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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 27, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ raise the debt ceiling >> bret: maybe it will work. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special rep sure. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> most americans don't understand how we can ask a senior citizen to pay more for her medicare before we ask a corporate jet owner to give up tax breaks that other companies don't get. >> bill: while president obama continues to demonize the wealthy. what about the poor? can the government really help them by spending trillions of dollars? we will have a special report. >> what is the debt? >> it's on a huge clock right there. it's the debt ceiling crisis. >> bill: john stossel tries to find out how much americans really know about the frustrating and never ending debt debate. >> no i don't pay much attention to the debt. >> hallow pina burgers, new at carl's jr.
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>> bill: should the government tax unhealthy but good-tasting food to raise money and prevent illness? we'll have a debate on that as well. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: land of opportunity: by americans are somewhat confused about what's going on. john stossel will demonstrate that a bit later on. what the debt situation is really, really all about is your right to pursue happiness. america is the greatest country on earth because it gives the most people the most opportunity to prosper. it does that by using the free marketplace whereby people can work hard, make money and provide for themselves and their
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families. since the mid 1960's, american has practiced social engineering. spending tax money directly, frying to improve the lives of those who don't have very much. those payments are called entitlements. and they are now so high they threaten to bankrupt the entire nation. liberal americans tend to support the entitlement society while conservatives are more inclined to promote individualism and smaller entitlement spending. president obama, of course, is a liberal. and the democratic party is now dominated by the left. that's why in the past two and a half years federal spending has broken the bank. it's worth repeating, under president obama the government is now running up a debt of more than $4 billion every day. far more than any other president. but what, what are we getting for all the spending? a new study by the pew research center says that the net worth of white americans is 20 times of that black americans. and 18 times that of hispanics.
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on the surface, that looks bad. but if you look behind the stats, as talking points always does, not about skin color or ethnicity, it's about education. americans with college degrees 4.4%. if you have a high school degree, it's 10%. if you fail to graduate from high school, the unemployment rate is a whopping 14.3%. so you can see the key to success is graduating from college. our high tech society demands educated people and if you are not educated, you are likely in for a very rough time. also, the unemployment rate proves that no matter how much money the feds pump into the hans of the less affluent, it doesn't make much of a difference. you build wealth by making a good salary, buying a home and saving as much as you can the essential mistake is that barack obama is making is that he believes lyndon johnson's great society entitlements can elevate
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the poor to prosperity. they can't. in 1965, the poverty rate in this country stood at 14%. now, after untold trillions have been spent fighting poverty, the poverty rate is 14.3%. amazing, is it not? the conclusion, america is bankrupting itself with an entitlement philosophy that does little. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, according to a consulting firm mackenzie and company, 20% of american men ages 25 to 64 are currently not working. that's up 13 points since 1970. if the study is true, that's obviously a massive problem. here now to analyze our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. colmes, all of the trillions spent on the poverty programs and the poverty rate is almost exactly the same. >> i have got to disagree with your statement in talking points that somehow this president is like lyndon johnson's great society wanting all these
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entitlement programs. he has offered to cut medicaid, medicare and social security which, by the way is not an entitlement. we pay into that it's our money. it's not a government entitlement. >> bill: when did he offer to cut that. >> that's the deal. >> bill: when did that happen. >> in his negotiation with john boehner. >> bill: a week ago? >> over the last couple of weeks. >> bill: couple of weeks. the may budget that he submitted? >> yes. >> bill: no cuts. >> in those debt negotiations contrary to what his will party wants. >> bill: heys had a revelation. >> he has not promoted a great society. >> bill: sure he has. >> he has not promoted entitlement spending. >> bill: sure he has. >> to the detriment of his own base. >> bill: spending more than any other president in this country. >> bush spent all this money. >> bill: he doubled what bush spent. doubled it. >> 40% of the stimulus program tax cuts. >> bill: don't misstate it we have the chart. we put it up four times. president obama has run up the debt twice as much as george w.
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bush. >> a large part of that was tax cuts in the stimulus program. 40%. >> bill: the way you run the federal government and where you spend. >> every time in recent american history, we have run this experiment of big government, big spending, big entitlements, big taxes. it has led to economic catastrophe. it's led to huge amounts of burden on the american people. >> bill: what economic catastrophe. >> ever since the beginning of the great society as you pointed out trillions of dollars that began the big uptick in deficit spending. some presidents have spent more than others, okay? >> bill: right. >> every time we have run the far left progressive experiment of dog out money whether it's entitlement programs, bill, whether it's going into the inner city and pumping god knows how many hundreds of billions into education, every time we have run those experiments, the exact opposite effect has happened. not only have the poor not been
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elevated out of poverty, but you have also perpetuated this cult of dependency and victim hood. >> bill: that's pretty true. what you are say something true. >> in the mackenzie survey you are talking about rich is getting richer and poorer getting poorer. that's the failure of trickle down economics. have you seen time and time again. republican policies been in place for the past 10 to 12 years make the richer get rich and poorer getting poor. >> bill: what we have put on the screen is clear if you are working you are prospering. it doesn't have anything to do with trick tell down economics. it has to do with personal responsibility and being able to compete in the high tech age. >> one is the widens. >> why is it widening. >> policies that help the corporations and help the rich and don't help the poor. >> bill: widening because of education. >> go after public teachers. >> bill: bush spent more money on education than any other president in history. >> continued route against public education, taking away
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collective bargaining rights. taking away rights of teachers. >> bill: i just gave you a fact. president bush spent more money on education than any person in the history of the country, and then you just say republicans don't spend money on education. >> i'm saying in general. >> bill: in general? >> republican policy to go after teachers, after public workers, after unions and that's hurt getting the best of the best to teach our kids. >> bill: you are losing tonight. >> big time because we have the reacts, o'reilly. barack obama in the '08 campaign ran on this idea that he would close the gaps that you just put up on the screen whether it's education, whether it's racial, whether it's gender-based. all of those kinds of gaps. opportunity and wages. >> he wants to close the gap by raising taxes. >> that's exactly by point. he said look i'm going to come in and do this wealth redistribution in order to close these gaps. guess what in the gaps are wider than they have ever been. the whole point of him playing robin hood was to try to close those gaps and, again, o'reilly whether it was the 60's or under jimmy carter barack obama.
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very people you triering to hurt including minorities and the lower educated. you are actually hurting them. >> took place under george w. bush. department of homeland security. big package. tarp package, not only democrats. every president, republican and democrats has done bigger spending than the president before. that includes republicans. which you conveniently -- >> bill: there they are. how would you like to dine with them this evening. >> no. i don't want to dine with us this evening. >> bill: colmes is picking up the tab. >> well. >> bill: stossel acts the folk what is they know about the debate and they got interesting responses. new court ruling says if you threaten a presidential candidate's life you cannot be convicted of anything. is it legal on the case upcoming as the factor continues all
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across the u.s.a.a
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>> bill: stossel matters segment tonight. the debt ceiling is complicated and boring as well. americans are a bit confused about what is actually happening. we sent john stossel out to sample some opinion. >> what's the debt limit? >> the amount that the federal government can borrow. >> okay. is authorized to borrow. >> the debt ceiling crisis?
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>> no. >> basically we are running out of borrowing power. something like that. >> what's the debt limit. >> the limit? i don't know. but there should be one. >> basically our country has run out of money. they are trying to push the debt ceiling up to $16.4 trillion which right now it's at $14 trillion. >> the debt ceiling is something that has to do with all the money that we are losing and all the money that we are not gaining from the government. >> what's the debt limit? what are the politicians fighting about? >> i don't know what they are fighting about. i don't pay much attention to the debt because it's just pretty much out of control. >> bill: here now fox news business anchor john stossel you see him thursday nights 10:00 p.m. fbn. i don't remember this. it must have been a year ago, maybe more, where you did a special about should people vote
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that don't know anything. do you remember that? >> people who don't know what the debt is shouldn't vote. >> bill: is that right? is that your opinion. >> that's my opinion, yeah. >> bill: here is why it matters. every poll that comes out shows a different thing. you get the rasmussen poll that shows 44% of americans think barack obama is doing a horrible job. then you come out with a reuters poll that says most americans blame the republicans for the debt crisis. and not president obama. then you come out it's insane. it's all over the place. i really believe most americans don't really know what this is. >> i mean, we have a job, which allows us to pay full attention to this stuff. and it's hard to keep track. >> bill: but our audience knows, the people watching us. >> they know more than the average person. >> bill: they seek out and they are interested in what's happening to the country. >> they watch news. >> bill: if you are watching jersey shore and mtv all day long. >> don't vote, please. >> bill: you are serious. >> yeah, why should dummies vote? i don't want to stop them from voting. but i don't want to encourage
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them. they have all these get out the vote things at rock concerts. >> bill: why don't you have a little bumper sticker, if you are dumb stay home on election day or something like that. >> i'm fine with that. >> bill: you would like to distribute that now, when you were sampling opinion out here in new york, did you get the feeling that most people, because we only use five or six, do you get the feeling that people have no idea. >> i was actually surprised. i would say most people knew. now, the people who chose to talk to me, maybe they were people who were more confident. >> bill: did you tell them the question beforehand. >> no. i said do you want to talk to me on television. a lot of people walk by, they are going to work. >> bill: that always happens. i would like to see you out there. >> there would be a riot. plus, if i were out there, i would be signing books. i couldn't get anything done. but, do you believe, based on what you saw, that most americans understand the complexity of this situation? >> no. >> you don't? >> i don't think most politicians understand the complexity. >> bill: how about most broadcasters?
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>> no. >> bill: the media? >> no. >> bill: they just don't know? >> to me the bottom line is that they doubled spending since bush. >> bill: here is the bottom line. let's throw that chart we made up. >> it's a big one, also. >> bill: this is the best barometer you can possibly get about how much trouble this country is in. everybody understands we owe $14.5 trillion, all right? 7-year-olds can get that here is the spending per day how much per day that each president has spent that we owe, we can't pay. 4.1 billion under president obama. >> bush was a huge spender. >> huge. between the two of them they have doubled spending. barack obama on tv last night saying we need balance, balance, balance. well, balance would be saying i'm sorry, bush and i doubled spending. we apologize. we are going to cut it back to the clinton years. then we would be out of trouble. >> bill: do you think they could do that? >> sure. i will show how on my show on thursday.
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>> bill: you will show how they can cut it back to clinton years spending. >> absolutely. get to surplus. >> bill: have it on next week what you did on your crazy program. that's thursday night at what time on fbn? >> 10:00. >> bill: on whether america is really falling apart? will the government begin a tax on junk food? stuff like soda, big macs? the tax could happen. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight as i mentioned earlier this week i am not going to get quality up in the he said, she said of the debt debate. things are changing every 10 seconds a very disturbing situation as you know.
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today, fox news white house correspondent ed henry challenged white house spokesman jay carney. >> what was the point of giving a prime time address to the nation without an obama plan and say neither of these other plans can work? where is my -- >> the idea that there is no obama plan. >> there is not one on paper. >> is point number one on the talking points issue by the republican party. i get it? >> there this is not a talking points. show us the plan. >> it's not a talking points. it's unfair. >> bill: joining us now from washington with his take on the political madness charles krauthammer. >> so, let's look ahead here. i mean, you saw henry, the new guy at the white house for us. he asked a valid question. i mean, president obama goes on nationwide tv prime time, disturbs some people out of their slumber, and he doesn't have any plan. i just saying to myself, is this as absurd as it seems? is it? is it the twilight zone? >> well, i think the obama administration just that jay
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carney remark tells you how detached from reality they are. here is henry asking a perfectly logical question. you ask for time on national tv, do you that when you are launching an invasion or the cuban missile crisis and then what do you do? you give a campaign speech and you don't offer a plan and carney's response is oh that's a political attack. it's a talking point. it's a logical question. the president has portrayed himself as the grown up in the room and all these children are squabbling. he summons the members -- the leaders of congress to the white house on the tantrum he gave on friday night, very imperialistly as if he is the only one acting in national interest. yet through all of, this through months and months and argument and debate and counter argue. ment no plan. he doesn't have a plan. >> bill: what do you think is going to happen in the next couple of days because we have about a week to-to-go before the
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deadline of the debt ceiling and i figure something is going to happen, that's what all these pinheads say. >> something has got to happen because otherwise we are going to go over a cliff. that is, it may not be august the 2nd. it could be august the 5th. at some point whether you have a government that is borrowing 40 cents on every dollar it spends, if you withdraw the credit card. all hell breaks loose. it's not going to be a default. i mean, we are going to be paying our creditors. no question about it everybody understands that. but, it means we are going to have to have a lot of triage inside the country as to who gets what. something is going to happen. i have been agitating for weeks in my column, "special report," for the republicans, to offer and pass a plan in the house. >> bill: they can't. they can't pass it it seems. that boehner is being criticized. >> i'm not sure. >> bill: it's close. >> he is getting criticism. i think had is a life or death
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decision by the republicans. i think it would be catastrophic if republicans were not to go with the boehner plan. >> bill: let me ask you a question. because i should have asked you this weeks ago. >> okay. >> bill: when you hear a michele bachmann who we like here. we think mrs. bachmann is very responsible. when you hear her say, you know what? i'm not voting for the debt ceiling rise no matter what. i don't care if they cut 40 trillion out of it i'm not voting for it. what drives that? >> i'm not going to be the psychiatrist other than to say that it is unbelievably irresponsible. and even only from the point of view of this. if you are a conservative, you know that we're overspending. we're going into debt. the government is expanding at an alarming rate. it's destroying everything around us. how do you stop it? the only way to stop it in our constitutional system is if you control the white house and the congress. you cannot governor from one house of the congress. you can't even govern from one
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branch. all the republicans and conservatives control now is half a branch. under our system, you have got to have it all. that can only happen if you persuade the country next year in the election that we need smaller, more constitutional government. the case is strong. obama is weak. the economy son the rocks why would you want to -- boehner plan. send us into a crisis and then share the blame? share the economy with obama. it makes no sense whatsoever even in the narrow narrowest political sense. >> bill: i'm sure you get the same type of mail we get. we don't care if the country goes into default. we don't care if moody's downgrades the bonds. we need to wipe out this whole system and start over again. i'm saying to myself exactly what you are saying. we are come padres on this issue. that the big battle comes in the presidential election. not now. so that you have to appear to
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the independents who will hold sway, all right? appear to be reasonable. >> we are the -- >> bill: she is a smart woman. the a lot of the tea party people are very smart. yet, they don't see it. >> all right. i respect how principled they are. but i have a problem with how perceptive they are. look, it was lincoln who is said to have said i hope to have god on my side but i must have kentucky. conservatives don't have kentucky. they don't have the senate, and they don't have the house. i respect what they want to do. i share what they want to do. shrink the government. you cannot do it at the point of a gun from half of the congress. it cannot be done under our system. all of us respect the constitution. it sort of detypes the new conservatism. if you believe in it, if that's what you really want, then respect the constitution, understand its restraints, accept them and win the election in november.
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>> bill: all right, charles, thanks very much. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. some in the liberal media have branded the norwegian mass murderer a christian. we believe that's grossly unfair and we have a follow-up report. then, threatening a presidential candidate. it may be legal to do that. is it legal has been investigating and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male annocer ] things seem better with travelocity's best price guarantee. our girl's an architect.
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our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, as we told you last night, the "new york times" and other liberal media have branded the norwegian mass murderer anders breivik a christian, even though there is absolutely no evidence the man is a follower of jesus christ. joining us now from washington sally quinn the editor of the on faith blog at "the washington post." so, you know, i was pretty outraged last night and we posted that on bill o', my analysis of it. i just think it's so -- >> -- i saw your posting. >> bill: it's so unfair. no evidence at all that ties
2:31 am
this guy, this killer to christianity and you say what? >> well, i say the guy is a christian. he talks about jesus christ our lord. he actually says i am a christian. he talks a number of times about his christianity. he talks about crusades. we have to rid the christian europe of the islamic terrorists and i jihadist? >> bill: could you give me the jesus christ christ quote because we couldn't find one. >> yeah. i have got one here where he, sorry. um, oh, i have got o'reilly right here. he says in his european declaration of independence he refers to the lord jesus christ. >> bill: in what context? >> he refers three times. >> bill: i like the lord jesus christ? >> no. he didn't. >> bill: keep christ in christmas bumper sticker on his volvo? look, there is no evidence this
2:32 am
guy is in church, has anything to do with jesus, and just because he calls himself a christian, mussolini called himself a christian. >> he says we believe in christianity as a cultural, social identity and moral platform. this makes us christian. >> bill: what? that's insane. evidence doesn't say he believes in jesus christ and jesus' teaching. >> he calls himself a cultural christian. who are we to decide whether he is a christian or not? my point. >> bill: mussolini said he was a christian and mussolini went to church, he was a catholic. that's insane. you can call yourself whatever you want. here's the difference. there is no evidence this man was a member of a church. no evidence that he followed the teachings of jesus christ, as you know. they are nonviolent. okay? no evidence that he had anything to do with the christian faith. yet, they call him a christian because he says he is? come on. >> well, i mean, how are we to
2:33 am
know? i mean if somebody says they are a christian, then you have to take them at their word? >> no, you don't. i don't think mussolini was a christian. and i absolutely don't. >> you and i got into a debate about whether the fort hood shooter should have been called a muslim terrorist. >> bill: correct. >> i think there are over a billion muslims in the world. i think most muslims would tell that you guy is not a muslim because we don't believe in this kind of thing. >> bill: i'm not saying that he was a good muslim. i'm saying that he was a muslim terrorist because he carried a business card that said soldier of allah. and he committed his crimes in the name of allah. this guy in norway. >> this guy called himself a christian. >> it doesn't matter. why can't you get that? there are so many villains throughout history. the klan, the ku klux klan says its a christian group. it's not. >> bill, we are not disagreeing. i mean, basically what you are
2:34 am
saying these guys call themselves muslims, and a lot of them aren't acting in the name of religion at all. >> bill: but he was. >> pure politics. >> bill: the guy in fort hood, he was acting in the name of his religion. he killed because he believed that allah told him to kill. the guy in norway didn't kill because he thinks jesus wanted him to kill those people. jesus had nothing to do with it he wasn't even cited and the word using the word christian to label this guy is dishonest. >> well, the guy wants to rid the christian europe of the islamic faith. so, and he calls himself even on facebook he defines himself as a christian. >> bill: europe is the least christian areas in the world now. >> exactly. >> bill: the guy is delusional. he is delusional. go ahead. last word. >> my point is i don't see why we have to define people by
2:35 am
their religion. there are nut cases in every religion. >> bill: you don't have to define them unless they are using a religious war, jihad, to do their deeds. then you have to. >> my feeling is that you have to take somebody at their word if they say they are a christian or whatever they say they are. >> bill: all right. well bow neat toe mussolini would have liked you ms. quinn, that's for sure because that's what he was doing. >> bill. [ laughter ] >> bill: appreciate you coming on. thanks for taking the fire. when we come right back is it legal on threatening presidential candidates.
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>> bill: 2008 a man in southern california posted a suggestion
2:39 am
that then presidential candidate barack obama should be shot. 49-year-old walter arrested, charged and found guilty of issuing threats. but a federal appeals court has now overturned his conviction. here attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. wiehl, this is the ninth circuit of appeals very liberal court what did it rule. >> two to one the rantings of this guy at 1:00 in the morning on were protected by the first amendment. there was no real threat there. he was just ranting, admitted at the trial that he was drunk. was ranting away. he didn't actually threaten then candidate president obama. he just said, you know, 50 calibers are going to show up in his head soon. >> bill: he said a little bit more than that. >> we can't say some of the stuff. >> it was very violent it was very racist. >> bill: it was violent and racist and this and that. so he got charged and he got convicted of, what? what was he convicted of originally? >> well, the problem is in this particular case they are saying that there is not going to be -- that the award is going to be
2:40 am
appealed on this particular situation with him. >> bill: okay. but what was he convicted of? >> section 18, u.s. 18 section 1879 which says that, look, you cannot threaten either a president or a major candidate for presidency. >> bill: that's a federal law. >> it's a federal law. >> bill: so the u.s. attorney took it in. >> yes. >> bill: said look, here is the federal law written down, you can't threaten. here is this guy, he threatened, we think. and the jury, was it a jury trial? >> it was not a jury. he waived jury. he went in front of a judge and the judge found him sgt. guilty. >> bill: that's what the law says you can't threaten. >> he thought he had a better chance. chance with this law, not even the law. here is what it says you have got to go to the intent of the person sending the message. >> bill: initial trial judge said the intent. >> was there. >> bill: was there to cause harm. >> right. >> bill: the ninth circuit judges the appeal judges said the intent was not there how do they know. >> they don't know.
2:41 am
they are surmising. on a two to one decision. they overturned the lower court. saying that you have to look at the surrounding circumstances and what would a reasonable personal think in this particular situation. >> bill: a reasonable person wouldn't threaten a president or would be president. >> i disagree with the ninth circuit ruling. >> bill: do you you? would have sent the guy up? >> yes. because i think you shouldn't protect violent speech. when you look at the circumstances here, he is suggesting and even further they show talking about getting a pistol, shooting him when he is in his car. taking care of him, getting rid of him i think this goes a step further. >> he didn't say that first of all, political speech is the most highly regarded speech really in this country as far as this covered speech. >> really only that one -- he didn't incite it he suggested maybe that others do it but that he wouldn't do it himself. that is the law. >> bill: i see, they danced around i don't want to do it but i think you should do it? >> exactly. that was the implication and they got it right.
2:42 am
>> bill: that law is still on the book so don't do that. >> westboro baptist church. >> bill: south carolina a beef in a grocery store. fight. cops are called to break up the fight. one of the people who is fighting doesn't stop fighting, so they tase him. >> yes. this is a 17-year-old boy who actually is an employee of this particular store. hes would a disagreement with his manager. police are called to the scene young man is upset. he throws something to the ground. they tase him. >> bill: he i dies. >> hits him in the vicinity of the heart. he suck couples after going into cardiac arrest. keep in mind the officer didn't tase just once. he tased a second time for additional five seconds after the boy was incapacitated because the boy failed to put the hands behind the back. >> bill: boy's family sues not the officer but the taser company, right. >> well, they first sued the officer. >> city of charlotte. >> the city of charlotte has to pay $600,000. they don't stop there. they choose to sue the taser
2:43 am
company because they didn't give the cops a warning and/or training. now it would seem pretty obvious they would do that. >> bill: they won $10 million. >> $10 million in compensatory damages. not even punitive. i don't think that this is going to be overturned. it will be reduced because you can't have double recovery in the amount there was a $40,000 workers' comp. >> bill: taser company would have to pay about million. >> and also it's not the first case they have had. a case in 2008 where somebody died under similar circumstances. i think this company better learn to do better. >> another 45-year-old man was killed that's why i think it's going to stand. >> bill: kim kardashian, i don't know what she does she but she is famous. she sued old navy for what? >> for impersonating her in this ad. >> bill: i think we have the ad. >> this is real life ♪ i'm not posing for a magazine ♪ don't ask me any questions
2:44 am
until i have my caffeine. >> because i look whatever my low cal. >> when i get a or virgin now. >> bill: that looks like kardashian but it's not her, right? >> it's not her. and i really don't think that she has got the trademark and so cute. i don't think that works. >> bill: you don't think she has a case just because they use somebody who looks like her. do you greenchts i disagree respectfully with wiehl. because in this particular case i think she has a strong case for commercial misappropriation of her likeness. >> bill: that woman looks like her. >> she does. >> the whole point of her being put on the ad is because she looks like kim k. >> bill: she just looks like her. >> wait a second. she looks just like her. >> frank still alive? >> talks about root canals and check out at the gap.
2:45 am
the only difference between the two of them is that this girl can dance. >> bill: you guys follow this case so i don't have to. >> you have to follow it. >> bill: i don't have to. i hope that lookalike doesn't show up at the kim kardashian's wedding. >> and she is dating reggie bush. this is how much she looks -- he was like whoa. >> bill: i didn't know anything about this. it frightens me. all right, ladies, stay on it. in a moment, will the government soon begin taxing unhealthy food. soda, chips, big macks? right back with that report.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the mcdonald's company said today it would include either a fruit or a vegetable with every happy meal it sells. it's growing pressure as you may know on fast food companies to provide healthier meals especially to kids.
2:49 am
a move to tax soda, candy and foods that are not healthy. is that a good idea? health and wellness advocate mimi ross. i'm assuming you think it's a good idea because it would maybe discourage people from eating this stuff. >> reduce consumption. >> bill: everybody be health yer. >> puts a lot of money on the table where guys are leaving it on the table now. it's a good money maker. >> bill: if the government taxed a penny for every ounce of soda, it would raise about. >> sweden drinked. >> bill: 32 billion. >> in the state of new york alone it would be a billion. we think about 13 billion nationally. >> bill: here is the deal. if you do this, if you start to tax unhealthy food, the government is now going to have to tell you what's unhealthy it's obvious it's unhealthy. because you can swallow it healthy food. >> bill: do you look unhealthy. >> i can't tell by looking you. the fact that your waist size hasn't changed since college.
2:50 am
>> bill: very good. i'm a pretty healthy guy i think. i worked out in the pool this morning. i'm trying -- but i eat some fruit toes i drink creamed sodas. >> i have perfect blood levels. i occasionally drink coke. >> bill: sorry to hear that. >> here is the deal, i don't want to be taxed because i'm responsibly eating some food that is what they call comfort food. >> but you are an anomaly. i am an anomaly. most of america is fat and sickly and becoming a nation of invalids i'm glad you are rich. >> bill: overstating it? >> listen to me, it's going to be free mobility scooters for all. dialysis for all. insulin treatments for decades for all. it's nice that you are rich that you can pay for that. >> bill: life expectancy in this country. >> sick for decades. you are looking at the wrong number. sick in a bed like my grandmother who hasn't gotten out of bed in four years because of obesity.
2:51 am
>> bill: been with us since the dawnel of man. >> we haven't eaten ourselves into disfigment until very recently. >> bill: a matter of freedom and matter of choice. if you eat a lot of celery and brokeically and do the microdiet you are going to be healthier unless you have bad genes. >> bill, you are being too extreme. you can eat a reason whether i healthy diet and exercise daily and have occasional treats. >> bill: then i don't want to be taxed on it. >> here is the thing. >> bill: that's intrusion. >> let's come up with an agreement let's kill the subsidies. it's outrageous that we subsidize junk food. >> bill: how? >> corn and. >> bill: corn is a natural vegetable. >> we use it for sugar. you and i know it's a commodity in junk food. >> bill: what you are saying. >> it obstructs the free market and it makes everything artificially lowly priced. >> bill: step back for a minute, what you want is a giant federal police food police state. >> no. i want to stop abusing.
2:52 am
>> bill: they are going to have to enforce it they are going to have to say this is taxed but that's not taxed. >> there are already taxes. do you cry there is 5% tax on a bottle. >> bill: i think i'm healthier than vegetarians. >> that's a different topic you might be. b 12. >> bill: you tell me i'm a walking cancer stick. because i have a burger. that's insane. >> i eat one a week myself it's great for b 12. cut subsidies. cut tax breaks for junk food producers. >> bill: i don't want any tax breaks for anybody now. >> food stamps for party food for the impoverished. >> you can't say to people can you have a food stamp to buy carrots. >> who can't if i'm paying i can say. this is junk food. >> bill: that's not freedom. >> freedom for me to pay their bills is no freedom for me. >> bill: have you got to be the democratic party vote against them. you can't beholding people responsible saying you can't eat, this you can't eat that. >> yes you can when you pay
2:53 am
their health bills. when you pay for their food, you can hold them accountable. this is america. you are wrong. >> bill: meme never going to happen. >> you are wrong bill o'reilly. >> bill: pinheads and preacher with unorthodox approach.
2:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring a nascar preacher in a moment.
2:55 am
>> but first, the mail: >> bill: let me know how that goes dan. >> bill: you're kidding me with that, right? mussolini called himself a christian, come on. >> bill: not sure if that's fair the klan calls itself a christian group.
2:56 am
>> bill: you missed the point. i said some in the liberal media ought to diminish christian because of abortion and gay marriage. it is posted on >> bill: i don't know what party you are referring to. my analysis is case-by-case. in this case i want to quote the talking head. this ain't no party. this ain't no disco. this ain't no fooling around. >> bill: being from the bronx
2:57 am
you should have seen that. >> bill: that's excellent. >> bill: i hope it was during the commercial. congratulations. >> bill: already been there john it is a great place. if we do come to south dakota, i will put a picture of miller right below the presidents. right on one of the rocks, a little miller. probably be arrested for vandalism. you can catch out the show line-up on >> finally pinheads and patriots, last saturday a tennessee pastor gave the invocation at a nascar race.
2:58 am
>> i want to thank you for my smoking hot wife lisa, my children. lord i pray you bless the drivers tonight. that they put on a performance worthy of this race in jesus name, amen. >> bill: a bit unorthodox, pardon the punch but an appeal to positive spirituality, even in a casual way is patriotic, i think. now he's a christian. we know he is. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from spout off from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not palter when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching.
2:59 am
always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> wednesday? yes, it is. it's july 27th. i'm gretchen carlson. cut caps and hold your horses. john boehner delaying his own debt deal to make some financial changes in it. what are they? will they withstand a white house veto? >> and the president called on the people to listen to his primetime address. but why? >> so why didn't he say last night here are the nine things that i support? here's the numbers, here's what i want to do on taxes and just lay it out. >> yeah, where was the plan? well, the white house responds after several reporters revolt. >> yeah, it was incredible. lasts about 10 minutes. hey, no god at ground


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