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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 14, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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tang sunday nights "varney & company" up next stuart how do you like this. >> you gave me extra 10 seconds. >> i did. >> sheer stuart: i really appreciate it. good morning, maria, and good morning, everyone, look, i'm inclined to say this today, so what, looking at all that's going on in politics and money, investors seem to be saying so what, for example, impeachment, wall to wall tv coverage, so what, the markets set record high. for example, trade, not much progress on china deal, not much on european car tariffs and nothing on usmca, so what, market hits records. for example, fed chair powell does not support a rate cut in december, what, no cut, so what? market hits records. i think you get the point. throw tall negatives out there
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and investors shrug, today we are looking add modest declining, dow 40 on the dow, 20 on the nasdaq, not a big drop. look at this, wal-mart's results show the consumer is leading this economy, wal-mart made a big profit, 21st straight quarterly gain in revenue and big jump in online sales. , stocks hits record up. disney, that show it is power of streaming, yes, it is a revolution and entertainment and adding billions to the value of big streaming players, sounds like a pretty full show, i have a word of caution for you, you won't believe what a berkeley instructor thinks of you, we will tell you, just don't throw stuff at the tv or don't change
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the channel. varney & company is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart: wal-mart is a dow component and look at it go. knows everything about retail, favorite retail guy. this report from wal-mart is really all about the strength of the consumer, isn't it? >> look, it's great. their sales are up, earnings are up, guidance is up for the rest of the year, the consumer is strong, we look at the numbers, you can't find an impact on tariffs, it's trivial. we can take strongly that negative people, nay sayers, complainers, the victims, you know, in life, those who keep forecasting a recession that's not happening right now, you know, have got to stop and look at the facts and the facts are
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the consumer is incredible by strong, they are jobs and they have money and they are spending it. stuart: now, does that imply blowout holiday season? >> i believe it does. when you take a look at the leading retailers, the ones that are doing well, wal-mart, target, cosco, best buy, amazon, of course, they are all poised to have a great holiday season, there will be losers, department stores still look terrible even with wal-mart's fantastic report, they are reporting weakness in apparel, apparel continues to be a very soft area in retail and among consumers and i think that's going to continue. everywhere looks tremendously strong. stuart: do you have a favorite retailer? >> you know, i have to say this, i just love cosco, i think it's a retailer's retailer, no one can beat them on price honestly, you want to buy anything unless package size is way beyond your
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imagination, it's the best deal out there, it really is, it's incredible, secret of retailers, average cosco consumer is biggest of any -- stuart: is that right? >> small businesses, people with money, yeah. stuart: i think you have a place in naples, do you have a place in florida? >> in vera beach. stuart: go to cosco in naples, it is mobbed 24/7. free snacks, wonderful stuff. >> they all do $100 million a year, they have all mobbed all of the time, you can't find parking space, you know what i do for a living i go to every store i ever see, i've been to the one on west palm beach, palm beach garden, whatever it is around that part of the world and they're always packed.
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they are the largest wine and liquor seller in the country. people don't know that. they blow the top off. all the value players are strong, wal-mart, target, dollar general which caters to totally different rural audience, they are knocking it out of the ballpark, consumer economy is totally on fire right now and retailers who are just playing right into that and fantastically, i see no impacts on the tariffs in any of the numbers. stuart: we love your enthusiasm, positive enthusiasm, you, safer, a great way to start out the show, you did us proud, thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: take a look at futures, down a little bit despite all of the political turmoil in washington, stocks have shrugged impeachment, is this a so what market, wants to go up guy?
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>> are you going to make my find the darrell guy? let me describe my morning, drove into downtown orlando and all i saw hustle and bustle of people going to work trying to do better for their family and themselves and the market could care less about what we are seeing with this impeachment, the economy is still in pretty darn good shape, interest rates are low, markets at new highs and for me that's all you need to know are the facts that are sitting in front of you despite dire talk that remains out there. stuart: are we going up from here? >> until the end of the year i'm pretty darn sure. powell was saying we are not going to lower rates anymore, he's putting more liquidity into the system than bernanke did when we were 9% unemployment and that will boost the market even
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more. the earning is not that great but good enough and with wal-mart, when you do $500 billion in sales, you can grow your sales, to me that's a miracle and tells you a lot. stuart: new highs later this year, year-end rally, here we go and this is really all about the very, very strong consumer, that's it, wrap it up? >> it's simple, earnings and interest rates and all working in favor until the end of the year and you have seasonality which is pretty good, november, december. stuart: we will see you soon. now, this is getting real serious, unrest in hong kong, it's serious for a variety of reasons including it is now having a big impact on the big banks in hong kong, very seriousness for one of the world's financial centers, i'm not going to get technical here, but clear signs of instability in the banking system in hong kong, very serious, this follows extraordinary unrest in hong kong again overnight, tell me
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more. >> virtually the city has been shut down and businesses have been closed, students are not going to school, they are staying home, in fact, ground zero of this conflict has moved to chinese university campus which is 14 miles away from the central business district and police say this is a weapon factory so they're building bricks mortars, bows and arrows, universities have cut short entire semester because of what's happening in hong kong. these are the streets of central business district, riot, police, businesses are telling me and i've been getting in contact with a lot of the corporate leaders, they are saying hong kong used to be financial capital, used to be the center of the asia pacific to do business and now thinking of moving elsewhere, let's go singapore, where the city is not in recession and not concerns of liquidity in the financial system and when there's
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day-to-day blockages of subways, transports and even protests right outside of the heart of the mega sky scrapers and by the way, some of the employees are walking down at lunchtime to participate in these teargas confrontations with police and protestors, it's just a changed city from what we have known in the financial center. stuart: we cover for two reasons, we hate to see what's happening, number 2 money, you're right, it's now having financial impact which may well ripple all around the worth. >> fourth largest stock market in the world. stuart: susan, thanks very much. we have a look at disney, dow component, they signed up 10 million subscribers and counting since the launch which i think was, what a day ago, 24 hours ago? what's the problem here? >> well, there isn't a problem, one day 10 million subscribers, i will give you context, took
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hbo to get that number. netflix streamed since 2007, they have 60 million paid subscribers, that's a major head start, disney numbers don't look too shabby after 24 hours. so clearly this is a win for disney, however, here is the but, the stock is down today, of course record yesterday, the however is, is that 7-day free trial so subscribers cannot continue to sign up, 3-year deal where it comes down to $4 a month that eventually will evaporate and verizon offering one year free as well, that skews the numbers, this is eye-opening. stuart: what this has done is move the disney company to a valuation of almost a quarter trillion dollars. lauren: yeah. stuart: a lot of that is on the streaming development which investors think they will go a long way, interesting stuff.
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other stuff to look at this morning. check cisco, they gave a not so rosy forecast, that's hurting them down 5 and a half percent. chip maker, up $209 a share, overall, though, we are going down just a little at the opening bell this morning, all 3 indicators down 40 for the dow, 6 for the s&p, down for 20 for the nasdaq and then this professor, actually he's an instructor at berkeley, he called americans in flyover people bad people, i will tell you how that reminds me of hillary clinton's deplorable speech, we don't like that,i will editorialize about it at 10:00 o'clock.
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record-breaking low temperatures, that's bombing for someone like sue atkins, star of national geographics of life below zero, i can't get enough of, the star is with us in the studio later this hour. neither one of the democrats star witnesses at the impeachment hearings could point out an impeachable offense, that's the result of -- that's what we were hearing, why are we watching this dog and pony show? we will deal with it next. varney just getting started.
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stuart: cannabis producer lost a lot of money, look what happened to the stock, down 10%, 16 bucks a share, beyond meat, investment firm says buy it, evidently some did, the stock is up 2% back to 80, alibaba cofounder's jack
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marr he has a couple of reasons with alibaba, a couple of problems with alibaba, what are they? >> sold $38 billion in one single day, biggest shopping event on the planet. blamed the hot weather and the fact that single's day fell on monday and when it's hot people don't buy as many clothes, he hopes the government gives people half a day off for shopping on single's day but jack is like steve jobs in the sense that his personality creates reality distortion field in china so whatever he says he will pay attention to and he was speaking at the conference, 38 billion is pretty good. stuart: penalty what? >> reality distortion. stuart: reality distortion zone. >> yes. stuart: good stuff. good stuff.
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[laughter] stuart: by the way i do have a couple of shares of alibaba, let's be clear. during impeachment hearings yesterday there was one question that stood out, a lot of people were asking this question in their own minds, here is the question as pose bid congressman john ratcliffe, roll it. >> in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes where is the impeachable offense on that call, are either of you here to assert that there was an impeachable offense in that call? stuart: where is the impeachable offense? there's the question, robert ray, former whitewater counsel, where is the impeachable offense? >> mr. varney, that's not a rhetorical question, that actually is supposed to be the question, right during an impeachment inquiry and the answer is the democrats have a shifting -- endlessly shifting theory of what that is, as a result of yesterday they seem to be making the argument both at the hearing and then thereafter
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on all television programs that they are now pushing attempted bribery, they'd given up on quid pro quo and difficulty of making the argument that aid was ultimately released. they are trying to infer corrupt intent in connection with the president by two witness that is never met with the president before and finally, they're arguing that and illegal foreign campaign contribution to ask for investigation is sufficient official act to constitute predicate for a bribery offense which is -- i would characterize it at best as long shot. stuart: it won't fly. >> you are likely to see a thousand prosecutors coming out with a better saying that if they were a prosecutor they would bring in attempted bribery case and it will be very similar to the letter they issued the last time trying to argue that when the president fired jim comey that somehow or another is
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abuse of power and also obstruction of justice. a case that no reasonable prosecutor in my judgment would ever bring and similarly they are making the same argument now. stuart: do you think the people watching, all of those analysts do you think they realize this or is it so boring or technical that you turn off? >> much of it would be something that you would otherwise turn off because most of that hearing yesterday i thought was really more about a policy dispute within the state department and the state department's pushback to say we are not happy about the fact that the president decided to conduct foreign policy outside of the usual channels within the state department, something that you can understand why they would be concerned about but that seemed to be the tenure of the argument which is again more in tune with oversight hearing not really the sort of stuff is that you would have expected on first day of impeachment proceeding. stuart: regular people watching this cannot conclude that he should be removed on office on the basis --
9:20 am
>> i think you can have a reasonable argument whether or not the call was perfect but i think that's, you know, altogether another thing from making an argument that this is sufficient to constitute an impeachable offense which must be treason, bribery or other high-crime misdemeanor and overturning an election, my fear is what the journal mentions, turning impeachment into routine partisan weapon now, that's not only dangerous as far as this administration is concerned at least in my view, that's not in the best interest of the country but such a terrible precedent with regard to future presidents and that's the standard, the new normal, we don't want that to become the new normal nor did alexander hamilton didn't want that to be the new normal. stuart: shocking. >> mr. varney, a pleasure as always, keep up good work.
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stuart: look at futures, please, modest improvement, down 30-odd points, 20 for the nasdaq, we celebrate success here but out competitors are taking money from elizabeth warren's campaign to run an ad that bashes billionaires, why does cnbc hate their own audience? the rich, that's next.
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stuart: well, our competition has taken money from elizabeth warren to blast billionaires. lauren: cnbc is airing this advertisement from elizabeth warren. >> we want to make investments, all we are saying when you make it big, pitch in 2 cents so everybody else gets a chance. lauren: targets 4 billionaires specifically one of them being leon cooperman, peter thiel, how much he's worth and attacks him for being a trump supporter and on facebook board. elizabeth warren has competition now on many fronts coming to the democratic field with duval
9:26 am
patrick who has a lot of money, possibly mike bloomberg and tom steyer. stuart: our competition takes money from a socialist to bash the competition's audience, find that extraordinary, hey, what do i know? dow industrials will open 40 points a day, down 6, nasdaq on huge decline bearing in mind impeachment and trade and the fed, we will be back. look, this isn't my first rodeo...
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so you can... retire better. stuart: okay, the market has opened, i think you caught me slapping slapping the table because i didn't know what was going on, lost of 25 points, 27,757, how about s&p? fractional loss there as well, down 3 points, 3,090 and as for the nasdaq, where is that this morning, it is down 22 points. now, that's a selloff, not a selloff, down a quarter of 1%. got it. wal-mart, show me that, please, just opened up nearly 3%, 124 on wall street. terrific report earlier this morning. here are the big players in streaming, most of them made gains previous to this wallet
9:31 am
disney up 7%, only down a fraction this morning, netflix is coming back after a bit of a selloff there and at&t now they were -- they have been approaching $40 a share and minor leagues pull back today, bottom line today, streaming is doing well for the big players. the dow component wal-mart, good profit report this morning, let's go to martin, i want more on this along with susan li and lauren, first of all, what do you make of that report? to me, scott that show it is strength of the consumer. >> it does, the consumer is so strong the world's big enough for 3 big players, wal-mart is definitely one, we talked about that on the show a lot. cosco is another that i like better and amazon, you don't have to say pick one of those 3, i think you can pick all 3 and run with it because the fact that the consumer is so strong
9:32 am
here. >> you're taking market away from others, world's largest retailer off of e-commerce was up 41% as well. where is the impact of the trade war? wal-mart by the way, typically they raise full-year guidance during fourth quarter and that's what they've done over and over again. stuart: online sales up 21%? it's up more than 3 bucks, 2.7%, new high wal-mart, 1.24. now the market still pretty close to record territory, scott deal with this for a second, please, doesn't seem like the market cares much about impeachment, no fresh news on trade, the fed not lowering rates in december, it's just
9:33 am
shrugging everything off. >> it's funny, tough thing about markets and being investment adviser, markets change as investors do, stuff that elizabeth warren is saying as you guys have been playing so far today doesn't seem to be affects things too negatively. that's the time to run out and buy here. stuart: year-end rally, right, scott? >> i think it is, doesn't mean that this thing is straight up into the right through december 31. if we look at today versus the end of the year s&p will be higher by that point. >> we also have more on chinese trade as well, we had the report come out late in the session, did dip a bit for the markets when the wall street journal says that there have been snags over phase one, the closure of phase one because of agricultural purchases, china
9:34 am
says this morning they are buying more goods and, in fact, america poultry farmers export more poultry into china as well. there are some really positive signs. stuart: i call that a plus and we seemed to have reversed a little bit, only down 6 points. >> china is reluctant to put promises on table, reluctant to put a number on it and when we get phase one of broader trade deal the markets would likely take off from there. stuart: only down 8 on the dow, 2 on the s&p, 20 on the nasdaq, hardly a selloff. we are coming back a bit. a couple dow components i want to bring to your attention, first of all, apple record high yesterday, 263 this morning down 60 cents, microsoft, i own some of it, new high yesterday, pulling -- actually going further this morning, up again 1.7 -- [laughter] stuart: i find it hard to
9:35 am
believe. i hear you whistling there. >> you know, stuart, you put up the quote, 147, you're great about disclosures because i remember we talked earlier in the year and you're like should i buy or sell, should i sell microsoft at 105 and we said no. it's going towards 200, unstoppable, cloud is amazing, the growth of some other services have been great, the leadership is awesome, that's a great stock to own. stuart: it sure is, it sure is. wait a minute. new tweet just in from the president, wal-mart announces great numbers, no impact from tariffs which are contributing billions to our treasury, inflation low, do you hear that, powell? lauren: market went up on that. stuart: wal-mart has in, deed, hit all-time high and that really is helping the dow, turned the dow around, now we are up 7 on the dow. >> also says a lot of the strength of the u.s. consumer.
9:36 am
stuart: i'm just die to go see how strong the buying is this holiday season. i really think it's going to be a blowout year, i really do. investors lost a whole lot of money from july to september, lost more than a billion. susan, i won't use the word collapse around wework but seriously undermining its patron which is softbank. >> billionaire owner will tour wework deciding on how much of the staff to cut given that wework is losing a lot of money. quarter billion dollars by the way. when you're losing more, you're actually making in sales, balance sheet and metrics, by
9:37 am
the way, almost $3 billion in the past year up until september and if it wasn't for softbank, the company on the verge of collapse, how long is their patience and how long is the piece of string? stuart: a real shake-up of the unicorn, i mean, it is not doing well. lauren: i went into a wework building 2 days ago. stuart: and? lauren: it was packed but i was completely confused by the concept. >> valuable start-up in america, $47 billion, now worth less than 8 billion if that. stuart: you didn't get it? lauren: limited where you can go and random people in little corners, very strange. >> it's funny, it's interesting about how, you know, how they talked about markets are touring the headquarters, shouldn't he have done that before, didn't he
9:38 am
miss something, unfortunately for him too, the guy set amazing career, amazing investment, stuart, this is the one that's going to stand out and potentially for his legacy. stuart: good call, how about peleton, reports saying that they might be putting out a cheaper treadmill but a new machine next year, peleton is up, did very well yesterday, back to 26, no where near -- >> 29 for ipo. stuart: have you seen the commercials? i've seen the commercials. i think they are really good, they are really, really good. >> what's in the commercial? >> a young lady has been given a peleton bike by her husband and -- [laughter] stuart: this is wonderful. she uses the bike, she's lost, whatever, really missed and good feeling kind of thing, what do you have to say, scott? >> amazon web services has part
9:39 am
of peleton thing, how does peleton knows it's your 100th ride, amazon is supporting the software, you're right, the commercials are very inspiring and people that i know have peletons absolutely love the product. stuart:-the commercial, okay, dark, but the one i saw was bright and lively and upbeat and positive and the lady who received the bike is very, very happy and probably -- >> as you mentioned it's product and $4,000 and good thing retainment rate, the people that keep using it is close at 90%. when you buy it you say on it but when we are talking about unicorns going to markets this company is so unprofitable and you need to start making money especially in these type of markets. stuart: don't worry, susan, i'm not buying one. thank you very much.
9:40 am
do you have a peleton, scott, do you? >> no, i don't, i know given the -- stuart: i think your jacket is a big for you, i'm sorry. >> i lost weight this year too. maybe i will get a peleton on that note. stuart: okay, that's it, scott, thank you very much. check the big boards, dead even basically, down .6% and now up 2 points, i'm calling dead flat as an opening this thursday morning. now a year ago, amazon announced second headquarters in northern virginia, since then housing prices in that area have jumped over 30%, what's going to be done to ensure amazon's h2q won't cause affordable housing crisis? i'm asking secretary housing ben carson that in our 11:00 o'clock hour, democrats are using the impeachment club to beat up a president they just don't like, i say it's boring and that's bad news for the democrats, you'll
9:41 am
have my take on it at 11:00 o'clock this morning, disney already has over 10 million subscribers after launching just on tuesday, our next guest says netflix is going to suffer unless it changes its subscription model, he will make his case next.
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9:43 am
stuart: i do believe the president has tweeted about us, i will read it, neither one of the democrat star of impeachment hearings could point out an offense. thank you, mr. president, quite right. check out disney, please, they were way up yesterday and they're up again this morning, that's a new high on disney,
9:44 am
149.85, they brought in 10 million subscribers in a day and a half or something and that's why disney went straight up this morning. rival, of course, is netflix, they recovered a little bit today but still 285 level on their stock. steve, market research firm cg42, he knows all about streaming, so what is the next innovation in streaming? we have player right now, what's next? >> right now it's all about content, where it's going is -- it's two places, one it's about searching and discovery, nobody is good at it right now, finding new content that you want to engage with, you want to enjoy. stuart: i go in streaming service, i go to netflix, for example, the search mechanism -- >> pretty awful right now. where it's going to go it's anticipating the things that you and your family will want to watch, new shows that will be of
9:45 am
interest to you and interest to different members of the family and the other place that's inevitable, stuart, at the end of the day the biggest frustrations with traditional cable and biggest traditions with folks like netflix, paying for stuff that you need or want, quantity over quality, at some points the absolutely inevitable that we will get to a place that you're buying the shows that you want. stuart: i've got netflix, the day is coming where i can say, right, netflix, i want to watch narcos, i happened to be watching that recently, that's all i pay for, what happens to netflix's revenue? >> netflix has big challenges. we are at the early days of this, right, when you look at where amazon is and how amazon plays the game from the much broader ecosystem, you look at the challenges that netflix faces basically only 8% of the viewable hours are devote today
9:46 am
original content from netflix, that's it, the top 5 shows that people are streaming on there right now, two of them are going away, friends and the office, so we think netflix has some big challenges ahead. stuart: by that you mean the disney is big challenger here? >> yes, exactly right. stuart: they will outflank netflix. >> exactly. there's more competition coming. now the competition that's coming is not as strong as disney. would you watch battle star or star wars? we have hbo, the space gets more crowded, for the incumbent netflix, the challenges get higher. stuart: overwhelming winners in the streaming war are disney. netflix will still be there. >> amazon is not going anywhere. stuart: what else?
9:47 am
>> i think hbo will have a big strong play. stuart: 3 big winners. >> content, content and amazon side, it's a value proposition. stuart: do you think we are moving towards the point where i can turn on my tv and i can get anything, absolutely anything just like that? >> that's where it's headed. stuart: lounge before we get there? >> i don't think we are that far away, 2 or 3 years. stuart: thanks for joining us, good luck, sir. >> thank you. stuart: check dow 30 because we have turned negative for overall index, dow 30 only a few winners, mostly losers and the dow at this moment is down, i see they are down 28 points, but wal-mart is right up, now this, star of national geographic's hit show life below zero, she lives alone in alaskan wilderness most of the year with no humans within 300 miles,
9:48 am
neighbors are grizzly bears, the star is here in the studio next.
9:49 am
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9:51 am
stuart: i'm a big fan of a show called life below zero, a quick clip to introduce it to you,
9:52 am
roll it. >> some people complain about driving 10 miles to get to the store, for me the challenge is walking 50 yards in a snowstorm. stuart: the person trying to walk 50 yards in a snowstorm is my favorite character, sue atkins, life below zero personality and star. >> thank you so much. i tried to surprise you but the surprise didn't work. [laughter] stuart: look, for viewers who don't know, you live right in arctic circle. >> 200 miles into the arctic circle, as a remote person we are out there because we are not all there. the closest down where you might find a real grocery store is 500 miles away, the road is
9:53 am
100 miles away, the ice roads. stuart: the show is built around you and other people who live largely alone north of the arctic circle? in the remote areas of alaska. [laughter] >> we each have chosen, you know, i like to tell people, i'm 6 egg shy of a dozen, i'm definitely, you know, they found it. stuart: wait. you come up with these statements -- [laughter] >> expressions all of the time. i'm 6 eggs shy of an dozen. >> that's how i think, i think in pictures, i think in quips, if you go back when i was small, i was born in chicago, one of the doctors had said real
9:54 am
intelligent, you know, i took iq tests, you know, you're very smart, i get that, but they said you're never going to emotionally graduate past 7 or 8 and i don't understand emotions well. i don't understand a society that want to tear each other down. people ask me what do you miss about being so remote, if you live a lifestyle that you dwell on what you're missing you have no appreciation of what you have. stuart: this is a family show, you're killing me here. >> i didn't say that. stuart: why do you do it? >> why do i -- stuart: you have a huge scar. >> here. stuart: a bear got you. >> the first time this -- this came into play, i was attacked by a grizzly bear, i had to sow up my arm, you can feel where the teeth went into, i had to put a gun belt and the hip got
9:55 am
torn out of socket, i had to go find the bear and shoot him before he came back and finished the job, that's a quick scenario of it, on the way back where i had taken care of him, the hip gave out, i drug myself into the dining hall, it took 10 days for somebody to find me, while i layed there another bear had come in and i could continually chewing on bones and you don't know if it's going to come in and be next. spinel surgery, leg surgery and i still came back. stuart: here you are. do you make more money running station up there or from television? where does the money come from, television, right? >> as caucasian i can't own land on the north slope, i have to lead the land that owns it and i have to be profitable, this is not gone with the wind, not
9:56 am
likely to be a billionaire doing it, it's not that kind of television. stuart: sue i have to tell you it was great to have you on the show. it really was. people who know me well, he got her on the show and i did. sue, thank you very much, indeed. >> thank you so much. stuart: i don't know how you do it. [laughter] stuart: by the way, lbz, that's what we call it life below zero airs tuesday 9:00 p.m. on national geographic, right, where are you? that one, okay. no, that one, the democrats' star witness could not point out an impeachable offense at yesterday's hearing, florida senator rick scott joins me with reaction to that. more proof the coastal elites look down on everybody else, the philosophy professor at berkeley says rural america deserve to live in uncomfortable situations, i will tell you why comments like that from the left are music to donald trump's ears. second hour of varney coming up
9:57 am
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stuart: half hour into the trading day. look at your money. small losses for the dow, s&p and the nasdaq. it seems to me that the market is saying so what to impeachment. so what to trade difficulties. so what to the fed, which is not going to lower rates in december. so what? we're very close to record highs. look at walmart, a blowout report this morning. i will describe it as blowout. blowout revenue, up 41% in the online business. stock hit a new high. 123 on walmart. the consumer spending money. then there is our competition. they're taking money from elizabeth warren's campaign to slam billionaires. you got to see it to believe it. we will. we will show it to you. happening this hour, jerome powell on the hill again. we won't take you there, won't suffer through anything like
10:01 am
that. if he says anything important to move the market, we'll certainly let you know. first we have the read, 10:00 on thursday morning. mortgage rates. lauren: 3.75% up in the past week from 3.69%. the we like what the chief economist at freddie mac had to say. quote, rates rising on declining recess fears. sanguine outlook for the worldwide economy. one more good point, weekly mortgage applications, a sign going forward, are we buying homes? they surged 15% year-over-year. second weekly biggest increase. stuart: 3.75% rate is not bad at all. lauren: with we pushing five now we're looking at four. stuart: why are you shaking your head. susan: looking for possible real estate purchase. why i'm shaking my head. stuart: two year adjustable. get to the story about our
10:02 am
competition taking money from the warren campaign, to blast billionaires. roll that tape please. >> it is time for a wealth tax in america. [cheering] i heard that there are some billionaires who don't support this plan. >> viliification of billionaire makes no sense to me. >> pitch in 2 sent so everybody gets a chance. stuart: that is small clip from the ad. we did not get paid for that but cnbc is getting paid to run the full ad. so cnbc is taking money from a socialist who then proceeds to bash cnbc's audience. how about that? what market watcher david bahnsen think about all of this? >> as far as them running the ad, at end of the day coverage on most business networks has been pretty antiwar ren. they have more guests come on to bash warren. the type of conversation you and i would have, idealogical, what she represent to the american
10:03 am
dream. what the add does continue to added to class warfare message. it is dishonest. uses word billionaire. the wealth tax starts at 950 million. 50 million away from a billion. when was last time they stopped there. if she says 50. it will be 20. my point if they're willing to lie by 95%. they intend to tax all prosperity. it's a bad message for the economy. stuart: nonetheless, i believe elizabeth warren is ahead in some polls. what do you think her chances are of getting the nomination? >> i think it is very good. she has a good chance to win the nomination. she is in the lead in iowa, thereabouts. the lead come down a bit. hold the lead in new hampshire. it is tight. the betting odds have her up 10% over biden. 33% chance for senator warren.
10:04 am
23 for biden. at the end of the day she has a path there. bernie resurging a bit after his health issues. i don't think he is going anywhere. he is well-capitalized. if he got out of the race there would be no stopping her. i have no comment on her general election prospects. all of us learned who knows what could happen she has a food chance to win the nomination, and it frightens me. stuart: people sayings you can afford it, 2 cents over $50 billion. this will not trouble you or the economy. you can afford it. >> there are some problems with the wealth tax itself. i wrote a whole chapter in a book about elizabeth warren, that you get to the liquidity issue. you get to the family-owned businesses, real estate. it distorts family. 100 million-dollar family. there is lot of incentive to make it two 50 million-dollar families. france saw a huge run-up in
10:05 am
divorce. france got rid of it. socialist countries got rid of it. it doesn't produce the revenue and doesn't work. apparently elizabeth warren hasn't learned. stuart: i refer to something else going on capitol hill today, specifically big tech companies are going to be grilled about their impact on small business. hillary vaughn is there for us. what will we see, hillary? reporter: representatives from google and amazon will show up. apple and facebook were invited of rise in retail digital platforms changed fame for small businesses. there will be small businesses at hearing. in the hot seat, amazon who continued to face lawmaker questions how they use access to the data, to beat their competitors on their same platform. expect a lot of questions about that. but this also is happening two months after a different committee surveyed 80 small businesses, asking for them to to dig up details how big tech
10:06 am
firms harmed their business. stuart. stuart: hillary, got it. turn back to david bahnsen. i see all the probes of big tech, whether antitrust or effect on small business, privacy, this, that, or other. never affects stock price. they're teflon. >> i hate to disagree with you but its your show. amazon, is lower than they were in 2013. fang names, probes antitrusting some of the stuff may be legitimate, some may not. a lot is bipartisan. what it does reiterate as theme. big tech is sort of underassault. and therefore it is hard to command the same multiple. still making tons of money. you have to look at each one of those names differently. but they're lower than their highs from well over a year ago. stuart: they're getting bigger and bigger, more and more powerful. they're getting into the healthcare field. might even get into the banking
10:07 am
field. they have tentacles. >> sound like elizabeth warren. stuart: i worry about big brother. i wonder should such extraordinary capital and power be vested in four or five companies? >> i think you would agree with this, stuart. i believe ultimate thely the solution to big tech becoming powerful is the market. new technologies, new solutions. new companies, those once on top, seemed like they were indomitable. that is the beauty of free enterprise. these companies have to compete. there is new technologies. it, i don't want elizabeth warren running big tech anymore than mark zuckerberg running the world. you know that. centralized power. so the at end of the day i want open market system to deal with this but the stock market is saying those multiples were too high. these, i think these investigations an probes take their toll. stuart: fair point, david bahnsen. you're right. >> i'm afraid to ever push back. stuart: push back all you like, son. david, thank you very much, appreciate it. former massachusetts governor,
10:08 am
deval patrick has decided to enter the democrat race. susan. susan: surprising. earlier on he said he would not enter the race, 18th, 19th candidate throwing their hat into the ring. very late mind you. deval patrick might take progressive votes away from elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. also proximity, geography matter with new hampshire and primaries there. he is so late to the game. maybe name recognition near that area might help them on the stage. stuart: right now, we've got 10 candidates who have qualified for the november 20th debate. six more are trying to get into that debate. mike bloomberg is, whether he is in the field or not, i don't know, maybe to the his hat in the ring. deval patrick is in. eric holder thinking about it. that is crowded and chaotic scene. >> what does that say people think about the choices for the democratic nomination.
10:09 am
obviously they don't like it. they think there is better out there. stuart: all over the place. lauren: he is the perfect candidate. he has a lot of money. when he founded bain capital he did impact investing. some viewers, some voters who don't like elizabeth warren pitching would like, impactful moral good investing. that is trending among young people. he is capitalist. two-term governor of massachusetts he had no political experience. stuart: he is in the mix. >> fix narrative for a lot of people. stuart: moderate i woo imagine. i don't know where he stand on everything. how does he feel about a wealth tax? >> i say -- stuart: everyone, uk, brits, they will hold an election, less than a month from now. why should we care? well, later, this hour, we're going to talk to a guy who is close friends with boris johnson, the prime minister. he says if the labour party, if jeremy corbin wins, britain will be the next venezuela.
10:10 am
interesting. media circus at it again with a majority of headlines coming out of impeachment hearings, negative for the president. i say the media has become impeachment press. i talk to brent bozell about that. quite frankly i was bored by yesterday's hearing. next i'm going to talk to florida senator rick scott. i will put it to him, was there any impeachable offense there. we'll ask. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare.
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brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠
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stuart: look at that level. the dow is close 27800. how about that? tyson foods is up 5% after china lifted restrictions on poultry imports coming to them from america. tyson, 93 bucks, up 4.8%.
10:14 am
dow component disney, they signed up 10 million subscribers for disney plus, just since the launch which is 24, 36 hours ago. lauren: tuesday. stuart: pretty good. lauren: stock at at record high. jpmorgan says it is new price target. coming out of the gate, 10 million subscribers in 24 hours is pretty impressive numbers. a lot more than competitors doing this for years, right? they're getting all the eyeballs. if you look at the path to profitability for streaming. they said 60 to 90 million by the year 2024. these numbers, dan ives foss forward that by that two years. this will be profitable for disney sooner than we thought. stuart: $150 a share. streaming working for them. lauren, thank you. impeachment hearings. joining us now, senator rick scott, republican from the state of florida. mr. senator, i'm sure you
10:15 am
watched yesterday, did you see any impeachable offense? >> i actually didn't watch it, today. i was at the white house for 2 1/2 hours, meeting with president erdogan and president trump and having hearings yesterday. here is what is interesting. everything i have read, there is nothing new. number two, is the transcript is out. why aren't they talking about the transcript. that is the direct evidence. and number three. why isn't the house doing things they got elected to do? lower prescription drug prices, maybe balance the budget. maybe pass a budget. do things we got elected to do. they're sitting there from the day donald trump walked down escalator, they wanted to impeach this guy. there is nothing new here. look at the transcript. read it. no evidence of, you know, this, problem they keep bringing up. stuart: if it gets to the senate, might, if it gets there, are there any republicans who would break ranks, yes, impeach him? >> i would be surprised, stuart.
10:16 am
i mean, you have to say that this is supposed to be high crimes and misdemeanors. the transcript's out. everything else is sort of this, he said/she said, but nobody's, there is the transcript is there. i don't know how you would impeach the guy. i mean, you can dislike the president if you want to. you can dislike his policies. but you know, impeachment is supposed to be pretty big deal to do and not because you just don't like a guy. you would hate the last election or want time pack the next election. that is not right. all the democrats are doing. stuart: to me that is danger for the future. from here on out, every future president on both sides of the aisle will face the possibility of secret hearings, anonymous witnesses and impeachment process just to get him out of office. this is not the way impeachment is supposed to work. >> actually the united states where we have, you know, juries, we have, you can talk to your accuser. you can get all the evidence,
10:17 am
the defense gets to call the witnesses. get to ask questions. but not in the house of representatives. i mean it is like this is a three-ring circus over there. stuart: sir, we were real happy to hear you were actually working yesterday with president erdogan. what a concept. senator scott, thank you very much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> stuart, have a good day. stuart: thank you, sir. now this, berkeley instructor trying to shame middle america, calling those who live in fly over company, rural people, he called them bad people. i don't like that. i will tell you why comment like that from the far left will end up helping president trump. my take on that next. ♪. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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stuart. all right. how do you feel about this. instructor at berkeley says people who live in rural areas are quote, bad people, who have made bad life decisions. we should shame people who are not pro-city. jackson kernian put that out. he teaches philosophy. he went out, they, rural people should pay more taxes be forced to live in uncomfortable life because they have rejected efficient city life. okay, he has since deleted the tweet. he apologized. good. but what he had to say showed just how elites look down on everyone else. in this case, country folks. it reminds me of hillary clinton's deplorable speech, remember that? half of us are racist, sexist,
10:22 am
homophobic, xenophobic, deplorables. what his tweet and hillary clinton's speech revealed a cultural split. donald trump's election really brought it out. it reminds me of the social class divisions of england back in the 1950s. the elites don't like you. they don't want their kids going to school with yours. they don't want to live anywhere near you. if you object, they will shut you down because you are deplorable. it is amazing to me that the elites have taken over the democrat party. the party of the workers. the party of blue-collar people. it is now run by the coastal elites. isn't that extraordinary? when i came here 40 years ago, the republicans were the party of the rich and the country club types. that's been turned on its head. i think we should say thank you to hillary and jackson. they made clear where they stand. they have revealed the new american divide. what they don't realize, is that they are going to help
10:23 am
enormously donald trump get reelected. let me move on. that was happening out west. now to the east coast. boston university to be precise. look what happened when conservative ben shapiro tried to speak. roll tape. [shouting] >> usa. usa. usa. stuart: ah, did you hear that? usa, usa! taking out the far left protesters, usa, usa. i would love to see more of that at american university. you're looking skeptical, susan. susan: isn't ben shapiro american? usausa? stuart: you get the point. leftists trying to shut him down, they throw them out. the crowd says usa. we're with you, ben, free speech. susan: right. and massachusetts. so as we know, deval patrick. stuart: how can you not get enthusiastic about that. susan: this is democratic state.
10:24 am
it is surprising to have a reaction at boston university? stuart: yes. i'm real happy to see people supporting america and free speech. i think it is great. what do you say? lauren: college campuses often times free speech is speech you don't like. so this shows that no matter what he said, he has the right to say it. so i am shocked that is college is supporting the real meaning of free speech. stuart: so surprised you're unenthusiastic about outbreak of free speech. support for america. i am shocked, ladies. however, i will move on. we're a month away, roughly from the parliamentary elections in britain. it's a general election. i will talk to a guy called con cooughlin. he is boris johnson's old boss, he says if boris loses, jeremy corbin the socialist wins, it won't be pretty for britain. he will tell us why.
10:25 am
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10:29 am
susan: just can't relate. sorry. stuart: you can't relate. that's very good. that's very good. on your left. boris johnson, prime minister of great britain he is involved in a general election in britain in less than a month. goes up against socialist jeremy corbin. why do we care? that is a good question. bring in the telegraph foreign affairs editor, conn coughlin. i have the pronunciation right? >> coughlin i prefer. stuart: you were boris johnson's boss when he was journalist in europe. >> more than a long time ago, stuart. more than 20 years doesn't matter. you know him well. what happens if boris wins the election. >> from america's point of view you can look forward to a revival of the transatlantic alliance which in my opinion, basically gone into cold storage under his predecessor theresa may. i think you will see boris
10:30 am
johnson first of all making sure that britain plays its role in the nato alliance. he will look to secure trade deals with america, because the deal he struck with the eu means britain will be able to strike trade deals around the world rather than just bring shackles to the eu so you will see a far more dynamic britain under boris johnson. that is what you look forward to. stuart: on the screen at the moment, may not be able to see it, con, we had jeremy corbin, leader of socialists, the labour party, supposing he wins, then what happens to britain then? >> you're going to see the collapse of britain as a nation. because, number one, his spending plans where he is going to nationalize everything he can lay his hands on is going to bankrupt the country. secondly, he is a politician who is more at home associating with terror groups like hamas,
10:31 am
hezbollah. he used to work for iranian television press tv. he is so out there, that the, idea that britain will be regarded as a serious world power under his leadership is laughable. stuart: i think i can tell which side you're on, con. why don't you tell us if boris johnson is the brittish donald trump? because there are estimate lates, aren't there? >> apart from the blonde hair. where there are similarities is boris is a very determined guy. you know, once he sets his mind on something, he just barges his way through and tries to achieve his goal. i think, there is a similarity with president trump, once he made his mind up about something, pursues that goal with vigor. so i think, there is a similarity. of course, boris is, wider political experience you could argue because he served for two
10:32 am
terms as london mayor. very successful term where he took on the socialists who ran london and basically destroyed them. he oversaw the london olympics in 2012 which were very successful. so he does have a successful political track record behind him. as i say, he could be a very dynamic prime minister for britain, post-brexit, leave the country in rather exciting direction. stuart: con, i have to tell you, we in america live in hope. we really do. >> so do we. stuart: thanks for joining us. pleasure. come back soon. >> anytime. cheers. stuart: check the big board. not that much movement in stock prices. we're down, 10, 12 points, that's it. look at walmart, way up this morning. it posted spectacular results, big increase in revenue, big increase in profits. terrific online business. it has come back a little bit. it is still up two bucks at a new high, 123.
10:33 am
investment guy, greg valliere is with us. seems to me, markets investors generally saying, we got impeachment, so what. we got no real good news on trade, so what? the fed will not lower rates, so what? this is a so what market because it keeps going up. what do you say? >> fully agree, stuart. you have to say the big surprise of the year, there is no recession. everybody in june, july, saying recession is imminent. it is not imminent. largely because of consumers. i think consumer strength is one of the reasons why walmart is doing so well. stuart: are we in for a year-end rally, solid rally, year-end rally from where we are now? >> if you could give me the answer on trade i do think that remains an anxiety. how ironic. impeachment has had no impact on the markets. we had all-time record high on the dow jones on the opening day of the impeachment hearings but china i would argue is a bigger anxiety for the markets. i hope we get this done.
10:34 am
the president seems to be inconsistent and confusing on this if we get a china deal, in early december, i think the market could go quite a bit higher. stuart: totally separate subject. here it is. home prices in virginia are up big since amazon announced that they will locate the hq2 there. meanwhile in new york, there is nothing happening in that plot of land which amazon was going to occupy as a headquarters until aoc kicked them out. what do you make of all of this? you think, new york, surely is regretting itself, isn't it? >> classic story of supply and demand. i think, stuart, that the demand in new york city area is dropping for housing because, of all the policies there. high taxes, bad infrastructure. bad schools. and you're seeing an exodus out of the tri-state area. this is one of the biggest stories of the decade in my opinion. people are leaving the tri-state area for charlotte, nashville, florida, austin. they're voting with their feet
10:35 am
in effect. stuart: you used to live in new york, didn't you? i remember having lunch with you at really nice restaurants in new york. you left. >> i didn't live there full time. but i would have to say more and more people are looking at the tax rates in that area, and concluding, you know florida is not all that bad. there is no income tax in florida. stuart: just make sure, if you come back, you don't stay more than 180 days because you will get taxed. >> exactly. stuart: greg, thanks for joining us. >> see ya. stuart: talk pell ton, they say there is talk about them introducing a new, cheaper treadmill. what have we got on this. lauren: you're hot noll you're not when it comes to fitness. they have a loyal base with expensive equipment. they need more than the base. rumors are they will launch rowing machine and cheaper investigation of treadmill, broaden more, software. something for the apple watch. they have something for the
10:36 am
iphone. for amazon fire tv. it is tough when you're not a profitable company. all of this spending hits their bottom line. but it is tough when you have to prove yourself as a unicorn to a market when other fitness iposs before you have not worked. full cycle pulled their ipo. others i could name. stuart: peloton has not got back to the opening price of 29, 28. they're still under water on the ipo. now this. time to play, remember when? motorola bringing backflip phone, foldable razor phone coming back from motorola. what is the price? lauren: $1500. you remember the motorola razr, everybody had that. we're not buying as many smartphones. a foldable smartphone. it is not catching on. will the razr change that, i don't know. at $1500. it looks cool, i have to say. i'm not sure.
10:37 am
susan: does motorola make this or somebody else make it? stuart: what is so special about a flip phone? lauren: smaller can fit in your pocket. so many phones are trying to be a tablet. this is just trying to be a phone, size after phone. stuart: pay 1500 bucks smaller flip phone than my -- lauren: very much a smartphone but, it is not trying to be a tablet. just a smartphone. i don't get that. susan: $1500? lauren: cool factor. retro is trendy again. i don't get it. stuart: i would be fashionable i would flip out my phone. lauren: one viewer says you need two hands to do it. were not impressed by by the battery. susan: if stu does it they would think it is the original. stuart: that's good. all right. let's move on. this is why we're popular. because we deal with subjects on
10:38 am
a regular everyday basis. susan puts me down. susan: oh. not. stuart: google, getting a lot of heat recently because they are indeed collecting personal health data of millions of people. coming up in the next hour. we'll speak to a health care senator, mike braun. what does he make of all of this? there is lots of implications here. to the media, i'm calling on the impeachment press. the circus around impeachment hearings. i think it was boring but the media lapped it up. i will talk to media watcher brent bozell about that and he's next. ♪.
10:39 am
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10:42 am
stuart:down a tiny fraction. dow industrials down 12 points. fractional losses for stocks. how about target? making easier to same day delivery. putting service on the app. that makes it easier. target up in part on that news. target at $110 a share. lauren, looking inquisitive. did i make a mistake. lauren, no just thinking. stuart: not sure i understand apps. target up two bucks at 110. speaker pelosi gives the press conference shortly for whatever she has got to say. we'll not take you there, but monitor it for you. democrat elizabeth warren buying ad time on cnbc, our competitors. she is using the ad time to blast cnbc's audience, billionaires. roll tape. >> she would ruin what we have. >> she probably thinks more of cataclysmic change to the
10:43 am
economic system as opposed to tinkering. >> i'm most scared by elizabeth warren. stuart: okay. we're not going to show all of it for you, because we've not been paid but cnbc was. what is going on here, elizabeth warren, socialist is buying ad time on supposedly capitalist network to trash cnbc's audience which i find fascinating. media research center founder and president brent bozell is with us now. what is going on here, brent? >> you know, stuart i think it is very clever politically. she knows she will not turn off the billionaire vote. she turned them off from the very beginning. what she wants is, is earned media coverage, for us talking about it. that is what she wants and she will get it in a lot of different ways. very smart politics. you know, stuart, here is the important thing where elizabeth warren and the media are concerned. every economist, every serious economist, will tell you, that
10:44 am
her plan, just "medicare for all," not anything else, just this one thing, is going to ruin the american economy. she says it will cost, $20 trillion? serious economists are saying, when you, when you factor in the damage that this is doing to the economy, with the money fleeing this country because of her, it will cost much, much more. she could be the, she is, if not the front-runner, she is in the top 3 possible democratic nominees. you would think, stuart, that a serious coverage of this woman would include a discussion of the fact that she has got a plan that could well destroy the american economy. now here's the number. since september, how much time have the networks spent on that one topic? answer. two minutes. stuart: i got some other numbers and they're from you, brent. let me quickly do this. your organization found of
10:45 am
coverage of president trump and his administration, by abc, cbs, nbc, since september 24 t of impeachment trial, it has been 96% negative. i am not surprised, i'm astonished almost universally panning our president. >> exactly. almost 100% of the media coverage is against donald trump. if this isn't a fake news, left-wing, biased agenda, you and i don't know what that means if it is not this. here is a subset number that we found. this is a number that i find the most fascinating. donald trump, commander-in-chief, of the united states, oversaw, ordered, and was successful in the taking out the single most dangerous terrorist in the entire world. media coverage of donald trump?
10:46 am
67% negative. think about that one. stuart: on that issue alone. the big issues, 96% negative across the board. brent, great stuff. go ahead. >> i think they need to find the whistle-blower, person who is doing it right. stuart: brent bozell, good stuff. extraordinary numbers. brent bozell we'll see you soon. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i think you might remember the hero dog which helped in the takedown of al-baghdadi. it put the military dogs in the spotlight. we'll take you to a military dog train tag silt next. then there is michael avenatti, facing another fraud charge in the nike extortion case. judge napolitano says it is actually a victory for after gnawed at this. he will explain it next.
10:47 am
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stuart: modest loss for the dow, 20 point lower but look at that level, 27,761. now this. military dogs have been in the spotlight since the president shared a photo of that dog that
10:51 am
helped take down al-baghdadi. grady trimble is at a facility where those dogs are trained. take me through it, grady. this is good stuff. reporter: stuart, hundreds of dogs are trained here every year. we have sergeant brian claypool to walk us through. we have marco the dog. show us how it is done. you want to see the action. we'll show it to you. sergeant claypool, show us what we're doing. >> the dog is trained to do, to apprehend a suspect that runs away from us. reporter: they have a variety of things they are trained for. two things, suspect apprehension, getting a target, happening on to them like, this they're trained sniff out exposures. this is experiences in the field where this comes handy? >> one particular scenario comes to mind. i was off-duty, called into possible shot fires on base. i picked up my wmd, went to the scene of crime.
10:52 am
the suspect hit the gun in back seat after car. we found the gun and appeared that the dog was right. we trust our mwds. reporter: listened to the command, stop attacking. now he is sitting there, not attacking the guy. >> that's correct. so it is important that the dog obey every obedient command we give them. in this case the suspect decided he gives up. he doesn't want to run no more. doesn't want to get bit. important for the handler to call the dog half. that the dog will not be a threat to the suspect. we don't want to injure a guy that gives up. reporter: the dogs are trained one-year-old to 18 months, stuart n this case i know we're a business network. you want to know what the business angle is. these guys and dogs are in the business of protecting our freedom. stuart: i'm scared to death. grady, thank you very much. that was pretty good stuff. scary stuff. i'll tell you. change the subject complete. michael avenatti faces new fraud
10:53 am
charges in his nike extortion case. all rise. judge napolitano is here. >> i'm laughing because, if i were your attack dog, could i be as obedient to as those dogs are to the trainers? i couldn't help saying that. stuart: i'm glad he -- look, the new fraud charges in the nike situation. >> right. stuart: how come this is a win for avenatti? >> because the government on its own, without even being asked to do so by avenatti, dropped the two most serious charges against him. then throw in this rather frivolous charge of lying to his client. i say it is frivolous. it is morally wrong. it is unethical. you can lose your license for doing it. it is not a federal crime. so they threw that in there. this is the case, percent of you have a naughty cases. this is the one you and i did during breaking news when it was revealed he wassen gauged in a shakedown of nike.
10:54 am
aplistening to the tape of the shakedown, the government lawyers decided it was very aggressive settlement of a case. it wasn't a shakedown. so that is why they dropped those two extortion charges against him. they added fraud charges. look, his woes are far from over. first of all he still has this case. he has two other cases, involving duping clients and banks out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. it is unlikely he will enjoy the same benefit in those other cases that he got in this one. stuart: he made, he gave new york lawyers a bad name, didn't he? >> yes he did. he would argue their name is so bad how could he possibly make it worse? [laughter]. we shouldn't laugh at this. he is not incarcerated and i am surprised given the gravity of the evidence against him and given what the government says is his means to disappear but he hasn't disappeared. doesn't go on television anymore but somewhere in the united states. stuart: used to be everywhere on
10:55 am
television? >> i think he once sat by here being grilled by here. no, you didn't put him on. stuart: whether i would put him on or not is another story. we put you on. >> your attack dog. your obedient attack dog. stuart: thank god for that. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: the parent of smith & wesson planning to split into two separate companies. now i think of this as a gun company? lauren: it is but they sell other things as well because of the political climate with mass shootings and gun control, american outdoor brands, investors like the stock up 3.75%. they're splitting into two separate companies putting publicly-traded. they changed the nail two or three years to get around this political environment but it didn't seem to work. stuart: thank you, lauren. smith & wesson. got it. opinion, i say the democrats are using impeachment club to beat up a president they don't like. my take on that next.
10:56 am
kaepernick getting his own work out as he tries to get back into the league. i will talk to former auburn football coach tommy tuberville about that. amazon put the hq2 in virginia. home prices are going straight up. what happened to new york which did not put the headquarters in new york city? i will ask secretary ben carson about that. the"the power hour" straight ah. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades.
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11:00 am
you will hear from a whistleblower or under biden even the air at the center of the ukraine phone call. it is unfair. my colleague says with nixon there was a break-in, clinton it was sex, it's a phone call. this is bad news for the democrats. stand a tough job for this. and this legalism said about an official you never heard of. trump meaning districts. they got constituent, the phone call was just too much, he got to go. they have a problem there. so does the policy. she launched this from the left. even if she does, it will still be in and deal.
11:01 am
because of what pelosi has done, all future residents will have to worry about political attack with secret hearings and anonymous accusers. this is the abuse of impeachment. it is wrong. it will continue. oil inventories. what are the odds? >> bigger than we thought. 2.21 billion barrels, jazz also rose. oil is where it was. 5742. >> impact. katie, you were listed.
11:02 am
what you think? >> the abuse of the power to impeach, that's what i think. >> democrats have been very clear about their intention. on your show and fox news, democrats repeatedly say they want impeachment to go after the president. outgoing is one of the first people who put articles of impeachment, not just an inquiry on the house for a vote. he admitted if we don't impeach him, we can't win the election 2020 because then he will win. the boats on the impeachment inquiry that played out the rules to deny republicans equal time and witnesses in front of the american people, that was a partisan vote. yesterday you have to ask, what changed? adam schiff make his changed? they bring forward information
11:03 am
that brought justification for impeachment? docking the country. the answer is, the witnesses they have no contact with john about the call. they heard but they did know was that they referred investment for hundred biden. there were problems with him on the board. when it comes to corruption, they were quite long from witnesses. if you agree like the president does, with military aid and security support, you think, how is this in my interest as an american hearing, and money is going to a foreign country? i would like to know where my money is going. >> it was really important stuff. if you want to impeach him, you have to fire them up. you have to have something that
11:04 am
really sets the world on fire. it's not there. >> it's about what's not being done. something democrats are getting questions about. they are very limited working days until the end of the year. nancy pelosi isn't putting us on the floor. >> i know you want to get to this. is he going to run to him? i think she's running in her own mind. i think she probably wants to but i can't imagine the humiliation. i hope she does. it would be great to see her try again, a third time loser candidate. [laughter] >> thank you. margaret thatcher, the group leader, 13 election.
11:05 am
hillary said she didn't open doors for people to. >> eliminating tierney for that. i think hillary is jealous. if you can't respect thatcher for what she has done for humankind, that they are coming for you. >> thank you very much. see you soon. twenty years to the were there. to me, it doesn't seemed like impeachment or negative news on. all of the, all potential negatives is a big shrug. the dow is close to record highs. it's a big shrug.
11:06 am
>> it really is. you touched on this earlier about nixon's impeachment and 73, the oil prices were much higher, the markets were down. when you look at clinton's impeachment, the markets were up 20% in both of those years. i think this would be more similar to this. that's why i think the markets are shrugging their shoulders. >> as we approach the end of the year. i want to talk to you about the wealth tax. you got a problem with that, as have we all. >> the work on the wealthy it's real.
11:07 am
she's releasing this campaign at today and featuring people like leon cooper, jamie diamond, they are all mentioned. anyone who is a billionaire. the irony is that most of them are democrats. they usually support most initiatives. if you remember bill gates admitting he pays about 10 billion in taxes figure. jamie diamond said sure, i'll pay for but bill gates said 100 billion, there's a limit to how much wealth you are going to confiscate from them and how are you going to do it? it's not going to fly with the american people. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you again soon. while marketplace, a big standoff today. the reports of enormous jumping online sales. an all-time high, they pulled
11:08 am
back a little but it's still 1% at 122. apple, they have several all-time highs. pulling back a little today but look at that, 263 on capital. microsoft, big time company. they have a series. that's another one. i'll take 14771 on microsoft. trump, i think he's going straight to the people lately. regardless of the reception is going to get. he received a very positive response at the alabama u.s. game. i want to know what he thinks of the president writing the crimson tide. google, medical records of millions of us on their servers. bill cassidy was on the show yesterday, he said they will hit
11:09 am
you in the will with that. i will ask senator mike about it, too. we are watching everything on capitol hill. testifying before the house budget committee. anything on that, will bring it to you. we're just getting started. ♪
11:10 am
11:11 am
11:12 am
great first day, enrollment numbers for disney. the stock earlier 150 all-time high. >> 10 billion, this is just day one. they are going to have 60 -- 90 million global subscribers by 2024. their conservative topics going to take to get them there.
11:13 am
158 million global scrubbers. if you look at disney versus netflix, slightly unfair comparison because of so many other businesses. disney of 30% today. >> i was the disney charge. that's not what i wanted but that tells you the impact of streaming. straight up just recently, they are now a quarter trillion dollar company. >> if you have young kids, anywhere near your life for $7 a month, this is a no-brainer. >> simpson episodes. >> the box into the properties, the simpson's were part of that. michael jackson's voice was in one of the simpson's show. he was accused of sexually abusing young boys in the hbo
11:14 am
documentary. i will take jackson's estate says the allegations are false. they are suing hdl. disney says, the simpson's creative says we are against this. they said they are taking this one out. >> yesterday we reported google is working on a project collecting health data from tens of millions of people. he's not happy what google was doing. >> one of the statements and articles that essentially is doing this, they want to maximize it because ai will help them decide what additional tests they ordered. they pay for electronics, they are putting billions out there. taxpayers are subsidizing their health records and information for movement google uses ai to
11:15 am
figure out how to charge the taxpayer more. >> using artificial intelligence to make me pay for for. mike is what we call our healthcare expenditure. what you make of this? >> i think senator cassidy hit on the head there. mostly high-tech, big tech has not shown themselves as being folks you want to give more information to. we seen them so often take compiling information, turning into some attention and when it comes to healthcare, before we get close to a discussion of how you compile healthcare information, the industry needs to start embracing transparency and competition itself to fix itself. there's no way i'm going to be comfortable with a company like
11:16 am
google compiling the information into an industry that is dysfunctional itself for some folks "making money" off of it. the healthcare industry needs transparency and competition. so we don't go to the burning plan. this is just the side show that needs to be set aside because they tech has shown it needs to fix itself before it enters more like that. >> i don't like the idea i artificial intelligence saying get a blood test. i don't want that. let's talk u.s. nca. speaker pelosi says the deal breakthrough could be eminence. she wants it done this year. do you think that's possible with impeachment going on? >> she's been saying that for several months. calculating very carefully, i
11:17 am
called playing political footsie where an agreement should have been across the finish line long ago. this might have something to do with the impeachment inquiry which hit its public setting yesterday, falling flat where they have been trying to focus themselves into higher public opinion, found out that hit the ceiling two -- three weeks ago. there's great political risk when you take on an inquiry like this with such week underpinnings and you hold up not only u.s. nca, all the work we've been trying to do to fix the healthcare industry. infrastructure, issues that americans are really concerned with u.s. nca. >> on how to get caught up in the politics of this. >> i have forgotten for a moment you are from indiana and it threw me momentarily.
11:18 am
[laughter] >> common sense. >> i think indiana is known for that, right? thank you. twenty-six dollars. share. they owe $523 million to the state of new jersey in taxes over a four-year period. that's an enormous amount of money. stocks are down to $26 a share. next, tax exodus from high tax manhattan. the wealthy buying luxury apartments like they used to. those apartments are seeing big discounts. originally the $29 million. she's going to tell us how much it is now. we'll be back. ♪
11:19 am
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before you show this to us, that house was originally $29 million was on sale for half $26 milli million. it's been on the market by give. let's show you around and show you what's going on. it's an entire floor of the building over 5000 square feet. may not seem big for a lot of folks here but new york city, this is the last of luxury. he got a full kitchen, five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms. 200-pound front door, that's 300 pounds. $20000 safe. this is all about luxury, let me explain this. with reduction going away and luxury pies, billionaires going
11:24 am
to florida, they don't want to pay taxes here even with this beautiful view. you don't have the chinese buyers anymore for the saudi buyers. there are a couple of years ago, laws have changed. you can get beautiful places here, five-bedroom, six and a half bath, a lot of it is marble but a lot is handcrafted here in the u.s. these are floor to ceiling does. this is something very unique you normally don't see. you also have 24/7 concierge. if you want a disco party here, you can do it. that comes with the apartment. $26 million for all of this. interesting story.
11:25 am
>> next, connecticut where they are discounting engines. thank you. a year ago, amazon announced they were going to headquarters it would be in virginia, not new york city. house prices skyrocketed down there. what about new york? what happened here? the last then about that next. ♪
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
a few minutes ago, all-time highs on alert after the seller says members and home members. the stock was worth in this but still at 121. real retail grant was the show earlier telling us how this was effective. >> it's great. sales are up, earnings are up. the consumer is strong.
11:30 am
when you look at the numbers who can't there's an impact tariffs. >> the consumer is strong. will sales of 3.2%. >> 41% revenue versus 35%. restaurant sales are up. november 1 sets the holiday season officially. it's been fantastic already. >> -tracking differences, nearly $3 billion in sales. >> they will spend money this year. thank you. protests in local, they're just going on. for the fourth day in a row from the district of home phone has been shut down. clues schools check them until sunday. it's up five.
11:31 am
it's beginning to affect the financial industry. the big thanks and home phone to each other overnight the rates at which they plan has gone straight up. that means instability in the bayview system and home phone : for the was great thanks, jp morgan, i see this as a real problem. trouble in them thinking really spread. could it? it certainly is a problem. i was there a few weeks ago. they escalated since then. i have a team and home phone and some of them are working from home. is clearly affecting business but when you see spreads, spreading her will. this is home from issue. i don't see a resolution to it
11:32 am
for a home resolution. i don't think it is significant global implications. >> thank you. kind of concerned about stability and home, they buy new equipment lines that ease. you say after the 2020 election (will you better than us. when. >> the reason i think 2020 election, i think the trade tensions will continue but they might be thereafter. the trade tensions preferring the world more than the u.s. almost all our trading partners. there's some relief in terms of trade tensions. i think it will, however the election works out. that will help the rest of the
11:33 am
world protesters. he returned to the u.s. from we headed down to 2% growth. i think it can afford this pace for many years. it will be any faster than 2% is that will allow to outpace the rest of the world. >> are you sure about that? offered an awful lot of it was pretty thing (of things that were wrong. >> of course. it's not about demand, at least the demand increase because of 2017 tax cut. i did cook corporations consumer spending is pretty strong. we seen investments them. the big problem, we don't have workers. we expected next in jobs below 150,000.
11:34 am
you can't grow the economy. we don't have the workers in this country to get. >> there's a lot of different taxes on this. let me get yours. thank you for joining us. next, it was him. they decided to put the hq to in northern virginia, new york. in northern virginia prices went up. one is up about 30%. new york is a very different story. they didn't want new york city they didn't prices fell. frequent guest on the show doctor ben carson. you think new yorkers realize what they did? >> i think they do realize it
11:35 am
now. i suspect she really know how this works, she probably would have said something different. >> had she known, that is a slim. >> it is quite obvious she didn't understand where the money comes from. that, unfortunately people suffer consequences. >> i want to talk veterans. i know who have a program to do something about this. can you bring us up to speed? what have you done? how is it working out? >> we released some numbers last week, the number of homeless veterans has decreased by 2%. he continues downward trend, it's gone down by 50%. i was in new hampshire where they have to a particularly good
11:36 am
job, down 21% in the last year. it seems to work extraordinarily well when federal, state and local nonprofits, for-profits and faith-based community works together to create the right kind of environment. it's been particularly effective because the housing and va provides the wraparound servic services. case management and clinical services. those are the things people need to get back on their feet. we have used that model for the general population as well. that's why we created programs to help elevate people. >> when i think of homelessness, my mind turns to california immediately. you say homeless, you think california. the proportion are veterans?
11:37 am
>> i don't know the exact number. it's a significant number. if we can take care of the veterans, that will put a major dent in the numbers. we are looking at a number of options, things that we can do acutely to get them off the street but more importantly, cloture. >> you are in the trump administration. california will operate with anything you want to do? >> we always prefer to work with the state and local government. if they won't, these are still american citizens who lost hope and a lot of things. we have a responsibility to help them. i would much prefer to do it in conjunction with authorities in california but we have to take care of our citizens.
11:38 am
>> i think you are taking on such a difficult problem in our nation. a different subject. he tweeted out the nfl wants to bring him into a private training session this weekend. coming up, i have tommy on the show. former head coach. i want to know what he thinks about catholics also. elizabeth warren on our competition there. all about bashing billionaires and success. what are they up to? i thought they were a capitalist society. they are taking money from a socialist? will tell you about it next. ♪
11:39 am
11:40 am
11:41 am
11:42 am
going to bring this to your attention. police responding to active shooter situation high school in socal. fox news reports the police were searching for a suspect. we'll update as we get more news on it. our competition has taken money from elizabeth warren, it's an they are running it on cnbc. she's bashing the rich, blasting billionaires. >> she's doing it to and i guess that lately is aspiring to be billionaires. he's bad because he's a trump supporter. he says the ceo earned $70 million in the financial crisis. this tax and then use that money to pay for free college, free student healthcare.
11:43 am
i think we are supposed to roll be at now. >> is time for a wealth tax in america. [cheering] some billionaires don't support this claim. [laughter] >> it makes no sense to me. [cheering] >> a lot of people are criticizing that plan including work. >> i did the math. her wealth tax required me to pay for after the first year end then i have in cash. i sent an e-mail that will did you take into consideration liquidity when you do find this? they said no. >> doesn't make sense to a lot of people. they say proposed 12 packs the economy about 22% over a decade. the source of that is the budget
11:44 am
modeling. >> our competitors and. there socialist, was cnbc audience and attack their audience. okay. this is foxbusiness. this case, trump in alabama last weekend. before that, he was in the city. football coach and republican candidate in alabama, tommy is with us. tommy -- going straight to the people. you like this? >> i like president trump. i was at the game the other day, when you see the people in alabama standing up for our president, he's gone through a lot.
11:45 am
just a lot of friends with him. he has a few republicans in the house and senate, they are coming at him from both sides. the individual. he is. thank goodness we have in. >> : trying to get back. this. do you think teams should take a chance and bring them back that national that gives him the opportunity to do, because of the flag national anthem, people lost their lives, they deserve the respect they should get from people who make it possible.
11:46 am
chris: is the general session in the season. jeff sessions was on the last night. had to say. >> is there anything to say? >> u.s. so the word would get back. >> been in this and how this was : physical this school. all the snow. i'm trump.
11:47 am
this quote he will it was the change the way it's done in this country. >> thanks for joining us this morning. i've got a check, there want to talk down 15%. they reported the big third-quarter loss. not much money coming in. they have regulatory problems : supply and demand problems. stock down 15%.
11:48 am
they are down 9% perhaps because growth is down. i want to get to a story i fired up about. an instructor at barkley 12 people live in areas, they deserve their uncomfortable lives. she slid the trunk 2020 campaign. i want to know how the base would react to what he said. ♪
11:49 am
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11:53 am
in his bed people. i want to bring in aaron, of the campaign. i think this stuff, when you hear this, gives a huge and shot in the arm to trouble. doesn't it? >> i agree. these on each side the middle of the country is the part of america. the first americans stayed in the midwest true patriots. they are out there waiting to get off the kids and get to work. these are americans at the heart of our country. these are not bad people.
11:54 am
they don't think your idea of what america should be. this country was the heart of who we are. anybody who disagrees, they are seeing the wrong song. >> it reminds me of clinton's major gap in the 2016 campaign. racist, horrible. when you say thoughts about tens of millions of people, you lose. let me move on. i want to talk about gop fundraising tweets saying gop raised $3 million of impeachment. this. is that accurate? every time? take this unfounded and necessary to impeach duty elected president, they fuel our
11:55 am
explorers and bring supporters. the goal is $3 billion the crash that will. every time do this, they say enough. trump is job so go ahead, easier to win in 2020. >> you sound like you're getting that. >> i think it's a waste of time. we want to see results. trump has erected results. they continue to pursue becoming angry that has no basis. instead of doing their jobs like continuing to work with trump to combat the opioid epidemic they put on show after show for their base while the rest of america and giving trump a boost and not only the campaign but also
11:56 am
supporters can easily again. >> thank you for being with us. you soon. the dow is down 71 points. there will be for this. after this. problems. nobody likes problems. but why is that? at ibm, problems actually inspire us, to fix things, to change things, to push the world forward. which is why so many people who dare to take on problems work with ibm.
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11:59 am
like crazy what is the difference? is there a different market -- lauren: certain people like different sports and workouts. it is iffy market. people change their allegiance of tough stay cooled. >> once you're logged on you can get yelled up by any instructor. you can live stream classes. that is what people do when they go to a jim. stuart: what will live in infamy forever? stuart varney doing a rowing machine. we were down 105 four or five minutes ago. now we're down 67. two stocks i want to check up on. first of all, disney. earlier today on the strength of signing up 10 million people for streaming service in 24 hours, they hit $150 a share. they packed off a bit with the rest of the market. microsoft hit $148 a share. not seen that before.
12:00 pm
they backed of off a bit they're still up there, 147.38. overall the market staying close to all-time highs, impeachment and fed and china trade. time's up. neil, it's yours. neil: thank you my friend, very, very much. we're watching same things and that you are, stuart. the confusion about nancy pelosi and what she intended to say, likening this impeachment crisis now if you want to call it that to what was bedeviling richard nixon that might be a leap too far. it did indicate she is digging in here. maybe some interpreted that as a sign the house will drag this out. that this could go on and on and on. that could flip both ways. we have remarkables into. consumer weather this all just fine. we're getting into details latest walmart earnings and boffo expectations of the


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