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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 18, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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[♪] lou: good he can. the house judiciary committee officially opened their effort to overthrow the president of the united states. the dems spending more than five hours questioning and berating former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. the hearing featured lewandowski and the radical dems behaved like farcical hilarious clowns. they abused their witnesses as well as their office and the public trust. for the latest on today's hearings we turn to catherine herridge in washington.
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catherine: the hearings just wrapped up. >> the white house is advancing a new and dangerous theory, the crony privilege. it makes immunity look good by comparison. this is a cover-up plain and simple. >> this hearing which is now as you said under the new rules, i have never seen a majority so malaise with packaging. they can't sell the product. catherine: the white house claimed presidential immunity for rob porter and rick dearborn.
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>> no, i went on vacation. >> you went on vacation. so you put the message in the safe, in your safe in your home for safekeeping, correct? before you went on vacation? >> i took my kid to the beach than that was more a priority. >> did you tell mr. deesh born you would be fired if you didn't take the meeting. >> i can't disclose my discussions with the president or his advisors to protect presidential confidentiality. corey lewandowski tweeted out the website for a potential 2020 senate bid. >> i think this fake russia collusion narrative is one of the greatest crimes committed
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against the american people ever. this president was duly elected by the american people and certain bodies in the government refuse to accept the election results. catherine: many argue that the democrats could have used the time better if they had called the inspector general michael horowitz to get him under oath about his recent findings about james comey that he violated department policies and he was also a leaker. lou: it was an amazing performance by the judiciary committee, otherwise an organization that you would expect something far more serious and productive. joining us tonight is sidney powell. a former federal prosecutor. it's great to have you with us. your reaction to this sort of
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sorry kind of pathetic spectacle today. >> that's a polite way of putting it, lou it was an absolute circus and appalling. i'm ashamed of our government and the way congress is operating right now. the special counsel had endless opportunity to investigate everything with the full cooperation of all the witnesses including mr. lewandowski. to be subjected to this harassment and abuse again is nothing short of appalling and ridiculous. what a waste of money and time by our congress who hot to be doing something for the american people. lou: obviously that hasn't been their intent since seizing control of the house. i can't think of a single committee hearing that was seriously directed and focused on serving either the thanksal interest or -- the national interest or the american people.
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can you? >> no, i can't. that not what they have done at all. they continued this whole resistance operation. a total waste of time. lou: you know what i find disturbing is that republicans today were sitting there, and many of them were eloquent. and actually i thought did a reasonable job. but not one of them to me at least implied that they understand that this is a war with the democratic party that means to unseat a president. means to overthrow him. means to subvert every aspect of his agenda. they are talking as if this is political gamesmanship we are witnessing when it i the politics of personal destruction and they are willing to violate their constitutional oaths to betray the interests of their constituents in the name of
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ideology and a run in 2020 for power. >> you are absolutely right. i couldn't agree more. lou: what do you think the republicans should do? is there relief in our courts? what should they do in response to what is the clear effort of the democrats that have become the party of hate where they are con front, harassing, and subverting this president's agenda at every turn? >> i'm afraid it's going to be difficult for them to do anything until the republicans regain control of the house. then we have to hope they have enough spine to do something with it. one of the big problems we have seen is spineless republicans when they do have power still do nothing. that's how we got into this mess in the first place. lou: it's a difficult ask for the american people to trust the
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republicans to do the right thing if they don't just put them in office and control of the house, for example. but they do nothing when they have the responsibility and the provocation to do so right now. sydney, it's always great to talk with you. appreciate it. up next, more on corey lewandowski's testimony. victoria toensing and joe digenova and matt gaetz. >> it's a shame you are here mr. through juan zow d -- mr. l. jim comey should be sitting there. he did so much damage to our country including not giving you the briefing you were entitled to. lou: the backlash against the
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"times" and two reporters who would have been best selling authors had they had their way. we'll have that and more right after the break. stay with us.
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lou: stock prices higher on wall street. the dows jones up 34 points. the nasdaq up 32. crude oil down 6% to just over $59 a barrel. gold closing flat. boeing says china will become the world's largest market for civil aviation. boeing expects china to require 8,000 new aircraft by 2038. this is not new. china's potential to become the world's largest aviation market is well reported and well
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documented. why today? boeing's forecast looks like nothing more than boeing pressure on the administration to relent or at least mitigate its tariffs against china. surely not. a reminder. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the "new york times" reporters behind the latest smear effort on justice is brett kavanaugh. they are now blaming the "new york times" editors. >> during the editing process there was an oversight and this key detail about the fact that woman herself told friends she doesn't remember it and has not wanted to talk about it got cut. i think the way it happened was the editors being concerned about naming her. the "times" has a tradition of not naming the victims answer you have to deliberate whether to do that. lou: that is an extraordinary
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exhibition. the reporters received quote too much is being made about the botched kavanaugh element of the story. meanwhile cbs's jan crawford tweeted what she calls the real bombshell. saying ford ford's friend' from high school said she thinks' ford's story is unbelievable. president trump touting his efforts to the drain the swamp at last night's rally in new mexico. particularly with regards to rinos, lots of rinos in the congress. president trump: we have some republicans. you call them a rino. they are rinos. they are rinos or worse. some of them are worse than the
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obama people. they are worse than the clinton people. but there aren't too many of them left. they are pretty much on rest bring rad prettyysm on. joining us, leading. ed rollins, we have rinos in congress. the president is acknowledging it. saying it out loud. and basically declaring for the republicans in congress and the senate, you better be a real republican and following this president or you will be in real trouble. >> the party is his party. he has overwhelming numbers of support. lou: 94%. can you imagine that?
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>> reagan and nixon in their prime were nowhere near that. if you want to be republican you have to support him. everything he's talking about is mainstream. it's not radical it's strong national defense. lou: what's radical is a chamber of commerce, wall street, monied interests saying forget borders. we don't need borders. leave them open. and don't worry about your jobs. of the afl-cio is supporting illegal immigration into this country without consequence to compete with the middle class and those who aspire to the middle class. that's radical. that's crazy. >> when someone gets nominated like he did and elected by the voters of the country. he gets to set the national agenda. these are things he promised when he ran.
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lou: he also believed we've shouldn't expect more of our corporate citizens and more of wall street. and we shouldn't expect more of boeing to understand there is a national interest as well as their corporate interest. do you think we should expect more of our national media to talk about an opennive, interview of reality? >> i have been to too many corporate ceo's offices. and they give money to everybody. the reality is -- lou: i don't mind them giving money. >> obviously they want the administration to give them a lot of stuff, including this. the press is just outstray just at this point in time. the "new york times" story is the worst itch seen inning a long time. lou: every day we have seven or
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eight stories from the "washington post" attacking this president. on quota, on schedule and virtually factless. >> the reality of the story yesterday was totally dispute. the idea a woman who doesn't remember what happened is being used as the witness and she has not come forward? lou: by the way, this was reported by -- a year ago by mollie hemingway and carrie severino, "justice on trial." the most of important book written last year. they reported it was leland keyser who would not substantiate the story of this.
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now they are saying the bombshell in this new book by the two "times" reporters is the same thing they reported in their book, apparently, i hope they credited justice on trial, but i don't know that to be the case. i am sure integrity would require them to do so. >> they are not going to impeach him and intimidate him. lou: kavanaugh? even dick durbin was sick to his stomac he puked sat what he's witnesses. you have several of the 2020 hopefuls, before they realized there was more to this story they were calling for his impeachment by god. >> the reality is it's down to two or three candidates. the wall street poll has warren moving up on bind and it's a two-way race at this time. my expectation is they are making biden the conservative of the democratic party, it shows
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you how far to the left they have gone. lou: the president wants to turn new mexico into a red state. now he's in the heart of new mexico talking about record-low unemployment for hispanics. the greatest formation of small businesses ever. i mean, new mexico has an extraordinary economy. why would they vote for anyone who would endanger, jeopardize -- >> it's a small state. a president can go in there and turn this around. it hasn't been ours since george bush won it in the last decade. trying to turn california and new york around is difficult. but you can turn a state like this around. lou: five electoral votes. as he demonstrated last time, every one of them counts.
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is he going to get it done? >> i think he will get it done. it comes down to a game of two-handed poker. the democrats have mrs. wash as their candidate. he will have more voters than he got the last time. lou: there you have it, the rollins forecast for 2020. senate dems ignore a key issue to u.s. security as they call for more gun control. they don't known gun control. they mean gun grasping. they want con fis d confiscatio. corey lewandowski before the house judiciary committee. how did it go? listen. >> we have complete and total jurisdiction over immigration. all we have to do, if you want to fix the border put a bill up. but you don't want to do this. you like this. you want the press here and the
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cameras. >> i would be happy to have a conversation. don't ask me a question if you don't want to hear my answer. >> are you the hitman, the bagman, or al or all of the abo? >> i think i am a good looking man. lou: matt gaetz joins us right after this break with much more be stay with us.
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lou: attorney general william barr went to capitol hill. he met with senator ted cruz. they talked about justice department gun legislation proposal it sent to the white house. president trump took up that issue last nht in his rally in
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new mexico. he vowed to protect the second amendment. president trump: left-wing democrats want to confiscate your guns and eliminate your god-given right to self-defense. you know that. as your president, i will never allow them to take away your liberty, your dignity, your social security. and i will never ever allow them to take away your sacred right to keep and bear arms. lou: our next guest was at the lewandowski hearing. joining us, matt gaetz. congressman, i want to say welcome to the broadcast. i want the audience if you can bear with us for a moment, to
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listen to you at some length. i thought this was a terrific statement. let's listen to the congressman before we begin this interview. >> as an inspector general employed by the united states government accused you of break the law. >> no. >> but they have done that with james comey, yet leadership of this committee will not bring james keepy before it even those inspector general said his work impaired the credibility and efforts of 35,000 fbi agents and the brave people fighting for our country it's a shame you are here. jim comey should be sitting in that chair answering questions about why he did so much damage to our country including not giving you the briefing you were entitled to. lou: the briefing on russian interference in the 206 election. congressman, you are exactly right. there seems to be no even
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embarrassment on the part of the radical dimms on that committee. they weren't prepared. it was a bizarre atmosphere. and a purposeless hearing. i can't even imagine what they thought they could get out of this. your thoughts. >> house democrats looked like the dog that caught the car that didn't know what to do with it. i thought corey lewandowski was fantastic and equipped himself very well. the house democrats have launched an impeachment endeavor that the american people don't understand and house democrats can't explain. we had contradictory statements. they are all pointing fingers at each other. instead of relit getting wehat the mueller report and bringing actors in to read the mueller
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report. we have evidence we didn't have weeks ago. inspector general pointed out the numerous occasions where jim comey operated outside of the law, and he did so in my opinion with corrupt purpose and corrupt intent because he wasn't trying to find out the truth about russia or their intentions. instead he was trying to craft the media's narrative and depiction of president trump in the most of negative possible way. lou: i thought there was a little too much comity in the committee today. you have got a chairman, some people are rationalizing saying he's afraid of potential primary opposition. but he is abusing his power. it is a farcical fiction to suggest that this president has
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committed anything that could rise to the level of serious impeachment. and yet he proceed. the republicans, you have all responded and i think with appropriate passion and point. but what are you going to do about this otherwise we are really saying to the american people, all you have to do if you don't like the person who has been elected president or if you want to go in an entirely different direction than the expression of the will of the people, just attack viciously with all the banality you can muster and scorch the earth and destroy your opponents. that's the democratic initiative. >> the reason why that's so damaging to our democracy. instead of debating issues like asylum reform. the democrats are trying to
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impeach. it's not enough that you and i talk about these things. every bit of public polling suggests the american people would like to have the politicians move on to the crazy russia hoax. we have to have accountability for the people who went before secret courts and broke the law. i think democrats are actually harming themselves more than anything else. lou: don't worry about those democrats. i heard too many of your colleagues in the republican party trying to advise the democratic party. i wish they would start advising the republican party. and nothing less than fierce. >> you pointed out for two years on this show with republicans and democrats that paul ryan was standing in the way of our oversight efforts. democrats today are handing out subpoenas like they are candy. you know how many subpoenas the
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republican congress issued? to drill down into this investigation? zero. any time we were closing in on brennan or clapper or comey, paul ryan would throw up obstructions to not allow us to get to the bottom of these issues. the reason we are behind today is not solely a consequence of the democrats. we need to look into the mirror and our former leadership let us down. lou: the president is talking about those rinos. and he's doing so in direct terms. rinos are the fifth column in the republican party and no good will come of it if you insist in tolerating that kind of democrat. because that's what they are. do you agree? >> i agree for to us get the full benefit out of the donald trump presidency we need people who are going to embrace this
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president. we just swore? two new members of the north carolina delegation. mr. bishop said we have got to stand with this president. we have got to fight with this president because that's the way we can deliver the results that will ultimately bring the american people into full line with our agenda and political ambitions for the 2020 elections. it many different than the way paul ryan used to do things. we learned our lesson, we have taken our lumps. now it's time to go charge up the hill with our swords pointed straight ahead. lou: the sioux, let my enemy be worthy. yours won't be, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't defeat them. we would like to hear your thoughts, share your comments. up next. new indications that iran is to blame for attacks on saudi
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arabia. that may be not be -- that may not be a surprise. one of the men trump is said to be considering for the post of national security advisor. national security advisor. stay with us. hey mom, i can't wait to tell you about today.
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lou: joining us, national security expert, it's great to have you with us it's interesting that with this backdrop of provocations by iran, these are acts of war on any other scale, taking tankers, shooting down u.s. drones. these attacks against the saudis which now has been confirmed originate in iran. yet there isn't that drum beat for war that is often accompanied these revelations and events. what do you make of it? >> i think that's right. this is the 40th attack by
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iran since may, since mining of ships and trying to seize ships. this incident is extremely serious. at least 20 projectiles were fired. all of them were cruise missiles. it is an acts of war. president trump is talking to his advisors and look at intelligence. how the saudis wants to respond. i think it response has to be led by the saudis and the billions of dollars in military hardware we have sold to the saudis. lou: that apparently didn't help them one wit when there were 20 incoming projectiles. only three of them were cruise missiles, the others perhaps drones or some other weapon. i don't know what the answer is, you may. >> they were patriot missiles
4:41 am
pointed southward instead of northward. '. they were defending against yellen. they were not defending against missiles fired from the north. that has against fixed. that shouldn't have happened in the first place. but i understand that's why this attack was possible. lou: i'm going to reserve my judgment on that based on press reporting. i understand the idea of defending one border versus another. i can't imagine with that -- one of the most of -- the most of important petroleumn facility in all the of saudi arabia not to be protected from all sides is stunning. let's get to the issue of that to me is difficult for the president to resolve. he does not want to be the
4:42 am
policeman, the united states to be the policeman of the world. we are not dependent on middle eastern oil, europe is, china is, other nations are. why in the world should we take the lead in responding to an attack on the sovereign territory of saudi arabia? >> that's a very good question. we know the president was elected to get us out of wars and not start new ones. but we have to stand with our allies. lou: i want to separate these two thoughts, if i may. i think conflating them is confusing. we'll stand with our allies i'm sure in every instance. but we have voices in this country talking about how will the president respond to this? this was not an attack on the united states it was pane attack on our allies. our allies have done nothing. i don't know what their options
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are. >> the saudis need to take the lead. the saudis should declare -- lou: what is the direction we are going to see? mike pompeo the secretary of state on his way to riyadh. where are we here? we have iranian relationships with china. china buys a third of their oil. russia, a political and military partner. what is the calculus here? >> i think first of all the saudis have to step up, but we have to make our case to oural lives that this is such a serious escalation in belligerence by iran that we need our allies not just in the persian gulf,. lou: europe does business with iran. europe is pro iran.
4:44 am
they were against the president's withdrawal from the iranian nuclear deal that was hoisted by president obama. where are those allies, particularly in europe? >> the europeans are desperate to keep this nuclear deal alive. they are scrambling to keep it alive. i don't see how they can continue that argument after an act of war like this. it could lead to a saudi attack against iran. the time has to come for the europeans to abandon this terrible nuclear deal which is dead. they are doing it because they hate president trump. these are the global he -- elitists. lou: the europeans believe the united states will play the fool and put our blood and pressure
4:45 am
into that sand and not theirs. to this point they have been right. >> i think the british will stay with us. this attack was a game change. this was an act of war by a nation state. this is an unbelievable escalation. if the iranians get away with it, i think there will be major warfare. maybe attacks on u.s. bases and other countries in the region. lou: if they attack u.s. bases, it's another thing. fred fleitz, i understand you were on the list of five being considered by the president. i understand also that he's considering others. but the original five. your thoughts tonight on the possibilities. >> it would be an honor to serve. i think my top candidate is general keith kellogg. a friend of the president. i was honored to serve with the president before and i would be
4:46 am
happy to do so again. lou: the cast of deep state characters lining up to defend andrew mccabe. this is a fascinating thing to watch. andrew mccabe. lots of deep state support. we take it up with attorneys victoria toensing and joe digenova. we'll be right back with that. here, it all starts with a simple...
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lou: former obama officials reportedly lining up to testify in defense of disgrailsd and fired former fbi deputy director and one-time acting director andrew mccabe. apokesman for mccabe released a list of witnesses. david cone, the number two at the cia. a homeland security advisor. but some high-profile names on the list have been removed from the original. former characteristics a director john brennan. former national security advisor susan rice. fan former attorney general eric holder we now are informed will not be testifying.
4:51 am
joining us, victoria toensing, the former deputy attorney general for the just first department. joe digenova. the founding partners of the digenova and toensing law firm. andrew mccabe most of of us are told he's awaiting indictment. but the deep state and the radical dimms lining up to support them. >> it's not surprising that his co-conspirators might want to testify to help him out. when they get on the witness stand to give character testimony, here is going to be the first question from the prosecutors. i have in my hand a transcript of the meeting that mr. mccabe
4:52 am
and here is what he said about a criminal investigation under our laws. first we f flynn, then we f trump. do you agree that's the way a criminal investigation should be conducted miss mccord or miss anybody. thissers a fool's end. they all deserve each other. >> mccabe ought to appreciate how much better he's being treated by the trump administration than he treated general flynn. flynn had one interview and it was a gotcha. bill barr's justice department did not go to mccabe and say we are going after your son or corrupt wife who took money when she was running for the seat in virginia. and when mccabe lied he did it
4:53 am
to cover up misconduct. and when flynn reportedly didn't tell the truth, hep. lou: how much are we going to be thanking bill barr ourselves? we seem to be something of a stasis. we are locked in this particular moment without apparent advancement of the prosecution of the people that we know we have the i.g. reports, we have got documents, texts, emails. and th -- the things we don't he are just as compelling in terms of the guilt that they can be extrapolated. when is big bar going to move this thing ahead. >> we are bat an inflection point. d we are at an inflection point. the durham report and the horowitz report on the fisa
4:54 am
abuse are all coming together one time. bill barr is a strong willed individual. he will not be afraid to bring cases that need to be brought. and he will not afraid to say we don't have the horses on this. but the one thing he is going to do, when there is a public release of the declassified documents which i understand is very close to a partial release very, very shortly. i think he's going to lower the hammer in a public way that will be quite revealing to the american people. i am just not worried about the fact that we have some delay here. >> he has to do it without the usual help of the house. and of course he doesn't have the media. they already started to say, mccabe? that's a political prosecution. lou: we are coming right back
4:55 am
with joe and victoria. what ever happened to that old saying that people in public office had to repair to a higher standard of conduct and ethics than the rest of us. we'll take that up right after the break. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: an extraordinary moment at
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the end of the house judiciary hearing. >> democrats changed the rules and said the staff can question. so there was a big fight over somebody hired as a consultant was really a staff person. after half-hour of questioning it was the republicans turn. doug collins, the republican leader of the republicans on the committee well i'm going to be doing the questioning for the republicans. nadler said no you aren't. staff has to do it. i wouldn't let a member of congress question. lou: we have problems in washington. don't we? but luckily we have victoria toensing and joe digenova. thanks so much. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. we look forward to seeing you
5:00 am
tomorrow night. good night from new york. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. how strong is the u.s. economy and how can remain competitive? that's what investors are wondering as they await the federal reserve decision on interest rates today as president trump ramps up his criticism of fed chair jay powell. cheryl: iran pointing the finger at the united states after attacks on saudi arabia's oil supply. the new comments we've got for you, just breaking overnight, as secretary pompeo is on his way to saudi arabia right now. lauren: president trump and the rnc breaking fund raising records on the campaign trail as joe biden makes an incredible claim about getting women back to work. cheryl: and not clucking around, how one company is


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