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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 9, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks to you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you here next week. lou: good evening. we begin with a broad rally in the stock market. a record session on wall street today. the dow, nasdaq and s & p all closing at record highs. president trump has delivered be all of his campaign promises to restore prosperity to the nation and all americans. an historic perform answer by any measure, but the radical guess continue to overthrow this president and subvert his presidency.
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marie yovanovich and former senior advisor to mike pompeii so he's transcripts were released. but adam schiff misread the transcripts if i thought they supported his outrageous claims against president trump. they in fact do not. their testimony bolsters and vindicates the president. in short, summations of those depositions. the dimms tried to point both yarn vich and mckinley scared of and concerned about president trump. within that 317 pages of testimonies of the ambassador it was revealed she was aware of president trump's scepticism about ukraine.
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steve caster asked if she was aware of the president's deep-rooted scepticism about ukraine's business environment. she answers yes. and is then asked what she knew. she responds with that he, i mean he shared that concern directly with president poroshenko in their first meeting in the oval office. in a second damning excerpt. she said the trump administration policy stored ukraine has been stronger than that under the obama administration. she goes on to say president trump's decision to provide lethal weapons to ukraine made america's policy toward ukraine stronger. a topic president trump recently brought up during a meeting? new york. >> i gave you anti-tank busters that frankly president obama was
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giving you pillows and sheets. i gave you anti-tank busters. a lot of people didn't want to do it, but i did it. lou: yovanovich suggests if the meddling in the elections were to be true, it would upset bipartisan support for sue crane. she says if ukraine were meddling in our elections, i think it support you have provided to ukraine over the last almost 30 years, i don't know about that. mckinley testimony shows he wasn't aware of the july 25 telephone call between president trump and zelensky until it was publicly reported. it also show he had no knowledge
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of the ambassador firing. and he said every president has the right to remove an ambassador they don't have confidence in, end quote. there is nothing about aquid pro quo or obstruction -- of justice. it makes you wonder what adam schiff and the radical dimms were thinking when they released the scripts. you have s. secretary of state mike pompeo. mr. secretary, great to see you, thanks for being with us. i would like to begin if i may with the intelligence committee hearings and its chair adam schiff. do you believe these hearing are legitimate, appropriate? >> i from the beginning have been unhappy because officers at the state department have had to testify without counsel, without
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ability to prepare. the risk is that classified information would leak out or be spilled in a way the state department couldn't be overseen. i regret that. i wish they were open and fair and a process that reflected what the american people deserve. lou: the administration having to contend with external forces running into whatever these intelligence committee hearings represent. it has to be a difficult distraction. today iran announcing that it is rubbing twice as many sentry fiewngs as would have been permitted under the 2015 agreement, and they continue, according to your department's report, to fund terrorism, hezbollah, hamas, the palestinian-islammist jihad.
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are sanctions really working? >> this is precisely what president trump confronted when he became president. we had an agreement that allowed iran to have all the money it needed. they were engaged tonight during the jcpoa. our efforts have been named at three pieces of the puzzle including the economics sanctions campaign. hezbollah and the she a militias have fewer resources. we have on been at this full-throated since may of this year. are we having a real impact? we need to continue to press, and we need the world to recognize iran is the world's number one state sponsor of terror.
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lou: are they fulfilling their responsibility to enforce these sanctions? >> we have had a different view than the europeans. but i think recently the europeans have come to see the iranians are moving in the wrong direction. i think the europeans will come to see this for what it is, a regime that's intent on trying to extort money from the west. i hope they will join us in our campaign. lou: let me touch about the announcement that as the president and you have announced, the united states withdrawing from the paris climate agreement. and as is required given the one-year notice making it formal the united states will be exiting. is that going to plan? >> it is.
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the president made a decision we would leave the paris climate accord for a separate reason. it is american jobs that would be lost. today was the first day we could file the document we did today and 12 months on we'll draw formally. lou: let's turn to china. you made an important speech last week. if we may, let's put up the line i think is fundamental here. you said it's no longer realistic to ignore the fundamental difference between our two systems. communist, and the united states, a free nation. it's extraordinary that we are still undergoing cyber attacks. they continue to steal intellectual property. the list goes on. you know it better than anyone.
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it's stunning stuff, as we try to create a meaningful, albeit reduced scope trade agreement. >> yeah. lou, i think that's right. thanks for the kind word on the remarks. i thought they were important. i thought we needed to make sure the world understands the risks and the ramifications that we all just let go for too long. president trump has recognized this threat and we are taking it head on. i hope there is a good phase one deal. and where we can find places to cooperate we should. but you listed just a handful. what's taking place, or the cyber secure attacks. those are serious risks and president trump takes them seriously. we need the world to join us in that. lou: mr. secretary, we thank you
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president trump: we are looking at arms control right now. we are dealing with china and russia. i think they would like to do it is snrition when we are talking about nuclear weapons. but we are look at a major arms control agreement with russia and china and maybe somebody else. lou: the president talking about a possible arms deal in the future with russia and china. commerce secretary wilbur ross says president trump and president xi jinping are considering a number of new sites to sign the so-called phase one of the prospective trade agreement including alaska, hawaii or even china. according to china's foreign ministry. presidents trump and xi have been in contact through the the
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negotiation process. the u.s. government warned that huawei represents a security threat to a number of countries, including our allies. joining to us talk about all of this, dr. michael pillsbury, director for the center of strategy at hudson institute. this business of the president and -- and president xu talking d president xi talking through the this process isn't surprising to me. they are in constant contact, at least that was the way it was
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portrayed. fake news or not. >> the president said he's in telephone contact with xi jinping. friends of mine at the white house estimate it's once a month. i think the spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry phrased it to include deputies. i would expect from what the chinese strategy for negotiations has been with our country and others. the last few weeks and the last few days is when the most horse trading as we would say gets done. they want to do the deal at the last point. which is why i think wilbur ross said in bangkok today, and i adream with him. this deal is getting very, very
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complicated. lou: is that another way of saying it's just a bit raising greater doubts about the success of signing something? >> no, it's about the text and what will be included. there needs to be some kind of enforcement mechanism for phase one or the whole thing is just a disaster. pushing too hard -- would cause them to renege again and back out of the talks. lou: the greater surprise would be if they actually kept their word, it would not, based on previous behavior? >> that's not diplomatic, lou. lou: i apologize, that's one of the reasons i do this and not that. one of the reasons anyway. representative lighthizer made it clear he's focused on enforcement of any deal.
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does it seem to you that we are there? >> not yet. i try to be optimistic. i think the president is a master negotiator. but until he turns his attention to the final phase. we are not going to know if he's got the office in beijing opened up that's going to be where complaints are heard. we are not going to know if what ambassador lighthizer discussed a year ago will be set up. the appeals court process by which the chinese are punished, we say when, not if. i have a hunch it's not there yet. >> as we watch the cyber attacks continue, the theft intellectual property, as there is a discussion about whether the chinese want the president to lift the tariffs. the question becomes, do these tariffs remain?
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do the tariffs set to go on september 15, do they go into effect? the president has more than once extolled the virtues of these tariffs. i think he's exactly right, frankly. >> it's a main source of leverage. there are 29 chinese companies on the black list and the pressure seems to work. lou: huawei wilbur ross made it sounds like they are coming off of it. >> they will still be on the list is what he said, but they will have some waivers where american companies can sell chips to them that are in our interest to sell. but huawei, i think they stay on the list forever. lou: as you and wilbur ross talked about, it's complicated when you can have a national security threat that only certain companies can do
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business with. >> i think the president is focused on the leverage he has. our own economic growth is part of our leverage. the president keeps mentioning how many trillions more our gdp is now than several years ago. the entities list is another one. there is a third, which is the effort to slow down the chinese closing on us. they have been growing three times faster than us the last few years. they are ahead in a lot of the technological areas. the president's goal is china is not going to surpass america, at least not on his watch. lou: we would love for you to talk about the metrics of the relationship as well. the growth you are describing is deeply concerning at the very least. i would just love to have you back to discuss that some detail, if you have time. >> the politburo in china has
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been focusing on new technologies they want to use to surpass america, block chains. and they are surfacing us already in some of these areas. lou: we'll take up that danger with dr. michael pillsbury in the immediate to the near future. we are coming right back. stay with us. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪
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lou: the left wing national media revealing the difficulties rrp strategy behind the release of selective testimony. jim been it tweeted house democrats are choreographing the releases of the testimonies so
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when amplified by media reports we together the case against president trump. i can't imagine a clearer statement of acting in concert between the media and the radical dimms. and the ambassador to the european union gordon sondland reversed his testimony with a three-page written statement. and in it he claims his memory regarding military aid being withheld from ukraine has been miraculous live refreshed. imagine an ambassador who didn't have his wits about him on the day of the hearing on this
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issue. after reading on thered testimony of he reversed himself and is contradicting himself. sondland doesn't directly tie the president to any other effort to use aid as slench. sondland even describing a conversation on whether the white house was withholding military aid into the bide's. the president said i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. i want president zelensky to do the right thing, that is, fight corruption. joining us is stephanie grisham. your reaction to this testimony that is being released as if we didn't know that, being released and choreographed with the national media. >> no surprises there obviously. but the transcripts released
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today show what the president has been saying all along, that he did nothing wrong and there was no quid pro quo. volker even said he's just presuming the aid was linked to something and admitted he didn't know yes was presuming it. these transcripts are good for the president. showing this entire time he's been telling the truth. it's why the white house released the transcripts in the first place. it's no surprise to me it's taken this long to come out. instead of fund our military or passing a budget or passion usmca. this is what the democrats have been doing and it's clearly backfiring on them. lou: i would think they would at least pause to rise from their seats and applaud the president for all he achieved in three years. they never produced a president who has done as much as he. don't you think they should hip
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hip hooray to acknowledge his accomplishments? >> the record-breaking crowds at all of his events are where the hip hip hoorays are coming from. the dems are doing that because he gets so much done and they know he will win in 2020. this is backfiring on them. we look forward to the next few weeks and we look forward to getting back to work on behalf of this country. lou: the great thing is the president never leaves that occupation. he does so much, sometimes i think because of the consternation and ignorant opposition of the dimms. it's frankly frustrating and maddening to watch these rad california dimm fools in the
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intelligence committee carry out their charade. last night in kentucky, to see mcconnell and rand paul standing there with him, governor babin. that's unity and something we are beginning to see more of. this has to drive the left, the dimms nuts. >> i think this is what he has been doing since before he took office. this is how he thrives. you tell him he's not going to win, he's going to win. here is a man who has never been in public office before who went up against 16 politicians, won the presidency, is doing more than any other president, has gone the results for two years. it's driving him crazy. you would think they would learn. but the more you pushback on him the harder he will fight.
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and they will have to deal with him for the next four years. lou: as you were taking us back down memory lane to 2016 campaign. those moments were sweet indeed. the new evidence that an attorney for the so-called whistleblower is, well, something of a partisan hack is the way some would put it. we'll have much more after this quick break.
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lou: two former twitter employees accused of spying on prominent opponents of the saudi arabian government. federal prosecutors save the two men worked with the saudi government middleman to get personal information on thousands of personal accounts of dissenters including a close ally of jamal khashoggi. newly uncovered tweets show the so-called whistleblower's attorney mark zaid is nothing more than a never trumper partisan. he retweeted news about sally yates getting fired, captioning his tweet with coup has started.
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impeachment will follow ultimately. there is even one about how cnn will help bring down the president. zaid said i predict cnn will play a key role in president trump not finishing out his full term as president. there seems to be confusion about when we'll see the inspector general michael horowitz' report on fisa abuse. sources tell "the washington post" the report will be out by thanksgiving. but another anonymous source says a number of complicated issues makes that unlikely. do you believe the fisa abuse report will be released before or after thanksgiving? i think we all know just as much as those anonymous sources so cast your vote on my twitter
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page @loudobbs. joining us tonight, victoria toensing, and joe digenova, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, founding partners of the difficult ask general extra in toensing law firm. let's turn to first the inspector general report. are we ever going to see this report? >> you are going to see sit, lou. but i'm not predicting. so much for anonymous sources. one says before thanksgiving and the other says no. but we have darned good sources for this. it's going to be very bad for the people in the obama administration. my source said to knee, it's going to be -- said to me, it's going to be worse than you can imagine. lou: that's a heck of a tease,
7:38 pm
victoria. i'm already champing at the bit to get that thing. joe, your thoughts on that horowitz report. it doesn't sounds like it will be a tepid matter. explosive you would say? >> for people at the highest level of the fbi and the justice department, more important, the justice depth, it's going to be devastating. it will ruin careers and make people have bar problems. >> bill barr problems. >> no, bar association problems. what's clear and now we know, the senior levels of the obama justice department were complicit in knowingly submitting materially false applications to the fisa court for an illegitimate counter-intelligence purpose, not for a legitimate purpose. but to spy on americans for
7:39 pm
political purposes. it will be the beginning of the greatest scandal in political history. it's being held up partially because of john durham's new grand jury that exists for one reason only. because people are going to be indicted. >> he's in charge of the fisa abuse and the origins of spygate, whatever you want to call it, in the worst political scandal in this country's history. is anything being held up because of the vast scope of his investigation? >> it's been expand because he's going into other areas. he has gone back into the origins of the investigation. for those of us who know this business, if you are in counter-intelligence and you get a word that george papadopoulos said he heard something, that the russians had something. you know what you do?
7:40 pm
you go knock on his door within a week and ask him by the. where did he get it. they didn't do that. they disobeyed all the rules of a counter-intelligence investigation. >> it expanded because originally barr wanted durham to just look at the beginnings of crossfire hurricane. but they discovered from the devin nunes experience at the white house in march of 2017 that there has been massive, massive unmaskings of americans for political purposes. and that information was given and leaked to the press. by the way, the michael flynn, ambassador kislyak call, the russian ambassador, that was leaked to david ignatius of the "post" is the subject of one of the criminal investigations because that leak is a 20-year
7:41 pm
felony. >> durham ought to bring in mark zaid befored grand jury and ask how he knew cnn would be part of it. was he talking to james clapper and did he know clapper was going to leak the dossier? lou: all of those are good questions. it's great to see you both as always. thank you so much. good to see you. thank you, joe. ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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and now, during our veterans day weekend special, save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. plus, 0% interest for 36-months. ends monday. president trump: the american people are fed up with democrat lies, hoaxes, slander, the democrats outrageous conduct created an angry majority that will vote the do-nothing democrats the hell out of office, too. lou: the hell out of office. president trump last night on the radical dimms efforts to subvert and overthrow his presidency. now rudy giuliani's lev parnas is apparently cooperating with the inquiry. the roger stone circus has
7:46 pm
begun. day one of stone's trial off to something of a hectic start. altercations in the hallway between people connected to the case, a prospective juror was carried out on a stretcher after appearing to have had a seizure of some sort. stone himself leaving the proceedings come laning about food poisoning. abc spikes epstein's story. project veritas releasing hot mic footage of amy robach claiming they stopped her story. >> he was the most prolific pedophile the world has ever known. we had pictures, we had everything. it was unbelievable what we had, clinton, everything.
7:47 pm
i tried for three years to get it on to no avail. lou: abc executives are trying to come up with something of a calming statement after robach said she was caught in an unguarded moment, obviously. robach saying she believes epstein was in fact killed. china imposing a gaming curfew for those under 18 in china in order to curb video game addict as the chinese government put it. kid will be band from playing video games between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and three hours on weekend and holidays. a recent study find american teenagers if you would like to compare them play video games on average 2 1/2 hours a day.
7:48 pm
and turning to another chinese issue, a bold forecast from huawei's founder who says the chinese telecom can survive without the united states. claiming the ongoing trade talks are no something he's concerned with, but huawei continues to buy poll cone interest from american offmore factories. the majority of registered voters believe president trump will win reelection in 2020. 56% of all voters predicting president trump will serve a second term. swing voters from pennsylvania showing rock solid support for president trump. one woman saying nothing could change her mind. listen in.
7:49 pm
>> is there anything that he could do or anything that could happen that would make you not vote for him? >> no. >> if he shot someone on fifth avenue, would you vote for him? >> i would have to know why did he shoot him. lou: that's one of the problems. the panel participants are a lot smarter than sometimes the people asking the questions. by the way, we have the same trouble with me occasionally. one of the president's lasting legacies will be his transformation of the federal judiciary. today the president touted his administration's achievements in confirming federal judges. >> thanks to many of the people here today, my administration and republicans in congress have now confirmed more than 150 federal judges. and to be honest with you, it's substantially hire than that.
7:50 pm
it's 159, and we should have within the next short period of time like two months. we should have 182 federal judges. how's that? lou: a basketball player for the university of texas make an incredible comeback. andrew jones returned to the court last night after a two-year absence while underwent treatment for through keek yeah. scoring career best 20 points, helping his team beat northern colorado. after the game he says it felt great to be back on the court. one can only imagine and congratulations. are there signs of some trouble at the "new york times"? or should we say more trouble at the times? doing here? brad, welcome to peytonville. what's this for? song inspiration.
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lou: trouble for the "new york times." it appears their stock dropping 7%. the new york times stock falling after the company reported continued declines in advertising revenue. for print. 17% for digital ads. that's a bleak outlook for the publication's future when it can't drive print or digital. the california attorney general
7:55 pm
says facebook isn't complying with subpoenas as part of the state's investigation of the company's privacy practices. javier berks cerra describes their response and tepid. and kp with 7,000 pages of documents exposes how zuckerberg rewarded partners between 2011 and 2015 giving them access to certain types of user data while denying access to facebook's competitors. joining us, trump campaign manager and senior advisor to the trump 2020 campaign. corey lewandowski. glad to have you with us and congratulations. >> we all have a role and mine
7:56 pm
is small and i love it. it's great to see you there, and i know you will do a bang-up job for the president. let's start with these documents that -- transcripts that are being revealed, testimony that to me is tiresome as it can be. i haven't seen anything that amounts to a hill of beans from the adam schiff intelligence scam. have you? >> there is nothing there to see. what the american people are finally going to get a chance to witness is how insane these impeachment hearings are. we know the president didn't commit any crimes. we know there are no high crimes or misdemeanors. we have seen the transcripts between the president and the president of ukraine. the american people know there was no quid pro quo. but we have seen adam schiff using his authority in congress
7:57 pm
to sleek what he thinks will help his case for the impeachment of the president. lou: i think one of the problems is schiff wants everybody to talk latin, quid pro quo. and i want them to use one french word instead, coup attempt. people can focus on what's going on here. i don't care whether the left-wing media likes it or not. this is a travesty being carried out by the democratic party and they are committing in my opinion a great crime against this great nation. >> this is a swamp fighting back. president trump came here almost three years ago and has fundamentally transformed the way washington works. and too many people had a great living the way it used to work. all of a sudden we have a career military person who was so concerned that he didn't raise the issue to the proper
7:58 pm
authorities. the same individual on the ukraine desk when joe biden was vice president and his son was doing business over there and he didn't raise the issue? this is the deep state at its worse, career bureaucrats fighting back against a president who wants to change washington. lou: washington is not only fighting back, but they are doing so with every weapon at their disposal. the national left-wing media, the democratic party on capitol hill. the permanent bureaucracy, the deep state. i want to turn to what the president is going to do based on a peek at an election last night. we saw in kentucky an unpopular governor who looks like he's going to be defeated. it's too close to call. but the fact is, that governor didn't do nearly as well as the five other statewide candidates, whether the agricultural
7:59 pm
secretary, attorney general, you name it. under performing across the line. do you put any value on the lesson? >> city was with the president down in kentucky two days ago for that rally. it was a massive crowd. last night the republicans won 7 out of 8 statewide offices in kentucky. that's a win no matter how you slice it. lou: what are you going to do with suburban voters in 2020. >> if you look at the results last night, in eastern pence swrain we have some issues there. the state of virginia has clearly gone very far to the left from the influx of government employees. but the economic prosperity this president is putting for the country will come to fruition on election day and donald trump will get re-elected.
8:00 pm
lou: the latest polls show you are exactly right as usual, corey. corey lewandowski, great to see you. we thank you for being with us. [♪] david: on the verge of going public. good evening. i'm david asman in for trish regan. democrats aren't the only ones preparing for the first public hearings. they are moving one of their best questioners, congressman jim jordan to the house intel committee to press the witnesses. the president insisting this whole exercise only emboldens his base. it made me stronger. people are angry about it. and people that vote for me, not just republicans, really angry. we become angry. because it's a


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