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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 21, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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enjoyable. i want to hawk your book. resistance at all costs. report over the safety of the 737 max yet whavmen. what it could --max jet. cheryl: elizabeth warren says her healthcare plan will lower healthcare costs for the middle class. it's what she didn't say that should have the middle class worried this morning. the holidays are almost here and one iconic toy makers is
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offering a one of ad kind hotel -- one of a kind hotel stay to get you into the holiday spirit, until you see the price tag. it is monday, october 21st and "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ help, i need somebody. ♪ help, not just anybody. ♪ you know i need someone. ♪ help. ♪ when i was younger, so of much younger than today. ♪ i never needed anybody's help in any way. cheryl: little bit of beatles for you this morning. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. tracee: good morning, i'm tracee carrasco. in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: let's take a look at how your money is moving object this monday. invelveinvestors are waiting one talk this morning as well as earnings reports. tracee: let's take a look at
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how asia is doing right now. you can gree see green arrows as the board, despite the brexit uncertainties. cheryl: it's the monday after for brexiteeres. the markets are barely in the green. the ftse, the cac and the dax eeking out gains, it's all about brexit. tracee: brexit in limbo, yet again. british prime minister boris johnson is expected to to push again for a vote on his brexit deal. he's planning to ask for a straight up and down vote on the deal today after he failed to security parliamentary approval over the weekend. cheryl: ashley webster is in london with the h the details. is boris johnson really in trouble. >> reporter: some would argue yes, others would say no. saturday was supposed to be a super saturday.
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it just never happened, never got to that vote. today he will try again. parliament will open up in about four and-a-half hours from now but it is expected that the speaker of the house will not allow that straight up and down vote on boris johnson's new deal. why? well, because that motion was already introduced saturday. it wasn't acted on. yoyou can't apparently have two motion that's are the same thing in the same session. it's the way brexit goes these days. there's been some developments over the weekend also from the opposition party, the labor party. jeremy corbin, the leader, basically indicating that he will introduce a amendments calling for a second referendum and that is not being met very well from the 10 downing street. all the papers today, this is the daily mail, if i can get around here, says furate labor plot to wreck brexit. it shows you how far we haven't
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come since the brexit vote three of and-a-half years ago. this weekend the streets around parliament packed with pro and anti- brexit protesters. at times it got pretty testy. take a listen. >> if you love your on your co, come and join us. >> you're tra traitors. >> reporter: you heard it there, the volume and the anger pretty much where it's been for a while now. especially for those who want to leave and those who don't want to leave. what happens now? well, the eu says it will wait and see what happens this week before deciding on extending the deadline whichs is just 10 days from now and a then this raises the question, could there be a general l electio election witht month or so. parliament is hope altogetherly
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compromised. -- hopelessly compromised. there is no majority. it is believed the general election could give one party enough votes to get this thing through and over the line. this is brexit. nothing is for certain. we'll have to follow it minute by minute. cheryl: can you hold up the cover of the daily mail again for our viewers. because you think the noshing nk post is brutal, the british press are torrential when it comes to that. >> reporter: they really are. this is actually quite actual qy quite kind for british media. they're pretty brutal to say the least. cheryl: ashley, thank you very much. he'll be reporting throughout the day for fox business. we want to take you to what's happening in hong kong. there's chaos there to report to you overnight. protesters clashing with police during an unauthorized rally. protesters threw fire bombs and police responded with tear gas,
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pepper spray and a water cannon. today, car carrie lamb apologizd after a major mosque was struck with blue dye from a water cannon. tracee: in beijing, chinese state television said nba commissioner adam silver will face retribution for saying the chinese government asked him to fire daryl morey for a controversial tweet. he showed support for pro democracy protests in hong kong for the tweet. they say they have fabricated lies out of thin air and tried to portray beijing as unforgiving. the chinese official said they never raised such demands. cheryl: back at home, we're following boeing. the board of directors and executives reportedly are planning to meet in texas again today after they had a meeting in san antonio yesterday. lawmakers are ramping up scrutiny of boeing, especially the leadership there, after new
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details are pointing to management pressure on engineers and pilots at the company. investigators have received an internal boeing survey which showed that about one in three employs ease felt pressure -- employees felt pressure from managers regarding safety related approvals getting through. there are reports that boeing exeexecutives knew about the say issues of the 737 max jet earlier than they admitted than they did. tracee: boeing said they told the faa several times about changes to the 737 max. two crashes killed 346 people in indonesia and ethiopia. the final report of the indonesia crashes is expected to be shared with the victims families this wednesday. cheryl: president trump doing an about face on hosting next year's g-7 summit. the president canceled plans to hold the event at his resort in
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do you recall, florida. he announced that decision on twitter, citing crazed and i irrational hostility over the media and the democrats. he says he will look at other potential sites including camp david. milwaukee's mayor offered to hold the summit in his city, which is the site of the 2020 democratic presidential convention. tracee: canadians go to the polls today to choose a new prime spi minister. it's looking to be a close race. conservatives claim sheer is the safe choice. justin is facing an uphill climb, after questions were raised about his judgment.
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sheer has been questioned about parts of his his rsume. cheryl: mike pence is going to talk up trade today. he's going to call on congress to mass the trade deal with canada and mexico during events in the battle ground state of pennsylvania. the vice president is going to tour a high tech glass factory near scranton which is close to the birth place of democratic presidential hopeful joe biden. mexico's president is also calling on u.s. lawmakers to approve the trade war
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with china. steven mnuchin and a robert lighthizer are expected to speak with chinese vice premier liu he on the phone. they have said the two sides have made, quote, substantial progress in many aspects and laid an important foundation for a phase one agreement. cheryl: meanwhile, in an interview with 60 minutes, christine mcguard, the incoming head of the european central bank, remember she was running imf, she is warning of consequences of a u.s. trade war with china. >> i was brought up as a citizen of this world. the risky see is that the united states is at risk of losing leadership. and that would be just a terrible development. cheryl: lagarde also in that interview warned president trump against pushing the federal reserve for lower interest rates because she said that could spur
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inflation. she mentioned the fact that you've got unemployment in the mid-3% range in the country and she said that could be a catastrophe. tracee: crews in r new orleans are searching through the rubble of a collapsed hotel for the last two victims after two cranes looming dangerously over it are demolished. new orleans officials calling the fiery explosions a success. three workers were killed after the hard rock hotel partially collapsed last weekend. chick-fil-a says it's closing its first restaurant in britain 10 days after it opened. the move is in response to protests in lgbt groups, denouncing the company's opposition to same sex marriage. a public health alert. federal officials warning consumers about shop rite brand
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frozen hamburger meat saying it could be potentially contaminated with the e. coli virus. it was shipped from a facility in ontario, canada back in may and it was shipped to 10 states. the l recall web page has been updated to include the ground beef recall. the mistress of evil cast a spell over the joker this weekend. >> i wasn't really asking. >> nor was i. love doesn't always end well. >> trust me. let us prove you wrong. tracee: walt disney's malificent knocked joker out of the number one spot of the box office but just barely. it grossed an estimated $36 million in north america in its first weekend, far below the first film earned in its opening weekend. and he that's what's happening now. cheryl: let's take a look at how your money is moving this
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morning. so far we've got some green arrows. again, it is the second busiest week for earnings. next week is the busiest. all those numbers could change the story. but for right now, the dow is up 29, s&p is up 6 and a quarter, nasdaq is up 22 and a quarter. still ahead, we're talking about boeing and the heat is ons those executives. they met over the weekend after a report the company may have been hiding issues with the 737 max for years. those earnings by the way could change the game for the company and for the dow this week. we're talking about all of that. and nike's super fast running shoe helped break records for some athletes. but now the company's under investigation for having too much spring in the shoes. details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." tracee: so they did their job. ♪ people are strange when you're a stranger. ♪ places look ugly when you're alone. ♪ women seem wicked.
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cheryl: democratic presidential hopeful pete buttigieg proposing the hike the corporate tax rate back to 35% to pay for his healthcare plan. will the fl idea -- will the idy with investors and voters? let's bring in david dietz. many of us don't want to see the corporate tax rate back to 35%. >> why did we reduce it? it was to make a level playing field with how corporations are
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taxed overseas. to the extent you have too much taxes here, corporations will go overseas and of course when you tax corporations at a higher level you'll get less research and development, you'll get less capital expansion and there's going to be less money available to hire additional workers. it doesn't make sense. cheryl: he's got to come up with $1.4 trillion to pay for his medicare for most plan. we'll talk about that later. let's talk about this piece in the new york times, about the fact that if the united states economies is so strong, why are tens of thousands of workers out on strike, talking about gm and chicago teachers for example. why is there a strike boom going on in the u.s. >> the unions are saying they gave back concessions when times were tough, now they want to take them back. the reality is this may make sense in terms of a union situation where you have a large employer but gm only has 17% of
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the auto industry. they are continuing to lose share because they can't stay competitive. cheryl: ah you ahe toe salese -- auto sales have been slowing down in the last couple years. the ceos can't control that. the blame seems a bit misplaced from the unions. that's my opinion, anyway. let's talk about earnings season. boeing, that's going to be a big report. >> boeing is a tale of two stories. there's intense focus on the 737 max, what are the costs of that going out of service, when will that resume. what's that done to their backlog of orders. on the other hand, you've got a tremendous boom in air travel. boeing has 6,000 planes on back order, it's booming worldwide. it's a great fundamental business against this one very unfortunate situation. that's what we're looking at. cheryl: the stock has been volatile because of the max
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story. could be volatile when they report this week. we played comments froms christine lagarde, she's going to run the ecb. she kind of warned the president, she said if you keep pushing the fed to lower interest rates with low unemployment, inflation will go nuts and the u.s. trade war will take the number one title away from the united states as the global financial power. which we've enjoyed that title for decades. she says we're at risk. are we? >> there's two thoughts. one is she's going to take theman mantethemantel of the tor in europe. she wants to set the tone. the federal reserve policy, central bank policy should be where the ball is going, where the puck is going, not where it is today. no one knows for sure. they missed the downturn in 2008. it's important for the federal reserve to look out and a see and insulate ourselves from what the tough economic windses are blowing from overseas.
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cheryl: he sh shy.cheryl: shr opinions. tracee: andrew yang will push the freedom dividend today, the signature campaign promise of $1,000 a month for all americans. yang says the income would protect workers against the rise of automation. he says if the federal government were to give the money to americans, it would create a trickle-up economy. tomming up next, tensions -- coming up next, tensions escalating between president trump and nancy pelosi. how the president is responding this morning to the house speaker's surprise delegation to the middle east to discuss the conflict in syria. and first he was mocked for the way he blows out his birthday candles and now the internet has another bone to pick with mitt romney. ♪ keep me coming back for more. ♪ and i feel a little better than i did before. ♪ if i never see your face again
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tracee: overnight, a powerful tornado touching down in texas, leaving more than 145,000 people without power. >>.>> there's a tornado! we're in a tornado! tracee: the tornado ripping through dallas, causing several buildings to collapse. cheryl: i used to live in dallas as a child. those tornadoes can be so frightening, by the way. also this, strong winds tearing down trees, taking out power lines and flipping trailers on the highway there.
5:25 am
unbelievably, no reports of any deaths serious injuries. let's bring in janice dean with all the latest. you warned us last week it was going to be a rough weekend for the weather. you were right on. janice: they did have some warning and unfortunately not like a hurricane where we have days of preparation, sometimes we only have a few hours to really know what to do and know where to go if there's a watch or warning and that of course, that tornado happened last night so it's dark. i always advise folks to have their noaa weather radios on ifs there's the potential for severe weather outbreak and you get the warning. hopefully, because we had no deaths, people were on alert and knew what to do. heavily populate area, we'll see damage throughout the day today. we have tornado watches stretching from texas you through arkansas, up towards the ohio and tennessee river valley. we're not out of the woods yet but the line of strong storms will start to weaken throughout the morning hours but we still
5:26 am
have severe thunderstorm warned storms ahead of this cold front which sis one o is one of the mn ingredients we had yesterday to bring the severe weather threat. the threat extends from southeast texas, through louisiana, mississippi, parts of alabama and up towards tennessee and that will continue throughout the day, perhaps into the evening and then we'll watch this line move across the southeast and the mid-atlantic. still packing a punch. know what the to do if there's a watch or warning in your area. ladies, back to you. cheryl: hurricane season not over yet, janice. thank you so much. all right. well, nancy pelosi leading a bipartisan delegation out to the middle east amid all the chaos that's happening in syria. the visit is drawing sharp criticism from the president. tracee: mark meredith is live in washington with the newest twist in the battle between the president and the house speaker. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. never a dull moment. the speaker's office says the congressional delegation had a
5:27 am
chance to make multiple stops in the middle east, leaving with several leaders including the king of jordan, afgha afghanists president and mark esper. it was made up of nancy pelosi as well as several members of congress including one republican house member. pelosi's office put out a statement following the visit writing, quote, meeting with and hearing directly from our troops and diplomats on the ground is essential for congress to conduct effective oversight of our mission in afghanistan. president trump also had a chance to weigh in on the trip, as lawmakers continue to criticize his decision to pull troops out of syria. he be put out a tweet saying, quote, she should find out why obama grew drew the red line in the sand and did nothing, losing syria and all respect. now, kurdish military leaders tell fox news they're deeply disappointed in president trump's troop withdrawal decision but they remain hopeful to have a cooperative relationship with the u.s. all this comes as south carolina republican senator lindsey
5:28 am
graham says he now supports the president's efforts in syria. that's a major reversal from what we heard from him as of just last week. he was one of the president's toughest critics on the syria decision. >> i'm increasingly optimistic we can have historic outcomes in syria if we play our cards right. i blame erdogan for the invasion, not trump. >> reporter: last week, the house voted to approve a resolution condemning the president's syria strategy. several lawmakers including many republicans supported that measure and they're now calling for a new briefing from the administration on its syria strategy. all a this comes as president trump will hold a cabinet meeting later on today. cheryl: mark, thank you so much. we've got a lot more coming up. elizabeth warren dodged questions about her medicare for all plan for months. now she's ready to reveal some of her ideas but is cutting healthcare costs for the middle
5:29 am
class, does it mean she will raise their tax taxs. a battle begins between tulsi gabbard and a hillary clinton after she was called a russian a asset. we'll have an update. ♪ rock of ages. ♪ still rolling, keep rolling. ♪ rock of ages, rock of ages plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity.
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5:33 am
work. warren has been criticized for side-stepping questions about whether or not her plan would raise taxes on the middle class. let's bring in brad polumbo of the wash a ton examiner. -- washington examiner. good morning, brad. elizabeth warren said my view on this is costs will go down for hard working middles class families. she's saying costs will go down but she's not saying if taxes will go up for middle class families. how realistic is this to do without raising taxes? >> well, it's fundamentally dishonest, that's what it is. elizabeth warren we've been told is the candidate with the plan for everything, right? but she's proposing this dramatic, radical government takeover of healthcare that would throw hundreds of millions of people off of their private health insurance and it would undoubtedly almost double federal taxes. so for her to pretend as if there's any question that middle taxes would go up, middle class taxes would go up, it's just dishonest, plain and simple.
5:34 am
bernie sanders to his credit is a socialist just like warren but he's willing to admit that taxes will go up and you'll get government healthcare. that's the tradeoff. elizabeth warren needs to be honest about it. tracee: a new study says federal spending on healthcare would increase by about $34 trillion under a single payer plan, similar to medicare for all. the cost is going to be astronomical. you how can warren soften this a little bit? >> well, it will be astronomical. that's what happens when you're nationalizing an entire private industry and taking it over by the government. i think her plan to soften is looks like deny, deny, deny. we don't have to talk about the looming elephant in the room and the problems, then maybe they aren't there. actually, amy klobuchar said it well when she said if she had a good answer for this question, we would have heard it by now. tracee: i want to switch gears, let's talk about joe biden and his fund raising. when you compare his war chest to the war chest of the other
5:35 am
candidates, significantly lower. he brought in $8.9 million for the last quarter that ended september 30th. you compare that with a sanderst $33.7 million. how big of a disadvantage is this going to be for his campaign, especially further down the road? >> look, i actually think it's going to be a big disadvantage. it's not just elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who have out-fund raised him, it's also lower name candidates like kamala harris and pete buttigieg. joe biden is searly behind the game when it comes to fund raising. that's going to be a problem. the l campaign has looked sluggish and slow. he'll have less money for cash in key states and fewer funds to fund advertisements. so it's not a good sign for the former vice president. tracee: brad, thank you very much. cheryl: let's stay with politics. 2020 presidential candidate tulsi gabbard slammed her party's 2016 nominee, hillary clinton. she went after clinton after she suggested that gabbard is
5:36 am
basically a russian agent. >> if you stand up against hillary and the party power brokers, if you stand up to the rich and powerful elite and the war machine, they will destroy you and discredit your message. but heres is the truth. they will not intimidate us. they will not silence us. cheryl: gabbard called clinton's claim a smear and a reretaliation for endorsing senator bernie sanders in 2016. some on social media are backing tulsi gabbard over the weekend. speaking of bernie sanders, representative alexandria ocasio-cortez and the democratic presidential candidate held a campaign rally over the weekend. but take a look at where they held it. near the site of where amazon had proposed to build a second headquarters right here in new york city. amazon you may remember in a surprise move pulled out of that deal, siting political and neighborhood opposition. aoc of course a big part of
5:37 am
that. aoc officially endorsed sanders' bid for the white house. still ahead, a landmark opioid trial begins today after last minute talks to settle failed. how two local governments are going to take on big pharma and try to prove they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of americans. and google maps taking a play out of waze's handbook. how it's about to add a controversial feature to try to lure all of you to come on back to it. you're watching "fbn: a.m.," we're invested in you. ♪ which i could let -- wish i could h let you love me back. ♪ what's the matter with me. ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. i am totally blind.
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tracee: the first federal opioid trial begins today in ohio. two counties are taking on six powerful drug companies in their fight against the opioid crisis that killed more than 400,000 people. aishah hasnie joins us live with more. >>.good morning. >> reporter: this first trial is happening in cleveland and it's sort of a bellwether trial for all the others to follow. the two ohio counties are suing multiple drug makers, including the country's big three drug distributors. this trial, particularly, will focus on distribution, were the companies obligated to halt shipment of suspicious orders and if so, did they comply. this is just a small piece of as
5:41 am
massive trial involving 2600 lawsuits, cities and counties across the u.s. suing doctors, pharmacies and big pharma, blaming them for the opioid epidemic that killed as many as 400,000 americans. families and communities want these companies to pay up for what they've had to spend so far on drug treatment and fighting drug related crime. one mom who lost her son to an opioid overdose describes how you she felt when johnson & johnson was ordered to pay $572 million back in august. >> nothing's going to bring my son back but this victory allows his death to stand for something and yo i know he's cheering rigt now. >> reporter: so many families looking for justice. there was a last minute $48 billion offer to settle this over the weekend but the cities and counties that are suing,
5:42 am
they refused that and the reason isn't the amount of money, it's that they want control of how the cash will be distributed. cheryl: and you i know the defense had an issue with that as well. thank you very much for that live report. for more on this, brett's bring in david bruno -- let's bring in david bruno. what will they try to prove in court against the companies. >> there's a federal law and regulation, that required the distributors to come up with a process to identify misuse. cheryl: bulk orders, for example. >> exactly. they should have had a process in place to identify that there were too much drugs coming into these two specific counties. that's important too. this is only two counties. cheryl: it's tough to prove but i'm not the attorney. >> it's sheer volume. it's the sheer volume of it. yeah, and the distributors, they're going to say we're the middleman. we didn't manufacture this. we didn't prescribe it.
5:43 am
and the dea was involved as well. the doj, horowitz inspector general, he recently came out and pointed fingers at the dea to say that they didn't do enough, that they had quotas to actually -- cheryl: is it the government's responsibility, though, to police -- a doctor writes a patient a prescription, whether they think they need it or not. i'm assuming they would, right? personal choice. personal responsibility. >> sure. cheryl: i'm thinking as the company's defense. >> that is another layer. that's another layer, personal choice. you have doctors involved. you have the government involved. you have personal choices of the people that actually use the drugs and parents like we saw here. cheryl: it's horrible. i don't want to sound insensitive. it's horrible what happened with the opioid deaths. statement, can you really fault the companies and -- maybe the doctors, sure. >> we're going to find out in this trial. if it goes and doesn't settle --
5:44 am
it could still settle. that is the issue with the distributors, did they do what they needed to do as far as the federal law. cheryl: i want to ask about the impeachment inquiry. i want you to listen to what mick mulvaney and chris wallace discussed on fox news sunday, get your reaction. >> aid to ukraine depended on investigating the democrats, why did you say that. >> here's what i said. there were two reasons we held up the aide. the first was the ram. >>rampantcorruption in the ukra. the president was concerned about whether other nations were helping with foreign aide t aide ukraine as well. cheryl: he was defending comments he made last week. do you think mulvaney put the president in more legal jeopardy. >> any time he opens his mouth right now is putting the president in more legal jeopardy. they need to be quiet. criminal defense rule number one, be quiet and must also apply to impeachment here as well because they cannot get out of their own way on this issue.
5:45 am
button it up. cheryl: the more they say, the worse it could be. >> it continues on. it's giuliani back with stormy daniels and now this. it just does not stop. be quiet. cheryl: david bruno, thank you for that pe perspective. tracee: there are mores questions than answers when it comes to brexit after boris johnson's deal with the eu hits a major snag. could a no deal brexit still happen at the end of the month? plus, a new study may explain why cookie monster and most americans are crazy for chocolate chip cookies. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ but i know the reason why you keep your silence. ♪ to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and
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♪ fly like an eagle. ♪ to the sea. ♪ fly like an eagle, let your spirit carry me. cheryl: speaking of flying, qantas setting a record for the world's longest non-stop commercial flight from new york to sydney. the plane was in the air for nearly 20 hours before it landed in australia yesterday morning. 49 people were on the plane and tests were done to measure the effect on the crew and the passengers. two more research flights are planned. that is a lot of meal services. tracee: too long. no thank you. it promises to be a critical week for brexit after parliament forced prime minister boris johnson to seek a delay from the eu over the weekends. joining us now is jane foley, senior currency analyst. good morning, jane. does this set the stage for the u.k. to approve the brexit deal,
5:50 am
negotiated by johnson, with the eu. does he have the support? >> it seems like he might have support. there was a vote on the weekend, but not the vote that prime minister johnson wanted. there was a vote to say that rather than push the deal through, all of those necessary bills that need to be pushed -- that need to be in place before the deal can operate have to go through first and that vote was very, very tight and that's why the market is very optimistic this morning, thinking that johnson may be able to get that necessary support in the next few days. tracee: he says he plans to -- the u.k. plans to leave the eu on october 31st. can a hard brexit be avoided? >> well, there is a situation in place to stop a hard brexit on october 31st. it can be avoided now. what the labor party opposition is worried about is that after the brexit deal goes through and then the negotiations with the
5:51 am
eu stop, the future arrangement, the free trade agreement, there's fear that if a free trade deal cannot be done, there could still be a hard brexit at the end of next year. there's no legislation right now to stop that. there could be plenty of opportunity for volatility in sterling over the next 15 months or so. tracee.tracee: jane, we will be watching. thank you very much. cheryl: newspapers across australia blacking out the front pages today. get this, the protest is aimed at new laws that these media companies say stifle's reporting and creates a culture of see secrecy. there is a he debate about the effect of counter-extremist laws on democratic freedoms. several media companies participating in that. and here are other headlines we're watching this morning. google maps is rolling out an update this week that allows users to report the location of police speed traps. users also are going to be able
5:52 am
to report accidents and traffic slowdowns when they see them. this has been available for android users for a while. if you have waze on your iphone, you know waze does the same kind of stuff. now google maps stealing a piece of the pie from waze. the monopoly hallmark channel board game will come out this friday and includes ice skates and a dog, it's a seasonal board where players can go sledding or a county fair. if you watch hallmark channel you understand the irony of this story. it's all christmas all the time. you can buy a christmas tree farm, stay at a bed and breakfast, add cottages and ions to your property. the famous toy store fao schwartz is teaming one the brand-new conrad new york mid-town to create a one of a kind suite filled with wall to wall toys, including the floor
5:53 am
piano made famous in the movie "big" with tom hanks. the suite will be available for reservations from november 18th to january 5t january 5th. prices start at $3,000 per night. and finally this, chocolate chip cookies, are they as addictive as cocaine. a study reveals the could ky has enough you sugar -- cookie has enough sugar to induce the same response as cocaine. maybe that's why it remains america's favorite cookie. don't mess with the power of the cookie. tracee.tracee: coming up, niket running shoe may have helped marathoners break records but did the shoe break the rules? and first there was carlos danger, now pierre dilecto, how
5:54 am
mitt romney has been going incognito. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'll keep you my dirty little secret. ♪ you'll be just another regret. or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. when i found you i just knew we have our own style and our love is one of a kind ♪ strong brilliant unbreakable
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♪ you found the one, now find the ring visit zales, the diamond store
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♪ hey, i put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right. ♪ i said hey, i put some new shoes on and everybody -- cheryl: i don't know how this is possible but nike running shoes are facing scrutiny for being too effective.
5:57 am
tracee: so they basically did their job. mike is here to explain. >> the shoe under question is called nike's zoom vapor fly 4%. they say 4% because they claim that's going to help you run 4% faster. and a woman who just won the chicago marathon she was wearing them and this man ran 26.2 miles in under two hours, set a record. they were wearing these sneakers. a bunch of runners have gone to the international federation, saying is this an unfair advantage? how does this happen? because they say that the carbon fiber in the actual shoe is allowing you to use less energy. all right. and also, the molding, it's all about the mold here because it's almost acting like a springboard. so it's allowing the livingments in your knees and -- livingments iligamest memtsin the knees ande so affected. cheryl: i was surprised as well. >> it's almost boosting you
5:58 am
off. you use less energy and thus makes you run faster. tracee: is that really unfair, though? a republican senator admits to having a secret twitter account. >> yes. mitt committ romney or pierre d, as mitt romney feeling embarrassed after he got caught for having a fake burner twitter account. he only has a couple followers but those are some of his family members but he's done over 700 likes, a lot of them for stories about mitt romney. he l follows a bunch of journalists, late night hosts like fallon and kimmel who may say stuff about him, he's also tweeting journalists who may say bad things about romney. he admitted it, saying yes, that's me. he also criticized president trump, one of the latest ones on the syria withdrawal.
5:59 am
so pierre dilecto. cheryl: thank you. that is it for "fbn: a.m." p. we now send it to "mornings with maria" live in washington. maria: good morning to you. thanks so much. good morning everyone. happy monday. i'm maria bartiromo, live this morning from washington dc it is monday, october 21st. your top stories right now, just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the brexit drama continues this morning. boris johnson still fighting to get parliament to vote on his deal to leave the european union after the first vote failed. we'll take you to london live with just 10 days left until the deadline for a hard exit. more trouble for boeing, congress ramps up scrutiny of the company's leaders on the board after internal messages show the company may have hid issues with the 737 max for years. boeing's response coming up. hong kong descending into chaos over the weekend, activists taking to the streets for the 20th straight weekend. police fired tear gas and hose
6:00 am
blue water into the crowd as some protesters threw fire bombs. it's a big week for earnings this morning. futures are riding eye on the -- riding high on the expectations for a good earning season. elizabeth warren said she will reveal details soon on the price for medicare for all. she won't say if it involves raising prices on the middle class. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ jump right in. ♪ let the music pull you in. ♪ jump right in. maria: we've got a big show this morning live from washington this morning. joining the conversation, from new york, fox business' dagen mcdowell. joining me here in dc, john hilsenrath and former senior advisor to the clinton, mark penn. great to see you this morning. >> great to be here. maria: lots to talk about. dagen, how are you, good morning to you.


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