! no! what about that?! no! what about now?! no! that do it?! [ buffer stops ] still not working! how 'bout now?! no! i just don't know. i mean, i don't know who labeled this thing. yeah?! no! yeah?! ♪ ♪
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the house judiciary committee now set to question president trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski in the house committees obstruction investigation is the chairman jared knadler called it and subpoenaed lewandowski announce today that he will be testifying next week on september 17th. joining us tonight the aforesaid mr. lewandowski campaign manager cory great to have you here. >> thank you. >> i mean when i hear myself saying that, you're going show up with knadler to what end? >> you know lou what questions they have. i've been clear identify testified twice in front of the house intelligence committee and once in front of the senate it is all available all been public and put out there. i've stone spoken to mueller investigators that investigation has been put out there and no
11:56 pm
new information out there and all this is chairman knadler attempt to get off a challenge in his district in the upper west side in new york. >> that's incredible, and i mean -- what do you expect to happen a? >> nothing. look this and by the way lou, i'm going to do this from front of the cameras to e reminding people of what a witch with hunt this has been and no new news here and nothing to go and impeach the president from unless you want to accuse him of fighting for america and putting america first if that's the cause, if that's the charge, then he is guilty as charged but this, russia hoax investigation is long over. there was no obstruction, there was no collusion. and i'm happy to reminding american people that have. there's closure, it is a wrap as we say in the trade. and everybody but apparently thed radical documents dem on the house and some in senate just want to
11:57 pm
continue of the reality it cannot end well for the democrats. >> i think lou what they're going to do is overstep their bowngdz as they have done and this is reflected in november of 2020 elections and nancy pelosi is going to be the first speaker of the house at two times lost the majority and the republicans going to be back in control because american people are tired of this. we waited for the mueller report to come out. because everybody says once that report comes out it is going to show solution show obstruction it was none and now over and if congress wants to do something beneficial, let's go after james comey for lying what we call perjury and a prosecute andrew mccabe and james baker who we know leaked information. let's go after the real criminals in this investigation which is comey mig and clap and brennan and hold them accountable for crimes that committed against american people. >> to that point, the dpght department of justice under leadership of william barr
11:58 pm
investigating -- all a folks you just mentioned -- are we going to see in your judgment are we going to see justice done? >> question of to. question of to lou because american people deserve it . just because you were director of the fbi doesn't give you right to break the log and abuse system and use your badge and gun to go after people because of their politics look what they did to carter page age so many other people theys use their positions of influence to try to destroy american lives. because they didn't like their politics. those people need to be held accountable for that because that happens in third world countries not this country. >> interesting we don't know what happened to the -- the left top we don't know e-mails we don't know why the fbi never took charge of dnc servers hacked by russians and we're supposed to just accept that. >> lou what we have to e
11:59 pm
remember is in 2016, president obama was president of the united states comey mig and clapper were head of the apparatus not all private citizen with no ability to economy getting up and giving speech in front of ten was thousands every day five times day so if there's any accountability for russian interference it falls under obama administration the leadership that he had in place. because we didn't hear had about these problems in the 2018 midterm elections and i'm not going to hear about them in 2020 because under donald trump they've toughened institutions and made sure we have ballot integrity and election security. no one wants to talk it be and hold people accountable spoj for any crimes committed in to 2016 and that's comey and clapper and brennan. >> it would be great to see them under oath and to see them brought to account. cory. always good to talk with you. cory corey lewandowski we thank you for being with us and remindinger to follow me on
12:00 am
twitter at lou dobbs follow me on facebook and instagram at lou dobbs tonight. thanks for being with us and good night from new york. the following is a paid advertisement from time life. ♪ ♪ saturday in the park ♪ ♪ i think it was the 4th of july ♪ >> ♪ whoa-ooh-oh ♪ listen to the music ♪ whoa-ooh-oh ♪ listen to the music >> ♪ even the nights are better now that we're here together ♪ (announcer) in the early '70s, rock music mellowed out and showed a softer side. singer-songwriters, acoustic guitars, and sun-kissed melodies took over the airwaves and the sound of soft rock


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