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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 20, 2020 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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tonight. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: stocks ending the week mixed, but this week could be the turning point as the u.s. economy opens. dr. anthony fauci says no more reason for mass lockdowns, local leaders can handle localized outbreaks. the economy data shows that america is on the move. tonight we welcome trump 2020 director of communications tim murtaugh on the president relaunching rallies tomorrow in tulsa, oklahoma. now, a short time ago the oklahoma supreme court denied a bid, a move by -- look at this -- stormy daniels' attorney to try to stop the rally. the top court rejected it. but the city is bracing for potential counter-protesters. the chatter is coming in, groups
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potentially behind the rioting, they a may be showing up in tulsa. the national guard is out in force. we're going to talk to tim murtaugh on the ground there. we're also going to talk to dr. alveda king about brand new sound, new comments coming in from former top obama official susan rice. she's saying now that the trump white house is racist to the core, that's a direct quote, and susan rice echoing hillary clinton that trump's voters are deplorablings. she says trump's senate reporters -- [inaudible] the trash heap of history. this is the democrats' game plan to win the 2020 race. plus, trump attorney and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, he's going to take on the story we brought to you last night. democrats adam schiff and speaker nancy pelosi were against john bolton before they were for him. they were saying he's not a patriot, but now they want to bring him in because they want to push back on donald trump.
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democrats talking to democratic house chairmen about getting bolton in to testify. we're going to talk to rudy giuliani about that. also tonight a story nobody else is bringing to you. hoi profile -- high profile former federal prosecutor john to conner is co-author of a book with the man who was deep throat. mark phelps brought down nixon in the watergate scandal. john o'connor has worked on famous cases like the patty hearst case and more. he says there's a long history of pushing the envelope, of stretching the law in dubious ways until it snaps and breaks all in a push to nail people to the wall for his career victories. john o'connor's going to talk to us about how that is the background to comey going after trump and michael flynn. also was there something more behind the trump-russia probe?
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was it really about president obama protecting his legacy on the iran nuclear deal? we've got details on that, and we're going to talk with retired army colonel david hunt. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with hillary vaughn in washington d.c. hillary. >> reporter: good evening, liz. the oklahoma supreme court at the last minute shot down a last ditch legal challenge to try to force everyone that attends this tulsa rally to socially distance and also wear mask. the president also says he talked with the mayor of tulsa this afternoon who assured him there will be no curfew tonight and no curfew tomorrow night. this happening after a lawsuit was filed trying to stop the arena from hosting the rally saying it presented a, quote, deadly risk to the community. but despite criticism from some, the rally is on, and the
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campaign says they are talk thing the necessary safety precautions -- taking the necessary precautions providing masks and also hand sanitizer. >> for folks who volunteer to come to this rally and sign up, they can make the choice to stay outside, possibly go inside, possibly wear a mask, possibly not. it's american freedom. they've got the choice. >> reporter: the president will not be wearing a mask, and unlike his political opponent, joe biden, who says wearing a mask is a mark of leadership, president trump disagrees. in an interview with "the wall street journal" today the president says masks can be a false sense of security telling the journal this, quote: i see biden. it's like his whole face is covered. it's like he put a knapsack over his face, but the mask is a double-edged sword. they're talking through the masks for hours, they probably don't clean them. we are at exactly the halfway mark between the ah caucus -- iowa caucuses and the election.
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biden's list of vp candidates has gotten shorter. senator amy klobuchar took her name out of consideration. >> i truly believe, as i actually told the vice president last night when i called him, that i think this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket. >> reporter: biden did not respond to klobuchar's recommendation to whittle his list down to women of color only. right now there's only one white woman on the list of contenders, senator elizabeth warren. the other options include kamala harris, atlanta's mayor and former national security adviser susan rice who was asked today, liz, if she thinks that biden should limit his list to women of color. she just is open to whatever biden ultimately decides. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, thank you so much. okay, let's welcome back to the show tim murtaugh. he is trump 2020 director of communications. he's at the rally in tulsa.
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tim, it's always great to have you back on. what is going on with this information that we're hearing that groups involved in the destructive and violent rioting may show up tomorrow at the rally? >> well, that's what the mayor of tulsa said when he imposed the curfew last night. and, of course, you just reported it has been lifted for tonight and tomorrow night. but when he announced the curfew last night, he said that he had information that organized groups from other cities and other states were on their way to tulsa in an effort to try to create unrest and probably, in their minds, duplicate some of the scenes of violence that americans have seen from other cities. and the mayor of tulsa was determined not to allow that, and i think president trump echoes that. the president tweeted earlier today that such folks would not be treated very lightly if that's ooh whey they a-- that's what they attempted to do. the president is looking forward to a great rally here tomorrow night. it's going to be a loud, boisterous crowd, a lot of fun, and we hope everybody peaceful. that's the intention.
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elizabeth: yeah, tim, so how is the campaign keeping people safe? we understand the covid-19 concerns, now it's about potential rioters and protesters showing up. what's being done to keep people safe? we're hearing the national guard is in there by the hundreds. >> well, i haven't seen any of the national guard. i mean, i've been told that they're on saw standbut, but i -- standby, but i haven't seen their presence. there's going to be security at the arena, of course, as always for a large gathering of that kind. and as far as the health and safety of people regarding the coronavirus, we're going to be doing a temperature check for every single person who somewheres, and we'll provide -- enters, and we'll provide everyone with a mask they can wear if they want to, and there'll be more hand sanitizer than could possibly be used. for the very first time, the president will speak actually twice, once inside the arena and once at the large gathering
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outside where i'm standing right now. so the president will actually be able to address americans and his supporters in two locations tomorrow night. elizabeth: okay. tim, i'd like you to listen to this sound from former national security advisor for barack obama, susan rice, with her take about trump's senate supporters, that they are deplorablings. watch this. deplorablings. >> what's important about what senator klobuchar said and did that she made clear that this election and whoever joe biden chooses among many very talented candidates is about getting biden in the white house, somebody who can heal and unify the nation and remove donald trump and consign him and those who have supported him in the senate to the trash heap of history. elizabeth: okay. so the trash heap of history. she's also saying that the trump administration is, quote, racist to its core. your reaction? >> well, that's just the
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deplorables from hillary clinton all over or again, and that's what democrats think about the people who support president trump. i've got to tell you, we had over a million people request tickets for this rally tomorrow night, and there'll be a gigantic crowd out here. and the president, 63 million people voted for him in 2016, and i can tell you susan rice and all of the democrats, and that includes joe biden, they think that those americans, tens of millions of americans, are -- they can just dismiss them as deplorables. joe biden has always said the president's base is filled with a bunch of white supremacists. this is not the way to win votes and influence people. if the vice president, joe biden, and his team think that it's okay to declare about half the country rabid racists, well, that's a heck of a way to unite people as joe biden pretends to say that he's doing. that's not uniting americans whatsoever. i think what you'll hear from the president tomorrow night is that it'll be a message of uniting america and everybody being involved in the great american comeback.
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elizabeth: tim, your final word, your reaction to the news that facebook removed dozens of trump campaign ads with symbols once used by gnats is is -- nazis. how did that get by? democrats are attacking trump and the trump team and trump campaign and the white house as racist and supporting white supremacists. how did that get by? >> well, it was an ad about antifa, and an inverted red triangle is a symbol that is used by antifa. that's why it was in that ad. it's ludicrous. and i don't think facebook has any problem with their own inverted red triangle emoji which looks exactly the same. if our triangle is offensive, then facebook's so offensive. it's just another example of the war against the trump campaign. it's ridiculous. we couldn't even use an antifa symbol in an ad about antifa. it's nonsense.
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elizabeth: and, tim, final word. of antifa uses that symbol on a wide variety of things, right? >> sure. i mean, if you look online, you can find it on a variety of items and posters and web sites that are antifa-branded web sites. and, frankly, it's one of the many symbols that they use, and it's just one -- we do millions of facebook ads over the course of months x this is one ad with a red triangle on it being used to depict an antifa symbol that facebook ludicrously tried to link to some notorious characters from the past. and that was not what it was at all. elizabeth: okay. all right. tim murtaugh, thanks so much for joining us. next up, trump attorney and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, he's going to take on this story that we brought you last night. democrats were against john bolton before they were for him. adam schiff and speaker pelosi now talking to democratic committee chairs in the house about bringing in john bolton,
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dragooning him to basically go after the president based on the charges and allegations in john bolton's memoir. can they do it? rudy giuliani next. ♪ ♪ looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance. i just... when i... let's try again. everybody back to one. accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. a story that we brought you last night, democrats adam schiff and speaker nan su employees city -- nan su she pelosi slammed john
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bolton as not a patriot during impeachment, but now they're talking about bringing bolton in to testify in a, quote, next step potential push to look into what the trump administration has been doing according to the allegations in bowel -- in bolton's memoir. rudy giuliani back with us. this is based on educations in john -- allegations in john bolton's book. your reaction? >> my reaction is that this is another one of their games to try to affect the election. look, they were all upset that a year ago my looking into very legitimate charges of biden's multimillion dollar bribes would affect the election. how about what they're doing right now with a guy they said isn't a patriot, a guy who is a confirmed liar? so if they do that, i don't see why we're not investigating biden for bribery. i mean, what's good for the
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goose is good for the gander. elizabeth: yeah, i hear what you're saying. you're still working -- >> biden -- elizabeth: yeah, go ahead. >> because of biden's career, he probably took somewhere between $30-40 to million in bribes through his family. i have witnesses who can testify to that, under oath. not liars like bolton who wouldn't come forth and say it to anybody else and had to put it in a book for money. these are real witnesses. i'd love to have them testify about biden's bribery so the american people can find out that not only is he cognitively impaired, he can't get out of his basement, but he's been a crook all of his high going back to the time that he was cheating in law school. i mean, a guy cheats in law school is probably going to turn out to be a man of no character. he was cheating in law school, he cheated as a senator. his two brothers and his son made millions selling his name all over the world and selling out the united states. well, if they want to go into
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bolton's ridiculous, idiotic claims, we should go into the real crimes of joe biden and his family. elizabeth: well, where is that headed? the information that you have and the people you say you have, where is it now? how can you get that information out? >> go to -- it's been out there for a year, and the press doesn't pay attention to it because they protect joe biden. but if you really want to get it, go to rudy giuliani common there are eight episodes devoted to joe biden. you see the witnesses, you will see the documents, you'll see the tape recordings. you will see a cold, open and shut $14 million money laundering situation in which hunter biden got a -- elizabeth: okay, i understand that, i've seen it. i see what you're saying. hang on a second, mr. mayor. has any republican said to you, yes, come on in, mr. mayor, and tell us what you've got? >> no. the republicans are afraid,
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including my friend lindsay graham, they're afraid they're going to be accused of interfearing in the election. the point i'm -- interfering in the election. the point i'm making is schumer and pelosi don't seem to be afraid that they're interfering in the election in calling this stink thing liar bolton to testify. well, i have real witnesses. i have tape recordings about a presidential candidate that shows that he's been a crook for 30 years. how about, how about we go into that? there's not a one-way street. the republicans are not punching bags and the democrats do all the punching. they happen to have a lot bigger crooks than we have, believe me. i've been in the catching crook business for a long time, they've got us about two to one. and the whole thing the bidens were doing in iraq, in china, in ukraine, this is a major, major racketeering case, and i know something about rico cases. i could make this case in a
1:20 am
month and have them in jail. so stop the garbage -- elizabeth: all right, well -- >> bolton is small potatoes, and i know bolton is lying because bolton is lying about me. so i know he's lying. bolton was my friend for -- elizabeth: how is he lying about you? how is he lying about you? >> he, he claims that he warned me in some way about ukraine. he never did. he never came to me about the ukraine. if he had these concerns about the ukraine, he should have come to me. he never really did have these concerns. he only developed the concerns after he was fired and got paid $2 million for a book. if he had gone to the president back then and not saved it for his $2 million payday, if he'd had those concerns. elizabeth: okay. mr. mayor, thank you for that interview. really appreciate you coming in. have you back on. >> i always appreciate it.
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maybe you can get me in front of congress with my evidence. it'd be great. [laughter] elizabeth: okay. it's good to have you on. [laughter] mayor giuliani there. coming up, dr. alveda king on the pushback that america, you know what? is not systematically racist. she's going to talk to us about that. and also those who have laud down their lives -- laid down their lives in service to america, they do it every day. this is also about the common sense majority of american that is about moderation and peace. america healing itself. dr. king next. ♪
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>> my father, he was a great man. he was the type, he was the type of gentleman that would just give you the shirt off his back. he was the type that loved everybody, and he was the life of the party. he would go somewhere, is and when he walked boo a room, everybody just -- into a room, everybody would just cling toward his presence. he never met a stranger. he would always reach out to others in the world. it doesn't matter who you were, you were never a stranger to him. and he really, really enjoyed people. he was a people person, and everyone loved him, and they really gravitated to his energy.
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elizabeth: that was brian powell. it was a moving and profound interview on our show last night. brian powell remembering his father, retired police captain david dorn, who was killed defending his friend's shop during the riotses and looting in st. louis. this as another tumultuous week closing out in washington. america trying to heal itself. we did see strong economic data, but it's stories hike that that show the best of america. let's welcome the niece of dr. martin luther king. dr. alveda king, it's always a great to have you on the show, dr. king. what was your reaction to brian powell and the captain dorn story? >> i believe that that is a very moving testimony that you can find across america regardless of the skin color of certain people. all americans are not racist. racism does exist in america, and there is systemic racism in america.
1:27 am
but all americans are not racist. and we can see that from that particular testimony. you've heard me say many time we're not separate races because of skin color, we are one human race because of the color of our blood. but we have different ethnic groups. then somebody sent me a picture of two little boys today, one caucasian and one african-american, and they got identical haircuts so that their teacher could not tell them apart. that doesn't mean that they could not see each other's skin color. nobody's color blind. but they're saying see us for real. we are the same. and so as human beings, we're going to have to get there. i believe we can. elizabeth: okay, so we've got new comments, new sound from former top obama administration's susan rice. she's telling america snbc that the trump -- msnbc that the
1:28 am
trump administration is racist to the core. what do you say i to that? >> well, i believe if the trump administration racist, why would they have worked to hard to get so many african-americans occupant of prison in -- out of prison in a jubilee move? in other words, sending these people out of prison back home, restoring them to their families. many, many african-americans have been sent back home. if that administration is racist, and it is not, then why have they worked so hard to get historically black colleges and universities back on their feet with billions of dollars? if that administration is racist, and it is not, why would they work so hard to get the employment rate up in every community including the african-american community? and so now we have e the new executive order from president trump banning chokeholds, and i think that's very, very
1:29 am
important. so much is is happening from this administration that shows that all americans deserve safety and security. i believe that the administration and the president, they're doing a good job. elizabeth: dr. king, you and i have talked about when is the turning point for the country to move forward. this week may have been the turning point for the country to continue on to what america about. let's watch these sound bites. i'd like your reaction to them. >> too often we're having a discussion in this nation about are you supporting the law enforcement community or are you supporting communities of color. this is a false, binary choice. the answer to the question of which side do you support, it's i support america. and if you support america, you support restoring the confidence that communities of color have
1:30 am
in institutions of authority. >> so my colleagues on the other side who said we talk too much, we don't need to listen anymore, where were you for the eight years of the obama administration? i'm getting a little tired of being lectured to by my democratic colleagues that all this is trump's fault. you had eight years under president obama, the justice and policing act, none of it was taken up virtually. so let's knock that off. elizabeth: that was senators scott and graham. dr. king, your reaction to what you just heard? >> you know, that is just so accurate. eight years, joe biden was there as the vice president, he could have done something for the african-american community, more than just pumping a lot of money into abortions of the african-american community. but my question is this, where were you for all of those eight years? and so right now, today, we have a president and an administration who work very
1:31 am
hard for every american including african-americans. and, liz, unfortunately it took the death of george floyd for them to wake up and even acknowledge juneteenth. president trump in husband first four -- in his first four years has done that with strong support. and i think it's very important. there's been so many round tables with the president and his administration, i've been to many of them, discussing concerns of the african-american community. and so they had eight years, so why would we give joe biden eight years to do nothing again? elizabeth: all right. [laughter] dr. king, it's always great to have you on. come back soon. >> thank you so much. elizabeth: okay, sure. up next, a new line of pushback against john bolton and his book. former national security council chief of staff fred fleitz, he says there's one section of the
1:32 am
book that disproves bolton's entire memoir. fox news military analyst and retired army colonel david hunt will join us on that just ahead. ♪
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♪ ["good job" by alicia keys]
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♪ you're the engine that makes all things go ♪ ♪ and you're always in disguise, my hero ♪ ♪ i see your light in the dark ♪ ♪ smile in my face when we all know it's hard ♪ ♪ there's no way to ever pay you back ♪ ♪ bless your heart, know i love you for that ♪ ♪ honest and selfless ♪ i don't know if this helps it but ♪ ♪ good job ♪ you're doing a good job a good job ♪ ♪ you're doing a good job ♪ don't get too down ♪ the world needs you now ♪ know that you matter ♪ matter matter yeah
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. a new line of pushback against john bolton's book. let's listen to former national security counsel chief of staff fred flights on a section of the book that he says disproves bolton's entire memoir. let's listen to this. >> i want to talk about this in terms of what john bolton called the turning point for him with mr. trump which bolton said was the most irrational thing i ever saw a president do x. this was when president trump decided last june not to bomb iran at the advice of john bolton, then the national security adviser. you may remember that a drone was shot down, and at the last minute, president trump decided
1:37 am
he was not going to attack iran because we would have killed 100-200 people. this wasn't to win votes, this wasn't to promote the president nest clue. it reflected the president's principle not to get america into additional wars. so when we hear that the president doesn't have principle, he's not qualified to lead, this incident that bolton puts forward as the turning point for his relationship with president trump, in my mind it disproves the whole book. beth elizabeth let's talk about it with fox's military analyst, retired army colonel david hunt back with us. colonel, what was your reaction to what fred fleitz just said, that this underconsistents bolton's -- undercuts bolton's entire memoir? >> i think my reaction was even at the time i was very pleased that we didn't go to war over a drone. i think that's showing great restraint on the part of the
1:38 am
u.s. government. as it pertains to this book, which i haven't read -- i've just seen excerpts -- i have no idea what, that being in the book, therefore, it disproves everything. my problem with these books and people who have left the administration, fired or quit, is in this case mr. bolton, who we all know from fox, had 18 months to say something, to do something, to quit and go out in front of the microphones and tell people why he quit. same with kelly, same with mattis. you guys are at the top of the government. you don't like what's going on, what you did was -- you didn't stop anything. now after the fact, when it's safer for you, you're up in arms. i think it's disingenuous at best. and, oh, by the way, most of the time never changes anybody's opinion about the subject they're writing about. elizabeth: colonel, why did john
1:39 am
bolton write the book? was it just for profit or another reason? what do you think? >> seven figure contract. [laughter] yeah. and because he can say everything he wanted to say during the impeachment trial. he could have gone public, he didn't. i have no problem with him getting a lot of money for his book. again, 18 months as the national security adviser, very, very influential, very senior, very responsible position in the u.s. government, he didn't say anything, didn't say squat, didn't leak anything. and now, of course, he's selling a book. so seems to me he got a lot of money, but that's if only reason he's doing this. elizabeth: yeah. so he went in with the intent to write a book and came out with it. okay. here's this discussion i'd like to talk to you about. it happened between john bolton and our judge andrew napolitano. it's now resurfacing. the judge had asked john john bolton if the american people
1:40 am
are have a right to know what their government is doing. let's listen to john bolton here. >> i want to make the cause for secrecy in government when it comes to the conduct of national security a affairs and, if possible, deception where that's appropriate. you know, winston churchill said during world war ii that in wartime truth so important, it should be surrounded by a bodyguard -- >> do you really believe that in. >> absolutely. >> you would lie in order to preserve the truth? >> if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security, i would do it. i don't think we're often faced with that difficulty. but would i lie about where the d-day invasion was going to take place to deceive the germans? you better believe it. >> why do people in government think that the rules of society do not apply to them? >> because they are not dealing in the civil society we live in under the constitution. they are dealing in an environment internationally where durant rules apply. different rules apply.
1:41 am
elizabeth: dealing in an anarchic environment where different rules apply. your reaction to this? >> look, i met bolton, like we all have, he always comes across as a very smart guy. he certainly has his opinions. i actually agree with him about we have to keep scents for national -- secrets for national security. it's obviously hypocritical for him to say that with the brilliant, you know, judge napolitano and write a book the way he's doing it. it's, again, disingenuous. if he was serious about this subject, if kelly, if the rest of them were serious about their opinion about serving under this administration, there was a time and place to get that out, and that was resign and go to the microphones and make your statements. in bolton's case he's waited all this time and collecting a lot of money, and he's going to sell a lot of books, period. i don't think it's going to change anyone's opinion about
1:42 am
the subject he's writing about. elizabeth: all right. colonel, good to see you. come back soon. have a good weekend, okay? thank you for your service to our country. >> you bet. you too, thank you. elizabeth: okay. coming up, high profile former federal prosecutor john o'connor, he is the co-author of a book with mark phelps, the man who was deep throat, the guy who brought down nixon in the watergate scandal. john to conner has worked on famous cases including the patty hearst case and more. a story we are bringing to you first. john o'connor says james comey has a long history of stretching the law in dubious ways, pushing the envelope until everything breaks apart. why? in order to nail people to the wall for comey's career victories. john o'connor says that that is the background to comey's going after trump and michael flynn. ♪ ♪ where will you go first? wherever you make go, lexus will welcome you back with exceptional offers. get zero percent financing
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elizabeth: let's welcome former federal prosecutor john o'connor, he is co-author of a book with mark phelps, the man who was deep throat who brought down nixon in the watergate scandal. he's worked on famous cases like the patty hearst case, also connected to ferdinand marcos. mr. to conner says james comey has a long history of pushing the enve elope, stretching the laws in dubious ways in order to nail people to the wall for career victories, and that is the background for comey going after trump and michael flynn. he joins us now. >> hi, liz. elizabeth elizabeth how does james comey go about his buzz? it's good to see you. what is dubious here? >> let me tell you generally, liz, james comey poses as a morally superior, highly ethical lawman whereas, in fact, he tries to use the law to exploit others to destroy their lives
1:48 am
for his own personal vain glory. i think he, in my view, is a disgrace to all the fine people in the justice department that wake up every day trying to protect people, not trying to destroy citizens wrongly. and that's what he does. elizabeth: how did he do it in the martha stewart case? >> well, what he did there, liz, was he let martha stewart -- led her to believe that if she gave a truthful answer to a question about why she sold stock, that she would be admitting to guilt for insider trading. she had traded the stock based on a tip from her broker. it was not illegal insider trading, but james comey led her to believe that she would be prosecuted for that if she admitted getting the tip from her broker, so she denied it. now, she denied it, denied it, denied it, he gets all the lies down. now he prosecutes her for lying. in his book he admits that
1:49 am
prosecuting her for insider trading would have been, quote, unpress e dementedded. and the reason it would have been unprecedented, because it wasn't a crime. knew that. he knew he was tricking her into committing a crime, but she thought a truthful answer would be an admission to a crime. and that's his m.o., he does that time and time again, getting people to believe that a truthful answer would be admitting to a crime whereas, in fact, there wouldn't be a crime. elizabeth: so he also worked on the valerie plame case. how, what was dubious there about what he did? >> did the exact same thing. he started a special counsel's investigation with his friend patrick fitzgerald on the theory e that anyone who told a reporter about the identity of valerie plame as a cia agent was breaking the law, the foreign agents identification act. now, i e read the statute, other people read the statute, and it
1:50 am
looks on its face like it covered valerie plame because in the past five years been to europe and used a false name. in fact, he knew -- and fitzgerald knew -- that the statute did not cover valerie plame. there were words that a normal person who wouldn't understand, and everyone thought that a truthful answer to talking to a reporter about valerie plame would be admitting to a crime. there's absolutely nothing wrong with telling a reporter, by the way, valerie plame is the wife of the guy who wrote the op-ed in "the new york times"es. that's what they were saying. so he knew that scooter libby had probably leaked her name, he knew that karl rove had probably leaked her name. he hated both of them. he particularly disliked vice president cheney and scooter libby. and so he got them to deny talking to reporters. karl rove had a good lawyer and retracted it, but anyway he lied about not talking to reporters
1:51 am
and got convicted. elizabeth: so he nails people on process crimes. final word. >> that's exactly what he does. he tricks people as he did with michael flynn, george papadopoulos, the whole shooting match. elizabeth: all right. john, i'm sorry we ran out of time. will you come back on? it's good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thanks, liz. see you, now. elizabeth: okay, we'll have you back on. next up, a big story we've been covering, did the obama administration have another reason to go after the incoming trump team? was it because then-candidate trump promised to get rid of obama's legacy-making iran nuclear deal? we'll bring on charles hurt, that's ahead. ♪
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back to a story we have been covering, it's this question: did the obama administration are another motive to go after the incoming trump team? was it beyond, you know, allegations of trump-russia collusion? was it because then-candidate trump promised to get rid of barham rah's -- barack obama's legacy-making iran deal? walid phares spoke out about that saying, yeah, that is one of the motives that sustained the investigation into the trump campaign. let's welcome back to the show fox news contributor and
1:56 am
washington times opinion editor, he's charles hurt. charles, what do you think of this story in. >> i think that there's a really good, i think he makes a very good point. i mean, you can't overestimate how much the obama administration in their entire -- pinned their entire foreign policy on the iran deal. and the idea that a guy like donald trump could get elected promising to pull out of that, to reverse that was such a threat to everything that president obama had stood for. and, you know, it's a verying big difference between what president trump ran on and what president obama ran on. president trump promised to pull military, american military forces out of hot spots around the world, promised not to be a police force anymore. what barack obama was doing was he was apologizing for everything that america stands for, and he was empowering enemies who want to destroy america. and that is what the iran deal
1:57 am
was. and when donald trump came along vowing to undo that because he realized the threat that it was to american sovereignty and security -- not to mention the fact that it's an insult to everything that america stands for -- it was, i think it was more than they could handle. i think it was one of a handful of huge reasons why the remnants of the obama administration sought to overturn the 2016 election as soon as donald trump took over. elizabeth: you know, charles, let's listen to walid phares. he was a -- he's now a fox news contributor. he advised mitt romney's 2012 campaign and also, of course, donald trump's campaign and republicans in congress for years. he's long been a critic of iran for its support for terrorism as well as the muslim brotherhood in egypt. let's listen here. >> in my view, the push against
1:58 am
the trump campaign and then transition and then administration was on behalf of those who wanted to defend the iran deal, to protect the interest of the iran deal. elizabeth: you know, charles, it also should be noted that president obama was silent, he was criticized for not supporting iran's democracy protesters, it was called the green revolution when the iranian people took to the streets. also the obama administration struck a deal to pay, with know this already, to pay tens of billions of dollars to iran. iran said they were owed that money and eased up on sanctions on the country of iran in exchange for a freeze on its nuclear weapons. and it also recognized the muslim brotherhood in egypt after the arab spring uprising. so a lot of things at play here, you know, in the intersection of that with the outgoing obama administration and the trump campaign expect trump team coming in. your take on all of that. >> it's really, it's really
1:59 am
astonishing that the obama administration stood down during those protests, during the green revolution. because it was an opportunity to completely reshape that part of the world and not to mention the fact that it was, it could have delivered a death blow from the inside to one of the most murderous, dangerous anti-democratic, anti-freedom regimes on the planet. and barack obama's administration stood very much on the sidelines. and then, of course, the other thing -- and this is the part that should be so alarming to regular americans -- that that deal put iran on a glide path to at the end of a ten-year period to break out and get nuclear weapons. and nuclear weapons in the hands of the iranians would be devastating for america and the world. elizabeth: all right. charles hurt, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it. come back soon. >> you bet.
2:00 am
elizabeth: okay. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. thank you so much for watching, and we hope you have a good weekend and a happy father's day to all you great dads out >> a precious heirloom... >> "this was once the property of george washington." you're a v.i.p. >> [ laughing ] yeah. >> ...and the pride of a modest family. >> my father was a truck driver. we got along, but we were very frugal. >> so how did she end up with washington's wallet? >> are you a descendant of george washington? >> no, i'm not. and it's quite a long story. >> a story about love of country... >> we want these things because we want a connection to these men. >> ...the allure of big bucks... >> i established a value for the wallet. >> it was a lot of money. >> ...and some good old-fashioned intrigue... >> someone took the wallet and disappeared. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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