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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  January 15, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow. and for tonight, good night from washington. [♪] [♪] trish: the leftist globalist media conglomerate cnn has spoken. the media's money is on open border loving socialist elizabeth warren. that's who they decided should become the 46th president of the united states. they talked about climate change and how much they december spice donal --how much they despise dd trump. >> democratsr i democrats in coe
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wasting america's time. they are starting to get nervous.obae really quite nervous about whether there is any connection with donald trump. >> this race has been gentle. whoever is coming out the other side is wing against donald trump. >> there was no one i saw tonight who would be able to take donald trump out. trish: maybe that's why they think's a king that needs to be dethroned. >> they may as well give him a crown. the last time i checked our country was found on this idea we didn't want to be ruled by a king.
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>> the founders feared the return after man cashive in america. trish: i'm not going bore you with a lot more of that debate other than to point out this. cnn has spoken. warren is their gal. just so the world is totally clear on that. they did this. >> senator sanders i do want to be clear here. you are saying you never told senator warren that a woman could not win the election. >> that's correct. >> senator warren what did you think when senator sanders told you you could not win the election. trish: did you hear that? how's that for bias. it's not just irresponsible. it's malpractice. you shouldn't be surprised. we live in an age where the rival network to cnn, msnbc
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prides itself on not having both sides. >> trump wants you to watch cnn instead of msnbc. because he knows on msnbc there will be no one defending him. because we don't bring on liars. i don't do that. trish: you don't hear the other side if you have watch lawrence. journalist malpractice all around. what would an elizabeth warren presidency look like? i have two words for you. check disaster. i will say it again, loud and clear. economic disaster. as for the rest of it. hard to know because she lies so much. >> i was visibly pregnant which meant the principal gave handshake, wished you well and hired someone else for the job. >> her father my papa had high
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cheek bones like all of the indians do. trish: i have a feeling we'll be playing that more than a few times the next few months. there will be people saying i'm sexist for calling out elizabeth warren. for the record, i am not. i don't think she can win. but it has nothing to do with the back that she is a woman, and everything to do with her having the wrong policies for our country. voters don't trust her because of those lies. this actually has nothing do to do withien der. i'll tell you as well that bernie sanders a white man cannot win. not because he's a white man but because he has a total live show for policies as well. >> we can make public colleges and universities tuition free. 3 months paid family and medical leave.
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all stud death debt would be canceled in six months. healthcare is a right of all people. not a privilege. tuition free free free free free. trish: free. nothing is free. all that said, i would appreciate an honest, fair fight. but with cth , n anointing -- with cnn anointing warren the media is trying to tell the election from bernie sanders. >> i didn't think his answer, vis-a-vis elizabeth warren was particularly good. he was largely dismissive. >> to have him say that it wasn't enough for the women watching. >> bernie clinched. he did not want to fight it anymore, but she won.
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trish: kevin mccarthy thinks this impeachment holdup had something to do withholding bernie. >> senator sanders has a chance to win. but not now that nancy pelosi held these documents. there was nothing gained. it goes against everything she said. and if you look at the true political nature of why. to harm one campaign and give a benefit to another. trish: remember four years ago on the eve of the democrat party convention the head of the dnc had to resign because emails proved bernie sanders was being cheated out of the nomination by his own party. even candidate donald trump night. president trump: at some point doesn't bernie sanders get tired of it in they are calling him all these names and they are cheating on him.
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the dnc rigged the democratic primary process to take it away from bernie and give it to hillary clinton. bernie, the system was rigged. it was rigged against bernie sanders. trish: and it's happening again. elizabeth warren is the beneficiary. that's tonight's intel. joining me, author of elizabeth warren, how her presidency would destroy the middle class. you are right on. it would destroy it. but why do they like her so much? >> there is a problem where they live and their cross pollination. one of the things bernies people are saying about her. her supporters are cosmopolitan. it's in academia it's an elite kind of following. i don't think she the commands the same sort of almost
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grassroots support bernie has generated. >> she had that before and hillary clinton got the nomination. >> i don't think there was enough numbers for him to close it. it's still incredibly radical. trish: i look at it and i say i just want to win. they said they want to win. but they don't really want to win because they are putting up people who are socialist. this woman, what would she do to our country and our economy if she were to become president. >> there is a tension between rank and file democrats who are center left, but i don't think they are all radicals and extremist like this. that media establishment, where the party is right now, the center of gravity got pulled left. even reasonably moderate
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democrats are saying things they never would have said. trish: being pulled because of an irresponsible media. lawrence o'donnell doesn't want to hear from the other side. >> they are a lot more transparent about it. they are unashamed where they are. to your point prag thattically -- pragmatically. biden will have to make that case. but part of me looks at it and says do warn and sanders want to win? it's still joe's to lose according to the polls. trish: maybe we have time to show you some clips. what's going on with him? he's not the man he used to be. not that he was ever all that much. but he's struggling against
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donald trump he's really going to have a tough time. he just did nothing. he seems very disengaged and slow and boring. the whole debate was very boring. the most exciting part of the debate is when the candidates are walk off stage and elizabeth warren won't shake bernie sanders' hand. bernie sanders didn't say it. does anyone think he would say that? it doesn't make any sense. trish: there is tape of him in the 1980s saying the exact opposite. >> he brought that up last night. i think that backfired on warren. trish: they are trying to divide and conquer. now it's male-female. we'll talk about that later on in the show. it's the wrong thing to do.
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and we should be united as a country. nothing to do with our being a woman and everything to do with lousy policy. lousy stinky policy. send us down into the gutter. >> the division on race and gender. but what they are doing and class is just as unforgivable. treating every successful person as though their villain. and telling middle class people you can't get ahead. trish: at our core we are optimists as americans. congrats on the book. good to see you. why is alec baldwin the acting moral campus for liberals. >> am rude little pig you are. you are a rude thoughtfest little pig. trish: the anti-truck hollywood actor is saying trump's voters are causing a moral collapse of
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our country. this is the guy who called his 11-year-old daughter a thoughtless little pig. i'm calling that phoney out. valentine's days day is coming up. >> he's donald trump's worst nightmare, michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti. thank you very much. >> he's out there saving the country. trish: he's in big trouble again. but first president trump mentioned it last night. president obama's national security advisor siding with trump on soleimani's killing. 'so tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you!
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trish: new calls for protests in iran. the brutal regime massacred 1,500 innocent people who dared to spank. and shot down a plane filled with its own people right out of its own air space. president trump: i warned the
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ayatollah and the government of iran that they must not harm, hurt or kill any protesters. the whole world is watching. is watching. we support the iranian people and their courageous struggle for freedom it's incredible what's going on. we are watching closely. and we were ready. trish: the president agreeing boris johnson who said this about any future iran deal. >> let's replace it and let's replace it with the true deal. president trump is a great deal maker. let's work -- together to replace the jcpoa and get the trump deal instead. trish: on twitter the president agreed. but how do you negotiate anything with the iranian
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regime. a regime that just sent word that they would kill europeans and any european soldiers they could because they backed out of the nuclear deal. >> once you are in the business of assassination, you unleash some very, very terrible forces. >> the as assassination of quassem soleimani. >> i don't think it was justified by the intelligence that i have seen. >> part of a group that our federal government has designated as a terrorist. the question though is what's the right response. and the response that donald trump has picked is the most incendiary. trish: they are on the wrong side of history especially when president obama's own national security advisor said president
8:19 pm
trump was correct to take out soleimani. >> what the administration did in the soleimani case is absolutely correct. as articulated by the president, it's a potential jim change. i would not let up or listen to the appeasers of the world. this is a powerful step. i think history will say that this was the right thing to do. trish: history will say that. joining me right thousand, iranian-american, democratic strategist. ara aramis. you have been passionate about this. and you say donald trump did the right thing. >> i hate to say this. but when somebody is right, they are right. here is the thing. jim jones is a four tar marine general. -- a four star marineien. there are democrats not speak
8:20 pm
up. people like madeleine albright. they are hard court national security democrats. i get why they are trying to appease the base. but at the end of the day there are big issues with the islamic republic of iran. no administration has had a strategy plan to deal with the islamic republic. it's always been tactical and short term. while the islamic republic of iran is homicidal. it's not suicidal. when they feel the need they will come to the table and negotiate. but do you want to keep them or not keep them. trish: i look at it. ilhan omar talking about how children are going to be the victims here and she knows what
8:21 pm
that's like. >> i know what this toll of war looks like. if i do not speak up for the child who is going to be displaced because of conflict, who will. the trauma of war is not only felt by soldiers in the battlefield. it's felt by the children who are huddled under beds as bombs go off outside their windows. trish: ari i addressed this issue asking about our american kids whose family members are robbed fighting this mess or trying to protect our embassies. let me ask you about the iranian kids she is pretending to care about. it seems if you wanted to prevent conflict, you would do something to protect them from
8:22 pm
that horrific regime. you think about the 1,500 people recently slaughtered. >> the issue is who you see at fault, is it the islamic revolution that brought a government to power and exported revolutionary ideology which is anti-american. or do you blame the american reaction to it. i wasn't a fan when president trump pulled out of the iranian nuclear deal. but the islamic misbehavior started with the hostage crisis. trish: why would she side with the iranian regime over the youths america. >> the issue with ilhan omar. because i have had it. or barbara lee. fundamentally they are not a fan of american presence he overseas. they are against foreign policy. trish: and you have had it with
8:23 pm
her. >> i think america has been a force for good. yes we made our fair share of mistakes. but having said that overall we have done well and protected commerce and brought liberty to so many countries. trish: ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, alexandria ocasio-cortez and the rest of them realize that, the better. remember when alec baldwin called his then 11-year-old daughter a thoughtless little pig. >> a rude little pig you really are. you are a rude, thoughtlets little pig. now he's saying it's trump voters who are causing a moral collapse of our country. you will want to hear the comments from this guy. great to see democrats discussing the issues and not
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8:29 pm
to public university i'm okay with that. but we need to talk about the bigger economic picture. that's how we build an economy and bring down the national debt. you do university childcare you have got a lot ofm mama's who can work and finish their education. trish: then there are moments like this when she thinks we'll gain women's votes with higher taxes. we have a chance to unite as democrats and also with independents and republicanstrir taxes. but it's all about sticking it to you. she is sounding like someone else we all know who is not exactly a rocket scientist. >> once you get to the tippy top
8:30 pm
on your 10 millionth dollar. medicare for all would save the american people a lodge amount of money. isn't 10 million enough? when does it stop? capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not always exist in the world. trish: she went to boss tomorrow university. where as high school kids i knew in new hampshire used to say, p.u. joining me wright now, arizona republican congressman andy biggs. she wants to expand expand expand. but nothing adds up. >> they can't understand deficits or national debt.
8:31 pm
they can't understand probably their own checkbook and own credit cards. the reality is they are going to promise everything to every american. trish, you and i both know this. if government is giving something to somebody, that means they are taking it from somebody else. and it's not voluntary. it will be by coercion. trish: i think they do understand. she is making hundreds of thousands of dollars. she came out with a back to. she was getting big money while teaching. i think fundamentally they know the whole idea of earning a living. but they are choosing. they are choosing to come up with fictitious math, aoc math i will call it. there is no responsible. you don't have to add or subtract anything.
8:32 pm
it doesn't make any sense. i think it's not just that they are stupid. but they are actually trying to manipulate people into thinking we can give you all this. we can give you free education and free everything. >> sure. i mean, there is a lot of manipulation that goes on from the left. i do it this way. the left side of things is a visceral or emotional approach to life. you are right. some of them know. not all of them know. but certainly elizabeth warren knows what's what. she knows her plan does not add up whatsoever. but the reality is, she believes that if she panders to a base and promises things. does she believe she can deliver those goods? if she believes she can deliver those goods, who will batter
8:33 pm
burden. trish: she'll kill our economy. i'm not motivated by anything other than i want what's good for our economic and good for our stock market and good for american workers so they have a chance at retirement. it's not partisan. it's economic. you know what? her plan stinks. it stinks. it would decimate our economy. bernie's plan would decimate our economy. people should know that. let me turn to the other big story of the day. here is nancy pelosi doubling down on her rick rick. >> this president d her rhetoric. >> this president is impeached for life. he will be impeached forever. when somebody is impeached, they are always impeached. it cannot be erased. trish: she wants to keep saying that. i think she wants to
8:34 pm
overcompensate because she knows this is going nowhere. >> she knows in the senate this won't result in removal. in the history books this goes down it says impeachment. there will be an asterisk explaining in a footnote that this was a sham and they had failed to prove their case in the senate, but not only that, that they basically made up evidence and they had no charges, no crimes, nothing. and this was an embarrassment that divide the country. i think she'll end up with a footnote in history. she'll lose congress two times as speaker of the house. that's never been done before in the history of the country. trish: it's important for the president and economic policies he's trying to put in. there is a lot of good work legislatively that can be done and should be done. but he needs the four years and
8:35 pm
the house and that in order to do it. congressman biggs. it's good to see you. is this person the best candidate to be our nation's moral compass. >> what a rude little pig you are. you are a rude, thoughtless little pig. trish: alec baldwin thinks he is. he thinks it isn't him, it's trump voters who are the cause of moral decay. you will want to hear her reaction as well as alec baldwin's comments after this. f! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you?
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8:40 pm
supporters on just about everything. including this, the desecration of american ideals and the moral compass of this country fall squarely in the lap of trump supporters and trump himself. it kind of reminds me of this one. >> you could put after of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. trish: here is what hillary clinton and alec baldwin do not get. people who support donald trump who the kind of people who made this country what it is. people who play by the rules. people that pay their taxes. people that go to church on sunday. they are good people.
8:41 pm
i know a lot of them. trump supporters want things don't right way. fairly. they believe in the meritocracy that this country once embodies. that is disappearing. they see that and they know it's not right. keep in mind, this is hardly the guy, alec baldwin who should be deciding what is moral. don't forget some of the trouble he has been in. >> i will let you know just how i feel about a rude little pig you really are. you are a rude, thoughtless little pig. trish: now this guy is the one deciding which americans are moral and which are not? joining me is "daily caller" stephanie heal. what do you think of alec's
8:42 pm
manifesto. >> alec baldwin is the last person who should be preaching morality. you just played the voicemail that he left for his 11-year-old daughter calling her a little pig. and he pled guilty to punching a man over a parking shot dispute. he should be thanking trump supporters because' all the things trump has done for our country. and trump is keeping alec baldwin employed over at snl. trish: this to me is more -- forget hollywood bullies. these are hollywood dictators. they are trying to dictate american thought. >> it's disturbing.
8:43 pm
it's like hollywood takes talking points directly from the democratic party. there are some good hollywood actors who stay out of politics and don't try to tell us what to think, or they are brave enough to speak their minds. but many of them writes can losing work if they have support a candidate like andrew yang. but if you think about this, it's all about gloifnl. the hollywood -- globalism. they want to get into global markets. it's all about power and money for these guys. trish: the people suffer in the meantime. i think that some of the people i have met that support this president, they are the salt of the earth. they really are the kind of americans that you idealize.
8:44 pm
they try and live their lives in an honest way, stephanie. and to trash them as an entire group is despicable. it's part of the whole thing as you say. don't forget they are going nuts because one of their own shaked the hand of the president. vince vawnl d vince vaughn shaking the president's hand at the game. something apparently you can't do. it should be an honor. this an honor. >> it was mind boggling to see some of the blue checkmarks on twitter freak out over this interaction between president trump and vince vaughn. vince vaughn had a little bit of
8:45 pm
a smile on his face. people are calling him to be canceled. he supported ron paul at one point. he came out in support of the second amendment. so he has already been labeled a republican? did that hurt his career. i'm not really sure. but people are calling for no more wedding crashers any more, i'm going to get rid of my old dvd. trish: coming up. love is grand, isn't it? >> he's donald trump's worst nightmare. joining us, michael avenatti. >> thank you very much. he's saving the country. >> he may be the savior of the republic. trish: disgraced michael avenatti that the liberal media loved and respected until they didn't. he's in big trouble again.
8:46 pm
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>> look at the men on this stage. collectively they have lost 10 elections. the only people on this stage who have won every single election they have been in are the women. trish: they say president trump is trying to divide country. elizabeth warren trying make this about gender. president trump: republicans are frefer backgrounds, religion, race and creed. we are a movement for all americans who believe in fairness, justice, dignity, opportunity and safety. we are a big tent and we are a big party of big ideas for the future. trish: well said, mr. president.
8:51 pm
joining me right now on elizabeth warren's attempt to divide the country, gina loudon. gina, good to see you. what's that about? divide, divide? i guess there were no minorities on stage so she had to go for gender. usually it's race. now it's gender. >> this is where their gender identity politics has gotten them. this is the same song and dance they gave us in the last election. it's like they can only operate from muscle memory of division. but the american people are tired of it. not a single word about economic growth. that's the kind of issue that gets most women excited. trish: she talked about how she was going to grow our economy,
8:52 pm
give free this, free that, aoc-style math. that's where the growth allegedly is coming from, if it's note climate change. >> that will sink the economy. and most women are smart enough to figure that out. under this trump economy. 3.5 million women have jobs that didn't have them under the democrats and obama. 1.5 million women have been pulled out of poverty. i think those millions of women watching the debate if they weren't watching the rally. i think they were looking for some indication from the people on that stage that they weren't going to destroy their jobs and their economic opportunity that was again created by this president. >> let me get to this whole bernie thing. so she says that he said to her,
8:53 pm
a woman cannot win. and he's saying no i never said that. then some tapes surfaced from the 1980s where he was talking about a woman would be president. i don't know if it at this point even matters. what i think about -- and maybe i'm outlier. but i don't think so. i think about policy. i think about the economic stuff. i think about, are we safer as a nation? we didn't hear anything last night about iran. just a few questions at the top. are resafer as a country. yes, we are safer. and we have a job market that's grown and best for women. i'm not voting for somebody because she is a woman. i'm voting for her policy or his policy.
8:54 pm
>> they are both socialists. most women know this. the first people hurt in socialist economies are minorities and women. that's why minorities and women have flourished under trump. somebody like bernie or elizabeth warren will take us back to an economy that doesn't work for those who tend to fall behind. trish: how do you fight the guy who has the best economy object record. 29,000, by the way on the dow. we are making history. the trade deal. all of these things. how do you fight that. you say we'll reinvent the economy? >> that's why about 23% of the folks who show up at the trump rallies are registered democrats. if i were a democrat i might be
8:55 pm
changing my tune right now. trish: kennedy joins me now to talk about what's coming up on her show. kennedy: i have indiana senator mike braun and wednesday night is game night on the kennedalia show. get your paddles ready. trish: he's in big trouble again. find out for what right after this. we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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chase. make more of what's yours. trish: anti- trump lawyer mike of an audience run into trouble again this time for violating his bail conditions for allegedly hiding at least a million bucks from creditors. the so-called attorney, former porn star stormy danner had his bail revokes, and is currently cast any. he is being ordered to remain in custody in california where he will then be transferred to new york for his case. he's going to have to stand trial. this guy, this guy do not forget was the one that the mainstream media was a level with. he was their savior. because he was going after trump. but it shows how fickle they are and they have no loyalty i guess. to anything unless it's helping their cause, so to
9:00 pm
speak. their cause being destroyed donald trump. destroy the president who's creating such a booming economy. tomorrow night steve bannon is here live from new york city, right on sat with me. see you then. have a terrific evening, kennedy is next. kennedy: nancy pelosi says it's a somber day for america, but we all know she is popping champagne as we speak. yes she moved on from the soapbox block earlier today she officially signed those articles been patient. she used a different pen for each letter of her name, that is so cute. and she also said the president has to be bounced right out of office. watch this. >> since then, it's so tragic for our country. that the actions taken by the president, to undermine our national security, to violate this oath of office


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