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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 19, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening everybody. politics and dirty filthy politics at that, raging in the swamp. fortunately, president trump is away from all of that. he's in california, where he's visited the north, beverly hills in the south and all the way south to san diego on the border with mexico, and in all of that span raising 15 million dollars on those three stops over two days, adding to the republican national committee's record breaking haul of nearly 24 million in august. the radical dems and hollywood lefties went outright antifa at the very thought president trump
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would dare enter their sanctuary state and take some considerable sum of money with him to boot. traveling with the president fox white house correspondent kevin cork. >> it was hardly the sort of welcome that one might expect in laid-back california. but even a brawl in beverly hills between backers and opponents of president trump couldn't dampen his effort to raise millions here in the golden state. still amid the appeals to fund his 2020 reelection campaign, president trump got down to brass tax once on the ground introducing his national security advisor, taking aim at homelessness crisis and repealing a long held exemption that gave california the right to set its own emissions standards. the president announcing on twitter that his administration was revoking california's federal waiver on emissions in order to produce far less expensive cars for the consumer. while at the same time, making the cars substantially safer. california had previously been able to set its own stricter standards because of pollution
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in cities like los angeles, revoking the waiver is expected to set off years of legal battles. during his time here at the border, the president received a very important briefing on illegal migration interdiction, a chance to drill down on the apprehension numbers. back in may we reported that customs and border protection ap rehepd -- apprehended about 144,000 individuals trying to cross the border illegally, a number that dropped to 64,000 in august. lou? lou: that's progress kevin cork from the border. the president visited the border in california today. he inspected the brand new border wall there. >> this is going to be close to 500 miles by the time we finish. those are the areas that are most important. after we've completed -- that should be done pretty close to next year. it will be over 400 miles we think we can get it close to 500 miles by the end of next year.
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i wanted them to show you the interior of parts of the wall and what's inside of each individual slab, and you will see it is a combination of steel, concrete and as one of the folks here said it really is virtually impenetrable. lou: a few hundred miles from where the president visited today, a tractor trailer driver was busted. he was smuggling 31 illegal mexican immigrants across the border near arizona. a u.s. border patrol dog first alerted agents to the suspicious vehicle, passing through a checkpoint. then they did this. the agents conducted an infrared scan of the trailer which revealed well this clear clear picture of the illegal immigran immigrants bunched together in the trailer. quite an amazing piece of technology. our first guest tonight met with the president during his stop in san francisco. joining us tonight vice
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president of republican national lawyers association, nrc committee woman for the great state of california. great to have you with us. also a member of the 2020 trump advisory council. how was your visit with the president? >> it was amazing lou. i got a chance to greet him at the airport and ride with him to the event with my husband. we talked about the issues that you were talking about. the president is focused on making sure that california isn't forgotten and that he definitely pays some attention to these issues. the homelessness, the border issues, the economic issues, the housing crisis here. he was very engaged. it was a very positive and amazing event, lou. he's very popular here despite what the mainstream media will tell you. lou: and what the polls tell us and what the make up of the state legislature tells us of the party affiliation of your governor. i'm not going to believe my lying eyes whatsoever. how popular is he in the great republican state of california?
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>> he's very popular with republicans as well as many ordinary americans. and i think that there are a lot of apathetic people who don't vote in california because we only have one choice in many elections. we have a top two system here. but i think that's going to come back. and the president was asking me about how we could win in california. we have to make some reforms in terms of voting issues and so forth, but i don't give up hope or i wouldn't be living here anymore lou. lou: a lot of people aren't living there anymore. the out migration from the state is amazing. >> it is. lou: we hear reports about illegal immigrants pouring into the state of california and the other reports in migration, if you will, are the outgoers from the great state. maybe i should be calling it the peoples republic of california, with a one-party system there. what do you think? >> yeah. well, what i say is -- no, it is -- that's a fair point. it is a one-party system, and the people who have left are definitely the taxpayers, middle
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class americans. that's a bad scene. but we have a very significant housing shortage in california. that's one of the reasons that people for quality of life reasons want to leave. we can change that. we can change the water situation and change the border and change the overall environment here but it does require a change in political control here in california. so we're working on that, lou. lou: okay. well, i know if anybody can do it, you will be that person. let's turn to andrew mccabe and the long-awaited report of the inspector general, the investigation of the investigators. i will tell you, if any viewer watching this broadcast, our audience is terrific and loyal and engaged, and i suspect they can sense very readily my disappointment, my frustration with the process that is underway in washington. i can find no excuse. you are the attorney. and you have a very acute political sense and judgment.
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but i have to say, that it has taken this long to carry out an investigation is to me dismaying. it suggests that there's very little room for reasonable, reasonable expectation that there will be justice done, and i think that in and of itself should be enough to tell americans that we have got a government that is never to ever be trusted again and that we have a government that means to create something other than what is our constitutional republic. we may have well lost it. your thoughts? >> well, i definitely think that the growth of the administrative state has caused the swamp situation and the doj is no different than that. and so while the president may come, the president may go and be able to replace the top 20, 50, 100 people. it is like the tip of the iceberg, but it is worse than that. 99% of the people stay the same. and whether the administrations change or not, these guys all look out for each other. our former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein actually
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was holding a position in the doj for eight years under obama. so you see there's a culture of resistance to any type of change. president trump is an outsider. he's threatened to come and blow up the system and people in both parties -- lou: do you think he's doing that right now? >> he is. he absolutely is. lou: he's still a disruptor? >> he is. lou: i think he is as well. >> he is. lou: what i can't figure out and for the life of me is why bill barr who seems to be everything that we hoped for and indeed came to expect has taken so long to bring this matter to a head. that is comey, basically given a pass. mccabe talking boldly of not making deals. jim comey, the dirty cop, talking about he's very confident he won't be charged and indicted. this is, by the way, we have no
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reasonable expectation that good sense, logic, reasonable expectation, facts, and clear culpability will matter at all in whether there is consequence. >> well, i think you are right, lou, in the sense that comey is likely to never be indicted. in terms of mccabe, he's saying what any person who is in the -- will say that he's not guilty and intends to fight it. i think his situation is a little bit different. i share your concern because the rule of law requires that all citizens perceive that it is going to be applied equally particularly to the powerful. that's not the situation here. >> lou: americans -- we may not be the brightest people on earth -- although i think we are. >> we are the brightest people on earth. lou: but the fact of the matter is we sure as hell can smell a rat and we have a swamp filled with rats, and it's -- it is very much an open question as to whether or not we can drain the swamp. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it as always.
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>> my pleasure, lou. lou: i wish i could be more optimistic in tone. i apologize for that. i will try to summon up a little optimism by the end of this broadcast anyway. >> let me share with you, the president mentioned you and he's a big fan. lou: that's very kind. thank you very much. and vice versa. i'm a big fan of this president. i know you are as well. this country has every reason to be a fan of this president. thanks a lot. president trump today saying radical rhetoric from the likes of beto o'rourke has made it much harder to reach a deal with the dems on gun legislation. president trump tweeted that dummy beto made it much harder to make a deal convinced that many dems are just dems, want to take your guns away. it's very funny. beto o'rourke is a funny, funny man. but earlier this week, the president himself asked whether the dems would simply move the goal post on gun control as a
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ploy to take our guns away. as the president down plays the prospect of a deal, the department of justice is circulating a proposal on capitol hill. this is our justice department that claims to expand background checks to all commercial gun sales including gun show sales and create a system for commercial sellers who aren't licensed to -- federal licensed fire arms dealers to also conduct background checks. so we did our own research, and we find that of the last 20 mass shootings in which by the way in total, 277 people were killed. more than 600 instane instance, one shooter who could have perhaps maybe have been stopped by the proposal on background checks by the administration congress and the senate. this shooter by the way, in this one instance, among those 20,
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was a 25-year-old male. he killed five people. he injured nine. he was eventually shot dead by police in dallas, texas. up next, today's move by federal reserve chairman jerome powell. it drew the ire of president trump. it wasn't enough. it wasn't soon enough. and it wasn't smart enough. neither was the fed chairman. we will take that up. and a sanctuary county refuses to work with immigration and customs enforcement, having to deal with a growing number of illegal immigrants committing sex crimes. what in the world is going on? we will take that up and much ♪
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lou: on wall street today stocks finished mixed, the dow up 36 points as the federal reserve cut interest rates by a quarter point. the market not overly impressed. the s&p gaped a point. the -- gained a point. the nasdaq down 9. volume on the big board, down to
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3 1/2 billion shares. crude oil $58 a barrel. gold flat. silver down a percent. the federal reserve today cut interest rates by a quarter point, down to a rate of 2%. its second rate cut this year. president trump reacted on twitter and that tweet was something. the president slammed fed chairman jerome powell again tweeting this quote powell and the federal reserve fail again, no guts, no sense, no vision, a terrible communicator. the president was not pleased. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast, on the salem radio network. another, another illegal immigrant has been charged with a sex crime in sanctuary montgomery county, maryland. the 23-year-old native of el salvador is accused of raping a female at a party. he's now the ninth illegal immigrant charged with rape or sex abuse of a minor in montgomery county since july
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25th. this arrest comes just two weeks after montgomery county issued this statement. and i quote, montgomery county is committed to building and maintaining a safe and inclusive community for our residents. social justice for all is what we strive to achieve in our county. what they have achieved is bloodshed on an extraordinary scale. perhaps they should focus on protecting citizens. in 2018, 64% of all federal arrests were non-u.s. citizens. more than 40% of all suspects prosecuted in our district courts were non-citizens, according to the department of justice's bureau of justice statistics. joining us tonight is jason jones, retired captain from the texas department of public safety's intelligence and counterterrorism division. good to have you with us. jason, let's start with -- >> good to be with you. lou: -- sanctuary county,
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montgomery county and the bull that they are talking about peace and tranquility as a ninth sexual assault suspect is arrested and again an illegal immigrant. >> yeah, it's really a shame what's happening. and, you know, lou, the truth is, it is not just in maryland. these types of crimes are occurring across the country. and i want to stress to the american people that this is fixable. and what we have -- and the problem that we're dealing with is we have a broken program within the federal bureau of investigation. this program captures the data of trans-national crime and how it affects our country. that's the problem. it doesn't. it was created in 1929 and implemented in 1934. so can you imagine trying to -- lou: [inaudible]. >> the uniform crime report. it captures crimes and shows the american people and our elected leaders how crime is going up or violent crime is going down.
4:20 am
let me go into for a second what it captures, murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, like you just talked about. it also captures robbery, aggravated robbery, motor vehicle theft, and arson. but here's what it doesn't capture, and these are the crimes that the american people hear about, just like we're talking about right now, every night at the dinner table, occurring in communities all over this country. what is that? public corruption, extortion, human trafficking, human smuggling, labor trafficking, when you also talk about all of the crimes linked to the border in regards to -- i mean drug trafficking. we have had in this country 60 years of supposed drug war, but yet 18,000 agencies of law enforcement across the country can't capture this data because the uniform crime report is so outdated. lou: there's another -- >> this is a failure. lou: you and i -- i've worked as a young reporter on the border.
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i have worked on the police and fire beat. you and i both know there's a reason when we can't get something from the government, whether it's local government, county, state, or federal. and that's because somebody doesn't want the american people to know, and it's that straightforward because that can happen overnight if our leaders decide they are going to capture that information, report that information and divulge it. think about this, jason, why can't we find out how many illegal immigrants are in our nation's prisons, whether they are state prisons, whether they are federal penitentiaries, whether they are county jails, what's the reason? the reason is, our leaders don't want that out. and it's not conspiratorial theory or any of that. it's just what it is. and the american people are blind to it as a result of leaders who insist that by ignorant as hell of what's actually happening in this country, whether in their communities or their nation.
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>> but i will tell you, lou, it is fixable. and, you know, when we start capturing transnational crime and showing the american people how it's affecting this country, you know, through the crimes that i just listed along with a whole host of other crimes, we can then start engaging and focusing our law enforcement agencies to 21st century policing because right now the real problem is, we're out of focus as law enforcement throughout the nation. and we've got to have the ability amongst 18,000 from sea to shining sea from this country to understand how crime is affecting us so we can take and use data to drive operations because look, i speak all over the country on this issue. lou: yes. >> and people tell me all the time up north especially jason we hear you. where's the data? and if we're going to change big programs with big dollars behind it, we've got to have the data. lou: so you've talked to politicians, at the national level and local level. you know is what i said is absolutely true.
4:23 am
what do those politicians say to you when you say you need that in order to organize resources, to organize manpower, to fight the cartels that have right now absolute sway across the southern part of this country because they control that border? >> lou, i've briefed four congressmen on the southern border in the last six weeks on the mexican cartel specifically, trying to get this foreign terrorism designation, and it's important because of the level of violence occurring in mexico that directly affects the american people. but unfortunately just like we're talking about right now and as you have highlighted through another sexual assault in maryland, it is not being recorded, except in these, you know, one-offs of an incident that occurred in maryland or another one in california. what the american people deserve and what we really need to do is just fix a broken program, and from there we can get this country back in focus on the crimes that are occurring today and how the american people are affected. lou: so what do you need to do?
4:24 am
what do we need to do to awaken our politicians who have got to move this through legislatively? or a president who perhaps could do it with national executive order in -- order? >> i will tell you, it is a leadership issue, lou, within the federal government, specifically the fbi. all the uniform crime reporting data falls under the federal bureau of investigation. lou: that's unfortunate. >> what we need to do is really get with the international association of chiefs of police. they created the original program of ucr, the uniform crime report and get an updated version of com state which is what the n.y.p.d. is utilizing. for the folks out there that sounds good but how do we know it will work? remember when we used to call new york the dirty apple, 2200 murders a year. what did they do? they created a com stat model. they started leveraging day --
4:25 am
data to drive their operations and look at them today. there's excellent policing at an unprecedented level. we need that data across all agencies to win in the 21st century. that's all we've got to do, is just a program. lou: let's get at it. as you said they are called new york's finest now. the fbi is not being called that right now. jason, good to have you with us. jason jones, thank you very much. we'll help you on this march. thanks so much. today is the third day of the united autoworkers union strike against general motors that could cost the company as much as 100 million dollars a day. the teamsters union also standing in solidarity with the autoworkers. they refuse to transport gm vehicles to dealerships. the uaw also representing workers at ford and fiat chrysler, the uaw's deal with gm will likely serve as the model for the uaw's future
4:26 am
negotiations with the other carmakers. up next, will the likes of james comey and andy mccabe ever ever be brought to justice? they say no. the justice department, well, they're not so clear on it. let's find out what's going on. i will be talking with congressman gomer next, right after these quick messages. stay with us. every cookie sold in the girl scout cookie program
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helps girls learn life long lessons in people skills, decision making, money management, goal setting and business ethics.
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its amazing how much you can learn from a cookie. the girl scout cookie program. think outside the box. lou: justice department inspector general michael horowitz is on capitol hill today. horowitz says house democrats have yet to ask him to testify about his report on james comey. they haven't asked him about the up coming report on fisa abuse. fired former fbi director andrew mccabe he settled things for everybody. he told cnn last night he won't make a plea deal of any kind, if he's indicted, by the justice
4:31 am
department for lying and leaking to the press. in february 2018, horowitz reported the following: the oig found that then deputy director andrew mccabe lacked candor. that means he lied, including under oath on multiple occasions in connection with describing his role in connection -- that's two in connections -- with a disclosure to the "wall street journal" and that this conduct violated fbi offense codes 2.5 and 2.6 and once you have got a decimal in that code you are in serious trouble. mccabe's former boss, the fired former fbi director james comey, you won't believe this, but he once again demonstrated his arrogance. he said he is highly confident he won't be charged for fisa court abuse. just last month, horowitz reported this about comey, quote, former director comey failed to live up to this responsibility, by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his fbi employment. and by using it to create public
4:32 am
pressure for official action, like, creating a special counsel. comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current fbi employees. yes, he did. and not such a good example for 330 million americans who happen to live here. there were also two criminal referrals by senator chuck grassley and the left's latest attempt to derail supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and to intimidate the supreme court of the united states. neither of those criminal referrals have been charged. why is the justice department apparently so uninterested in justice when it comes to their own? well, joining us tonight congressman louie gohmert who serves on the house judiciary committee, a member of the house border security caucus and the influential freedom caucus and a great american. congressman, great to see you. >> great to see you, lou. lou: i have to ask you, i mean,
4:33 am
what goes through your mind when you listen to horowitz, as you have, and hear this -- i mean, it's just blather. it means nothing. and this whole -- sorry -- process has been basically it seems orchestrated to give everyone who is guilty and culpable of crimes against the nation sufficient time to hide their tracks, to bury evidence against them, and to cover up completely what is the worst scandal in american political history. >> i agree with you on all of those things, except horowitz goes further than that, lou. horowitz if his report on strzok and page found hundreds of pages of evidence of the most outrageous bias and prejudice and as i told him when he came and testified, look, you gave republicans hundreds of pages of this terrible bias, and then you realize the democrats made me
4:34 am
inspector general, i better give them something. i will give them everything, and so at the end, he says but i found no evidence that the bias, prejudice affected their investigation. lou, how about the fact than every single conclusion that strzok and page had in their investigations were not necessarily consistent with the facts, they weren't, but they were always consistent with the bias and prejudice. i would say that's evidence that that affected things. and then if you look at this shorter report, 61 pages about comey, you were touching on it. you know, he gaves all these adjectives and descriptions that make republicans go oh this is horrible and at the last page he's saying how people were disturbed, they were upset about -- lou: they're concerned. >> oh, yeah, but the reason that james comey is not likely to be indicted and that barr said no, i don't think so is because of
4:35 am
the classification process of the documents that he leaked and the documents he mishandled. that were described actually page 1 and 2 of his report, he says the fbi reviewed -- four times on page 2, he said the fbi determined, but you have to go over to page 41, 42, 43 to find out who was the fbi that made this determination that they were really classified at a low level. lou: you're not going to go back to strzok and page, are you? >> yes, it was strzok and page. and not only strzok and page, they had a supervisor that rubber stamped everything they said who reports indicate he went to london to try to shore up the steele dossier. the decisions that keeps comey from being indicted were made by strzok and page. to me that is so outrageous. so i know republicans are excited about that finally we're
4:36 am
going to get some justice in the next ig report. but based on the two we've seen already, i'm not that encouraged. lou: congressman louie gohmert, thank you very much. you put i i i i i
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lou: reports that senator kristen cinema of arizona could soon be censored by arizona's democratic party they don't
4:40 am
believe her record in which she opposes the president 81% of the time. they don't believe that's good enough. in a statement, the so called progressive democrats of america say this, quote, the way she is voting is really disappointing. we want democrats to vote like democrats and not republicans. man, they are tough in arizona. that's almost like a full-blown litmus test and a desire for complete purity ideologically. anyway. joe biden, you're not going to believe this. he's made another blunder on the campaign trail. here's what the 2020 dem hopeful told philadelphia voters, about his proposed child care tax credit. did you catch that? no i didn't either because we had a technical problem. he says he can put 720 million women back to work that would be quite a feat considering there
4:41 am
are only 330 million people in the country. by the way, i want to apologize for not having the former vice president's sound available tonight. joining us tonight senior policy analyst at the independent women's forum. and first of all, it is great to see you, and i want to -- >> great to see you too. lou: let's go to kristen sinema right away. it is like a communist central command post out there in phoenix, arizona. she's 81% with the democrats, and that's not good enough. your thoughts? >> that just shows how far to the left and how partisan so many democrats are. it is unfortunate. i mean when you look at the areas that she's agreed with the president on, it includes funding the government, addressing the opioid crisis. boy, if those are reasons to disagree with the president, then it says a lot about those lawmakers who are trying to vote to censure her.
4:42 am
>> there was one vote they focused on and that was her basically saying she doesn't want to go into an impeachment process. and that drives apparently the left nuts. but the left is nuts. when you look at what they are doing, think about what the house judiciary committee has been doing since going into office eight months ago. almost nine months ago now. nothing of substance. it's all been partisan political activi activism, silly and aimed at subverting the president's agenda. >> absolutely. internal democratic polling also finds that democratic supporters don't even give them a mandate to go after the president with these impeachment proceedings which are really just a window dressing for them. i mean, i guess it's meant to help those who are in super liberal areas, you know, whip up support, but it's not going to
4:43 am
help with reasonable independent and even left-leaning americans who say, you know what -- lou: there are such people still in the country? >> there are. there are many of them. i think they are going to make up -- you know, they are going to make the deciding vote in 2020. watching what has happened in congress after voters gave democrats a chance at leadership of governance in the house, they have squandered that opportunity, so i think it opens the door for conservatives to say hey wait a minute, at least we can get something done that helps americans. lou: lindsay graham is putting on quite a show, isn't he? he is now suggesting that the president's forbearance in the face of a drumbeat for war as usual is a sign of weakness. lindsay graham the chairman of the judiciary committee has not done anything of substance to protect -- or defend this president or for that matter the republican party nor to bring to
4:44 am
justice any one of the people involved in spy-gate. the man is a complete to this point waste of everyone's time. you hear from him from time to time but wonder what the hell is he actually doing. >> well, i will say there could have been some laws that could have made it through the senate. he's managed to stop or at least keep them from getting through or getting votes on them. you know, what i would like to see is really, you know, our senate and our house come together and pass a budget that's actually -- that saves taxpayers and doesn't go overspending and then for us to have a conversation and do something about -- lou: you're a trillion dollars late, patrice. >> i know i am. lou: you're a year late. by the way, if we start looking at what's been going on under paul ryan, the house didn't want a responsible budget, and he was all about -- remember, he was a guy who was supposed to be all about fiscal policy. and it turns out he was just
4:45 am
working for k street, non-stop and diligently and against this president just as diligently. his time was completely used up by the time he got around to thinking about the national interest, don't you think? >> well, i do think paul ryan tried his best. he certainly didn't hit, you know, all of the high notes around fiscal conservativism that a lot of folks would like to see. lou: i'm not talking about fiscal conservativism. i'm not talking about fiscal conservativism. i'm talking about responsible governance. he didn't come close. he sold out to k street, the business roundtable, the chamber of commerce, and wall street. didn't he? >> well, lou, you probably know far better than i do. you know what -- lou: if you don't know that, i do. >> i will give him some credit for actually trying to push forward an agenda that would reach out to communities beyond -- communities of color, for example, with some responsible conservative ideas.
4:46 am
lou: what did he do? what did he do? i can tell you what this president did. this president has reduced minority unemployment in this country to record lows. he doesn't talk nonsense. he does act. and he does deliver. and this business of pretending that paul ryan ever did anything besides author something called a better way and put it in pamphlet form, like he was going to drop it over tokyo or something, i mean, it is ridiculous. i'm sorry, you get the last word, patrice. >> i will just say, i will agree with you, president trump has done a lot for the black community. i wrote about it recently. i think there are a lot of reasons why blacks should support the president. lou: one question, did you ever write about paul ryan doing a lot for the black community? >> you know, not as much. lou: not as much. >> not as much. lou: i think you have that right. patrice, thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. lou: check this out, an american woman swimming into the record
4:47 am
books and man oh man did she ever. >> well done sarah! lou: sarah thomas becomes the first person -- there she is. i'm not sure what the first video was we were looking at. i would have thought we would have had something other than a smart phone video of this. but she became the first person to swim across the english channel. get this, not once, she swam four times across and back the channel without stopping. the 37-year-old completed the 130 mile feat in just over 54 hours and just a year after her treatment for breast cancer. remarkable achievement. a remarkable, remarkable american. up next, the radical dems and corporate america try their hardest to get president trump to capitulate to communist
4:48 am
china. why would they do that? why do they persist? we're going to take that up with gordon chang, asia expert, great american. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:52 am
chang, columnist, author, senior fellow at the gate stone institute. great to have you here. a group, the national foreign trade council, now calling on the president to ease up on those tariffs. it's just amazing. this is made up of some of the same companies and associations working with the business roundtable, the chamber of commerce, wall street, the usual unregistered foreign agents for china. your thoughts? >> this is collaboration with a foreign enemy. this is a foreign enemy that is stealing hundreds of billions of dollars out of the u.s. every year through just intellectual property theft, not to mention their violation of trade obligations to us, which adds some more. you know, this to me is just despicable that they would actually -- lou: that's a good word. >> i was going to say inexplicable but it is worse than that because they know what they are doing.
4:53 am
lou: they came out and said -- imagine this, that it's not sufficient -- i'm paraphrasing -- to be worried about the national interest. you've got to be concerned about our interest as businesses. i mean, they put their interest ahead of the american people, national security, and no one even raises a flag over it in the national left wing media because they're complicit as well. >> there's something even worse, and that is -- lou: hope i can stand it if it's worse than that. >> well, the elites in this country seem more in common with the elites in the communist china -- lou: you are defining globalism, gordon. i mean that's what it's about. they dress it up any way they want but they want one new world order of elites governing the world and this nasty business in a constitutional republic like ours where we have to worry about the middle class and those who aspire to it and we want to
4:54 am
have a legitimate representation of the national interest in everything we do, not a global interest, you know, it's to them. they don't care about it. the american people have known about since november 2016 for sure. >> americans should stand with americans. that's the fundamental lesson that some very smart people in the united states just can't seem to grasp. lou: yeah. they're invested elsewhere. it's that simple. huawei, suspended from the global forum on cybersecurity. your reaction? >> this is a really important thing because the -- lou: 30 seconds. >> the fox does not live in the henhouse and the trump administration -- lou: we always hate that metaphor here at fox. [laughter] >> sorry. lou: gordon chang, i think we take your point. we're out of time.
4:55 am
>> the wolf doesn't live in the house. lou: let's go with the wolf, not the fox. all right. we're partial to foxes. all right. gordon chang, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, lou. lou: we're coming right back. stay with us. much more fox.
4:56 am
4:57 am
4:58 am
lou: a few concluding thoughts about radical dimms presidential
4:59 am
hopefuls who are confused about everything, they first refuse to talk about the trump economy. then they try to describe an economy most of us could nom recognize. -- not recognize. then they, all who are left, bemoan america. our nation, our people, channeling barack obama, denying almost 250 years of nation hood, almost a constant struggle this build a better nation every year, to do better, be better, as a nation and americans. they can't figure it out. they can't argue against our heritage. their political hopefuls are left what i call their historical criticism, argue with complete ignore an that americans were not perfect.
5:00 am
constantly we seek to realize our great nationalize deals, i feel for for the radical dimm hopefuls who have so little understanding of who we are..... cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories this hour. we have brand new reaction from president trump on the fed's decision to cut interest rates after the president criticized jay powell yesterday for having, quote, no guts and no vision. lauren: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg meeting with lawmakers last night before he heads to capitol hill today to pitch his vision for internet regulation, just one day after big tech gets grilled on the hill. cheryl: breaking, we've got brand-new fox news polls that shows the campaign trail is getting bumpy for joe biden and why the trump campaign may be facing a 2016 swigs all over again. lauren: if you m


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