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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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shows. >> they are kicking the networks you know what, everything -- amazon is doing movies, i did not even know that. i first started watching "chernobyl" this week. >> next is both numbers presideo arrive any minute. international tensions at the united nations today. north korea, china to worldwide persecution, that is just for starters, the big showdown is with iran. tonight retired jack king joins us to break down this increasingly intense standoff in the president said is the world's biggest backer of tariffs. mike pompeo also warned military options off the table in response to the saudi oil strike, i wrong because america's move desperate. this is iran once a nuclear deal
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back. we break it down with the general. is this concerning with enemy? the 2020 democrats want to get rid of worker insurance in a single player plans, they are not joining the pickup lines against the un. with the 2020 democrats push to get rid of everyone's health insurance in a single player pan be good or bad for labor union workers. the whistleblower complaint against president trump, it turns out the one blowing the whistle reportedly did not have firsthand knowledge of the president's conversation with the president of ukraine. he is declaring he's the one who has the problem. the details on the accusations as well about conflict of interest involving joe biden and hunter biting. joe biden son contradicts joe biden on his work with ukraine and nancy pelosi is ramping up
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impeachment talks and indictment talks. also on the show, lindsey graham is warning abuse will happen again if somebody is not punished here in the upcoming d.o.j. id report on how the obama administration unleashed the power of the u.s. intelligence committee for the truck campaign. and to the new york times reporter kavanaugh story. this is a new of attack from one of the reporters. she is now trained to do anything takedown of a person are questioning the media's newsroom trying to break the sexual misconduct coverage. thank you for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. liz: thank you for joining us.
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you are watching the fox business network. president trump my wood world leaders at the summit today in new york city. but the showdown is with iran. here we are in d.c. with more. >> donald trump arriving at the united nations holding the meeting at every turn reporters asked the president about the whistleblower report concerning a call with the world leader. president trump says within the call the question happen in july of 2018, with the president of ukraine, it was to congratulate him for his election went. in part on his platform they were stepping out corruption. he mentioned former vice president joe biden son and to call in the end to investigate the in of the investigation that the company his son was working for. >> you probably know joe biden and his son are corrupt. they probably know that. joe biden and his son are corrupt. but the fake news does not want to report it. because they are democrats.
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if that ever happened, for republican ever did what joe biden did, if republican ever said what joe biden said, they would be getting the electric chair right now. reporter: is important to see what the president is referring to. if this is the interview with biden about a year end half ago. >> i got a commitment that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they did not. so they walked to the press conference and i said no were not going to give you the billion dollars. the prosecutor is not fired into docketing the money. well [bleep]. reporter: he was asking for the prosecutor to be fired because of corruption issues. while the general is simply president trump announcing that he wants to make a good trade deal with pakistan, he met with six world leaders today so far, not on the list. i wrong leaving the president open the door because the
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president was to talk with to him without precondition. the president caught of guard what a chinese trip, a visit to the u.s. farms in the midwest was canceled this week at the u.s. request. watch the exchange. [inaudible] [inaudible] reporter: treasury secretary stephen into unterman newton saying they are coming next week for paloma neri level at the primary level talks and the president did not stop at the climate change but he is saying -- actually he did stop and he said he is a big believer in clean air and clean water and country should do that for themselves. liz: so steven mnuchin, that is
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transparency in real-time. reporter: is him like he was a little caught offguard by the fact that we requested the trip to be canceled because of president wanted the chinese to see for themselves, the farmers and people being hurt by these retaliation tariffs in the chinese don't buy these products. liz: they iranian president will be at the un, he is expected to say u.s. sanctions have said failed. iran will agree to talk only if the president reenters, president obama's nuclear deal. joining me now is army general, chairman of the institute for the study of war, fox news senior strategic analyst. your take on all of this? >> iran is not coming in trying negotiations, he is something
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completely different. we have escalated sanctions, we put the iranians back on their heels, the most i've seen and 39 years. but what they have done that, they have escalated connecticut tax and they have no intention of coming back into negotiate and certainly are sanctioned or not pushing them to the end either. that's why they are using these connecticut tax because they want to create a crisis that will force the united states, not to increase insurance but to get decreased them. that's what the attack on the saudi oil field was about, is really an attack on the world economy. there trying to push the world economy to recession by conducting such a significant attack on one of the world's largest oil fields. liz: given what you're saying, here's a secretary of state mike pompeo, he seemed to suggest that you the u.s. is ready to strike back with a potential military option, watch this. >> the weapon systems could not
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have come from the houthis, it's absurd that they think that in its absorption to think this was an attack by houthis, this was i wrong in the united states will respond in a way that will reflect "the act" of war by the iranian revolutionary regime. liz: your reaction? >> i think a military retaliation is very appropriate because as i said, the iranians are escalating attacks and no amount of sanction is going to stop that. how do you stop that? you have to impose something on them launches reagan did in the late 1980s when they were interrupting the traffic of oil, we attacked the higher gc naval base and also some oil fields. i think an attack along those lines and economic pain has a much better chance of stopping
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this aggression because again the brownies will come back and they will come back and attack more of the global economy to try to force it to recession which would then get the country in a world to put pressure on president trump to stop the sanctions. that's what this objective is all about but iranians. >> has there been retaliation? i read there has been in the past against iran and it has worked. your reaction to that? >> it is only worked one time, we have only done it once and that's when reagan did it. when they blew up the embassy in lebanon and kuwait, we did not retaliate unfortunately. but the same president did so and learned a lot from the experience, ronald reagan and did so the late 1980s, that ended the crisis, that iranians believe the united states is not going to do anything. that we will just continue to increase insurance. and they will have their way eventually by creating a large
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crisis that the world will demand that the united states pull back on the sanctions. that is their strategy and i think we stepped up to it will feel. liz: even the un secretary general says yes the attacks on the saudi arabia oil facilities should be condemned. will the president -- let me back up, does the president need an international coalition to support him to strike back at iran? >> i think they're doing the right thing right now and most of the presidents to show up at the meeting and i'm convinced the diplomats are educating them using declassified evidence that iran actually did this and therefore they are attempting to isolate run further in terms of political diplomatic in isolation. yes get condonation of the attack. not all countries would even
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support or increase insurance by providing them themselves and far less would want to be involved in a coalition to conduct a military attack. nonetheless, i think getting to the international community and getting their support that i rounded this and they should be isolated, it is really an important mission. liz: thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country. good to see you. the markets, not really moving on a day where first lady milani and trump ring the opening bell. here is more from the new york stock exchange. >> good evening the market is closing and lack of conviction across the board. the dow lost a 14-point game in the s&p was down a fraction of a point in the nasdaq was down five points. there are still concerns about global growth in china trade has played in this market as well. lots of uncertainty ahead heard st. louis president making comments today saying that the
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economy faces risks that could cause a slowdown to be a sharper one than expected. if that would be the case then the 2% inflation target from the fed would be harder to achieve. finally first lady melania and trump is down here at the new york stock exchange ringing the bell. liz: still ahead, as is consorting with the enemy. the 2020 democrats want to get rid of everybody's workers and health insurance including union workers. there joining the picket lines with the union workers. they are striking over better health insurance. what elizabeth warren and birdie sanders be good or bad for the labor workers? >> a new and while twist against the whistleblower complaint
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against president trump, one blowing the whistle did not have firsthand knowledge as a presidents conversation with the president of ukraine that according to reports coming in. joe biden declaimed he's the one that has a problem. the story coming up next. ♪ what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ you may have gingivitis. when you brush, and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that
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general motors stock price taken a hit in trading today. 52 week high of $41 in change. gm's stock price back in september 2017 levels, it has been done money since 2007 trending around 32 - $37 a share. the labor union strike in the second week, let get right to live from detroit review we even talking about the ripple effects of the strike and today it appears that the ripples are widening. general motors announced at every layoff of an additional 1200 employees at a plant in canada as well as ohio where the workers are not uaw members. that brings the grand total of temporary layoffs for general motors 23200 census strike started. it is now the longest nationwide strike against general motors in almost 50 years. if you go back to the most recent one in 2007, that only
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lasted a couple of days. before 1970, that strike dragged on for two months. how long can each side afford for the strike to drag on. citigroup says gm is moving up to $100 million a day during the strike. if you count last week and today, that is more than half a billion dollars lost. as for the ticklers, they're making $250 a week and that is paid for by the union which is paying for healthcare coverage for the picketers while the strike is going on. that is coming out of the union emergency strike fund. the picket line has a must become a mandatory campaign stop for 2020 presidential hopefuls. former vice president joe biden visited picketers over the weekend and so did elizabeth warren. both telling workers the strike sets the tone for workers and unions across the country. general motors stock took a hit since the strike started and so have stocks for companies that supply parts to gm.
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seats are no longer needed while these plans are idle. there is still no clear end in sight. back to you. liz: let's bring in fox news contributor, the question for you, is the uaw consorting with the enemy. because of 2020 democrat elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are on the picket line, they want to get rid of the tough insurance player. >> this is self sabotage. i am reading socialism socks, there's a wonderful quote that applies the situation, toxics looking for trouble, finding everywhere and diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies presents exactly what democrats are doing. we have 28 million or so americans that do not have health insurance. they want to take 160 million people have private under private health insurance
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provided by employers and force them like cattle into a government run system controlled by elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. they decide what doctors, coverage et cetera. we don't need that in the uaw workers do not need it. liz: the president can pick off the labor union voting base pre-because we have elizabeth warren and bernie sanders saying they want to double the uaw membership but at the same time they want to take away their major thing, the reason the unions exist as for the health insurance. >> warren in sanders want to make private health insurance illegal. they want to prohibit any american from having not input everybody into a single government system. that applies whether working on fox, goldman sachs or general motors in putting together cars on the sub assembly line. liz: they warned that you better have a big carveout for union workers in the single player
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plan. >> it wouldn't be a single player plan it would be a double player plan. if you have uncle sam paying in the unions or the uaw and other unions, and will be single, it'll be government oriented systems and being two-tier or three-tier, multiple tier program other than one big system. i don't like that idea. liz: the immediate even claiming elizabeth warren to raise middle classes taxpayers to pay for single pay under player plan. >> let's acknowledge that it will cost a lot of money. and she will raise people's taxes doing it. and what will we do in the middle of a recession? >> absolutely right. there's a wonderful montage and you can probably look it up online, various journalist on the right, chris and george, and
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elizabeth warren want to raise taxes on middle classes. she won't answer the question, won't this raise your taxes for the middle class taxpayer? liz: that will be tough for her. >> people will him or her on that as well as i should. liz: great to see you. coming up, we have our eyes on several other stories free tonight. federal prosecutors in california conducting a criminal prose into e-cigarette jeweler juul lab. the fast-growing company has come under increasing scrutiny by federal officials, ftc, fda and several state attorney generals are investigating the marketing practices. the trump administration said earlier this month the plan to ban most flavored e-cigs, to a mystery involving the international space station. russia refusing to tell nasa
6:23 pm
what caused the airlink abroad last year. they will keep it secret. asked her not had to use heat resistant tape to fix a whole and the russian spacecraft which had docked the usss. the whole could've been a result of a small meteor right where it might've been done by human hand. we will have that story for you. the patriots wide receiver antonio brown, offering choice words for patriots owner robert, judging up solicitation after he was cut from the team. antonio brown accused a lawsuit of multiple sexual assault claims in the second woman also claims antonio brown sexually harassed her and set her intimidating text messages. chaos to travel around the globe, thomas cook has collapsed. buckling under crushing debt and online competition stranding hundreds of thousands of tourists worldwide. this is a 178-year-old firm and
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employ 21000 people in 16 countries. a new and wild twist in the whistleblower complaint against president trump it turns out according to reports the one blowing the whistle did not have firsthand knowledge of the president's conversation with the president of ukraine. president trump slammed joe biden declaring he's the one that has the problem. the president doubling down here and later in the show, more analyst from the left-wing network catching on to the new york times reporters on the fox kavanaugh story. reporters are trying to do a nasty takedown of a person questioning the media's conventional wisdom about brett kavanaugh's alleged sexual misconduct. although stories coming up. ♪ usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure
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you're watching the fox business
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network. we were coming into the bottom of the hour. heads are spitting from washington to the ukraine after major plot twist in the whistleblower complaint about the president phone call with the president of ukraine. fox news intelligent correspondent catherine herridge has more. reporter: people familiar with the situation say the whistleblower did not have firsthand knowledge of the conversation between president trump and the ukrainian president adding that those were laid out in the original complaint. this morning chuck schumer sending a letter calling on the senate leader mitch mcconnell to take action impress the white house to release the transcript. it reads in part, this is a whistleblower complaint that has been urgent and credible not by democrats but a senior level trump appointee. it is the senate's duty to take the national security matters seriously. into take action now. democratic leaders who have been wary of impeachments in president trump may have given them the option that the
6:30 pm
allegations are true. in a letter to colleagues nancy pelosi wrote, if the ministration persist in rocking the whistleblower from disclosing to congress a serious constitutional duty by the president, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take into a whole new stage of investigation. the white house can mitigation chief said the allegations come both ways. the president may release the transcript but has reservations. >> it varies, there can be 10 - 20 people, there's generally a lot of people listening to these calls. it's true what the president said, when foreign leaders come together to speak, they need to be able to speak candidly. i think that perhaps releasing this transcript could set about president. he is willing to do it but there's a lot of other people, lawyers and such may have a problem with it. we will see what happens. reporter: democrats want the top five acting director of national intelligence joe maguire to come thursday. he has not released the whistleblower complaint on a
6:31 pm
number of grounds. liz: thank you for your reporting. president trump arriving at the united nations, he was quick to criticize joe biden in the growing ukraine scandal. >> the one that has the problem is biting. if you look at what he did, i did not do it. what biden did is a disgrace. liz: the president acknowledged that he did discussed the vice president with ukraine president back in july. but now he says that he is mowing over and releasing specifics about the call. >> the problem is, when you're speaking a foreign leaders, you do know what they do. and feel that they should not be speaking openly. >> let's take it up with justice department officials, he joins us from washington. your reaction to all of this? >> first of all, it is remarkable that we are hearing
6:32 pm
that the whole thing has been set in motion by a whistleblower pretty was not an eyewitness who is in the room or on the phone call, the president had with ukrainian president. i think it's remarkable that were putting all this emotion based on hearsay report. liz: cnn is also reporting that the whistleblower did not have direct knowledge of trump ukraine communication and instead the concerns came partly from information that was not gathered during the time of work what is your reaction? >> we need to be able to hear directly from the president what he said in other words put in context, the problem is that the president is in a position where he has tried these and ominous allegations about what he said on the call. i respect that the president would benefit if he were to get the transcript of the call that the president has hinted that he intends to do. so the market people can see exactly what he said and make up their own minds.
6:33 pm
>> now you have house intelligence committee adam schiff threatening to withhold funds from the intelligence committee unless details of the whistleblower complaints are disclosed and that is quite a threat. now you have nancy pelosi also not just hinting at impeachment but indictment. your quick reaction to that? >> my reaction, i think democrats will be there so long as they can. it does not surprise me that there threatening all dire things that the president does not release the complaint. all of that underscores the importance of the president getting its own story out there so he's not playing defense and playing offense, he cannot be accused of a cover-up or concealment, he gets a here's what i said i don't have a problem with it. >> joe biden in iowa claims he never spoke to his son hunter biden about his work at the ukraine gas company. >> i have never spoken to my son about that. you should be looking at trump. he knows i'll beat him like a
6:34 pm
drum. he's using his abuse of power and every element of presidency to do something to smear me. everybody looked at this and everybody has looked at it that said there is nothing there. ask the right questions. >> according to the new yorker magazine which it did a profile of hunter biden, he recalled bringing up with his father and that he did talk to him about it. what is your take on that? >> it does not seem plausible that vice president biden was never discussing his son's business with him. it does not really seem plausible. the second thing, the former vice president use such strong language and said he never discussed it, never is an extremely strong word, we will hear in the coming weeks there were might be evidence out there that suggest it may did discuss the business. liz: next up a new front in the
6:35 pm
battle to fund the border, south carolina republicans now to call back for the state, $11 million of pentagon funds that the trump administration reprogram to build a border wall. this is now at the state level. it shows the chaos that ensues when congress does not act. plus, lindsey graham warns fisa abuse will continue to happen if somebody is not punished in the upcoming d.o.j. probe under the obama ministration to spy on the trump campaign. those stories are next. ♪ that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today. of the value you'll find at fidelity. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle.
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6:40 pm
and human condition issue. these people still have 40 miles of desert to converse before they get to something that would resemble civilization where they can be picked up by somebody else my deputies recover 100 bodies a year in this county. >> 100 bodies a year, that's what the sheriff just said. men, women and children die while tried to cross the border. already this year id to have died. let's bring in mike powell, the senior advisor at the heritage foundation, former member of the homeland security council office. if dead bodies in the lack of control of the border is not an emergency, what is? >> that is a great question, it clearly is a crisis of the border. democrats were saying it is not for some time in the trump administration is doing everything that they can to get their hands around the issue, 450 miles of border wall by the end of 2020, it's about a mile a day.
6:41 pm
while congress does nothing, everything will they border wall will go up in the polls are being closed in enforcement being done. liz: chaos in congress, this is what happens when you don't deal with the border, republicans in south carolina meaning tim scott and joe wilson saying they will try to get that for their safety $11 million in pentagon funds that will fund the border wall. what is happening, south carolina saw a big spike higher in the drug overdose death rates, drug cartels are using the carolinas, setting up shop in atlanta, georgia and they are moving the drug products through the carolinas of the eastern seaboard, this is why the national security issue. >> the drugs, the crime and the awful trafficking to the human smuggling, the abuse that occurs to women and children, it is an emergency and more ways than one. liz: i'm sorry it's mike, not
6:42 pm
mark. breaking news, the trump administration announced it will end widespread catch and release, they are not going to release families into the interior instead of the family unit does not claim fear of return they will be returned to their country of origin with collaboration with central america if they do claim fear they will be generally returned to mexico. your reaction? >> another huge develop it in the immigration field. promises made and promises kept, this will have a huge impact because many family units are going to decide not to come. but we do know the cases already processed the remainder mexico around 5000, only to were held up. people are going to realize that they do not have the chance to be released into the interior so hopefully you have a date many
6:43 pm
years later and they don't have to show up to and no legitimate fear of being removed from the country. so once a country in the northern triangle see the family units returning, telling other folks it was not worth it. liz: thank you so much. next up senator lindsey graham warns fisa abuse will happen again if somebody is not punished in the upcoming d.o.j. ig probe of the alleged fisa abuses. despite on the trump campaign. later michelle analysts catching on critics say to the new york times reporter the errors on the kavanaugh story. this is a new attack in the new york times reporter on the story trying to do a nasty takedown of a certain person in question who is dubious about the media's general consensus of brett kavanaugh's sexual misconduct elevationsallegations.
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>> what happens to the people that mislead the court, the fisa
6:48 pm
court, an important court, but if the court does not take this seriously, then the question for me, who will. if somebody is not punished then there be no deterrence and it will happen again and again. liz: that was lindsey graham, now warning if somebody is not punished, that will only give more incentive for another ministration to unleash the power of the u.s. intelligence committee to spy on political campaigns. let's bring in congressman greg, also house judiciary. is senator graham right? >> 100%. i have been saying since i was sworn in, the market people deserve to know how we got to where we are today, how we as taxpayers spent $30 million on an investigation in the whole russia collusion hoax. it turned out to be no evidence of collusion, they do not charge for obstruction, so how do we get to having the fisa court issue a warrant to spy on opponents campaign. we need to know the answer to that. i look forward to receiving ig investigation. liz: law enforcement official
6:49 pm
have told us that fisa is meant for foreign governments not opposition campaigns. once you get a fisa wiretap, you can wiretap everything, more powerful than a regular wiretap. you know how to have probable under probable cause. he also said that will be out in october. watch what else he said. >> i think it'll probably around october, my number one goal is to declassify as much as possible so you can see what really happened. liz: what is taking so long to declassify? this book the country apart for two years, the american people have a right to know. why is it taking so long? >> i think the id is going to his investigation and once the investigation becomes public then the d.o.j. will decide what to declassify and what to not declassify. a lot of us in the republican caucus have called for all of the warrants, find the words to be declassified so we know who signed them, so we know what was
6:50 pm
sworn to as being accurate and credible, somebody had to swear to the authenticity of the documents and if the steel dossier was used as a steel basis to give the warrants was completely false even the person that wrote it in 85% of it was false, there was a fraud that was taken on the fisa court and those that perpetrated the fraud should be held and justice. liz: nadler and steve cohen said they see no problem with this. >> of course. of course they don't see a problem unless it was happening to a democrat. if it's happening to a democrat then they'd be all over it calling for impeachment. the democrats have become the party of impeachment. that's all they want to talk about if it's convenient for their side. liz: law enforcement sources say because they hated trump so much that the obama administration got the most powerful guys at the fbi, cia to spy on opposition campaign, there are no checks and balances at the fisa court, no defense attorneys in the fbi and others are the checks and balances, what is a
6:51 pm
foreign power, they are in trouble. >> a lot of people do not agree with the fact that we have a secret court that decides on these things. if there is evidence which it appears to b, that was not shown, in nature to the fisa court, however, did not provide that information perpetrated a fraud on the fisa court. i'm sure those judges are not very happy about that. they are supposed to be that check b1 senator graham is asking if president obama knew that the fbi and d.o.j. were investigating trump campaign and if what -- if you knew what did they do about it. every president including president obama according to our sources get a threat matrix and usually the daily briefing that was show all the probes going on. do you think president obama knew about this? >> i would be shocked if he did not know about these things going on in these things being
6:52 pm
investigated. if these decisions were being made at the highest level in the fbi in the d.o.j. that he absolutely would've been briefed on these things and that also calls into question a lot of the issues. liz: thank you so much come back soon. media analysts catching on to the reporters and the botch kavanaugh story. this is we have a new line of attack from one of the times reporters, they are doing a takedown of a person in question who is saying she's dubious about the media conventional wisdom about brett kavanaugh's alleged sexual misconduct. that story coming up. ♪ drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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elizabeth: fallout over that botched piece by a pair of "new york times" reporter to supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, reaching a fever pitch. watch this. >> "new york times" is having a rough year, there have been a number of regrettable flubs this year. publishing an anti-semitic cartoon in the international edition. and caves to twitter mob foss change headlines or add more opinions to news coverage, then the botched brett kavanaugh story. none represent the times entirely or all the of the excellent journalists and
6:57 pm
editors they employee, but they are also not helping. elizabeth: your reaction? >> i am not surprised, it has been a long time in coming, "new york times," say they want to be journal of record, they need to own up when the they -- make mistakes and corrections and talk to their reporters. one of the coauthors here, she used some pretty questionable tactics, we see what happens when bad goes in, you get a bad product. elizabeth: watching one of the "new york times" reporters on the botched kavanaugh story, katy kelly accused of going after ford's be best friend, kaiser, saying he is momentary impaired because -- memory impaired because of substance abuse, kaiser revealed, she does not believe ford's claim, and
6:58 pm
told fbi she felt pressured to change the story, here is katy kelly under cutting kaiser. >> however we still find christine ford credible in the end. if you read our book you see why. kaiser's claims don't rebut the claims, and kaiser has memory issues that are discussed in the book that relate to way that memory functions for all of us, and also she has a history of substance abuse. >> we still think that ford is credible in the end. then goes after her for substance abuse. is it a journalist job to act as judge and jury? >> it is not, i would think their job is to uncover the facts, report the facts, let "the reader" make a judgment call, she is putting out why she thinks that leland kaiser should not be believed. and that is the very tactic that someone on a -- friends
6:59 pm
pressuring her. elizabeth: watch "new york times" push back on cnn's -- watch this. >> seems that your initial add appdation set a narrative, new damning evidence against brett kavanaugh, but this note undermined that new claim. >> yes, we think it hasn't stage -- up staged new claim. elizabeth: the new claim, the alleged women, supposed victim does not remember it, did not cooperatcorroborate it, did noto the times. >> they can't call i it up stag. it is a omission a correction. elizabeth: patrice you have been wonderful thank you. lou dobbs is next right here on
7:00 pm
the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening, president trump today bringing his america first agenda on the united nations. to the general as general assem. leader of the free world at least, delivered a speech on religeous freedom before meeting with 6 different world leaders, taking up global extremism to the potential of a new fair and reciprocal trade deal with china. >> if my opponent had won the election, china's economy would have surpassed united states by now. with me a difference, we'


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