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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 22, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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trish: that is it for us tonight, see you back here tomorrow, 8 p.m. eastern, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you trish, and thank you for being here, fbn primetime only place to be, hillary clinton on like donkey y kong, tulsi gabbard is gm coming for you, she is tired of your manipulation, you witch. now lost in a war of words that could turn 2020 race upside down. it started during a podcast last week, people's pantsuit dropped this cryptic chestnut. >> i think they have their eye in democratic primary, they are grooming her to be a third party
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candidate, she is a favorite of the russians, they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. kennedy: and everyone was like who she takin take -- talking a, she is not trying to hide a thing, but then one of clinton's spokespeople revealed it was hawaii congresswoman, tulsi gabbard, she was pissed, called clinton the queen of war mongers, and said she will not be intimidated go. >> if they can falsely portray me as a trader they have do it to anyone, that is what they want if you stand up to hillary and party power brokers, they will destroy you and decredit your message. kennedy: it is world -- worth points out, that hillary claimed
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jill stein was also a russian circumstance set today president trump came to defense of stein and gabbard. >> hillary clinton, you heard of her, she is accused everyone of being a russian agent. anyone that is opposed to her is a russia agent. tulsi, i don't know her, but she is not a russian agent. i don't know jill stein,. i think that tulsi gabbard probably got helped by this. kennedy: he is right, tulsi dared hillary to get into the 2020 race, but why such an explosive claim without providing a shred of evidence? let's ask monday man panel, from jw strategies, jame jaime weinn and the host of new podcast,
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everybody calm down, and also writer of this great program jimma fella in the house, and lawrence jones. >> there he is. >> good to be back. kennedy: the thing that troubles me about hillary clinton, people trying to sof soften and ratione her words, she said they are grooming her, not just supporting her. not getting her attention with bots and facebook ads, they are grooming her that is active process, implication that is a two way transaction between tulsi and the russians, what do you think? >> bitterness is never good. she has never been able to come to terms that she lost. she just lost. and who we know is that she blames everybody but herself, and russians are responsible for trump, and for tulsi and bernie
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and the green party. jill 79. jill stein. that is where this e insanity comes from, the problem is that plays right into trump's hand, behind the narrative that trump is not insane who he says these people are coocoofor coco puffs, she win win -- he said, i told u so, when people oppose her, she accuses them forking wit for --g with the russian. kennedy: very obvious that something was going on, but hillary showed her hand, and opened playbook, she is a russian, and in a ar they are gg her like a child at neverland.
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>> she is like that person you use at a party to play a joke on your friends, they don't know, they say go up to her ask her about the election, your friends are stuck talking for 3 1/2 hours, tulsi served the country for 16 years, and hillary destroyed a server, not quite the same. i wanted to believe, i wanted to believe that this was mock veilian thing. but it boosts her relevance to get her past warren and bernie. if she was that smart she might have gone to wisconsin. in detroit, once in a while, it was not that, someone who just can't come to terms with losing as you said. kennedy: that is a good point, she cannot come out and bash elizabeth warren. that makes her look small and bitter. >> even more. kennedy: a hypocrite if she attacks a woman, her premises are false and very unstable
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ground, what she says is the russians need to run a third party, to help trump win. but, what is she saying about every other person that run as third party candidate, like jill stein or bob barr or ralph nader. >> speaking as a russian asset, it does in the make sense, she suggests if tulsi gabbard would run as a third party. kennedy: i asked her, she said no. >> she will steal votes from hillary clinton, propel donald trump to a second term. in reality, i'm not a tulsi fan but she is a very interesting and quirky view point set, that would draw as much from perhaps you know, right of center then the left of center. not clear it would help the democratic candidate any more than donald trump, unclear where it would draw from and i think
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would be insignificant in the end it does not make sense. kennedy: hillary clinton rails against jill stein. gary johnson got twice as many votes as stein, she never talked about him, and john-joh johnsone votes. >> not political opponents, it has nothing to do with her believing if the russians have tulsi, she does not believe that, she went against the her. supported bernie sanders and withdrew herself from the dnc, you know what, country is sick and tired of being criticize when they have different points of view, you say, you are a racist, you are associated with the russians, the same old play book, this is why a lot of independent voters go for trump, even if they don't agree with his personality he goes crazy on twitter. kennedy: may drive them nut with drama and unforced errors, but
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you could be right, they look at structure of the nation, and they think, these people on other side, they may not have my back, my back my bank account. >> boom. kennedy: that is good. >> thank you. >> she is nuts. i think bill will use this 25 amendment, i got a new wife. get out there. she is -- out of her mind. kennedy: if the nesting doll fits. >> what does that mean? >> elizabeth warren announcing she will explain for her medicare for all plan, great, if a few weeks. she has been dodging the question for a long time, last week debate she changed subject every time, yesterday, she said she almost has it figured out. >> the cost estimate on medicare
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for all vary by trillions and trillions of dollars. what i see though is that we need to talk about the cost and i plan over the next um, um, few weeks to put out a plan. that talks about specifically, the cost of medicare for all. and specifically how we pay for it. kennedy: couple of weeks? the hell woman, why so long. a hint? he does not want to admit she will have to raise taxes on middle class, massively, she clearly has no idea how to sugar coat that nugget. is that will kiss of deaths for her campaign? even pete buttigieg said to senator warren, your signature senator to have a plan for everything excepts this. >> you are right.
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>> she would have to come up with a plan to raise taxes on middle class, do some entitlement reform, it will not come out, she will put out something about taxing rich again, there not enough money to pay for it. i think that she smart enough to know this is a nonsense plan she will put out that pays for it. one of her supporters said, resenate plans to -- recent plan to tax scheme so unconstitutional it will be thrown out. kennedy: the wealth tax. it is set up so federal government cannot. >> she knows she is putting out nonsense plans that make people on left field good, but they are unworkable. >> problem, i have been to every one of these debates, the debate moderates they just lit her g they let her go, i am ask her, press her on it, senator give me
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answer to this. kennedy: a follow-up. >> she gets to be the professor in chief on stage, then just monologue the entire time, she never answers the question. kennedy: so, let me ask you a question. there is a difference between her and bernie, they push the same plan, but at least bernie says, you are already paying for it we pay 3 trillion a year, healthcare, this way, you are not paying for it government pays, they just take it from you but less from you know that you pay now, your welcome. >> great. kennedy: with can't elizabeth warren say that. >> i want to pull a joe biden, and a, i'm done. >> i got nothing. >> i think that bernie greatly affected this decision, this is a panic move, she saw bernie draw 20,000 people to a park in new york this week. warren campaign, calm down, most of those people live there they were not there for the bernie rally. they are just reading books and on their side, they are not
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watching, one guy seemed to be fondling himself so into the rally, never seen anything like that, who knew they served booze at a bernie rally, it is ridiculous. but, it say is a panic, american people don't want free anything. kennedy: i want that to be true, but sometimes i feel that i am projecting that,. >> we are not. >> i think there are a lot of people who say, give high a hand out sir, how about some more senator sanders. >> we can't get their tax returns. kennedy: what do you think a bunch of rich people are going to do. >> they will find a way out. >> all day. kennedy: all damn day. >> american people are so desperate, they want free stuff, they do, it makes me sad, but they see when they don't get quality, they end up still paying for it taxes go up. kennedy: do you want a tsa blue
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glove in your net - nether part, imagine how much your prostrate will like it, i hate to b explicit, you have to know the truth, only one person will give it to you, that is tulsi gabbard. >> tulsi, 2020. >> i don't think they care about free market and socialism as they need a interesting personality. >> he is campaigning for williamson. kennedy: that would be great. >> she gets up there and gives ghosts a right to vote. vote. >> i love it. kennedy: she should, in his day. semi good libertarian. we got this much man panel, we're not turning it down could believe me. >> first up, trump really going on the road to impeachment, one of his former campaign managers said all aboard, his time frame
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♪ okay baby, it's making me crazy. kennedy: impeachment talk is making me crazy, impeach watchers say that the sky is falling on president every day. if there is one thing we have learned you can't take political weather men or women seriously. campaign manager ban an -- bannon told the post yesterday, this is serious, as soon as turning of -- sure at turning of earth he will be impeached. and nancy pelosi is very focus focused. would never lie to anyone to get them worked up. lindsey graham told actsios, high would support impeachment
12:19 am
if there was a crime, but he said no one has showed him such evidence. chris wallace yesterday, said if impeachment rai train pulls inte station, a surprising number of republicans get to board. >> i talked to a well connected republican in washington this week. someone whose name you would know well, saying if house votes to impeachment it gets to a trial in senate, me believes a 20% chance enough republicans will vote with the democrats to remove the president. kennedy: put that in your peace pipe and smoke it. will democrats put their money where their might mouths, how lg before we get a sexy impeachment halloween costume, i bet they are already in the works, considering when the peach emoji means. chris bedford is back.
12:20 am
>> thank you. kennedy: bannon is hi is -- hysterical. >> how do you feel. >> i think that bannon may be closer to truth than source that chris wallace spoke to. kennedy: i republican that you know and love, you have seen on a daily basis in your dreams and nightmares. >> maybe mitt romney. kennedy: her jeb bush. >> 20% chance, you would need 20 republican senators to vote for impeachment. does not mean it could get messy in senate, i think that bannon is on to something with nancy pelosi, probably will impeach him, she has nothing to lose as far as she is concerned. democratic polling show them breaking even. what they say are battle ground democratic states. you have to keep in mind, house votes to, members of democratic party in house voted to impeach
12:21 am
president for high crime of making fun of nfl players, and gain for making fun of the squad and for high crime of this call to ukraine, the new russia in their books. i don't think that mitch mcconnell is up for a senate fight. there is no shot of senate removing donald trump from office. a long trial is possible if the flaky senators demand to see the whole the thing all over in rusa 2.0. kennedy: let's say everyone is tired of the president, and republicans don't want him in he is not removed what then? >> i think most washington d.c. republicans do not like the president, they have been sick of him for years, they don't want him for a second term, but at-this-point they know well their future is tied to his.
12:22 am
the republican basically him a lot more than they like almost any of the republican senators, you see that, poll out given dorsments or refuse to give the up dorsment. given dors am. kennedy: what is the tipping point, lindsey graham said if there is a crime, i would considering a vote. when did you reach critical mass, is it with republican voters or do you cut your losses go with mike pence or nick i nii haley. >> i do not see it, you saw it with richard nixon almost. guard water saigoldwater said hn nixon, back then mood of country was different. and nixon was caught lying to the american people, that is when he lost support of republicans, parts is that the important people did not i suppt
12:23 am
him, he was losing favor with u.s. voter, donald trump has a strong constituen -- constitueno matter what. because of the years of the witch-hunts. he went to a steak dinner after his election, the press got lost in the scrum, they called that an international crisis they could not watch him eat dinner. kennedy: he could be annoying and distracting. >> they don't like his manners either. kennedy: i understand that, the syria thing he does make some dumb decisions every once in a while. >> i would love to see u.s. senate, when is so excited to criticize the syria decision to
12:24 am
declare war. >> no one will establish kurdistan. no doubt. but the president under vast advisadvisement went in a diffet direct, now has to go back, the kind of distraction he and his party don't need. his most arden fans have a harder time defending,o. >> thank you chris bedford. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. apple and the nba have both caved and capitulated to chinese censorship, a major hollywood director refusing to do the same, finally. it could cost him millions, i'll tell you who and why, in my memo, next. ♪ limu emu & doug
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kennedy: from nba to google, american institutions find it nearly impossible to stand up to communist chinese, and ri red te happy to drown one. one man had enough money and nards, and final cut rights to sell the censorrist commie bastardses enough is enough, quinten tarantino told the chinese to take it up the tree. and she whimpered to president xi, and he winnie-the-pooh-pooed all over tar e tear -- his latet
12:30 am
film, he stands as as a on lony defend every of free speech, google created chinese censor friendly dragoon fly program. be-- bohemian rhapsody tried to ungay itself to appease the beijing anti-homosexual standards. and the patch off of mavericks a jacket, and christopher robin was not allowed because. christopher -- tehra ter he he d arms with southpark.
12:31 am
they got a ban in china, create or matt stone and trey parker released a fake apology, that read like the nba we welcome chinese sensors to our homes and hearts we love money more than freedom and democracy, xe does s not likely winnie-the-pooh at all. tune in. at 10:00, long live great -- we good now, china? i think it will is great, it time for companies and creators to re rediscover, backbone and e money old fashion way by telling commies to screw off, that is the memo. kennedy: president has launched a broadside against china intellectual property theft, is
12:32 am
it timef that private citizens stop kowtowing, the man panel returned, it is monday. they are back. so, finally, quinten tarantino did the right thing, you are not a fan of the movie but i assume you are a fan of the move. >> i love the move. no one is getting in this, is china is horrible, in terms of human rights abuses, we have overlooked that. but like xi jinping like who kim jong-un calls to feel better about himself, hold on, i can't hear you over the people i'm starving, he is out of his mind. i wish other people would are the courage of these convictions, it would help the nba, to take these stands, and lebron james, and people who punted and -- they put embarras
12:33 am
on them. >> i don't think this will help them, a stand they are will doing take, i look at china thing, i want to take the stand, i think we need to be in this together. that is only way, we defeat them. our country as well, make a decision that we're not selling them things we're not buying things, but americans, unify, big businesses, unify, have to make a decision, i'm not calling for government to force to us do that. kennedy: no, but -- i think. >> to defeat we have to be in this together. >> are right, culturally we have to call people out, when they forget how critically important fried afreedom is and nba sensos people who hold political signs, and signs that say google uighurs. kennedy: i have a tattoo that says google uighurs for a different season. >> i am a little bit of a cynic. i wonder, he is really a stickler to his open craft, will
12:34 am
not change his movies. >> not for anyone. >> would he take it maybe, i remember hollywood made stand against the beverly hills hotel because it was owned by a sultan of brunei, that last the two weeks. had i think -- >> polo lounge is great. >> it is. >> great place to hang. >> you know. kennedy: they have a lovely grilled cob salad. >> on a larger issue, how do you expect companies to stand up with reports are that president was nota that concerned about hong kong, happy as long as he gets a trade deal. if u.s. government is not riley standing up or only standing up when economics of the trade dealer not going their way, and folding once they get deal, hard to go down and blame nba players. >> it would be hard if -- who do i draw the line for. concentration camps or, hong kong and protest or fighting for
12:35 am
freedom. that is a really tough call. >> if you need proof to mexico is still spiral out of control. drug cartel took over a city. on west coast of mexico, following a botched attempt by mexican national guard to capture "el chapo"'s son, he was taken into custody but quickly surrounded by well over a hundred car fel cartel members h bullet proof vests and machine , they had a deadly day long street war, national guard decided to hand him back over to the cartel. that was third major gun battle in mexico last week. 13 state lethal -- by a different cartel.
12:36 am
another shootout lift one police officer frien gunmen dead a day later had. is there anyway to stop, how much is drug war here in u.s. to blame for violence and murder in mexico? >> i ask. >> you don't make my go on my bi--libertarian ramp about legalizing stuff you need to legalize. kennedy: money is going somewhere. >> not going to stop it but i think also a larger problem with corruption in mexico. you don't have to be a rocket science to know they were tipped off, someone in sign, tipped them off. >> that is a problem in mexico had. kennedy: always been. >> bingo. from you know, spies within, that are working for bad guys, that say problem, then u.s. policy with drugs, will -- >> they think this is supply side issue, they keep tackling, but you are doing funneling and concentrating money, now they have antiaircraft weapons.
12:37 am
>> how about that? i love how we change it up, everyone in a concentration camp in china now to mexico, everyone is dead they are fine. horrific. >> one third size of united states. >> i saw footage, i thought it was bronx after the yankee game friday night, we're not feeling good right now, we're burning it down. kennedy: i think we would give "el chapo" back to whom ever if we could get a better closure. >> i would small ca swap him foi max. we don't know how he got in, she a cuban refugee. >> lock him up. >> he is not paying rent. but, when you do take things like this, that. >> a market demand for like drugs, as you said, money goes somewhere, but where it goes is people willing to do most dastardly things to get it, that is what we're encouraging, our polly opolicy on drugs is.
12:38 am
kennedy: it is backwards, more and more people die. i was obsessed with "el chapo" trial, and sat and watched trial several times. >> you should stop telling that story. kennedy: a great story. >> i will say, when illinois wal was sentenced a lot of people -- who "el chapo" was sentenced a lot of people thought that was end, no, they are fight more creatively. >> immediate take away, better to spend your spring break at chilly's than at mexico at-this-point. kennedy: baby back ribs. >> chips and salsa. >> well if we're doing that -- a taste of your rose, 2009 was a great year. >> just saying. >> jim beam? >> i do love those. >> condition touc >> i'm with the rest of the panel our drug war will be a
12:39 am
failure, we might want to reconsider it. kennedy: we have to -- send christian lif louis vuitton. >> you know. >> now equipment. >> no equipment. all right. -- no judgment, coming up bet or o'rourke -- is that legal? how can he hope to accomplish it? he does not have upper body strength that is next. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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[phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today. find an advisor at kennedy: everyone's least favorite gen-x president candidate boat o'rourke said hed confiscate high power rifle if elected president, no one knows how he will do it, by do it i mean get elected. he said if his gun buyback is
12:44 am
enacted, the cops would do the heavy lift going there would be consequence or there is no respect for the law. you know in that case, i think there would be a visit by law enforcement to recover that firearm. kennedy: no respect for the law. [ laughter ] or the second amendment you jackas ass on, is beto right to shift into 6 gear? >> on his second amendment crack down or this debate a waste of time. like his campaign. here with me, second amendment advocate, found th founder of bs matter maj is here. >> what is up with your man. kennedy: he is not my man. i think he is te desperate and
12:45 am
misguided, i don't know who he is speaking for. he used to be from texas, where people are fond of defending themselves. >> how is he getting -- >> getting law enforcement officers shot in the face. kennedy: do cops like this idea. >> no, we deal with so many law enforcement military folks, they are chargion champions of second amendment, most know, they come -- you have to defend yourself. if you are a lawful, and responsible, most law enforcement officers are with that. you know, i don't see how he thinks this makes a -- it seems like a dry run. he body is agreeing. >> no one even democrats on stage saying come on, i have constituents who want to defend themselves. you look at places where there is a lot of crime. single women, and moms, they
12:46 am
know, yo you don't are -- have o wait for cops to get there, we have to get rid of this notion that we can rely on the police, police will provide all of -- >> they are no legal obligation to protect you, that is not my saying it, that is supreme court decision. most law enforcement officers do their job of catching robbers and rapists and killers. but, one you are asking law enforcement to do everything, now, you know, mr. o'rourke is asking them to go door-to-door. kennedy: where are they going first. >> my hood in philly. kennedy: right, are they going to beverly hills. >> no. >> i wond first mr. o'rourke knows if all gun control is latest, i don'rateracist, i dons that. i think he does. he is in a space saying things
12:47 am
as last hail mary attempt. you talk about things in violation of our constitution. the oath that law enforcement officers take. you know, our bill of rights, this is a human right. we have human right to defend our lives, you know this is -- clown shoes, he is a clown. kennedy: we should send him from clown shoes, good luck if your race philadelphia city counts. >> thank you. kennedy: come back join the panel some time. >> i will. i'm going to steal a bunch of stuff from sean hannity's office. topical storm is next. she wanted a roommate to help with the cooking. but she wanted someone who loves cats. so, we got griswalda. dinner's almost ready. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with our renters insurance. yeah, switching and saving was really easy!
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kennedy: megan marke mehgan mard prince harry announce plans to take a 6 week break from their royal duties to get rest, it is not easy getting threes m massages a day, take a well deserved break, this is the topical storm. topic 1.
12:52 am
in california. highway patrol got into a another bro bronco chase. oh, boy. soy far to as we know this fellow is not wanted for killing his ex-wife, butly is using car carpool lane out a passenger, escaped from owner, went striking up the 101, most horses prefer 405, given flat terrain, and ease of travel. it was caught before it got to downtown l.a. it would have been in deep doodo obecause of all hobo feeses o feces -- the side. you should hear what hillary clinton is accusing actua accusi gal gab abard is doing. did hillary's career were a horse, it would be called elmer's glue. it would be dead and melted, all
12:53 am
stores are hanging up christmas decorations. halloween is go-getting people to jump your bone. the sexy costume craze, first. we had a sexy mr. rogers, that was real. why take off your sweater, when you can take off your hot pants? now this fetching fast-food offering. the popeye's sexy chicken sandwich costume, perfect for the chicken lover who would also like to get crabs, with a chick-fil-a cow, the guys on my time do not think that the girl is hot no matter how many times they printed that photooy, blewt up, framed it and licked her days. this is not only sexy costume making headlines, company now selling sexy "toy story" costume, a little bit much,
12:54 am
because, any cover theum costumy when you have a woody and a buzz. [ laughter ] topic 3. mug shot monday, win eithe winns week, a delaware man barking up the wrong try, police, he was in a stolen minivan with pounds of marijuana. come on, just tie it to the roof like one of mitt romney a dogs, the stolen stash was allegedly property of 24-year-old mcdonald who had a hankers or old mcdonald, he is off to jail. and he is about to eat much health year food than mcdonald's. mickey d's was released on 65,000 bail. and police were forced to confiscate his minivan. he sends hes his drugs to the py
12:55 am
express. he is back in the saddle. topic 4. we salute a female high school student who could have been a cheerleader, but she decided to pass. 17-year-old, watch this, first female player to make team, silver creek high, she ran a perfect trick play that resulted in a touchdown pass, for those miami fans, a touchdown pass is what the quarterback does, if you get 6 points, they call the play the little mermaid, a whole new world in high school sports. she was first female to throw a touchdown in california. two million people have watched video, it historic but it is bad
12:56 am
ass, and historic, nice to see a girl turning tricks in california besides the kardashians, get it. what? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. for everyone you love. i am totally blind.
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