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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 20, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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so much to so many people. david: tom thank you for being here we appreciate it. tomorrow by the way to set an impeachment trial gets underway. former george papadopoulos will join trish, tune in at 5:00 o'clock i will see a bulls and bears. kennedy: love bulls and bears, i watch it everyday. alright it is all about the benjamin's. the 2020 race getting hotter than hades. and now afresh to hell. the iowa caucuses just two weeks away. the whole contest could come down to one thing, you guessed it, body type. that's not true, it's money. you can't win without cash, you can buy a new body with cash. right answer? president trump writes hundred $44 million from his donors and that is an impressive hall. and he will start raking and a lot more the closer we get to the actual election. but here's the problem, the president's democratic
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challengers rose up dropping $515 million collectively over the same time frame. granted that spread among all of the candidates and crowded field, but the last two incumbent presidents, bush and obama they did not have that problem they raised roughly the same amount as their challengers, but we all know politics is weirder than ever. this does not take into account michael bloomberg. he has already spent $248 million of his own money on advertising and we are told he is willing to spend $2 billion of his own money to win the white house. let that sink in for a minute to billion dollars with them today on the bill hammer report, it was the debut for that bloomberg's campaign manager expense y. >> i think in every campaign and i've been able to participate in three, and mike steele's hat want to spend whatever it takes to put myself in a position to make a difference. he was able to make an enormous difference in new
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york as a mayor. there is no one that says he didn't bring this back from 911. kennedy: i don't know, i think he kinda screwed things up, stop and frisk and others. the campaign manager today said gloomy is wasting his blob. watch this. >> he's going to be heating up, throwing that money in the furnace. looks soft dollars and what he chooses to do i'm not worried about. the president's message resonates with the american people. we are going to have a ground game, the digital game, we are going to be ready. we have been spending years now to get our voters ready to turn out. we have tens of millions ready to show up. star as i see from their site, they are not ready to turn up as voters. speedy five so should the president be worried about the democrat campaign cash or are they just throwing their money away? let's meet tonight's party panel democrat strategist jessica tarr live is back along with editor at large and
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the host of the fifth column podcast the award-winning shown it to matt welch, and we've got attorney and young voice senior contributor tyler grants. all right, lady gentlemen let us begin. so michael bloomberg, this is really fascinating to me because you have progressive candidates who are -- get a lot of money from grassroots small donors with the idea that corporations are evil, money is bad, and the worst mary jive all is money in politics and within their own party michael bloomberg is spending $2 billion how do you reconcile that? >> i am not a bloomberg fan used to work for him. mike bloomberg is very hard to attack on this basis because of the number of races that he has one by donating to progressive causes. >> 's which is interesting because tom steyer can't do the same thing. he threw much of money it
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races -- he does not have the political instinct of michael bloomberg and he would not have won three mayors races in new york city, he would not of been a republican and independent. speedy by de blasio 12 got awful. >> but he is not worn upwards of $660 billion and built one of the most impressive corporations here. kennedy: i know you're corporatist? that's great. >> i never said i was not i am an established them and proud of it. that's all fine for me. that mike bloomberg's challenges is not in the first four contest. he's kind of banking on getting what we get. by doing appreciate he's going to be paying all 500 of his staffers through november and it's b5 he's got 800 throughout the lands and so he's buying a bunch of ads, which ad prices are going up
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by 20%, for everybody. for him it's like andrew yang that has to be really frustrating. >> the frustrating part is he is someone who is no real constituency in the democratic party which has brought his way. kennedy: why does he think he's going to win a contested election. >> i think he doesn't like the idea of the democrats running a socialist or democratic socialist. basically the bernie and elizabeth warren. the problem is imagine a lane in which she is and that joe biden is not already in that lane getting 20% of the vote. so why don't they agreed to not attack each other periods of bloomberg's gonna put his money somewhere, if he's serious about getting the nomination to bernie. >> he has life insurance for joe biden. if he gets hit by a trucker succeeding his boogers on tv than michael bloomberg be there. >> i think michael bloomberg would be fine.
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>> for use our imagination. the problem is there's already a mayor pete is going to do that. >> and amy klobuchar. >> they are not the same. kennedy: we will get to that of just a little bit. but these smaller campaigns, the ones who are still left in don't have a lot of money. these are not self-funded billionaires trying to raise money against someone like michael bloomberg is like shopping for training bras with a stripper. >> it's an interesting element to the next democratic debate should be a very robust discussions of citizens united. the fact is the democrats. kennedy: that is the whole platform for democrats it is been united is bad unless he is one of us then i guess it's okay. >> and if you look at 2016, the fact is trumps spent somewhere in the deep 500 millions and clinton spent one point to billion dollars and
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still lost. so we need to ask or suffer the democrats really that bad is spending money orders that money not translating to success? kennedy: are they assume that money by shoe votes. and somebody like michael bloomberg that's what is that his whole life. he's just throwing money at problems hoping they go away or come his way. then he can bend the outcomes to his will. i think voters are smarter and i agree with matt that there's not such thing as a bloomberg democrat. not nationally, new york is always a very different story. speaking of crazy crazy burning sleepy joe have consistently led the polls but the new york times editorial boards that neither one of them is the right man for the job. in fact they don't want a man at all, get this thing out of here. they broke with convention and broke and ran endorsed two female candidates, elizabeth worn and amy klobuchar. the board writing they will be those dissatisfied because we are not throwing the weight behind a single candidate.
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but suffice the party itself has been itching since missus clinton's defeat in 2016 and one that should be played out in the public arena. and in the privacy of the voting booth. the board concluded with may the best win. the paper has been criticized for the move, so was this a copout or was the old gray lady girl power a clever move? i think it's copout. >> it's actually it is a copout i have not met anybody including derek times reporters who said they are pissed who don't think it's a copout. i'm going to go vote of the democratic primary and i have one vote. and then. >> it works against the point, there is a battle for the sole democrat party between moderates and progressives. so pick a side. >> but they actually did which was the worst part because the number of backhanded compliments to elizabeth warren and there is this will be difficult to achieve, and the great storyteller thing
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which i imagine someone was having a laugh at that that was immediately get a go to pocahontas, then i got fired that's code for lying. but they made a very clear-cut case for amy klobuchar to frankly if don't want to endorse joe biden, amy klobuchar is next in line. kennedy: so pick amy klobuchar she is a woman. stop cow telling the people. if you are going to go to this process, it is that a pointless process? >> yes it is. they should pin this up with a knife on the new museum is with yellow tape around it because it's gone bankrupt. this should be the last newspaper editorial endorsement ever. these things are pointless. there are 220 pro- hillary clinton compared to 20 for donald trump and that worked out really well. i would read that your times editorial page, especially is not necessarily a well-thought-out here's who you should vote for it's more
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of an expression of professional class anxieties. and where they anxious about? i think more than anything else it would be bad of a woman doesn't win. that's the only thing that makes any sense of this at all. kennedy: but they could have picked someone because they ranked everybody here's where joe does well, and amy has a bunch of plans to, and boy isn't andrew yang interesting and hope he stays in politics. that's fine going in rank everybody but you've got up at 70 top. >> and i agree into a broader point about raising money, maybe collectively they are raising more money than donald trump. but individually they are not. kennedy: bernie is not to share his money. elizabeth warren is like i will totally share my money and donor base lala law. >> and then amy klobuchar she's got opinions that maybe wall street could come behind they donate big money. when it comes to the actual 2020 election. elizabeth moore there have been new york times actual
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reporters that have reported on the fact that wall street firm hedge funds are not going to donate to elizabeth warren 2020 candidacy. people need to pay attention to that because they don't have ideas that the american idea that banks and law firms hedge funds are going to support going into the general. if they want to beat trump they have to have the traditional behind them. kennedy: if joe biden wins, and granted he's got his good shah is anybody. let's say he does, no one is going to read the new york times. traditional media is going to the most staid, boring, stupid thing in the world and nobody's can it pay attention to it. >> the funding will come together around anyone except bernie sanders. ward will have more trouble. the country is not run by banks. something important happened in the new york times elevator. a young african-american woman security guard he gets in the elevator and she said i love you. in they have a very cute conversation and she takes a picture with him.
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the new york time bashes joe biden and people to show up to vote especially african-americans are the heart and soul of the democratic party, love him. that's why stays ahead in this poll. that disconnect with the media there, totally open for us to see. if we don't take accountability you will get more surprises this way. kennedy: i love surprises, i'm not surprised at all the panel is returning because they are so good. tomorrow is a day to start that presence impeachment trial. do the democrats have what it takes to bring down the big guy? or will president trump get the last laugh? bill mcgurn, let us learn. he breaks it down next. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ]
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kennedy: someone is trying to stay alive the prosecution's talking trash about tomorrow's big incentive impeachment throwdown at starts tomorrow. the president's team of lawyers releasing a brief outline of their defense. they say the senate should not even consider the articles of impeachment of the first place. this after a democrat root lease their own planning attacks" the president trump's ongoing he's immediate threat to the nation and the rule of law. it isn't fair that the senate
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convict to mentor remove him from office now. and permanently barr him from holding federal office. democrats say there might be more incriminating evidence out there that should be entered into the trial. the senate could decide tomorrow whether to include new witnesses, meanwhile shifty shift says intelligence agencies are not giving his oversight committee with documents. >> the intelligence community is beginning to withhold documents from congress on the issue of ukraine. they appeared to be succumbing to pressure from the administration. the nsa particular is withholding what are potentially relevant documents to our oversight responsibilities on ukraine. but also holding documents relevant to what the centers might want to see during the trial. that is deeply concerning. kennedy: i hope doctor drew runs against him and wins. he is the worst. how did he get put in charge of these managerial kangaroo court duties. so did democrats having a winning hand or does the
9:18 pm
president have. [laughter] a trunk card. joining me to it discuss her speechwriter is a fox news contributor he is a bill mcgurn, let us learn with mcgurn. here they are the two sides fighting to define the framers worst nightmare. that is what they are both trying to do coming from very different sites. we see so far? >> what i see is almost no interest because everybody knows the outcome. it's like a trial in china and we know it's going to happen. it is unlikely the democrats ever get 20 votes. kennedy: but what they have to introduce. >> they would really have to have a real defense. the second article is to defend your rights. that's a problem with the evidence against trump. it's always somewhere over the rainbow, it's coming from muller, is coming from some witness we haven't heard or something. it's never what you have in your hands. half of these articles of
9:19 pm
impeachment they said this is enough and it is immediate another changing it. kennedy: and now there's always a qualifier if there it's true ..., but they never really prove the truth of the suppose it. >> it's always something over the rainbow or something is coming in and changes your mind. it never seems to come. kennedy: one of the things i thought was interesting in the brief from the president's team that put forth was this whole thing, if it is a charade, and if it is meant to inflict political harm and make a pretty easy case that's what the democrats are trying to do, then doesn't that constitute election interference in 2020? >> i think it's an abuse of impeachment powers to use impeachment as a political weapon that way. i have a column that is just gone up on this subject, i take a slightly modified view that i think the big event in congress is not going to be what happens in the senate over the next ten days, it's
9:20 pm
going to be when donald trump appears at the state of the union, probably freshly acquitted and the message will be. kennedy: you think they'll acquit by them? >> probably are he will postpone the state of the union until after. and he will stand there and say you through the constitutional equivalent at a nuclear bomb at me and i'm still standing. kennedy: he is like rasputin, godzilla and a cockroach all-in-one. >> that this point i'm not even sure the democratic senators really want witnesses and not just because they might be afraid of what it does to joe biden. i think they know they have a bad case and what they would rather do was say the republicans weren't interested in the truth and blame them for covering it up instead of dealing with the bad case. kennedy: i think you are right because if they have a protracted trial and it has at least three popular senators out the campaign trail puts them into a great disadvantage
9:21 pm
going into iowa, new hampshire, nevada. >> it's unsure what they think has the goods on him. they don't know that john bolton is gonna say anything add on him. kennedy: you talk about going nuclear he might not drop an atom bomb in the proceedings. i've argued this all along john bolton was to get out john bolton's version of the truth. it doesn't mean he wants to hurt the president or the republicans. >> he will probably be speaking poorly of giuliani and what was going on in the ukraine. kennedy: it all think that would be the worst. >> he would just say i don't like this but i didn't think it was the impeachable offense. kennedy: john bolton still has aspirations because i get his e-mails. >> i think he has the beliefs, i know him well and i don't think he would think this is impeachable. kennedy: and he would love to file democrats. >> who doesn't. kennedy: he wants to be caught or mcgregor he sees, light
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hair harris. kennedy: bill mcgurn learned with mcgurn always great. coming up the left dream media plays today's pro-gun rally would turn into civil war. so did their hysterical predictions pan out? we will talk about next. ♪ ♪ i'm your mother in law. and i like to question your every move. like this left turn. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, we just have to start. autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. kennedy: today's pro-gun rally in virginia had all of the makings of a civil war during the run-up. but luckily it turned out to be a civil protest. thousands of second amendment supporters carrying long firearms dissented upon the capital enrichment to protest a recent push by state democrats for a lot more gun
9:27 pm
control. one hundred municipalities also joined in a symbolic act of defiance by designated themselves as sanctuary for the second amendment. the government declared a state of emergency in the days leading up to the event with cooler heads prevailed. president trump said democrats can't prevail in 2020 if they are going to -- if we are not going to avoid gun grabs like this. he's" the democrat party and the great commonwealth of virginia, are working hard to take away your second minute rights for this is just the beginning. vote republican in 2020. so as a president right to take the fight to the dems? and will voters have his back? the party panel is back, jessica, matt, tyler, it is so irresponsible, the coverage of this rally before the rally. i am thinking if there is one saying second amendment people once, it's peace so they can keep their guns.
9:28 pm
second amendment people are the last people on earth are going to go out and start shooting at each other. >> it's sort of an analogous of a right before the joker premiere word almost seems that the main street media wanted something bad to happen. the fact is, he's continuing on his campaign to distract from his hood incident, so is furthering his second amendment issues to kind of throw his second amendment bona fides. the fact these guys wanted to go out and push their second amendment beliefs, which is a very pronounced belief in the south, and certainly in red states. it serves to further trump's ambitions in 2020. kennedy: it does and virginia has become a decidedly blue state. there is a lot of people in that state including the cities where we still believe the constitution and if you are going to have sanctuary cities like in los angeles and san francisco we are good have
9:29 pm
second amendment sank choice in the commonwealth. >> always fun to watch people immediately change their mind and switch teams. this is a lobby day. that's the same group at the same day every year now for a while. it's what they do. it's incredibly irresponsible of the governor to declare state of emergency here. i was consuming this distractedly on twitter, it wasn't really following the thing. i was just assuming it was charlottesville 2.0 the way journalists and newspapers were describing this. it was like oh my god they are added again this 220 people at charlottesville. that's a total number of that when there is 220. now they have multiplied and they are going to blow things up. kennedy: they're all white nationalist. >> they just weren't at all the more you read and looked at this, it just wasn't that. it was incredibly irresponsible to bring up fears of terrible things happening. it was just classic this is how you smoke out media bias on either side of how you
9:30 pm
cover peaceful protests. we sought during the tea party backlash in 2009 and we jeff and lisette here. kennedy: will the idea is if you get people to cling to their guns and religion it can't be good. gun in and of themselves are violent. >> some people make that argument and it's difficult to win elections with that argument. but we are seeing the messaging that will be all over tv for the next ten months or so coming out which is democrats are going for a gun grab and they kill live babies. and democrats are saying about republicans they don't care about your kids in school and they will just offer their thoughts and prayers. and there is no way that a woman will have access to reproduction healthcare if donald trump gets another term. that's how i saw all this and i heard about it today and started watching the coverage. a lot of the masks it was because it was cold. you could make the argument looks scary, but it was completely peaceful and i'm sure people who know how to use the types of guns they are
9:31 pm
using are not the typesetter to turn around and shoot some buddy else. i look at all of this in the coverage of it as a miserable preview of what we are about to experience until this election is over. kennedy: the misery will calm with president trump supreme court nomination. the presidential race yeah we've seen that we've been there, blah blah blah he will be reelected. but when he gets the next supreme court picked that's when the fabric of satiety falls apart. i think it's great. new footage in puerto rico and it's a multitude of disasters. they have been sitting on on use goods in the warehouse since 2017. the video shows pallets of diapers, water, emergency radios, cots there they were desperately need bear and the resources are just rotting there. it is very chaotic once the residents broke into the facility began for
9:32 pm
distributing supplies to people in need. the governor of puerto rico fired the director of the islands emergency management agency and said the man in charge has denied mishandling they stayed in that warehouse because they had expired. it comes with communities on the island continue to deal with the aftermath of devastating earthquakes that have left thousands homeless birds or does it prove the government can't be trusted to send our tax dollars wisely. so maps, this is like remedial redistribution and they can't get it right. and this is not uncommon it's not something unique to puerto rico. >> your member the buses parked in new orleans. it could've been useful there. governments don't do disaster relief very good. the city of new orleans and the state of louisiana, also did a quite terrible job. especially the coast guard was that hero in the whole hurricane katrina.
9:33 pm
governments don't do that very well. import functioning governments do that even poor poorly. the responders, no disrespect to firefighters and others but the real first responder the people next year. kennedy: we saw that in houston is well after hurricane harvey. >> so i have lived in puerto rico understand it's a very complicated and low infrastructure. i understand the fact is that everything that has happened since the hurricane that hit puerto rico and the earthquake earthquakes -- i think a lot of people try to sign a narrative to suit different political aims. sometimes it's just incompetent. kennedy: you feel their anger though? someone knows stuff is sitting there. babies need diapers people. people displaced need somewhere to sleep. people know that it's there there has to be some
9:34 pm
explanation. >> after katrina the fact that fema hasn't come up with a way -- this is an island economy there's a lot more needs that need to be moved to an island economy then other places like pensacola florida or tampa for example. they are different needs that need to be met. and the fact that we have not allocated or come up with some kind of plan to put in place and realized that those resources are not getting to those people that need it. in any time of a timely matter is problematic. kennedy: the government does not always do a good job of that. >> especially not a government that's part of the united states but not treated as such. we all know how terrible the response was to this hurricane on our behalf. the images of president trump. kennedy: he was giving step out not hoarding it. >> he was not keeping it personally in the left wing. kennedy: thank you. >> we do need to really talk about these hard-to-reach places, especially when
9:35 pm
powerlines have gone down for hundreds of days. the people are living without all of this. someone should get fired for this. i do not believe. kennedy: i don't believe people didn't know. it's too much stuff. >> repealed the damn jones act. look it up it impoverish is puerto rico needlessly. kennedy: the solutions i love it. the artist formerly known as prince harry spoke out in london yesterday in his first public comment since he and meghan markle convinced the royal family to let them leave the royal life behind. the comments came as buckingham palace announced the unhappy capital will no longer use royal highness titles and won't receive public money for their duties. they are going to pay back that $3 million they spent renovating the cottage and wilds a heavy to pay he says the strategy was not on him and his attention seeking wife, it was on all this.
9:36 pm
>> when i lost my mom 23 years ago you took me under her wing. you looked after me for so long, but the media is a constant force. and my hope is one day we our collective support for each other can be more powerful because this is so much bigger than just us. kennedy: no, no it's not it's all about you guys. we are all this together. but if you'll excuse me i'm going to fly off to my multi- million-dollar house. the queen seriously contemplated stripping them of their duke and duchess titles. he would been an earl she would've been a countess. so have we heard the very last of these whiny entitled millennial's or will they continue to be a royal pain in the highness? >> i am so torn over this which makes it really fun and i love it at the m peach mint time. less talk of megxit. kennedy: why do we her so
9:37 pm
much? >> you might i don't actually. kennedy: the meat hooks. >> i am not into that. so i have a tremendous amount of compassion for harry and will considering how they lost their mother. and i think when he, over the summer, made that statement and when they started suing the daily mail and other publication saying i will not lose another important woman in my life to the media coverage like this, and the hounding. it's worse in the uk been here. kennedy: a lot have family members like that were someone moves in and immediately becomes the wedge and separates the loved one from the rest of the family and that's what she is. >> i just as a patriotic american, we are wrecking the royals failed i can't not think that. kennedy: we don't have to have a clean but we need to respect theirs. kennedy: god save the queen. >> but it's hilarious and funny that america screamed up
9:38 pm
every single time. kennedy: she will be more famous now than ever. she will be more pursued and i think that's what she wants because she is a narcissist. >> and we get another season of suits. she has a deal with disney, that's all lined up. and that's a little bit of revenge for 1812. we sent one of ours over there and we are destroying the royals subtly. [laughter] think we all benefit. kennedy: while someone does. i think it's fascinating. like jessica i love shows like the crowned and victoria. and anything that depicts queen elizabeth. >> this is highbrow and lowbrow the same time. you've seen intellectuals i'd love to talk about going on with the firm's what he think meghan told kate. kennedy: you think she has a girl rival? >> harry's like the guy in vegas. he's not like a royal royal.
9:39 pm
>> just because he's a ginger. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> he's a rugby player. kennedy: they took his hair they did a dna sample. item about prince andrew and jeffrey fc neither? kennedy: they did because jeffrey ebsen did not kill himself. >> you know how to feel about this. she is still driving herself. kennedy: all right the panel it's just begun. the greater pulse is a majority of people say capitalism is bad. why are commies awaiting the messaging game? that's not right. maddie double or has the facts and next.
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for the presidential election later this year end a new survey finds people around the globe seek capitalism as a destructive force. the barometer polled adults online and 27 countries in hong kong and found on average 56% agree that capitalism quote causes more harm than good. only to the australia hong kong in the united states were fans of capitalism. so why is capitalism getting such a bad rap around the world? joining me now national taxpayer union senior fellow in foreign strategy president, mattie double or is back. massey are they asking the wrong questions here? >> they certainly are and they will be asking this question a lot and it's whether or not it's capitalism is bad compared to what? if you look at the whole arc of human history the only thing that has been alleviate human suffering faster and with more impunity is capitalism.
9:45 pm
and if you look at just a short matter of the last couple of decades we have made strides because of democratization across the group globe. it's amazing to me people are saying over the last administration to say that capitalism is bad. we look at just in 1980, you had over half the world living in abject poverty. now that numbers below 10% any of capitalism to thank for that. david: . kennedy: that's not worth difficult to pay bills and only one in the house is working, or number people in the house on disability. we are talking extreme poverty will people don't have running water. you are apsley right. forty years ago, half the globe is living in extreme poverty. deny am sorry but common this meant socialism have exacerbated those conditions. they have not alleviated them. >> and you look at what's happened over the globe the last hundred 50 years. multiple citizens living in
9:46 pm
some sort of autocratic regime. and now you have most people in the world living in some sort of democracy. there's tons of work to be done. i'm not saying capitalism is a silver bowl to cure all things. but if you look at what the human condition has been for the entirety of our time on this planet, it is basically been poverty and suffering. these last couple hundred years or so is when the tide started change can started democratize the forces for wealth and politics. people argue that you need to concentrate those forces and the government or some class of people, are the ones who are going to end up being enriched by and the rest of us are left. you look at the globe in a recent study showed that 50% of this world is middle-class. that is an unbelievable amount of progress in a short amount of time. kennedy: that's a really good point i think a lot of this stems from -- if you explain what capitalism really is, people love having choices. people love access. but they are fearful of
9:47 pm
technology and they don't have to be because as human beings, we actually adapt pretty quickly. are we doomed? [laughter] i hope not kennedy. there are a lot of conversations we need to have about why globalization is good. one of those reason is not just for american goods but the thought about democracy and freedom, and free enterprise. that has affected the world and made everyone in the world more free. b5 they got a little bit of hot freedom they're not going back. topical storm is next, right here. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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kennedy: iraqi special forces, a terrorist on friday he was so big they had to haul him away on a flatbed truck. the terrorist was so obese they are offering him 72 vegans in heaven. yet his name is you may know him as his codename osama bin eee in, lock him up and throwing the key. [laughter] this is a topical storm. what a fat top of goop. topic number one, we begin tonight and i'll wear trucker decide to take low time off the road. and this is why you never hire
9:52 pm
a driver who gets paid in zina's what everyone and i was trying to get out to vote. a state trooper was forced to get out of the way after a trucker made like paul simon and went slipsliding away ♪ ♪ we don't other guys name, but he told the cops you can call me al. amazingly no one is hurt and the highway have below but the air calling it the biggest crash in iowa. of course there are similarities in their because this fella stayed at the scene of the accident. that was sony. "after words" the iad has since reopened although the truck was totally destroyed, sad but true story. it's nice to see someone getting totally destroyed besides aron rodgers. oh weasel packet in. topic number two. he just bought a 20 million-dollar house with
9:53 pm
danica patrick. alright jaguar land rover is developing seats that will massage your rear end as you drive because nothing says i've made in life like getting me to it buy your own car. mercedes-benz and the bmw has led and vehicular comfort for quite a while now but jaguar land rover's asking customers to turn the other cheek. the touchy track scientifically determined to make you think your body is moving by driving your posterior as you drive. perfect for those moments would you like to get groped but you don't have time to go to joe biden rally. i would love him to sniff my hair. no i would never take your money and spend boy because i'm a libertarian, not a democratic socialist like bernie sanders. but i will say, in honor of mouth try monday is if you're buying a but massaging car, you have a serious crack problem ♪
9:54 pm
♪ topic number three, back your new york city, get a rope, radio host found out the hard way that he needs to get better security in his studio. >> you guys are just my cohost this is just turn into a morning show that overslept now. we showed up at noon, we've got the call crew were not playing a bunch of boner sounds. the show in the morning. [inaudible] with the fark cannon. kennedy: we are good have a fark cannon next year that's a kennedy crew we crash the crew on friday because he could not make it toward team lunch. the thing is we all know how much jimmy likes his stake. we decide to stop by the studio and not give him any. [laughter] the steak was so rare he couldn't find it. it might look reckless to crash a live radio show but jimmy was fine with it. he liked it so much she sent us a free ride home.
9:55 pm
i was thanks jim wait that was the stop back there. that describes every episode of the kennedy show. we are speeding down the highway some point we always drive off the road. hopefully that's why we make the best hour of your day and maybe complained to hr. topic number fords mug mug shah monday at the florida psychic you defrauded a client out of $1.5 million, it's scott artist this medium was a large 74-year-old annie waterway, allegedly claimed she was a safe healer who could lift the curse of a clients. this of course is a big no-no because pretending to be native american is only okay as if you are a massachusetts senator. a cop lay she charge the woman 1.54 million used eggs feel the snake embryos that would ward off her ex-husband who had become a demon in his next life. oh my gosh, i hate it when that happens. let's hope it works out for
9:56 pm
the lady and all this knowledge the scariest part of the stories the victim can vote. the shady psychic looking 48 months in prison. safe to say she did not see this coming. ♪ ♪ maltreatment monday is it next. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. (second woman) we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. 1 in 3 deaths is caused by cardiovascular disease.
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♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: thank you for watching tomorrow night on the show just challenging watches tomorrow. o davos, switzerland where he will meet with european globalist elites and carry with him this message. i was right and you were wrong. the president will open the world economic forum with his speech tomorrow morning followed by meetings with several world leaders over the next two days, bilateral sessions. and the president leaving on the eve of the radical dimms sham impeachment trial. the president's legal brief urged the dismissal of


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