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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 24, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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nice cover, there we go. pick it up or go to barnes &, it comes out in two weeks. trish will be back tomorrow night. kennedy begins right now. ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you, gregg. washington, d.c. is freaking out, man! the president's critics say he committed treason. his supporters say the ukraine scandal is a big pile of hot nothing. so who's right and where on earth do we go from here? in the all started last week, as you'll remember, when "the wall street journal" printed an article about a white house whistleblower. as the story goes, the said whistleblower heard or read something troubling the president said during a phone call with the ukrainian president. we still don't know what he said exactly, but various reports claim the president repeatedly asked for dirt on joe biden and his son hunter and that he may have dangled military aid as payment for said dirt. today at the united nations the president said biden is the one
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to blame. watch. >> i had a great phone call with the president of ukraine. everybody knows it. it's just a democrat witch hunt. here we go again. they failed with russia, they failed with recession, they failed with everything, and now they're bringing this up. the one who's got the problem is biden. you look at what biden did, biden did what they would like to have me do, except one problem, i didn't do it. what biden did is a disgrace. what his son did is a disgrace. kennedy: then-vice president joe biden once threatened to withhold aid to the ukraine if country investigate his son's ties to an oil company there. biden forcefully denied it all. watch. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you spoken to your son about his overare seas business dealings? >> i never have. you should be looking at trump. trump's doing it because he knows i'll beat him like a drum s and he's using the abuse of power and every element of the
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presidency to try to do something to smear me. everybody looked at this and everybody's looked at it, said there's nothing there. ask the right questions. kennedy: oh. he's trying to give doocy the smackdown. good luck, joe. the only thing you're smearing all over yourself is some heftover oatmeal. is it just me or does every scandal seem to originate in the ukraine? regardless who's telling the truth here. here with me now to explain, "wall street journal" columnist and fox news contributor bill mcgurn. welcome back, mcgurn. >> thank you. kennedy: excellent. so this all started at the wsj. tell me what your people know about these people. >> well, we've reported on this whistleblower having an account, but since then we've learned, as you pointed out, the whistleblower did not hear this firsthand. so we have another anonymous leak of classified material by someone who may or may not have known what was going on. kennedy: did this whistleblower also go to college with brett
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kavanaugh conveniently? >> right. that'll come up next. it's not even clear that the statute applies to the president in these cases. so the journal has urged the president to release the transcript. it's a bad -- it's definitely a problem to have people in and leaking the president's conversations, but we think it's going to be leaked anyway. he might as well get out in front of it, and if it is what he says it is, there's going to be more attention paid to joe and hunter biden. vice president biden said everyone that's looked into it -- well, no one's looked into it. i think senator graham may look into it. kennedy: well, and i think that is, that's okay. and there's a difference between having a rich and powerful parent and, you know, benefiting from their influence and having your dad be the vice president of the united states -- >> right. kennedy: -- who can actually affect policy. but has trump done the same thing? >> well, that's what we don't know. kennedy: that is problematic. >> right.
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kennedy: withholding aid finish. >> yes. you don't want the president saying dig up dirt on a political rival, and worse if he's going to tie u.s. security to it. but, of course, that's what joe biden's accused of doing, right? the same thing. of threatening the prosecutor unless he called off -- kennedy: and then he bragged about it. >> a prosecutor that was looking into his son's company. at the very least, it's a giant conflict of interest. so i'd like the president to release the transcript, let's see what he says. i think in a week or two we're going to be moving on to the next subject, but i do think that hunter biden, i don't think he wants the attention on his business in ukraine. what were they buying? kennedy: i don't think joe biden wants the attention on hunter biden. i think what joe biden has been doing, honestly, is trying to normalize his son and give him opportunities so he's not an embarrassment. >> right. the question is what were they buying. kennedy: yeah, france pointed out today, you know, knowing that sphere as well as she does
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in business and finance, if you don't have any the expertise and you don't have a proven track record, no one's going to give you a couple billion dollars unless there's something to gain from it on the ore -- >> to buy, right? something that he has to offer which, you know, was his name. it's not clear that, again, even if they did all this, it's not clear any part of it is illegal, but you would think that the vice president would have recused himself from being the point man on ukrainian corruption. kennedy: no. i think people are going to look at in the same way they looked at hillary/jeb matchup, and they said, you know, we don't want a repeat of the same thing, and they may look at this in terms of president trump and joe biden, we don't want the same people repeating the same mistakes. does the president pay a price politically based on what we know now? >> i don't know. not on what we know now because i think a lot of his support, the supporters turn it out. the president and they say this is the latest witch hunt.
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until we really see what it is, i'm not sure that he really -- i think it's going to be forgotten in a month, right? there'll be something -- not forgotten because there'll be nothing there, there'll be some other accusation. kennedy: cobbling together a platform of great ideas is much harder work than it is screaming impeachment. that's what we're going to into next. democrats are up in arms about the whole story, and it's fueling a new push. >> i've been very reluctant to go down the path of impeachment, but if the president is essentially withholding military aid at the same time that he is trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit that is providing dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign, then that may be the only remedy that is coequal to the evil that conduct represents. kennedy: evil. house speaker nancy pelosi saying the trump administration is entering a, quote, grave new
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chapter in american lawlessness. but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell shot back, yeah, cocaine mitch saying democrats just trying to cover their side. mitch? >> the senate select committee on intelligence has long workedded on a bipartisan basis in secure settings out of the public spotlight to conduct critically important oversight of classified and sensitive matters. so i've been disappointed to see our colleague, the democratic leader, choose to politicize the committee's ongoing efforts with respect to a recent whistleblower allegation, the specific subject of which is still unknown. kennedy: whistleblower. for now, democrats are only pushing for impeachment as punishment, but republican presidential contender bill wells went even further claiming the president is guilty of, wait for it, treason! and the punishment should be death.
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that sounds realistic. finish how's it going to shake out politically? let's meet tomorrow's party panel, former obama white house director of press advance and global situation room ceo joanna is here along with immediate january and head writer of this fine show, podcast, jimmy fella, and host of the quiz show on fox nation, fox news contributor and a legend in these hallways, tom shah lieu. how do you do? welcome to the show for the first time. >> i'm intimidated by all these comedians. i hope i can make politics funny. >> you got this. [laughter] kennedy: it's already absurd. so let's talk about this a little bit. i think bill wells has lost his mind. he's saying the president should be put to death for something we're not fully informed about. >> it is the punishment for treason, kennedy. he seems to be right about that but, yeah, trump's driving
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people crazy. he drives people crazy. bill wells used to be, dare i say, boring. he was a boring guy. kennedy: he was. from massachusetts. >> he lost to kerry in massachusetts. >> oh, wow with, embarrassing. [laughter] >> but now he's very exciting. kennedy: who is charismatic as a slipper. >> losing a dance contest to amy klobuchar. [laughter] kennedy: i saw her twerking dvd from 1987. but, yeah, i think bill weld is a little bit out of his depth. he's wading around in a tub of gin. >> yeah. he's now the most exciting of those three dudes that are running against the president on the republican side. ken the other one is no one cares, and who's that guy again? [laughter] right. so here we go, this is, something weird is going on here. >> yeah. kennedy: maybe it's on both sides. maybe the president's doing something weird w. i'm going to go to ukraine, they need stuff, i need stuff.
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>> let's think about it, i do think this is, like, it kind of reads like a deep state deflection move in that, you know, this is the classic you do something wrong, so you accuse someone else of the thing you did. >> yeah. >> this would be like me coming home and saying, jenny, you smell like strippers. [laughter] what's with all the glitter on your face? meanwhile, i've got it on my chest and my neck. they don't want to talk about their -- kennedy: god bless jenny. >> she's doing it all right now as we speak. but again, it really does reek of the russia thing, again, they're going out on a limb and asking us to invest so much emotion in something that's unsubstantiated. all they had to do to beat trump was not go crazy, it's kind of crazy to stake all your credibility -- kennedy: it's so true. but tom's right, the president makes people absolutely insane. >> can i say though i thought when you were talking about the stripper analogy that you were
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talking about president trump, not joe biden. [laughter] i mean, the truth is, you know, i was saying earlier i think you've got a situation where both of the sons who are private citizens of these candidates have done some things that may break some normal professional bounds. but i think it warrants in terms of what donald trump said and the fact that there is a whistleblower complaint, that needs to be heard. >> yeah. >> we need to see, you know, that complaint -- kennedy: what's more egregious, chelsea clinton getting a juicy contributeship for nbc news or hunter biden all of a sudden being a financial guru for china? >> can i say though? i've listened to chelsea clinton, and i actually really like her. kennedy: i haven't gotten through 50 seconds. >> you know what? it's the market, right? she's got people who follow her. kennedy: free market -- [inaudible] [laughter] >> she's got books, she's got children's books.
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my son and i went and looked at one of them. kennedy: wow! >> it was fantastic. >> don't ever bring that up in a custody battle. hunter biden is not free market. he didn't deserve $50,000 a month, that was good old-fashioned government corruption. >> here's the thing that we're accusing him -- kennedy: again, it's not just a rich and famous parent. that happens all the time. joe biden conceivably could have been using the force and might of the united states government to influence -- >> no, president trump could have been using a call with a foreign leader to influence -- kennedy: absolutely. >> but we don't know that it happened. [inaudible conversations] >> so the point -- kennedy: oh, that's right, it's all that malarkey. god rest his soul. [laughter] >> we know it didn't happen. trump talks the same way all the time. when he was in with comey, he said, hey, go easy on -- kennedy: come on, what are you doing? >> like a city cop.
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yeah. >> has he ever made a quid pro quo? his favorite phrase is let's see what happens. that's all he ever does. kennedy: rod rosenstein was, oh, they never stop and frisk me. >> i think we need to have the investigation. kennedy: more investigations, that's what we need. >> no, here's the thing, republicans support plenty of investigations when i was at the white house. when you are at the white house, i promise you, it's like you're drinking from the fire hose. kennedy: i'll let you in on a secret that most people don't know, they're all a bunch of boobs. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> then we are the -- kennedy: by virtue of voting them in over and over again, we are with complicit. and the panel is returning because they are so fantastic. your week has begun. first up, a new poll shows liz warren has skyrocketed to the all-important top of the iowa heap. will her refusal to answer tax questions that will burden the
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powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. ♪ kennedy: the liz warren express steam rolling through iowa with a new poll showing the massachusetts senator surging ahead of the 2020 democratic
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pack in the hawkeye state. the new des moines register survey shows warren in the lead with a commanding 22%. that's two points over sleepy joe biden. he's snoozing there in second place. bernie sanders has fallen behind to 11%, no other candidate is in double digits. so will warren's momentum last? her opponents are piling on the pressure, accusing her of dancing around how she's going to pay for medicare for all, and they say they want to know if she's going to raise tax on the middle class. will she be able to continue to blow off that question and stay in the lead until the iowa caucuses in february? joining me now to discuss, wpa intelligence ceo chris wilson is back. i think that she is by far the most fascinating story of 2020. and this democratic field, because everyone else has fizzled, and she's the only person who's been able to sustain her momentum. other candidates they spike and then they drop almost as
12:19 am
quickly. you look at kamala harris, she did the exact same thing. you know, bernie sanders has kind of plateaued, pete buttigieg, he was interesting for a while, but what is it about liz warren? >> i don't know that we know this is a sustained spike. i'll remind you going into the christmas season in 2016, ben carson led the republican primary. kennedy: president carson. >> the last poll, before you make a president cruz joke, had donald trump in the lead going into the saturday before the monday caucus. and, of course, he lost. senator cruz won the iowa caucuses in 2016. so two things about that, one is these polls go up and down, they're not indicative of anything that happens. two, iowa is only the first of a long marathon of contests that all it does, it kind of -- kennedy: don't you wish they would mix up the states? >> no, i don't. i don't, i like it. kennedy: won't it be great if they had a lottery e the night before and then you knew that the next day was polling day?
12:20 am
>> no, i don't like that idea. kennedy: i think it would be great. >> thanks for trying. look, iowa does a good job, and they take their role seriously. i mean, new hampshire's a close second. so the way it works, i think, works for democracy, and the iowa voter is very meticulous and litigious in the way in which they make -- kennedy: and it's a caucus state, not a primary state. >> they have to devote their time and effort to it, and a third of those voters who caucused for bernie sanders in 2016 are voting for elizabeth warren in this most recent poll. kennedy: what is it about her though? because bernie had this inpenetrable love shield, all of his supporters he held so tightly to his bosom, but liz warren has -- and i've talked to people who weren't bernie fans, and they're like, you know what? i think she'd make a better president. >> i think it's her native american background.
12:21 am
you can only be an insurgent once. you have two lanes, a socialist lane, a far-left lane and you have a moderate lane, and right now you have a fight that's gone on between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, and warren is winning. like i said, a third of the sanders voters have flipped over. kamala harris made a play in that lane -- can. kennedy: very clumsy. >> and you're going to have everybody -- kennedy: when she tries to become a moderate again, it's going to be inauthentic and disingenuous, and i think elizabeth warren only has to make minor tweaks to her platform, and she can say, nope, i told you so, just read this one paper that i released 14 months ago, exactly what was in there, and i think that's also what naturally prepares her for the debates. because kamala harris has to rely on a gimmick and a moment, but elizabeth warren can sit back, let other people fall apart and then answer something articulately. i disagree with her completely. i respect the game she's playing right now. >> i agree that she has played ad good game, it's a good game
12:22 am
in the democratic primary, but the problem is it's horrible for the general election. i think she may be the weakest candidate -- kennedy: yes. when she has to answer some of those tough questions to farmers and parents who are trying to save money who cannot afford another gut punch of another tax hike, she's not going to be able to -- >> look at -- right now the democrats are looking for over everything else someone who can beat donald trump. and joe biden comets to lead in every -- continues to lead in every state besides iowa, because he's able to make the argument that he can beat donald trump. elizabeth warren can now say, look, i can beat him too -- kennedy: there was a monmouth poll as well. i mean, this poll -- the elizabeth warren surge is no longer an outlier. this is now, there's a little bit more consistency. and i think that's where polling is helpful. >> to be able to maintain it, is the question. is she able to maintain it, grow it into other states -- kennedy: i'm wonder who the president wants to run against,
12:23 am
liz warren or joe biden. >> oh, i don't think it's any question elizabeth warren. kennedy: interesting. well, maybe he'll devote some time and money to her campaign. >> that's why he keeps going after joe biden even though he's sinking. kennedy: chris wilson, thank you. the democrat challenging aoc for her house seat. a democrat says the progressive princess has been blinded by fame. someone who does a lot of preaching about climate change and human rights and all that peace bull crap, but the truth is they spend way too much of our money. should we dump the hypocrites? i've got my memo next. ♪ ♪ ♪ all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play. makes sense. pet insurance,
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♪ ♪ kennedy: the u.n. has become such a toothless waste of time and money every september. about 90 heads of state snarl manhattan traffic so they can sit around and grease each other up in this farcical global jerk joint. the u.n. rose from the ashes of
12:28 am
world war ii as a peace keeping, international peace body at least according to article i which exhaustively lists its peaceable virtues. the problem is genocide, rape and basic human rights violations have proliferated not only while the world turned its back and yawned, but also as u.n. peacekeepers were standing right there. in 1994 the u.n. did nothing in rwanda when 800,000 people were slaughtered in an act of well-telegraphed genocide and 250,000 women were simultaneously brutally raped n. this modern era, yemen and syria have been decimated by civil wars, and the u.n. has doning nothing to stabilize, mend or meaningfully admonish murderous authoritarian actors. why has syria been able to slaughter its people creating 5 million refugees, 400,000 dead
12:29 am
innocents and 4 manager more displaced? because russia vetoed at least a dozen condemning resolutions. what does this make the u.n.? a very costly and frigid uniknock --eunoch. the whole ship of fools was welded together in 1945, and now they can't be swapped out for peaceful democracies like japan and germany. the u.n. budget is $50 billion a year of which the u.s. foolishly doles out 20%. you have 193 participating countries. cut the pie 193 ways so we can make like bernie sanders and all pay our fair share. the u.n. spends more on travel for its useless lackeys than it does fighting aids or malaria. david beckham is a more effective tool against malaria than this global clown show, and we should bend the u.n. into a much lesser entity that requires
12:30 am
fewer dollars and causes less harm than its current configuration. and move the damn thing to nairobi so i have a better shot of getting a crosstown cab in september. and that's the memo. the u.n. secretary-general today called for all countries to reach net zero emissions by 2050 at their climate action summit right here in new york city. this comes as protests swept the world this weekend, demonstrators brought traffic to a standstill in the nation's capital this morning. president trump made a surprise appearance at the u.n. climate conference for about ten minutes, but is the u.n. really the best organization to fight climate change? here to break it down is future executive director daniel turner. welcome back, daniel. >> thanks for having me on again. kennedy: how is the u.n. going to save the planet? >> yeah, it's not. and hike you just said, russia is a permanent member of the security council as is china. if the u.n. really wanted to tackle climate change, according to their philosophy, right? if you buy into manmade climate
12:31 am
change, if they really wanted to address it, they would condemn these two countries. china is the world east largest polluter, largest emitter of co2. india is putting two coal plants a month online. where's the condemnation of india, right? so there are things the united nations, according to their own logic, should be doing. but instead they go to new york, and they persecute us, americans, fossil fuel workers, the men and women who are actually powering their building on the east side? kennedy: yeah, isn't that funny? and by the way, if you talk to americans and american children, they're very much aware of the personal responsibility they have for the climate. i don't think that they should be shamed into changing their behavior, i think that they should embrace technology that only the private sector can offer. government force and capping ourselves at the knees economically isn't going to do
12:32 am
anything to make the planet better. >> no. and technology in the fossil fuel industry has gotten better. and this poor young woman who's being really manipulated by the left, greta thunberg, in the 16 years she's been alive, we have gotten smarter, cleaner, we've gotten more efficient when it comes to oil, gas, coal. and what's the result of that? thriving economies and businesses and opportunity and freedom. and in the 16 years she's billion on this planet, millions and millions of people from around the world have moved from poverty into the very beginnings of middle class and independence. and, again, there's no celebration of that, there's no celebration -- kennedy: but here's what's interesting because as india and china move into the middle class and billions of people are seeing what it's like to embrace and participate in a free market economy, they're like, hey, you know, give us our moment, western hemisphere. you've had your time in the blotted-out sun thanks to your
12:33 am
filthy dirty cities, and we have cleaned up. so what can you do outside of a globalist international body like the u.n., what can actually be done to change the behavior of people and governments in china and india, if anything? >> well, let the free market system work where necessary, and in the case of china, for example, you would think the men and women running for president on the democrat side would support president trump's sanctions. the best way to have china pollute less is to hurt their economy, and that would be sanctions or the next logical step would be war. i know that sounds crazy to say -- kennedy: yeah, it sounds crazy. >> if you think china is the world's biggest polluter, and they are -- kennedy: we should probably kill a few hundred million of them. >> -- and if you think co2 -- and they call it an existential threat. well, if it is and you say, aoc has said this is our world war ii. well, if it is, are you advocating war? clearly, i'm being a devil's
12:34 am
advocate here, but the u.n. and these people need to take their rhetoric and own it or come to the table with free market solutions that empower people, bring about prosperity and that will, ultimately, make us a healthier and cleaner planet. kennedy: absolutely. everyone wants a healthier, cleaner planet. i just don't want to be forced to do anything because some do-gooders at the general assembly are telling me to when those freaking hypocrites are flying around in gilded little jets. >> exactly. they've had seven climate summits so far this year, and they've had it in abu dhabi -- kennedy: yeah. you know what else they've had? free drinks and fancy hotel rooms. they can shove it. >> it's nice. kennedy: daniel, thank you so much. and speaking of aoc, the congresswoman we've been speaking about has said she's so worried about climate change that it regularly wakes her up at 3:30 in the morning. aoc has seen a rapid rise in washington since she upset a ten-term incumbent, joe crowley, and won new york's 14th congressional district last
12:35 am
year. but a new democrat primary challenger says the limelight could be her great undoing. watch. >> since she's been elected, she's never in our district. she's too busy doing washington and hollywood. and most of our congressional 14th has never seen her, she's not around. she even opened her office quite late, about three or four months later after she was elected into office. kennedy: she's not there, and that's what she ran on. i'm always going to be there because joe crowley's not. aoc said she tries to, quote, not focus too much on other folks in this field. is she a one-term, one-hit wonder? the party panel has returned, joanna, jimmy, tom. joanna, obviously, i will start with you because i think nancy pelosi is funding ms. khan's -- [laughter] >> can we just go back? i did not know you were inviting
12:36 am
inviting -- on the thanos on tonight. aoc, i don't know what the republicans are going to do if she goes away, because she is all they want to talk about all the time. kennedy: "the new york times" obsessed with the president's every move. there's something to be said -- >> as a representative, you need to represent your people, and i think that, you know, the one point that her primary channeler brought up was amazon -- challenger. and i think on that she needs to talk about the jobs she is going to bring to the district -- kennedy: well, you've got to be in the district. >> i haven't seen her out in hollywood. for as much as everybody's saying she's out in hollywood, i haven't seen her out there. i don't know, you guys, maybe you have her here more often? >> she's all over big hollywood. [laughter] >> i haven't seen her. i think that she's going to have that opportunity to explain what her objective is, and i think they'll probably have a really hard time. kennedy: so if this woman does what aoc did, meaning if she knocks on doors and connects with voters, i don't care who
12:37 am
she is, i think she could pose a threat. because a lot of people look at her, and a lot of progressives and democratic socialests have said she's not in it for the movement, she's in it for herself. >> yeah. and in these small districts, that is the message that sells. your current representative has gone national. we don't need a national candidate, we need a local candidate. it worked in my part of the bronx. biaggi won. cohen was a longtime democrat in my district, they booted him out. so she's going to have to come home. kennedy: yeah. come home. come home. >> it's a tough week for aoc. she just found out the electoral college doesn't have a football team -- [laughter] kennedy: that's why they're not ranked! >> yeah. she just bought season tickets -- [laughter] she should be primaried, because she really is, like you said, in the aoc business more than she's in the delivering for the people business. >> yeah. >> to your point, the reason we talk about her a lot, for real, is because you always want to, in sports, you always want to
12:38 am
attack your opponent's weakness. kennedy: it's click bait. >> let's be honest. pictures on breitbart of her in different poses is not -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: back up because pressley and omar, both hotter than aoc. >> oh, yeah, i would never -- i don't see a woman's aesthetic contribution. i see the intellect -- [laughter] kennedy: two husbands? a brother husband? >> yeah, that's what i was going to say. kennedy: and a lover. >> bring the goods, you know? >> i don't know. i think the republicans are going to end up shipping in to make sure aoc sticks around. >> they do, of course -- kennedy: democrats will chip in to make sure donald trump -- >> oh, i don't think we're getting that many of them. can. kennedy: he's a much better foil for them than you've had in a generation. party panel, stick around. how do you stop your kids from misbehaving when they're being
12:39 am
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♪ ♪ kennedy: a little bit of danzig. a british mom was fed up with her son's behavior at school, so she decided that if she can't beat him, she's going to join him. betty sat in on her son's math class to embarrass the 12-year-old after she became fed up with getting constant phone calls about him and his rudeness in class. finish she wrote on facebook, quote: today's kids are getting worse by the second. she hopes to inspire other parents to take a stand against naughty teenagers. many commenters applauded the
12:44 am
sit-in, but there were also critics who accused her of shaming a kid. a -- party panel is back. joanna, jimmy and tom. i think this is fantastic. >> it's a great story. i also love that she's acting surprised that her kid is a rebel. you named him harley, you know? yeah, my son manson is so violet -- [laughter] i don't want i don't know what's gotten into this guy. it is the one thing kids are most embarrassed about, i guess, would be their mom. kennedy: yep. >> my mom never showed up at school. >> my mom was a substitute teacher in elementary school. >> well, and my 7-year-old wants mom to be there all the time. so i think it's, you know, depends on the age. kennedy: let me give you a news flash from the future. [laughter] high school, that ship has sailed. >> yeah. i think she failed with this little experiment. kennedy: you're just saying that. >> well, no. she doesn't have control over her son. she admitted it. and then she was begging him to change his behavior, and he
12:45 am
wouldn't do it, he would just laugh at her. and then she sits next to him in class, takes selfies, she's embarrassed, she still doesn't have control. she has proven that he doesn't have respect for his mom, he only has respect for his classmates -- kennedy: hey, man, you've got to go where the vulnerability is. >> she still doesn't have control, that's the thing. there's only -- kennedy: well, here's the difference though. a lot of parents won't listen when someone tells them that their kid is screwing around or being disrespectful. and so many parents worry about being their kid's best friend that parenting has gone out the window. and so she's getting creative and finding the one thing that might break through and get to him because he knows the next time he screws around in class, mom's showing up. >> i agree. >> you're going to have to hit them where it hurts, so to speak. we have a 10-year-old. if he's bad at school, he can't get beer.
12:46 am
[laughter] laying down here on the job. kennedy: i think it brings up a serious point. >> i keep saying that i think politicians need to change some of the way that we're talking about family values, because i do think that parents' involvement in -- kennedy: it's not crucial. dan quayle is not vice president anymore. you want more -- talk about family values? >> yeah. kennedy: bring back dan quayle? i'm fine with it. >> go after joe biden and say, you know, my bad mom for having, you know, for working. and the truth is a lot of us don't want to leave our kids at home. we want to raise them, and we've got to figure out a way that we can make it work for working families to raise their kids. kennedy: i know. but this isn't about mommy wars, this is -- >> she brought it all the way back to hunter biden getting a gig. [laughter] >> yeah. >> she was just trying to -- >> i mean, i was really trying to get back to that topic. >> the reality of this biden thing, yes, they keep yelling at us about trump being a national security threat, and they're going to nominate a guy who's going to give his social
12:47 am
security number to a nigerian prince. [laughter] >> i don't think so. >> don't you think, kennedy, that this mom was trying to be buddies? she seems like the mom who was trying to be pals with her son, and she got in over her. kennedy: parents who make their child wear a sandwich board at a busy intersection, that may be going a little too far. this is fine. she sat next to him, she 'em based him -- embarrassed him. i told my daughter if she wears a half shirt to school, i'll wear one and walk right next to her all the way to school. >> yeah. the obamas did that. remember when they said they were going to get a tattoo in the same place? that was kleopfer. [laughter] >> had to stop 500 feet from the actual fence. but i'm there. kennedy: those damn restraining orders. you're also in a half shirt. >> our teacher welcome any of our involvement. there's a lot of kids in classes, so i think it's a great thing -- kennedy: absolutely. more school choice. well said. >> no, no, no, kennedy!
12:48 am
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kennedy: lawyers for "el chapo" claim the mexican drug lord is being tortured in prison. apparently, the guards have been forcing him to watch every miami
12:52 am
dolphins game. bring back waterboarding, because this is the topical storm. still love you, josh rosen. topic number one. we begin tonight in colorado where a biker decided to take the plunge. there he goes. that looks safe. and never do it on a dirt bike, because it's all downhill from there. the banged-up biker strapped on -- he fell off a cliff. luckily, he survived without injury, miraculously, and police say it's because he wasn't going very fast. these are the perks of living in a state with legalized weed. two million people have watched videos, but the weird thing is when you google falling off a cliff, every story is about the ratings for the emmys. i'm kidding, emmys people. after all, everybody knows if your show were a dog, it would be shot. as of tonight the roughed-up rider is recovering at home. he's also selling a used dirt bike in mint condition according
12:53 am
to ad, it was hardly ever on the road. he's asking five grand, but you can probably get him down. topic number two. here we go to illinois where two guys decided to cruise the mall for some ladies. yeah. >> what the [bleep] kennedy: we always knew shopping malls would need to get creative to compete with amazon, but we never expected them to open up a strive-thru -- drive-thru. two yahoos drove through a gap and turned the place into a full-on banana republic. an employee at the apple store called 911 but police refused to respond because the apple genius didn't have an appointment! they offered him something thursday between 8 and 11 a.m. but promised to call back if they had any cancellations. nobody was hurt, but the perpetrator had his vehicle impounded, but the good news is
12:54 am
he's still got his dirt bike. there i go, rounding the corner! the bad news is, he still has his dirt bike. put a little cbd oil on it, walk it off, fallout boy. topic number three. i love that sound. because it's monday, this winner is a michigan teacher who sees the glass half full of vodka. 44-year-old mike fletcher was arrested after he allegedly showed up to class with a blood alcohol content that was four times the legal limit. faculty members knew something was up after he told the school social worker that she made a good career choice. meet the teacher night was held at hooters. none of the dads mained. the hammered teacher was removed from class, and people will miss his popular slogans like an
12:55 am
apple tini a day keeps the doctor away. michigan fans were happy to see someone who can't drive besides a wolverine. the tipsy teacher is currently out on $7500 bail which he paid with his empties. we're happy to report that he even took some of the students shopping to make it up to them. hop in, guys! apparently, they went to his favorite store, forever .21. speaking of people going away, the kennedy team saying good to a legend tonight. it's the great john kilbashian is working his final shift. many of you don't know johnny because you don't hang out at times square food trucks all day, but he'll be profoundly missed by our team who loves his madly -- him a madly. a light has gone out on our floor. granted, it was from a tv showing a soccer match.
12:56 am
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