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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tomorrow night. good night from new york. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. how strong is the u.s. economy and how can remain competitive? that's what investors are wondering as they await the federal reserve decision on interest rates today as president trump ramps up his criticism of fed chair jay powell. cheryl: iran pointing the finger at the united states after attacks on saudi arabia's oil supply. the new comments we've got for you, just breaking overnight, as secretary pompeo is on his way to saudi arabia right now. lauren: president trump and the rnc breaking fund raising records on the campaign trail as joe biden makes an incredible claim about getting women back to work. cheryl: and not clucking around, how one company is taking the chicken wars to a
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whole new level. we have details on a new combo that defies logic. it is wednesday, it is septembe" starts right now. ♪ ♪ wednesday morning. ♪ take my blues away. ♪ wednesday morning. ♪ it's going to be a brighter day. ♪ wednesday morning. ♪ it's come so many times before. cheryl: welcome to "fbn: a.m." and good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: it is fed decision day. let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning as all eyes turn their attention to jay powell and company. we've got slight losses in the futures market, the dow is down 31, nasdaq down 11 and three quarters. lauren: the yield on the 10 year treasury stands at 1.78%.
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down again today, 3 basis points. cheryl: oil heading south again after the saudi's said full production capacity will be back on track. the oil, down 40-cents, 58, 98. lauren: stocks in asia closing the session mixed. the nikkei down two-tents of 1%. cheryl: european investors are waiting on the fed decision today in here this country. they will address european parliament about brexit today. you have slight gains for the ftse, cac and dax. lauren: mike pompeo is on the way to saudi arabia to get an you assessment in the wake of the attacks on key oil facilities in the sun tri. the secretary has -- country. the secretary has blamed iran overnight. iran's president is blaming the united states for tensions in the region and in insists that
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yemen carried out the attacks, saying tehran does not want conflict in the region. the state run news agency said rouhani may not attend the u.n. general assembly in new york as the u.s. visa has yet to be issued. cheryl: the saudi government said they will return to normal oil production levels by the end of the month. lindsey graham sent out a tweet, the measured response from president trump was clearly seen by the iranian regime as a sign of weakness. this happened in june. the president went back against graham and said it was a sign of strength that many some people just don't understand. so a lot of different stories breaking this morning over the saudi issue. lauren: in the meantime, wall street watching washington today where the federal reserve is expected to cut interest rates for the second time since the financial crisis. but will the fed give president trump the big rate cut that he's
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been demanding, lowering rates to zero or less? chairman jay powell is expected to walk a fine line between lowering rates as global economic growth slows down amid strong economic reports that we're seeing right here in the u.s. cheryl: a lot for them to go through today. now, the federal reserve also stepped into the market yesterday for the first time since the financial crisis, the new york fed, injecting $53 billion to keep the fed funds rate from rising too quickly, as second repurchase operation is planned for today. we will have complete coverage starting at 2:00 p.m., followed by the news conference at 2:30 p.m. eastern time. he'll be asked about the repo rate. lauren: in th backdrop of all s is china, president trump says the u.s. could reach a deal with china either before or one day after the 2020 presidential election. he says if the agreement comes after the election, the terms will be far worse for beijing than they would be right now.
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the president adding that china wants to deal with someone else. and we're seeing fallout from the trade war hit fed ex. the company's latest quarterly results missing the street's estimate, lowered its profit outlook for the full year. let'the shares are plunging 11.n the premarket. cheryl: let's head overseas. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's political feature is in doubt right now. initial exit polls are showing his conservative party and its hard line allies are falling short of securing a majority, a historic election, again there. netanyahu, the longest serving leader in israeli history, seeking a fifth term in office. this is the country's second general election in five months after netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition earlier this year. final results are expected later today. we'll bring them to you live if we get them. lauren: a congressional a panel
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is asking boeing's ceo to testify on october 30th. the house transportation and infrastructure commit you at this has been investigating the 737 max jet after two fatal crashes. boeing says it will continue to cooperate with congress and regulatory authorities. boeing is a dow component. shares of the company are actually up by 17% this year but this is a stock to watch. cheryl: lets get you updated on general motors. the united auto workers still on trike this morning but as union members are pursuing a new contract with the company, there are now concerns surfacing about their benefits. lauren: lauren blanchard has more on the worries surrounding their healthcare. >> reporter: the united auto workers strike on general motors entering its third day. close to 50,000 workers calling for better wages, job security, and healthcare. uaw bargaining officials saying some progress was made tuesday but now there are concerns about
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healthcare coverage. >> my wife, nine months pregnant and we're just informed that general motors canceled our health insurance. >> reporter: general motors says employees on strike do have coverage. it's just taking on a different form. the company releasing a statement saying, quote, while on strike, some benefits shift to being funded by the union's strike fund and in this case hourly employees are eligible for union paid cobra, so their healthcare benefits can continue. union official planned on having gm cover healthcare costs up until the end of the month. this shift now adding another cost the union will need to absorb, on top of the $250 per week strike pay for workers. union members are also concerned gm will make them pay more for their overall healthcare as it seeks to keep rising labor and healthcare costs in check. the uaw says workers shouldn't pay more because of how much money gm is making and they want a commitment from the company to
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save four u.s. factories set to close. workers who rely on the uaw's strike and defense fund will only receive benefits including medical and prescription drugs. the fund does not cover dental, vision, hearing, and sick and accident benefits. lauren blanchard, fox news. lauren: investigating the investigators. the senate judiciary committee panel grilling top officials from the justice department and the federal trade commission over their anti-trust probe intuse the nation's largest tech companies. cheryl: edward lawrence has the latest from washington. edward, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. senators talking big tech but also mergers that have been approved as well as if the white house influenced any investigations and the answer from the justice department head of anti-trust is they've had no contact with the white house on their anti-trust investigations. the ftc chairman says his agency formed an anti-trust task force
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that is focusing on the big tech firms. he says that task force is the one that built the case leading to the record $5 billion fine against facebook for misleading users over privacy. he confirms they are still investigating facebook for anti-trust. senator richard blumenthal pushing back that a agencies have not gone far enough. >> i take issue not so much with the size of the fine, the lack of structural change and you found in the course of your privacy investigation that in fact the company used its control over user data to sell advertising. that has anti-trust implications, does it not, mr. simon? >> it's possible it could. >> well, it's more than possible. it's what you should be investigating. >> reporter: the head of the department of justice anti-trust division says they have several dozen attorneys working anti-trust at big tech in dc and san francisco. he says google is on their plate now. in a statement online, google's
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senior vice president of global affairs says they will work with government agencies, adding this. google services help people create more choice and support thousands of jobs and small businesses across the united states. google is one of america's top spenders on research and development, making investments that spur innovation. senators also wanted to know about mergers, specifically t-mobile and sprint. the approval was defended. >> you're now going to have sprint, t-mobile combined the remedy that's we put in, providing real competition to at&t and verizon for the first time to consumer. >> reporter: he point todd the forced 5g investment that the new company has to make as a major win. back to you. cheryl: edward, thank you. and let's stay with technology right now. officials from facebook, google and twitterre set to testify before a senate a panel today on extremism online. lawmakers want to know how the companies are working to identify and remove violent
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content. remember back in march, a gunman live streamed himself during a shooting spree at a church in new zealand. they will work with law enforcement agencies to train artificial intelligence to detect videos of violent events. lauren: president trump and california might find themselves in a court over a fight over auto emissions. cheryl: all about the air we breathe in los angeles, tracee carrasco. you've got details on this. tracee: the trump administration is expected to revoke california's right to set stricter air pollution standards for cars and light trucks. the decision will almost certainly set the stage for a lengthy legal battle. california's attorney general says the state is prepared to sue, removing the waiver could have national significance. 13 other states are following california's tighter standards. a major democratic donor is arrested overnight. charged with running a drug den inside his hollywood home.
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the la times reporting he injected a man with so much meth he overdosed and almost died. this comes after two other men died from meth overdoses at his home on separate occasions. charges there were never filed. the department of justice's report on the russian investigation will get an airing out today on capitol hill. inspector general michael horowitz will answer questions at a house hearing about allegations of bias at the origins of the russia probe. the report stems from charges of misconduct surrounding the fbi's surveillance of former trump advisor carter page. and chipotle is beefing up its menu, introducing a marinated steak to the buffet starting tomorrow. they have been looking to attract health conscious customers and it says the steak can be used with three popular diets, ke keto to and paleo.
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cheryl: it is day two of the federal reserve's meeting. investors waiting to find out is there going to be a rate cut, how big will it be and is president trump getting what he wants from fed chair jay powell. and the sparks supplying as former trump campaign manager cory lewandowski went to capitol hill. >> are you the hit man, the lookout, or all of the above? >> i think i'm the good looking man, actually. cheryl: why he is being threatened with contempt charges. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i'm feeling good. ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect...
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lauren: new york has become the first state in the nation to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. stores have two weeks to remove the products from their shelves. a couple in man hat taken filed a lawsuit against juul claiming their teenage daughter was sickened by their products. she began using juul when she was 12 years old. in china, major online retailers have halted the sale of juul without explanation, days after
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juul first launched their products in that country. cheryl: it is a critical day for investors and of course your money with the federal reserve se to cut interest rates for the second time this year. fed fund futures are pricing in a 47% chance for a quarter point cut today. that is down sharply from 90% we saw last week. could the fed actually end up holding its fire and leave rates unchanged? the ceo of hudson valley investment advisors joins us now. we've seen a big change in the expectations from the market. what do you think? >> i think the market is discounting at least a 25% cut and there's probably room for more. cheryl: you think we get a quarter point today? >> yes. cheryl: what's the reasoning going to be? >> the market is discounting that we're going lower. it's a worldwide economy. if we don't cut, european rates have already come down and they're anticipating more of that. so the dollar will become stronger and it will put us at a
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disadvantage. cheryl: one analyst said we likely will get the quarter point but we've got rising core inflation, solid incoming activity data and a bit of a thaw in the u.s.-china trade war. the july decision wasn't a slam dunk. those voices could be louder today. >> that's correct. the consumer's really driving things for us right now. there's been a slowdown in the business environment and the consumer's pushing through with housing. so a quarter point cut helps on the mortgage side and will help in terms of the overall consumer and keep the economy flowing. cheryl: a big piece on, america's credit card debt not going to get much relief even if we get a quarter point. >> if you're looking at a house, it could be a difference of a couple hundred dollars. that is a big discerning point. cheryl: the housing story, we were talking about that earlier. i want to focus on the u.s.-china trade deal, the president was on-board air force one with reporters going from mexico to california. he brings up the issue of the china trade deal.
5:19 am
he says there may or may not be a deal before the election. p then he said if it's after the election, it's going to be very bad for beijing. what do you make of that? >> right now, you're dealing with a number of democrats that are pushing a lot of left-leaning idolotry. if you end up having donald trump, you at least know what you're getting. you could have a worse deal with donald trump as opposed to with him. cheryl: that's right. we shall see. that's what the president always says. lauren: we have a name for nbc universal's upcoming streaming service, it's called peacock. when it debuts in april of 2020, it's going to bring back some familiar faces. there will be revivals for some classic shows, including punky brewster and saved by the bell, as well as the office, brooklyn 99 and shows from the real housewives franchise.
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all right. back to the future, i suppose. the u.s. prepares to meet with saudi arabia today over the recent attack on saudi oil supply, but both sides still pointing fingers about who is to blame for that strike as the u.s. considers its retaliatory options. and tech might be hot but it still won't get you as much cold, hard cash. we've got the highest paying jobs in the country right now, find out when "fbn: a.m." returns. ♪ 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. lauren: secretary of state mike bompompeo is due to land in saui arabia today and is scheduled to meet with saudi's crown prince to discuss the attacks on saudi
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oilfields over the weekend. james caraf a ano is here. thanks for joining us. all these questions about who is responsible, how does that affect the response? >> we know that ultimately iran is responsible. even if surrogates conducted this, they wouldn't have done it without the capabilities and resources provided by iran. one thing i would say is, there have been over 1200 attacks on saudi arabia. we don't know if the iranians even knew what this attack would accomplish or they may have been trying to do this all along and this is the first time they got lucky. we need to look at the attack in the contexts of the whole confrontation, not as a one-off crisis where the iranians are trying to spark world war iii. lauren: iran sent a letter saying they don't want an attack, they don't want a larger consistent flick. that begs the question, what should our response be? the president and vice president
5:25 am
are keeping military intervention on the table as on option. germany is saying let's do an investigation, obviously we want diplomacy first. >> that's a great question. you have to look at it, what does the united states need to do in the h region? we have to keep the pressure campaign on? that's what's keeping iran constrained. we always have to make sure that the international community recognizes that iran is the bad guy. the other thing is, we have to keep the strait of hormuz open. we're the only country that can really do this. the third thing is we have to support oural lies. this was an a-- our allies. this was an attack on saudi territory. the lead should rightly come from saudi arabia. they have the responsibility to defend their own territory. like a good friend, like we support the israelis when they do self-defense, we should support our allies. the saudis need to lead here. lauren: senator graham tweeted this, the measured response of the president regarding the shooting down of an american
5:26 am
drone was clearly seen by the iranian regime as a sign of weakness. that's when donald trump pulled back from a retaliatory attack on iran. do you think iran sees the u.s. as weak or are they totally strangled and desperate because of the sanctions we have on them? >> here's the problem with senator graham's response. it's easy to connect the dots you want to connect but what evidence does he have that says that's what iranian behavior is. i look at that as exactly opposite. after that we didn't attack iran back after they shot down our drone but we shot off their oil -- shut off their oil flow to syria. that was a huge blow that the iranians couldn't respond to. so i think the iranians are really constrained. i wrote about this on the fox news website. i don't think they're if in the driver's seat and i think they're fighting to find a way out of the box. i don't think they think they're in control. lauren: they say they have the power in the oil markets but we have so much shale in the u.s. that you take some saudi oil offline, what difference was it
5:27 am
make? oil prices coming down again today. >> china is sitting on billions of barrels. the world is awash in oil right now. if anything, it makes the iranians look weaker. we don't need the iranian oil. there's plenty of oil out there to keep the oil pumping. lauren: thank you. cheryl: the justice department is suing edward snowden, accusing him of violating the nondisclosure agreements by writing a new book about his leaks. snowden's memoir hit book shelves yesterday. he's been living in russia since he leaked classified documents about government surveillance. lauren: if you are looking for a high paying job, listen to your mother, become a doctor. the annual survey of the 25 high ofest paying jobs in america is out and being a doctor is still the way to go. physicians top the list with an average annual salary of $193,000. followed by pharmacy manager, dentist, pharmacist, and enterprise architect. the one thing that the
5:28 am
healthcare jobs have in common is that they require a significant amount of expensive schooling. cheryl: how much debt do you wake up with even as you're making $193,000 a year as a doctor. let's talk about your money and take a look at futures this morning, as we await the fed decision on interest rates. remember, if they do cut, it's good news for the market, might be bad news for the economy. is it getting weaker? that's the question we'll have to answer today. and another gaffe for democratic frontrunner joe biden, this time about the economy, as elizabeth warren seems to be narrowing the gap in the latest polls. and how would you like to live like one of the aristocrats from the hit sear reasons, downton abbey, well, guess what, it's an opportunity you might not want to miss. that's coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ just one mistake, that's all it will take. ♪ we'll go down in history. ♪ remember me for centuries.
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lauren: let's go out west. president trump is on a major $15 million fund raising push in california. cheryl: todd pyro joins us now with mixed reaction from the deep blue state. >> reporter: good morning. the president's visit to the san francisco bay area, his very first since taking office. ahead of his visit, white house officials kept the location of the fundraiser tight lipped. protesters gathered as a president trump baby balloon seen flying overhead. the governor pushing back on the president's visit. >> stay out of our way. let california continue not to survive, but thrive, despite the head winds, despite everything you're doing to try to put sand in the gears of our success. >> reporter: the mayor of los angeles wants to put politics aside to end the city's homelessness epidemic. >> i want to talk to him a
5:33 am
little bit as if he had come down here to south la to understand and to hear the challenges we face and ways that washington, d.c. might be able to come and help us. it is time for us to pause politics and not to demonize americans that are on the street. this is your watch, mr. president, this is our watch. this is our time to do something. >> reporter: it all comes as the rnc is expected to announce a record setting august, raising nearly $24 million with nearly $54 million total on-hand. the chairwoman thanking democrats, saying, quote, thanks to boycotts from hollywood liberals and the castro brothers docking private citizens, the rnc's fun fund raising hit recod levels in august. republicans are going to be unstoppable in 2020. today, president trump is expected to attend a private fundraiser in los angeles before heading south to san diego to
5:34 am
visit the southern border. lauren and cheryl. cheryl: thank you very much. another gaffe for democratic frontrunner joe biden, this time while speaking at the worker's presidential summit in philadelphia yesterday. >> you get a tax break for a racehorse, why in god's name why couldn't we provide a $8,000 tax credit for everybody who has child care costs? it would put $720 million back -- million women back in the workforce. cheryl: he promised his plan would put 720 million back to work. well, according to the census, there's roughly 330 million people living in the united states total. all right. the number's the mistake here. a new wall street journal, nbc news poll shows that biden is still in the lead and elizabeth warren is slowly closing the gap, 1% closer from two months ago and democratic voters are more enthusiastic about warren
5:35 am
than biden. are voteers suffering from biden fatigue or is warren grabbing that progressive voter? let's bring in jerry kim along with robin byro. great to have you here. >> thank you so much. cheryl: robin, you're the democrat here. you tell me, what is going on within the party. elizabeth warren is really starting to show some strength. >> you know, she is. there's that enthusiasm factor and it's really playing to her benefit. she just drew her biggest crowd ever of 20,000 people in new york city. that rivals a trump rally. she's really doing something. let's go back to iowa, for example. were three times bigger than joe biden. so as an obama, biden opinion myself, a veteran here, i think he's got to be worried about this. he's got a cause for concern. cheryl: we'll see what the next debate brings. when it comes to biden, the gaffes, saying 720 million women
5:36 am
back to work. we don't have that many women in this country. it's the string of gaffes. i'm wondering if the average voter really connects to this or not. julian castro, remember, called him out in the last debate about his memory. it seems that the other democratic candidates are really starting to take aim at buy done and using his mistakes, whether it's white kids and poor kids or record players, is this a true weakness do you think for biden or do you think voters have short-term memories? >> i absolutely agree with you, cheryl, that it is a true -- for three reasons. as relates to age, the presidency of the united states is an incubator of stress. this is why we ask whether people have the mental stamina in order to endure, not just the primary race, but four years of the presidency. donald trump is 73 years old today. he seems to be invigorated by the process, whereas vice president biden seems to be
5:37 am
rather senile and facing mental acuity problems. two, as relates to electability, that is the sole point that vice president biden puts out. but there is no daylight between him and president barack obama. obamacare lost 20 million people with insurance, they e expanded the wars in iraq and afghanistan. they put 4 $400 million worth f cash in an airplane over to iran. there is real electability concerns. as relates to issues, the number one reason why elizabeth warren rises is she has no ideas, whether i agree with them or not and they are propelling her forward. the only other person in the field with ideas is andrew yang. cheryl: i don't know that i would use the word senile to describe joe biden but the gaffes are getting attention. you mention elizabeth warren. i want to show you guys or play for you her appearance last night on stephen colbert show.
5:38 am
she was asked about how are you going to pay for all this free healthcare. watch. >> how are you going to pay for it? are you going to raise the middle class taxes? >> so here's how we're going to do this. costs are going to go up for the wealthiest americans, for big corporations. >and hard-workingmiddle class fg of see their costs go down. >> will their taxes go up? >> here's the thing -- >> here's the thing. i listened to these answers a few times before. cheryl: all right. robin, again, how are you going to pay for this? i mean, this is the top question. she didn't seem to answer it last night. >> she's definitely cominged that one. cheryl: again. >> there's still -- she's a policy woman, which is what i love about her. on this issue, i'm not getting a definitive answer and that's what we need. back to biden's issue, is obama nostalgia going to be enough to bring him through? i think elizabeth warren's right
5:39 am
on his heels. cheryl: i'm out of time but really quick to you, we saw this in 2016 with -- you had hillary clinton, the establishment candidate and bernie sanders took some of the wind out of her wings. that might have hurt her in 2016. are we having a repeat? >> we are absolutely having a rehrepeat. biden will not be the nominee. i think the republican party and voters need to pay attention to a potential warren, yang ticket. cheryl: always great to have you both here. thanks for being here. lauren, over to you. lauren: if you're a super fan of steven king horror movies you could win $1,300 by halloween. is looking for someone to watch 13 of his classic movies by october 31st. they will give you a fit bit to track your heart bait for jump scarce. they also want you to track your sleep. in 200 words or less explain,
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quote, why you should be tortured this way. cheryl: living like a lord or lady, the real life downton abbey is being listed on airbnb. don't tack your formalwear just yet. only two people get to stay in the castle where the hit british tv show is filmed and competition will be fierce, as you can imagine. the airbnb offering for the evening on november 26th will go live for requests on october 1st, just a little over $100 a night. again, good luck signing up. you can go watch the movie this weekend. lauren: my mother is so in. cheryl: i'm so excited, this weekend, folks. lauren: it was a fiery five hours on the hill yesterday as democrats kicked off the impeachment investigation. cory lewandowski put on the show. republicans say stay tuned for the fisa findings. we're live in washington with the expected fireworks. and photo filters may be keeping you lonely. why you may want to ditch the filters if you're really looking for love.
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lauren: fireworks flying on capitol hill as the democratic led impeachment investigation into president trump pits the left against cory lewandowski, the president's former campaign manager going toe to toe in a pretty testing hearing.
5:44 am
cheryl: griff jenkins is live in washington. some are calling for lewandowski to be called in contempt. >> reporter: it was much watch tv. maybe i'm a policy nerd. it was certainly something to see. the first witness in the house's first official impeachment hearing was uncooperative to say the least. the former campaign manager refusing to bend to democrats' will at times, citing executive privilege which resulted in the chairman's threat of holding a combative lewandowski in contempt. >> i there's a far more troublig level of contempt today and that is president trump's role in your refusal to answer questions. >> reporter: the heated exchanges lasted more than five hours as they hammered him over the mueller report and obstruction of justice. >> you followed instructions and you're doing what they thought you would do. you're a loyal soldier.
5:45 am
>> you should be here, telling the truth. the truth will set you free. >> i think that this fake russia collusion narrative is the greatest crime committed against the american people in our generation, if not ever. >> reporter: republicans defended lewandowski, calling it a show and calling out chairman nadler for not bringing michael horowitz before the committee on his report regarding fisa abuses. >> i ask the chairman we might have an opportunity to question mr. horowitz. he said i don't know. i haven't thought about that. of course you haven't thought about that. too busy trying to impeach the president. >> reporter: it was clear the president was watching, tweeting such a beautiful opening statement by cory lewandowski, thank you, cory. he was one of three witnesses subpoenaed. the other two, rob porter and rick dearborn, did not appear at the direction of the white house. we'll see if we get anymore hearings like this. unclear at this point. but if they do, i'll certainly be watching. lauren: we know you will.
5:46 am
griff jenkins, thank you very much. cheryl: well, check this out. this is not your typical traffic stop. police pulled over this amish horse and buggy that was actually stocked with a stereo system, a case of beer also inside but the two guys ran off. police are trying to track them down and are taking care of the horse in the meantime. i don't know who got the beer. lauren: let's take a look at the action on wall street this morning, very much in a holding pattern ahead of the fed. dow futures down 18 points, s&p down 3, nasdaq down 12. coming up, a new security threat thathat could expose your medicl information. why the personal data and images areinare being left unprotected. plus, why the uk is stockpiling booze. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i can tell you what you want. ♪ you want to be alone.
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cheryl: some shocking news on patient privacy. according to a new report, medical images and health data belonging to millions of americans are unpro detectivedpd online. one cyber security expert says it's not even hacking, it's walking into an open door. lauren: i think about all of this as i get my own records via e-mail. all right, it's fed day. investors around the world waiting for the federal reserve decision on interest rates. there's a 57% chance of a quarter point cut today. arguably more important, not what the fed does but what the chairman says. michael houston is here. what message does jay powell need to send? what do markets want to hear? >> i think really that's the big question. i think we can all agree that whatever the fed does today, the president is not going to be
5:51 am
happy. i think the key take-away for me is that fed powell needs to tread a fine line between keeping the markets happy and keeping his options open with respect to future cuts later down the line. what i'll be looking for is the number of defense, will they maintain the july defense and more importantly will james bullard follow through with comments earlier this month about 50 basis point rate cut. i think not only will the statement be key but the press conference will be key as well, for signs of descent on the committee. lauren: we want to talk about brexit like we usually do. >> i thought you might. lauren: makes you want t reach for a glass of something. it's -- >> causing me to drink. lauren: we're hearing great britain is stockpiling booze, alcohol, for christmas in case we get a no deal brexit? >> yeah, i think that was a piece in the guardian. it's nice to know the guardian has its priorities right,
5:52 am
stockpiling booze as opposed to other food stuff. personally, i'm skeptical. i'm not stockpiling anything. i think there will be some form of deal come 31st of october. it's more a case of first world problems more than anything else. i think there are more important things to worry about. lauren: d so you think boris johnson gets a deal? you think we'll have a deal? >> i think we'll have a deal or we'll have an extension. i don't think we'll have a crash-out. lauren: thank you. cheryl: another parent has been arrested in the college admissions scandal. lauren: tracee carrasco has the details. hey, tracee. tracee: the latest suspect is a chinese woman in canada. she's accused of paying $400,000 to get her son a spot at ucla. the indictment says she paid for a fake soccer profile for her son. the woman was arrested while in spain but u.s. law enforcement plans to ex are tray diet her to
5:53 am
-- extradite her to boston. facebook is reportedly partnering with ray ban sun glasser, luxottica, to develop augmented reality glasses enveloptheyhope to launch them 3 and 2025. the glasses are designed to he replace smartphones. allowing customers to take calls and operate social media accounts. kentucky fried chicken is taking the chicken sandwich wars to a new level. they are offering the chicken and donut sandwich. it's a chicken fill laet between two glazed donuts. there is also the stuffed cheez-it sandwich. that's what's happening now.
5:54 am
cheryl: i hope everybody will get cardiologists that's watching our show this morning. lauren: sign me up for both. hello, doctor. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. let's talk about dating. as if dating wasn't hard enough, why you may have to start going au natural if you want to fall in love. and there is news that may disappoint kids everywhere. what parents are really saying about your summer vacation. ♪ it's all right and it's coming on. ♪ we've got to get right back to where we started from. ♪
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5:57 am
lauren: new survey says you may have to ditch photo filters on your phone. cheryl: more on the ditching fake pictures day. >> yes, over 80% of people say when it comes to date they want something aught -- authentic, they want to know that love is real, it's not by the way, first to now ban photo filters for the dating service, so instead of, you know, when people see i want to touch stop and what not, 70% of people says that comes as deceptive and maybe hiding something, when you go on the date, i've been there, somebody sits across from me, are you at the wrong table, who are you, a
5:58 am
a lot of times the photo is nothing how the person looks in real life. cheryl: yeah, because they were from 10 years ago. some people about to get feelings hurt. >> 70% of parents are relieved that kids are back in school and kids summer vacations are too long and i hate that because it's every kids right to annoy their parents every summer, come on. >> summer vacations with just the right length, it is refreshing having the kids back in school. cheryl: mom was in the pool with margarita and her kids were behind her with school uniforms. [laughter] lauren: i have to go back to the filter story, a man says, i like women who don't wear make up, show me a women you ever picked up anywhere without make up on.
5:59 am
>> that guy is totally single for the rest of his life. cheryl: thank you very much. [laughter] cheryl: we do want to say that you can learn this about lauren's pod cost, fed day, before we send it to maria, guys, the fed day, big decision, 57% chance of quarter rate point so we shall see, dow down 23 right now. lauren: that does it for us mornings with maria. good morning. oo. maria: i'm maria maria bartirom, september 18th, iran is blaming the united states for tensions, return to normal by the end of the month and moving forward with ipo, we have the latest, day 2 about the finish the rate
6:00 am
decision announced later today, cut of 25 basis points is expected, we will see how markets are anticipating that move. ahead of the decision markets right now showing a recline at start of trading, dow few hours down about 20 points, fedex is delivering warning, blaming trade tensions on the loss of amazon's business, the stock is tumbling in premarket, down better than 11%, taking a look on what this could say on tariff impact on other companies going into third-quarter reporting season, fireworks on capitol hill this morning and yesterday impeachment prohearing descending into disarray yesterday as tmp former campaign manager corey lewandowski testifying, both sides of the aisle trading shots, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪


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