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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 9, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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follow me on twitter, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. see you tomorrow. i think i'm getting younger in that picture. good night from new york. trish report mainstream media is trying to convince you the president of the united states must be impeached. they are calling it a constitutional crisis. blaming the president of course for this crisis. we have a crisis but it stems not from president trump's refusal to turn over what pelosi and schiff are asking for, but a crisis because pelosi and schiff are manipulating the constitution for their own political gain. article one, section two, clause five. the house representatives shall
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have the sole power of impeachment. the house of representatives. that's one single body. the house can call for the removal of the president. not the speaker. not the chairman of the intelligence committee. the house. pelosi and schiff are attempting a total takedown all on their own with no 0 vote. pelosi and schiff are unconstitutionally trying to you be do the vote of 350 million plus americans. they say it's trump's fault for not turning over the documents. "washington post" opinion page. they write this is the constitutional crisis we feared. the "new york times" opinion page today. this is a constitutional crisis. what happens next. here is what late show host stephen colbert said last night. >> people have been musing publicly. when is the constitutional crisis coming? mark your calendar.
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it's here. you can't just not participate in your own impeachment. sir, you are charged with assault and battery. how do you plead? pass? trish: you get the picture. that's just a small sample. why would the president turn over any documents to anything other than a legitimate inquiry. right now, you don't have a legitimate inquiry since there was no vote on this. he's protected just as nancy pelosi is by executive privilege. it's the house itself as a body wants to launch a legitimate inquiry as opposed to a political inquiry which is what this is. then he can answer the subpoenas. are you going to answer them. i don't care how much you hate
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this president or how much you love him. this is about who we are as a country we are tonight and who we'll be. when an individual attempts to corrupt the system as some democrats are doing for political reasons. we must as americans step up and call them out. joining me tonight, one up american texas congressman, brian babin. great to see you. >> excellent opening monologue. trish: thank you. i want to get to the constitutionality of all this. we are getting reports here at fox that this whistleblower, a registered democrat had quote professional ties to a 2020 presidential candidate. if so, doesn't that speak volumes about how politicized all of this is? >> absolutely.
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it's a unilateral impeachment inquiry. the republicans have been frozen out. the president who is the chief executive, the one being accused. he doesn't know who the accuser is because they are keeping the whistleblower a secret. and they can't cross-examine, and the executive branch doesn't get to cross-examine and call witnesses. they place this thing the intel committee where it can easily be kept secret. we heard chairman schiff made self statement that have been absolutely untrue. as you just said, the whistleblower himself, her or he, never had first-hand knowledge of the phone call. took 18 days to file this whistleblower complaint, and has a working relationship with one of the 2020 presidential
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democrat candidate. it can't get any more laughable. it's absolutely ridiculous that they are trying to remove a sitting u.s. president in the middle of a great economy. things are happening that need to be gotten out of these so-called committees that are supposed to be inquiring as to impeachment. we have great bills that need to come out and everything has been halted and ground to a stand still. trish report secrecy of this he doesn't even know. american public has a right to know who the whistleblower is. the "wall street journal" wrote the impeachment is not a criminal proceeding so the right of mr. trump to face his accuser doesn't apply.
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it's not a criminal proceeding, so why shouldn't america know what this person is alleging and what the ties are between this person and one of the 2020 candidates that would be thee receiptically running against donald trump? >> i read the whistleblower's memo and i read the transcript, and credibly, we know the whistleblower had some deal wisconsin chairman schiff's staff. trish: which adapt schiff lied about on national television. he was asked, did you have any head up? he said no, we had no contact with it turns out members of his staff did. let me ask you this one. now you are in an environment where no matter what comes
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forward with the i.g. report, they are going to be sitting there saying you couldn't have obtained that information. i suspect the only way you are able to obtain that information is a because maybe you threatened to withhold something from ukraine or timbuktu. and that's the reason you are getting that information. do you think this was thought out politically speaking so the other side could be on offense as opposed to defense when it comes time for the i.g. report? >> i think they leaked before they looked. the democrats. there was no quid pro quo. we know that. i read the transcript as i said. trish: they don't care, right? this is being fought out in public. >> one goal in mind and that is to undo the 2016 election. i didn't expect -- they didn't expect this president to win.
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he has done a fantastic job for this country. i will tell you it's just a matter of politics. i think this is trying to influence the 2020 election. that's their goal and that's what they are going to do. but i believe, trish, the american people are catching on to this. trish: it's shameful. this is all one big political ploy. congressman it's good to see you tonight. old man steve bannon is right. hillary wants back in. >> maybe there does need to be a rematch. obviously i can beat him again. trish: she can beat him again? what? tonight, michelle malkin is here. we'll go through that again. we'll talk about that. robert mueller may have some explaining to do. >> you don't recall may 16,
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2017, that you interest swriewtd president about the fbi director job. >> it was about the job and not about me applying for the job. trish: turns out robert mueller was interviewing for the job. there were some congressmen who asked him that question and was reportedly lied to? florida's greg steube is here. >> joe biden trashed the laws of the united states to the embarrassment of my country. i found that not because he was a candidate for president. he was only thinking about it then. i found it -- i started my career and maybe i will end it, rooting out the corruption at the highest levels of government. hmm. exactly.
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save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. call, click, or visit a store today. trish: president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani make an explosive revelation. the biden family's ukraine deal is far worse than perhaps any of us know he said.
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>> the reason the democrats are fighting so hard is it's going to go further than joe biden. do you think obama just turned his back on this? if he turned his back on this, what else did he turn his back on. the "new york times" stuck it right in obama's face. they said your vice president has a glaring conflict of interest. what did obama do? he didn't get out of his benghazi sleep to do a thing by the. i know it goes further than joe biden. trish: while look at this article wriewd -- rudy is referring to. the liberal "new york times." they were one of the first to report on this. they are saying in '15 there is a glaring conflict of interest. why dbilities the obama administration do anything about it. joining me, guy lewis.
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this is kind of a big deal newspaper. especially for barack obama. it was a big story, quite extensively reported and quite a headline, and yet nobody said boo, nobody cared? the obama administration didn't react to this in the way you would think? normally it night raise a few eyebrows. >> trish, i used to have a federal judge i would try cases of in front of as a young prosecutor. he would remind me what is good for the goose is good for the gander. if they are going to particular president trump and turn him upside down and shake shake shake to see what comes out, why is it not fair for prosecutors to look at what happened with hunter biden in the ukraine. i am just telling you the facts and circumstances are highly
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suspect. trish: i think it totally is fair. this is information that was out there long before that phone call just a short time ago from the president -- our president to the president of ukraine. but you see you, traps where they are going with this? i'm curious about your legal analysis of this. are they going to say this has to be discount. you can't trust anything that comes out now because maybe it ukrainians are just doing what president trump wants them to do because they have that $300 plus million and maybe he's promising more. you see how it becomes a situation in which they are able to fire back against any of the evidence that night actually be there and disqualify it by saying it's gone the by ill means. >> you make a good point. but as a prosecutor, you ask about the case. i would be following the money.
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i mean no disrespect. when bind is discharged for cocaine use, hunter biden, the son. when he's discharged for cocaine use as -- from the navy reserve. you immediately put on the board in the ukraine of the largest natural gas company. and he's paid $50,000 a month to serve as a board member. what are his qualifications? how did he get the job? what was the purpose of it. trish: his dad with us vp and maybe the thinking was we have better access to the americans and the administration if we hire joe biden's son? >> absolutely. then what happens? the question is, did that pay off? you bet it did. so what happens is when a prosecutor starts looking at the company based on a $23 million financial transaction that the
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prosecutor said something is not right here, what happened? during a visit from the former vice president while he's in the ukraine he says, if you don't fire -- this isn't something that you can equivocate. this is a quid pro quo. if you don't fire this prosecutor thn then we are not releasing aid. they fired the prosecutor and then the vice president bragged about it on tape and it's there for everybody to see. trish: we have seen it. so, you know, rudy maded point that this goes pretty deep. this is just the tip of the iceberg. joe biden's family may be involved. this effective live the international swamp where family members of lawmakers can cash in overseas. do you think it happens a lot?
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>> i think it's so hypocritical. as a prosecutor, i didn't care if you are democrat, republican or independent. i didn't care. we investigated the u.s. attorney. the department of justice. this attorney general for whom i worked, bill barr, he prosecuted the facts and the law. he didn't care what party you belonged to. if you violated the law, you were subject to scrutiny and you would get investigated. i know that's what he's doing now which is turning over the rocks and following the facts. trish: we are anxious to sight of because there are so many questions as to why that fisa warrant was issued against an innocent american and why it was done in such a secretive way. the i.g. report will be coming soon and hopefully it will answer some of those things and expose what was going on. coming up next. former special counsel, robert mueller may have some explaining
8:20 pm
to do. >> you don't recall may 16, 2017 you interviewed with the president about the fbi director job. >> it was about the job, not me applying for the job. trish: multiple immigration sources are telling fox mueller was interviewing for the fbi job despite what mueller said. congressman steube is here and he wants some answers. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done.
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and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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trish: fox's bret baier reporting that administration officials told him special counsel robert mueller was
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pursuing the jock as fbi director when he met with the president in may 2017. robert mueller denied it in july under oath. >> it was my understanding i was not applying for the job. i was asked to give my input on wait would take to do the job. which triggered the interview you are talking about. >> you don't a recall may 16, 2017 you interviewed with the president regarding the fbi director job? >> i interviewed with the president but it was with the job and not about me applying for the job. >> your statement is you didn't interview to applied for the fbi director job? >> that's correct. >> the man who questioned robert mueller, greg steube joins me right now. administration officials are
8:26 pm
telling our bret baier that they have government documents showing mueller was indeed pursuing the job as a candidate himself. so if that's the case, is robert mueller lying under oath? and if so, why? >> that's the reason why i ask the question. and it's a follow-up yes question to that. the specific conversation he had with the vice president. it was our understanding in that meeting on that day the purpose of him being there was to interview for the fbi director job and it was sphraitd what we were told directly to the vice president that if he was -- he would not come back to the doj unless it was to be the fbi director and then a day later he was appointed special counsel. we wanted to make sure we got that on the record at that hearing. it's interesting some of these facts are coming to light.
8:27 pm
trish: conflict of interest if you are applying for the fbi job not admitting it? >> if you watch the rest of that tape, when i asked him about what the vice president asked him, he said he didn't recall. i don't know how you wouldn't recall having a conversation with the vice president and the president of the united states about the director of the fbi job. but setting that aside, that's a pretty important conversation to have, than day later he was appointed special counsel. the timing is obviously very interesting. trish: if he had been director of the trieb he would have been put in that position by the united states. and instead the next day he's put in charge investigating the president of the united states. >> the president he was just with interviewing for the fbi director job. trish: how will some democrats spin this? >> i don't know.
8:28 pm
i think they put a lot of credence in robert mueller's report. i think a lot of them waited that 22 months thinking there would be a bombshell that came out of the report. we flound was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. the democrats didn't get what they thought he were going to get out of robert mueller. we had the hearing in front of the judiciary committee. trish: robert mueller is discredited. he lied to greg steube under oath. >> they put a lot of credence in that hearing in was no bomb shells, no russia collusion. thank wasn't anything he said that wasn't already in the report. no russia collusion, no obstruction of justice. no corruption. now we are on to this
8:29 pm
whistleblower. trish: now you have quid pro quo. >> if you read the transcript there will be is no quid pro quo in the transcript. trish: you have to infer a lot. a whistleblower who is not on the call but described it as terrifying and frightening? how can it be terrifying and frightening if you are not on the call. and a whistleblower who allegedly had a professional working relationship with somebody campaigning to win the nomination for department krattic party. you couple that with the guy or gal, the whistleblower, went to schiff's staff before filing the darn report. it starts to look extremely sketchy. >> schiff lied about the fact he talked to the whistleblower on national television. and completely misrepresented what the transcript said and what the president said to the
8:30 pm
president of the ukraine. you have all of these misrepresent days. now the reports that the whistle blower who coordinated with the chairman of the intelligence committee before he filed his complaint. all of this is not what the american people want. trish: if somebody is just tuning into this and they have been away in timbuktu and they have not seen any newspapers. what would you say? is this a coup attempt? i have done a lot of reporting in uraguay and panama and brazil. it sounds like a banana republic. >> it's impeachment by fiat. you had russia collusion, then obstruction, then it was corruption, thin whistleblower, the whistleblower is a democrat corroborating with the chairman
8:31 pm
of the intelligence committee and all of these hearings the intelligence committee is having is in secret. the american people aren't getting mare what they are talking about. and the chairman is only making public bits and pieces of the testimony sotomayor can people cannot judge for themselves. it's sad we are in this state of affairs in the united states today. trish: for sure. thank you very much. could it be happening again? >> maybe there does need to be a rematch. obviously i can beat him again. that's not correct. steve bannon predicted it on this show. he said hillary clinton might want to get back in the race. michelle hall come is sheer. ustr service, every time.
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>> maybe there does need to be a rematch. obviously i can beat him again. trish: third time is a charge for hillary? interesting comments from the 2016 democratic nominee. but not surprising, not if you have been watching this program. it started with steve bannon telling us hillary clinton is already back in the running. >> hillary clinton is doing a whole meeting this week. but she came out yesterday and said it's an illegal, illegitimate president. he has to be removed from office. he's a clear and present danger. the chinese communist party is not a clear and present danger.
8:37 pm
donald trump is a clear and present danger. she is running. trish: he went on and doubled down and said she absolutely is running. so is she a glutton for punishment? joining us, michelle mall malkin. you are a normal person who looks at this and says why would i put myself through that again. i wonder if she is looking at this thing saying elizabeth warren is going to go on to get the nomination from the democratic party? a nomination i think she feels she not tomorrow had but should have spend won the presidency for. >> i will give you this much, trish. i absolutely agree that
8:38 pm
clintonian egoism, particularly for hillary, the indignity of not achieving the crowning liberal feminist glory of being america's first female president gnaws on her every day. and obviously president trump is continuing to live rent free in her head when she should be enjoying these golden years and enjoying her grand children. and i will give steve bannon this. i do not ever presume to have anything on him in terms of his political insider knowledge and his strategy. however, if you listen to the tone in which she claimed of course, she could beat him again. did she sounds like she believed herself? her energy level is still stuck at a quarter tank of gas. because the last two losses took
8:39 pm
a lot of wind out of her. while time does wonders for wine and cheese, it has not done wonders for her in the wake of this third loss of hers, and neither does it do much good for the mayor scan public's reflection on her lifelong career long record of corruption and cover-up. trish: you wonder, why elizabeth warren is so far out in front right now. is it that hillary was around too long so people were sick of her and her and her husband, and they have been there, seen that, now elizabeth warren is the new shiny object? if i were part of the establishment democrats, i would be nervous. they may find themselves at the ballot box saying i have a choice between a socialist,
8:40 pm
warren, or sanders or donald trump. they have to be thinking ply goodness. why don't we have somebody who is more representative of the establishment class? >> i have agree with you have on that. and elizabeth warren's rhetoric makes them nervous. so who is the establishment democrat candidate who will carry water for mbna? that was joe biden and he's not work out so well. and goldman stacks. people need to pay attention to tom steyer. he talks a radical game and he built up a following among progressives. but he has pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in races across the country and he qualified for the next debate in november. he's not far behind the
8:41 pm
frontrunners in the latest polls at 8%. >> this is interesting. and quickly before i let you go. what's the thinking on this impeachment deal? >> the russia collusion hoax train reached a dead end. this is the next line the democrats hopped on to. impeachment is a mechanism that has been developed since the bush years and they will ride it until they reach a dead end and find another pretext. trish: michelle, it's good to see you. you will not believe the next story. a and desay go college is confronting white supremacy through arts events. making america great again is being labeled a white supremacy slogan. [ applause ] thank you.
8:42 pm
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>> i want you to see the latest from san diego city college. documents from the school says
8:46 pm
they have a confronting white supremacy through the arts events. it lists make america great again as an example of covert white supremacy. wow. right near the top of their pyramid. here we go again. this ways they do on college campuses. joining me, daily caller stephanie hamill. >> it's mind boggling. this event happened in october. and they reached out to the college campus to find out what was going on. the college campus didn't respond. but we have the fliers right here. it's astounding they would put make america great again as a symbol of white supremacy along with cultural appropriation and racist mascots.
8:47 pm
to label make america great again trump supporters as racist is reckless. we know trump supporters for the most of part are good people. i was at the black leadership conference at the white house covering it for the "daily caller." some of the attendees tell me all the racial slurs they have been called, including white supremacists. black attendees have been called white supremacists. trish: the african-american community has been extremely important for a long time. if there is any crack in that, that makes the democrats very, very worried. so consequently they tend to over and over again paint republicans and conservatives as racist. and they have just gone in full on with this president to try
8:48 pm
and paint him as a racist in hopes that not one black american would consider the policies that he's put in place, whether that be prison reform or whether that be jobs you can like anything we have seen in the history of tracking this stuff for minorities, specifically for blacks, for women, for hispanics. this is politics unfortunately. the way the world works for them. i want to get to another -- >> as for the event. i don't seat purpose of it other than to divide us. i think it many dangerous when we water down white supremacy and real racism by labeling innocent people these names. it's very unfair, trish. >> it's name calling and labeling in a way that's unhealthy and divisive and dangerous. you know, i want to be sensitive to it. there is still racism in this
8:49 pm
country it's alive and well. but to label an entire group of people that happen to think differently, and you have got two parties here. one of them is in the oval office, as racist because they don't support your candidate. that's a pretty aggressive and unfair characterization. let me get to another story we are watching tonight. the minneapolis police unions over a resume' to not allow off-duty police officers to wear their police uniforms to trump events. so the police union created red shirts the cops can wear. >> i think it's interesting here. the police union, they are saying this was a political move done by the police department there. maybe it wasn't directly from
8:50 pm
the police department. but maybe some of the democrats asked them to. the police department is defending itself saying this was because they wanted to make sure the police department didn't come off like the had some sort of political bias. the timing of the rules is what i take issue with. it comes a day after the minneapolis their was pushing back to president trump's rally. he didn't want it to happen there. he wanted to slap the trump campaign with a $500,000 fee when the last time barack obama was there it was only a $25,000 security fee. president trump made it clear he appreciates law enforcement. he's the law enforcement, law and order president. if officers want to show their respect, this is a good way to do it since they can't wear their uniforms anymore. the whole democrat plan is going to backfire. trish: kennedy joins me with a sneak peek at what's coming up
8:51 pm
on her show. kennedy: what keeps hillary clinton up at night? the going wisdom is that it's the existence of president trump and the trump presidency. i think it's something different. i think that little piece of caffeine that snuggles inside her brain is rhyming, biz shurin. trish: foxnation's britt mchenry will be with us with more after this. i knew about the tremors.
8:52 pm
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trish: welcome back joining me, brit mchenry, first up, rihanna claims that president trump is most mentally ill human being in america. that does not surprise me, she is hollywood. >> i get it. >> she should talk to kanye west, they could have a good debate. >> you know she really of no holds bar in the interview, and throwing shade at jay-z, she said she would never be involved with nfl. she has not had an album in
8:56 pm
almost 4 years, she should focus on her career. trish: story we teased in all news you really need to know . >> this study about them taking 4 to 5% of the market share, is a real thing, this summer, i saw more men, i know so many men who are addicted to the white claw products. than women, i guess it has a high alcohol concentration. but, it is supposed to -- i
8:57 pm
would argue that lime is prefe preferrable favor. trish: and also sells itself at gluten free. >> a drink where they say is healthy, i will stick to my beers. trish: i knew survey reveals average america, this must be president trump poll away off or something in 2016. not made a new friend in 5 years, how that possible. >> all due to social media, i can see it happening. i think with dating apps. >> you can make friends on social media. >> but double tap or send memes, you don't go out in public what a novel idea, happy hours, real happy hours, i think the next generation is slacking we need real contact with people, we're you know, doing polls in a bad
8:58 pm
way like hillary clinton, 2016. trish: it is sad, really sad. average american not made a friend in 5 years. >> we're friends. trish: we are, we became friends this year, there you go. >> there you go. trish: we have a couple minutes left, do we have time to play this sound? here i want you to see the president of the united states -- we don't have that one. we do have biden, sorry, sorry. we have biden. in new hampshire today saying time to impeach trump. >> preserve our constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached, there no truth in his charges in attacks again he and my son, zero, every independent news organization that reviewed
8:59 pm
his charges found them to be flat out lies, and trump knows it. trish: you know if i were him, i would be worried. like. >> z news they are disproving this, reports that people, matt lower story, that was shot down. >> and his son and ukraine, elizabeth warren has been climbing up ranks.
9:00 pm
>> hillary could be the bridge. >> you never know. trish: karl rove here tomorrow. i'll see you then. kennedy: battle for middle east has begun, blood thirsty turkey military invading syria two days after trump moved u.s. troops out of the way, could this lead to return of isis, are we on vernverge of genocide? we're told it is a 4-pronged attack, kurds claim that turks are bombing civilian targets, folks in border towns running for their lives. tonight, rockets fly across border to syria, you might think, what does this have to do with


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