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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 1, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: where did those three hours go? we'll do it again tonight. dirk morris will join us, senator hatch and peter. on a monday morning there as you a lot of movement over the weekend. there is a debt deal on the table, but it's barely on the table. the house and congress set for the big vote before the deadline. alisyn: great to watch you yesterday. i'm alisyn camerota in for martha maccallum.
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president obama says it is not perfect but he will take it. >> is this the deal i would have preferred? no. i believe we could have made the tough choilsd required on entitlement reform and tax reform right now rather than through a special congressional committee process. but this compromise does make a serious down payment on the deficit reduction we need and gives each party a strong incentive to get a senate plan before the end of the year. bill: you will have a fight from the pea tarty especially in the house. republican senator ron johnson telling gretta this debate should never have reached this point. >> we don't want to be like the healthcare law and pass it to see what's tonight. now we are back up against
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deadlines and trying to spend trillions of dollars in a couple weeks. we are being given bills that we have to time to read. it's horrible government and it will produce an awful product. we are looking at $1 trillion in immediate cuts. a debt limit increase of $2.1 trillion. and a bipartisan committee created to a grow on another trillion and a half in future spending. if they cannot agree a trigger will enact what is described as painful cuts across the board. bill: doug, good morning to you. can this version pass? >> we don't know yet. but we'll begin to get a clear idea of that as members begin filing in today. the house set to meet at 10:00 a.m. for morning business. the first votes of the day set for noon. the house rules committee has yet to defiant parameters. but the strongest evidence it
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will pass comes from the fact that the leadership of both houses all support this thing. also there is a trueism inherent in this plan. for a good compromise to be acceptable there has to be something in it that everybody hates. and there is a lot to hate from both side. for democrats it's the prospect of tremendous cuts to medicare. for the republicans the prospect of tremendous cuts to defense spending. bill: these trigger cuts. how will they work with 6 months? >> reporter: it's dependent on this congressional commission which will take place. 12 members of congress. who will be tasked with finding cuts over the next year. if they cannot come to agreement, that's when these
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automatic triggers would take place. severe cuts to medicare which is hugely damaging to what democrats what. they are talking about 50% shark of the defense department. this is untenable for republicans. that many why it many important for this congressional commission to work. we'll see where it all lays out as the day progresses today. keep in mine the fact that we are talking about this is an indication of how far a congress has changed its spending habits. it's also an indication of how deeply in debt the united states is. a reminder of all of that. bill: we'll help our viewer go through it as we try to follow it ourselves. also our correspondents on the hill. there is a will the to keep track of, thank you for that. alisyn: here is republican senator lindsey graham and house minority leader nancy pelosi with their thoughts. >> i don't have faith the
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committee will do more than committees in the past have. and we'l we'll i know this is th politics. i know our leaders are working against people who don't want to do anything no change the size, scope of government. >> we'll do so in a way that does not impede america's future and in a way that does not jeopardize our future. this bill has a long -- 9 years, 10 years whatever it turns out to be has ramifications even beyond that decade. so we'll all have to take a look. we all may not be able to support it or northern us be able to support it. but we'll wait and see and we are open to what comes down because again the stakes are very high here. alisyn: there were some very
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blubt word from the chairman of the congressional black caucus calling the deal a sugar-coated satan sandwich. is the u.s. still facing a downgrade tonight ratings. some economists say the damage is already done. stu varney is with us from the fox business network. >> reporter: how can you add $7 trillion to the national debt -- and that what this deal would do -- how can you ad $7 trillion, call it a cut in the debt and retain your triple aaa rating? how can you do that? let me go a bit further. this deal does not meet the criteria laid down by standard and poor's. they said to avoid a downgrade you must cut $4 trillion. this deal does not do that. secondly the rating agencies have said unless you get a
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handle on entitlement programs you will be downgraded. this does not get a handle on entitlement programs. they are in fact barely touched. how can you do all of this. add to the debt, fail to cut $4 trillion, fail to do anything about entitlement program and still retain a triple a rating. odds are you are going to lose that rating. alisyn: any idea how the markets will feel about this? >> reporter: the market will go up at at opening bell 20 minutes from now. it's basically a relief rally. how long it lasts is anybodi' guess. the economy is on the verge of recession and friday we'll probably get some bad jobs numbers. by the end of the week you may have forgotten about the debt crisis and you are back to the abysmal state of the economy. alisyn: that what we were seeing last week. you said more to the economy than the debt deal.
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bill: talking about that g -- p number, the first quarter growth was tea people inic. the -- it was anemic. here is our poll today. what do you think? do you agree with the debt deal? click the answer box there and we'll give result throughout the morning and get you gauged on what people are thinking. alisyn: will congress pass this deal? two guests joining us later this hour will help and that. and we'll speak with a member of the tea party caucus senator pike lee to see in republicans will get on board with this. how about democrats? will they support it? bill: a lot of people wage and think they have got it done. but they haven't.
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you look at "new york times" today. the editorial page. paul krugman. the president surrenders. alisyn: a lost them will feel that way. bill: the other side, the diminished president. the progressiv progressive cauc. they don't seep like they are on board. nancy pelosi suggested maybe we will vote for it or maybe we are not vote for it. that just on the left. he had 22 house republicans who defect on the boehner bill friday evening. in order to cobble together a vote in the house you will need republicans and democrats to get to 216 which is the magic number. those are some of the stories wore watching at the moment. there still is drama. john boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in this deal. is that true? that's what he said to fellow republicans on a con friend call
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last night. if that temperature true, why are democrats voting for it anyway. alisyn: john bolton is here live to tell us why he thinks this debt deal puts the country in grave danger. bill: he high jacked a plane that disappeared into thin air. a possible break that baffled investigators for years. yeah! [ male announcer ] hurry in to crabfest at red lobster. the only time you can savor three sweet alaskan crab entrees all under $20, like our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake
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bill: tea party members have said spending cuts don't go far enough. they also want a balanced budget amendment. the "wall street journal" writes this. bill: senator, good morning to you. do you buy that? >> this is a significant step forward. 7, 8 months ago people in this town were still talking about the need for another stimulus and new government spending. we are instead discussing how
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many trillions of dollars we should cut. the reason i still don't support this bill is because it doesn't solve the underlying problem. i said since before i was even sworn into office that this is a permanent problem it's a long-term problem and for that we need a long-term solution. the only way we can bind few our congresses to stand by these cuts we are now discussion is through an amendment to the constitution that will restrict permanently congress' borrowing authority. bill: so you are a no. i did not expect to hear you shift your position. but you helped shape this debate. and arguably you have turned the attention of this entire story 180 degrees in washington. why not call that a victory? >> it's not a victory. i would love to call eight victory. i feel so passionately, i even wrote a book about the need for a balanced budget amendment.
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before we take on debt, an unprecedented $2.5 trillion of new debt that will take decades to pay back, we need to put in place permanent structural spending reform that can't easily be circumvented. bill: i mentioned what the "new york times" is talking about, they think he surrendered to republicans and the tea party. i also read to you what the "wall street journal" said. >> that's absolutely right. and yet we haven't got what we need in this circumstance, and we are not going pretend that we have. this is not the first time i have disagreed with those two
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publications and i suspect it won't be the last. bill: can this pass in the house you? heard from the liberal left in the house. they are not happy at all. i think many pair want went to bed last night and said, they have got it figured out. but it still has to go for a vote in the senate and the house. do you think on paper for the moment this gets through? >> it will be close. my get tells me it's likely to pass both houses but with slim and unconventional margins. my hunch is telling me it's likely to pass. bill: is that 217, 218, right at the mark? >> perhaps a little bit more comfortable than that. by unconventional i think you will see some party controlsover in both houses to make this pass.
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bill: this trigger mechanism that has to be defined for our viewers and for us, they will set up a special committee. before thanksgiving that committee of 6 democrats and 6 republicans are going to come up with recommendations for spending cuts. and then those recommendations will be before congress for a vote. if there is no agreement, the cuts kick in automatically. a lot of these cuts go toward defense spending. are you comfortable with that? >> no, and i think a lot of my republican colleagues won't be comfortable with it either. but there are certain things only the federal government can do, and national defense is one of them. that's why you will have a lot of republicans in both houses who might have been inclined to support this, will be uncomfortable as a result of this. bill: it will not include automatic revenue increases which means no no taxes. >> it may not have automatic
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revenue enhancements, that's not to say the committee couldn't make recommendations that result in tax increases. but deal with this one piece at a time. bill: you believe there is the possibility there could be new tax increases. >> i think we have not a revenue problem but a spending problem. that's why i plan on address its through a constitutional amendment. bill: mike lee is a no. >> we got news of this deal last night and i haven't had a chance to talk to my colleagues or our counterparts in the house to get even a rough vote count. i should know more within an hour or two. bill: we just heard from ron johnson.
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he is not happy. thank you for your time. the republican out of utah. we'll talk again soon. thank you, sir. alisyn: switching gores, bill. a dr. thattic update on one of america's most infamous crimes. 40 years ago this man jumped from a plane in a parachute and $200,000 in ransom. then he disappeared. now there are new details that could help track him down. bill: we just heard from mike lee, a tea party member of congress. will the democrats go for this deal? how many do we need to pass it? . . the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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bill: what do you think? 1,300 votes in five minutes. 94% so far say no they don't like this deal. we are still raising the debt ceiling by trillions. only 4% say they don't know.
6:23 am
2% say yes they support it. they say it's the best congress can do. you can vote online. keep on doing that at alisyn: there are significant new developments on what's called one of america's greatest getaways. d.d. cooper jumped from a plane with a parachute and $200,000 in ransom money. the fbi says the capture of one of the country's most illusive fugitives could possibly be in sight. why do they think they are close? >> reporter: the fbi says they have a promising lead, but they also say this is not a big break. the agency says it's doing wait describes as their due diligence. what do they have as they look for the man who would now be 80 years old? the fbi is examining an
6:24 am
individual's inner print and trying to compare it with a partial print that was found on the aircraft on a magazine. you have to keep in mind that the last 40 years the fbi has interviewed and investigated more than 1,000 potential suspects. some critics say that 40 years from now this case is still going to be unsolved. alisyn: other than that partial fingerprint what other evidence do you have? >> one of the things the fbi is still in possession of are 66 prints found on the aircraft that did not match the crew or other passengers on that plane. they also have 8 cigarette butts he was smoking. they found his neck tie and a mother-of-pearl tie tack. this was 1971 when they obtained this evidence. back then the fbi did not have the dna forensic capability they have today. one other thing the fbi does
6:25 am
have and that raises perhaps more questions than answers is 8 years after the hijacking which took place in 1971, an 8-year-old boy found burry some $6,000 that was buried. three packets of money. some have asked if d.d. cooper had in fact died it would have been impossible to bury this money. others question if he lived why did he bury $6,000 of the $200,000 in cash. for the first time the fbi has what might be a pro evening break. alisyn: thanks for the update. bill: what do you think? alisyn: i think they are going to get him. they got whitey bulger. bill: whitey bulger was living on a beach in california.
6:26 am
they were just watching him go to the coffee some at 8:00 in the morning. we'll talk to a democrat whether he and his colleagues are dean on the whole new debt deal. and what will investors do when trading starts in three minutes. alisyn: this bear looks comfy up in that tree, but he eventually had to come down. >> i think the pad are on the bottom. >> he's getting thirsty. [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories.
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alisyn: one congressman calls it a cure as bad as the disease. now we are hearing from other democrats who say they, too, are not impressed with this debt deal. here is in * retook this 11 -- here is nancy pelosi's reaction to this 11th hour deal.
6:30 am
>> i haven't seen the final writing in detail. and as you know the details are important. i'll have a discussion and consult how this can stand. alisyn: good morning, congressman. do you like this deal? >> i'm going to vote for it. it's not everything i will have wanted, but i think lit help the country. alisyn: what was the big thing you gave up? >> it's not what i gave up, i think it's what the country needs. this will guarantee $2.5, $3 trillion in deficit reduction. i think we need $4 trillion more. i think revenue should have been part of the deal. it may or may not be part of the deal in the final analysis. but having said that. defaulting on the debt is ridiculous and impossible.
6:31 am
reducing the deficit by this amount is desirable. it will help move cash off the balance sheets of companies to hire people. i think it will move lenders to lend more money to hire people and that's what our mission needs to be today. alisyn: republicans say tax hikes are not a good idea in this climate, the gdp so low in this climate of dismal economic growth. why did you want to see tax hikes? >> i think deficit reduction that stabilizes interest rates is our top priority. i would refer you back to 1993 when we had precisely the same argument over the clinton economic plan. children and restrained spending and had a tax increase on the top 5%. all the people saying now that would destroy the economy said it then. what happened was 23 million new job were created.
6:32 am
the deficit turned into a surplus. i think history belies that argument. alisyn: do you know this special 12-member bipartisan committee has been set up to try to figure out what the next steps are after this vote this week, does that make you nervous or comforted that there will be more future changes to this? >> what make we comforted is unlike all the other commissions whose reports sit on a shelf and gather dust, this one has some reality. it has to come to a vote in both the house and senate. second the senate has to consider it under a simple majority rule procedure. it can be filibustered. thirdly, we are guaranteed the deficit redmuct form of spending cuts if nothing passed. you understand if this commission produces nothing as all the other ones have. then we get $1.5 trillion in spending cuts. this has some reality to it that
6:33 am
i think is welcome. alisyn: there is a trigger mechanism that these cuts will automatically be triggered if the committee doesn't come up with anything. the lion's share are making people very nervous today. >> it's 50% social, 50% defense. alisyn: it's making national security experts nervous. >> let's talk about this. a 50 per reduction -- if this played out today we would be talking about $40 billion to $50 billion in defense reduction. we are spending $130 billion a year in iraq and afghanistan. so this is only half the money we are spending in iraq and afghanistan. i think there i a national consensus we ought to get out of these places. i think this is a good idea should it happen. alisyn: you are sayin saying yol
6:34 am
vote yes. >> people are make up their mind. i feel confident, alisyn, at the end of the day we'll have a majority house of representatives vote to approve think bill. our goal should be to get this done before the u.s. markets open tomorrow morning. alisyn: is that possible? >> yes, it's possible and i think we'll do it. alisyn: do you think you will get this passed in the house? rue * 9:30 tomorrow morning when the markets open. alisyn: good luck. obviously we are waited with bated breath. we freshate you coming in. bill: you mentioned the special committee. this is what we are piecing together what we believe the special panel will be all about. the group of 6 republicans, 6 democrats. they have yet to be named, said to be modeled after the super
6:35 am
committee that oversaw the closing of military bases. that committee will identify at least $1.8 trillion in cuts. those 12 law make letters submit a recommendation fit comes out of committee to congress by thanksgiving. then a simple yes or no vote with no amendments allowed in congress. if the committee cannot agree on the cuts that would trigger automatic cuts in defense spending, also some cuts in medicare. we'll get into all of this a bit later this hour in our show. watching the markets, this is critical. they were closed over the weekend. reaction in asia overnight. now in the u.s. we are up triple digits. up 102 in five minutes of trading. we'll see where that goes today. so far i think the productivity number from friday had to do
6:36 am
with the first and second square and it was not good. 0 points right now. alisyn: a brutal mexican gang dealer linked to the murder of a mexican consulate employee. hernandez purportedly admitted to ordering 1,500 killings. investigators say he was behind an attack last year that killed a u.s. consulate employee and her husband. bill: a couple in georgia spent the weekend with a houseguest. seems this big guy was sniffing around the property for food when the family dog chased it up a tree. i like that dog. the family tried calling for
6:37 am
help but could not get anyone to come out and capture the bear. >> i heard something go up the tree and i knew it was very loud. he's thirsty. >> he wants everybody to go away. he wants us to go away. bill: they went inside. once the coast is clear the bear took off. but he was drooling. you put out the dog's water bowl -- alisyn: i like that you pull out the trampoline and he bounces off. we need to talk about this story coming up. she vanished almost two months ago. now the moth husband of this mother of triplets is under arrest. bill: is the debt standoff almost over?
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alisyn: a united airlines flight carrying 135 passengers from washington to a mexican beach resort makes an unplanned landing in cuba after reporting a strange odor coming from the cockpit. the husband of this mother of triplets has been arefortd. clay waller is expected in court today. missouri police say the charges he's now facing have nothing to do with his wife's disappearan
6:42 am
disappearance. bill: so this is what we are told leading members of congress and the white house. the president have apparently agreed to a debt deal hours before that declared deadline tuesday by the treasury department. the problem is they have to vote on it and pass it. house speaker john boehner told his republicans that they got 98% of what they wanted. bob beckel worked in president carter's white house. andrea and ta tantaros are boths of the "the five." >> we are co-cohosts of the "the nine." bill: john boehner said we got 98% of what we wanted. that's not on tape. by that's what's been reported what he told his members of his
6:43 am
caucus. then one of the leaders said, really? nanny's pool is only 2%? she is that stupid? is boehner right, 98% or not? >> 98%, i think he has to say that number publicly. i would say it's 75% of what boehner wanted. i think would have preferred to force another vote on the debt ceiling before the 2012 election. and i think he wanted to see more entitlement reform. but boehner struck a deal with no tax increases, significant cuts to government spending and more cuts planned on the way. 98 is a little high. i would say 75% what they wanted but it's still a good deal. bill: the "new york times"
6:44 am
editorial page, they are killing white house on this. 98% for boehner? >> look, i have never seen a bill that so many people -- you have had one congressman on and senator after another and they all hate it. nobody got entirely what they wanted. no taxes, that was the key to all this. but in the end andrea is exactly right. they wanted another vote on this and they won't get it. obama will control what cuts they get unless this committee comes through. i think we are all dismissing this committee too easily. i think there may be a shot here. i think the question is not any longer is there a long-term crisis. it's settled in with the public. and i think if you can't deal with it now in this atmosphere you wouldn't be able to deal with it. bill: it has a lot to do with who you appoint to that
6:45 am
committee. >> i think it's going to be a little better than people think it is. bill: that is true about what bob is saying. this stays as an issue and republicans wanted that. they feel they have taken the attention of the country and put it squarely on that $14 trillion and that's something you cannot ignore. the flip side of that is you are still hiking at $2.5 trillion now. >> i disagree with bob on the commission. i believe congress is already an elected committee. we pay to do the job. i don't have a lot of faith in tonight ease. but i believe that's a great point you bring up. this debate we are having is a direct result of the 2010 elections and that was a result of the tea party and the result of republicans. i think even though they have been damaged by this slightly. the gop as a whole because of the infighting we saw, i think the tea party is the real winner
6:46 am
here and the far left, the liberals lost on all fronts. because of this they have been diminished, they have been embarrassed and they have been ignored. bill: that may be the case, but they haven't passed this thing yet. they still have to vote on it. not only that, to say that the tea party won, i'm willing to giver the tea party credit for helping bringing this issue to the front. but these people have become identified as the fringe. way over. anarchists. now, you almost didn't get this thing done. they are almost willing to take this whole country and throw it over the edge because they didn't think they got enough. bill: how can they be the anarchists, bob, when they have single handledly taken the focus of the nation and put it on $14.4 trillion. they took the democratic party with a democratic president and
6:47 am
forced them to do a 180. >> they didn't force them to do a 180. i give you credit for that. i hate to give them dread for anything. they turned tea off in the boston harbor. that's what they said they would try to be like those people. now they are ready to throw the economy over the side. you say that the tea party when boehner has to go back -- it is the republicans are split as a result of this. >> politically i think the president is going to try to coopt this tea party message. i'll get you will see barack obama claim that he shrunk the size of government and didn't raise taxes and that's thanks to the tea party. he should send them a nice little thank you card. bill: he forward the white house turn a 180 when it comes to no new taxes would be new revenues
6:48 am
and the trillion dollars in spending cuts. maybe it happens over 10 years, maybe it's back load as opposed to front loaded but that is something that was not on the table 90 days ago. >> why do you give the tea party credit for this. they voted against it. that far right edge of them will vote against it again. bill: we will wait to see that. and we wait to heart end of this conversation at 5:00 this afternoon. >> to be continued. bill: thank you andrea, thank you, bob. alisyn: will this new debt deal hurt america's national security? ambassador john bolton joins us on why he says the deal puts the country in quote, grave danger. pill * she was last seen at nighttime in her bedroom on the computer.
6:49 am
searchers and the father of the missing 11-year-old speaking out. >> they have had success with these long searches in the past. and success being finding the answer. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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alisyn: there are concerns over potential cuts to defense spending. specifically if a bipartisan panel fails to push a second round of cuts by years end the trigger would match cuts. >> we have two wars going on. when that young marine asks, am i going to get paid?
6:53 am
>> yes, sir, you are going to get paid, and we are going to give you the equipment to win the war and we are not going to doom you and your children to grief. alisyn: good morning mr. ambassador. what worries you most about this debt deal. >> the possible sperveght indiscriminate cuts in the defense budget over the next 10 pose a grave threat to national security. the idea you can cut defense by 50% on the one hand and non-defense discretionary by 50% on the other does not reflect international reality. i think it will harm news ways we can't even calculate at this point. alisyn: are these cuts only happening if the trigger mechanism comes into play? >> i think the negotiating dynamic in the joint committee
6:54 am
will lead to 50-50 cuts through their own process. why should a democrat agree to cut more out of welfare programs when if no agreement is reached the default is they only lose 50%. and why should a republican agree to cut more out of defense when if the committee fails to reach agreement only quote-unquote only 50% comes out of defense. i think the dynamic in the committee waves the cuts to $500 billion to $600 billion over the next 10 years, i think that many catastrophic. alisyn: no one wants their personal cause cut. you obviously, and understandably care have much about national security as do so many americans. but the tea party and many other americans say it is time for massive cuts. so why should defense be exempt. >> if you think money spent on the agriculture department or
6:55 am
money spent on the interior department and health and human services and money spent on defense are all the same, you need better glasses. dollars well spent on defense are qualitatively different and far more important to the long-term security of the united states than almost anything else the federal government does. those dollars are right in the bull's-eye. alisyn: are you comfortable with any cuts being made and if so where would those happen? >> it's part of the government and it's inefficient in many respects. but we have been underspending on defense. if you look at the president's budget the last two years we have had massive increases of baseline spending on all domestic programs. we have cut $400 billion from the defense department already. alisyn: i was struck something that was reported yesterday.
6:56 am
they said president obama's defense budget is the highest since world war ii. >> they have mixed their numbers up in ways that are too complicated to explain in the next 15 seconds. if you look at the two joke triof budget expenditures, non-discretionary none defense spending i way up, defense spending is down. so treating them as equivalent is comparing apples and oranges. defense spending is not just another wasteful government program. alisyn: gotcha. ambassador john bolton, thank you for coming in. bill: we are waiting on the senate session at 10:30. will we see a vote later today? maybe. 3,000 votes in 45 minutes on our show page. alisyn: a day at the beach almost turned deadly for one mother just trying to catch some
6:57 am
rays. >> she was on her stomach, we turned her on her side. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
6:58 am
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you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. bill: whole new hour, "fox news alert," good morning, everyone, we are hearing moments ago, the vice president is en route to the hill, big meeting with both parties, and, as we await a vote in congressing on a deal to cut spending and not raise taxes. a make or break day, tomorrow's deadline draws even closer. can that deal pass? leaders from both sides say they are confident in that. >> sometimes, two sides disagree on almost everything but in the end, we agree on this, the united states could not take the chance of defaulting on our debt. >> i think i can say with a high degree of confidence, that there is now a framework to review that will ensure significant cuts in washington spending. and we can assure the american
7:01 am
people tonight, that the united states of america will not for the first time in our history, default on its obligations. bill: there's a lot to catch up on this morning, good to have you along with us, different scenery today. alisyn: we have a set. bill: our joint next-door is having a little remodeling and we'll be back there on tuesday and now we have a desk and that is kind of cool. alisyn: enjoying it? bill: love it. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, hope you had a great weekend, great to have along with us as we work through this. alisyn: i'm alisyn camerota in for martha maccallum. and, this deal would raise the debt ceiling, while cutting $2.5 trillion from the deficit, over the next ten years. bill: no tax increases, still a long list of opponents on both sides, who might stand in the way. not a done deal. and wendell goler at the white house, leads our coverage, good morning, wendell. is the white house confident it can pass? >> reporter: well, they say, bill, they are confident, but the vice president as you point out, is headed to the house and the senate, later this morning, to make sure, the bill has
7:02 am
alienated the wings of both parties, and, even the president says it's not the agreement he really wanted, but, it does avoid default, and it does kick the question of the debt ceiling down the road, past 2012, and, while liberals hate it and tea party members don't care for it, senator john mccain says the tea party was one of the winners of the debate. >> the tea partiers claim a lot of credit but i would say, again, for them to insist we pass a balanced budget amendment, to the constitution with only 1/3 of the government, is not a realistic assessment. but, that doesn't mean we can't do it over time. >> reporter: in a final concession house speaker john boehner, the bill requires a vote on a balanced budget amendment, but it doesn't require it to pass. that would mean 2/3 of the house and senate, before it can be sent onto the state. bill: what about the word on taxes, so-called revenues, does it solve the differences, or
7:03 am
harden the differences? >> reporter: well, apparently, it doesn't solve them, at least, based on what we are hearing this morning, house speaker john boehner says it takes tax hikes off the table, and it establishes a bipartisan commission, six democrats, six republicans, and requires 7 votes to suggest a tax hike and it is unlikely the republicans would choose a committee member who would go along with higher taxes and it doesn't mean they won't go for tax reform, here's gene spurling. >> the bipartisan commission has to make a decision as to whether they want to try and work in a true bipartisan way in which the gang of 6, bipartisan group in the senate, has tried to do. if so, they'll make room for doing the type tax reform that can be both good for democrats and republicans. >> reporter: boehner's aides say the end of the year deficit cutting recommendations will be measured against a baseline that
7:04 am
assumes the bishop administration tax cuts will actually expire and that, they say will make it more difficult to raise taxes. bill: you know they are hearing it from the left in a big way and i think the sprinkler system... >> reporter: more than construction that is going on, and there's more equipment here than i have ever seen in my life. bill: see you later, wendell. bye-bye. alisyn: always running up against landscaping! as you probably noticed. all right, meanwhile, senator john mccain speaking out today on president obama's role in the debt debate, saying the president abdicated too much responsibility. here's "fox & friends" this morning. >> the negotiations and the agreement was conducted between basically harry reid, mitch mcconnell and john boehner. and, with obviously white house input, but, i don't think
7:05 am
anybody... i think even president obama's most zealous advocate would admit that the president did not lead. alisyn: he adds that compromises on both sides amounted to a deal that neither side is really happy with. bill: let's break down who got what at the moment, democrats and republicans, claiming small victories here, republicans got a deal with no tax increases. period. and a trillion dollars in cuts in discretionary spending over ten years. plus, the debt ceiling increase will be matched dollar for dollar by deficit reduction and democrats got an increase in the debt ceiling, and also got the special congressional committee designed to come up with a broad deficit reduction plan, and if the committee's recommendations are not allowed, begin finefici of medicare and medicaid and social security will be shielded from any automatic spending cuts. alisyn: and this is a good
7:06 am
context for you. and the debt deal includes a nearly $1 trillion down payment on deficit reduction over ten years. that works out to about $100 billion a year, but, exactly how much is that, really? well, it is about less than 3% of what the government has spent on average, per year, for the past three years. roughly what the government spends every ten days. and, only about 0.07% of our total public debt. bill: there were concerns about the future, too of 0 our economy, even if the deal goes through and worries that the bill may be putting off the inevitable. the national debt, $14 trillion an neil cavuto is on the hill, senior vice president and managing editor of fox news and the fox business network. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: we watched wall street open 36 minutes ago and the dow was up triple digits and the last six minutes it went the other way. now down 73 points.
7:07 am
bill: what is happening there. >> i don't like to comment on the minute by minute gyrations in the dow but it could be a case of buyers remorse and people realize, all of a sudden, this does not look as good as it was. and, we subsequently had an ism manufacturing number out, that was weaker than expected. showed a decline and the slowdown is alive and well, unfortunately and now you have a debt deal that is not as big as some thought and, furthermore, there is talk in the markets here, regardless of what the house and senate decide on this, the ratings agencies might move as soon as today and opt to be punishing in their own right and they said we have to be looking at $4 trillion, over ten years. and this is decidedly less. in the vicinity of $2.5 trillion. and, they've threatened, in any way they could, moody's, would say strongly advised, that this
7:08 am
has to be substantial. so, if it isn't substantial, and isn't the $4 trillion do, they downgrade our aaa rating and that would be quite a kick in the pants, to bring it to the 11th hour and still see things downgraded. bill: part of that will be the debt ceiling will be lifted and you can forecast a year or two, it's not 14.4, it is 16.4, or $17 trillion. now, these ratings agencies, in 2008, they also gave the subprime mortgage sector a aaa rating. >> that's right. that's right. bill: and we saw what happened there. what about the credibility of s&p or moody's or whomever it is that has an opinion on this, neil. >> you are right on the money, bill, the fact they totally missed the banks and institutions that were providing all of these easy loans, and,
7:09 am
we, you know, correctly and properly were all over them for missing that. but, in a way, be careful what you wish for, because we have since told them, don't miss the next bubble, don't miss puni punishing the next time and now they are looking at sovereign debt, our own include and reacting to that and saying, all right. we missed the last one and we'll pounce on this. and we have also told you that, look, if you don't give us $4 trillion in tax cuts over decades, we are going to done grade you. so, now it is time to cry wolf and howl. bill: thank you, neil, i guess wall street is looking at the debt debate and the gdp numbers from friday, which we mentioned earlier, down right pathetic for an economy trying to stabilize and get stronger again. neil, we'll watch you all day, because you will be on tv all
7:10 am
day, all right? 4:00 on "your world" live in d.c., and the google chairman, eric schmidt and christine nome, and a special edition, live from capitol hill, 6:00 eastern time on the fox business network. you can see that, as well. as neil follows the action down there. very interesting comments about his coverage over the weekend, too. alisyn: sure did. well, he has strong words -- he had strong words for president obama last week. >> we have a president right now who is bankrupting this country, and we have a president right now who is destroying what makes this country great. alisyn: that was before the debt deal and what does congressman joe walsh say now? we'll ask him live. bill: and this is something you might expect to see in the sahara desert, a massive dust storm sweeping over american soil. alisyn: and they were arrested
7:11 am
and tossed behind bars in iran and now, prisoners for more than two years and today, two american hikers may finally learn their fate. ♪ [ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper.
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7:13 am
alisyn: brand new poll showing no clear g.o.p. front-runner for the 2012 presidential primaries and, according to rasmussen, mitt romney is leading at 22%
7:14 am
and not far behind is rick per who has not announced yet and michelle bachmann, 16% and ron paul and tim pawlenty, trailing behind as you see there. bill: a lot of attention, phone the tea party and check out the editorial in the "wall street journal," what will members backed by the tea party do when it is time to vote on the deal and many are pushing for greater cuts and no debt ceiling increased and balanced budget amendment and now there is concern over the new committee set to be formed with 6 members of the republican party, and 6 members of the democratic party, going forward, jason chafin, a tea party member, too. >> i'm concerned about the commission them. way it is structured, we have three members from the house, republicans and democrats and we have a majority in the house and things in the structure concern me and i'm concerned about the first year cut number, because it is pretty small, but, there is also a lot to like.
7:15 am
i think the speaker has taken it a long way. bill: illinois republican joe walsh is a tea party caucus member, how are you, good morning to you. >> great, bill, good to be with you. bill: will you vote for it, does it meet the barometer for you. >> i second what my colleague, jason chaffetz said from utah. speaker deserves a lot of credit. i think there is such an anxiousness to get something done, by tomorrow, that the sentiment is carrying the day and i argue what has been crafted here is, in many ways a typical sort of washington deal, that doesn't address the fundamental problem that we're bankrupting future generations. i'm still looking at details, but, i think we needed something bolder. bill: it sound like a "no" vote. are you a "no"? >> i was one of 22 republicans that voted against the speaker's plan a couple days ago, this doesn't go as far as the speaker's plan, again, i give
7:16 am
him all the credit in the world, because, he has been the only real grown-up in the room here, but, we are... even this potential plan calls for maybe, maybe $2-3 trillion worth of cuts over the next ten years. and our government is going to borrow anywhere from 9 to $14 trillion. over the next ten years. this plan, so a good little first step does not address the fundamental problem that we are bankrupting this country. bill: i understand that point, you are making all of that. are you a yes? are you a no? or is that last answer a maybe at the moment? >> i am probably a no. i am probably a no. but... bill: what might change your mind then? >> what would change my mind is, some solution that really changes the way the town does business and does something about the fact that we are bankrupting future generations.
7:17 am
this plan, look, sometimes, i have to hit myself on the head, because, if all of us troublesome republicans didn't take over congress, we would have raised the debt ceiling by who knows how much, a few months ago and we would be spending money left and right and thank god the republicans are in control of the congress, because, we have changed the conversation. we are talking about spending cuts. that is a victory for the speaker, and is a victory for the party and the country. but, we need a bold solution in this... and this sent and... bill: did john boehner in the phone call, late last night with other members of the party and the house, did he say you are getting 98% of what you wanted? is that true? >> yes, and again, it is... this is a plan, bill, that i would argue, the president is going to be dragged kicking and screaming into supporting. he wanted a clean debt ceiling bill and wanted tax increases.
7:18 am
and this has none of that and has spending cuts and the speaker deserves credit for this. but i would say to you, that, right now, the government is broke, the country is broke, and, we are bankrupting future generations, and, this notion of a commission or a committee, 8 or 9 months down the road, we are way past the time to have a commission. bill: "wall street journal," the big picture is that the deal is a victory for the cause, of smaller government. this is an editorial they write today. arguably, the biggest victory since welfare reform in 1996. what about that? >> i guess i would argue that it is a victory to a degree, for the republicans and all of us who came to washington to change the conversation. but, it is not a victory for this country. we are bankrupting future generations, debt will continue to be piled on, and, this does very little, if nothing, to address that. bill: prediction, quickly, does this in its form pass in the house? yes or no? >> i think it probably will.
7:19 am
bill: easily or just barely? >> i think it will be close, but, again, bill, i think the overriding sentiment, right here... bill: i understand that. >> i want to get something done by august 2nd, will probably carry the day. bill: 216 is the magic number, joe walsh, thank you, republican from illinois, member of the tea party caucus. alisyn? alisyn: this will be a hot topic up to the battle for the white house and now republican candidates for president are weighing in on the debt deal. bill: and the desperate search for the 11-year-old girl is getting more intense by the say, what they are doing to finds celina cass. >> the more the word is out, the chance of her coming home, safe. there is no other option at this point, she's going to be okay. e of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low.
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7:23 am
bill: itch bill: incredible video, from phoenix, arizona, a wall of dust rolling into town, turning the sky brown. rain and lightning hitting sar yeahs and national weather service, look at it, it is dark and national weather service reporting the dust to be 3,000 feet high and wind gusts, 40 miles per hour. and authorities warning folks to stay off the roads, when it rolls through town. alisyn: search teams are stepping up their search tfor celina cass, and they are offering a reward for any information and divers searched a pond for any sign of her and the pond is located less than a mile from her home and searchers that in girl's family are keeping up hope of finding the girl alive. >> they have had success with these long searches in the past. and, they've stretched out to
7:24 am
two and three weeks and success being finding the answer. >> ready to come home, daddy will be here for you. alisyn: here now is former homicide detective, rod wheeler. hi, rod. i want to talk to you about the statement that we just heard her father make there. because it struck me as peculiar, and i want to see if you feel the same way. he said, whenever you are ready to come home, daddy will be waiting for you. why is he talking as though he knows that she ran away, and not that -- wasn't abducted by a stranger? >> you know, that is interesting and actually, i picked up on that as well, but, let me remind you and the viewers, this is a biological father, now, talking, not the stepfather talking, and everyone has been wondering over the past week, where is the biological father, now. this guy apparently was in the hospital, for some reason that has not been disclosed, which i find interesting and he got out of the hospital and the first statement he makes is, says to his daughter, probably through the media, it is okay to come
7:25 am
home now, daddy is okay, and you have to ask yourself and trust me, the police are also asking themselves, what was the relationship, alisyn, with the little girl and her family, and what was going on in that family's home, the 72 hours leading up to the point in which she went missing. alisyn: her mother and her stepfather with whom she lived have not come out and made any statements. does that strike you as strange for a missing child case? >> yes, and no. the stepfather did make a very brief statement yesterday. a very generic statement and the mother has not said much, she made a statement and i didn't hear it but they have been quiet and i can until, typically in these types of cases, especially involving young children like this 11-year-old, there is something going on in the family unit. and, so i think that that is what the police are really focusing on now. but, i don't think that we can classify this case, necessarily as a crime. although the little girl is missing. i think we need to continue to
7:26 am
be positive and hope we can find her and bring her home safely. alisyn: and we know police in these situations with missing kids do the parallel investigations and look at the community and they look at the family. so, what sorts of things inside the house or even in the community, do you think police are doing today? >> well, you know, what was interesting is she was on the computer, according to her mother and her stepfather, at 9:00 p.m., last monday night which is interesting and after that, she supposedly vanished and they are looking at that and they've taken her computer as evidence and their researching it now and the other thing, quickly, is they are looking at the stepfather, and the stepfather has had a checkered past and it doesn't mean he's guilty of something now but they are, looking at that and his brother and his... i think his cousin, another relative are registered sex offenders and the police are looking at every one of these things, a normal course of an investigation, but, now, alisyn it is important the viewers continue to look at the picture of celina and help the
7:27 am
police out and if you see her, dial 911 from wherever you are. alisyn: you are right. there is this number for the state police but you can dial 911 and they'll put you in touch with the state police and shouldn't we already know what evidence the computer yielded? they took it a week ago. >> the police know but i think, now, they are being tight-lipped about that, because they don't know exactly what they are dealing with here but they are checking into that computer and checking registered sex offenders in the area. so i think the police are really, right now, focussing on that computer, and, the family unit. >> rod wheeler, thanks and let's hope we can drum up leads for the police, and we can find out what happened to her, thanks for coming in. >> thank you, alisyn. bill: 27 past the hour now, keeping a close eye on the hill, lawmakers, heading to closed door meetings to hash out details of last night's proposed deal, and with so many compromises, can the leaders in both parties sell it? we have a terrific panel to break it down for you, first,
7:28 am
though, speaker boehner selling it over the weekend. >> i stuck my neck out a mile, to try to get an agreement with the president of the united states... i stuck my neck out a mile. and i put revenues on the table. in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are. [ male announcer imagine all of your missed opportunities
7:29 am
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and that click happened. i would never have even thought about going into the engineering field if it wasn't for these ap classes, these teachers and them helping me realize that this is a major calling in my life. ♪ i didn't always know that i would like math, but now i think it'll change my life. bill: "fox news alert," right now, joe biden is heading to the senate this hour, he'll meet with leaders of both parties and the senate convening on the floor at this moment, and it was late last night, one of the landmark debt proposal, is it all it is cracked up to, speaker boehner said on friday he did all he could. >> i stuck my neck out a mile. and i put revenues on the table. in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are.
7:32 am
but a lot of people in this town can never say yes. a lot of people can never say yes. this house has acted. and, it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table. tell us where you are. [cheers and applause]. bill: a terrific panel, steve moore with the "wall street journal," and steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard and, a bureau chief for the "chicago sun times" and welcome to all three of you. a lot going over the weekend. steven hayes, i want to begin with you. should republicans take the deal and walk away with it and declare victory? >> there are reasons, for republicans to do just that. primarily, because they have changed the discussion, as other people pointed out, on spending and we are now talking about what we can cut, how quickly it
7:33 am
can be cut, rather than how much we can spend and how quickly it can be spent but there's a lot of reasons to be skeptical of the deal, too. it does nothing to the overall trajectory of federal spending and makes a little dent, a wrinkle but doesn't change the trajectory and really, fully engage entitlement reform, though that is possibly something that could be included in the second wave of cuts, and i think most concerning more a lot of republicans, terminal in the house, are these defense cuts. the possibility that there would be major defense cuts, upwards of $500 billion, in defense cuts, over ten years, in the second wave of cuts, if the so-called trigger were pulled, and, some front loaded defense cuts i think have several house republicans, many house republicans, feeling very uneasy about cutting defense, right now, at this particular moment in time. bill: and, lynn sweet now. would democrats in the house vote for this? at least a majority of the democrats?
7:34 am
or is it starting to develop as a -- they've truly sacrificed the principles of the party in order to get a deal done and you look at the "new york times," a competitive newspaper to your own, but the editorial page is blasting president obama today, there. >> right. but, the... the answer is yes, to all of your questions. simply put, the progressive wing of the democratic party is very very, unhappy, some of them will not vote for this. nancy pelosi gave this a chilling... the package a chilling response. they will meet today, to figure out what to do, but, in the end, it will be a structured roll call, meaning that they will put on as many democrats as they have to, matching republican votes and let people off the hook who feel strongly, unless they need their vote but opens up a rift with obama with a lot of democrats. bill: stephen moore, if this deal goes through, and a year or two, the $14.4 trillion debt is
7:35 am
16.5, $17 trillion, on paper how does it work out for our country, financially? >> well, you know, i agree with what steve hayes said about some of the virtues of the deal. and i think republicans got more than they... the democrats did but, let me give you one example on the spending, if you look at the domestic discretionary spending, the ones that are supposed to be capped and cut, under the budget, but because they used these phony budget base lines, i looked at the numbers, and intending goeses up from $500 billion in 2013, to $590 billion, in 2021 and that is not a cut and, so, the point is a good one, bill. even under the deal, that cuts $2 trillion of the debt, over the next ten years, that means instead of borrowing $10 trillion, bill, we are only going to borrow $8 trillion an $8 trillion is still a lot of borrowing and, i think that is one reason we still may see a
7:36 am
downgrade of the debt. bill: let me go through all three of you. does it pass, steven hayes. >> yes, i think it does but, the way it bill be structured, it will take everything from speaker boehner to pull reluctant republicans across the line and get the votes from the republican side it will need to pass. bill: lynn, does it pass? and, does president obama look like a states man in the end or weak. >> he looks diminished, i predict it will pass, speaker boehner's challenge is to not let the moderate republicans who wants to vote for it hang out there, 40 or 50 votes alone, and it will set them up for primaries from conservatives, next year. bill: stephen moore, i know you don't cover politics on the hill. but, you do cover the economy. are we now looking at a flat line for growth for a period of time that is much greater than anyone would want to admit? when you look at the first and second quarters gdp numbers, the manufacturing number that came
7:37 am
out 35 minutes ago and the ongoing debt battle that will continue another year or two at a minimum? does it all suggest that our economy, barely moves... >> i hate to -- >>... for some time. >> i hate to say yes, and you ask me a month ago, i would say said no but the economy hit a ditch and as you said, the debt will continue to go up even under the agreement, so, it looks like a bleak economy, and everything the president has done to get us out of the ditch has not worked. bill: steven hayes, stephen moore, lynn sweet, thanks to all three of you. we are asking on-line, too, our question of the day, do you support the debt deal? in the past hour we have had almost 400 people vote. 93% say no. we are still raising the debt ceiling by trillions and they don't like it and let us know what you think, vote on-line at"america's newsroom," and that will be open for several hours. alisyn? alisyn: huge numbers. we are awaiting the verdict for
7:38 am
two u.s. hikers being held in iran, right now, shane bauer and josh fattal were two of the three americans arrested in 2009 while hiking along the iran-iraq border and the final court hearing of the espionage trial wrapped up yesterday and steve centanni is live in washington and what is the timeframe forgetting a verdict here? >> reporter: well, alisyn, as you said, the final court session was yesterday, in tehran, and a lawyer for the two american hikers, says he expects to hear a verdict within this week. so that would be a matter of 6 days, now. hopefully, very soon. we don't know for sure. the lawyer was hoping for an immediate release yesterday, decision and immediate freedom for the americans but that did not happen, the two americans, shane bauer and josh fattal, hiking in the region between iraq and iran and they were arrested and charged with espionage and were hiking with shane bauer's fiancee, sarah shourd and, she was released on
7:39 am
humanitarian grounds and now is living in california. alisyn: it sounds like the lawyers were optimistic and what makes them hopeful they will be released. >> reporter: they are, the court did not call sara shored back and, there could be mercy shown, with ramadan, and, it is possible they could be found guilty and sentenced only to the time served, which is already two years and the state department weighed in, telling "the associated press," they have been in prison too long and it is time to reunite them with their families, we'll hear more from them, sometime today. alisyn: steve centanni, thank you. bill: he said he was bloody and beaten and still a "no" vote on the debt deal, has a texas republican, as he changed his mind? you will find out when we ask him. alisyn: and a day at the beach ends in tragedy for one tourist
7:40 am
and shy didn't even go into the water. >> she was alone, and, just ran over her with the tire and then stopped. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
7:41 am
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medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. bill: a tourist run over a control truck in daytona and he was lying in the sand and the truck was flagged down by a pedestrian and, the sun bather was clipped with the right front tire. >> she was on her stomach and we turned her on her side, and, hold her neck, because she was... got ran over her head and shoulders and had a head trauma, fracture to her head. bill: the lifeguard is a seasonal employee with a spotless record according to
7:44 am
police and still awaiting an update on the woman's condition. alisyn: awaiting the business on the floor of the house, and as we count down to a vote on the debt deal, you'll remember last week as republicans were drumming up support for the plan, a texas republican said he was bloodied and beaten but he was still going to be a "no" vote for the original boehner plan, is that still the case today? he's a member of the constitutional conservative caucus and joins me now, congressman, how are you going to vote on this new deal? >> well, i pulled it off the internet this morning, 2:15 a.m. and went a few hours going through it and we hear one thing in summary but when you are told we -- we are told there will be cuts beginning in 2013, and, go over through -- for ten years, we know in out-years, anything
7:45 am
beyond 1-2 years from where we are now is not likely to happen and when you pull the bill and actually see that, gee, for 2013, you have 546 billion for security category, and 501 billion, nonsecurity, and ten years later, those have been in received, 200 billion dollars, it is hard to see how that is a cut, especially when you know that for one thing, apparently, the baseline numbers are considering that the bush tax cut expire in january 2013, and, i mean, we could fight but it presumes they go out of existence and also, you've got -- there are things like the trigger mechanism, in this. and... alisyn: before you get into that, i want to stop you, because the details you are giving us are interesting, we heard the $1 trillion in cuts, start immediately, and you say that that is different from what you are reading? >> it difference from what i am reading in the bill, itself.
7:46 am
those trillion dollars, yeah, agreed to now, but, they will be over a ten-year period, and, apparently, not starting until 2013 and, the federal budget automatically goes up over year, the dirty secret of washington and one of the things the speaker and paul ryan promised on friday is we'll get a vote in the house, to go to a zero baseline budget instead of the automatic increases and then... bill: are not seeing that. >> the dramatic cuts to defense, at a time like this, not a good idea. bill: sounds like you are a "no" vote. >> i'm looking for a reason to be a yes. and i have not found it. this is too serious and, you know, we promised that if we were in the majority, you get three days, before you cram anything through and since we didn't have it i was up all night going through this thing and i'm telling you, i find one concern after another in this. bill: how long -- >> it is only 74 but one of the
7:47 am
problems, going through legislation like this, you have to not only read the legislation, you have to see what sections of referenced, because that is a common tactic, and make it where you cannot find it, reading this, you have to see how it affects the reference legislation in the bill and so, for example, the... there is no enforcement unless the omb director has a report. suppose he's a good friend of the president and the president says, issue a report. there is no enforcement mechanism. alisyn: that is interesting and it is interesting hear you speak as though you are cramming for the exam and you have been up since 2:00 a.m. poring over the details... >> this is more important than any exam i took. alisyn: do you think your fellow republicans in the house will vote for it and do you think they'll have had a chance to read it by the time they are asked to vote for it? >> we have a conference at 12:30
7:48 am
and just got notice, shortly ago, and i hope that we can educate people, and, have questions answered, because this doesn't look good. it really doesn't look good and there are a lot of problems in here, and, another thing, that i find, if you want to get around all of the cuts, then you just call it emergency legislation. now, i'm not sure somebody said we declared the census money as emergency legislation, even though we have known it was coming for 200 years. so, it's not that hard to declare something emergency so you can get around caps and that is why we need aid balanced budget amendment in the constitution so these games cannot be played. alisyn: what you obviously wanted to vote yes on and, congressman, thanks for poring through the details and sharing it with us. it is interesting stuff, and, see what happens after your conference at 12:30.
7:49 am
bill: more to report, too, throughout the morning into the afternoon and jon scott picks up things in 11 minutes. >> good morning, bill, much more on the big story of the day ahead, bill mentioned a debt deal that has something for liberals and conservatives both, to dislike. the real question is, can it make it through both houses of congress? and, what happens to the country's debt rating? we have some of the biggest names in the beltway as our guest and we want to hear from you, go to february february/happeningnow and click on the "america's asking" tab to weigh in and an update on the amanda knox case and what we can learn from the plane crash in guyana. bill: incredible, that plane... >> three pieces, yes. bill: what do the candidates think, we have spoken with all the players for 2012. do they like the debt proposal? is it the best washington can do? are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
7:50 am
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bill: some of the candidates for the white house in 2012 are out swinging, weighing in hope to debt deal. between the president and congress and they are not holding back. carl cameron is live in washington and what are they saying, carl. >> reporter: hi, bill, up until a while ago we could have been mitt romney was holding back, because he had yet to take a position on what will be voted on. but, mitt romney now, for the first time in weeks allowed himself to take a position exactly on the bill, and, he's not in favor of it. and, a statement a few minutes ago, he said his plan would have
7:54 am
produced a budget that was cut, cap and balance, a reference to the original proposals, now modified and not one that opens the door to higher taxes and puts defense cuts on the table and while he appreciates the extraordinarily difficult situation the president's lack of leadership placed the members of congress in, he cannot support the deal and that is a big change where he tried to avoid getting pinned down as the offers kept changing and puts him in line, with michelle bachmann, the stalwart opponent as the chairperson of the house tea party caucus, she has said from the beginning she would not be able to support an increase in the debt limit and didn't want to bror me and when the president announced it last night she said the deal spends too much and doesn't cut enough, and, somebody has to say no and, therefore, she will. and, rounding out the spectrum of the 2012 republicans who got jon huntsman, pushing for any kind of a deal to avoid a default for weeks and went tor a two-fer, suggesting those who
7:55 am
had been sort of accused of being too steadfast in opposition and people like mitt romney are waffling, he came out and said, that he would essentially, time for leadership and, quote, those who ducked the debate entirely and would have allowed a nation to slide into default are not the type of positions he'd take and that is the gamut of all of the 12 of them, largely, now, most of them expected to oppose it. bill: it is all relative, too, and a very interesting reaction there, carl, thank you, on the trail, talking to everybody and we'll talk with you, real soon, thank you, carl. alisyn: "fox news alert," and there's a lot of activity on capitol hill, right now, and, we want to track it for you. the senate is convening, at this hour for the first time since the announcement last night of that debt ceiling deal. we are awaiting word on whether there will be a vote on that deal, today. we're also waiting for the start of a key meeting for house members and party leaders will lay out details on last night's proposed debt deal and we heard
7:56 am
some of them and vice president joe biden will join the meeting, all of this, 24 hours away from america hitting the debt ceiling. with the 48-hour sale,
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the possibilities are endless. interesting... save up to 50% this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart.
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♪ . >> you can ditch the sun block. another new benefit from drinking wine. this one uncoveredded in spain. researchers found that flavoniods in grapes can stop chemical reaction that causes skin cells to die. meaning wine can help prevent skin cancer. cosmetic companies are working on a skin cream. >> i would rather drink it than apply it. >> that is brought to you by the chamber of commerce in napa valley.


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