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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 29, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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latham would have been hard-pressed to vote against boehner his frequent dinner partner had h. push come to shove. that's if -- it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. keep it here on fox all weekend long. >> breaking news as fox reports tonight. we are looking live at capitol hill where the house has just passed speaker boehner's bill to raise the debt ceiling. but it is not over yet. tonight, the last-minima niewfergs to try to keep america from defaulting on its debt. plus, an appeal from the president himself. >> there are plenty of ways out of this mess. but we are almost out of time. >> harris: now, the house speaker making moves on a new bill. but democrats have said they have a plan of their own. tonight, can either side get it together before it's too late?
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police say this soldier admits he planned to attack the military personnel of fort hood. and hours ago the suspect came to court. tonight, his appearance before a judge and what we have now learned about the plot. plus, why this is one storm that a lot of people are actually looking forward to. tonight, say hello to don. >> yeas are 218 the nays are 210. the bill has passed. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. they have just passed speaker boehner's revised bill to will. he had to change it to come up with enough votes. even today 22 republicans voted no. democrats saying the bill has no chance in the senate. president obama earlier putting new pressure on lawmakers to
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come up with a plan that can become law and speaker boehner fired up and firing back a short while ago from the house floor, watch. >> i stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president of the united states. i stuck out a mile. and i put revenues on the table in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are. but a lot of people in this town can never say yes. >> this bill is going nowhere. it is a total waste of time. and every day that we spend on these wastes of time that's not going anywhere is another day we are not talking about the highest priority of the american people, which is job creation. >> you hear it there from the democrat taking the floor at that moment. senate democrats now saying speaker boehner's bill is dead on arrival. so, they are pushing ahead with
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their own plan. we have live team fox coverage now ed henry is at the white house for us. first though mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. big question now. what changes, mike, did the speaker have to make to get the votes that he needed on this? >> harris, bottom line he put in a balanced budget amendment proposal that was the key for some conservative republicans who weren't quite comfortable with the speaker's plan. got him to the 218 votes necessary. but before the votes were cast, here is some of the speaker's passionate plea to his fellow republicans. >> this house has acted. it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle put something on the table. tell us where you are. [cheers] >> and indeed that has been a rallying cry of republicans here on capitol hill. where is your plan, mr. president? where is your plan, senate democratic leadership? as for the senate democratic leadership what they don't like about it is the balanced budget
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amendment among other things but that is a key sticking point. take a listen. >> now the speaker has brought in the requirement to extend the debt ceiling we have to amend the constitution of the united states of america. >> this is the most outrageous suggestion i have heard. >> we heard democratic leaders in the senate say today that essentially speaker boehner was giving in to the right wing of his base and so they are critical in saying the bill will be dead on arrival when it gets to the senate tonight, harris? >> harris: we were just watching moments ago, nancy pelosi on the house floor saying that she predicted it was dead on the water as well. what is next in the senate now that the clock is winding down? >> well, harris, as you mentioned, time is running short and so the bottom line for the senate is compromise. here is senator harry reid on that. >> many quinn, senator mcconnell try to meet with me to try to work this out. i'm confident he will, i hope, come back with some suggestions
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that he has. the stakes couldn't be higher. >> indeed a lot of senate republicans and democrats are quite worried about the timetable at this point. we have heard there have been a lot of private conversations here on the hill about what could be doable in terms of a compromise. first things first, senator reid will kill the boehner bill when it comes to the senate and work with senator mcconnell to see if a compromise can be struck. harris? >> harris: a lot of private conversations. a whole lot of meetings over the last few weeks and still not any closer to where they say they need to be. mike emanuel, thank you very much. we appreciate it. president obama asking americans to keep the pressure on washington to get a deal done. and apparently they are listening. officials now saying that the main capitol hill phone circuit almost hit capacity earlier today. the president also going on both parties calling on them to compromise for the sake of the entire nation. >> for those who say they oppose tax increases on anyone, a lower credit rating would result potentially in a tax increase on
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everyone in the form of higher interest rates on their mortgages, their car loans, their credit cards, and that's inexcusable. >> harris: the president also sending this tweet. quote, the time for putting party first is over. if you want to see a bipartisan compromise let congress know call, email or tweet. confirm b.o. is barack obama. he wrote that treat himself they tell us. ed henry live on the north lawn. ed, what's the president's message in the final days leading up to august 2nd? the big deadline they keep telling us about? >> harris, very blunt direct message that basically the economy is hanging in the balance right now pause of the fact that you have the debt crisis hanging over top of everything because of high unemployment and new numbers today suggesting that economic growth was really flat, a lower than expected 1.3% in the last quarter. so the president for the first time in several days came out
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and said the stakes are enormous. take a listen. >> if we don't come to an agreement, we could lose our country's a.a.a. credit rating. not because we didn't have the capacity to pay our bills, we do. but because we didn't have a a.a.a. political system to match. our a.a.a. credit rating. >> now, harris, you mentioned that the president went on twitter to take the campaign there. his official re-election campaign then went on the social media and they were basically urging their many, many followers to pressure republican lawmakers through their twitter accounts to support a bipartisan compromise what they were calling a bipartisan compromise. some of those followers of the president though ending up dropping his account, no longer following him from frustrated tr feed was filled with political messages. the white house says they are not about to stop that jay carney the spokesman says they are pressuring republicans because they believe democrats have been trying to meet the other party halfway and republicans haven't given an
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inch in their estimation,. >> harris: hairs as you look at this house vote, ed, there were no democrats who voted for it you figure they have to have some sort of compromise in all of this. is there any optimism that that can happen? >> the white house tonight is taking a little bit of optimism out of the fact there are some moderate republicans in the senate. you are right, there were no democrats on board in the house. this was mostly a bill written to bring along conservative republicans over in the house. in the senate, there are moderate republicans. like scott brown in massachusetts. alyssa thatkowski of alaska. sending signals they could be potentially interested in compromise between the boehner bill and reid bill working its way through the senate right now that try to bridge some of the differences. the president seems optimistic about a deal because his staff put out a schedule today that has him going to chicago next 50 for a fundraiser tied to his 50th birth day. today the president was overheard telling a supporter a person from chicago said mr. president you still owe me a poker game.
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the president said i'm in the middle of a high stakes poker game right now, harris. >> harris: no doubt. either optimism or fantasy on his part. we have to see what really happens next week. ed, thank you very much. we want to get more on this from bret baier the anchor of "special report." he was on the air as it was breaking. >> hi, harris. >> harris: what is in this boehner bill that republicans like and don't like because 22 voted against it. >> sure. they like the balance budget amendment added to this new boehner bill, the third it ration of it. they don't like the fact that it doesn't cut deep enough, according to some of them. and the one holes volted against it, largely, wanted to stick with the first version, which was cut, cap, and balance, which passed the house. and essentially was tabled in the senate. so, despite the fact that they lost those numbers, speaker boehner this is a big win for him because he is now in the game and these negotiations as they go on as ed has been
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talking about in the senate. >> harris: you no, you talk about a big win for speaker boehner. i heard some cheers on this house floor as it was happening. what is the mood on capitol hill right now. >> well, i think for republicans, it's a bit of relief. it has been a very anxious couple of days. they have been counting heads, trying to get to this moment where they could pass this bill, but it's by far not over yet. the senate will retool this piece of legislation, likely use this bill but scrap it and then sent it back with some compromise version between senate democrats and senate republicans. then, speaker boehner has to get that piece of legislation through his caucus, through his -- the house. it will likely pass with a lot of democrats and not as many republicans, either way, it needs to get to the president's desk by tuesday. >> harris: all right. that's the forecast for what's ahead. i want to concentrate a little bit if i can how it came together and what maybe role the tea party backed members among the republican party played in how this bill has shaped up.
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>> it's an important question and it's one in which the p.r. situation definitely hasn't gone in their favor. largely if you look at how it's been portrayed in the media across the board. but tea party conservatives tonight who did vote for this would say that you wouldn't be at this point at all, linking the debt ceiling increase and any spending cuts if it were not for the tea party members who were elected. they say that the, you know, this is the focus on the debt, the focus on the deficit is because of the tea party. so they see that as a victory. the ones who voted against it are holding the line because they believe that mandate was given to them in the november 2010 election. >> harris: all right. our coverage continues. bret baier thank you so much. we will see you this weekend. in fact, i'm going to tell everybody about it. catch bret on "fox news sunday" filling in for chris wallace. he will be talking about kevin
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mccarthy and jean sperling. don't miss it fox "fox news sun" check your local listings for that the debt limit far from over. we can see that. so what happens if there is no deal by tuesday? you know, august 2nd, that big date we have been told about? how will the feds decide which bills to pay and which bills they won't pay? we are tracking the fast-moving developments on capitol hill to see what to expect next. plus, i don't know if you are following it, but the dow has just had its worst week in a year thanks to this whole debt debacle. we will look at the fallout and how it could affect our investments, our 401(k)'s and retirement accounts. neil cavuto is up next. got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early.
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>> harris: continuing coverage now of the debt showdown. the house passing a bill to avoid default by a raiser thin margin. now it goes to the senate where
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harry reid is said to be working on alternative bill. we understand senator reid is going to is it step away momentarily. he may speak to the media outside. if that happens, we will bring it to you. here's the sticking point. you are hearing democrats, including on the house side, nancy pelosi saying this thing is dead in the water even before it gets to the senate. it has no way of passing. we want to hear from senator reid when he comes to the microphones. if that should happen, we will play it for you live. can you watch it right here on fox report. as all of the political posturing continues, the stock markets are definitely reacting. they are sliding. in fact, the dow today capping off its steepest weekly decline in a year. the dow fell nearly 97 points, sinking 4.2% this week alone. the nasdaq off by nearly 10 points today as well as the s&p, which slipped by more than 8. with us now the anchor of "your world," neil cavuto. a confluence adding to the pain of this debt crisis. >> i think you are right,
4:17 pm
harris. the market downdraft has as much if not more to do i think actually a lot more to do with what's happening in the economy or not happening. we got that g.d.p. report which was a bad report card on the growth in our economy in the latest quarter. it was expected to be up almost 2% it was up 1.3%. further, harris, the prior quarter was revised to barely any growth at all. combine that with merck today announcing it's going to lay off 13,000 folks. in fact, this week alone better than 25,000 layoffs announced by corporate america. and some companies, big companies like juniper networks and a host of others saying we don't see the demand for our product like we used to. i don't want to get sidelined, suffice it to say a lot of this downdraft has concerns about double dip or the economy dropping back into something pretty bad. what worries me, harris, too, with the markets is if washington insiders powngs on doing something quick and rash, based on a serious temper
4:18 pm
tantrum out of wall street, let's say the market sells off a big deal on monday or tuesday and they russia bad deal, it is not going to be the victory they think. i only want to go back to october of '08 when then president bush saw his first rescue for the financial industry, tarp u as you might recall, rejected in the house and the street fell close to 800 points. record point decline at the time. now, everyone straightened up and flew right after that and got another tarp rescue passed. i hate to end note regardless a couple of months later the dow was down 4,000 more points. so, sometimes when wall street has a hissy fit, i'm not minimizing a big sell-off, if you respond to that at the moment and rush together something that might not be thought out you could roux the day. longer term will be just as rattled. >> harris: you are the calmest person to talk about this kind
4:19 pm
of thing. i always hear a lot of optimism from you. i have to ask, are we in trouble here? i'm hearing words like debt depression. >> well, you know, here's -- it's going to sound crazy, harris. i am an on opt mist. the best thing that could happen to us is to see our credit downgraded. by that i just mean we don't deserve a a.a.a. credit rating if you think about it. with the bills we have been running up through democrats and republicans alike a country like that doesn't deserve a a.a.a. rating to wake us up and lower our rating and force us to do substantive things would probably be good for us it would sort of being like slapping the addict around and saying it stops here. >> harris: that kind of optimism and realism we appreciate so much. as this day has unfolded and we are not hearing a whole lot of optimism coming out of capitol hill right now. neil cavuto with his team of
4:20 pm
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>> harris: well, here is where we are in washington now. weeks, now months after the conversation over raising the nation's borrowing limit, the house, led by house speaker john boehner has passed revised, doublely revised bill that he had come up with. they have done it in just the last hour or so. now it goes to the senate. already democrats who hold the majority in that part of congress are saying it is dead on arrival. the date that they have been telling us that we are looming
4:24 pm
toward, hurling toward is next tuesday. there is so much to get done with this particular bill between now and next tuesday if it has any hopes of becoming law. the president said today that it has to. and speaker boehner said today, firing back, he has done his part. he has gotten this through. the republicans have passed their bill in the house. now it is up to the democratic majority led senate, the ball is in their court. we are watching this tonight. we will bring you the very latest as developments happen. as you can see we are taking a live look right now in the senate floor. they are said to be working on this right now. if there is news that comes out of that senate floor we will bring it the the white house announcing a new agreement with automakers, right now cars and trucks get an average of 27 miles to the
4:25 pm
gallon. changes to take effect by 2017. 2025 the number dubletion to 55 miles per hour. the president says people will save $8,000 in fuel costs per vehicle. and also link the deal to washington's debt ceiling dead lock. >> we look to close the deficit, this agreement is a reminder of why it is so important that we have a balanced approach. this agreement ought to serve as a valuable lesson for leaders in washington. this agreement was arrived at without legislation. >> harris: so why today? republican leaders questioning the timing of the announcement. >> here we are a few days from when the secretary of the treasury says we will be in a default situation and the president of the united states is rolling out new mileage standards today. >> harris: the president also saying the plan will reduce pollution and our dependence on foreign oil.
4:26 pm
norway has now become burying the victims buried in last norway's capital city oslo. then about 20 miles away a mass shooting on an island at a youth summer camp. one survivor explained how the killer pretended to be a police officer so he could lure kids out of hiding at the camp. >> he said to me, i'm a cop and i will get you guys a place where it's safe i have to goer everyone to be easier to protect you. he said that, i think someone heard it because someone ran up and he picked up the gun and shoot the person.
4:27 pm
>> harris: by all accounts the lone suspect an ders admits to doing it opening fire on unarmed children. he says he has his reasons. today police pulled him in for a few more questions. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt with me now. >> they went over those reasons again. he apparently reiterated that his actions were to protest muslim integration into norway. he wanted they wanted to go over any inconsistencies. they tell us they increasingly believe that he did, indeed, act alone and that his initial claim that were other quote cells ready to strike as well were simply untrue. we also got new information today about the movement the attacks ended with the police storming that island. he, breivik, was apparently stand, clearing his hands already above his head. his weapons put down. and as the cops approached him, harris, he uttered fairly
4:28 pm
chilling words i am finished now. harris? >> well, we saw videotape there earlier, jonathan of one of the funerals for that 18-year-old girl. as well as the funerals, i understand there was a gigantic memorial service today? >> very large memorial service led by prime minister stalltenberg in the heart of oslo. many attending the service is the red rose the symbol of the labor party. he is a member of that labor party and many of the children massacred were the children of labor party members. there was also a labor service at a mosque where he stood with imam and bishop. this has brought greater not less to norway. harris? hairs harris we are continuing to following the debt showdown in washington. the white house issuing its statement moments ago. more to that when we get back.
4:29 pm
so much as stake and lawmakers are trying to get something done to keep the u.s. government from defaulting on its debts. looking live now at the house floor where they have passed speaker boehner's debt limit bill. it's been about 60 minutes now. we see now what the senate will do. they are said to be working tonight. what is next with them? our white house and capitol hill reporters break it down straight ahead. plus, how a government default could effect everything from social security to mortgage rates. context, progressive, we need them. it's coming up on fox report. that you cooked, it does something to your heart. i think what people like most about the grilled food is the taste. the flavor comes from that oak wood. the shmp, the fresh fish, the steaks. it locks in the flavor, it seals in the juices so that when you put the fork in it, it just goes through it like butter. it's beautiful. [ laughs ] i'm proud to be a grill master. i love food. my name is charles himple. i'm a red lobst grill master, and i sea food differently.
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>> harris: i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. a live look now at the senate floor. the new battleground in the standoff over raising the nation's debt ceiling. senate democrats vowing to kill the bill that just passed an hour ago in the house house. also pushing ahead with their own bill. all of this with just four days to go. back to our live team fox coverage now. ed henry at the white house for us. mike emanuel on capitol hill. ed, i want to start with you because the white house has just released a statement on the passing of the debt ceiling increase in the house. what does it say? >> that's right, harris. it basically says what we have known for some time which they thought this was a pointless exercise because even though it's gotten through the house, it's very unlikely to get through the senate. the key is moving forward what the president wants. the press secretary says here basically, quote, he urges democrats and republicans in the senate to find common ground on a plan that can get support from both parties in the house.
4:34 pm
a plan the president can sign by tuesday. because that's a key point. once the senate passes something, presumably different from the boehner bill, that's got to go back to the house yet. there is lot more legislative maneuvering to go if you will. they are actually slightly autopsy mystic at the white house despite all the regular signs that have there have been moderate republicans in the senate like lisa murkowski of alaska, scott brown of massachusetts sending signals today that they could support a compromise that medal together the rited and boehner bills. we are far far from sealing a deal like that. that's what the hope is here at the white house that they will move towards that, harris. >> harris: that's interesting. we have got scott brown republican from massachusetts who really ran on the whole idea of being more independent voice in the senate. but this is what he had to say.
4:35 pm
>> harris: you are going further then can there be compromise. you have got some, at least scott brown, feeling a lot of pressure to get behind something. mike, a lot of pressure also on speaker boehner today. >> well, there was no question about that, harris. here in washington, you know, people are measured by their power and that can shift rapidly and so there are a l of people saying if he did not get this rammed through that it would be a reflex on his speakership, he might be in jeopardy. some speakers over the years have had traditions in terms of ruling with an iron fist. that is not speaker john boehner's style. other speakers have had the luxury of saying if you vote for it we can do a pet project in your district. they are not doing that now. essentially he had to do arm twisting without a whole lot to offer. bottom line he got the balanced budget amendment into the latest incarnation of the bill. got the 218 votes.
4:36 pm
so, for now, his stock is up now with a lot in washington. you guys have the stock market. here we measure power based on political victories day in and day out,. >> harris: hairs i heard you talk about that optimism come out of the white house. don't they have to have that now? we are looking at the worst month since 2010. the white house has to react to that. >> they do. you raised a great point, harris. the white house, what we are going to see this weekend is a very tricky balancing act. on one hand they have to warn the country, as the president did earlier today, that the stakes here are enormous and that we could have a stock market crash on monday into tuesday. all kinds of bad things can happen if we do default. but, on the other hand, he has got to project some optimism so that when those asian markets open on sunday, the u.s. markets on sunday it doesn't crash. he can try to project some kind of optimism to say, look, let's come together but you don't want it to be false optimism. there has got to be something behind it, harris. >> harris: depending on which bill passes we can be talking
4:37 pm
about this in a short little while again. >> absolutely. >> i want to go first next time. >> harris: you have to work that out with ed. >> he took up all the air time. >> harris: thank you both. nobody knows for certain but did you hear both gentlemen talking about what might happen. no one knows for certain what should happen should they reach a deal or the u.s. suffer a downgrade. con ken us is among most analysts though is it won't be good. moody's investment services indicating that the u.s. may be able to keep its prized a.a.a. rating as long as lawmakers hammer out acceptable deal. regardless, what can the rest of us expect to happen should things fall apart on tuesday. think about highest interest rates on everything from credit cards to mart gages to student loans. our james rosen is live for us in washington at our bureau there. james, i like the title of this. >> yes, indeed. very applicable right now, harris. if uncle sam's credit rating is downgraded, it will mean higher
4:38 pm
interest rates for everyone. that in turn means more debt to me. here is why. economists think that the treasury department's yield rates on the bonds it offers will likely go up by half a percentage point. why? because uncle sam has suddenly been stamped on the forehead as a risky borrower. he has to make bond offerings for areactive. the banks will see that and want to prevent customers from taking their money out of checking and savings and putting into new higher yield treasury bonds. banks paying more to customers in the terms of interest. who will make up the higher cost for the banks. borrowers, whether it's credit for your car, for your mortgage or daily credit card purchases. let's say it's your higher education, the median debt carried by a recent college graduate is $24,000. for many americans it's much higher than that. if your interest rate gets jacked up to 7.5 percentage points, then your monthly payment is going to go up to $6 and change per month. evening your overall cumulative payment by $750. that figure will double with
4:39 pm
each 25 grand that you owe on that unsubsidized student loan. >> nobody understands how the markets are going to react it is a real drag on economic growth and the ability of employers to start putting people back to work. >> and that is why everyone in america can look at all of these people behind me, regardless of what party they belong to and say, you are debt to me. harris? >> harris: such a great line. jasms rosen, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: he was mentioning the treasury department. ipod maker apple has more cash on hand than the united states treasury department. as of wednesday, the treasury's closing balance was $73.77 billion. compare that to the $76.16 billion in cash that apple recorded on its latest earnings report. but, you know what? even apple couldn't save us. the u.s. government spends more than 10 billion a day. at that rate, apple's cash would not last two weeks. continuing coverage now of the
4:40 pm
debt limit showdown in washington as we wait for the senate to take up a bill that has now passed in the house. a little more than an hour ago. we have an update on what they are doing down on the senate floor. you are taking a live look now. plus, it's been one week since a pair of deadly attacks in norway, killing 77 people. a memorial service for the victims. police once again question the confessed killer. are switching from tylenol to advil. here's one story. [ george ] my name is george. i switched to advil six months ago. i love golf. but i have knee pain, hip pain, back pain and pain in my hands. advil is definitely my pain reliever of choice. it covers all, and i'm a walking testament. you may not know it to look at me, but i can dance too! [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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>> harris: u.s. soldier plotting to attack military personnel screamed as he left court today. an act of apparent defiance nasaer abdo admits he planned to attack soldiers at a nearby restaurant in fort hood, texas. he was awol from fort campbell, kentucky. when they caught up with him in texas at his hotel room, bomb making materials, handgun and ammunition. today in court prosecutors charged him with possessing device. as he yelled the court he yelled the name of 14-year-old iraqi
4:44 pm
girl who u.s. soldiers raped and murdered in 2006. then he screamed nidal hasan fort hood 2009. you will recall he is that army major accused of murdering 13 people in fort hood in 2009. kris gutierrez is live with the news live for us in texas tonight. previously the suspect had condemned the 2009 attack on fort hood. >> you are exactly right, harris. in fact, while he was petitioning to get that conscious on tore status last year, abdo wrote an essay. he wrote that the fort hood shooting was an act of aggression by man not by islam. he was later approved as the conscious on tore earlier this year but that status was put on hold after he was charged with possessing child pornography and then as you know, harris, he went awol earlier this month. >> harris: yeah, now i understand his dad is speaking out on this. he said there is no way his son did this. you would expect that. it's his dad. >> you are right. we should put that into specific
4:45 pm
for you. hills father's name is jamal abdo. weighs deported from the united states last year after he was convicted in the dallas area of soliciting a minor. he now lives in home country of jordan. he says he learned about his son's arrest via the internet. did he do an interview with the a.p. i want to quote some here. he said it's all lies a to z. i'm close to my son i know him very well. is he a kind-hearted man and good did and and devout muslim to prayed all the time. he said he last spoke to his son last week. >> harris: kris gutierrez on the story for us. thank you very much. tropical storm don barrel toward texas threatening to slam that state just a few hours from now. while they are preparing for the high winds and heavy rains, some texans say they are actually rolling out the welcome mat for don, beach goers out enjoying the rough surf today. with 90%, you know 90% of that state reportedly suffering with extreme drought. the rain could actually bring
4:46 pm
some temporary relief. our casey stegall joins us live from corpus christi, texas. what part of the state do they expect to be hit the hardest. >> the outer bands of the storm are already starting to hit us here in corpus christi. tonight the national hurricane center is projecting that the bulk of don will actually hit about 166 miles south of where i'm standing right now in brownsville, texas near south padre island. thousands of people up and down the southeast coast of this state have been getting ready. they have been securing their boats and they have been buying supplies. >> in the past several days we have seen a great increase in plywood, generators, cleaning supplies, trash cans, safety equipment. everything from weather radios to bottled water. >> don is suspected to pack sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and dump anywhere of 3 to 5 inches of badly needed rain on this state, harris. >> harris: yeah, with the storms that move through there, casey, nobody takes this likely.
4:47 pm
people prepare no matter what. i understand it's so serious it's apparently affecting oil production down there. >> it is. in fact, approximately 12% of oil production from the gulf of mexico has come to a screeching halt because of evacuations. we understand that 56 production flat forms out of the middle of the gulf have been evacuated and also four rigs. that is all according to the bureau of ocean energy management regulation and enforcement. this is obviously for safety reasons for those employees working out on those devices. it is still too early to tell what the exact impact will be on oil prices, harris. >> harris: all right. casey stegall live for us in corpus christi. thanks very much, casey. another day in court for the high profile polygamist sexually assaulting young girls. after he clammed up yesterday, a total 180 today. he is talking in a live report. plus, all eyes on capitol hill again tonight.
4:48 pm
we have been focused on this. the house passing its debt limit bill about 90 minutes ago. but now the big question. are lawmakers really any closer to solving the dead lock over how much more money our nation can borrow? an update next. stay close. ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care abt and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library. powered by verizon 4g lte
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>> harris: polygamist cult leader warren jeffs facing charges he sexually molested two young girls. earlier he said he had something to say breaking his courtroom silence to defend the controversial practice of polygamy. what we're told is a rambling objection that lasted nearly an hour. jeffs reportedly told a judge and jury, quote, this religious requirement is pure and natural way of life. you will recall the fbi once put jeffs on 10 most wanted fugitives list alongside usama bin laden.
4:52 pm
prosecutors claimed he raped a 12-year-old girl in 2006 a year after impregnantating a 15-year-old. all while leading the fundamental church of latter day church saints. he was silent yesterday. now is he making threats in court. >> after he gave his 55 minute objection sermon, harris, he said he wanted to read a message from god: the judge immediately dismissed the jury. warren jeffs went on to say if the trial was not halted immediately, all those involved will face sickness and death. she admonished jeff if he threatened the jury he would be removed from the courtroom. so far outburst and objections. no sure how long she would tolerate that. when the prosecution did get a word in edge wise. the courts have consistently ruled against polygamy and practice of sex with children. remember, the prosecutors plan to play an audiotape of jeffs
4:53 pm
sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl and if at some point jeffs cannot continue to defend himself, his former attorneys are observing in court. listen. >> the judge asked us to stand by, which i'm, of course, willing to do. it's always preferable to have an experienced counsel at defense table. >> so far the prosecution has called six witnesses. court reconvenes monday morning at 9:00, harris. >> harris: what about the prosecution? what's the argument there? >> the argument for the prosecution mainly here is is that there is no freedom of religion when you are talking about polygamy. that it is against the law and the courts have riewstled time and again that it is, in fact, against the law. >> harris: trace gallagher thank you very much. a private detective -- all right. we are going to move on. we are following now as you know
4:54 pm
four days and two choices now as we follow the debt crisis in washington. either come up with a debt ceiling raise or solution or face national default. let's take a live look at capitol hill now where it is up to the democrat-led senate to make its next move on speaker boehner's debt limit bill. the fight beginning anew. we are in the middle of it and watching it all over on "the fox report." stay with us. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
4:55 pm
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our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. haters hairs we have some movement now from capitol hill. apparently the boehner bill is being introduced on the senate floor by senator harry reid. we are watching this very closely. we have got a producer in washington who is telling us that this is happening. the staff is working frantically but we don't know really what details are going to come out of this at this point. the bill is being introduced on the senate floor. whether they will take up a vote, let's listen. >> timely in 1:00 vote tomorrow
4:58 pm
than they have been the last few days. i would say this very directly. we would be happy to have a vote on the reid amendment. a vote just like the house did today, majority vote. we have gotten into an issue here that is unthwart. everything that moves is a super majority. that isn't the way it should be. so we're happy to have a vote any time but it should be a majority vote just like the house had. the house had a majority vote today. and they had an overwhelming extra vote of none. so we would be happy to have a simple majority vote on our -- the democratic proposal we're putting forward. >> is that a consent? >> that's a consent that we will be happy to have a vote if it's a simple majority. >> mr. president reserving the right to object. let me say this is almost an out-of-body experience to have someone suggest that we have a 50 vote flesh hold on a matter of this magnitude here in the
4:59 pm
united states senate. i'm perplexed, mr. president. genuinely perplexed that my friend the majority leader doesn't want to vote on his proposal as soon as possible. >> please, have order. [gavel] >> let him be heard. >> the republican leader? >> i object. >> mr. president, so it's obvious to the world, to the united states senate, that there is now another filibuster. that's what this is. it's a filibuster to stop us from moving forward on legislation. this is a filibuster in any name that you want, it's a filibuster. so, i'm disappointed. i ask now that we have have had the -- we have asked for a roll call vote on the tables motion. >> harris: we are watching the senate developments on the floor right now. not anything that we expected. senator reid moving to table the bill that just passed in the house. john boehner's bill, the speaker's bill. we are following thi


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