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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  January 20, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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i hope the senate will vote to exonerate the president within the next two weeks. lou: that's it for us. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. [♪] david: a flimsy charade. i'm david asman in for trish regan. both sides stake out their arguments. president trump's legal team arguing the whole thing be thrown out calling the impeachment articles rigged from the tart. a quote brazen political act from the left. >> will there be a fair trial? will the senators allow to call witnesses? that's the foundational issue on which everything else rests.
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>> the question of witnesses, all relevant witness necessaries must be heard. we believe a fair trial involves witnesses, evidence, documents. >> the house already had their shot at impeachment and they rushed it through. as senator john cornyn points out that's no fault of the senate's. >> if the house isn't prepared to go far with the evidence they produced in the impeachment inquiry, maybe they ought to withdraw the articles and start over again. david: maxine waters just said that. >> we'll not stop. whether that leads to another impeachment activity i don't know. but i know we must continue. david: joining me, david bossie. we keep hearing this an air-tight case. we never had a case any jury in
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the country would immediately convict. if it's so airtight why would they need more witnesses. >> that's the question republican senators will be asking themselves privately and publicly this week and in the coming weeks. there is no evidence to remove this president. there was no evidence for impeachment in the house to begin with. the house ran a circus of an investigation and impeachment proceeding. this is all political. the problem nancy pelosi and her team have is they cannot compete with this president on his accomplishments. they can't compete with a nominee to beat him in november so they have to impeach. the american people are very smart and they get it. david: particularly when you have little clips from the past. ing this is not their first rodeo. here is what senator schumer said about witnesses when the senate was about to get the
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clinton impeachment from the house. >> the idea they didn't have to call witnesses in the house and should call them in the senate doesn't make sense. you call witnesses before a grand jury and you call witnesses before a trial. david: was he right back then? >> chuck schumer will say whatever it makes to make his case at the time. it was his president, bill clinton. he wanted no witness. he said the house will provide the evidence to the senate. not on an additional record they want to create. this is why mitch mcconnell in the senate is fighting these flimsy charges. i want to see an acquittal and dismissal of these charges. but i would love to see a great defense by an amazing team of
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pat cipollone and company destroying the very fabric of this. so the president is off scot-free. if you dismiss these, the democrats will harangue about it. if there is an acquittal it will be good for this president and he will get re-elected in november because of what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are doing. david: the house managers are coming out with this extraordinary argument that they have no animus towards the president. listen to hakeem jeffries talk about this. >> we don't dislike donald trump, but we do love america, we love democracy, we love the constitution. in america no one is above the law, not even the president of the united states. david: he went on to say that a couple of times, we don't dislike the president. but here is what the same man said a year ago on the
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anniversary of martin luther king's birth about the president and his associations. >> we have a hater in the white house. the hear it-in-chief of the grand wizard of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. david: saying we don't dislike the president even if he's the grand wizard of the kkk? >> the democrats as a whole hate this president more than they love the country. i have been saying that for the past several years. they have shown they cannot put aside their hatred for this man for beating hillary clinton and destroying what they saw as their right to the presidency in 2016. they are going to do whatever they can to defeat him. unfortunately for them, everything they are doing is reinforcing what president trump talks about. his accomplishments, what he has been doing focused on the
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american people. and putting aside all of this circus-like atmosphere in the house. that's why i'm so glad to see him tomorrow traveling to davos to talk up the american economy. to make sure the world leaders see the engine he has built around the american economy and wait will be doing in the future -- and what it will be doing in the future. david: they hate the president so much despite with nancy pelosi said. clearly you don't call somebody the head of the kkk unless you dislike him at least a little bit. but they will go on and on and on. if and when they lose the trial in the senate, they are going to indict him on something else, aren't they? >> this their only political strategy. using impeachment to meddle in the 2020 elections.
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that's all they are trying to do. david: the on thing that could -- the only thing that could stop it from continuing into another term of donald trump is if they have an election wipeout in 2020. >> there are are a lot of people working hard. no one working harder than president trump. he will work harder than he did in 2016. we are not only going to win his reelection. but we'll take back the house. the american people want people to go to washington, which is what some of these democrats promised to do in the mid-terms in 2018. david: on this martin luther king jr. day maxine waters is trying to divide americans. >> you tell them they are not welcome.
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i will fight every day until he's impeached this is a bunch of scum bags. david: we c a new soundd -- we have a new sound bite where she said black americans aren't safe under president trump. ' and a horrible video of a baltimore sergeant getting attacked while making an arrest. listen. but first we are updating our ilhan omar montage. >> every time the professor says al qaeda. his shoulders went up. you don't say america with an
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intensity. cair was found after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something. >> you wrote israel hypnotized the world. david: she defended iran, trashed israel, now she is saying we need to stop detaining saying we need to stop detaining illegals completely. ♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. tit's great actually, i've been listening to audible. it's audiobooks, news, meditations... gotta go! ♪ ♪ hey! you know, i do think it's weird you've started commuting when you work from home. i'll be in my office.
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[♪] david: now that impeachment is in the senate, house democrats have extra time on their hands and they are right back to attacking president trump on immigration. squad member ilhan omar coming out with what might be her most far left idea yet. she tweets out the cruel tough our immigration system becomes clearer every day. we must stop detaining illegal immigrants and give them pathways to citizenship. we need top reward illegality, allowing them to jump the queue ahead of millions of immigrants trying to become citizens the legal way. but the left even finds fault when he scores immigration victories. the remain in mexico' has pushed
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our illegal i am granted numbers. they are blaming tent cities on president trump and the tents aren't even in america. here is mexico this weekend shutting off the latest central american caravan, closing its border with guatemala. all this amid mut reports the president's next immigration battle is birth tourism. over 30,000 children getting automatic citizenship every year. joining me, congressman brian babin. i'm remind of george orwell's 1984. he envisions a society where
11:15 pm
words are mixed up, peace becomes war, freedom becomes slavery. success becomes failure. you look at the successes of the president on immigration like the mexicans holding immigrants waiting for their asylum down in mexico instead of here where they can disappear, and they are calling that a failure. >> it's unbelievable. the word orwellian came from what you just stated. it's crazy. you have miss omar who is a guest of america and obviously she has a problem and as antiamerican as anyone i have ever seen in congress. saying her solution to the problem is to grant amnesty to millions of people coming in here illegally when what we have to do is exactly what president trump is doing.
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i'm happy he's doing it. we have a president who stands up for ma today. work a deal with mexico. i'm proud of him and proud of mexico for trying to secure their own southern border. but i would say to these democrats who went down there on a congressional delegation to see these outside our borders to seat so-called tent cities to remain inside the borders. go see the tent cities in our homeless in our big cities like san francisco, houston, austin, thanks county, new york. d los angeles county. new york. this is what we need to remedy inside our own country. these are due to the sanctuary policies of democrats. blaming a tent city and remain in mexico policies on president trump. those conditions are like that
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because the democrats refuse to cooperate with us in the house of representatives. they need to look at their own problems. david: i believe in premarkets and believe in -- i believe in free markets and i believe incentives matter. the democrats through sanctuary cities and providing welfare whether you are legal or illegal. it's those incentives, those liewrs tha --those lures that b, thousands of people here. most of them disappeared inside the united states and they become a problem we have to deal with. >> they are already a big problem. they are taking public assistance. we have to educate them and medicate them and incarcerate
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them on many occasion. they come in illegally through our porous border. i'm glad our president student and implementing policies like our remain in mexico policy so we can start protect our borders and the sovereignty of our nation. we can't open the borders and go bankrupt allowing every single country around the world to come in. david: one other thing is the president wants to change our immigration system fundamentally to one that is a merit-based system. we would identify people with certain still sets that wee need. we should have the right and authority to choose the people who come here if we had a merit-based system instead of
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the crazy lottery system. we night get somewhere getting the right people in this country. >> a good example is president trump trying to fix this broken birthright citizenship problem we have. up our interpretation of the 14th amendment. he's doing this best. we have to start having interior enforcement. we have to turn off the green light. and try to help them inside their own nations. we can't open the floodgates and ruin america and go bankrupt and start a crime wave that -- like we have never seen. that's what's going to happen if we continue these types of policies. david: the president has made significant progress not only here in this country with regard to asylum laws, but in other countries now assisting us. i never thought it would happen. >> thank you, god bless.
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david: the media hasn't learned its lesson. remember what they did to innocent trump supporters nick sandmann? >> a students hah ration a vietnam vet in the middle of a ceremony. david: the "new york times" is smearing another trump supporter calling him a white nativist. far left director robert de niro. off course i want to punch him in the face. this idiot is the president. david: he had another anti-trump tirade. it was another one of those events where hollywood pats itself on the back.
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that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk david: as we celebrate the life and extraordinary contributions of marti -- mar martin luther k- here is maxine waters. >> we want this president out of office. we do not want this president to be he elected -- be reelected. he's causing this country to be an unsafe situation. so that too will be big
11:26 pm
motivation for the african-american community. david: president hopeful joe biden is doubling down in south carolina speak to black voters. >> this president, the klu klux klan and the rest of them think they have beaten us again. but they have no idea, we are just coming back. david: joining us former nfl player and presidential candidate burgess owens. equating donald trump with the kkk demin i shaling the hateful -- diminishing the hateful aspect of the kkk with what they do out of context. >> i will say this. i was blessed to experience a great generation. i was alive when martin luther king was leading our country.
11:27 pm
i was 12 years old. and i could see at that time people in leadership were respectful, they loved our country and god. they did all the right things to make sure their country was moving forward. they would be ashamed with what we have aloud to become the leaders of our country today. their mission is burn, baby burn. they want their base so upset and hateful shell destroy their own d they will destroy their own community. you go to a picture of jackie robinson, his wife and a bunch of men wearing white shirts showing the respect and the vision of that great community.
11:28 pm
we need to show that. ' the leftists are going in the wrong direction. david: the president worked with people on the other side of the aisle. but dr. king worked with a lot of southerners to get the civil rights act through. he didn't necessarily agree with all the things lbj stood for. but they were able to get important legislation through that helped america become far less racist than it was. >> it comes down to people sitting at the table who really care. socialists and marxists do not care. we have a president who has done everything promised. the lowest unemployment, the highest employment. wage games diminishing.
11:29 pm
all these benefits, all these blessings to our people, we the people, the left is upset about. they want to impeach a president who is doing what they have promised for the last seven decades and never fulfilled. if we understand that, then 2020 will be a remarkably great year for americans of all backgrounds, black, hispanic, gay, asian. we are walk away from the democratic party. last phrase of martin luther king's great speech, "free at last, free at last, thank god we are free at last." david: i want you to take a look at shocking video. sat baltimore police officer getting assaulted. >> i a group of onlookers as
11:30 pm
he's trying to make an arrest. to react this way to police who are trying to keep their neighborhoods and communities safe. is there any way to turn that around in these cities like baltimore and new york? >> it's alled -- it's called respect. the last 8 years, the authority of the flag, our country, our enforcement that has been put down. we have people who are angry. we need conversations. have those who care about our country and tear about each other. david: a great honor. thank you for being here on this special night. the media hasn't learned its lesson. remember this? >> some students harassing an
11:31 pm
older native american man, a vietnam vet in the middle of a ceremony. david: the "new york times" is smearing another trump supporter calling him quote a white calling him quote a white nativiststststst ♪ ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia.
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to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. [♪] david: proof if you needed it that mainstream media lost its way. the "new york times" can't make up its mind between capitalism and socialism. the times rrp says either -- the "times" says either one will work. quote the radical and the realist models warrant serious consideration. we are endorsing the most effective advocates for each approach. elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar. this is the first time in the
11:36 pm
paper's 170-year history they failed to choose just one single candidate in a primary. even liberal media is rolling its eyes at the so-called paper of record. joining me, nevada republican chair, amy tarkanian. how do you endorse two different candidates who represent two different systems. >> their goal is to get rid of president trump. if you are note happy the way it's currently going, that's the only response you can have to this nonsense. the credibility the "new york times" has, it began last year when they coordinated with the memo leak with james comey. that was found out by the doj watchdog. the whole thing is a joke.
11:37 pm
the fact that progressives and liberals can see through this tells you that trump derangement syndrome is real. dave require says the next president will shape the direction of america's prosperity. that's true. but the president has already to the benefit of most americans. this president already has shaped the direction of american prosperity and it's way up. they are leading the reader to say what way will miss warren change the direction of prosperity? >> it's clear they are angry that their first female option lost. that was hillary. now it seems like they are throwing out the centrist, the socialist. trying to see which one sticks with the public. it's very interesting to point out, they still left use out.
11:38 pm
you -- they left tulsi out. they keep forgetting her on purpose. it's a female thing. david: let me switch if i can. queepght "times." they managed to smear a trump supporter. the "times" claims trump is guiding his party to white nativism. when you click on that term the "times" brings you to this page. they are linking this man's image with white nativism. he was yelling trump for president. what do you make of this? >> this is what the left does when they are losing. they love to speed fear, gloom and doom. it's unprofessional for the "new york times" to be doing this. this man was expressing his
11:39 pm
enthusiasm, joy and happiness for all the hard work the president has been able to accomplish. it's very disappointing to see that the "new york times" is bullying this private citizen in this manner. it's not the first time mainstream media on the left has done this. we heard the infamous deplorable comment from hillary clinton to shame people supporting president trump. david: and it reminds me of nick sandmann, the covington high school student who was portrayed of being anti-nativist because he was. he ended upsetting with cnn for a lot of the money. the "new york times" could be in
11:40 pm
for the same thingn with this guy. >> it doesn't matter if it's an adult, a high school student or first grade child. they will go as low as possible or necessary so they can push their agenda forward. i had the same scenario with my son when he was in first grade and he was campaigning. gq wrote a story. it was mind blowing to see they were willing to take a first grader and twist in their favor. david: that's what they do. next, tell us what you really think, robert de niro. >> of course i want to punch him in the face. this idiot is the president. david: robert de niro not david: robert de niro not taking' ricky gervais' advice.
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11:45 pm
opinion. david: robert de niro on the war path with a not so subtle dig at the sag awards. it's getting hard to watch any of his movies considering you can't help remembering all this when you see him. >> how dare he say the things he does. of course, i want to punch him in the face. >> today the world is suffering from the real donald trump. this idiot is the president. the guy is a fool. our government today with the prompting of around baby-in-chief [bleep] as i call him. david: recently we had to hear the guy who made a career comeback playing president trump attack trump supporters. he wrought desecration of american ideals and moral chance
11:46 pm
of this country falls squarely in the lap of trump supporters rather than trump himself. here he is leaving a message for his 11-year-old daughter. listen. >> i told you to be ready friday the 20th to meet with me. i will let you know how i feel about a rude little pig you are. you are a rude, thoughtless little pig. david: is he in a position to be throwing out charges of immorality? but hollywood can't help itself. they want to dictate what you think, who you support, and what you see. de niro has been saying this things for years now, and he's enabled by those audiences that cheer him on. but it's just boarish. won't somebody tell this got
11:47 pm
it's not a heroic thing to do? >> no one in that room will tell him that because i am sure many of them feel the same way. but that crowd is small not only in the theater and those watching. what he doesn't understand is this country is thriving under this president. he has a right to voice his opinion, we all do, and nobody wants to take his right away to do that. we are telling him you might sound more intelligent if you would clamp your mouth shut. americans who don't live in hollywood or new york city, they are thriving under this president. he's make us real fies forgotten americans are under attack by these elitists. we'll show people like de niro and alec baldwin. when we show up our voices are pretty loud and pretty proud. david: this form projection
11:48 pm
where they are always calling the president and his supporters farb why its. who is the real fascist when you are demanding the political correctness that make its impossible for you to vote or support that which you think deserves support. that's a fascist mentality. when you dictate the terms of who to support and who not to support. we demand and get in your face and sometimes do you fiscal nawrm support who we -- temperature do you physicality harm if you support someone we tell you not to. >> these hollywood elitists are so angry because a former tv star like donald trump, he's on the side of the american people. he's besting them. he's speaking for the american
11:49 pm
people. it's become a sick obsession they have. they are so jealous, upset and hate filled. but they hate that the american people don't seem to love them as much anymore. david: i think there are some cracks in the armor. ricky gervais in the golden globe awards gave them hell for their political correctness. but it seemed to hit a chord. i wonder. we'll see a pullback in the academy awards in the p.c. stuff? >> absolutely not. they know who their audience is. their audience is just in that theater. they try to marginalize us. we'll show up, we'll vote, we'll make our voices be known and be heard. they can lecture each other with
11:50 pm
their fancy jewels and gowns in hollywood. but the rest of us, we'll show up and support the president who supported us. at the end of the day we watch and review their movies. so it's a bad business decision for them to do and say what they are. david: you don't mind going against a crowd of people who necessarily disagree with you. that's what freedom is all about. the right to do that. thank you very much. kennedy joining us with a peek at what's coming up on her show. kennedy: it's an hour of hot freedom. we hold hands, we strum the ukulele. and we celebrate capitalism. people around the world think capitalism does more harm than good as they are answering the
11:51 pm
questions on their iphones waiting for their amazon packages to arrive. david: we'll see you at 9:00. the liberal media's candidate elizabeth warren is wondering why americans would what someone who lies to them. this is some one who has lied. we'll show you the evidence. as hard as i do. so i use my freedom unlimited card to buy all the latest tech stuff. today, i'm earning on a charger. so, just the charger then? ummm... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah! (sarcastically) fantastic. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited.
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while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk american people want someone who lies to them? i think we just do our best out there every day. and i hope that's what happens with everyone. the. david: did you catch that? that's elizabeth warren wondering how americans could ever vote for a liar. yes good question. i wonder how many americans who ever vote for someone like ms. warren customer take a listen. [inaudible] i was visibly pregnant, which meant the principal gave you a handshake, wished her well and hired some bells for the job. her father, my papaw had high cheekbones, like all of the indians do.
11:56 pm
david: well perhaps ms. warren has a different definition for liar, maybe these aren't lies but a form of storytelling. the times editorial board said ms. warren is a gifted storyteller. indeed she is. her reaction former california republican party chairman and author of divided area, tom. california is the land of storytelling in hollywood, that is what they do. but there is a difference between storytelling, telling a good yarn, and being a manipulative liar. can they tell the difference between the two? >> well it's hard for americans because half the country does not hear the truth about this when you hear from cnn and the rest. remember barack obama's book we did not have a real people they were fictionalized people brought together. so the left seems to have this -- they are lying for the right reason but anything donald trump says is a for the
11:57 pm
wrong reason. before but warren used a lie about her heritage to secure a position in academe. and she not only lied manipulative leak, but she devalued the use of affirmative action, something liberals claim to feel passionately about. so i would think that could be exposed that would harm her nationally. >> and still because we are divided in our country, cnn just won't do it. you just did it, but it won't reach enough people. you watch your show on the weekend and you talk about how well capitalism is doing. think about that pole. think about the entire democratic campaign right now is to convince americans the economy is bad. what is the michael bloomberg going to fix? the stock market? i hope not. unemployment rate? i hope not. so on the left, the stretching
11:58 pm
of the truth goes on and on and these kind of people get accepted. she remembered with obama there is a poll that maybe 1% of americans thought he lied at least some of the time. david: but they voted for him twice to become president. let me just ask about silicon valley. they are caught in an awkward place. lot of them leaned very far to the left. they are avid burning supporters. they are out and out socialist, they are millionaire socialists. but some people there like mark zuckerberg seemed to realize they could hurt their business and their entire future if someone like sanders becomes president. so they are being more open minded about it does silicon valley go from here? speedy. >> they are starting to change with the democrats attacking them. the state cannot deliver water to the farmers, and it can't deliver electricity to silicon valley. very underreported story about two months ago when there were
11:59 pm
all of the power outages. silicon valley said we can't stay here if you can't deliver us power. seems like a simple thing, right? so in some areas they are beginning to wake up. but as you point out, there are a lot of limousine liberals, or champagne liberals and they are starting to wake up a little bit. but it's a long ways to go. as you point out, it doesn't really affect them. but the middle class is being hollowed out, they pay the price. david: there is a feeling for people like warren who herself is a millionaire and so is bernie. they just know anybody else to become a millionaire. >> that is the whole warren buffet thing. we should have a different tax thing. think about socialism, they are not selling socialism on their merits, they are just preaching class warfare to make you feel bad. so this rise in socialism is not based on the truth.
12:00 am
i think capitalism is giving so much to so many people. david: tom thank you for being here we appreciate it. tomorrow by the way to set an impeachment trial gets underway. foer george papadopoulos will join trish, tune in at 5:00 o'clock i will see a bulls and bears. kennedy: love bulls and bears, i watch it everyday. alright it is all about the benjamin's. the 2020 race getting hotter than hades. and now afresh to hell. the iowa caucuses just two weeks away. the whole contest could come down to one thing, you guessed it, body type. that's not true, it's money. you can't win without cash, you can buy a new body with cash. right answer? president trump writes hundred $44 million from his donors and that is an impressive hall. and he will start raking and a lot more the closer we get to the actual election. but here's the problem, the president's


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