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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 10, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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on instagram @loudobbstonight. see you tomorrow. i think i'm getting younger in that picture. good night from new lauren: it's 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. let the showdown begin, the and china's make or break trade talks set to resume today after a week of tit-for-tat. will we see any form of a deal and could higher tariffs be on the line if we don't. cheryl: talks underway today as the unrest in hong kong continues. apple has pulled its map app over safety concerns, saying it was not over pressure from beijing. the pressure right now actually on the nba from u.s. lawmakers to cut their ties with the chinese. lauren: there's a new frontrunner in the democrats' race to the white house. what it could mean for your wallet. cheryl: have you heard of a senior side hustle. we will tell you how retirees are making their twilight years
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a little more green. it is thursday, october 10th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ just beat it, beat it. ♪ beat it, beat it. ♪ no one wants to be defeated. ♪ it doesn't matter whose wrong or right. ♪ just beat it. ♪ beat et. it. cheryl: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: all right. beat it, well, that was the story for the markets. if you're just waking up you missed several hours of trading chaos in the futures market. the s&p had 1% plus swings on conflicting talks of trade talks. the s&p is now down 2 and a quarter. lauren: despite the wild ride overnight in the u.s., take a look at this. stocks in asia mostly in the
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green. the shanghai composite gaining three quarters of 1%. cheryl: they certainly recovered during their session. global trade tensions the headline in europe and there's talks of another rate cut in britain. the ftse slightly lower, cac and dax are higher. lauren: all about trade today and the stakes are running high this morning. expectations are et pretty low. investors on edge as u.s. and chinese officials prepare to resume high level trade talks today, just days before higher u.s. tariffs on chinese goods are set to take effect. cheryl: edward lawrence has the latest from washington. edward, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cheryl and lauren. all eyes later on this morning will be on the trade talks between the u.s. and china to see how the two delegations greet each other, first going in and if anything can be worked out with the mood. according to reports, the mood from the chinese has soured a little bit now that the u.s. added 28 chinese entities to the u.s. entity list, the black list so companies cannot do business
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with those companies. the commerce ministry telling us china came here ready to do a deal on those parts that both sides agree upon and set up a time line going forward on how to deal with the more difficult parts. this is by far the largest delegation the chinese have sent to date with these talks. the 13th round of face-to-face talks. it's not just department heads that are here, it's also their staff and two important departments are here, they oversee intellectual property rights and the enforcement of those rights. the chinese commerce ministry telling us they don't want to change their laws, they believe they can do it with administrative regulations. the president saying china needs a deal. >> we are so far down in terms of where we started from presidents that didn't do their job for many years, since the world trade oranization founding, china went in 2001 or
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so, they went in and ripped off the world. so i told that to president xi. i said this can't be like a 50/50 deal. >> reporter: the heads of the trade teams are expected to meet later on today and again on friday. the last time they met face-to-face like this, some 10 weeks ago. we will be watching to see if u.s. trade representative is smiling or not, also if 13 is a lucky number. important to remember that on october 15th the tariffs go up to 35% on $250 billion worth of chinese imports. lauren: the trump administration may be ready to lift some restrictions on u.s. sales to huawei. the new york times reporting that president trump will allow some u.s. firms to sell nonsensitive products to huawei. the move is seen as a goodwill gesture after washington black listed huawei earlier this year. cheryl: as the unrest in hong
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kong continues, china criticized for an app that can be used -- criticized apple for an app that can be used to track the movements of hong kong police. apple has pulled the app from the app store, they maintain it's not because of pressure but because it was used to ambush police and also because of safety concerns. it was used to take advantage of residents who didn't have law enforcement nearby. lauren: let's give you apple's statement on this issue. they say this. we created the app store to be a safe and trusted place to discover apps. we have learned that an app, hk map live has been used in ways that endanger law enforcement and residents in hong kong. many concerned customers in hong kong contacted us about this app and we began investigating it. the app displays police locations and we have verified with the hong kong cyber security and technology crime bureau that the app has been used to target and ambush police, threaten public safety
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and criminals have used it to victimize residents in areas where they know there is no law enforcement. they app violates our glaxosmithklineshrines --guidele have removed it. cheryl: growing pressure on the nba following a tweet by the houston rockets general manager. the letter says in part, quote, it is outrageous that the chinese communist party is using economic power to suppress the speech of americans in the united states. president trump addressed the issue for the first time last night. >> they have to work out their own situation. the nba -- they know what they're doing. but i watch the way, like, kerr and popovich and some of the others were pandering to china and yet to our own country it's like they don't respect it. it's like they don't respect it. i said what a difference. isn't it sad.
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it's very sad. to me, it's very sad. lauren: well, there is a wizards game in washington yesterday and the security guards were confiscating the signs you're looking at, free hong kong signs. it was an exhibition game against a team from china. >> we understand and respect your freedom of speech. we don't have a stance on it. we don't want any signs related to that tonight. lauren: the nba commissioner says today's game between the brooklyn nets and la lakers in china is expected to go on. it's an exhibition game. some players and former players are starting to speak out. dennis rodman says he wants to be the league's ambassador to china as the fal fallout contin. cheryl: an inspectioned ordered by the faa found some 737s have cracked wings on them, representing 5% of the planes
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that were inspected by the faa. boninboeing said we are workingo procure parts, develop repair and replace plans and russias' aero flot canceled their order for 22 boeing dream liners. lauren: we have some good news and it came yesterday. american airlines announced it expects to he resume passenger service on boeing's 737 max jet on january 16th and that pushed boeing stock up just a little bit but nonetheless higher yesterday. delta reports today. cheryl: president trump slamming critics overnight as former vice president goa joined the big calls for impeach innocent are oumentthat are out. lauren: griff jenkins joins us from washington with the latest ahead of a rally today. >> reporter: a big rally tonight where thousands of protesters are expected in minneapolis. that's where the mayor and the president have been feudings
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over his visit and it comes on the heels of that brand-new fox news poll, the headline, more than half of those polled, 51%, want president trump impeached and removed from office. while 40% oppose impeachment p all together. back in july, only 42% favored impeachment with 45% opposing. a lot has happened, most notably the house democrats' launch of the impeachment inquiry over allegations that president trump improperly pressured ukraine to investigate the buy dense. bidens. >> donald trump violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation and committed impeachable acts. to preserve our constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached. >> reporter: the president who said yesterday he would revideo cooperating with -- reconsider
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cooperating with the inquiry. >> he didn't say that until right now and he sees what's happening to him, he's no longer the frontrunner. he's been caught red handed. ng exactly what he's going to do in terms of corruption and he gets away with it. >>ng that the former ambassador to ukraine intends to appear on capitol hill tomorrow, unclear if the state department will try to instruct her to do otherwise. president zelensky spoke to reporters, reiterating he felt no pressure and there was, quote, no blackmail. lauren: thanks for getting us up-to-speed. two isis prisoners are in u.s. custody. cheryl: tracee carrascos has details on that breaking story. tracee: the two are tied to a notorious british terror cell. they were removed from syria as turkey invades the region.
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officials say more could be moved if needed as thousands remain ins custody under control of the kurds. sending a package from your local post office may cost more next year. the u.s. pose the tall he service proposing -- postal service pr proposing new pricesr 2020. the price of a first class stamp isn't changing. the changes still need to be approved and are scheduled to take effect on january 26. and sesame street is tackling the opioid crisis. the show will delve into the back story of one of its newest characters whose mother is battling addiction. >> thanks, chris, for watching me and elmo while my mom's at her meeting. >> what meeting did she have to go to? >> they talk about grown-up problems. my mom needs help learning to take better care of herself. tracee: that's carly, the green
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and yellow haired muppet. the episode will only be online and that's what's happening now. lauren: keeping up with the times. tracee, thank you. cheryl: all right, folks, it was a wild ride in the futures market overnight. we're going to have more on that coming up. it's calm now. we'll tell you what happened in a moment. right now, the dow is down 27, s&p down 2 and a quarter, nasdaq down 4 and-a-half. the overnight mess as the next round of trade talks kick off today in washington. president trump may have offered an olive branch to china. we're going to explain that. and bacon, you can find it in all kinds of foods, burgers, you can put bacon in anything, folks. anyway, how about bacon could be tougher to find coming up soon. right ahead of breakfast i'm telling you this. we'll explain that. as we head to break, the average price for gas today is $2.65,
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others who made the move last week. the latest move takes effect november 4th. this move can cut into their profitability. cheryl: trade talks between the united states and china reaching a critical stage today with negotiations set to get underway this morning in washington. jonathan hoenig is here and william ruger, gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: jonathan, let's address chaos overnight that we saw. there was three hours of -- it was nuts in the markets because of the conflicting reports. are the chinese leavings, are they not leaving. at this point, look, who knows. but investors are struggling with this, jonathan. >> yeah. that's just it. overnight, we saw four 300 point swings in the dow jones futures. there wasn't any new economic news that was prompting that tremendous volatility. this is all about trade, the potential for the trade talks and all these rumors that are
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calling out the china delegation early, staying late, all that is factoring into some of the most volatile trade we've seen. you wouldn't know it now, looking at dow jones futures, just down slightly. the market is on pins and needles about what this trade talk manifests, if. cheryl: where do you think the chinese are right now from a policy perspective. >> the bottom line is that americans, the chinese and global economy would benefit from ending the trade war, because these are really harming consumers, harming exporters. i think everybody's looking for a way to kind of -- kind of an off-ramp from some of these problems. the global economy is suffering, not doing as well as it could be. cheryl: let's talk about the specifics. bloomburg reporting there was a partial deal, possibly a currency agreement. that has nothing to do with
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intellectual property and the fact that flows into chinese investments could be halted. there's been different stories coming from the white house on that. china is a market that a lot of americans do have stakes in, they may not realize that. what do you make of side of the story. >> some of what has been rumored by the administration is either with drawing government pensions from chinese stocks or at the far extreme, even delisting chinese companies from u.s. exchanges. there's been back and forth and at the end of the day it makes it difficult for investors, doesn't matter if you have $1,000 in a 401-k, or $1 million, is difficult to plan. you've seep seen a slowdown ing and investment because of this trade uncertainty. cheryl: you would be surprised -- you wouldn't be, but our viewers may be surprised how many chinese companies trade on the nasdaq. there's two stories, the blacklisting on these firms by the u.s. government, which
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happened on monday, also you have this nba controversy that's happening rights now. now we're talking about human rights in china. again, this tells me that the chinese are going to have their backs up. is that a fair assessment? >> well, they may. again, but, chinese and american consumers and exporters are hurting. if you look at for example dairy product exports in the united states, they've fall n by 50%. soybean experts are going to be one-third of what they were last year. what you're seeing is maybe leaders feeling some pressure to stop the pain that is happening in the economy and hopefully what will happen is that there will be some resolution but hopefully not managed trade. government needs to get out of the way of people finding mutually beneficial trades here. that's what's happening in a global economy where there is liberal rules. we have serious concerns about ip and tech transfers.
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cheryl: cpi is coming out this morning for september. you're expecting a little bit of pressure, right? >> surprisingly, the ppi missed, it was lower than expected. the cpi is expected just 0.1%, very low, cheryl, no signs of inflation. keep an eye on it. gold is near a six-year high we've a recent pull back, a lot of people wondering if and when inflation will rear its ugly head. cheryl: guys, thank you so much for getting up this morning. lauren: bringing home the bacon, literally, might get harder. smithfield foods said the u.s. could face a bacon and a ham shortage next year. china's pork production is expected to be down more than 30 million tons by 2020. well, still ahead, knocking down dominoes, how big and small businesses may be on the hook for millions of dollars legally because their websites aren't accessible to everyone. and they're cute, we know you want to keep fluffy or fido with
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lauren: the americans with disabilities act turns 30 next year. it doesn't appear to be aging well. the law spurring a new wave of digital era lawsuits. earlier this week the supreme court allowed a blind man to sue dominoes pizza because the website is not accessible to him. ada lawsuits in the first half
5:25 am
of 2012019rose 20%. we bring in an attorney who specializes in all of this. my biggest question for you, is it fair to sue companies because apps and websites aren't friendly to those with disabilities. >> i think it depends on your perspective. people with disabilities, the blind, the deaf, they need access to websites. lauren: yeah, sure. the economy, if you will. >> exactly. it's very important. on the other hand, up until recently it was really not obvious to businesses what they were supposed to do with their websites. because there are no regulations that tell you what is an accessible website. lauren: the ada was written in 1990. why wasn't it updated in these 30 years? >> it's a difficult law to update. there was an update to kind of amend the definition of disability but, you know, the disability rights community really resists change. so the courts are trying to take a law that's never spoken to
5:26 am
the issue of digital accessibility and applying it to kind of today's technology and that's really -- it's an evolving thing and that's why businesses are caught unaware. lauren: why does this concern you so much? >> well, obviously our practice is all about this law, this is what we specialize in. i mean, it's -- from kind of our perspective, it's just not fair that there are not any rules specifically about digital access so that businesses know what they can do. lauren: if you're come dominoeu have more money at play where you can invest to retrofit your site, but if you're a small business, what do you do? do you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to retrofit or do you settle for $5,000, $15,000, whatever it is. >> that's what people are doing. basically you had like a winery in new york that was sued and taken advantage of. this issue affects everybody.
5:27 am
what we should have had was an orderly transition, regulation, a period for everyone to comply, different rules for small businesses versus big businesses. we didn't have any of that. so the recent case that basically l dominoes asked the supreme court to review this ninth circuit decision, that would kind of in some ways -- it was business' last hope of. congress hasn't done anything, justice department isn't doing anything. they were hoping the supreme court would step in and say enough, these lawsuits shouldn't happen. lauren: in 10 seconds, what is your message to businesses out there? >> well, i think at this point these lawsuits are going to continue. there are more than 2200 of them. they need to start working on their websites. lauren: so spend the money to make sure your website is ada friendly. >> exactly. lauren: thank you for joining us. cheryl: california stepping up the war on plastics. hotels in the state will have to stop giving guests small plastic
5:28 am
shampoo bottles under a new law. if you love stealing those, stock up. the law takes effect in 2023. some of the world's largest hoe telhotel chains have adopted id. furious nor h norwegian cruisere asked for refunds. those are passengers on the ship demanding money back after the cruise line skipped scheduled stops on a two week trip to iceland. they complained about broken toilets and food going bad. the company blamed bad weather and offered customers a 25% discount on their next cruise but not a refund on the current one. let's take a look at how your business is moving. this is calm numbers now. we had a volatile session overnight with the futures market. you were hopefully sleeping and you missed it but the s&p was down more than 1% at one point. we'll talk about that.
5:29 am
dow down 46, s&p down 4 and-a-half, nasdaq down 12 and three quarters. also coming up, losing steam, with more and more polls showing joe biden slipping from first place among the democrats, how the candidate seems to have a new strategy in place. and how the money that you make could have a direct impact on your brain. keep it here, fox business, we are invested in you. ♪ can't buy me love. ♪ can't buy me love. ♪ i'll buy you a diamond ring, my friend, if it makes you feel all right
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cheryl: president trump is heading to ilhan omar's home state of minnesota tonight, trying to flip the state red for the 2020 election. he will have his work set out for him. a new fox news poll shows 51% of voters think the president should be impeached and removed from office. former vice president goa came n
5:33 am
came out strong and saying for the first time president trump should be ousted. >> donald trump has violated the oath of office, betrayed the nation. to preserve the constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached. cheryl: is this the new biden strategy. the latest poll shows he lost his lead to elizabeth warren by 3 points. let's bring in brad polumbo your reaction to the new poll which shows a lot of pressure on president trump. >> i think it's not too surprising, given the intense focus you've seen on impeachment from the democrats and the fact they moved forward with a full impeachment inquiry in the house to see this coming up as a major question, the 202 2020 democrate having to take hard stances on. you have joe biden coming out in favor of impeachment. of course, yes, joe biden
5:34 am
probably wants to toss trump out of office. he's calculating about where he thinks the voters are at. he thinks in light of his campaign, which has frankly been flailing, like you said, he's falling in the polls, he has had gaffe over gaffe, he thinks this will help him win over primary voters. cheryl: looking at did base in the fox news poll, he's losing the electorate that the president seems to cater to and the job performance numbers down by a couple of points. back to joe biden for a second. i'm wondering if this is going to be the strategy that we from him moving forward, not just because he's fighting against elizabeth warren, but it seems that the impeachment inquiry has given him fire to go after mr. trump and in the debate next week seems like they will go after president trump instead of each other. >> i think joe biden definitely will. he started his campaign, painting himself as a foil to president trump, talking about
5:35 am
president trump's charlottesville comments. joe biden wanted to make it a matchup between him and trump at the beginning. doubling down on impeachment is another opportunity to do that, another opportunity to kind of take a attention away from his policy differences from other democrats. cheryl: what do you make about bernie sanders coming out yesterday, after the heart attacks and the stents put into his heart, that he came out and said he misspoke about slowing down on the campaign trail. don't you think he should slow down, for his health. >> i think he should do more than he slow down. i think it's so tragic and it's not political that i say this, but i think bernie sanders should consider suspending his campaign. i don't know that we can elevate someone who is almost 80 years ago, who had a heart attack, to the most stressful position in the world. i feel very bad for senator sanders and his family but i think he should consider whether this is what's best for the country. cheryl: president trump's going to be heading to minnesota
5:36 am
tonight, he's in this war of words -- war of tweet was the mayor there over who is going to cover the cost of security at the rally. what kind of reception do you think president trump is going to get tonight there in. >> i think he's have a polarized reception. you have people that love him there and people that hate him. i think whatever is going to happen tonight, he has an inciting time coming up. cheryl: these rallies are a sweet spot but it's definitely in a controversial district. brad, thank you for being here this morning. lauren: we know pay cuts are bad for your wallet. there's a new study that says they could literally be bad for your brain as well. researchers say that losing income when you're younger can result in worse cognitive function and he decrease in brain integrity later on in life. a big concern moving forward is that as more and more people work in gig economy jobs, they could be more likely to face dramatic changes to pay. and let's take a look at the action on wall street this morning. modest losses right now as we take a look at all three major
5:37 am
averages right here in the u.s. dow is down about two-tenths of 1%, the same percentage declines across the board. stocks were whipsawed overnight on conflicting headlines on the too tusstatus of u.s.-china trae talks. still ahead, could the golden years be just the beginning, how older americans are making the most out of their later years. and one town wants oklahoma and -- that town is in oklahoma, they want you to know the state is more than okay. get it? how you could get paid to make a move to the sooner state. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ you must have confused me, confused me with someone else. ♪ off must have confused me, confused me with someone else. ♪ there ain't no excuses i can. what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost? hey jill! hey kurt! movies? i'll get snacks! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars
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so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. cheryl: just because you're retired doesn't mean you can't make extra cash. more and a more seniors are turning to real estate as a side hustle in their golden years and they're making the money by renting out their own homes. you can log onto to read about the whole story. lauren: that money has to last longer and often where you live affects that. is out with the list of the best cities for older american toss retire. jim rosenthal is's ceo. he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. lauren: you say san francisco is the best city to retire in.
5:41 am
you have to explain yourself. >> it's a surprise. most of the reports have -- that have been out to date focus on affordability and pretty much nothing else. we talk to over a million senior caregivers a year. there are other important things that seniors are focused on. lauren: like what? >> we decided to do a report that looks at 70 metrics, that we broke it into six categories. like healthcare. seniors spend a lot of time with doctors. it's important there are lots of doctors in the area and it's important that the quality of doctors is really strong. obviously, the housing law makes a big difference to them. cities tend to rise up when you start considering that there's lots of subsidized housing, san francisco has a lot of that. transportation is important. a lot of seniors have given up their cars and licenses. private transportation is sometimes too expensive for them so public transportation matters a lot. you see cities rise up and a lot of people look at places like
5:42 am
port richie, florida. when you having like transportation and healthcare, they tend to drop down. lauren: i hear you in that respect. i was surprised that i didn't see more texas cities, more tennessee and florida cities on the list of best cities. most financial sa add vieders wl tell -- advisors will tell you need $1 million to live out your golden years comfortable. some are saying we are living longer, we need more. in san francisco, we're looking at this list, washington, d.c., boston, brooklyn, new york, a million bucks is going to last you 10, 15 years, that's it. come on. >> these are personal decisions. when we looked at these six categories, what's important is that the senior caregiver that is helping their aged loved one make the decisions, they need to incorporate different weightings. the averages we applied is for
5:43 am
the millions we talked to. quality of life is one thing. this is a category i would weight very heavily. that's why i live in new york which if i were to look at studies as to where a person like me should live, new york is not going to be very high, given the tax rate, given the government of living. but -- given the cost of living. but access to libraries, museums, when you start to weight those heavier the cities become more attractive. lauren: is it true in the next 15 years, there's going to be more older americans than anyone else. >> yes. we're almost there. we're 10 years away from 65 and over being 20% of the population. and a lot of that is driven by the baby boomers. the baby boomers are moving up and we've really seen them change industry as they've grown up and the next one for them to have a huge impact on is senior care and senior living. lauren: thanks for pointing that out. we seem to do the millennial side of things but there's a lot
5:44 am
of older americans out there, the graying of america and they are living long. jim, thanks for the time. >> great to be here, thanks. lauren: and enjoy new york. >> thank you, you too. cheryl: one city in oklahoma is doing something unusual to get folks to move there. they're offering cold, hard cash. lauren: tracee carrasco with the details. tracee: tulsa wants to pay you $10,000 to live there. it's part of a program designed to increase the city's workforce, the city is looking for people who can work remotely from anywhere and are willing to relocate to tulsa. 10,000 people have already applied and 100 have been selected. uber is now letting your pets join the ride. the company is letting passengers bring along a furry friend to reduce cancellations. pets are one of the drivers' biggest complaints. the new program will be available in select cities starting october 16th. and arrest by' -- arby's is hammering home the fact that it
5:45 am
has the meats. it is breaking out meat oktoberfest. the promotion kicks off tomorrow. look at that. you could wear that outfit. cheryl: i'm good. thanks, tracee. let's take a look at futures this morning. it's been a wild ride for your money overnight. but now we're calm. we've got cpi coming out today, that could change things. the dow right now is down by 46, s&p down 4 and a quarter, nasdaq down 11 and three quarters. still ahead, if we have learned anything from facebook it's that you have to keep your data safe but a new survey shows a lot of americans don't know much about cyber security. and the south park china feud, it is getting spicey. the show's he creators doubling down and they're using what else, their own show to do it. you're waifing "fbn watch -- wa: a.m."
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lauren: south park had some choice words for china. the show's creators firing back in last night's episode after beijing banned the series because of its t criticism of china's government. watch. >> wait, wait, come on, i need you. >> i'm never working for a companies that's regulated by a communist government. >> okay, okay. no more selling to the chinese. >> then say it. say [bleep] the chinese government. >> [bleep] the chinese government. >> i didn't hear you. >> [bleep] the chinese government. there. lauren: the characters shouting profanity as you just heard at
5:50 am
china after learning about beijing's human rights atrocities. cheryl: let's stay with china. apple removed an app from its app store that allowed for folks to track police in hong kong and also tracked people in areas that didn't really have full security available. lauren: lots of moving headlines in all of this and joining us now to discuss, fox news headlines 24/7 brett larson. what do you make of apple's move. >> it's an interesting one. they make most of their products are assembled in china so they have a very close relationship with the chinese government and want to continue that but we have a situation in hong kong where we have pro democracy protesters. they're using an app called hk map live, it's a crowd sourced map. it's similar to a lot of those apps that we use where you can see oh, look there's a bunch of people, it's like four square or something where you check in. the protesters have been able to use this to see where police presence is heavy. they've also been able to use it
5:51 am
to see where there is no police presence so they're able to go in and vandalize or do things that may or may not be above board. that's why they asked apple -- that's why the government asked apple to take it down. a lot of people are criticizing apple for this move. it's a sticky subject. lauren: apple's statement was pretty clear. >> they made it clear it was an issue of -- we want to allow people to protest and, listen, apple has been very upfront about the fact that ultimately people want to be free. everybody wants to live in a free society. china is not a free society. i think we often forget they are a communist government. that is very repres repressive. if we were watching fox business in china right now you would see a black screen because we're talking against them. lauren: we also want to live in a safe society which begs the question how do we protect ourselves online when a lot of americans don't know the terms that you need to know in order to protect yourself. >> this is a troubling study
5:52 am
that we've come across from the pugh research. they did a study about what people knew about basic terminology. we would consider it -- i would consider it basic terminology about how to be safe when you're online. simple things like do you know what https means. and a lot of people, they don't know what that means. i'm going to pull up the actual numbers here. were you involved in -- where you might encounter a phishing scam. only 67% of the people knew that. that's encouraging because phishing scam% one of the most common ways. cheryl: that nigerian prince that wants me to help him out with money moving. people have gotten better about. e-mail scams. there was a great fake google site a week or two ago. a lot of people fell for that. >> a lot of people do. it used to be easier to spot them because there were spelling and grammar and other mistakes, you would say that doesn't look
5:53 am
like citibank's t site. they've gotten very good about it. you have to be extra careful when you're online. lauren: thank you for the tips. cheryl: apa pell may be getting close to launching an augmented reality headset. an analyst says the headset is likely to launch in the second quarter of 2020. he previously expected the headset to launch the later part of next year. no mention on the price. it's been rumored for several years. headsets, augmented reality, we report, you decide if you want that one. lauren: ios 13 is out now and apple is taking on a problem we all know too well, robocalls. the latest iphone update includes a new control that sends spam calls directly to voice mail. the feature is called silence unknown callers. and it also prevents your phone from ringing if the caller is not in your contact list. cheryl: we have got a lot more coming up, folks. if you're having trouble making friends, you're not alone.
5:54 am
the surprising statistics that show that having a small group of friends isn't as rare as you might think. lauren: i love it. cheryl: and this tiny football player is the big inspiration you need to start your day today. >> also, have passion, be determined. cheryl: hey, honey. there's an nfl teams that could use you right now. we'll have a lot more from the child football star who could be on his way to the nfl. we'll be right back. ♪ you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. ♪ this opportunity comes once in a lifetime accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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♪ ♪ lauren: good music in this show. adults are having hard time making adults, 40% having hard time socializing according to survey from e-veit. third blame it on the fact that they are just not into the whole bar scene, 45% would go out of their way to make new friends. cheryl: people on their phone. look somebody in the face to have a conversation.
5:58 am
talk about dating some friends, a little boy gave inspirational speech. >> also have passion. [inaudible] cheryl: his coach added this on twitter, players must lead programs, little tinny tot. lauren: i want him in the show meeting. cheryl: we have a great team leader, come on, now. insane night on the future's market, all the back and forth about it. the chinese are staying in town, are they leaving, have there been any progress, talks do start today in china and the
5:59 am
u.s., nasdaq down 4 and 3 quarters. >> and you wouldn't know looking at the futures right now, it could change and could change, mornings with maria, good morning. >> good morning to you, happy thursday, everybody, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. u.s.-china trade in focus, investors watching closely as high-level talks get underway in washington. u.s. could be easing restrictions on hauwei, global markets continue to swing on every headline following the bouncing ball, plus what's at stake this morning. ahead of the talks futures are higher, lower rather, the dow futures right now down 30 points, s&p future down 2 and nasdaq futures lower by 7, apple has caved into china's demands, they have removed to controversial app that tracks police activity in hong kong,
6:00 am
coming up. grand slam of an ending, tenth inning eliminates one of baseball's top 10 last night. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: good morning, host of the secrets of wealthy women podcast verónica is here and wall street journal assistant editorial james freeman. >> good to be here. maria: markets are watching every turn, the two sides holding high-level


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