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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 22, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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up in moments, one-on-one with president donald trump coming up. we discuss tax cuts for the middle class, impeachment trial, corona virus, trade deals, what he told the european commissioner and the 2020 race and a lot more, don't miss a moment of it, that's coming up. showdown on impeachment continues in washington, fireworks on capitol hill as senators in morning hours after 12 and a half hours the rules are set, openings are set for the afternoon. the corona virus has spread, there are now 9 deaths over 400 cases including one in the united states and hong kong, what you need to know as concerns grow across the globe. markets this morning look like this, take a look at futures where we are, expect the market to open higher, gains across the board for the major indices, all that right here mornings with maria begins right now.
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♪ maria: earlier this morning i sat down with one-on-one interview with president trump here at world economic forum in davos, here is part of that conversation. >> thank you so much for joining us, let's talk about priorities for a second term, do you have any less that you need to accomplish in terms of campaign promises and what are your -- >> well, we have done a lot of things, more than anybody in 3 years, regulations, tax cuts, we have rebuilt our military, 2 and a half trillion dollar in military, we have a military that we have never had before, we will will be doing middle-class tax cut, we have to win the house, i think we can, i think we will win the house, i think the whole hoax impeachment hoax helps us. lauren: the tax cut would you take it --
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>> probably the other permanent, has a long way to go, we will make that permanent for the middle class, we will be announcing over the next 90 days, that to me is very important, we have great healthcare initiatives coming up, we have done well with health care anyway, we got rid of the individual mandate, if you look at that, that was the end of the obamacare, that was the thing that people couldn't, do they couldn't afford it and they were forced to pay health care, we have done really well with health care, we are coming up with a plan that's going to be fantastic. maria: what about in terms of your trade initiatives, you met with the european commission president, what do you want europe to do, buy more agriculture in order for you to hold back on additional tariffs. >> so we've made great trade deals, we will be starting phase 2, as you know i left tariffs, 25% tariffs on because it's good to -- they want to start phase 2
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right away, so do i. we will start right away, usmca great, we made the 40 billion-dollar with japan also, we said we won't do the tariffs but we will do 40 and japan is a tremendous buyer now, south carolina, we find, i find that the european union is tougher to deal with than anybody, they've taken advantage of our country for many, many years, it was actually formed for the purpose of taking advantage of the united states, but they've taken advantage and have been very tough to deal with but for me they are easy to deal with and i told them, i met with the new head that's very nice and i dealt with john for a long time and i didn't want to do china and europe at the same time, i said, let me finish china first, when i finish with china, frankly méxico and canada as soon as we do that i will do europe, they've been very difficult to deal with but ultimately it'll be very easy because if we can't make a deal we will have to put a 25%
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tariff, 20 or 25% and i'm sure they will make a deal. they have to do it, they have no choice, they really have no choice. and i say that not as a wise guy or anything else, they've treated us very badly, we lost $150 billion over a period of many years, we've lost $150 billion with them a year in terms of deficits, they have to do it. it's the right thing to do and they have to do it, i did tell her, look, i know we will mick a deal but if we don't we will have to tariff your cars and other things coming into the united states and they want to have like an emergency meeting and we will make a deal. by the way, without that, zero chance just so you understand, zero. but with that, 100%, well, let me say 99%. maria: let me ask you about 2020, bernie is leading in iowa, who do you think the nominee
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will be? >> mike has spent a fortune, he thought, they all think that -- they all thought mike would be secretary of state if hillary won and that was the deal they supposedly made and terry mccullough was going to get it and they gave him false information, he's spending a lot of money, they are having no impact. i'm having my best poll numbers you see them because of impeachment hoax my polls are the highest they've ever been because it's a phoney deal, the fundraising for the republican party is by far the most, i mean, the numbers are bigger than any numbers that -- i think they are bigger than at this point, bigger than any numbers any party has ever raised and that's because of this phoney deal on the impeachment. >> but at the same time bloomberg says he's willing to spend up to $2 billion to take you down, he said he would convict if he was in the senate, what kind of an impact does that money have? >> right now it doesn't have any
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impact, he's wasting his money. he's a terrible speak, he can't speak properly and he's not a charismatic guy, he's got money, he will spend as much money as he can and he has a real thing, he's got some kind of a deal going and he wants to spend a lot, but it's had no impact, he's actually gone down in polls, you look at recent ones that came today, bloomberg has gone down in the polls, i don't know exactly, if you go before i ran for office, he said the best things about me, great things about me and i've helped him in the past but he seems to have a problem and that's okay, i think that the other ones, crazy bernie, i don't know maybe he's really surging, he really is, elizabeth warren seems to be going in the other way and joe biden doesn't seem to be doing too well, from the stand point he can't -- it'll be very interesting to see whether or not he makes it.
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maria: hillary clinton about bernie, no one likes, no one wants to work with him, he gets nothing done, pelosi has him in jury duty at the impeachment trial, are they colluding against bernie? >> well, they are, they are trying to take it away from him, when hillary says nobody likes him, nobody likes her, that's why she lost, she had advantage, she had the obama, she had everybody behind and it wasn't even close, you look at 306 to 223, she's the one that people don't like, if i had my choice in terms of personality i might take him over, i probably would take neither. and biden will be interesting because he can't string together a sentence and if he makes it, if he makes it, he seems to have a little bit of an edge but it's rapidly disappearing, bernie is surging, there's no question about it, bernie seems to be the party wants but my attitude is whoever it is it is. maria: i couldn't believe that the impeachment was still going
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on as we were getting here this morning. >> crazy. maria: your critics are up to the same, material witness, they are choosing mcconnell of colluding with you to cover a crime, are you concerned of getting a fair trial? >> these people are crazy, they have gone totally nuts, mcconnell, they say things about him with russia, jill stein, i don't know jill stein, green party, they say he's an agent of russia, then they said tulsi gabbard, i don't know her, i know one thing she isn't agent of russia, that's what they said about me, these are people are nuts, they have gone far left and nancy is a woman who i call her nervous nancy for a reason, she doesn't know what has happened, she lost her party, she didn't want to do this and we are doing very well, look, i always say very simple read the transcripts and then on top of reading the transcripts speak to the president of ukraine or the foreign minister who say nothing happened, absolutely nothing
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happened, remember this, they got their money and they got it early, but i want to make sure also in addition, why isn't germany and france and uk and all these other companies in europe that are much more affected than us, why aren't they paying something? we are always like the fools, so i ask that question. maria: you got them to pay more? >> you look at what i did with nato, $530 billion more, not total, more, my biggest fan is secretary general. maria: he'll be on the show. >> you should put him on the show. maria: is the best outcome a quick dismissal or the best outcome to get the witnesses, get the vote for witnesses and then be acquitted by the american people? >> i watched shifty schiff, yesterday i had meetings all over the place, in between meetings i get to see and i watch his lies, i watch where
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they've actually played a rerun which they shouldn't even do, he goes before congress and makes a statement that i made and that's why i released the conversation because if i didn't release it people would have said that i made the statement that he made, this guy is a fraud, he's a corrupt politician, so i think, you know, i'm pretty much doing to leave that to the senators, i have a lot of respect for them, i can say that, the republican party has never been so unified, you have seen that too, 195, 196 to nothing in the house white, 3 democrats came to our side and i think we will have some people come to our side. you know, it's a hoax, it's a terrible thing. maria: it's been going on from the get-go. >> before i ran. maria: it's not ending, look al green said if we don't get him this time, we will keep going, how are you going to deal with this with the rest of your presidency that they are constantly trying to take you down? >> so i think most people are now agreeing nobody has done so much as i've done in the first 3
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years of a presidency, when you look at regulations, tack -- tax cuts, rebuilding the military, taking care of the vets, right to try, so many things i've done, nobody has done anything like that, you look at what we are doing on the environment, we are doing great on the environment, people don't want to talk about it, nobody has done what we have done and that's despite having the constant harangue, i saw maxxine watters, i saw this guy green, can you imagine this is what i have, this is what i have, but you know what, we will keep it going. maria: we have more of my interview with president trump coming up, but let me get to new york and introduce fox business' dagen mcdowell and founders and ceo omeed malok, great to see you this belonger. -- good
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morning. >> good morning. dagen: great to see you, maria. maria: to matter what happens in washington i will have my policies and american people get me out of this, what's your take? >> the american people don't need to be told by proimpeachment media that their economy is great, wages are going up faster than rich folks, that the inequality gap in terms of income is closing, unemployment at 50-year low, you have the poverty rate for latinos and black americans at the lowest level on record, business formation particularly among those groups is skyrocketing, but, again, people know this because they feel it, there's safety and security in terms of someone's personal financial situation and i just want to point out the president speaks his mind, that's why people voted for him because he's not reading off a script most of the time, these are his
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own words, he's speaking from his head and his heart but you had pat and jay sekalow of not just president trump and the overreach by the house democrats and i think that that was something worth noting from at least what we saw yesterday in the beginning of the impeachment proceeding. maria: yeah, i think that's right, i saw a couple of clips of cipallone and sekulow, it was 180-degrees from what he's saying today and basically what they're saying is has executive power and privilege to stop certain people from testifying which is exactly what bill clinton tried to do back in the 90's. maria: and i will point out in terms to have senate passing the rules proposed by mitch
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mcconnell, there were a few changes in terms of 3 days versus 2 for each side's arguments an then introducing the house evidence into the senate proceeding, into the senate record, immediately, other than that party line vote, 53 senators from the republicans and 47 democrats voting against mcconnell's rules, but, again, elections have consequences and the republicans control the senate. maria: yeah, and omeed, i don't think the market would be where it is if anybody out there really believed that the president or his policies will get reversed, look at the market once again in record territory. i totally agree, i don't think anybody anticipates other than what anybody was saying about having votes along party lines, with that said, i think the biggest irony is that the left is basing their entire case on a guy name john bolton who is
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personification of neo conservative movement, he's everything they reject and they say he's the most important guy that will bring it home for them. maria: yeah, we will take a break, the latest on the corona virus, 9 deaths, more when we come back. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the new rx, crafted by lexus. lease the 2020 rx 350 for $419 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes.
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maria: welcome back, well, the u.s. has now first confirmed case of corona virus, cheryl casone with headlines this morning, cheryl, good morning to you. cheryl:cdc says one case in seattle and two cases in chicago appear to have symptoms of virus, led to expansive screenings at major airports, corona virus has killed at least 9 people in china, the illness to have originated in province. well, boeing says, said yesterday it expects to win approval for 737 max to return to service, midway through the
6:19 am
year, the company blaming potential developments in certification process and regulatory scrutiny for this delay, again, much later than we previously thought the plane was going to come back, boeing shares 3% lower last night, fell 6% during trading session, stock to watch obviously. well, derek jeter, larry walker, the new baseball hall of famers, jeter, one vote on becoming unanimous support, he was close, though. jeter and walker will get honor july 26th, maria, going to be speaking with mlb commissioner rod, that's later this morning, maria, looking forward to that interview, so many heavy hitters in davo, is this year. bad joke, sorry.
6:20 am
maria: yes. [laughter] maria: looking forward to that one too, thank you so much, cheryl, we will take a break, when we have come back jeff bezos gets hacked phone compromised by saudi arabia, we have the details and then we are talking the skills and gender gap and technology and how to bridge it, live from davos with the founder of lincoln.
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whether you're travelling around the country or around the house, keep what you watch with you. download the xfinity stream app and watch all the shows you love. ♪ maria: welcome back, the skills gap, gender gap and technology and how the bridge it, joining me right now in exclusive
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interview in davos cofounder of lincoln alan blue, what a brilliant idea linkedin is, i want to ask you about that, the data, the network in general, what do you do with the data you have at linkedin. for the most part we use product to build members succeed, the overall linkedin creates opportunity for everybody that works, looking for jobs, making decisions and doing their work, requires a lot of data, 660 million professionals that are part linkedin, work in and out of cities, locations, you can see where skill gaps are, gender gaps are and it's really powerful and unique data source and reports like the department of labor produces. maria: i know that there are
6:25 am
lots of companies who probably want to pay for it but you're walking now this balance of privacy versus using the data to create business opportunities, tell us about protecting that data? how do you do it? >> the most important things we have level of trust with our users, we have done everything we can to make sure users understand how their data is used on linkedin and for linkedin it's pretty easy to understand, you come to linkedin to share things out to professionals. maria: most people want their data out there. >> exactly right. maria: professional information. resume. >> clear about what we do with it, consistent with what we do it and control over data is used. maria: the data for us in terms of how you bridge the gap in terms of skill sets, this is a
6:26 am
topic that we have been talking about, job opportunities and people don't have the right skills to actually get the jobs. >> absolutely, it's been a really interesting few years for new skills emerging, so things we have done with the world economic forum we have produced report about emerging jobs and roles and when you look at them, all the ones with will be the most powerful roles in the future. the ones which will have the highest level for people who hold them, those are coming from technology, artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, data science, all of those things whether you use them to hard work or sales and marketing it's all based on tech, when we look out there and you look at skills like ai and block chain, those are places where there are major gaps all around the world, we also look at soft skills, so creativity,
6:27 am
these things are equally important and as a matter of fact the soft skills are what employers look for most. maria: where is demand right now in terms of hard and soft skills? >> where we look at most indemand skills because we look at profiles and the jobs, soft skills are always the top, so communication, creativity, those things are the places where employers feel like that's what i want to see because it makes my employees flexible, it means they can do a lot of different roles, they can do new things, every time a new opportunity comes up, i have somebody that can take it on. maria: i love it. it's so important for companies to be able to fine the people that they are looking for but also for those people to actually be able to find the jobs, where does the growth come in at linkedin, let's call 3 to 5 years, right now it's professional network, are you looking to expand on that? >> those professionals aren't just what you typically white-collar professionals, in the last few years we have seen
6:28 am
many nontraditional roles, not white-collar roles coming and joining linkedin because they have the same needs professionals do, they need to find a job, need to make good decisions about their career, linkedin is great about this. maria: it really is. alan, cofounder of linkedin. we are waiting on a news conference president trump will be giving in a moment also live in davos all morning, i will be speaking with imf managing director. tomorrow i will be speaking with first daughter ivanka trump here in davos, here is a preview on what else is on tap. this week on mornings with maria we are live all week from the davos world economic forum with biggest and brightest minds across the business and political world, tomorrow black stone chairman and nato secretary returns and friday united nation's secretary antonio gutiérrez and boston
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celtics partner, all right here on mornings with maria. (whistling) (whistling)
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♪ maria: welcome back, amazon's jeff bezos' phone was hacked. cheryl: crazy story, maria, billionaire jeff bezos, the victim of a hack and saudi crown prince might be behind it, the compromise believed to have happening through popular messaging whatsapp, the saudi government has denied those reports, bezos' teams began investigating phone 2 years after national inquirer published story exposing extra marital affair, those are the pictures they came along with the story. the company saying it surpassed expectations and they still have
6:33 am
to meet domestic goals. , and finally, prince harry and meghan are taking their privacy serious, the company is threatening legal action against any british news outlets that buy or publishes photos of them after canadian pap razzies snapped pictures of markle and baby archie with their dogs. according to bbc, prince harry told royal biographer that he could stop it before it can get, match, prince charles was in davos. maria: all right, yeah, i saw that, cheryl, thank you. i want to tell you that we are -- we are waiting for president trump who will be giving a press conference shortly, he's just
6:34 am
out of breakfast from ceo's of the country, we will see if that's what he talks about. let's go right to the president right now. listen to this. >> good afternoon, we've had a tremendous day, we will be heading right back after the conference and just concluded some additional meetings, we've had a lot of them and davos has treated us really beautifully, it's been a tremendous success, everyone is talking about america's unprecedented economic success, it's really the talk of the town so to speak, since my election america has gained over 7 million new jobs, the unemployment over half a century, average ununemployment rate is the lowest of any u.s. president in recorded history which is very nice, we have some good ones, we have some bad ones too by the way, unemployment rates among african american, hispanic american, asian
6:35 am
americans has reached a record low in the history of our country, the lowest, african american youth unemployment is the lowest in the country, so proud of that. poverty numbers have plummeted to their lowest rate ever recorded, doing really well, unemployment rate for women has reached the lowest level in almost 70 years and the veterans unemployment rate dropped to record low, unemployment rate for disabled americans has reached its all-time record-low also, these are incredible numbers. workers without a high school diploma have received the -- an achieved lowest unemployment rate ever in recorded history and that's so important. without a high school diploma, we have a lot of great people that don't have a high school diploma so we have record low
6:36 am
unemployment, record number of young americans are now employed, we have the highest number of people working in our country that we've ever had before, we've never had anything even close, up to 160 million, and lifted 10 million people off of welfare and, you know about food stamps, we talked about it but millions of people don't need food stamps now that we lifted them off which we have, they don't need them anymore, they have jobs, they are doing really well, the u.s. stock markets have soared and they've reached the highest point that they've ever, ever had, we made at least $19 trillion in terms of wealth, in terms of wealth creation for our country, beyond the stock markets, and we are now by far the biggest economy in the world, china would have caught us, they were getting very close, it was anticipated that in 2019, this is for many
6:37 am
years, i'm not telling you any secrets, that by 2019 china would become the largest economy in the world and right now we are much larger, but we have a great new deal with china, great deal, i would say our best relationship with china on top of everything else and we are starting phase 2, phase 1 turned out to be much bigger than we anticipated because we have intellectual property protections, we have many of the financial deals and aspects of the financial deals that we wanted we got done and other things, in addition to the farmers, we've got the total complete package for the farmers and we think, we estimate that'll be 40 and 50 billion, the number i think is going to be closer to 50 billion, the most they've ever done is 16, so we go from 16 to anywhere from 40 to 50 billion that they'll be purchasing, we are an economic power house like actually we've
6:38 am
never been, jobs, factories, companies are pouring back into the country. that's why we are in davos, factories and plants back here, they took a lot of them, they actually took a lot of them and now they will move them back, they are not going to move them back, the companies are coming back because everybody wants to be here, but the countries also understand that we have to balance out our trade and we are doing incredible by well in that way and one of the people that was important to meet from the world trade organization is roberto acevedo; highly respected man, happens to be this gentleman right here, but the world trade organization as you know i've had dispute running with him for quite a while because our country hasn't been treated fairly, china is
6:39 am
viewed as developing nation, india is viewed as a developing nation, we are not viewed as a developing nation, we are a developing nation too but they got tremendous advantages by the fact that they were considered developing and we weren't, and they shouldn't be, but if they are, we are, and whole new structure for the deal or we will have to do something, but the world trade organization has been very unfair to the united states for many, many years and without it china wouldn't be china, china wouldn't where they are right now, that was the vehicle that they used and i give them great credit and i also don't give the people that were in my position great credit because frankly they let that all happen but the vehicle was the world trade organization and roberto and i have a tremendous relationship and we are going to do something that will be very dramatic, he will be coming with a lot of his representatives to
6:40 am
washington some time next week or the week after and we will start working on it, so i'd like to introduce just for briefly roberto and say a few words on behalf of the wto and i will introduce larry kudlow to say exactly where we are in terms of our economy, some of you know but we've had tremendous numbers in the recent past, so please, roberto. >> well, thank you, mr. president, i think it's fair to say that we have been saying for quite some time that if the multilateral system, if the wto is to deliver and perform its role in economy, it has to be updated, it has to be changed and reformed, this is an agenda that is squarely before members, i don't think anybody in geneva misses the point. i think they understand that the system has not been functioning properly in many areas, that's something that we are trying to
6:41 am
address, i'm very happy that in the conversation today with president trump he agreed that this is something that needs to happen, it has to change, we are committed to effect those changes and this is something that we are serious about and am going to be together with president trump as soon as possible discussing what needs to change, what needs to be effected in the wto and we are committed to doing that and, of course, i will be talking to all wto members making sure that we understand that this is serious, this is a path that we all have to be on together if we want to make the wto relevant and performing to today's requirements frankly, so thank you very much, mr. president, it's an honor to be with you and with everybody else, thank you. >> thank you. >> larry, please. larry kudlow. >> thank you, sir. i think we are coming into the new year with a lot of positive
6:42 am
momentum in the economy and, again, i want to repeat the president's speech, these are transformational free enterprise policies, lower tax rates across the board, deregulation, energy independence and breaking down trade barriers for better deals, for exporting, just recently we've seen all strong, consumer confidence, small business confidence, the huge stock market rally which continues is i believe a sign of business and consumer confidence and predicting an even stronger economy in 2020, also lately the housing markets are very strong, we have seen some huge numbers in new housing start and existing and new home sales, that's a great leading indicater and even the manufacturing last year we are seeing now the ihs market surveys for pmi
6:43 am
manufacturing up 4 straight months for the u.s. and i think that's a terrific sign of a comeback. i think the president's trade deals have been inspired a lot of confidence among large and small businesses and i think it's going to add at least a half a point to gdp this year. i think we will be moving into the 3% zone, we still have to cope with the slowdown and see how that plays out but i think usmca and the china deals are going to add a lot to growth this year and the years ahead, and the great part about this to me, i've been around for a while is when you look inside, under the hood in this growth spur with 3 and a half percent and no inflation which itself is a remarkable development, it is the american middle class, it is the american blue class, they have the fastest wage growth and, in fact, the lower wage
6:44 am
folks are getting the fastest wage increases exceeding significantly from what their managers are making and i would add also as the president indicated it only helps a few rich people, that's just not true, over half the households own shares through 401(k)'s, ira's and brokerage accounts and so forth, you look at the numbers and publish a great slide book on this, the bottom 50% has had a 47% increase in their net wealth, consumer net wealth between home prices and shared prices and that is a booster rocket to this economy and not only gives them confidence, it gives them some serious spending power and the consumer spending numbers varied out, so ours is an optimistic message and i think the president really carried the day with the speech yesterday, thank you, sir.
6:45 am
>> thank you very much, larry, when you think that soon it'll start pretty soon, it's already started to a certain extent, i asked him to do it, china will be purchasing more than $250 billion worth of goods from our country, that's massive, those numbers that nobody has ever heard of before and the number can grow, it can grow, with time it's going to grow substantially i predict and then you have the usmca, méxico-canada, and that's massive numbers we are talking about there and we made a deal with japan, $40 billion and we made a deal with south korea, that's a tremendous deal also, that was a horrible deal, we turned it into a really good deal, so it was really something, while we were in davos most of you know this, we met with the world leaders, various world leaders including the president of the commission who we are going start negotiating a trade deal with
6:46 am
because the european commission was frankly in many ways tougher than china, i say that respectfully but that's the way it is, they've taken advantage for a long time and so we are going to have a deal i suspect we will be able to make a deal otherwise we have to do something else and they'll -- they'll, i think they will make a deal, they haven't wanted to negotiate with past presidents but they will negotiate with me, the president of the confederation who is very nice and terrific, the president of kurtistan along with president sali of iraq, prime minister khan of pakistan and president gani of afghanistan and both had breakfast today and lunch yesterday and dinner yesterday, many of you were at the meetings at least for a little while and tremendous numbers of jobs will be coming into the united states, a lot of the leaders,
6:47 am
these are the biggest business leaders in the world and this morning was very inspirational, i mean, these companies are really going to expand and it was a request of mind -- mine but we have companies from europe, companies from asia now coming to the united states, that's where the action is, that's what one of them said, it's been really great, we will be going and we will be leaving and going back to washington, okay. yes. go ahead. >> mr. president, do you want to hear from witnesses in the impeachment trial, your team has been inconsistent on this -- >> i tell you the way i look at it, it's a total hoax, it's a disgrace, they talk about their tremendous case and it's all done, tremendous case, they had no case, it's all a hoax, it's a con job like schiff, he's a corrupt politician.
6:48 am
i will leave that to the senate, i have great respect for the senate as body and many of the individuals, i have great respect, i will leave that to the senate but this is the greatest witch hunt, this started from the day i came down with the future first lady, the day we came down to escalator this started and i watched the -- they've deny driven crazy, you know what's driving them crazy, all of the record numbers on unemployment, african american, asian american, you take a look hispanic american, numbers that nobody is even believing, they are looking at all of this, looking at tremendous success, the likes they've never seen before in this country, they've never seen anything like this and it's driven the democrats crazy, as congressman green, he's a beauty, congressman green said we have to beat him by impeachment because we can't beat him in the election. and i hope that's true because
6:49 am
honestly i don't think they can, i know what i will be running against, one way or the other, it's one of them, i think we will do very well but i think we will do well because nobody has done in the first 3 years, less than 3 years because a lot of the numbers were taken from 2 months ago, they ended 2 months also, in less than 3 years nobody has done the numbers we have done so i will head back and i will be watching it and it's really up to the senate, we will have them make that determination, please. >> yes, mr. president, you were the keynote speaker here but you shared some of the spotlight with a scandinavian teenager who you said needs to work on anger. >> i said anger management. >> she had strong words that the united states and other industrialized countries need to do more. do you still feel that you're
6:50 am
doing enough? >> how old is she? >> she's -- >> 17. >> that's good. >> what is your response to her? >> she beat me on time magazine. >> did you hear from other world leader and business leaders that they say she has a message -- >> i would have loved to have seen her speak. i did not. no, not at all. i think aspects of it are -- i think that some people, they put it in a level that's unrealistic to a point you can't live your lives, we want to have the cleanest water on earth and the cleanest air on earth, our numbers that you saw, we had record numbers come out recently, our numbers are very good, our environmental, our water numbers are numbers, our numbers on air are tremendous, we have to do something about other continents and other countries, when we are clean and
6:51 am
beautiful and you have another continent where the fumes are rising at level that you can't believe, i think greta ought to focus on those places, we are doing right now in terms of cleanliness and in terms of numbers, we have a beautiful ocean called the pacific ocean with thousands and thousands of tons of garbage flows towards us and that's by other countries, greta has to start working on other countries. by the way, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> they made a very wise decision. >> we invite you for an interview whenever you're able. >> is abuse of power impeachable offense? >> i will tell you, there's nothing here, i had a very innocent conversation with a very fine gentleman from ukraine and it was based on that, people don't even want to talk about
6:52 am
the conversation, go it to watch glimpses in between meetings that i just told you about, i got to watch glimpses of what is taking place, wasting time in washington and i watched, they don't talk about my conversation, they don't talk about my transcripts, remember this, when schiff made up the phoney story and repeated it to congress and the world and it was a totally phoney story, i released the transcript, there were supposed to be second whistleblower, what happened to him, wait, wait, otherwise i won't do your show, wait, there was supposed to be informer, all of these people disappeared and when they saw this transcript they said, we've got problems but they went ahead because they were already there because they had a phoney concocted story made up, so here is the story, nothing wrong, it was a perfect conversation, it was totally appropriate, the best lawyers in the world have looked at it, the department of justice has looked
6:53 am
at it, giving it a sign off, there was nothing wrong. they probably didn't think we had transcribers or transcribed or taped, but they never thought we were going to release it. when we released that conversation all hell broke out with the democrats because they said, wait a minute, this is much different than shifty schiff told us, so we are doing very well, i got to watch enough, i thought our team did a very good job but honestly, we have all and they don't have the material. >> the framers of the constitution does not permit inpeachment and so for future presidents, the abuse of power is impeachable offense? >> it depends, if you take a look at this, from what everybody tells me, i'm honest, i make great deals, i've made
6:54 am
great deals with the country, now you are working with the wto, probably surprised by that, i make great deals for our country and honest deals and when you read the transcription and by the way, it wasn't one call, it was two calls, nobody likes to talk about that, there was one call which was perfect and then there was a second call, i guess a couple of months later which was perfect. maria: president trump giving a press conference in davos answering question about the phone call between he and the ukrainian leader, of course, the crux of what the impeachment trial is about, we will be talking more about that coming up. let me bring in the panel here to get reaction, dagen, the president at this point is doing what he can to focus the country on his accomplishments, on the economy, on what he has done which is also what he talked about in my interview where he talked about what he's hoping to do in a second term to try to
6:55 am
put the accomplishments in terms of economic issues on the front burner as his critics, the democrats, try to take him down in impeachment trial. dagen: i know he's being questioned about this, the phone call with zelenzky from ukraine and the like at this moment, let me point out he said they are leaving it in the hands of the senate, up to the senate which is a very important message, back to you. maria: we will get back to president trump speaking in davos, let's listen in. >> phase 2 is being discussed. your question, yes. [inaudible] >> mr. president, thank you. just to clarify, we know that the senate will set the rules for witnesses, what did you want? at one point you demanded -- >> i tell you what i think, it's such a hoax i think it's so bad
6:56 am
for our country when we have the head of the world trade organization here and he has to listen to this nonsense about a call that was perfect that nobody talks about, i never see them talking about the transcription, i never see them talking about the call because there's nothing to say, you read it, somebody should sit there and read it and everybody is going to say, you mean that's an impeachable event, if that were impeachable lyndon johnson would have had to leave office in first day, kennedy would have had to leave office first day. it's a hoax. and you understand it's a hoax better than anybody, it's a hoax, that's the way it is, go ahead. >> mr. president, initially you said repeatedly to americans that after iran retaliated for the soleimani strike no americans were injured, we now knows 1 u.s. servicemen were airlifted from iraq, can you explain the discrepancy? >> no, i heard that they had headaches and a couple of other
6:57 am
things but i would say and i can report it is not very serious. >> so you don't think that potential traumatic brain injuries serious? >> no, i don't consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries that identify seen, i've seen what iran has done with roadside bombs to our troops, i've seen people with no legs and with no arms, i've seen people that were horribly, horribly injured in that area, that war, in fact, many cases put those bombs put there by soleimani who are no longer with them, i consider them to be bad injuries, no, i don't consider them to be bad injuries, no. >> timeline for that and if you don't hit that timeline, are you automatically going to go -- is there another avenue other than -- >> great question, actually, i don't have a timeline but maybe i do in my own mind, they have
6:58 am
to move relatively quickly but they have to treat us fairly, the european union was formed for this season, i respect, why was it formed, airplane company which does nicely and now doing better than ever because boeing has not had a good time of it, they better start recovering fast, i hope they do, they have good people in there now, they have some good people leading it now so hopefully that can be taken care of, i have a date in my mind and it's a fairly quick date and if we are unable to make a deal, then we will do even better. but they haven't treated us right, look, the united states has been losing 150 billion and more for many years, 150 billion more, really more than that with the european union, they have trade barriers where you can't trade, they have tariffs all
6:59 am
over the place, they make it impossible, they are frankly more difficult to do business with than china, we have a great relationship with china now, we had some testy moments, very testy, beyond testy, worse than a lot of people would understand but we got it done and i think phase 2 will go nicely also but with the european union and frankly i will be honest, i wanted to wait before i finished before i went to work respectfully europe but europe, so beautiful, i guess a lot of us come indirectly from europe, isn't that nice, but they are actually more difficult to do business with than china, all you have to do is ask, but i think boris will be okay too, i think he will come out great, i think he's in a good position which they would have never been ail to do before boris. i have a date, a very specific date in my mind.
7:00 am
>> before or after the election. >> i think we'll have a deal before. >> with the eu. >> i think so. they have to do that. look, i'm not saying it from strength or weakness. i'm saying they have to do it. they wanted to make a deal, our nation, our country, wanted to make a deal under president obama. the eu refused to talk to him. and then they said no, no, we like it the way it is. of course they like it the way it is, they're making 150 billion plus, right. and as you know, president bush was desperate to make a deal. they wouldn't even talk to him. me, they're talking to. and we'll have a deal. if we don't have a deal, we'll do even better. >> mr. president, is it true that you're considering extending the travel ban and if so, to which countries? >.>> we have a travel ban, a vy powerful ban and a lot of -- i heard a reporter recently say he lost the ban in court. they didn't say that we won it in the supreme court.
7:01 am
i'd say that's a little deceptive, wouldn't you. he said he lost a travel ban. i didn't lose the travel ban. the travel ban was lost in the lower courts and won in the supreme court two years ago. no, we are adding a couple countries to it. our country has to be safe. you see what's going on in the world. our country has to be safe. we have a very strong travel ban and we'll be adding a few countries to it. >> could you give us a hint about the reason or the countries. >> it's going to be a announced very shortly. >> mr. president -- >> thank you, mr. president. in regards to the proceedings going on in the senate, would you like to see this over quickly, would you like to see a thorough examination of the facts? what did you make of the dust-up between pat cipollone and gerald nadler last night and are you absolutely against john bolton testifying. >> you're asking a lot of questions. first of all, gerald nadler, i've known him a long time. he's a sleaze bag, everybody
7:02 am
know that. pat cipollone is a high quality human being. i was very impressed with pat. he had great emotion yesterday. he's a brilliant guy. i've never seen that emotion. that's real emotion because he knows this is a hoax. i was very proud of the job he did. i've known jerry nadler for a long time. he's opposed many of my jobs. i got them all built, very successfully built in new york. so we have yet another fight. isn't it amazing, isn't it surprise, isn't it amazing. if you look at other aspects or other parts of your question, i think that the -- i would rather go the long way. i would rather interview bolton. i would rather interview a lot of people. the problem with john is that it's a national security problem. you know, you can't have somebody who is at national security and if you think about
7:03 am
it, john, he knows some of my thoughts. he knows what i think about leaders, what happens if he reveals what i think about a certain leader and it's not very positive and then i have to deal on behalf of the country, it's going to be very hard, going to make the job very hard. he knows other things. and i don't know if we left object the best of terms. i -- on the best of terms. i would say probably not. you don't like people testifying when they didn't leave on good terms and that was due to me, not due to him, and so we'll see what happens. but when you have a national security where you could call it presidential prerogative, you could call it the way i look at it, i call it national security, for national security reasons, executive privilege, they say. so that would -- john would certainly fit into that. when you're a national security advisor, like this gentleman's doing a fantastic job, robert, i just think it's very hard. i've always gotten along -- i've
7:04 am
actually gotten along with john bolton. he didn't get a along with other people, a lot of other people. when he knows my thoughts on certain people and other governments and we're talking about massive trade deals and war and peace and all these different things that we talk about, that's really a very important national security problem, i think having somebody. other people, mick mulvaney is probably around here someplace, i would love to have mick go. i think he's expressed himself very well when he did a chris wallace interview. that was a very, very powerful interview. that was a long, tough -- chris is a tough interviewer, a very talented guy. i think there's not much he can add. he's been great. i would like -- i tell you what i don't like, i would love to have mike pompeo testify but that's a national security problem. i would love to have mike pompeo, it's a national security problem. rick perry has asked to testify.
7:05 am
he knows this is a hoax. he understands it better than most. rick perry would love to testify. but we're dealing with national security. we're dealing with one other thing. our country's been tied up with this hoax from the day i came down the he's escalator. we've been fighting it. i've been fighting it from the day i've been elected. i would say probably long before. could be long before i came down the escalator. that some people have said that, which is had hard to believe. wait, wait. john. it's hard to believe. we've been fighting this. i would rather have -- personally, i would rather go the long route. it's horrible for our country. our country has to get back to business. we have people that are corrupt, like adam schiff, who misquotes -- i don't mean misquotes makes up a statement. he had no idea i was going to release the transcript. he never thought i would do that. i would thank the president of
7:06 am
ukraine. we got his approval. these are corrupt people, some of them. some of them are playing the political game. but if you look at the poll numbers, my poll numbers are the highest they've ever been. if you look at the funding numbers, look at the money raised by the republican party, just set a record. nobody's ever done this before. it's because of the impeachment hoax. >> mr. president -- >> sorry, sorry. i've got three quick ones too, mr. president, if you don't mind. >> three. >> my husband has three, i have three. >> six for the family. >> do you plan to show up in any way, shape or form at your trial? number two, you called kenneth starr a disaster in the past. do you feel that way now. lev parnas came forward and said you knew everything he was doing. >>es adoing. >> he's a con man. i don't know him, he's sort of like a groupy, he shows up at
7:07 am
fundraisers. i don't know anything about him. i watch rudy, rudy is a terrific person, great crime fighter, the best mayor in new york city by far, solved the crime problem in new york. it's very unfair the way the media has treated rudy giuliani. paparnas, i don't know, he probably contributed to the campaign along with tens of thousands of other people. this weekend i was taking pictures with hundreds of people. they contribute to the republican p part party and i sd there and i take pictures and every once in a while i look at somebody and i say gee, i wonder when that picture will be in the new york times or washington post or on fox. so it's one of those things. i think rudy is a high quality person. >> why is he not on your legal team. >> i don't want there to be a consistent flick. i would love to have rudy on my team. he could be a witness t some point, if this whole sham continues. i would love to have rudy on the team. rudy is on my team, just so you
7:08 am
understand. i would love to have him up there but it could be that he would have a conflict. it could be. but rudy giuliani is somebody that i think the press has been very unfair to. greatest mayor in the history of new york. think of it. and one of the greatest crime fighters of the last 1 help 100s and he hates to see what's happening because he knows corruption really better than anybody. okay. go ahead. >> kenneth starr. >> ken starr is a terrific man. i did make that statement because i didn't think bill clinton should have been impeached and i thought it was terrible. i didn't know ken starr. i didn't think that bill clinton should have been impeached. and i was pretty vocal about that. i didn't know ken. what i did know, is he was very tough, he was talented. in a a certain way i was sticking up for bill clinton. i sort of still feel that way, i mean, what he did was nothing
7:09 am
good there was a lot of lying going on, a lot of things, a lot of bad things. with kne me, there's no lying. they don't even have a crime. they say he's the only one that has ever been impeached and he didn't commit a crime. he get into high crimes and misdemeanors, but i didn't commit a crime. i have great respect for ken. i didn't think bill clinton should have been impeached. >> would you show up at your trial any day. >> i would love to go. wouldn't that be great. >> why don't you go. >> i would love to sit in the front row and stare in their corrupt faces. i would love to do it. don't keep talking, you may convince me to do it. >> do you think cipollone wants you there? >> i think they might have a problem. >> mr. president -- >> i think they might. by the way, i think they've done a really good job. and i think the other side has so lied. i watched the lies from adam schiff, he'll stand, look at a microphone and talk like he's so
7:10 am
agrieved. these are major she' sleaze bag, very dishonest people. when someone will make up a statement that i made, remember the statement, eight times, quid pro quo. how can you say eight times. that would mean i was asking somebody eight different times for the same thing. what kind of conversation would that be. if you asked once, that would be fine. if you asked twice -- how can you ask times? they would say you're a looney tune. i think he finishedded by saying don't call me, i'll call you. he made that statement, that i said that. don't call me, i'll call you. he didn't say he made it up. ultimately he had to in a sense apologize. he can hardly apologize. he had to apologize because fortunately we had a tape. we had the transcripts. i am so happy that i had the transcripts. because it showed he's a liar
7:11 am
and he's a fraud. and they continued to just go on and on. but this has happened to me with the russian hoax. this has happened to me, i called it the witch hunt, greatest witch hunt in american history. and the mueller report which exonerated, totally. there was no l collusion, after all that. two years there was no collusion. and then what happened, jill stein from the green party gets called a russian agent by crooked hillary and then tulsi gabbard, i don't know either of them, but i know they're not russian agents, gets called a russian agent. this is what these people do. they thedemean and the press pln because the press largely is their partner and you know, one thing if we could straighten out the press in our country, we would have a place that would be so incredible. the press is so dishonest, so corrupt. i read it all the time, stories.
7:12 am
i don't mind bad stories. i deserve bad stories sometimes. but when i do something great or good, let it be written abouted good. same thing with other people. the corruption in the media as i call it the fake news media is unbelievable and hopefully everybody's going to sort of learn a lesson. people got pulitzer prizes for their coverage of me and it turned out they were totally wrong. other people, sean hannity, rushbo, a lot of great people, a lot of great writers, they got it right. they didn't get pulitzer prizes but they got it right. the russian hoax was a terrible thing. the dossier was a phony deal, paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc and used in the fisa courts totally illegally. it's a terrible thing that happened. this was a takedown attempt at a
7:13 am
sitting president of the united states and we caught them. so let's see what happens. >> mr. president, would you consider delaying the state of the union if the impeachment trial has not -- >> no, i don't see -- no, a very excellent writer, bob woodward, he's doing another brook on trump -- book on trump, this time i'll give him an interview. he said you're enjoying it, aren't you. you act like you're winning and you won. you're actually enjoying it. i said i'm not enjoying it. i'm doing it because it's very important, what i'm doing. i consider what i've done here with this whole witch hunt from day one, with the insurance policy, with the horrible statements made between strzok and page and mccabe and comey who lied to congress and did so many other bad things, he lied and he leaked. when i finish, i think that this is going to go down as one of the greatest things i've done
7:14 am
for our country. these are bad, corrupt people. these are bad people. and very bad for our country. thank you very much, everybody. >> mr. president -- >> thank you very much. >> who is paying for your private lawyers, mr. president? the taxpayers? or you. maria: that was president trump speaking from davos a few minutes ago and he said he is going to be leaving right after that press conference, going back to washington. let me bring in omid malik in the studio in new york. lots to take in there. >> yeah, i mean, the object surditabsurdity hehas to deal wl display. he is asked about this impeachment consistently and his thoughts on the 17-year-old. if that's not absurd, i don't know what is. in fact, we should be talking about him calling out the wto, rightfully. and having them not designate
7:15 am
china as a developing country, thsecond largest economy in the world should not be a developing country. moreover, he had important meetings that have a geopolitical focus with afghanistan and pakistan and none of those were talked about. he consistently to me is so surprising how he demonstrates the absurdity of our trade deals and other multinational organizations like nato when european countries weren't paying their fair sharks rather than focus on all of these successes, we're talking about these distractions and i think he goes back to the point he made in your interview, maria, which is rather than try to compete with him on the successes, they're distracting from it on these types of topics. dagen: bill mcagai mcgern wrota column earlier this week, the state of trump's union. and it talks about that the media and people on the left are so -- the press coverage is obsessed and these are my words,
7:16 am
they're wringing their hands and blovi a atinating about the minf the impeachment trial. meantime, you have an economy that's working for the vast majority of americans, working better than it was during the obama administration, and bill mcgern writes could president trump be in store for what happened to bill clinton after his acquittal and his impeachment trial where clinton's approval rating jumped to 73%. frederick nithe wrote what does not kill me makes me stronger. at this year's state of the union, president trump may be the living proof. it's important that president trump, again, he's focusing on the economy, he's focusing on trade deals, the rest of our world, our place in it, our leading place in it, but also reminding people who are watching and listening of the backdrop of the mueller investigation, of the russia l collusion narrative, the lies
7:17 am
that were pushed by the left, and the now pro-impeachment media. maria: yeah, absolutely. and that went on for three years, two years where the entire media landscape was on that story. of course, not on this program. we've got more of my interview with president trump in the next hour. my sit-down with the president, we covered the backdrop in terms of the strong economy as well as what's ahead. let me talk about that backdrop now. the international monetary fund is predicting that the global economy will strengthen this year. my next guest makes it his mission on distributing growth opportunities. joining me right now is vista equity founder and ceo, robert smith. good to have you this morning. thank you for joining us. you invest largely in software companies. >> correct. maria: tell me about that and where you're seeing opportunities, where the growth comes from in software in the next five years. >> the dynamic we've been experiencing is really software,
7:18 am
is really the most productive tools we introduced in the business economy in the last 50 years. the distribution of computing power enabled that to happen globally. look at growth and income disparities partly as a result of the productivity driven by gifting infrastructures of. we're looking at enabling businesses to be more productive, providing goods and services, leveraging technology. we're in the world of business software, we're seeing it across every sector. i did a survey across everyone of our ceos. we have growth in every one of our businesses in the top line because of the productivity that software is still bringing to the underlying companies that we sell to. maria: i know that mark andeso nsaid software eats everything. >> i don't know why he told everybody that. we're trying to keep it quiet. how do we make sure that the rest of the population has an opportunity to participate in this fourth industrial revolution which we've been talking about for the last four, five years. maria: how do you do that? the focus has been just recently
7:19 am
on making sure people have the right skills to actually get those jobs. tell us -- >> which is critical. i think education is always the key. that's the fundamental basis of how do you move from one economy to the next. one of the important things, think about wealth and income disparity, when you introduce the productivity the profits of the companies go up. now have you to take those profits and distribute them back in the community to train the workers and the workers being trained can actually participate more in the economy. if i look at our portfolio of companies, which we have 65 today, our average private -- and we are private. our average company employee makes two times the average private wage of other companies outside of our ecosystem. so it actually pays more money, increases wage capacity and ability to participate on the capital side and taking those earnings, driving them back in education in their communities, educating their children who can do things like buy houses and invest in their communities. maria: i love what you say in terms of readie readies --
7:20 am
>> that has never worked in the history of the planet, well, sustainably. we're looking for sustainable solutions and the sustainable solutions that technology bring is, a, higher quality healthcare, higher quality life in terms of the environment, and ability to actually create opportunities for people to move from poverty to prosperity in one generation, technology enables a that. our challenge is to educate our people in america, all people, so they have access to equal opportunity to participate. so building coding centers, building on-ramps, expanding internships, one of the main reasons i'm here in this platform, to make sure we have internships so young people can participate in the economy. maria: you have to look at valuations. you made quite an announcement during the moorehouse college commencement ceremony. watch this. >> i've got the alumni over
7:21 am
there. this is a challenge to you, alumni. this is my class, 2019. [ cheering and applause ] >> and my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. [ cheering and applausloans. maria: that was incredible. how are you going to do that? tell us about this. >> what we've done is actually set up a system where we now and my family make a grant to the university, we finished all of the student loans at this point and now work on the parent plus loans. part of the issue is the number of these students, their parents, grandparents, took mortgages out, to ensure that some of them, 60% first generation college graduates can go on to participate in the economy. so lifting that burden for these students who, a, had more debt than the average student in america and b, typically have less opportunity in the employment sector, i think is a great liberation. the liberation of the human
7:22 am
spirit is one of the most important things we can do as business leaders and philanthropists. maria: you're so great. valuations excessive right now? >> they're high but there are opportunities if you know how to improve the businesses to have returns to our stake hold. maria: thank you. we'll be right back. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes.
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maria: welcome back. live from davos this morning. we are looking at a market that is traiting u trading up in the, up 83 points. nasdaq up 65, s&p up 13. i spoke with president trump earlier this morning in my interview, we weighed in on the economic success, in particular what he's expecting to do on policy in the year ahead. he talks about more tax cuts for the middle class. >> i'm going to make a tax cut
7:26 am
and we're going to probably make the other permanent. it's got a long way to go, be in all take fairness but we're going to make that permanent for the middle class, so we'll be doing that. we'll be you announcing it over the next 90 days. that to me is very important. maria: joining me now is the chairman of ubs, axle weber. it's a pleasure to see you. thank you for joining us. the tax cut legislation in the u.s. as well as the deregulation and of course the focus on energy has increased the sentiment. we're seeing the market up sharply in the last three years. what's your take in terms of the broad economic backdrop? >> so the president mentioned those three points and he also mentioned some of the deregulation that they embarked on for the u.s. industry, which is not tightening capital requirements further. that has been a major changer and support for the economy. this year, some of the support is -- the fiscal impact is disappearing, it's two years ago. there is head winds for the
7:27 am
economy. if you look at the tariffs levied in the september round, there's basically those imports are down 30%. we expect a bit of an air pocket in u.s. growth in the first half of the year, nothing too serious but growth at around 2%, slightly below which is not a great number for the u.s. but those headwinds might disappear towards the end of the year. maria: the first quarter, you think. >> the first half of the year. the fed is on hold. and it will take a really strong change in the economy to change that. so fiscal stimulus, monetary policy, headwinds from trade decisions that are not rolled back, part of it is, part of it isn't, that's going to take a small toll on the economy. it's an air pocket. it's nothing too serious, it's going to be a toll on growth in the first half of the year. maria: you've got new regulations in terms of the central banks of the world, the swiss regulations creating a need for more capital. they want you to have more capital. yesterday, this week, you reported earnings, a lot of people were disappointed because
7:28 am
you took estimates down. what's behind that estimate decline. >> basically we had the best fourth quarter since 2010 and the rest of the year was -- it's probably not our performance as much, per se, but it was that we basically said with everything that's in the pipeline, our 15% return on equity we replaced with a range of 12 to 15%. our ambitions are there. we want to raise -- we want to aim at the upper part of the range to deliver so it's not as if we're taking ambitions down. we're taking some sense of realism about the environment we're in. switzerland has the highest capital requirements and it's phasing in basel3 and too big to fail too. competing with u.s. banks, you have a double whammy from the interest rate environment, which is veried adverse, we have the most negative interest rates globally and the regulatory environment is very much going into more capital is good which produced some headwinds which we
7:29 am
acknowledged yesterday. maria: when you look at the negative rates in europe and you look at where some of the stocks are trading, credit swiss, those stocks are he below where they were in the financial crisis in 2007. what about the federal reserve, largely expected to be on holds this year, is that the right move coming from a former central banker yourself. >> i call it they're on standby, rather than on hold. if the economy were to show signs of weakness, they would come to support. central banks around the globe have a put in the market that if things go worse, they will step in and use whatever room to maneuver they have left. now, the fed's among the very few central banks that has any room left to maneuver. the ecb is pretty much maxed out on the current policy stance, very little they can do, go further into negative interest rate territory and they set themselves pretty clear targets for the maximum of asset
7:30 am
purchases they're going to do in percent of market share. so very little room to maneuver. fiscal policy is not going to come to the rescue. there's a divided capitol hill, in europe we're phasing the restrictions of the treaty and in china the debt issue is something that will prevail and so global fiscal expansion is not on the horizon. monetary policy has little room to maneuver. we've got to focus on structural policies and those are more difficult to do. maria: real quick on china, you were i think the first bank, foreign bank, to go in china. did you have any issues in terms of intellectual property theft, in terms of being able to own the bank out and out, 100% 1234. >>100%?>> we never had that iss. we partnered with two municipalities. we always had management control from day one. we had equity partners, the muniz amunicipality of shanghaid beijing. maria: that has to be a great growth story so far. >> it has been a a good story
7:31 am
so. maria: thank you so much. when we come back, we're live from das versus, switzerland this morning -- davos, switzerland this morning. i'll talk to ray dalio, talk about opportunities and global markets. tomorrow i'll be joined by ivanka trump. here's a look at what else we've got on tap. this week on "mornings with maria," we are live all week from the davos world economic forum with the biggest and brightest minds from across the business and political world. tomorrow, blackstone chairman steve schwartzman and yens stoltenberg return. and friday, antonio gutierrez and steve pagiluka rounds out our all-star line up, right here on "mornings with maria." any comments doug?
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> here again is maria bartiromo with a special edition of "mornings with maria" live from davos, switzerland at the world economic forum. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning,
7:35 am
everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo coming to you live this week from the world economic forum in davos, switzerland. we're expecting a rally at the start of trading, dow industrials up almost 100 points, nasdaq up 69, s&p up a 15. the president in an interview with me told me he's looking to cut taxes again, perhaps that's one of the reasons we're seeing the bullishness in markets. i asked him, however, about tariffs and their impact on the state of the economy. watch. what do you want europe to do, buy more agriculture, in order for you to hold back on additional tariffs? >> so we made some great 2r5eud dealstradedeals. china deal is amazing and we'll be starting phase two very soon. i left the tariffs, 25% tariffs on because it's good to negotiate for the phase two. they want to start phase two right away. so do i. we'll start that right away. maria: joining me right now is bridgewater associates founder, ray dalio, and ray, it's great
7:36 am
to have you. thanks so much for joinings us. lots to talk about in terms of the backdrop, the i'm be pact the tariffs have -- the impact the tariffs have had. you said cash is trash. what do you mean? >> the returns on cash are going to be zero and when we look at the stimulation, we're going to be creating large deficits that have to be dealt with by the increasing printing of money. you can't let interest rates go down. go up. so we have a situation where if you're looking at asset classes right now with a lot of cash on the sidelines, you want anything that's going to have a higher return. so a diversified portfolio of assets that has a higher return because cash -- that's how -- we've had a leveraging up of assets. so the key to the success that we're enjoying has been combination of interest rates that are so low that it pays to
7:37 am
bias ebuy assets, plus so much quantity of money because of the quantitative easing and also those policies, and so we're having a financial inflation in which cash is going to have the lowest return so you don't want to own cash now. the only time you want to own cash is when you have a tight monetary policy and we can't have a tight monetary policy, particularly in election year, because things are going to go down with the -- maria: isn't it true that at some point with this market going up as much as it has been going up, that you want to perhaps have some dry powder? i mean, what about that? do you think that valuations in the stock market, for example, today ar are poised for a comed, at at least a little? >> every asset is compared against every other asset. so cash is compared to bonds. and then with the central banks indicating that they'll hold the cash here or there, you'll pick up a return on those
7:38 am
low-yielding bonds and all asset classes get pressed down. when you look at the return on equity, whether it's a company doing it or an investor doing it, if you have an excess return, you go for it and the way you get there is by borrowing the short-term rate and buying or borrowing the interest rate to get the higher return until those assets go up high enough that that expected return is down and so you see the flattening out of opportunities and when you see that all flattened out, then there are no more opportunities and then you're done. maria: yeah. and you've had an incredible track report. we want to ask you where those opportunities might be. look around the world and talk to us about where you see growth and where that might lead to some of those higher yielding opportunities. >> well, i think when we take a longer term time horizon, let's say the next year, we're going to have politics and there is a left and a right come pon compoo this and how that transpires.
7:39 am
let's assume there are no major changes, if there are no major changes then we'll come into the new year. in that new year there's going to be a participation, and this -- disipation of growth because the power of things that happened are dissipating. we've lowered interest rates. you can't get much more. you have had stock buybacks. and mergers funded by the low interest rates. but as the debt goes up and the balance sheets, there's going to be a limitation of that. we've had corporate tax cuts and we've had tax cuts. those tax cuts, we are not going to have more corporate tax cuts. and as a result, those things were bullish. we will have more printing of money. so as i look at it, i think that -- and then there's the technology revolutions that are taking place, very important disruptive. so i think when we look at it, you want to have diversification, you want to be in other countries, thinking
7:40 am
about other countries, in generally speaking equities. you want to be -- you want to have -- this sounds crazy, but you want to have some gold in your portfolio because as there is more of the printing of money and there's the question of whether in some places a negative interest rate is something one wants to hold, negative interest rate receiving more promise to pay, so i think that that kind of diversification -- it's almost like tech, gold and other countries, and many cases the high growth emerging countries look like better investments to me. maria: emerging countries in asia? i mean, i also want to get your take on europe, europe has had a tough time generating much growth at all. are there opportunities there? >> you don't see technology. maria: that's a good point. >> if you really want -- there are two place in the world that you see technology and you can be in, united states and china. i think we should talk about china. because i like investing in
7:41 am
china. okay. i know it's controversial. but that's where--that's an opportunity. europe has no monetary policy. it's got no important technology development. it's highly fragmented. and that's a european problem. but if we look at let's say the asian and emerging countries in asia as well as some other countries, but those emerging countries and, again, i'm bullish on china. maybe i should touch on china a little bit. maria: let's talk about china, absolutely. this is the front page story of the day. the issue is is are you going to be investing and getting a fair shake when you know you're dealing in a communist country where you also have that government subsidizing, supporting chinese companies. >> i think you have to understand that the word come nickcommunism has a connotationo an american of what it is and isn't your grandfather's communism.
7:42 am
maria: so what is it? >> right now, if you look at technological innovation, look at entrepreneurship china, if you look at the amount of money they are putting into information technology and the data that they have, the full better of engineers, and -- number of engineers and production of billionaires, you know, i think we are closer to getting to the point that they prefer capitalism to americans. we're almost at an anti-capitalist move here and the energy to being able to come up with ideas and become a billionaire and to do things in terms of venture capital is really great. and that's because they understand that you have to win technology, that's not only -- it's not only economic, it's military, it's in all ways. maria: are they winning it by stealing it? >> all through history, you know, there's always the others who learn from the others and steal it.
7:43 am
okay. stealing it means getting it. the world is a competitive place and there's no laws in the world. it's just a matter of power. maria: there are laws, there are laws in america. there are laws, when you have a patent you own that patent. >> all i'm saying, when you have a conflict between two countries, unlike what our experiences are within a country, we operate by laws. you go to another company and they operate by their laws. and i'm saying then there's -- i would create this as a giant competition and what is the rules of the game? so they're learning from us. and it's just like the dutch. if you look at the empires, the rise and decline of empires, the dutch empire, it was shipbuilding and accounted for half of world trade because they learned how to build ships. the british hired the architects -- maria: you don't mind investing in chinese companies that may be building weaponry that the chinese government is going to
7:44 am
use against america or anybody else. aren't you doing that by investing in some of these chinese companies? >> i think that the separation -- the separation -- i'm just a simple investor and the separation between who knows what google does with the department of defense and what is -- it's beyond my understanding. right. if i was to understand that. i don't view that. i'm really much more of a globalist in terms of that notion. and so i try -- i look at it in terms of that particular process. the ideology, if i knew enough about it, maybe it matters. maria: but we know china has one million people, uyghurs in camps, the chinese government has a million uyghurs right now in camps because they want them to learn the chinese culture, they don't want them to be muslims, for example, does that not bother you as an investor? >> i think the issue of trying to figure out to be involved with other's policieses that i'm
7:45 am
not politically understanding and also the idea of sovereignity, if i was to say let's say others saying what do you think we're doing to these populations, i don't know how to really do that well. maria: i understand. >> okay. so we have problems that others would say oh, that's a -- maria: i would consider the u.s. chaff bu china but i undert you're saying in terms of an investment standpoint. >> i don't know anything about that issue. i'm not capable of doing that. so those types of things are -- and i think there's a -- woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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maria: welcome back. the race for 5g dominance, verizon leading the way in the united states, becoming the first telecom company to launch a 5g network in 31 cities. is that right. >> 31 cities. maria: verizon also launching 5g network in 15 nfl stadiums, focusing on innovation and acceleration. joining us now is the ceo of verizon, hans vesper. what does that enable, all of those cities, 5g enabled smartphones. when can we get our hans hands on those. >> what we have right now, last year we have 31 cities. there's a different type of performance, probably 10 to 20
7:50 am
times better, faster speeds. i think that if you think about the u.s. market, it's a big portion of the u.s. market that actually have an apple phone and apple doesn't have 5g phone yet. it's of course now more android phones out there on 5g. so last year when we launched our 31 cities, it was samsung, motorola, 5g phones that we have in the market. so that is one of the cases we launched, of course. we're going to stadiums because the experience in stadiums can be so transformative with 5g in the stadiums. maria: you want that fast service, you have a lot going on in the stadiums. you're doing that with the super bowl. >> we have 5g enabled, miami stadium coming up a week from now, the biggest event, you think about the super bowl, we have 5g there. we're going to do cool stuff with 5g when it comes to the super bowl. maria: are people waiting to get a yo a new phone because the waiting on 5g enabled phone.
7:51 am
>> if you're an android use r,r you're already adopting. maria: you have your earnings in a week so we're going to steer clear of predictions there. in terms of the opportunity for more customers, there are people in the u.s. that don't have the service that you can actually see even more growth, in just basic phones. >> absolutely. that was the reason why in august we actually started moving on our unlimited plans to broaden them. because almost half of our population or our customers still are on the limited plan, half on unlimited. we want to see as many as possible have the chance to be on unlimited, broaden the ranges of the unlimited so we get our customers coming in to enjoy that. today, mobility and broad band is so essential for doing your work, to do efficient, to be
7:52 am
connected. we think it's important. that's why we brought in the possibility for families to mix and match, that was the whole idea to see more of our customer base can get unlimited. maria: where does the growth come from would you say in the next three years at verizon. >> we have proven last year after the third quarter, we can grow in the 40s. that's great for us. of course, looking forward, 5g has a couple of growth engines. one is mobility. the other is the 5g home which is basically a broadband substitution, fiber substitution. you're actually doing mobility instead with your 5g to the home, we already launched that. we think that's a growth engine for us. lastly, we have this 5g mobile edge compute where you bring the cloud to the edge. what we're doing here is together with amazon we're taking their cloud services, moving it out to the edge, our real estate and then we create new services out there. today, developers can access the first mobile edge compute center
7:53 am
in chicago and develop a service for an enterprise, a consumer, that requires low latency that you can only get if you're absolutely at the edge of the network. maria: it's not just a consumer business. when you talk about the opportunities you've got in enterprise with 5g, you need all of these faster services when you're in a corporation, in a corporate setting. >> you're absolutely right, maria. that's what we see. with our assets and our distribution, working with 98% of the fortune 500, we see a great opportunity to bring out 5g to the edge, it's much lower latency, how you get information quickly. we can also bring processing and compute and storage to the edge which means that a customer can actually keep the data in their premises, they don't need to send it anywhere if they feel it's sensitive and you can make automation in the manufacturing, put 5g in row t bough robotics h the whole factory.
7:54 am
there's so many work cases, that's what we can enable with the 5g platform and that's what we have been building and we're now engaging with a lot of the enterprises to see how they're going to use it. ultimately, they're going to build applications, et cetera, we're enabling it with our platform. maria: what kind of year are you expecting, 2020? >> we're going to fight hard, going to execute. i know what to do. that's what the year -- the year in front of me is basically three things. one is very much about continue to grow my core business which is constantly working. then leveraging assets that i'm deploying which is 5g and fiber and ultimately continue to have a very purpose-driven company where my employees are really driven about what we're doing and continue with the customer centricity. maria: you announced committed to carbon neutral by 2025. tell us how you get there. >> we start with our own real estate, secondly in all our
7:55 am
networks. that's how we're going to do it. we've done a deep analysis, how we can get to 2035. we're working with our partners, all our equipment vendors to see that we can reduce our c o2 emission. one partner is we're buying carbon certificate, in order to get more green energy to the grid. somewhere where you might have a data center, you don't have the right energy so we would buy carbon certificates so somebody can invest in the new green energy. so we mapped it out. we feel it's very important for our industry, it's important for us, it's important for our customers. maria: do you see this as a priority for customers? your enterprise customers. >> yeah, it is a priority for our customers. also, it's a priority for being a responsible leader. we are a large corporation. >>.we have a large responsibili. we are investing $18 billion year in the country. we have a huge responsibility, if a large corporation is not doing it, i'm not sure who is doing it. maria: the sprint, t-mobile
7:56 am
merger hanging in the balance, what's the impact on verizon. >> first of all, i have no idea where it will go. i think that for us, we will not change strategy either way it goes. we have our clear path of our network service, working with partners, tactically you can change something short-term but long-term and medium term there's no change to our strategy. maria: i guess at this point if it hasn't happened yet, it's a fair question saying is it even in the balance? >> i don't know. you know -- maria: i know you don't know. hans, it's great to have you. thank you so much. we'll take a short break. when we come back, more of my one on one interview with president trump, live from the world economic forum here in davos. back in a moment, next hour on "mornings with maria." ♪ everybody, yeah. ♪ rock your body. ♪ yeah. ♪ everybody.
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switzerland economic forum maria bartiromo with special edition of "mornings with maria." welcome back. good wednesday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo coming to you live in the world economic forum in davos, switzerland this morning, i sat down for one-on-one with president donald trump, here is part of that conversation. >> who you have 51 vote threshold in the senate do you think there are four republicans in the senate that will vote for witnesses? >> i don't know we will have to see what happens i hope that they realize it is a hoax. i think it would be very bad for the republican party if we lost that unity that we have right now some running i think would be very bad for them, but i want them to do what they feel is best in their own heart nothing was done wrong, i think you know that better
8:01 am
than anybody i want to thank you because you have been so will incredible in this issue i thank you i know not proprietor to thank you you, you are a great journalist great reporter congratulations on six more years i don't care what they pay you they made a good deal. >> he cwe have been seeking tru i have been honest about this covered this issue, there is some question about the china deal some people feel doesn't have teeth that you are not going to be able to get china to top stealing intellectual property. >> here is okay. you ready? >> we have tremendous policing we have a policing aspect to this deal that is strongest anybody ever had. that happens i terminate the deal if that happens i will charge tremendous tariffs. we have tremendous policing action, it could happen i mean i am not a baby i understand, china has a reputation, for being cute. but i have a great relationship with president xi, i don't think it is going to happen i think already, we have seen difference on the
8:02 am
fentanyl not in deal but you got to do me a favor you got to stop the fentanyl, and now they are putting criminal penalties on people dealing in fentanyl which never had before having a big impact. if this happens, what you are saying could happen, of course, it can always happen, we can terminate or we can put tremendous tariffs on. maria: what about investing in chinese companies there is a proposal for fund 500 billion dollars 401(k) for military past and present 10% of that 50 billion dollars to mimic being the index there is chinese companies in there some are sanctioned some are making weaponry for chinese government do we want our military investinging in chinese companies making bombs and for chinese -- >> no i have been tough on huawei nobody has been tougher on huawei than i have i have called 10 countries got them not to apply it at the same time, getting along with china is a good thing.
8:03 am
you know. i can do something where nobody is ever going to do anything with -- getting along good thing that there was chance couldn't have made a deem having the worst year in 67 years right? that is because of me. i don't want that to happen. getting along with china is a great thing, and i like that i think it is wonderful, so issue if the people in wall street people in know they have o problems going to see me they haven't come and seen me if they start having problems we will stop do it but having investments in china, that is not bad letting them invest in our cup is good. but we have to be in our country is good acquiesce to be careful of mil spec -- military aspect of it. >> what with krocoronavirus wha is administration doing in terms of protecting of passengers at airport. >> we have one person in quarantine we got luck we are in great shape cd.c. did fact
8:04 am
of job got the person we think we are in good shape i think china in good shape too. >> do you think people should be worried when traveling at airport. >> not at all i don't thinking should be worried one out of tens of millions that travel we announced it will yesterday it is take place care of china working very hard on problem we spoke he can about it china is working very hard. >> nancy pelosi also trying to criticize and take down ag bar, ag barr said some things in the investigation that are not included in the horowitz report looking at brennan looking at, other obama about officials, how far up the line do you think this went that they framed you, being tried to target your campaign, during the election. >> i think it went right to the top. and i think that what they did is based -- what they they did so illegal in history there's never been anything like this they tried to tweet me before i got elected thank you insurance policy kicked in you
8:05 am
remember famous insurance policy if he wins we will get him here that happened that happened there has never been a thing like this if reversed obama people would be in jail right now for 50-year terms 100 year temperatures are a who knows but if this were president obama instead of president trump if this were the other side, people would have long ago been in jail. i will tell you we have a great attorney general, he is highly respected highly ethical man fantastic job see how it comes out nancy pelosi is a grateful to country augmenting to spend more time trying to look at from an which is going to hell look at san francisco people don't recognize it as a city this was one of our most beautiful places, it is with all need els everything else we are not going to talk about. >> just there. >> it is rushing into ocean they have beaches it washes
8:06 am
into ocean epa fining them tens of billions of dollars, what happened to san francisco is a disgrace that is where she is. >> what about new york, i mean how do you feel about new bail reform three-quarters of inmates. >> i think -- >> cuomo de blasio in effect. >> i think it is crazy i i think they want to take away guns in virginia, you you have a governor just can't believe it. but virginia is very much in play i think we are going to won stately of virginia. they want to take everyone's gun away in virginia you can't do it you can't do it people need that for safety for hunting, but many people need it for safety, they need it for security. and playing with second amendment frankly -- i washed interview he would get rid of second amendment you have democrats saying same thiquietl if they win they are er going to try to get rid of sedge amendment it will never happen as long as i am here.
8:07 am
>> iran a lawmaker offering a reward for somebody to take you down i wanted to ask about iran selling 70% oil and gas to china how does china get away with that when you have sanctions on companies countries doing business. >> i talked to china about it they are going technique changing very much we have a tough patch with china you know better than anybody, you know you say some days deal is going to happen some wake out i walked out of a lot of meetings they walked out also, we had deal that was almost, finished they walked out, this deal is better. this deal is a portion of that deal but very big portion you know we cover intellectual property, finance, we cover things nobody thought this thought it as all a farm deal it is not it is a massive detail phase one now we go to phase two, no, china is -- >> working with us verys nicely. >> do you worry technology companies issue going to cheat in election ted ted cruz says
8:08 am
watching companies shadowed banning. >> i see the it mark zuckerberging in white house two weeks ago said you are nebraska one on facebook i said thank you very much who is number works, prime minister, india has 1/2 billion we have 350, i said we can use it in a sense but no, i see it i see the numbers, where, facebook google, and twitter, twitter, twitter has been very good for me but i see what is going on, no, we are very concerned about it. but i was concerned about it when i ran threeing years ago, too when we won we won with easily. >> congratulations happy anniversary. >> thank you very much fou beautiful pictures in instagram of you and first lady. >> she has done a great job a great first lady. >> how has it done living in white house. >> i think great, can't haranging can't witch hunts i have had a witch hunt i believe, from before i came
8:09 am
down on the escalator with then our future first lady, but i love it i love it because we have done so much, super bowl pick? >> i don't really. >> i think for me to take you know side would be tough, but it is going to be a great game i hope a great game. >> mr. president thank you. >> thank you very much. >> my thanks to president trump from from davos here dagen mcdowell in new york. dagen: what did not you cover with president united states one thing i wanted to highlight is the -- the second pro second amendment rally that was in virginia, and now virginia charley said the other are day from my neck of the woods, the virginia could very well be in play because of what you are starting to see that 91 out of 59 counties in virginia are now, second amendment or constitutionals
8:10 am
sanctuary so a lot on the ground pro impeachment media fix aitdz in senate people look overlooking groundswell grass roots will movement that are happening across the country. >> you had a great conversation about this yesterday, dagen, dagen spoke yesterday with representative from if virginia, right, and you both were agreeing he in terms of just that, on the second amendment how people were coming out, in a good friendly calm way to protest what they were seeing in virginia. >> i am going to quote something paraphrase greg gutfield said on twitter last night how will the media now frame what we saw yesterday. given the fact that they have lied about everything, and distorted the truth about kavanaugh the covington kids washington second amendment
8:11 am
rally you were told would be like charlotteville where a young councilwoman died it wasn't that to begin with it wasn't that after the fact how are these people in media messaging all of this that is one of the huge issues. with what that i had, with what was happening in virginia, because the people who again grassroots movement people who were instrumental organized this were saying this is not violent this is about the constitution. this is about every -- every race every ethnicity coming together seeing in a sad state you are right. >> i am not a fanatic rejoinder on international base but we are in the midst of a reformation of trillion like never seen before renegotiated the president trade with korea japan, usmca, and now china. he is now going to focus on the european union and uuk i
8:12 am
anticipate before the end of the election, that is going to have a massive impact, on growth he about domestically in particular as we spoke before on industrial midwest most disportionly a huge, huge effect positively i think going to bring home the election. >> what a great point, people want to know what is going on in their own personal lives, how they are impacted you know what is amazing what he said about san francisco, i mean when you look at san francisco, that is nancy pelosi's district. do you ever hear her talk about that? >> no. dagen: left wing policies particularly with bail reform here in new york, it hurts the people who who are not protected, it hurts people who can't afford to take an -- uber to work they take subway not only do subways not run you have people seriously mentally ill, people who have assaulted people, with individuals trying to get to
8:13 am
work in front of trains this is out in new there is one role of government to protect the citizens and allow them to get out of the way, for their constitutional rights to bear armed and protect themselves you have progressive policies putting every working man and woman in danger. maria: they really he we will break when we come back fatal corn corn coronavirus is spreading. >> plus, then the field of dreams, legend derrick jeter, in the hall of fame commissioner here joining me exclusively. back in a moment. tomorrow steve swarlths
8:14 am
mavrn jens stoltenberg, friday antonio, boston celtics managing partner rounds out all-star lineup on "mornings with maria". on family and friends ♪ ♪ and hey, we got somethin' ♪ ♪ just for you (sniffing) ♪ it's a cup of your favori-i-i-ite... ♪ (loud splashing) (high-pitched laughter) dang woodchucks! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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maria: rules to impeachment trial now set after intense day on capitol hill blake burman live at the white house right now with the latest blake? good morning to you it was a marathon first day of proceeding up on capitol hill, the impeachment proceedings lasting nearly 12 hours yesterday, going until before 2:00 in the morning, here on the east coast after midnight tempers flared between democratic house managers and the president's legal team. >> the president sometimes relies on -- immunity sauce he can order anybody in p executive branch not to testify to the house or the
8:18 am
senate it is embarrassing the president's council to talk about this today. >> the only one who should be embarrassed mr. nadler is you. >> for the way you have addressed this body. this is the united states senate. >> now it was then after 1:00 in morning when the chief justice john roberts broke in and gave this warning. >> i think it is appropriate at this point for me to admonish, both the house managers, and president's counsel in equal temperatures to remember that they are addressing the world's greatest deliberative body one reason it earned that title is because its members avoid speaking in a manner and using language that is not conducive to civil discourse. >> this morning president trump reacted by calling jerry nadler you saw on first sound beauty a quote sleaze bag he
8:19 am
was impressed with his attorneys. >> next up today, opening arguments begin from did a democratic house managers that is expected to last the two potentially three days the president's team after that still left unresolved with everything will there or won't there be live witnesses at some point next week. >> maria. maria: we will see, blake burman thank you. we will be watching blake burman at white house confirmed cases are coronavirus on the rides. cheryl: that is right, chinese officials say outbreak spread to more than 400 people, nine people are now confirmed dead united states has first confirmed case seattle two other cases in chicago, appear to show symptoms of that virus yilz believed originateed in wuhan province hong kong also reporting its first case. >> opening good morning
8:20 am
expected to begin today, here in new york, for the harvey weinstein trial dozens the charged mogul with sexually assault focuses on two kurs weinstein maintained innocence. >> mil hill defending her relationship with with weinstein, clinton spoke with "hollywood reporter," asking how can we have known? in regards to the allegations against weinstein, weinstein once one of the biggest democratic donors in the entertainment industry. >> well google launching new apps to help you detox from your device, android police and activity bubbles, look to highlight the amount of time you he spend on your phone, a giant stop watch and the bubbles takes up more space as you go there is another app envelope maria it hides your phone just hides your phone from you somehow apps to get you to walk away from your phone -- he.
8:21 am
maria: just like tricking you into it, by hiding it trick you into it. cheryl: right. maria: thanks cheryl, quick break then whether we come back zeroing in on coronavirus nine deaths over 400 cases reported, the first case confirmed in the united states in washington state the ceo of henry schein is here stanley bergman joining me next hour with -- stock alert johnson & johnson under pressure reports weak annual profits rare mison quarterly revenue take a look at stock right now down 12 -- down 1.77, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ so. let's talk. we're built for hearing what's important to you, one to one. edward jones. it's time for investing to feel individual.
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maria: welcome back a deadly new virus from china making its way to the united states, i spoke with president trump about this highly contagious coronavirus this morning in one-on-one, watch? >> what about this coronavirus what can you tell us about this how worried should we be what is the administration doing in terms of protecting our passengers at the airport. >> we have one person right now as you know, quarantined we got lucky actually, but we are in great shape cdc did a fantastic job meal got the person, and we think we are in good shape i think china in good shape by the way. >> do you think that people should be worried when traveling at airport. >> not at all i don't think should be worried this is one person out of tense of millions of people that travel we just announced it yesterday, and it is all taken care of, china is working very hard. >> and the cdc, has announced that that man is in his 30s he
8:26 am
is in isolation after traveling from china officials say nine died from virus in china 440 p contracted it, ceo henry schein, thanks very much for joining me it is interesting this is not first time we've had this -- like a virus imported from china we had the sars, of course, swine fre flu affected pigs what is your take on as we aresness of coronavirus we don't know how serious i think we have to take it seriously because viruss don't have passports can cross borders so i think what we need to do is monitor, situation, and follow the world health organization cdc guidelines, generally using basic hygiene washing making sure that any time you suspect you suspect that you calm in
8:27 am
contact with somebody reach out to practitioner. >> i want you to know our audience to know i spoke with dr. gregory poland from the clinic a specialist on these sick necessaries told me one of the reasons that you see these things imported from china fissile they have enormous amount of people 1.4 billion a open air spaces when you've got people and animals together, you said that there are bats and pigs and cats, you know obviously, there is not the same kind of standards there in terms of -- hygiene and health is what he said. >> i suspect that u.s. administration, is in contact with officials in china, so i am sure the right things are being done cdc is extremely capable, the world health organization does a good job too. >> one of the things that is specific to this virus is that it affects the lower respiratory system, as opposed to the upper respiratory system so it is not like the average cold where you will
8:28 am
get the upper respiratory system ailments no. you get pneumonia fever the lower recess presystem that is more worrysism can you get it from someone coughing on you -- >> i am told that as cra characteristics of mirs, we now have a network called the pandemic supply chain network, has worked with world health organization on coming out with a disease package products needed urgently to prevent these outbreaks from spreading. and that is a step further, than we were the last time there was one of these outbreaks the world he health organization is identified 40 products that needed to be
8:29 am
available to health care practitioners right away i think we responded quite well to this situation. >> i think you make a good disappoint as simply as washgdz hands dr. gregory told me from clinic one reason this spread because people are coughing getting into the bloodstream so important for our ensto understand threat what you can do in terms of protect will yourself. >> one wash your hands if you are feeling particularly sick you have a cough wear a mask. >> what about people traveling? >> i think you can travel i don't think that is an issue, watch the -- if you are u.s. citizen watch the state department web site, so much information, cdc, the world health organization, state department, all have excellent information available. >> let me switch gears ask about your business how are things going where is the growth i know you supply medical equipment to doctors offices, hospitals a lot of
8:30 am
procedures issue moving out of the hospital going into clinics how has that impacted you -- >> most dynamic movements in health care last decade or so first of all preventing people from getting sick a lot more work being done in prevention a lot taking place if physician of those but the movement procedures, from if hospital, to ultimately care settings including surgical procedures is growing significantly at core of our business maria. maria: yeah, but does that mean that you are going to be supplying to it those clinics. >> yes our customers. the activities that taps in the doctors of those, and the asc, ambulatory surgical business a key part of business. >> consumers scan take more fate into their hands. >> also less expensive you are not prone to disease that you can pick up in a hospital infection so it is a good thing for at public, and good for. >> thanks for weighing in on all these important issuesit is good to see you, quick
8:31 am
break then indicating red-handed 8 senators under fire for sneaking alabaned items into impeachment hearings. >> "field of dreams," the hall of fame commissioner is here joining me exclusively right after this break. ♪ ♪ (whistling) (whistling)
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8:34 am
every year, our analysts visit thousands of companies, in a multitude of countries, where we get to know the people that drive a company's growth and gain new perspectives. that's why we go beyond the numbers. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. bartiromo with the special edition of mornings mornings live from davos, switzerland. >> ibm boosting dow industrials better than 35 points stock is up premarket, set to open at a 3 1/2-month high, the company forecasting full year profitability above expectations, reporting surprise growth in revenue for the fourth quarter we will be speaking with the ceo this
8:35 am
week you want to hear what she has to say about the better-than-expected earnings reported last night. stock up by 4% right now on shares of ibm, 8 senators breaking the no electronics rules, during yesterday's impeachment trial cheryl casone has that story now, wow what happened. cheryl: something else maria, at least seven lawmakers were spotted wearing apple watches according to report from web site roll call republican senators mike lee john thune patty murray rules state phones devices like apple watch have to be left in storage while you are in chamber during the impeachment trial. anyway, elon musk is striking back after joe biden called silicon valley leaders little creeps. in interview that was held on friday musk tweeted a meme of
8:36 am
candidate ♪ shopped -- sniffing zuckerberg's hair more than 5,000 likes, many might complain that super bowl is too long some hoping game goes into the night buffalo wild wings making a big bet for the big game say if game goes overtime will hand out free wings, february 17th, according to vegas odd makers probability is 10%, those of your headlines back to you. >> all right, cheryl thank you so much we are talking about the field of dreams right now yankees icon jeter rockies a legend walker making into it the baseball hall of fame jeter one vote short of yu in an mouse vote. >> great to see you now great
8:37 am
to see you. >> who was holdout for jeter. >> i know it was only one writer i don't know when one, you never know exactly why somebody votes the way they do, but you know, historic yesterday mariano got one hundred percent i think derrick condition be proud of the fact got 99.7. >> it is nice to see so guys can get the credit they deserve, celebrating as well they work hard. >> the -- the derrick jeters, the mariano, larry walkers of the world did great for baseball he over very long period of time not only great players but great assists. >> l.a. council story los angeles city council voting to ask you to award the dodgers the 2017, 2018 world series title after major league baseball pushed houston astros for cheating continues to investigate boston red sox i
8:38 am
think my dad would agree what are you going to do. >> a examinep problems, we haven't concluded our investigation with red sox hard to take the trophy away from somebody about who hasn't you know yet been found to do something wrong we don't know what the outcome that have is going to be. i think that the second flaw, you know whatever the impact of the sign stealing was it could have changed who was in world series absolutely unclear dodgers would have been the champion i think a long interestings in baseball not trying to change what happened, i think the answer from our perspective is to be transparent about what the investigation showed let fans make their decision about what happened. >> we have seen cutback manager alex cora left team last week being identified as ringleader when he was the bench cooperative for the astros 2017. . have you spoken to him i mean further we have heard reporting coming out who if anybody punished where does
8:39 am
that stand. >> i think that four really accomplished baseball people, beltran, cora, jeff, aj loss jobs over this nobody likes to see that happen, but i do think it is the kind of message that will serve as a deterrent for behavior going forward. in terms of continuing investigation, we have an open investigation, on the red sox, what i have said to the owners is if i had some credible evidence that any other team was involved they will be investigated with the same thoroughness we investigated the astros. >> switching gears about technology i want to get to the robots at plate in a second first let's talk to you about just did renewed deal with youtube a lot offed by rz want mlb on their platforms, how do you decide? >> well, we did the youtube tv deals for a couple reasons, we had a continuing relationship with us they were with us last year we liked that idea, and
8:40 am
they are request integrated in our business google broadly defined in a number of ways google cloud services big deal with them sponsorship deal with them as well made them outstanding choice in terms of integrating with our business more generally, we want to be on platforms very fans are, around the will continue to look for new partners, in this space. maria: when you look at the differences, i know you have a longstanding, deal with fox, and we are partners with you, but fox makes a big production promotion hype around it are you getting that contained of treatment when you go on you know, like amazon or apple can you get that with technology? >> look i think that a the thing you missed that is maybe the most important with our broadcast tv partners is reach. >> there is that about
8:41 am
unbelievable reach promotion for key events world series postseason all-star game that reaches what is most important for us, and we will continue to be more trillion outlets, by the same token you have a whole generation coming, that doesn't use those outlets or look to those outlets in the same way, and i think, it is important for us, to experiment with nooew partners capture younger audience. >> experimenting implementing technology trying to make sure interafter i going on this controversy surrounding use of rob he oaths behind plate instead of umpires. >> rob earths may be overstatement the system is a camera based system, and it does call balls and strikes we experimented with it in atlantic league an independent league last year using it in spring training some minor leagues this year, the way it works is camera calls the ball
8:42 am
or strike, communicates to ear piece umpire has in area from fan's perspective looks like it looks today, we believe over the long haul going feedback more accurate reduce controversy and be good for the game. >> as effective or more effective that human being. >> we think more accurate have an human being being there. >> you probably he have different angles as well. >> the current strikes zone is designed is actually three dimensional camera better than calling 3 dimensional strikes than human eye. >> getting the fans interaking in the game what are you doing to get them in the stadium. >> the biggest initiative for this year is we are doing, being a -- a revision to system gives fan all sorts of data to better understand what is going on on the field, it is a great supplement watching a ball game in ballpark or on television to better understand what a great play a player played how far he moved
8:43 am
how fast he moved, great source of engagements. >> great to have you on the show always great to be with you -- >> one of these days i will throw out first pitch again since i got it right over the plate. thanks thank you so much, join me tomorrow we've got a big show speaking with advisers to the president ivanka trump on "mornings with maria" a special update from tennis channel. >> australia ann open court report for fox business. >> day three melbourne, fan favorites rolled to vikt, 15-year-old american cock co-- coco came from hind, next up a rematch of u.s. open clash, the defending champ took out in straight sets in second round match.
8:44 am
>> seven time djokovic into third round dominant victory over japan. . the serbian one step closer to 8th career title down under. >> don't forget tennis channel live coverage of the aussie open hits air daily 6 pm eastern. i've heard a lot of excuses to avoid screening for colon cancer. i'm not worried. it doesn't run in my family. i can do it next year. no rush. cologuard is the noninvasive option that finds 92% of colon cancers. you just get the kit in the mail, go to the bathroom, collect your sample, then ship it to the lab. there's no excuse for waiting. get screened. ask your healthcare provider if cologuard is right for you. most insured patients pay $0.
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maria: welcome back, studio
8:48 am
b, "varney & company" host stuart varney preparing to stu what is on tap. >> some great stuff again. again we are going to look at extraordinary contrast between president trump strayed across world trumpeting, global dominance in terms of finance and economics versus, what is going on in in washington, d.c. . where det pro rataly trying to get trump down throw him out of of those what a contrast! i think this must occur to everybody you got a boring impeachment process in washington, d.c., full of most awfully nasty back-biting politics, versus the president so clearly successful with american economy really overshadowing the other issues that were brought up in davos, i find it extraordinary contrast it was true yesterday it is going to be true again
8:49 am
day i think true next few weeks you are right in the middle of it, actually you are over there, but um right in the middle right here i am as is it notished frankly outraged. >> the president talked being about that in interview certainly, it is contrast as you painted i know you have more in 10 minutes see you top of the hour. >> you got it. maria: are "varney & company" 9:00 a.m. eastern right after "mornings with maria" don't miss stuart coming up first more of my one-on-one with president trump right here after this. ♪ ♪ what can make me feel this way, my girl, my girl, talking about my girl ♪ ♪ i don
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♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia.
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8:53 am
. maria: welcome back earlier this morning, i sat down for one-on-one with president trump, we talked second term plans state of the economy, and 2020. here is more about what the president said,s trade deals in the works. >> and i didn't want to do china, and europe at the same time. i said let me finish china first when finished with china frankly mexico and canada as soon as we do that i will do europe they have been difficult to deal with, but ultimately, it will be very easy because if we can't make a deal we have to put a 25% tariff, 20 or 25%, i am sure going to make a deal, so -- >> you think going to do it. >> they have to do it they have no choice. >> so question is what does that mean for the u.s. economy, in new york this is president tough on china plans to be tough on europe by
8:54 am
instituting tariffs to have you believe that bol stance with china worked. >> maria no doubt about it, the proof in pudding derided by critics, administration for using tariffs, i think the question now is what took so long. why did not other administrations start using this the success cannot be disputed as pointed out earlier started in far east now come home with new nafta, usmca, i think -- two to go add to gdp china trade deal remarkable first step reevaluation, of the relationship that needed to be reevaluated they have gotten the best of us almost two decade i think going to get deal done with european union then getting a very nice bilateral trade deal with uk, having tariffs has had a huge impact you see what mechanic ron had to do backing down from tax on tech, in return for our threat to tax their wine and coliseum effective strategy, and it is as i said
8:55 am
just global reformation a tremendous tremendous success so far for the president. maria: and these are things that our audience cares about investors care about make sure to tune in today, at 2:00, for dagen is co-hosting incredible are show livience dagen you are talking about all the things that our audience cares about, we are invested in them tell us about live slow this afternoon that you will be hosting. dagen: no-holds barred ask whatever you want capitalism versus socialism investing you name it, there is no topic off limits, i do hope i get to talk about where i came from, the child of two people ran a small family business, people emwho worked seven days a week, never took a vacation. and never trusted the government never trusted populations to help them in any way, shape or form. they only complicated matters also having help you know kind of held my mother whose hand
8:56 am
through five 1/2 year battle with metastatic lung cancer helped navigating health care i hope people can ask questions about that no topic off limits, there is nothing that is taboo about discussing cancer, health care, i have been there my family has been there so i hope we get to talk about that too. maria: and dagen a testament to who tur way you were raised you didn't ask for any handouts you worked hard to earn it, that is why you've got the seat at the table this is it is important to just talk about where you come from, that shaped you -- >> you, too, every i think that your dad and your mom would say the same thing about you when their neighbors and friends asked them how did maria get where she is, she worked, she worked hard, she worked tirelessly never forgot where she came from, that is why you are sitting there interviewing the president of
8:57 am
the united states. maria: thank you, we will leave right back with lat more "mornings with maria" continues after this. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses
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go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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maria: join us tomorrow when i speak with the adviser to the president, ivanka trump on the request mornings with maria" from davos. have a great day. stuart varney is next. over to you. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. the corona virus. president trump says america has it under control. quote, everything is going to be fine. that's what he said. we have one confirmed case here in america, a 30-year-old traveler from china is in intensive care in washington state. health officials in china say there have been nine deaths and 440 reported cases. hong kong now has a case confirmed. so, too, does japan, thailand and south korea. now, the coronavirus, that news helped push stocks down yesterday, but


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