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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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whatever happened to just conversing changing the subject? why do we need a mechanic? david: i don't want alexa in my family discussions either. they're still selling a lot of it. someone is out there buying. exciting hour. that is it for "bulls & bears." see you next time. liz: more on house democrats delaying delivering impeachment to the senate, for quote as long as it takes. tonight the debate. democrats undercut their credibility, that happening? the constitution, the senate does not need house democrat approval. just as we've been telling you, here it is. the potential democrat endgame. to delay, drive down the president's approval ratings. let the 2020 democrats for as long as they can run against trump as the quote, impeached president. also tonight, democrats 24/7 impeachment strategy. we have new details. this debate, are the house democrats now demanding the mueller probe's grand jury materials because they know
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their impeachment case is now weak? voter polls indicate half the country does not feel the articles rise to the level of impeachment. a new inquiry into allegations of biden family conflicts of interest. a new senate republican push to question former top aides to former vice president joe biden, exec tear of state john kerry to figure out who benefited from exclusive access to the obama administration. we debate. are the 2020 democrats marching into a massive walter mondale type landslide loss? we'll show you how analysts warned joe biden want to bring back the no-growth obama years with new gigantic tax hikes, double what hillary clinton wanted. we've got new government data showing exactly why trump could win again the parts of the country that were in a slump back in 2016. he won those counties by the way. we're still digging into the footnotes. finding new information how early a democrat-funded
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opposition research group behind the anti-trump steele dossier, how that group, fusion gps, was likely trying to directly feed information into the fbi probe about trump campaign officials in order to kick-start fbi spying on the trump campaign. also exactly when fbi agents started talking about, quote, not finding anything to justify continuing to spy on carter page but the fbi plowed ahead anyway. think early, really early. that is why republicans now argue even if the fbi investigation was opened legitimately, it should have been shut down long before robert mueller was appointed. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. dow, s&p, nasdaq hit record
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highs again after the house impeaches president trump. he is now the first impeachment president to run for re-election of the as nancy pelosi today should down questions about impeachment at her news conference this morning. said she does not care what republicans say about delaying the senate trial. senator lindsey graham says to nancy pelosi quote, you do not get to be house speaker and senate majority leader at the same time. let's get to journalist breaking stories around the clock on this. he is chad pergram in washington with more. good to see you. >> good to see you. we have new information that came in at the top of the hour. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has just taken to the senate floor and announced that there is an impasse, his words on what an agreement might be potentially for a senate trial. the parameters of the senate trial. mcconnell said on the senate floor just couple moments ago what is their leverage, meaning democrats for something we don't want. the question why is nancy pelosi
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wants to hold on the articles of impeachment before she sends them across the capitol for the senate? she want a fair trial. she doesn't want the playing field tilted in favor of the president with the republican controlled senate. the articles of impeachment will not be set across the building until at least january of the house conducted the final roll call vote today. members voted out of the capitol. it was jailbreak as members ran for the train station, ran for the airport. house speaker nancy pelosi was rather defensive when asked questions today about why the house was willing to hold on to articles of impeachment. listen. >> on this subject i said this is it. >> to that end you talked and criminal sized senator mcconnell -- >> any other questions? anybody want to talk about mexico free-trade agreement. anybody care about that? reporter: republicans are seizing on pelosi not sending articles of impeachment to the senate. here is house minority leader
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kevin mccarthy of california. >> the speaker of us who is so embarrassed she admits failure of impeachment she will not send it to the senate. so embarrassed i watched in her press conference she wouldn't take your questions. that is not a good legacy to have. she is admitting defeat not sending it. reporter: she can hold on to the articles indesk. there is no rule when you have to send them over. other big issue on capitol hill, the day in washington, house of representatives passed the usmca. that is the trade pact with mexico and canada. the vote was 385 to 41. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has indicated he will not take up the usmca this year and won't do it until there is a senate trial that has been completed. this idea of holding on to articles of impeachment could influence that. one of the most anti-trade democrat in the house of representatives is marsky
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captor. she is from ohio. she voted against the trade pact. she said usmca will to the bring 155 jobs lost to outsourcing after nafta. it does nothing for our farmers suffering under president trump's trade wars. another busy day on capitol hill but the house and senate will be both out momentarily until the new year. back to you. liz: chad pergram, great reporting. breaking news again. thank you, sir. thanks for coming on. you just heard chad reporting that senator mitch mcconnell says they are at an impasse. democrats talking about delaying, delivering to the senate trial for, articles of impeachment quote, as long as it takes. so they kind of tried to delay a swift acquittal. here is the endgame, we've been reporting, predicting this for some time on our show. democrats continually discredit president trump as quote, impeached president as the move goes in now to the 2020 election. drive down his approval ratings. let 2020 democrats run against
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an impeached president. is this fight now heading to the supreme court? let's bring in next guest heritage foundation legal fellow john malcolm. great to see you. reaction on this breaking news happening now? >> i think it is remarkable. the house democrats did not allow the house republicans to call witnesses who they wanted to call. they called the shots in terms of setting rules in the house and now they want to call the shots for the rules in the senate. constitution gives the house the sole power to impeach and the senate the sole power to try impeachments. nancy pelosi is trying to leverage these allegations to try to take control of the senate process. the senate, will not and should not let her compromise the senate's independence or its own constitutional prerogatives. liz: it undercuts the whole push for impeachment. doesn't a fair trial apply to the accused, not the accuser?
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is this more guilty until proven innocent? does president trump need to seek a mandamus from the u.s. supreme court to get his constitutional and due process rights to speedy trial? you know what i mean? >> i don't know the supreme court will step in at this stage. this is certainly guilt by accusation. equivalent of a prosecutor bringing charges, saying i've damaged the reputation of the person who is accused. i will try to tar and feather hem in the press. i will let them have the day in court. that is blatantly as partisan as it gets, i don't think the american people, any fair-minded american will stand for that. liz: feels unconstitutional. democrats like adam schiff and nancy pelosi talked for weeks about the urgency of impeachment and you know, that they needed to stop president trump, needed to urgently do this. listen to what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said today. watch this. >> by the speaker's own standards, the standards she
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set, she has failed the country. the case is not compelling, not overwhelming and as a result, not bipartisan. the failure was made clear to everyone earlier this week when senator schumer began searching for ways the senate could step out of our proper role and try to fix the house democrats failures for them. it was made even more clear last night when speaker pelosi suggested that house democrats may be too afraid, too afraid to even transmit their shoddy work product to the senate. liz: so, accused of violating their own precedents and their own rules. and now, trying to do, tell the senate how to do its job. do you think that senator mitch mcconnell and the senate can go ahead with it anyway and maybe the democrats are just boycott it? what do you think? >> i think what they can try to do is amend the rules to say the house of representatives has to
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present the articles of impeachment within a date certain. if they don't do so, then the case would be summarily dismissed for wont of prosecution. impeachment is an extraordinary remedy. because the house of representatives and senate believes there is miscreant so bad in the oval office we can't wait until the next election. the person has to be removed immediately. the house is undercutting all arguments saying, maybe we can hold off until the next election. if you were going to do that, why did you undertake the impeachment inquiry that has been gut-wrenching for the country in the first place. liz: i want to ask my team, start showing that how just six months after the president was inaugurated democrats, nine times, introduced impeachment articles or resolutions to impeach. pop that up as we talk about what is happening right now with senate republicans, lindsey graham, chuck grassley, ron johnson. they're all, sir, john, they're talking about planning to
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reportedly interview at least five former top aides to former vice president joe biden and exec tear of state john kerry, benefited from exclusive access to the obama administration. your reaction to that story? >> yeah. no, look, you don't find what you don't look for and the democrats narrative is this is all debunked and discredited. i think there is a prima facie case that is worth investigating about exactly what was going on with burisma and hunter biden and joe biden. if the house is unwilling to take it up, they will play these sorts of games with respect to articles much impeachment perhaps the senate will take this up. liz: these former obama officials reportedly met with burisma lobbiests in 2015 an 2016. reportedly senator lindsey graham has been talking about timing of those meetings and the pressure campaign that followed in which joe biden
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reportedly demanded ukraine fire its top prosecutor who at the time was looking into burisma for corruption. joe biden has denied acting with his son's interests in mind. your reaction to that? >> there is no question in december of 2015 "the new york times" reported that victor shukin prosecutor general, equivalent of their attorney general in ukraine was investigating burisma and the president and founder. in february of 2016 they raided his home and seized his assets immediately after that burisma's lobbyists is trying to get high-level meetings at the state department, invoking hunter biden's name. vice president biden is on the phone repealedly with victor poroshenko. victoria knew lynn demands poroshenko be fired. show kin is fired and sign an ad an affidavit when he was let go he was told the reason he was
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let go is because the bidens were unhappy that this investigation was going on. now, those are facts. there may be explanations for those facts. perhaps the bidens are as pure as newly fallen snow but it is at least warrants an investigation. liz: show "the hill" magazine is now reporting quote, democrat fear trump could win re-election despite impeachment. president has tied his highest approval rating under "qunnipiac polling." more voters, according to cnn polls and gallop polls show voters opposed to impeachment even after the hearings. we're now, it seems, in the mode of preemptive impeachment to stop the president from being elected. let's talk about this. is it your sense that house democrats now know that their present impeachment case is weak and that is why they are now asking the d.c. court of appeals to get the mueller grand jury probe materials released to them so they can start another round
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of impeachment? >> well, i don't know whether they think the case is weak. one thing for sure they have known from the beginning there was no way based on evidence that they have, the president was going to be convicted in the senate and removed from office and they're trying to keep alive the narrative the fix is in. that that is a dirty guy. he is withholding evidence. they're going to try to string this out as long as possible. but they went down this road. they have filed these charges. having now filed these charges, the president is entitled to his day in court and that court is in the well of the senate. liz: we should just remind, this is a reporting we've been finding, at least a dozen exculpatory statements by ukrainian leaders saying they didn't even know about a quid pro quo that the military was being stalled and held up. they didn't know the public reporting until the end of august. final word, john? >> president zelensky said he didn't feel particularly pressured. at the end of the day not only
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did the ukrainians get $391 million congress prepare rayed, they got another 30 odd mill dollars najaf vin anti-tank missiles to use against the russians that the obama administration refused to provide. liz: thank you, john. iran violated nuclear deal, they are on a schedule. the update how iran might ratchet up those nuclear deal violations right before the november 2020 elections to potentially disrupt that race. the story next. ♪. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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and will it keep me in the holiday spirit? yes! with comfort and joy. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. don't miss the final days. 0 % interest for 48 months on all smart beds ends tuesday. liz: markets shrugging off impeachment in new ways to new highs. gerri willis at big board. >> stocks closing at record highs across the board as investors completely ignore the impeachment of president trump. the dowing up 137 point, s&p up 14, the nasdaq up 59, notching the longest winning streak in 10 months. meanwhile nike reporting after-hours beat on the top and bottom line. the company says they have higher product costs largely due to tariffs on north american goods. but china sales grew a whopping 20%. apple looking to expand content on apple plus tv.
6:20 pm
the tech giant reportedly exploring deals with the owner of james bond franchise, mgm holdings and the pac-12 athletic conference. analysts investors like the news back to you. >> thank you, gerri. iran has sated that they have a schedule for violating iran nuclear deal. if iran sticks to the schedule reducing compliance of the nuclear deal every two month that means iran will have six more opportunity to ratchet up its march to a nuclear bomb. that means right up to the november elections. okay. let's get to trey yingst in jerusalem with more. trey? reporter: liz, iranians are continuing to break key terms of the 2015 nuclear agreement. today announcing they are testing two new centrifuges capable of enriching uranium 10 times faster than the current rate. the step unveiled by iranian
6:21 pm
president rouhani brings iran closer to nuclear weapon. the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal leading iran to begin provocative nuclear action. last month, as iran marked the 40th anniversary of the iran hostage crisis, the head of iran's nuclear program announced that his country is operating twice the amount of advanced centrifuges as previously known. the united states continues to pressure iran with heavy sanctions, even targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei. the sanctions have not iran from continuing nuclear development and launching attacks against western oil infrastructure in places like saudi arabia and persian gulf. >> translator: economic sanctions have turned into the tool of domineering hegemony and bullying the muslim world. to stop the domination of the american financed dollars and
6:22 pm
american financial regime. reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo applied new sanctions on iran and visa restrictions in response to severe human rights violations over the past two months. liz? liz: trey yingst in jersey. thank you so much. coming up we're digging into foot notes of doj watchdog report, finding new information how early a democrat-funded operation research coming out of fusion gps, the group behind the anti-trump steele dossier, how that group was trying to directly feed information about trump campaign officials to the fbi to really kick-start its probe of the trump campaign. think early. think really, really early when this all started. coming up. ♪. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. liz: welcome back. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. you've watching the fox business network. let's welcome to the show former california republican
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gubernatorial candidate john cox. good to see you, john. >> hi, liz. great to be with you. happy holidays. liz: same to you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. liz: look at this data. u.s. bureau of economic analysis shows nearly half the u.s. counties that candidate trump won in 2016 were at or near, in recession or growing five-year low, 1%. that is about, that is half of what the counties that hillary clinton won, the rate they were growing. president trump's road map is battleground states, john, he is doing it again. >> we have the lowest level of black and late teen unemployment in the history. he cast cut taxes, wayne gains for factory worker ion worker, young person getting out of college and getting a job. it's a great tame for america. our standing around the world is much higher. i think he should run on that
6:28 pm
record. liz: here is new thing. new "qunnipiac poll" found nearly six out of 10 americans we are better off financial since trump took office. fidel investments, more than eight out of 10 americans they're in similar or better financial position than last year. democrats debates are tonight, john. viewership is down 2/3 of miami debate held last summer. are they about to march into a massive, walter mondale landslide loss? >> actually walter mondale and george mcgovern in 1972, he lost 49 states. doing the same things. morn dale wanted to raise taxes. mcgovernor return wanted to hand out money and redistribute. the people of this country don't want that. they want a chance. they want an opportunity. they want a chance to climb the economic ladder. that is what this country is all about. they don't want somebody coming into the office putting in policies discredited over the
6:29 pm
ages. we don't want to become venezuela. we see what degradation is like when the economy would be like that. that is why mcgovern lost. mondale lost and frankly these democrat will lose as well. liz: to your point, joe biden, "the wall street journal" is pointing out he want to bring back the no-growth obama years with even worse tax hikes, 3.4 trillion tax hikes over a decade. that is more than double what hillary clinton campaigned on. >> no question about it. we don't want to repeat. biden was part of that whole thing. this economy would be growing a lot more if we weren't doing what we were doing with china. we have to stand up for ourselves, both economically and militarily against china. they have great designs on surpassing this country. we want the united states to be the leading light of the world. that is very important for freedom and liberty around the world. we can't let china take over the far east and certainly not the rest of the world.
6:30 pm
liz: to your point, i hear what you're saying, when you look at what the democrats are going to be talking about tonight. massive increase in regulatory burden than under obama. under obamacare, dodd-frank. "green new deal," single-payer government take over of health care, free college, universal basic income. that means regulation and massive government programs. >> if you want to see an example in america of how that is really hurt the massive government and increased regulation, look what is going on in california. gavin newsom is leading a state that has rent control now. it has more regulations on workers. and people are leaving the state and businesses are leaving the state. people can't afford to live here. what we should be doing, trying to reduce regulations so that we can make things more affordable for people, so they can actually buy a house and pay their electric bill and have enough water to live. and that is not what is being delivered in sacramento.
6:31 pm
liz: okay. >> we certainly don't want that in max politics as well. liz: let's move on this, president trump's supporters, they say they don't like president trump's personal attacks, they like his policies. republicans like lindsey graham, saying quote wrong and out of bounds to ridicule late democratic representative john dingell. michigan republican paul mitchell said it was cruel attack. whatever you think about john dingell policies, hearing from representative debbie dingell. john dingell passed away and can't defend yourself. your response. >> i don't know why the president kneels the need to do that. stand on his record. the stand for america around the
6:32 pm
world. gains of wages on part of working people in michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania, all of these battleground states. i worry that a lot of these statements that he is making are going to turn off some level of those voters who are undecided. i don't think he needs to do it to keep the base. his base loves judges and standing up for the american worker that he has been doing but, some of these statements are used by politicians like newsome to distract people from bad policies. he ought to be talking about the great policies that he has presided over and stay away from the personal attacks. liz: okay. john, great to see you. thanks so much for coming in. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. great to be with you. liz: coming up attorney general bill barr tells fox news that u.s. attorney john durham is not just looking at the fbi in his criminal probe of the origins of the russia probe. the attorney general now says that prosecutor durham is quote, looking at other agencies and
6:33 pm
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liz: look who is here. lou dobbs joins us now with a preview of what is coming up next on his show. lou. >> liz, thank you very of. the latest on impeachment. republican chair rona mcdaniel joins us, prosecutor, independent counsel, robert ray. citizens united president david bossie on the republican response to what they see the greatest affront in american political history. "washington examiner" columnist byron york joins us as well. we'll take up issues of national security and balanced trade with china, talking with hudson institute's dr. michael pillsbury. we hope you join us for all of that. of course, much, much more. liz? liz: jam-packed show. >> great to see you. liz: let's head to the criminal probe, russia probe by u.s.
6:38 pm
attorney john durham. attorney general william barr told fox news that the u.s. prosecutor john durham is probing beyond the fbi. watch this. >> he is in the just looking at the fbi. he is looking at other agencies and also private departments and also private actors. and, so it's a much broader investigation. he is looking at all of the conduct, both before and after the election. liz: this as the doj watchdog report, remember we are digging into the footnotes, shows that an fbi agent used a routine intelligence briefing in august of 2016, to spy on then candidate trump and then campaign advisor michael flynn for the russia probe. michael flynn, he is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to making false statements to the fbi. he is still fighting his case. welcome to the show, michael flynn's attorney, former u.s. prosecutor sidney powell. thanks for joining us, sydney.
6:39 pm
>> thank you, liz. liz: is there any indication that u.s. prosecutor john durham is probing criminal charges for what happened with your client? >> not necessarily, but it would be hard for him to look very deeply into the entire russia collusion mess and how it was all put together without coming across things that are going to be helpful to general flynn. i mean we know that there were cia involvement. i think mr. durham has mr. must have -- mifsud's telephone and he was western asset. there may be information that could be helpful. we know from the inspector general report stunning things went on that we had no idea had happened. liz: did fbi official ever apprise michael flynn of his miranda rights prior to the 2016 briefing that your client attended with then candidate trump? because senator john cornyn says it is dangerous for federal cops to not, basically not tell the
6:40 pm
people they're talking to that anything they say could be used against them in an investigation, potentially involving criminal charges? did he get his miranda rights? >> of course not. that didn't happen either time he was interviewed then or in the white house of the original interview was completely surreptitious. no one knew that an fbi agent was there to collects information against president trump or director flynn. director wray said that will never happen again. that is outrageous abuse of fbi power. >> it is unconstitutional. we reported that the doj watchdog found the obama administration did know about the fbi probe in 2016. we're digging into the story in the next segment. the obama twice decided not to give heads up about the probe
6:41 pm
into his campaign. something came out we had not seen before. i-f horowitz could not rule out political bias in the page investigation, prompting of it. watch this. >> was it your conclusion that political bias did not affect any part of the page investigation, any part of crossfire hurricane, is that what you concluded? >> i did not reach that? >> i could have sworn, i heard that today from this committee, that is not your conclusion? >> we have been very careful in connection with the fisas for the reasons you mentioned to not reach that conclusion. liz: so, what he is saying is, so many errors, repeated to mislead, lie to the fisa court, trying to find out motivation for all of those problems. not just incompetency it seems. it seems like a political agenda. if horowitz is not ruling that out? >> no, he is not definitely ruling that out. anyone looking at all the evidence can certainly draw
6:42 pm
their own conclusions about how and why all of this happened. i imagine, mr. durham and attorney general barr will get additional evidence that is even more damning that what we've seen so far. liz: okay. michael horowitz, the ig, was so alarmed he fears there are systemic problems with the fbi process. he launched a broader review of fbi use of the fisa court. do you see this as a systemic problem? we have republican devin nunez saying twice last year, he told the fisa court about the fbi problems, and nothing happened. your response to all of that? >> it is a very serious problem. the fisa judges have been rubberstamping anything that the fbi has put in front of them. there was no probable cause recited in the steele dossier or fisa application for carter page to the extent we've seen it unredacted. there isn't a single first-hand allegation of any wrongdoing that would have flown in any search warrant i've done and
6:43 pm
hundreds i have done in my career. it is absolutely appalling. i would encourage the fisa court, stand up now, do something meaningful to stop this kind of conduct, and enforce their own standards like hold these people in contempt, bar them from practicing in front of the court, expose their names to everyone. what would be really good, if they would invalidate the search warrants. they can go back and declare those fisa warrant absolutely unacceptable and invalid. liz: so you're saying throw the book at them? >> exactly. because this has been going on, according to rosemary collier's decision for several years. liz: unconstitutional issue we're talking about. sydney powell, come back soon. love having you on. former federal prosecutor, sydney powell, michael flynn's attorney. good to see you. >> thank you, liz. liz: we're digging into the footnotes finding more information how early a democrat funded opposition research group
6:44 pm
behind the anti-trump steele dossier was trying to directly feed information about trump campaign officials in to the fbi probe of the trump campaign. think every, think really, really early. this story next. (thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums
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♪. liz: we're finding even more detail in the footnotes of the doj-ig watchdog report on just how bad fbi spying abuses were on the trump campaign. doj-ig horowitz testified he found evidence that fbi agents new as early as january 2017 there was no reason to continue spying on carter page but they plowed ahead on spying until december of 2017. watch this. >> we have agents talking with one another why is page even a subject anymore? liz: okay. so let's, we're watching timeline with this too. january 2017, they knew there was no need to continue spying on carter page. that was the month james comey briefed the president about the anti-trump steele dossier. remember carter page was never charged with anything. remember that, comey arranged for the steele dossier to be leaked to the media to get the
6:49 pm
mueller robe started. federal prosecutor jim trusty, your reaction, sir. >> you're right to focus on the footnotes. the inspector general drops absolute bombs in the footnotes from time to time. they're unwilling to use circumstantial evidence and looking at ab, c, and adds up. they say things, we interviewed christopher steele, told us he had no an my must against the president. like the japanese after pearl harbor saying my bad. amazing they have moments like that, but that is structurally what is frustrating about a injector general, they're unwilling to go beyond pieces of paper, straight faced interview without serious cross-examination. liz: to your point, watch the timeline, by january '77 the fbi had been told by christopher steele's main source, that steele's main source disagreed
6:50 pm
with steele's reporting that steele was quote exaggerating misstating. that the steele does say was talk just over beers. take it with a grain of salt. multiple levels of hearsay upon hearsay. republicans say if the fbi investigation was opened legitimately in sum of 2017, it should have been shut down before mueller was appointed. clearly more footnotes, the doj-ig report shows that the anti-steele dossier really kick-started, directly kick-started the fbi trump russia collusion probe. one fbi agent said this started out as counterintelligence but once we got the steele reporting it kicked into high gear of trump russia collusion. your reaction to that. >> remember the criminal referral, the only criminal referral that came out of inspector general report for a lawyer who wanted to railroad the steele dossier getting towards the fisa court. they had an internal review.
6:51 pm
they said you're not there yet on your evidence. one of the lawyers affirmatively alleged to lie to get it past the internal review to go to the court. one thing to remember about all of this, nobody expected daylight. if they don't charge mr. page, it is not going to see court, right? liz: that is a good point. >> they never really expected, look, it all goes to the heart of it, the inspector general needs to ask why, and he doesn't ask why. liz: john durham will ask why. "rolling stone" matt taibbi pointing out what we found, gps, they were behind the steele dossier, they tried to get information about trump campaign workers into the fbi probe as early as july 2016. again the timeline here. the timeline is this, that is right when the dnc emails were hacked and leaked. the democrats wept on the move. they went right into action of the started feeding sketchy information into the fbi to
6:52 pm
launch the trump campaign probe. that is when president obama found out about the probe. what do you make of all this? >> remember the culture at the fbi leadership, i don't mean the rink and file, but the leadership, jim comey they had symbiotic relationship by having special employees leak things to the "new york times." no wonder the democrat would think, hey, we can get stuff over the wall to the fbi that will help us politically. it was a convenient relationship. one that was bad for law enforcement and extremely bad for this investigation. liz: i want to move on to this. the horowitz report also contradicts what cia chief john brennan had testified to in may of 2017. that he was quote, aware of intelligence about contacts between russia officials and u.s. persons that served as a basis for the fbi probe. so he is going on the airwaves, right, saying that this is what's happening. trump russia collusion. here is what the ig found out. he asked comey and mccabe about that and comey and basically saying that no, john brennan is wrong.
6:53 pm
that he did provide information about the overarching theme of russian meddling but nothing that predicated or prompted the fbi's trump russia probe. so here we have, a lot of topspin going on in media at this time, and, sir, your final point, issue is it feels like the country has been misled about what was really happening behind the scenes. >> we certainly didn't get what we deserved from law enforcement and intel community which is the best of the best. now we have two people of suspect credibility pointing at each other for inconsistency. that is a tough choice between those two. liz: jim, come back soon. great analysis. good to see you. next up the trump administration is expected to issue new rules to bar convicted illegal aliens indicted for misdemeanors like drug possession from coming into the u.s. that story next. a new brokerage account,
6:54 pm
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>> we have breaking news, u.s. customs and homeland security discovered another drug cartel tunnel from mexico into arizona. just south of tucson. this is the third tunnel in a month. authorities seized hundreds of pounds of math, pounds of white heroin, cocaine, more than six and half pounds of fat and all.
6:58 pm
we reported 2 million milligrams of fentanyl could kill some buddy. texas congressman, yet another tunnel. >> absolutely. this tells you the drug cartels are still running the show on the border and i really, really am still advocating that they be designated as foreign terrorist organizations. i am proud of the border patrol and one other authorities were involved, maybe local people i don't know but i'm glad they have found this and i'm sure there's other out there that we have not discovered. >> this is the gang that gets vilified in the media and by democrats. >> absolutely. they want to abolish ice for goodness sakes. and they don't want to provide beds for border patrol to put people in that come in illegally. here we go, and the last fiscal year up till last september we took in 1 million illegal aliens
6:59 pm
in the inundation of our country by these people who are here illegally, many, many many of them are criminals and the president has been doing a really great job of trying to have operations to deport these people, we have over 1 million illegals that are ready been adjudicated and the democrats don't want them to be removed. we looked at the sanctuary city policies and the number of victimized americans, murders, rapes, robberies and it's incredible how the average american how much is being big mice, they would want this border security and that the biggest issue in my district. >> 22 million illegal immigrants are in this country, the u.s. is a generous nation. we have a welcome open arms. a final were quickly. >> we are too generous.
7:00 pm
we want to be too generous and helpful for a little man but we have to watch out for americans. when you have dead and robbed americans that has to stop. >> we have to leave it there thank you. lou dobbs is next ♪ ♪ >> good evening everybody, president trump energetically rallying as enthusiastic supporters in battle creek michigan and around the country for that matter last night. the democratic party today did nohas done what it has for the past three years, stared again into the abyss as radical dems in the left media concocted more bizarre and sinister narratives, speaker publicity declared she would hold up the articles of impeachment the dems have passed and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today declared pelosi


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