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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 14, 2020 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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every weekday tune in from six to 9:00 a.m. eastern for mornings with maria, on foxbusiness network. i hope you'll join me every day as we set the town for the day. that will differ a lou where good evening. president trump today in the white house rose garden where he declared a national emergency over the wuhan virus pandemic. the president's emergency over the pandemic sparking a blockbuster rally on wall street, all two major indexes reaching their highest paint in history bouncing up almost 10% on the day. at the beginning of the re president's address the dow had been up 900 points. during his news conference the dow began climbing and climbing
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steadily. by the time was finished, the delegated thousand points closing ahead 1985 points. the s&p 500 finishing with a higher, markedly higher, 230 points. the nasdaq soaring 673. the decision today to declare a national emergency, strong, swift action that opens up $50 billion of federal resources to help state and local governments fight the pandemic, waving interest on federal studentst loans until further notice directing the department of energy to buy up crude oil to store in the petroleum reserves. >> to unleash the full power of the federal government i'm officially declaring a national emergency. as a result of that action today we are announcing a new partnership with private sector
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to vastly increase and accelerate our capacity to test for the coronavirus, we want to make sure those who need a test can get a test safely and conveniently. the next week weeks are critical. we can learn and we will, turn a corner on this virus. lou: over the next critical two months the trump administration says they will be putting a major emphasis on expanding testing throughout the country, the fda approved the new coronavirus test, it is manufactured by the swiss company roche. it will speed up the ability to test patients, partnerships forged with private industry providing drive-through testing in some cases in retail parking lot at walmarts, targets, walgreens, cvs stores across the country.
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the coronavirus is killed 47 americans, 22 of those deaths associated with that nursing home just outside seattle, washington. also more than 1600 s americans have been infected with the virus, the house and senate remaining in session tonight. nancy pelosi and steve mnuchin have been even investigating throughout the day. the speaker since she reached agreement with the trump administration on a coronavirus response bill which would provide free testing for all americans, expanding paid emergency medical leave as well as food programs including snap and treasury secretary mnuchin says that is not quite the case yet. is been in constant contact with the speaker throughout the day. he will be joining us here, he is at this moment in the white house speaking with the president. a deal in his opinion has not been reached despite what the
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speaker has said. we will have the latest from the treasury secretary here tonight. he will join us as soon as he concludes the talks with the president and gets whatever direction he will from the present. breaking news tonight, the fda approved the use of the test that will expedite the test results for the virus, the tests produced by the swiss company roche capable of testing more than 4000 samples each day. it can be run on the roche machine that have been installed in 100 laboratories throughout the country. donald trump highlighted the t roche's which application was approved. >> using federal emergency authorities the fda approved a new test for the virus. we did this within hours after receiving the applicationouou roche, a process that would normally take weeks, we expect half 1 million additional tests will be available early next week. we will be announcing locations
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probably sunday night. >> joining us tonight to take up this latest action by the trump administration, the director of the center for infection and unity at columbia university, invited by the chinese government to study the coronavirus and help them tackle the outbreak. great to have you back with us. this, i've never seen the president in my career talk about partnership with private companies and the medical community and the government and then demonstrate it as he did today. a remarkable moment. >> this is an extraordinary moment i agree. it is pivotal, turning point, the fact that we will be able to recognize who is infected will enable isolation and hopefully contain this outbreak.
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>> to see the number of people in public health agencies standing beside the president throughout, to hear governors starting to talk about how well the federal government is responding, this is, we are starting to see this country get in line with leadership and to deal with what is now, we realize, a very serious challenge to the country, a great threat but. >> people have been making projections that are extraordinary in terms of the number of potential death but i think this will be a turning point and i am optimistic that this is going to have a big impact. >> you have been focusing on plasma in communication with your colleagues in china who have been discussing this with you, to use the plasma from the blood of patients who survived
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the coronavirus, you believe this could have a significant impact on saving lives. >> yes. based on the work that has come out of china and one of the reasons why i spend time there in to addition to trying to ree mortality varies they have a leg up. they see the cases first, they tried things we recommend and they come up with on their own so in essence they are giving us the benefit of their experience and sharing it with us. there are a group of us pushing this very hard. lou: that is a very good sign for everyone in this country. what has been the response beyond the medical community or have you moved beyond to government authorities to the agencies? >> we are trying to identify people who have been recently infected so there are three large areas, when in the bay area, when in seattle, another
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up here north of us in new rochelle. i was reaching out to people in that community, kids who have been infected and recovered and they are very enthusiastically participating. >> that is wonderful because they would have to be, they are critical to a successful program. >> this is citizenship from top to bottom and that is what it is going to take and we will win.n.ree lou: the president said we will prevail and acknowledges the challenge it has throughout. it is nice to see democrats beginning to line up. there are a copy people running for president who thought they could make political hay out of their speeches and one or 2 in congress, maybe a few more than that but to see democrats begin to turn, this is a truly positive sign because one of the things that i see in china
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is the ability of leadership in a communist authoritarian government to bring people together and direct them. this president has to lead, to persuade and it is paying off as we see leadership in the democratic party starting to understand this is a time for the nation to come together instead of play partisan games. >> in china people tell you it is their duty and that is what we are beginning to see here too. lou: i like your point of view. citizenship, contributing to the country, precisely that. we should share with you the good news that we are starting to see real evidence of a turn in china, starbucks opening up stores, the number of apple stores, i'm told all the apple stores have been opened up, a
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huge development. >> it was very aggressive containment.t. i'm not sure we have the belly for that level of containment here but we are going to have to develop it. we are going to have to make tough decisions. we are shutting down colleges, universities, struggling with to do with goingof c primary schools is one of the challenges is some kids get all their nutrition from these school lunches. we have to become creative how we address this challenge but we will prevail. >> americans are not buttercups about daffodils, we have a heritage in the tradition of meeting challenges, defeating threats and working together. sometimes we do it, have to be dragged kicking and screaming toward a goal or an objective but ultimately get it done and as you and the president saidd today, we will replicate the historic success.
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as we wrap up your, your thoughts about the dependency we still share with a lot of other countries on pharmaceuticals, antibiotics originating in china and the threat from the chinese media over the last week that they might exercise that advantage over us. >> i know a lot of people in the highest levels of the chinese government and i can't believe that they would follow through with that. we also make pharmaceuticals too. i suggest this means we do have to do manufacturing in the united states and we have outsourced too much, vaccine production, drugs and such. lou: good to hear you reassure somewhat. thanks as always for your
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insight, come back soon and thank you for my souvenir. what is this? the 8 to 10 plus. that has something to do with my weight class. thank you very much, appreciate it. up next, steve mnuchin joins us to take up to talks with house speaker pelosi and whether they have reached an agreement on a congressional response bill, nancy pelosi says there is a deal, the treasury secretary will tell us what the case is. and iranian backed militia responsible for killing american and coalition troops, general jack keane joins us tonight, stay with us. ♪ ♪
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holding and reserve that declaration. we learn from him precisely what is going on. i'm told that this hour. we are looking forward to his perspective and whether or not the president has approved a deal with the speaker. we are also taking up a number of other important issues including the coronavirus, also an element of pure coincidence or prescient prophecy by arthur dean koontz on the issue of the coronavirus, we wanted to bring to your attention. in his 1981 novel the eyes of darkness his plot line centers around something called wuhan 400, the perfect weapon with a 100% mortality rate that was developed by laboratories in his fictional novel outside the city of wuhan.
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writers went to great trouble to call claims on social media that he had predicted the current virus outbreak as partly false. whatever in the world that means. it was all fiction but the coincidence is fascinating and particularly interesting. we declare it partially true just to aggravate reuters. we will let you decide what you think period. it was just an interesting coincidence. the united states destroyed 5 weapons facilities in response to the iranian backed attack on a military base in which two americans were killed. central command says the locations southwest of baghdad had weapons that had been given to hezbollah in iraq who carried out the attack wednesday. the us military is moving
7:19 am
missile defense systems into iraq again. joining us his general checking, vice chief of staff for the u.s. army, retired 4-star general, foxbusiness senior strategic analyst also the most recent recipient of the presidential medal of freedom, the president bestowing a on him earlier this weekend we have always been proud of you but prouder still. we salute you, thank you for being with us. >> appreciate that very much. lou: the tragedy of two americans killed in iraq. we cannot extricate ourselves. >> the iranian's want to put pressure on the united states to get out of there and that is what these deaths are about and they are using it as leverage because there is a
7:20 am
parliamentary vote coming up. the iranian's want to two things to happen, get their stew. in their number one and get the parliament to vote the united states out of iraq and that is what their strategy is, the united states will not stand for americans being killed, british soldier being killed, we have a response in kind, limited to be sure but directed right at the heart of where the attack originated. lou: this attack, response attack, has gone on almost two food decades. where does it end and that what point do we just get out? >> we could do that today if we wanted to but what is actually happening, there is still a threat from isis, the president determined we were going to defeat isis, get rid of the caliphate, we did get rid of the caliphate, there is still a threat. we have 5200 soldiers, very
7:21 am
modest commitment assisting the iraqis with that threat and that is the reason we are there. we did get out of iraq once before, isis came back. we had to deal with this beginning in 2014. we are down to a small force to deal with that reality and at some point we will be out of iraq, no doubt about that. lou: there is also no historical suggestion of an imperative that we will. i have absolute confidence in this president who wants to bring our troops home and i applaud him in that and i think the country shares his frustration. we have to come up with some -- what i am saying is robert einstein famously said the definition of insanity is repeating things that don't work ad infinitum and we have no new doctrine it seems, no
7:22 am
new strategy in the region. it is difficult to watch this to see american lives lost for any reason. >> i couldn't disagree with you more. the president's strategy is pretty clear. he wants the locals to say care of a large amount of the fighting, we have 70,000 syrians trying to keep isis down in eastern syria, less than 1000 assisting them, 300,000 iraqis doing the fighting against isis and 5000 assisting. that is a different model. this isn't 130,000 troops going at the throat of the enemy, same in afghanistan. we will get to a low number in afghanistan, and have 300,000 afghans doing the fighting and we are doing the assisting, that is a different model than we had in the past and i think it is pretty solid. lou: we have argued this for years. and haven't declared a winner yet.
7:23 am
the truth is to me this is less doctrine or strategy than it is rationalization and the result is another year of engagement, conflict, at some point of a hard decision has to be made. seems to me the most advanced superpower in the world with every technological advantage should be able to assert itself through that technology and advanced weaponry rather than boots on the ground but that perhaps is where i will leave that and ask your conclusions on afghanistan as we wrap up. >> we have peace negotiations going on. they will be difficult to say the least. the afghanistan national security forces have gone through a lot of reform. we have a government in place. it is not perfect but we have talent and sitting on the other side of the table now. they have one motivation to get the united states out of there so they can take over.
7:24 am
we will see if we can make any progress with these guys, they are pretty entrenched and it makes sense to try. also got to keep our eyes wide open as we deal with the taliban and on the other side of the table. lou: congratulations on your much-deserved medal of freedom. thanks, general checking. we would like to hear your thoughts on all this, share your comments and follow me on twitter, lou dobbs, follow me and instagram,. dobbs tonight. doctor mark siegel, tom fitton of judicial watch, sidney powell defense attorney for general mike flynn. we hope you will be with us and up here next, one republican lawmakers says william barr isn't telling the truth about why fisa would be reauthorized. we will tell you who the congressman is and take it up with john solomon here next. you don't want to miss it. we will be right back.
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lou: on wall street stocks skyrocketing. the dow jones industrials climbing 1,985 lou: stocks skyrocketing, dow jones industrials climbing 1985 points and doing so as the president began his news conference this afternoon on the partnership he has assembled to take on the coronavirus. the s&p up 230, the nasdaq up 673. all 3 indexes, the largest 1-day point increase ever. i am on the big board above 8 billion shares. once again. by the way another $2 trillion returns to the markets, the president celebrating his signature day today, the white house sending me a signed chart of the skyrocketing doubt, the s&p 500 and nasdaq, the dow
7:30 am
rose more than 1000 points from the time he started talking to the time the news conference was over with his decisive announcement to declare the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, well-received by markets all around the world. a reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. acting director of national intelligence richard grenell has ordered a review of personnel enacting a hiring freeze, he was brought in by the president to help reorganize the agency and now says this isn't a purge of any kind, but to make sure the agency is getting the most out of its intelligence community resources. congressman andy big says william barr simply isn't
7:31 am
telling the truth when he says authorities can't track down terrorists if parts of fisa were allowed to expire on sunday. here is the congressman. >> there is not that risk. they will continue to survey all, 5 a stands for foreign, they can survey a foreign intelligence folks with or without fisa being reauthorized. lou: joining us today, john solomon, investigative reporter, foxbusiness contributor and editor in chief of the new media outlet this is your practice, confirming two weeks into the trump presidency they should have known blaine wasn't guilty because they had artie concluded that and the agent of russia the steel dossier was a
7:32 am
frog, manufactured bunch of nonsense and fbi targets like carter page and papadopoulos made exculpatory statements and yet here it rolled on. >> between january 7th, and january 30th, 2017, donald trump served ten days in office. the entire underpinnings of the russia collusion case were completely disproven. they knew the steel dossier had been disowned by its primary source, they knew the primary targets made statements that undercut the main allegations they were investigating and on january 30th the fbi writes a memo stating mike flynn is not an agent of russia. that was what they were looking at at that moment. all of it fell apart and we ended up with another 2 years and 3 months of investigations. it is an outrage when people
7:33 am
look at these documents. lou: the interview record can't be found or at least won't be found. >> versus mrs. thing, the fbi keeps good records except in the case of michael flynn's one interview, to trouble us all like the other document they did on carter page, the fbi did not act like the fbi, they acted like a band of criminals in some of the activities they engaged in. lou: you look to the inspector general's report, document 17 outright lies by the fbi you wonder which is the real fbi? >> a small group of people hijacked this process and they did ultimately for political purposes but it is not the fbi. when you see, i will have a story next week, what senior justice efficient officials were saying a few months after
7:34 am
the case fell apart how concerned they were by the fbi's conduct. i will break that story next week, you will not believe the comments they were saying about the fbi's conduct. they didn't stop them but they knew what was going on was wrong. lou: i know that you are very much confident in attorney general william barr and john durham, the us attorney from connecticut he assigned to investigating the investigators but here we are more than a year later. there isn't a conclusion and that has been part of what is the new fbi, truth goes there to die and reports, with a report, we way patiently and are told they can't comment because they are carrying out an investigation and happen file a report. looks like a subterfuge the allows them not to comment, not to ever deliver the truth.
7:35 am
>> i'm done a lot of reporting in this area and here are the three things i here. there's been an exhaustive investigation. there are bombshell revelations coming out particularly about how early the effort to spy on trump and other republicans was. you will see go back to december of 2015, there will be new revelations, new discipline, new shaming of the people that oversaw this. i don't think there will be a lot of indictments, there may be some more firings, maybe one or 2 indictments but we will get some accountability. john durham will have a nice novel when he is done. we will learn a lot more and learning and exposing will be us and have to do it -- not to do again but if people are looking for prosecutions they will be disappointed. lou: put me down as disappointed. you do with these politically corrupt officials at the fbi and justice department did and get away with it, the american
7:36 am
people have been fundamentally betrayed by the investigators investigating the investigators. we will come right back if you don't mind staying with us, would like to take up the balance involving our friend and colleague kt mcfarland. steve mnuchin is still in that meeting at the white house, we will be talking with him shortly. so why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms which most pills don't. get all-in-one allergy relief for 24 hours, with flonase. and my lack of impulse control,, which most pills don't. is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry!
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that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences. hi there. how are you? do you have any lollipops in there? (laughing) no, sorry. we're helping all kinds of businesses go beyond customer expectations. how can we help you? lou: we are back with john solomon, the editor-in-chief of just the new >> we are back with john
7:40 am
solomon, editor-in-chief of and talking about kt mcfarland, deputy security adviser, she says a british intelligence official as she put it into to her that the country had aided the obama administration, that is the uk, aided the obama administration's early so-called collusion probe, the russian collusion probe during the election. was obama part of that conspiracy? >> we are 3 and a half years in and don't know the answer to that, we don't know what our foreign allies did to assist come we are told there is evidence of a but we don't know what it is but there is a 5 day window in january of 2017 when the case is falling apart where
7:41 am
k t mcfarland, coequal important calls her and says we are not going to comment on the leak of the steel dossier it came out of those feed but you know he made this incredible comment which is it is sometimes hard to tell were british end -- intelligence ends, the two worked together on merely trump case. a few days later mike flynn gets a formal letter from the national security adviser telling him we don't trust christopher steel, those are now a matter of public record, the brits were trying to tell the new president we might have had our hands dirty on this whole case. >> how many hands were dirty in the intelligence community assisting us intelligence? the australian ambassador in italy christopher steel and mi 6 in the uk? this is a very large coincidence.
7:42 am
>> somebody said these actions into motion, the question was who was it and there may be a conglomerate, may not be just one person, given multiple operations going on but a lot of foreign involvement targeting the trump and may be larger, more republicans than just trump at the beginning of this whole episode. lou: we can't wait to watch john solomon get to work, great to have you with us every friday, we appreciate it. john solomon. of next congressman matt gates on how the president's emergency declaration will help him as a congressman handle the threat of the coronavirus, stay with us, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪
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lou: more breaking news tonight. u.s. trade officials granted 27 companies tariff waiforts for >> you straight officials of granted 27 companies tariff waivers for more than 100 medical supply items they are importing from china. among the items that will be allowed to be purchased without tariff are protective gowns, exam gloves, patient bags, sanitizing wipes, facemasks and various other pieces of equipment necessary to the healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, technicians, the waivers coming only days after
7:47 am
chinese statement media threatens to divide exports of life-saving drugs and antibiotics to the united states saying america would plunge into, quote, the mighty see of coronavirus. we are told by reliable sources that no one in the administration is taking that seriously because -- we are being told the same thing, no one is taking it seriously in the medical community either according to well-placed sources as they say. joining us tonight to talk about the president's national emergency declaration and the difference it will make is congressman matt gates, member of the house judiciary armed services committees and we are delighted to see you now out of self quarantine and enjoying the florida weather, good to
7:48 am
have you with us. >> i'm 37 years old, you don't have to worry about me but we may have to get you to florida, your too important to the movement of this thing starts ripping through gotham. lou: i was just trying to figure out i couldn't agree with you more about being so important but you're really talking about aged and infirm but nevertheless i will take it under consideration. it is great to have you with us, the president today, good to see a lot of quarantine even of self-imposed. it is a remarkable time. the president driving the market higher with his national emergency declaration. the president send a signed graph of the market taking off from the moment he began a news conference. if you are a democrat in this country thinking about playing politics with the coronavirus i
7:49 am
would think that chart would dissuade you. >> no doubt the president's words granted greater confidence and invigorated the markets today but it had a very practical positive impact on the ground. as a consequence of the national emergency declaration states like florida pre-position ventilator assets, purchase more test kit sent detection swabs. being able to do this synchronizes state and national resources to deal with this challenge and no question the markets and the american people trust the trump administration to get this right and we are getting it right around the country in florida is one great example. lou: it is stunning to look at the statistics, we know it will be with us for a while, it will be tougher than most of us expected. at the same time, to think we are watching mobilization of all these resources by the
7:50 am
president and i want to update one thing, nancy pelosi talking about a negotiation with steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary, the treasury secretary is still meeting with the president and there is now an acknowledgment that there is no deal because the president hasn't signed off on it, the president, a very good idea, to suspend the payroll tax, taxes and inject significant money into this economy, the federal reserve already doing its part in the repo market, the treasury, another $1.5 trillion, the treasury secretary ordering battle, this government is responding robustly i think. >> we are but democrats continue to play politics with the legislation that can
7:51 am
facilitate the most effective response by the government. it is pretty simple. republicans are for testing. we are for the purchasing of medical infrastructure but republicans do not believe in response to the coronavirus we should realign, reorient and expand every entitlement program, we should not permanently change the snap program in response to the coronavirus and of the american people saw the way democrats try to leverage any possible advantage against the president they would be disgusted by these tactics and support our commander-in-chief as he works to mobilize our government at every level. lou: we need to give credit to governor gavin newsom complement in the president profusely and the response of the administration helping, promising, delivering on those promises, the number of democratic governors doing so,
7:52 am
democrats, i think i getting the idea that the american people will tolerate nothing less than following this leader who has had it right on every challenge this country has faced to this point and many of them still ahead of us but doing a terrific job. you get the last word, congressman. >> we are not informational list china, we are not borderless europe, we have tools we can use to the this virus and we are going to beat this virus, the american people armed with information and the government supporting a response can be confident that we are going to prevail in this and you see that confidence reflected in the markets. we have nothing but praise for the president, let's get rid of the partisan politics, the poison pill and work together on behalf of the american people. i don't think that is too much to ask, get the poison pills out of the coronavirus legislation so we can work together. lou: are you really only 37? >> 37.
7:53 am
>> i think it works out twice your age. is that possible? >> i thought you were in your late 50s. >> i am 57. i never lied. be sure to vote in tonight's paul. how long do you think the coronavirus outbreak will last? three months, 6 months, one year, maybe more? cast your vote on twitter, stay with us, we are coming right back. we may be able to talk with the treasury secretary on the other side of this break, he is still meeting with the president, you will have the very latest from these negotiations, steve mnuchin, treasury secretary with us next, we will be right back, stay with us.
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♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. lou: our next guest has lou: next guest has been in constant negotiations with nancy pelosi talking on the phone with her 12 times today, they discuss the legislation dealing with the coronavirus pandemic response, joining us by phone, steve mnuchin. we appreciate you taking time
7:58 am
to tell our audience what is going on. where do you and the speaker stands? she says an agreement, you say? >> great to be on your show, sorry i'm not there on camera but we have been busy negotiating round-the-clock and dealing with the market issues. we have an agreement that reflects what the president talked about in his speech the other night, he's focused on making sure we can deal with the coronavirus, that people who have to be home, quarantines, hard-working americans don't lose their compensation because they have to be home, just for companies that are 500 and smaller, we expect the bigger corporations to pick up these costs and make sure people can get free testing, the president wants lots of testing, something the market responded positively to was the president made enormous progress with all these big
7:59 am
companies coming in and testing. >> the public-private partnership the president talks about it has through his administration putting into action, you working, negotiating with speaker on response legislation, paid sick leave, paid family medical leave, is that part of the agreement? >> it is but let me emphasize there are 14 days you have to be home quarantines, people who are sick we want to stay at home. if you have to care for someone who is quarantined, one of the issues is there's a lot of people at schools that are closed, we will have some small number of people who need to stay home. stuart: i got to introduce you, we are coming up to the end of
8:00 am
the broadcast. i want to tell everyone very loudly how appreciative we are, you are leading the intervention in the markets with the fed and working with the president and negotiate with the democrats, thanks and congratulations, good night from new york. of. the left and right join hands. corporate rivals joining hands as everyone recognizes there is til much, much more to do. the president of the united states announcing a national emergency today. good evening. i'm trish regan. the markets recovering quite nicely at 9.4% on the dow for the best trading day since 2008. amid news the far suit cal company roche received approval for a covid-19 testing kit that's 10 types faster than anything


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