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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 23, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: politics and dirty, filthy politics raging in the swamp. fortunately trump is away from all that. he's in california. he's all the way south to san diego on the border with mexico. in all of that span raising $15 million on those three stops over two days, adding to the $24 million in august. the radical dimms and lefty mad-caps went outright antifa at the very thought that president
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trump would dare enter their sanctuary state and take to considerable sum of money with him to boot. >> reporter: it was hardly the kind of welcome one might expect? california. but they couldn't dampen his efforts to raise millions in the golden state. amid the gold-plated appeals to fund his reelection campaign, he got down to brass tacks, take aim at the homeless crisis and repealing a long-held exemption that allowed california to set its own emission standards. he said the federal government is revoking the exemption so california has access to less
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expensive cars. revoking the waiver is expected to set off years of legal battle. the president received an important briefing on illegal migration interdiction. in may we reported that customs and border protection apprehended 144,000 individuals crossing the border illegally and that number dropped to 64,000 in august. lou: as kevin noted, the president visited the border in otai mesa and inspected the border wall there. president trump: this will be close to 500 miles bid the time we finish. that should be done close to next year. it will be over 400 miles. we think we can get it close to 500 miles by the end of next
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year. i wanted them to show you parts of the wall and what's inside each individual slat it's a combination of steel, concrete and it is virtually impenetrable. lou: a few hundred miles from where the president visited, a tractor-trailer driver was busted. he was smuggling illegal mexican immigrants across the border. a u.s. border patrol dog alerted agents to the suspicious vehicle. agents conducted an infrared scan of the trailer which revealed this clear picture of the illegal immigrants bunched together in the trailer. quite an amazing piece of technology. our first guest met with the president during a stop in san francisco. joining me tonight, harmeet
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dhillon, vice president of the national lawyer's association. harmeet, great to have you with us. how was your visit with the president? >> it was amazing. i got a chance to greet him at the airport and ride to the airport with him with my husband. the president is very focused on making sure california isn't forgotten and he pays attention to these issues, the homelessness, the housing crisis. he's popular here despite what the mainstream media tells you. lou: and despite what your governor says. i'm not going to believe my lying eyes whatsoever. how popular is he in the great
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republican state of california. >> he's popular with republicans as well as many ordinary americans. i think there are a lot of apathetic people who don't vote in california because we don't have much choice in california, we have a top two system. we have to make reforms in terms of voting issues, but i don't give up hope or i wouldn't be living here anymore. lou: the out-migration from the state is amazing. we see the reports about illegal immigrants pouring into the state of california. and the other reports on migration, if you will, are the out-goers from the great state. maybe i should be calling it the people's republic of california with a one-party system. >> what i say is -- that's a fair point. it is a one-party system. the people who have left are the
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taxpayers, middle class americans and that's a bad seen. we -- a bad scene. we have a housing problem. we can change the water situation and the overall environment, but it will lire a change in political control. we are work on that, lou. lou: i know if anyone can do it, you will be that person. let's turn to andrew mccabe and the long awaited report of the inspector general. the investigation of the investigators. i will tell you, if any viewer watching this broadcast. our audience is terrific and loyal and engaged. i'm sure they can sense my disappointment and frustration with the process under way in washington. i can find no excuse, harmeet. you are the attorney. and you have a very acute political sense and judgment. but i have to say that fit has
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taken this long to carry out an investigation, is to me dismaying. it suggests there is very little room for reasonable expectations that there will be justice done. and i think that in and off itself should be enough to tell americans we have got a government that is never ever to be trusted again. and that we have a government that means to create something other than what is our constitutional republic. we may have well lost it. your thoughts? >> i think the growth of the administrative state has caused the swamp situation, and the doj is no different than that. while the president may come and the president may go. it's like the tip of the iceberg. but it's worse than that. 99% of the people stay the same. our former deputy attorney general rob rosenstein was holding a position in the doj
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for 8 years under obama. you see there is a culture of resistance to change. president trump is an outlier. lou: do you think he's still the disrupter and engaged? >> he is. lou: what i can't figure out for the life of me. bill barr who seems to be everything we hope for and came to expect, has taken so long to bring this matter to a head. that is comey, basically given a pass. mccabe talking boldly of not making deals. jim comey, the dirty cop talking about he's very confident he won't be charged and indicted. this is by the way we have no reasonable expectation that good
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sense, logic, reasonable expectation, facts and clear culpability will matter one whit in whether there is consequence. >> i think you are right in the sense that comey is likely to never be indicted. in terms of mccabe, with any person in the dock will say he's not guilty and he intend to fight it. i think his situation is a little bit different. but the rule of law requires that all citizens think it's going to be applied equally. lou: we may not be the brightest people on earth. but we sure as hell can smell a rat and we have a swamp filled with rats. it's have much an open question as to whether we can drain the damn swamp. thanks for being with us. i wish i could be more
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optimistic in tone. i apologize for that. i'll try to sum up a little optimism by the end of this broadcast. >> the president mentioned you and he's a big fan. lou: thank you very much. and vice versa. i'm a big fan of this president and i know you are as well. this country hasser reason to be a fan of this president. president trump saying radical rhetoric from the likes of beto. president trump tweeted dummy beto made it harder to make a deal convinced that's dems just want to take your guns away. beto o'rourke is a funny, funny man. but the president asked quet whether the dems would simply
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move the goal post in a ploy to take our guns away. the department of justice is circulating a proposal on capitol hill. this is the justice department that claims to expand background checks and create a system for commercial sellers who aren't federal licensed firearms dealers to also conduct background checks. we find that of the last 20 mass shootings in which by the way in total 277 people were killed, more than 600 wounded. there was only one instance, one instance, one shooter who could have perhaps maybe have been stopped by the proposal on background checks by the administration, congress and the senate. this shooter in this one instance was a 25-year-old male.
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edkilled five people of and injured 9. he was eventually shot dead by police in dallas, texas. why a former trump associate worked as an informant for corrupt intelligence agencies. we take that up with judicial watch's tom fi tom fitton. ilhan omar maybe aware now why she is so controversial if she has a shred of self-awareness. stay with us.
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lou: the "new york times" reporters behind the latest smear efforts against justice kavanaugh are blaming the "new york times" editors. >> during the editing process there was an oversight and the key detail about the fact that woman herself told friends she does not remember it and does not want to talk about it got caught. >> i think the way it happened, the editors concerned about not naming her. the "times" has a tradition of not naming the victims and has to deliberate how to do that. lou: that's an extraordinary
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exhibition. the reporters said this morning that quote too much is being made of the botched kavanaugh element of the story. cbs kansas city jan crawford tweeted what she calls the real bombshell. kavanaugh's accuser kristin place --christine blasey ford it believable. president trump touting his efforts to drain th -- the swamt last night's rally in new mexico. president trump: we have some republicans, they are not good, you call them a rino, they are rinos or worse. some of them are worse than the obama people. they are worse than the clinton
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people. but there aren't too many of them left. they are pretty much on respirators. they are gasping for air. but we do have some bad people you wouldn't believe. lou: joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins. ed, we have rinos in congress. the president acknowledging it, saying it out loud, and basically declaring for the republicans in congress and the senate, you better be a real republican and be following this president or you will be in real trouble. >> i think it's his party. he has overwhelming numbers of support. lou: 94%. can you imagine that? >> the reality is neither reagan
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nor mixon in their prime had anywhere near those numbers. if you want to be a republican you have to support him. everything he's talking about is mainstream, it's not radical. it's strong national defense. lou: radical is a chamber of commerce, wall street, all of these monied interests saying forget borders. and don't worry about your jobs, the afl-cio is supporting illegal immigration into this country to compete with our middle class and those who aspire to the middle class. that's radical. that's crazy. >> i have to believe in the democratic process. when someone is nominated and elected by voters in the country, these are things he promised when he ran. lou: he also believed we
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shouldn't expect more of our corporate citizens and we shouldn't expect more of wall street, and more of boeing to understand there is a national interest as well as a corporate interest. do you think we should expect more of our national media to talk about an objective interview of reality? >> i have been to too many corporate ceos offices where you have every president you can find from lyndon johnson and everybody else. they give money to everybody. it's their right to give money, but they wants the administration to give them a lot of stuff. the press is just outrageous at this point in time. and this "new york times" stuff going on -- it's the most of irresponsible thing i have seen in a long, long time. lou: since the last "new york times" report? every day we have seven or eight
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stories attacking this president. virtually daily and factless. >> there are no facts in any of this. in reality the story yesterday was totally disputed. a the idea that a woman who doesn't remember what happened is being used as a witness and she has not come forward. lou: this was reported a year ago by mollie hemingway and carrie severino, the authors of "justice on trial." i think the most of important book written in the last year. they reported that it was leland keyser who would not substancate the story of ford. and they are saying the bombshell in this new book by
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the two times reporters is the very same thing that they reported in their book, apparently, i hope they credited justice on trial, but i don't know that to be the case. i am sure integrity would require them to do so. >> they are not going to impeach him or intimidate him. lou: kavanaugh? >> kavanaugh is tough. lou: even dick durbin is sick to his stomach over this. the 2020 hopefuls, before they knew there was more to this story, they were calling for his impeachment. >> it's down to 2 or 3 candidates. a "wall street journal" poll has warren moving up on biden. my expectation is they are making biden the conservative in the democratic party.
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lou: the president wants to turn new mexico into a red state from a blue state. he's in the heart of new mexico talking about record-low unemployment for hispanics. the greatest number of formations of business. new mexico has a growing economy. why would they vote for anyone who would jeopardize that. >> it hasn't been ours since george bush won it in the last decade. but trying to turn california around and new york around is difficult. but you can turn a state like this around. lou: five electoral votes. and every one of them counts. is he going to get it done?
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>> i think he will get it done. it always comes down to a game of two-handed poker. democrats have mrs. warren as their candidate, he will have a great time and he will have more voters than he had the last time. lou: thanks so much. we are
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lou: the * today suggested a new list of investigation for the house judiciary committee. president trump suggesting they might want to look into obama's multi million dollar book and netflix deals and a slush fund used to pay off sexual misconduct investigation and the justice department trying to win access to secret grand jury material from the mueller special counsel investigation. the doj used the radical himms
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confusion against them. the justice attorneys wrote most of prominently the speaker of the house has been emphatic the investigation is not a true impeachment proceeding. it's nice to see a little fire being returned against if you will, the resistance. >> the justice department needs to defend the rule of law here. the democratic party is out of control in terms of pretending they are impeaching to justify a press don't attempts to gain access to information that they otherwise would never be entitled to. we are otherwise not be entitled to even if they were trying to impeach the president. it's so bad now they moved from impeaching or not impeaching. whatever word they are trying to
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use, to smearing, using the impeachment abuse to target mr. kavanaugh. it's like the old adage about the prosecutors. they would impeach a ham sarnd witch at this point. as long as it's republican or conservative. lou: i think they are far more vile and vicious than all that. this is a concerted attack on the presidency of the united states. at this point the republican party, the republican party and the conferences on the house and the senate sides both ought to be ashamed of their response, their lacking of a response in defense of this president and law and order. >> it's even worse than that's. you have the coup targeting donald trump. they tried to overthrow the
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senate with intimidation to stop kavanaugh. so they were attacking the institution of the senate. and now the target is the supreme court, threatening impeachment based on more lies and smears. this not one institution under our constitutional republic that is not under assault, a vicious assault by the hard-core left which is taking control of the establishment here in washington. lou: talk quickly -- we are running out of time as always. judicial watch filing a foia lawsuit seeking the records of the special counsel, and felix seder turns out to be an informant for the fbi and the cia. see was working with the trump organization and was an fbi
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informant and cia inform yantsant. yants -- informant fn he informs one of the principal movers behind the real estate deal. was this an attempt to trap the president with the moscow connection being pushed by the fbi. was there another spy working on behalf of the fbi and the cia in the trump administration. we had to sue the justice department and fbi to get access to this information. lou: the mueller report mentions his name 100 times. you hardly heard his name in the general press. yet, he was not once did they acknowledge he had been an fbi and characteristics a inform
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yarnlt for 20 years. >> another material omission by the mueller investigation. he was pushing the idea of giving putin an apartment in the months crow trump project. he was the one pushing it. lou: that's so consistent with spygate. senate dems ignore a key issue to security when they call for gun control. they don't mean gun control. they mean gun grasping. they want confiscation. the chaotic hearing with corey lewandowski before the house judiciary committee. >> we have total will be
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complete jurisdiction over the border. put up a bill. you like having the press here and cameras. it makes it seem like something is happening. >> if you would like to ask me a question i would be happy to answer. don't ask me a question if you don't let me answer. >> are you the hitman, the bag man or all of the above. >> i think i'm a good-looking man. lou: congressman gates had a few words to offer. stay with us.
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lou: attorney general william barr went to capitol hill today. he met with senator cruz. they talked about justice department gun proposals. president trump took up that issue last night in his rally in new mexico. he vowed to protect the second amendment. president trump: left-wing democrats want to confiscate your guns and eliminate your right to self-defense. you know that. as your president, i will never allow them to take away your liberty, your dignity, your
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social security, and i will never ever allow them to take away your sacred right to keep and bear arms. lou: our next guest was at the lewandowski hearing today. congressman matt gaetz, congressman, i want to say first of all, welcome to the broadcast. i want the audience to see if you can bear with us, to listen to you at some length. i thought this was a terrific statement. let's listen to the congressman before we begin this interview. >> has the inspector general employed by the united states government ever accused you of breaking the law? >> no. >> but they have done that with james comey. yet the leadership of this
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committee will not bring james comby before it even though his wards said james comey unminded the 35,000 fbi agents. jim comey should be sitting in that chair and answering questions why he did so much damage to the fbi and our one require, including not giving you the briefing you were entitled to. lou: the briefing on russian interest force in the 2016 elections. congressman, you are exactly right. and there seems to be no even embarrassment on the part of the radical dimms. they weren't prepared. it was a bizarre atmosphere, and a purposeless hearing. i can't even imagine what they thought they could get out of this. your thoughts. >> house democrats today looked like the dog that caught the car
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that didn't know what to do with it. i thought corey lewandowski was fantastic. he equipped himself very well. house democrats launched and i impeachment endeavor that the american people don't understand and house democrats cannot explain. we have had contradictory statements out of the judiciary chairman and the speaker of the house. they are all pointing fingers at each other. in steafd relitigating the mueller report and bringing actors in to read out of the report, we need to get to the bottom of why this investigation began. inspector general pointed out the numerous occasion where jim comey operated outside of the law and he did so in my opinion with corrupt purpose and corrupt intent. because he wasn't trying to find out the truth about russia or their intentions, instead he was
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trying to craft the media's narrative and depiction of president trump in the most of negative possible way and we can never let that happen again at the fbi. lou: i thought there was too much comity in the committee today. the chairman says he's afraid of potential primary opposition. but he is abusing his power. it is a farcical fiction to suggest that this president has committed anything that could rise to the level of serious impeachment. yet he proceed. the republicans, you have always responded. i think with appropriate passion and point. but what are you going to do about this otherwise -- we are really saying to the american people all you have to do if you
4:43 am
don't like the person who has been elected president or if you want to go in an entirely different direction than the expression of the will of the people, just attack viciously with all the banality that you can muster, and to hell with it, scorch the earth and destroy your opponents. that's the democratic initiative. >> the reason why that is so damaging to our democracy. instead of debating the important issues like asylum reform and border security. instead democrats are trying to distract us with an impeachment endeavor the american people are against. it's not as if you and i can talk about these things and speak them into existence. every bit of polling the american people would like to have the american people move on from the russian hoax. i think democrats are harming themselves more than anyone
4:44 am
else. lou: don't you be one of those republicans worried about those little old democrats. i heard too many of your colleagues in the republican party on the hill trying to advise the democratic party. i wish they would advise the republican party to be fierce. you pointed out for two years on this show with republicans and democrats that paul ryan was standing in the waive our oversight efforts. democrats are handing out subpoenas like they are candy. you know how many subpoenas the republican congress used to close in on this investigation? zero. every time we were closing in on brennan or clapper, paul ryan would throw up an obstruction. the reason we are behind today is not solely a consequence of the democrats. we need to look into the mirror
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about that and frankly our prior leadership let us down. lou: this president is talking about those rinos, and he's doing so in direct terms, i'm delighted to say. rinos are the fifth column in the republican party and no good will come of it if you persist in tolerating that kind of democrat. because that's what they are. do you agree? >> i agree for us to get the full benefit out of the donald trump presidency we need to embrace this president. we just swore in two new members of the new york delegation. you know what mr. bishop said to me before he took the oath? he said we have to stand with this president. we have to fight for this president. that's the way we can deliver the results to bring the american people into full line with our ageneral dan our political ambitions. it's different than the way
4:46 am
paul ryan used to do things. but we learned our lesson and taken our lumps. now it's time for to us go charge up the hill with our swords pointed straight ahead. lou: the sioux, let my enemy be worthy. yours won't be. but don't let that stop you. my thoughts on the president's resolute leadership. we'll be r r r r r
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feeling alert, and more energetic. if you try it, and you don't think 5-hour tea gives you the boost you need, you'll get a full refund. go to lou: a few though it tonight about the times in which we live, the perils we place and the absurdities. president trump is holding a reelection rally in new mexico where he lost by 8% in 2016. serving notice he plans to compete for the state's five electoral votes. the president focused as well on north korea, talking with house and senate democrats who were urging gun legislation. the president tweeted, will they move the goal post or is this just a ploy to take your guns away. all this while the radical dimms
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did their worst to keep up their torrent of vicious false lies against justice kavanaugh and the president as they talk impeachment. i'm just curious, can you think of a single dimm who could keep up with this president? me either. we are coming right back. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: president trump attacking the thork times for their dishonest -- the "new york times" for their attempted smear of justice brett kavanaugh. president trump: i think the "new york times" made another terrible mistake. it's a shame. how can they do a thing like that and destroy somebody's life? they are destroying lives. and it's fake news. lou: it is. the radical dimms' politics of personal destruction. joining me, mollie hemingway, coauthor of "justice on trial." molly, i want to say thank you for your efforts to keep the record straight and enlarge the body of public knowledge. throughout the weekend certainly it was amazing when we got this
4:56 am
"new york times" account. your first reaction, you night was bunkum. >> the way i night was budge was i secured an advance copy of the book and i read it. in the book the authors concede quietly that the alleged victim of this bizarre assault allegation they are levying communicated she had no recollection of any such incident. there is no defense for not including that in the original "new york times" piece. they knew they were intentionally omitting it. the person alleged to be making this allegation is himself a clinton attorney who defended bill clinton during the investigation and brett kavanaugh was on the other side of the investigation. they having a longstanding
4:57 am
conflict. he's someone tied to the clinton cam. alleged victim denies it through friend. it's a horrible thing but not surprising to see from the "new york times"." lou: it's not surprising any longer for a paper that once prided itself on being a paper of record. chuck grassley said on the senate floor, all the news fit to print. how could any -- i don't know, novice editor ever imagine that was fit to print? how could any cub reporter think that was fit to print unless he or she had a book they wanted to move. >> these two "new york times" reporters got a contract to write a book full of dirt on brett kavanaugh. they failed to find any, and they pretended to have it.
4:58 am
it's important to have the honesty to report it. they have on the record from leland keyser that she doesn't believe her friend. that's blockbuster stuff. they choice to release this other information that turned out to be wrong instead. lou: let me get your sense of two things. what can we do to stop this kind of politics of personal destruction on the part of the left? left or right, it's got to stop. >> it absolutely need to be taken seriously. one of the things that's interesting is nobody has been held accountable for what they did to kavanaugh last year. there were criminal referrals sent to the department of
4:59 am
justice. none of the senators have had any action taken against them whether they were releasing confidential documents like cory booker or what dianne feinstein did getting the letter out, she circumvented the process the senate judiciary committee has. something need to be done. people need to be held accountable. if they are not held accountable, they will never stop as we see this weekend with the "new york times." lou: do you think the "new york times" should fire these two reporters? >> not just the reporters. also the editors involved. hiring people outside of their tiny echo chamber. making changes in how they promote people. and talk about whether they should promote narratives that don't have any facts. they need to hold the people
5:00 am
involved accountable. lou: thanks for being with us. the book is "justice on trial." cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. a possible you new you atalk in saudi arabia could be coming as president trump and iran's president both on their way to new york city this week, as things in the middle east get worse, will american drivers feel pain at the pump? lauren: elizabeth warren taking the lead in the first state for the first time. will voters continue to turn out for the progressive candidate in 2020. cheryl: hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded as a popular travel company collapsed last night. how agencies are working to get an estimated 600,000 people back to their homes. lauren: could your favorite song be a a glared a hazard when


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