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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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so bonds are expensive and stocks are cheap. [closing bell rings] liz: great to have you, craig. come back when that actually happens. craig callahan. green on the screen. trade holding the key at least for today on stocks. melissa: trade hopes lifting stocks in day one of crucial stocks happening in washington. major averages ending the day in the green. ahead of president trump's high-stakes meeting with china's top trade negotiator tomorrow. the dow ending up 155 points, but off session highs. s&p 500, and the nasdaq also ending in positive territory for the second day in a row. i'm melissa francis. connell: there you go. i'm connell mcshane this is "after the bell." we'll have more on big market movers. here is what is new at this hour. president trump expected to leave the white house shortly, making his way to minnesota, have a campaign rally there
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tonight to gain support in a state he barely lost in 2016. we'll bring you any breaking comment from the president on china trade and everything else, if and when he stops and talks to reporters on the white house south lawn. millions in the dark in california. power outages extending for a second day. the reason behind what seems like a drastic measure. maybe if there is a better solution. a new red flag for social security. the new numbers that have critics sounding the alarm. melissa: fox business team coverage. edward lawrence at the office of the u.s. trade representative in washington. gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange. let's kick it off with edward. reporter: melissa, i'm looking over my shoulder any minute that door will open. treasury secretary steve mnuchin has come out of there already. appears the talks are wrapping up for the day. there is a lot of movement, the chinese trade team will be leaving here. this is this round of face-to-face talks, both in
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marathon sessions started 9:00 in the morning. possibly ending just about now. secretary mnuchin has walked out of the building already. the chinese trade sources saying what they're trying to do, they're trying to get suspension of tariffs, rolling back tariffs in a trade deal to see what the u.s. needs to do from that side in order to make that happen. chinese trade experts are saying in the past the chinese, the past events that the u.s. is doing has given the chinese hope there possibly could be some suspension of tariffs. they look at a japan trade deal which adds just agriculture as well as digital trade. they say possibly the chinese thinking there could be a small trade deal done with just the two sides. things that both sides agree upon, move forward with everything else at some point next year. the president himself said the tariffs are bringing china to the table here. he want to keep up that pressure to try to work something out in order to get a full trade deal. he says he does prefer that full trade deal over a partial deal.
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now we're looking for an indication how things are going. secretary mnuchin did not give up anything as he came out. i tried to ask how things went. we can tell you this the chinese bought $134 million worth of soybeans in the last 24 hours as well as a large pork purchase in the last 24 hours. something farmers are waiting for a very long time. u.s. trade team want to see what concessions would put back inside of a trade deal. something that u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says the chinese deleted out of the trade deal last may. any minute we're waiting for the door to open so the chinese delegation will come out. it appears, melissa, trade talks wrapped up for the day. we'll see if it goes on tomorrow. tomorrow we're looking for a trade delegation to be at the white house. the president tweeting out he would meet with vice premier liu he. we'll see what happens as they come out of here. melissa: we're watching behind you as well. we wouldn't let them slip out
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without you seeing them edward. connell: with instant analysis, steve orleans. we have every tea leave you're looking at what is the expectation for this round of talks, do you think? >> i think the fact they're going to visit the white house has to be a positive sign. seems unlikely president trump would ask them into the oval office say, we have no deal. what i expect most likely we're going to see some partial deal within a road map for a full deal. that we'll see increased agricultural exports, increaseds energy exports. see some form after currency deal negotiated months before. plus a road map how we will proceed with what is called the full deal. connell: how do we know the deal is worth it. perspective is important. edward talked about $134 million worth of soybeans.
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in pretrade deal the china was buying soybeans like crazy. in 2016 it was over 14 billion, 14.2 billion. went down to $3 billion worth of soybeans last year. if we get a deal don't get back to the original number or just to, that is the question people ask, is it worth, what would you say? >> i think the tariffs were not worth it. they injured our farmers. they injured our consumers. they were not the right way to go to establish a equal trading relationship with china. there were ways we could have talked to the chinese we should have. they have created a lot of losers in china. they created a lot of losers in the united states too. connell: what about currency. bloomberg had a written report. maybe a currency agreement. we don't know what that would look like. people said maybe you have to publish if you're a country everything you're doing in the currency market. you would have to promise not to manipulate your currency. we would have to figure out how to enforce that.
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that something significant, if something out of currency comes out of these talks? >> we look for currency. china's current account surplus dropped from, the way you should measure currency manipulation, dropped from 10% of gdp 10 years ago, to 0.3% of gdp today. china clearly does not manipulate its currency. you can get more transparency in how they do support their currency. connell: can you explain that more. people go into assumption currency manipulation happens with the chinese. the argument hey, they're purposely making currency, lowering it to make themselves -- used to happen, doesn't happen anymore? >> 1012 years ago it used to happen where china allowed the currency to deappreciate. over last few years the people's bank of china has spent money propping up its currency. at the same time, our own regulations called for analysis of what a current account
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surplus is, which is multilaterally. what is going on with your trade. connell: market forces your argument is? does that make any currency agreement less important? >> yes it is market forces. when we saw a 2% devaluation a few months ago it, was bus of the tariffs and people said, that will slow chinese economy and offshore the renminbi market had a lot of pressure to depreciate it. that is what we're seeing. as china's economic growth slows, we should rationally expect china's currency to depreciate. pboc is spending money to maintain currency. appreciate, not depreciate your currency. i tis disagreed on your own show that china was a currency manipulator. connell: the white house as you say will be the real meeting. >> till with be interesting. connell: it will be to put it mildly. steve, thank you very much. good to see you again.
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melissa: let's go with gerri willis with more on this. gerri. reporter: the dow ends up half a percent at 150. all three major indexes higher. the big winners though today, goldman sachs, caterpillar, apple, home depot, 3m. big moves. they account for half the dow's gains. we really watched apple all day long. we were hoping break through to an all-time high of $232 a share. it came very close but didn't quite make it. apple shares higher after cowan analyst said it was on track to sell 7 million more iphones than anticipated in its december quarter. that could drive eps 9% higher. also rising higher, goldman sachs, caterpillar of course, higher on these china trade conversations. one of the stocks always moved on this. goldman sachs financials are the second best sector even though we're expecting rate cuts. one of the traders telling me we know now what is baked in when it comes to rates.
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also home depot, 3m. 3m a big stock moved on all these trade rumors t was moving as well today. melissa, back to you. melissa: gerri, thank you. connell: facing increased pressure from beijing. apple and google both removed apps related to the hong kong protests from the respective digital stores. apple delete ad map service that allowed hong kong protestors track police activity due to safety concerns. google pulled the plug on a mobile game that violated rules to quote, sensitive event. terry joins us from sierra investment. jeff sica from circle squared alternative investments. terry, i will start with you and focus on apple. tim cook on this particular app today said, it could be used or had been used to target police officers. that is why they took it out ouf the store. there is increased scrutiny on companies how they handle china and hong kong. what do you make of how this
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situation was handled? >> when it comes to that app in particular, obviously it's a very controversial. until that gets settled down i think a good thing to do to pull that off. the bigger picture is all of this uncertainty being injected into the market as a result of things like this. as a result of the tariff talks going back and forth. that state of confusion is creating so much volatility that i think now is the time to really plug your portfolio because every day there is another story like the one we mentioned about this app that is really unusual. i have to say i'm pretty happy to see it pulled at this point. connell: wonder big picture, jeff, if increased attention starting with nba, starting with stories how they operate in hong kong or mainland china, american companies. if that has any effect on the trade talks? in other words, does it help the president provide more leverage? it increases american public's, you know awareness of what is going on in china and you know? a lot of talk about it this
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week. do you think it has any impact? >> one thing i want to say you look at this situation and my opinion is shame on apple, shame on google for caving to china. i mean they take the moral high road on domestic issues but the minute china is in anyway upset with them they decide to give in to them. what i see in regards to the trade talks is what this shows is that china is a very, very important place. you have, they are the biggest consumer market in the world. connell: yeah. >> when you have the big tech companies, silicon valley companies, folding like cheap tents when they get mad at them, you know that they're very concerned about what china's going to do. i think, i think this could either embolden president trump or make president trump agree to a lesser deal. connell: all right. melissa: fox business confirming mary barra held a meeting meetih
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top union leaders the first time since the gm strike began. grady trimble has the details. reporter: we're told mary barra called for the meeting this is the first time she has been involved in these negotiations since the strike started 25 days ago. and we're told there were five people in this meeting. it was mary barra herself, as well as two top negotiators from general motors and two top negotiators on the uaw side. uaw president gary jones and the vice president. as far as what was discussed in the meeting that depends which side you ask. the purpose i'm told to inject new life into the negotiations and get two sides to really get back together, to start taking contract talks seriously again. you remember over the weekend things hit a wall in terms of the contract negotiations. i'm told that kind of carried into the week but then, the meeting seems to have worked because after this meeting yesterday, talks continued late
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into the night on wednesday night and then actually into the morning until about 3:00 a.m. today. there is really growing pressure on both sides to reach a deal on this, the union workers, some of them getting frustrated because they're only making 50 bucks a day in strike pay. on the general motors side the stock has been slipping since the strike started. a lot of pressure. seems like the ceo getting involved to maybe put an end to all of this? melissa: grady, thank you for that. dollar general betting big going digital. they are hoping to attract a younger crowd by allowing customers to order and pay online, pick up at a nearby store. the retailer planning on testing the system in the coming month. terry and jeff are back. there are a lot of stores that do this. that means you have to have a great digital inventory system and i just don't know, you have to have the confidence if you put it in your cart, you go to the store it is actually going to be there. do you think dollar general has the infrastructure for this?
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>> they say that they have the infrastructure. so hopefully they do. if you come out of the box and mess up right away you will lose a lot of business. what this touches on the strength of the consumer out there and retailers battling for the consumer dollar driving the economy. that is the bright spot we see right now in the economy. hopefully they deliver what they say they are going to. melissa: jeff what is so interesting about this, this is the digital consumer is saying amazon is not fast enough. getting it by 9:00 p.m. tonight or tomorrow isn't fast enough. i buy it on my phone but i want to go grab it because i need it within the next hour. >> dollar general is a brilliant model when it comes to that and i think they will execute. they found that 45% of their consumers use digital devices. melissa: yeah. >> this allows them to grow into the millenial market which they desperately want to be in. i think it's a very, very good
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idea. i even know with myself. i have a hard time with the two days or the one day waiting. i want to get it that day but i don't want to walk into a store like you find now and walk into the store and find they don't individual on the shelf. melissa: right. >> this solves the problem. i think it is brilliant. i think it will give dollar general a leg up they need. melissa: they have to execute real well. thanks, guys. >> absolutely. connell: we're still watching the trade reps office. moving down the street to the white house. president trump leaves any moment. making his way to the first campaign rally since the launch by the democrats of the impeachment inquiry. blake burman joins us from the north lawn. blake? reporter: marine one is firing up. we're waiting for the p toe leave the white house for minneapolis, minnesota for campaign style rally. we await first comment today. this is interesting when you talk about minnesota, the president feels it's a state that he can flip. democrats have won minnesota the
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last 11 presidential elections. republicans only won minnesota three times since the start of the great depression. however the president only lost that state by a point 1/2 in 2016, roughly 44,000 votes. he is very clear he thinks he can flip minnesota because of the economy in the state and because of congresswoman ilhan omar from minnesota and part of the group the president labels aoc plus three. >> you know why i'm going to win the state? because of her. i almost won it last time. we came within just about a point. because minnesota is a very hard one for a republican. reporter: tweets from the president literally within the last few moments as he is responding to the bipartisan and international criticism he received for his decision to pull troops out and not stand by the side of kurds in northern syria. the president saying quote, now turkey is attacking the kurds who have been fighting each
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other for 200 years. we have one of three choices. send in thousands of troops and win militarily, hit turkey very hard with sanctions or mediate a deal between turkey and the kurds. i mention the marine one. the president should leave the white house any moment. it is possible we'll get the latest reaction on the on going situation in northern syria, along with potentially a reed out from the president how trade talks went today. connell: i'm sure he says something about china. blake, we'll monitor that from the south lawn. >> nba versus china. the controversy continues as the l.a. lakers faced up with the brooklyn nets in chinese territory. we'll have the latest details on the fallout. connell: senator bernie sanders campaign union contractual howing 57 days of paid leave for employees. melissa: on a campaign? connell: james freeman, look at him, he is here to break it all down and more. melissa: he looks in a good mood. connell: very happy. melissa: absolute nightmare on
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leave the white house any minute for a campaign rally in minneapolis. the first since the democratic leaders launched the inquiry. we're down the street from the white house in washington awaiting the departure of vice premier of china who will be meeting tomorrow with the president in the oval office. a lot going on at once. melissa: doesn't look very busy there right now though. comedy central's "south park" doubling down on the china's censorship controversy in the 300 episode. take a listen. >> not working for a company regulated by a communist government. >> okay. okay. no more selling to the chinese. >> then say it, [bleep] the chinese government. >> bleep the chinese government. >> i didn't hear you. >> [bleep] the chinese government. there. melissa: almost. this is coming after china scrubbed "south park" content from its internet last week.
4:23 pm
we'll see what they do now. connell: a high-stakes game over in china for the nba game. this morning our time, l.a. lakers and brooklyn nets facing off on the basketball court in shanghai. the nba is trying to hold on to the largest whoever seas market. a lot of attention for a preseason game. jared mack, fox news headlines 24/7 sports reporter. this was not broadcasted in china this game by the way. it was in the u.s. the fans were into it. did you watch any of it? the fans were into it. >> saw videos on twitter to get a perspective how players might be received. they were chanting mvp for lebron james. i thought at the would talk about lebron scoring 20 points. i don't know why we would when this is the most controversial preseason game in nba history. connell: going back in time for perspective people have to
4:24 pm
realize the how important american basketball is in china. i was there in 2010. nearly a decade ago. i spoke to the nba china about out look for china. 10 years ago, tim chen. this is what he said then. >> nba actually, china has been the largest market outside of the u.s. we think nba has potential in china with 300 million fans. that's a key to our growth. connell: more than a key to our growth. turned out to be greater than that. the question people are asking with the controversy over the tweet from the hughes upon rockets gm, can the nba call china's bluff a little bit? people would be so upset if they didn't have the nba basketball? >> good afternoon, connell. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle from ted cruz to alexandria ocasio-cortez sent a letter to commissioner adam silver trying to remind him,
4:25 pm
stand your ground. you have power here. don't back down. because this is a little bit after unique situation. he told you in 2010, 300 million. we're looking more at about 5 to 600 million consumers of at least one nba game during a season. they signed a billion 1/2 dollar deal of five years of streaming on tencent. the nba said it is worth about $4 billion in china. at the heart of all this, houston rockets. obviously the most popular team in china because basketball hall-of-famer yao ming was getting into globalization, back in 1987 they started airing games in china but yoo ming has hall of fame career. rockets is their team. all of sudden everybody -- connell: let me ask you about the rocket as little bit. apparently their merchandise is out of nike stores in china. >> just about everywhere. connell: the other thing i
4:26 pm
mentioned a news conference earlier today or yesterday, depending on the time change where a reporter got up and asked a question, obviously what we're talking about what is going on, was shot down by a houston rockets pr spokesperson. we're only taking nba questions. the nba issued apologize. how do you -- >> the nfl did not ask for the kneeling controversy. roger goodell found out his job is more than about football. there are other larger issues. the nba realizes they play -- you want to get in bed, someone else will have a say what you do. sotheby's here comes down to who has the bigger matter i guess in this argument? i believe the houston rockets and nba. do they need china? they have been around for a long time without it. do i think this really has to do with the nba? no this is being tools or pawns in much larger system. connell: right. >> of a china trade war.
4:27 pm
i don't know maybe they think this will give us a one-up. we can prey on americans. if anyone says i'm offended, you can have whatever you want. where it goes from here. i don't know. i understand why the pr person would step in to think, wait a minute. connell: just basketball, no. >> gregg popovich, steve kerr they're getting creamed for not speaking on this, who wants to touch this third rail, who does? connell: a lot of people do. if anything they have been surprised how many people wanted to touch it in the united states. been a lot of blow back people didn't count on. you're right in terms of the sports world. jared max. melissa: targeting syria. tens of thousands of people are fleeing the of syria as turkey continue as militald stage next. plus a short fall in social security? retirees bracing for a minimal wage bump in 2020. what you need to know coming up
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♪. melissa: turkey launching its military offensive in syria days after president trump announced that american troops will pull back from the region. fox news's. griff: is live for us at the pentagon with the latest. jennifer? reporter: i'm told there is no decision to pull the 1000 or so u.s. troops out of syria yet. no senior pentagon officials have gone on to explain this decision or what comes next in syria. we don't expect that to change. they canceled a weekly press briefing today. from what i'm witnessing pentagon planners are scrambling to come up with a strategy. the mood at the pentagon is aghast, horrified, a story that can't be untold. he went on to say u.s. strategy around the world is based on partnerships. now the narrative the u.s. military is only your friend
4:33 pm
when it is convenient. we don't know what to do this high level pentagon planner told me moments ago. we know what not to do. for the past two years this building told senior leaders in the white house not to do this, not to abandon the kurds who fought against isis. meantime we have learned that the u.s. military took custody of two high level isis individuals from the kurdish sdf forces, removed them from syria. we learned their identities two british citizens wanted in connection with beheading of the whenners. they were nicknamed the beatles. they're in custody under law of war. there are 2,000 other foreign isis fighters in kurdish custody. some already escaped. u.s. handed over 50 isis fighters to them. there are thousands more. israel condemned the turkish invasion today and expressed solidarity with the kurds. the turkish president, a nato ally who is coming to the white house next month has
4:34 pm
threatened to flood europe with 3.5 million syrian refugees if they don't stop describing his actions in syria as an invasion. melissa? melissa: wow. jennifer, thank you. connell: we have breaking news now from the white house. we're waiting president trump's departure comments. he has just begun speaking to the reporters on the white house south lawn. we'll bring you any headlines out of those comments, presumably the playback of those comments once we have them. president trump is speaking to reporters. he just started those comments on the south lawn of the white house. meantime lights out in california. wildfires causing million 1/2 residents to suffer an outage. it is not what you think. why the electric company can't tell you when the power is coming back. that is later in the hour. melissa: elizabeth warren making a big promise about her presidential campaign. will it put her at a big disadvantage? connell: new wrinkle in bernie sanders campaign plans as his poll numbers are fading this one
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melissa: "fox business alert." president trump answering questions from reporters at the white house right now. weighing in on today's trade talks with china. the saying the talks went very well. he had a very good negotiation. no surprise there. we'll bring you the president's comment as soon as we turn them around for you, depends how long
4:39 pm
he talks. power out for a second day in california. pg&e cutting power to prevent wildfires. a bankruptcy ruling also threatens shareholders. william la jeunesse live in malibu with the latest on the situation. william. reporter: 600,000 pg&e customers without power, 2 million residents. 126,000 had power restored. as the weather moves south, red flag, high wind warning in ventura, los angeles and san bernanadino county. 13,000 losing power here. we are at a home in malibu. this is symbolic of the fear and problem that you have when a wildfire blows through. every power line in this area had to be replaced as the fire went through last year, blamed on a power equipment failure. also look here in san francisco. this brush fire about an hour
4:40 pm
ago, burning under a power line. it didn't cause a fire but a downed line can make a fire worse because it spreads to another ignition point. still criticism of that decision to reduce power. governor gavin knew some blasting pg&e said it didn't have to happen. residents wit power closing schools, businesses are losing money, basically saying if youct be paying the price. >> they have no idea whether to open or close. are they going to shut it off or not? >> it is probably costing me $1200 today, which is a hit for a small is about. >> going to put us out of business basically. we've got, you know, 14,000 square foot restaurant. we're losing tens of thousands of dollars in food. reporter: utility executives say the shut-off is tradeoff between hardship and public safety which they erred upon. wind speed up in the sierras
4:41 pm
7miles an hour. more people between 9:00 tonight an 9:00 a.m. tomorrow will lose power in southern california. connell: william la jeunesse live in california. melissa: here to react. james freeman a fox news contributor. james, i grew up in california. idiotic things like this happen all the time related to the power since i was a child. it has been the same problem. the grid needs to be updated. they can't handle how much power is being demanded by people. and this time of year, the wind pecks up. there were always fires at halloween. we had restrictions on having to clear the brush around your house. my question is, why aren't they clearing more brush? they're blaming pg&e. saying they are the ones that are not doing clearing. why is everybody shutting off the power, rather than going out there cutting back some of the stuff that will burst into flames? >> i think it is time to think a little more broadly what the solution is. you mentioned the governor out
4:42 pm
there predictably perhaps blaming pg&e for not investing enough in safety or infrastructure of the politicians out there own this problem. melissa: right. >> these are heavily regulated utilities, pg&e, northern california, in the southern part of the state, look i think you saw consumers there who will not tolerate this situation where without warning you're told that the power is going out for how many days, we don't know. we'll see. it is because the wind is blowing. then you have some of these, i'm sure some restaurant owners walking outside depending where they're located wind doesn't seem to be blowing. melissa: right. >> you would hope there would be a larger discussion about safety and about forest management too. obviously a lot of problems with pg&e. they went bankrupt and specifics to how they were maintaining lines but i think, you remember president trump got in trouble after that horrific fire last year bringing up forest
4:43 pm
management. melissa: right. >> perhaps he was a little imprecise describing the problem. if this situation goes on, where consumers out there feel like they're in a third world country and can't rely on electricity, you will get more creativity or more willingness to look at solutions but they haven't considered before. melissa: back in 2001 or 2:00 whenever it was, governor gray davis let this happen. power had rolling brownouts. they were doing the same kind of thing. he got recalled. gavin newsom better pull together to figure something out. astonish inning in the press they're blaming climate change. they're saying this is all about climate change. they have been having this exact same problem, this exact time of year for a very long time in california. anyway, it is fascinating the solution to plunge so much of the state into the dark and back into the a third world country. you're right, consumers will get really mad and wake up, be mad
4:44 pm
at both monopolies, california state government of democrats an power monopoly. will be interested to see how it plays out. while i have you there, the favorite topic of the day, one went by, i'm fired up. ask you about bernie sanders campaign union contract, reportedly after howing workers of 57 days paid leave each calendar year. how long does have a calendar have you have 57 days off? >> yeah. melissa: all i think everybody will depend on volunteers. >> this is really a new trend in democratic politics. a bunch of campaigns saw early this year all of sudden to show how sensitive you are to the concern of unions you had to allow unions in your campaign office. as you suggest, union work rules are completely incompatable with a political campaign. the premise of which is, generally, usually, young, passionate people who are willing to work -- melissa: around the clock. >> insane hours for little pay
4:45 pm
and fewer benefit. because they're there because of a dream, because after belief motivated by that once you say that is union work place you're seeking a different kind of workforce. you see, that sanders and warren have already had to deal with disgruntled employees which is, sanders, for example has a nlrb case someone brought against him. it is amazing when you consider a political campaign so quickly to have that go south like that. melissa: no. it is entertaining. there is a lot of shot 10 fraud in there. james freeman, thank you. connell: sure. president talking about a lot of things. sanctions against turkey. talking about china. talking about rudy giuliani. we'll have that on the play back. your social security check might look different. we'll break down numbers as we continue. calling it the holiday from hell. we'll tell you why some passengers aboard a 14-day norwegian cruise are demanding a
4:46 pm
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melissa: "fox business alert." president trump just wrapping up remarks with reporters on the south lawn at the white house. the president saying trade talks with china today went very well and the teams had very, very
4:50 pm
good negotiation. we will bring you president trump's comments as soon as we get them. connell: meantime, the holiday from hell. passengers on a 14-day norwegian spirit crews, are asking for refund after the trip made multiple stops because of bad weather. social media taking stabs at the crews and broken toilets and stale food. they offered the passengers a 25% discount on the next cruise. melissa: wow, that is really real generous. americans that rely on social security will receive 1.6 bump for benefits, down from a 2.8% increase this year. this according to the social security administration. can retirees coupe up with the rising cost of living? who better to ask than our own david asman. your thoughts? >> i'm thinking, can you imagine any fund manager worth his salt, gee i will give us a 1.6%
4:51 pm
increase on your principle this year? imagine of giving social security this year, you were allowed to buy into an s&p index fund, for example? if you put starting age of 25, you put 1000 a month in one of those funds you would have $2,003,954,000. i do not think that session security comes any near providing that return. it is a real scam. melissa: testing a new option uber ped, give as heads up if they bring a furry friend. passengers have to pay extra carly fiorina has option to opt out. david, luna. >> i have a little dog that weighses 10 pounds. i put luna in a bag. nobody knows it is there. i don't have to pay a fee. i get away with murder no matter what they decide. melissa: you admitted cheating
4:52 pm
on television. >> all right. melissa: what is coming up on the big show? there is luna by the way. >> president is about to speak. we'll get that. talking about china with the former commerce department guy who has a lot to say we'll have trade deal. austan goolsbee says don't worry about the tax on capitalism. we'll be fine. she doesn't really mean it. melissa: david asman is 5:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. see you then, my friend,. connell: tell you guys, president trump while talking left the white house. marine one has taken off from the south lawn of the white house to joint base andrews where president will board air force one. he is headed to minnesota for a campaign style rally tonight. they will watch how he handles the rally given the impeachment inquiry. we have news making comment that we're about to play back for you on a number of different subjects. melissa mentioned a moment ago. one was china trade, he says the
4:53 pm
negotiations in his words went very well today. so we'll see how he phrases that. he talked about a number of topics. here is the president. >> we just complete ad negotiation with china. we're doing very well. we're having another one tomorrow. i'm meeting with the vice premier over at the white house. and i think it is going really well. i will say. i think it is going really well. we had a very good negotiation with china. they will be speaking a little bit later but they're basically wrapping it up and we're going to see them tomorrow right here and it is going very well. reporter: mr. president, sir, mr. president, sir, what conversation -- reporter: [inaudible] >> what happened? who took 900,000? reporter: [inaudible].
4:54 pm
>> i hope it is not true that joe biden took $900,000. i haven't heard that i hope it is not true, for the sake, for the sake of the country i hope that is not true. but, i don't know anything about it. reporter: mr. president -- >> what? reporter: [inaudible]. >> who? reporter: [inaudible] >> i don't know, but i know the whistleblower has been very inaccurate. when we released the transcript of the conversation that i had with the president of ukraine, who frankly today was very good, somewhere in ukraine i guess gave a news conference on unrelated things, was asked a question, he said president trump based in a perfectly fine manner. there was nothing wrong in any way, shape or form, something to that effect but i appreciate that, but the president of ukraine, that should be case over because the of ukraine said
4:55 pm
that call was absolutely fine. i think he said that it resembled very much that he remembered it, it was just like the transcript. now the transcript is a perfect transcript. there shouldn't be any further questions but the president of ukraine just made that statement. so that -- reporter: mr. president, sir what conversation, sir? what conversations have you bad with -- >> i don't know those gentlemen. i possible have a picture with them. i have a picture with everybody here but, somebody said there may be a picture or something at a fund-raiser or somewhere. so but i have pictures with everybody. reporter: have you talked to them. >> i don't know if there is anybody i don't have pictures. i don't know them. i don't know about them. i don't know what they do, but i don't know, maybe they were clients of rudy. you would have to ask rudy. i just don't know. reporter: as far as, syria, sir --
4:56 pm
[inaudible] reporter: [inaudible] >> i don't know how can impeach on a conversation with the president of a country, in this case, ukraine, which was a perfect conversation. where the president of ukraine just said there was no pressure put on him whatsoever. that we had a absolutely perfect conversation. then on top of that, maybe less importantly, frankly, but on top of that, we have a transcript of the conversation, fortunately, that is perfect. and i do think this, i think it is very unfair to heads of countries when they think every time they make a conversation or have a conversation with the president of the united states it is going to be on, all over the world. i think that is very unfair. but in the case, in the case of what we're talking about we released a perfect conversation. the president of ukraine just confirmed that and that should
4:57 pm
be case over. i will say this, adam schiff took that conversation before he saw it and fabricateed a conversation. to me that is criminal. what he did is criminal. reporter: on joe biden, sir -- reporter: [inaudible]. >> i just don't think you're running a country, i just don't think that you can have all of these people testifying about every conversation you've had. in this case, we have a transcript. and i have given it almost immediately. called transparency. nobody has been more transparent than me. so you have a transcript in this case you also have the president of ukraine confirming absolutely was a perfect conversation but the
4:58 pm
>> [inaudible]. >> i can't hear. >> [inaudible]. >> you're talking about in u.k.? they are in the process of being spoken to. we're working on that. i did have a conversation yesterday with boris johnson, a good one, and we're talking about diplomatic immunity. it's a very interesting situation. we are trying to work something out. we're going to try and work something out. i think we will be able to. >> [inaudible].
4:59 pm
>> how many people can they talk to? we had a simple conversation. everybody knows what the conversation was because i gave it immediately when i heard about it. the whistle-blower who seems to be a democrat that's involved with a lot of people, gave a false interpretation of the conversation because we have the conversation. the president of ukraine just said just now that the conversation was absolutely perfect. no problem. it was a very good conversation. so i don't know why they'd be calling rick perry. i don't know why they'd be calling all these people. it is a very bad situation for our country. >> [inaudible]. >> it was reported. >> [inaudible]. >> well, i hope not. again, i don't know how he knows these people. >> [inaudible] >> what? >> [inaudible]. >> well, then they are clients.
5:00 pm
he's got a lot of clients, so i just don't know. i haven't spoken to rudy about it. i don't know. i will say this, from what i heard, i just heard about this, they said we have nothing to do with it. we're totally -- we have nothing to do with it. >> on china, were you joking when you asked china to investigate the bidens? >> was i what? >> were you joking when you asked china to investigate? >> china has to do whatever they want. if they want to look into something, they can look into it. if they don't want to look into it, they don't have to. >> were you serious? >> frankly, as far as i'm concerned, if china wants to look into something, i think that's great. if they don't want, to i think that's great too. that's up to china. -- if they don't want to, i think that's great too. that's up to china. >> [inaudible]. >> trey gowdy is a terrific guy. i think there's a problem with he can't start for another couple of months because of lobbying rules and


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