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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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it's always fascinating. we thank you for being with us. a reminder, senator rand palms new book is "the case against socialism." it's out now and we recommend it to you highly. good night from new york. david: a top state department official telling lawmakers behind closed doors he was concerned about hunter biden's ties to ukraine. when he tried to sound alarm in 2015 he was ignored by the obama administration. major develop's in the -- developments in the hillary clinton email scandal. 38 former and current employees sent classified emails to hillary clinton's personal email. now some of these folks may face disciplinary action. tulsi gabbard daring hillary clinton to join the race after clinton suggests gabbard is
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being groomed by the russians. hear the sound for yourself. an historic day for nasa as they complete the first ever all female space walk. "trish regan primetime" starts right now. i'm david asman in for trish. breaking tonight, a source confirming to fox that a career state department official overseeing ukraine policy told house investigators he raised concerns all the way back to early 2015 about vice president joe biden's son serving on the board of an energy company in ukraine. but he was turned away saying the vice president was preoccupied with his other son's
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battle with cancer. joining me now is house oversight committee member south carolina congressman ralph norman. is this worth investigating? >> absolutely. you look at what the democrats are doing to this president with trying to impeach him behind closed doors. the fact that a state department official would say this -- it's interesting "the washington post" had it was a staffer. the buck stops with the boss, the boss was joe biden. he was the vice president. it wasn't a staffer making that decision. but absolutely ought to be explored and get the details on it. it will be interesting if it's pushed at all. but it should be. david: it's exactly the kind of thing you would want to contact the leader of ukraine to follow the thread on this story. journalists are breaking this
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story. some people working for president trump like rudy giuliani. now there is enough smoke there that there may be fire that needs the ukrainian government's assistance on. >> look at the facts. the reason that this is corruption or when you look at what he got $50,000 a month -- david: at least, by the way. it may have been more than that. >> every two years, that's a million two. $50,000 every 30 days? i saw the interview with hunter. the question should have been, hunter, what qualifications do you have? tell me about your meetings? did you fly to ukraine? what business did you get for burisma. what was your job? did you interview for it? none of that was asked. that goes to show you how they get a pass on this. to say this has been vetted.
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who knew about it. nobody knew by the. your viewers know $50,000 every 30 days for basically a board position he has no credentials to have is not fair to the american people, and the tax dollars paid to ukraine is something we need to find out about. for him to be pious and act like knock is wrong, he's -- david: the president of the united states is now involved in an inquiry, i would call it an inquisition, just short of a vote on an impeachment charge for looking into this various stuff that's turning up more and more information. so the point is the president was doing his job and trying to investigate whether or not ukraine had information about something that could have been illegal that was done by a man who is running for president who was vice president. now that president is being
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impeached for a genuine investigation into something that's bearing fruit. >> that's why it's not fair. that's why the public sees through this. the fact they are doing this behind closed doors. adam schiff basically lying about what was on the transcript. and to have hearsay, the whistleblowers having hear say on what was quoted in the transcripts. you couldn't get a traffic ticket based on hear say. the two most of important powers that the united states congress has is to deet clare war and then impeach the president. you have got 218 democrats trying to do that. it's sad. david: there are so many times when the president is ahead of the information curve. when he said he was being spied on, everybody laughed and said it was ridiculous. turns out he was spied on. now when he asked for the ukrainian officials to investigate what was going on
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slick in with the bind affair everybody scoffed. now it turns out he was right. once he again the president was ahead of the information curve. >> corruption is corruption at any level. just because the person happens to be running for office and his last name biden who was a vp at the time for this great country, he ought to be investigated. it's the duty of the president to find out where the corruption is. we are giving him taxpayer dollars. that's the difference. >> there are times when the mainstream media does follow the truth wherever it happens to lead. not none this case of the staffedder speaking out. but also in july "the washington post," same publication came out with a piece that suggested vice president biden was trying to get aid for the gas company burisma in particular, and his son was sitting on the board of.
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that means u.s. taxpayer money might have been used to fund directly his son's various payments by burisma. >> not only that, he said on a tv interview, he was bragging about firing shokin. it's pay-to-play. it's pure and simple. that's why hunter had the opportunity of doing his interview to explain it. he backtracked and said he made a mistake. at the end of the day he got caught. they never expected president trump the get elected there they thought shenanigans would continue with hillary clinton. that didn't happen, and thank god it didn't. david: your fellow republicans have written to adam schiff claiming he's withholding impeachment-related documents from him. this whole process is being done in secret. now republicans are getting an
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equal access to material being investigated. how do you fix this? >> you appeal to him to vote on it. >> that's going backfire. the people see what's happening. this country in 13 months has the right to impeach this president. it's called an election. instead of 28 democrats trying push this, they are not willing to go on the record for. we are paid to vote, and they are not willing to go on the record to set the parameters these committees have instead of leak can bits of information out that nobody can see. we were down there this past week. i got in because i was on the over$sighted committee. the others, louie gohmert, sitting congressmen could not get in. that's not right. david: it's not only not right for congress, it's not right for the american people. i know you represent us. but this is an open process that
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could overturn an election. the american public, every single american voter deserves to see what they are doing. soap i went on the house floor. look at the things we could be doing. 435 members went back this week. we could be passing usmca. infrastructure, it's not happening. >> good to see you, congressman. thanks for being here. nasa as pro knotts making history -- nasa astronauts making history. president trump: this is president donald trump. do you hear me? >> i hear you. david: hillary clinton still can't get over her 2016 loss. wait until you hear who she thinks the russians are trying to groom for 2020. the answer in just a moment.
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president trump insisting turkey's president erdogan is committed to a ceasefire despite rounds of firings. ways next for the region. i'll be asking brett velicovich when we continue. president trump: we have had tremendous success the last couple days. a little bit of hard love. the kurds are happy about it. president erdogan of turkey is satisfied with it. and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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president trump: i just spoke to president erdogan of turkey. we are doing very, very well with turkey. there is a ceasefire or a pause or whatever you want to call it. there was some sniper fire this morning. there was mortar fire this morning that was eliminated quickly. they are back to the full pause. david: despite reports that turkey is already violating the brokered ceasefire, the president is insisting everything is going according to plans. but can the turks be trusted? joining me is special-ops * veteran brett velicovich. the drones were used extensively
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or maybe still are being used. it's kind of a dangerous development in the history of warfare, i wonder if we are prepared to deal with. what do you think? >> the turkey has been using drones unlike i have ever seen before. they have been using them in this battle. when i think about the larger ceasefire the first thing that comes to mind cities what ceasefire? hours after this ceasefire was publicly put out there you had turkish backed free syrian militias firing on kurdish civilians. the turks have already broken the ceasefire. and i'm not sure we wield the same power and influence we had over the region even a month ago. i don't know if we can live up to our end of the bargain. what incentive to the kurds have to pack up and move everything they have out of this area.
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the fact is this free syrian army backed by the turkish government, i don't think turkey has the ability to control them like we think they do. this is the same group as canned with helping contain isis. and they are full of isis supporters. weren't first week of this operation starting. we empowered the syrian assault re cream. set the conditions for one of the greatest humanitarian crises of this century. >> sick to mike pompeo was with maria bartiromo, and she asked him if turked would have invited even if we hadn't moved our troops out. >> i was closely involved when president erdogan notified us that he was prepared to move and he would do so in hours.
8:17 pm
president trump saw there were american soldiers in the way and we didn't have the capacity to do that. to think we were going to have nato and nato fighting. the president made the right decision in the moment to get american forces out of the way. david: i happen to share a lot of your concern about the kurds. if what pompeo is saying is right, it didn't matter whether we kept our troops in or pulled them out, the turks were going in anyway. >> i don't believe that is the case. we were talking to our kurdish allies to get them to move off the turkish border so we could set the conditions so they wouldn't come in. we were in the process of negotiating not having $having the turks go in there and fight as all. it feels like a unilateral decision from the president. after the fact he did the right thing by pulling the troops out.
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we didn't have enough troops to the point they were coming in there. but there was a precedent for him to maintain stability. and sold the turks we'll protect our allies and protect them in a number of different ways. david: specifically erdogan, i don't trust him as far as i can throw him. he's somebody that at this point we have to deal with. he neve nevertheless. some people say he gave sanctuary to al-baghdadi, the guy who formed isis. other people say his son was involved in selling isle to isis. but last night the president was in texas. a hard nosed state. a lot of military people were in that stadium listening to president trump. and he got the loudest applause
8:19 pm
when he said we have to bring our troops back home from wars that can't be won because the battles go back centuries. >> i think the problem is american probably don't understand why we are there in the first place, and i completely understand that. it's hard for even seasoned military intelligence officials to understand who is on whose side. some of the same people who told president obama to remain in iraq when we had basically brought the islamic state to the brink of evening d brink of exte telling president trump the same thing. it's a great talking point. bring your troops home. i don't want to be at war. i spent more time in a war zone than people should have to in a lifetime. there is a tremendous extra see jim consequence to what they are
8:20 pm
doing. it definitely hurts. there are political consequences. david: he was elected on that position and re-elected on that position whether you or i like it or not. i think it's something we'll be living with for a while. good to see you, my friend. remember all the times hillary clinton blamed the russians for her epic 2016 loss? >> the russians are still in our elections. i want a hat, too. a russian hat. putin could wake up with a headache and decide he doesn't like the republicans anymore. who knows. david: she thinks the russians are grooming a democrat 2020 candidate. former president jimmy carter and his wife have become the
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>> we are going forward to the most of secret room in the capitol. and all adam schiff is doing is a one-sided process toward impeachment, and i think it's a very unfair process. david: my next guest says democrats are steam rolling norms. and hell bent on impeachment before the 2020 election. they are -- the point of an impeachment is to undo an election. because of that you have to
8:26 pm
prove to every american who voted that they have all the evidence to remove that president. we don't know what kind of evidence they have right now. >> we have no idea. it could be compelling evidence that donald j. trump is a terrible man. or it could be exculpatory. and i think we are getting little bits of information from inside adapt schiff's top secret committee hearing room which apparently is covered up in a way that we can seefs drop. the 330 million ofous outside that room is thought hearing what's going on. david: adam schiff, the guy is caught in lie after lie. the four pinocchios from "the washington post" for making up the whistleblower, and he lied about having evidence of russian collusion which turned out to be not true. >> this statement he made
8:27 pm
reading from a piece of paper, supposedly trump saying these word. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent. it turns out those aren't word president trump said, those are word he invented. and when he got caught he says it's a parody. this guys out of control. i think the american people want to see the president finish his term and get re-elected. but if he's going to be removed, all of us need to be involved. david: remember when he had those phoney phone call, the ukrainians claimed they had dirt. saying you have dirt on the president. he's projecting his own behavior on to the president. >> a great exam elf exactly that. i believe the comedy radio hosts got him staying.
8:28 pm
he says i want that information including naked pictures of donald trump in moscow. he did the same sort of behavior about which he is now going after trump. david: the mainstream media thinking they had a gotcha moment. rinse. >> did also mention to me that the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely. no question about that. that's it. that's why we held up the money. >> the demand for an investigation into the democrats was one of the reasons he was ordered to withhold funding to ukraine. >> the look back to 2016 was part of the thing he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that's absolutely appropriate. lou: mick mulvaney has pulled back saying he wasn't saying it
8:29 pm
was quid pro quo. he's a very small guy. >> i think he got caught up in his words. the main story is before we hand over $400 million to any country, ukraine, costa rica, we want to make sure the money won't end up in secret bank accounts. are these people corrupt or not. will they follow through with president zelensky's anti-corruption process. the server happened to come out of ukraine. would you rather not know that? saying it's perfectly clean. david: we saw "the washington post" is coming out with more information suggesting what the president suspects happened with biden didn't happen with biden. he was trying to at least the ukrainians were currying favor with him by putting his son on
8:30 pm
their payroll. so what happens now. if the president tries to again go to the ukrainians and say give us any information you have on what happened in 2016, events leading up to the 2016 election. democrats will come down on him again like aton of bricks. >> i don't know where it's written that we can't investigate somebody for past improprieties. the guy is running for office. does he get this sort of super shield around him where he can't be looked into? the investigation might be mr. president we looked into this. it was perfectly clean. joe biden and his son did nothing wrong. david:ed the one thing we know about burisma was it wasn't completely clean. it was a conflict of interest for the vice president's son to follow him to ukraine. >> there was i believe the appearance of a conflict. you are not supposed to have appearances of a conflict of
8:31 pm
interest. dave very joe biden just came out with his book of rules. no appearance of conflict of interest. fit not good now -- if it's not good now, why was it then? remember when hillary clinton tried to down play her email scandal? >> did you wipe the server? >> like with a cloth or something. >> i don't know, you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. david: 31 people have been cited for violations in regard to hillary clinton's email server. hillary clinton's obsession with the russians has hit new extremes. the bizarre claim. new reaction from that 2020 candidate when we continue. yeah, that's half the fun of a new house.
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david: 2020 presidential hopeful, tulsi gabbard, firing back at hillary clinton after hillary clinton accuses her of being a russian asset. gabbard tweeting out, thank you, hillary clinton, you the queen of war mongers and personification of the rot that has sickened the democrat party for so long have finally come out from behind the curtain. from the day i announced my candidacy there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. we wondered who was behind it. but now we know it was always you. the war machine afraid of the threat i pose. it's clear the primary is between you and me. don't hide behind your proxies. join the race directly. here is the shocking tape from hillary clinton herself.
8:37 pm
listen. >> i think they have their eye on somebody who is currently in the democratic primary and grooming her to be a third party candidate. she is a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. that's assuming jill stein will gift up. brand-new see is also a russian asset. totally. they know they can't win without a third party candidate. david: that's quite a charge coming from the former secretary of state. joining me, brad blakeman. i think she sounds a little unhinged. >> she is crazy. there is no other way to describe it. you are calling basically a combat veteran, somebody who served with distinction, a
8:38 pm
traitor to this country. she is currently in the military, she is currently a congresswoman, she vowed an oath in the military and asking a congresswoman to protect, preserve and defend the constitution. now a former secretary of state, us senator, first lady and presidential candidate of the democratic party is calling a dem data manchurian candidate from the russians. this continued the russian collusion delusion. i'm glad gabbard is fighting back. i think she picked on the wrong person. david: i wonder if it's more of a calculation. she picked on the wrong person. you don't pick on a 16-year war veteran, a fighting woman who knows how to strike back. but you know how the clinton machine operates. they are always playing i political game.
8:39 pm
is she playing some political game that we don't understand right now, hillary clinton that is? >> i think she is fighting to be relevant. it's sad. she should just fade away. the democratic party has passed her by a long time ago. either you are going to be tonight or not. but you can't sit on the sidelines and snipe. it's beyond sniping. this is a charge of treason against a sitting congresswoman as well as a current serving military member of our armed forces. >> she was a secretary of state. so with that position comes a certain authority and connections to information despite her problems with her server that one would expect for her to have some information, some specific information that a charge like that would be based on. >> i'm holding my breath to see
8:40 pm
what other democrats will come out and take hillary clinton down for this. so far crickets. david: speak of hillary's server. the state department is just wrapping up its investigation into her use of a private server, four emails that belong to us, the american people. 38 people were caught for 91 violations. will anyone actually have to face responsibility for this? >> let's see. certainly there is enough there there by the i.g.'s report and the information we know has been made public with regard to classified information that wound up on personal servers. there should be accountability. when you have 38 people involved in disseminating classified information and allowing hillary clinton to do something they know is wrong. i had top secret clearance when i was at the white house. i would not be on air tonight.
8:41 pm
i would be sitting in a jail cell if i did one tenth of what was alearninged and proved what the clintons have done with the help of others. david: now we know the desperation on the part of the washington establishment. the games that have been played in the way the state department has been run for years was going to be exposed. nobody believes trump when he cops out with these charges, but more often than not his charges prove to be true. >> correct. when president trump said his campaign was spied on, he was thoroughly dismissed. it's all true. the fact we have the attorney general looking into these matters. this got the democrats beyond scared. david: nba commissioner adam silver says communist china asked the nba to fire daryl
8:42 pm
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david: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg conceding that silicon valley has a bias. watch. >> do you believe there is a bias against conservatives in silicon valley? >> california is an overwhelmingly left-leaning place. if you look at donations from tech companies, 90 plus percent of them go toward democratic candidates. i understand why people would ask the question are my idea getting a fair shake? all i can say is this is something i care deeply about. i want to make sure we can be a platform for all idea. david: zuckerberg went on to say that facebook will not police political speech.
8:47 pm
what do you think about zuckerberg's observations about the way social media is run and who is running it and their political biases? >> i think brad pa brad parscal. facebook algorithm is biased toward inflammatory speech that drives engagement. this means the most of divisive speech elements are what are he elevated in the platform. david: assuming you are correct in that. you may be. a lot of the awful talk that's goes onth this country is protected by the first amendment, thank god. but what should be done about
8:48 pm
it? do you support overturning the first amendment. putting government restrictions on the kind of speech that's uses? >> it's about what it promotes and elevates. it's gotten into trouble for misinformation and foreign influences. elevating that misinformation to influence our information. it's something it said it has a commitment to stop from happening. >> you are suggesting it was only done by president trump's side? aren't you sure both side were using facebook? >> no. what i'm saying is it has a bias toward inflammatory speech and it hasn't done a good job of cleaning up. it's bad for democracy, period. david: i share some of your concerns about what facebook is
8:49 pm
and the kind of speech it empowers. but it always gets to the question, so what are you going to do about it? it's a private company. we have the first amendment. there is bias on both side. i know silicon valley very well. i know people who left journal itch to go to work there. if people have a political bias it tend to the left. there were all sides using facebook for its political purposes. it's going to happen again in 2020. so what are you going to do about it? >> i think broadcast tv is regulated. facebook is in the wild west and we need to have standards. >> go back to the fairness standard? a lot of people were happy about getting rid of that. >> actually large swaths of republicans, democrats and independents think that big tech should actually be regulated. david: i disagree with them all.
8:50 pm
i think it first amendment is more important than government regulations. but i do want -- >> the first amendment does not guarantee you to get a megaphone at 3:00 a.m. to yell in front of your neighbor's house. david: you can turn off the internet. the megaphone won't be shouting you down. only if you turn off your computer. this battle between hillary clinton and tulsi gabbard. what is going on there and how does it sort itself out? >> tulsi gabbard is a marginal candidate on the democratic stage. dave are * does she deserve to be disparaged? >> she hastons of access. listen, i agree that hillary clinton deserves the free speech to be able as a private citizen.
8:51 pm
david: you are talking about inflammatory speech. isn't it inflammatory for a former secretary of state to accuse someone running for president to be a russian asset. >> what isn't inflammatory is tulsi gabbard's positions. david: does that give hillary clinton the right to call her a russian asset? >> am i in agreement with everything hillary clinton says, no. do i think us tulsi gabbard's is are crazy, yeb i do. david: for a former secretary of state to call someone a russian asset is more than inflammatory. it could be actionable. >> i wonder why we are talking about this. with the impeachment inquiry. there is a ton of information.
8:52 pm
mike mulvaney is saying the president quid pro quod foreign aid. david: you say marginal. this time in many races people who turned out to be winners. it's too early to call anybody marginal. >> she is not polling within the margin of error. david: to call somebody running for president a russian asset. it's an inflammatory charge and should be condemned by everybody, republican or democrat. nasa astronauts making history with the first all female space walk. president jipy carter and his wife rosslyn just became the longest married presidential couple. by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment.
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with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? david: welcome back, everybody. it's time for trending with shiver with david. joining me now is advisory board member madison, great to see you. it's a historic day for nasa, astronauts christina cooke and jessica moore completed an all-female space walk with president trump taking part in the celebration. let's take a listen. >> station, this is president donald trump. do you hear me? >> we do hear you. >> that's great.
8:57 pm
[laughter] david: i think it's very cool, don't you? >> it's awesome. talk about girl power. this is the first ever all-female pace walk, and it's the first time since 1969 that a sitting president talked to astronauts outside of a spacecraft. that was pretty cool for the two astronauts, and i know people across this country are proud of these two women. david: we are, indeed. good stuff. meanwhile, something we may not be as proud of, nba commissioner adam silver says china asked him to fire houston rockets' general manager daryl maury for speaking out in favor of the hong kong protests. this is extraordinary. and then the chinese say, no, we didn't do it. well, of course they did, right? >> right, absolutely. and people are really disace pointed, i think, with the nba commissioner for not speaking up in support of daryl maury sooner and not speaking up bolder in support of the gm. people feel, a lot of people feel that he's caved to china for profits. he came out and said, oh, you know, we've already lost money. well, of course, because they took the games off the air, but
8:58 pm
it doesn't necessarily mean you're not caving especially when you look at what the chinese government put out, intended for these protesters saying, warning the protesters that they would smash their bodies and their bones would be ground to powder. i mean, it's pretty horrific stuff right there. david: you know, i know there's a lot of money to be made there by the nba and others, but these are the people you have to deal with. again, the chinese,1.3 billion people, a lot of people there, but the small elite that's in control of that communist government, they're bad hombres, as the president would say. meanwhile, jimmy and rosalynn carter have just become the longest married presidential couple. 73 years and counting. i love this, madison. >> yeah. and it's actually 26,760 days and counting. incredible. and the cool part of the story is she actually turned him down the first time he asked because she made a promise to her father
8:59 pm
saying she'd graduate college before she got married. david: by the way, producers, don't we have a clip from them? no, i'm afraid we don't. they were on just four months ago with neil cavuto. whenever they come here, whether it's jimmy alone or he with his wife, they're beloved by all of the makeup artists, everybody that works with them, they say they're the best, most special people they've met. we just have 25 seconds. what do you make of this tulsi gabbard, hillary clinton feud? >> hillary clinton is going after anybody she doesn't like saying they're colluding with russia or they're an agent of the russian government. tulsi gabbard would have a better chance to win a presidential election than hillary clinton ever would. david: do you think hillary comes back in the race? is that what she's trying to do? >> i think there's a chance. i don't think it's necessarily going to be her because i don't think they'll necessarily nominate her as a party. david: the nerve of attacking a veteran of foreign wars, somebody who was in active
9:00 pm
service for 16 years. it's extraordinary. madison, great to see you, have a great weekend. appreciate it. before we go, a quick programming note, you can catch me every weeknight at 5 p.m. eastern time hosting my own show, it's called bulls and bears right here on fox business. have a great weekend, everybody. here's maria bartiromo. ♪ ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend, everybody. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. coming up in just a few moments, my exclusive interview with a media giant. >> match is a cash flow machine. its cash flow is huge, 800 million on 3 billion or something which is really extraordinarily high margins. so we would not cause indebtedness at match to be beyond any kind of rational threshold. it would be crazy for us to do so. maria: the chairman of iac


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