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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 2, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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make sure you go to greta you can tell us what you think about washington, the debt ceiling, whatever. >> hello, it's 5:00 on the east coast and this is "the five." now, we have a lot to cover tonight. first, never before heard details of the raid that killed osama bin laden. chilling accounts of what actually happened leading up to the mission and that very night. plus, airport security lines, well, they might get a little bit longer. and this will be boston's logan airport. we will tell you about the new screening techniques. and you won't believe this one, a leftist early childhood educator is slaughtering the story of the three little pigs, saying it is bigoted. we'll explain. "the five" starts right now.
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all right. it's official. president obama has signed the debt deal into law. here's what it is entails. the debt deal will increase the debt ceiling by as much as $2.4 trillion, cuts of more than $900 billion over 10 years and a 12-person committee that is being referred to as the dirty dozen. this committee will be tasked with finding $1.5 trillion more in savings and that's $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts if this committee fails to do its job. let's take a listen this morning to harry reid, after he had success on the senate floor by passing the bill. >> today, we made sure that america will pay its bills. now it's time to make sure all americans can pay theirs. >> and the president signed the bill into law. here's what he had to say afterward, not wasting time to inject more politics.
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>> since you can't close the deficit with just spending cuts. it also means reforming our tax code so that the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations have to pay their fair share. everyone has to chip in. >> there it is -- there it is. shared sacrifice. bob, don't you think now this is an opportunity for the democrats to make their case for revenue raisers? this is what republicans are fearing, that because of the defense cuts that will automatically be triggered, they might have to exarchal the defense cuts in exchange for tax revenue. >> well, i certainly hope so. look, this thing is -- an abysmal piece of legislation. i said it yesterday, i'll say it again. it was done with a gun to obama's head. he went through with it. i wish he hadn't. the congressional caucus and the black caucus all vote the against this bill. if i could have voted, i would have voted against it, assuming it wouldn't have gone down. from a liberal standpoint, this
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is a massively unfair bill and simply because it cuts out programs for kids and allows millionaires and billionaires like you, eric, to save money. >> we are talking about a trifling amount of money. it's the olive from the pizza. you have the people on the right mad it didn't cut enough. >> it is not trifling when you are talking about city programs i. you will never be happy about a cut. you need government to expand. >> i would be happy -- >> you can't have it both ways. you can't take credit for tsaying it limits the federal government and then lambaste the tea party for doing it. >> the evidence to support this point is that today, president obama came out with a post debt crisis deal speech that sounded exactly his pre-debt crisis speech. nothing really has changed here except it's -- >> wait a minute! >> one thing was changed. >> before he said i, but now that
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it's sacrifice, he says we. >> we. >> the dow continued to go down and now you can't blame the lack of a debt deal on the dow sliding, for the last two weeks, we have heard the republicans, the tea party, in fact, is holding up the process, they're keeping -- they have been called terrorists, they have been called hez bowl aholding hostage, holding the markets hostage, the market was going down. guess what, guys? you got your deal. the tea party said, we don't want any part of this -- let me finish -- the market was going down anyway. it had nothing to do with the tea party or the debt ceiling. >> this is a giant stink bomb. for all of these people giving this contrived hype that this was a tea party victory, you just have members of congress today slapping each other on the back for approving the largest debt hike in the history of the united states. you have tax hikes coming down the pike, which is what obama was talking about today. have you taking the entire debt
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crisis off the table until after the 2012 election. you have nonexistent cuts itch one person came back with a smile on their face, even though bob did not was gabrielle giffords. she voted in favor of this vote, which i guess angered the left, bob? >> i was happy to see her. but i was worried about her being in that crowd. she got to see her colleagues. it was wonderful. >> she looks great. >> one thing you mentioned about this committee, the select committee. this is important because you are hearing all the screaming and yelling from committee chairs on both sides saying, oh, that's my territory! you are going to take away my power. they can. and that's -- it is a very sweeping mandate for them to do things that go into the territory of other people. i think if they do something, it's going to cause a real ruckus. i mean, these guys can cut defense, anything they want.
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>> can i tell you, this is like the -- >> it's a committee. >> it's a committee, if they call it a panel -- whatever. the point is, it's a false ending to a movie. you know, in fatal attraction when you thought glenn close was dead and she comes out of the tub. this is the panel -- >> here's what i am thinking. >> no, she's back. >> this panel -- why set up the triggers? it's like it's assuming they won't be able to do their job. they are set up to fail. why have -- >> they should. >> we have had 17 debt commissions over the last 30 years. they have all deadlocked or not produced anything, which is why we have a $14.3 trillion national debt. the same people who are complining that this will erode our authority in congress. i wonder if they were worried about the mcconnell plan which would have ceded all authority to the president. or obama's threat. >> you could argue, about the glenn close thing, did you not
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think the bunny was the worst part of that? boiling that bunny really bugged me. >> you cut too close to home. >> it does. >> it happened. >> this is different from the select committee because only one other commission has the authority to put a bill on the floor with no amendments, no filibuster, up-and-down vote. that's very rare t. isn't like the other 15. >> bob, you are not the only one upset. we have a poll, when asked of respondents to name the words that best describe the debt fight -- ridiculous, 66%. disgusting... >> this is a poll of my past five girlfriends -- about me. >> aren't you happy today? it's over. >> it's not over. we are kicking the corpse. >> there you go. what happened to cans? >> it's hard to say in a can. >> the biden issue -- >> yes, bob, we can talk about
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the biden issue. >> i'm sorry. i tried to whisper that. >> you have to learn the technology. >> it's charming that you don't. >> go ahead, bob. biden called -- biden was caught in a closed-door meeting calling the tea party terrorists. now he's trying to back off the statement. >> let me stay, i tend to believe joe biden. but aside from that, yesterday, greg got very upset for me for my using that word as well. in the heat of the moment and in the passion of my hatred for this bill and my belief that the tea party has set us in the wrong direction, i should not have used this term. nobody told me to say this, but if i offended anybody, i apologize. >> it was on the democratic sheet of talking points -- >> no, no, no, no. i don't read the talking points. they won't let me. >> i brought something every day -- you know, in honor of the tea party. but we made this for you. this is an obama -- because really, the tea party has
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flourished. >> i just got through making an apology here -- you gotta go and -- >> how fitting is that? >> let's pour salt in the wound and listen to sarah palin, who reacted as most tea partyists would when they heard they were called terrorists. >> we are getting used to being called racist and inciters of violence and being accused of things we have nothing to do with. but to be called terrorists from the vice-president, quite appalling. quite vile. >> my sister! >> the president of the united states, we mentioned gabrielle giffords, right after she was shot, the president gave a very well received speech in which he implored people to have a new civility. now we have the vice-president of the united states calling the majority of americans terrorists -- >> wait, he didn't call them terrorists. >> he denied he did t. i think
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we ought to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> does the tea party grow from this? >> not only grow -- do we have to understand what the tea party has done? they have changed politics in america -- forever! forever! >> you are absolutely smoking dope. >> no, no. the tea party's here for real. drink the tea, maybe you will learn something. >> i made the apology. >> in washington, it is about small government. >> have you looked at the tea party numbers? >> absolutely, bob. >> their negatives are higher by 2 to 1 now. >> way off. >> that's ridiculous. [overlapping dialogue] >> we are going to argue on the commercial break and pick it up. coming up on tite "the five," the inside story on the osama bin laden raid on the compound. now details about the night our special forces killed the world's most powerful terrorists. email us with your views.
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>> "the five" picking up where we left off. the tea party movement. i say it's growing. i say it's a win. they should take their victory lap and go. listen to the names who are now tea partyers, also very, very influential in american politics. bachman, palin, steve king from iowa, louis goman. these people are for real. >> that's your list of powerful -- >> it is. it happens to be. >> well, i think that -- i disagree with that. but let me eye am looking at it from a national -- but look, i gave them credit for bringing this issue up to the forefront. and approximatet worked. but most of them voted against it in the house, the tea party people -- >> because it changed. >> in the mid-term election, the tea party did scare republicans. but they left three empty senate seats. we would never have won nevada, delaware or colorado, if not for
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the thakt fact they nominated tea party candidates. people believe the tea party is off to the way far right. but they are beginning to get the identity of the republican party. >> but changing american politics, moving it to the right. >> remember, the tea party didn't grow out of a reaction to obama and the democrats, but it has become that. it grew out of a reaction to the fact that the republican establishment has been such big government, big spenders for so long that this organic movement grew up to say enough. this is a set of ideas. limited government -- >> you don't see them ever putting a leader, a figure head i. no! i think that would destroy them. all the names that bowling raised, none of them want to be the active leader. >> obama is right. we got-- the tea party got flaky characters in there because there was no overreaching leader. but i will say this, old-school politicians are learning one important thing, principle is
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scary. it's a revelation. it's like playing poker against the terminator. people will not compromise because they won. >> but they don't think they won. they do not believe -- >> to win the war, they have to have i. i agree. but they don't think this is a winning thing. though mitch mcconnell said, this is a game changer. >> he's not a tea party -- >> but, eric, let me finish! we will never have a clean vote on this debt ceiling again because of the tea party. that means cuts every daytime. >> the tea party problem was the debt ceiling. go ahead, bob. >> have you to separate the tea party influence in washington and to the country in a general election na presidential year, when the turnout will be 40% higher. you didn't answer my question, you said it's a set of principle, not politics. they actively supported three candidates for senate and nominated people way out of the mainstream. >> but if you are going to go
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ahead and stack this very important 12-member committee or panel on the left side with the extreme left, chiam hearing will be the case, we better, better be sure there is one or two tea partyers on the right side. >> you need fiscal conservatives there. look, i can understand why lefty would think their principles are radical. but we are talking about limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. >> what do they do politically? they nominated three unacceptable candidates. >> bob, who is they? >> nominated real wack-a-dos. >> this is important. we have been talking about this. no question about it. we will never forget the night we heard that u.s. special forces had killed osama bin laden. this week's new yorker magazine had the amazing story. there were years of planning this night. an incredibly ditailed timeline. the raid all there in the atlantic. 23 navy seals, 18 minutes and
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two very precise rounds, one to the chest and one to the head of the man hiding behind two women. osama bin laden was killed, dead, ending america's nearly decade-long nightmare. monica, you follow this stuff. this was a -- this is obama's shining moment, in my opinion. >> oh, absolutely. look, he made the call. he got actionable intelligence that we know can be traced back many, many years through the bush administration when they sanctioned interrogations, black sites, warrantless wiretapping and really tough interrogations, including waterboarding. those details were able to be pieced together over many years and corroborated to the point where we could get a warm trail on osama bin laden and take him out. president obama owes president bush a big thank you. >> i feel like i am being waterboarded right now. >> that's where a lot of intel jeans came frufrom. >> he should have thanked the president more than he d. but i
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agree with monica, this story really does make the president look great. he was very focused. and funny, i didn't know after reading the story, i know there was a dog involved. cairo who, helped close off the perimeters of the house. when the president found out that the dog was waiting to meet him, he said, i want to meet that dog. >> was it a chihuahua? >> shoot to kill -- are you kidding? >> the point is -- >> it's osama bin laden. >> where are they going to put him if they took him alive to gitmo? >> think about that, greg. think about how far the administration has come. they went from terror trials in downtown manhattan to kill teams in pakistan. that's a huge -- >> before we run out of time, you guy, monica, there was a very politically correct muslim-approved burial at sea for the corpse.
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>> what you get from the new yorker piece is that the cia called their counterpart in saudi arabia and said, we have your countryman, osama bin laden, he's dead. would you like the body? and the soudys said no and they preside over mecca. they said, we think what you are doing is entirely appropriate and is in keeping with islamic law. >> can you give the shoutout for the team? >> the shoutout for the president. you gave him credit and i thank you for that and then you dumped all over him. >> do you have a burial at sea when you go? >> there is no blood on my hands. >> coming up, only in obamaland, the department of justice is suing another u.s. state. it's trying to keep its borders secure. we have the details tonight on "the five." @@
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>> that's good. that's right, i'm up here. welcome back to "the five." i want to talk about a story that really has gotten me -- just drives me up the wall. we have another state, alabama, after following on arizona that has decided to take its own immigration law and not let the united states of america, which does do immigration laws implement their own laws. now, in alabama -- in arizona, they decided to allow the police to stop and check people to say if they were illegals. alabama, which of course, is a state that has a long history of dealing with minorities -- >> oh, here we go -- >> i want to call this the bill conners law. now the department of justice is
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challenging alabama, as they have arizona, to say, wait, this is know a state issue, it is a national issue. and one of the things i noticed again with alabama, like arizona, they didn't put in there that people who hire these people ought to be sent to the slammer. >> they should. that should be part of it. oh verify, which would solve the problem comlitely. look, what happened in arizona, what's going on in alabama are two state who is said, look we are supposed to rely on you, you are not doing twe are going to do it on your own. you are not allowed to hire an illegal or transport an illegal. what's wrong with that. >> first of all, more deportations in this year than in the history of immigration. >> let's talk about what these state laws say. arizona and alabama both enlist the top-flight attorneys to take a close look at the federal law and they drafted their state law to run concurrently with the federal law. so it is not like you have got 50 states making their own
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immigration law. they are saying, we have instituted state law, running parallel to the federal law, doesn't encroach on federal powers, but since the feds are not doing their job, we are going to do it ourselves. you know, why isn't holder then enforcing current federal law instead of suing states that -- >> just said -- >> so opposed to states to trying to keep the citizens safe, why not repeal, bob, the current law on the books, making it illegal to come to this country? just repeal it. >> this is ronald reagan's law, an amnesty from 1986. i applauded reagan for that day and i applaud him now. this is a political issue. the fact of the matter is -- >> this is not a political issue. >> i'm sorry. go right ahead. >> i don't mean to cut you off -- >> yes, you do. 2.2 million people out of work. friday, we are probably going to find there are 15 million people
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out of work, here. this is a jobs issue. these states can bring jobs back to americans by sending illegals or making it seem more difficult to hire an illegal. >> how do you unions feel about this? >> they don't. they are a mixed bag, depending on the union. do you know the jobs that these people take are jobs even when we had good employment, jobs americans didn't want. >> do you want to do landscaping? >> yes and i have done that in the past -- >> god help that lawn. >> by the way, this is not just an economic or jobs issue. this is not a political issue, but the democrats have had a ball politicizing this. this is a rule of law issue. are we a country with laws or know? >> you are right. we have to change the topic. if we get the laws and arrest the guy who is hire these people. go ahead. >> do you think it's the best visual now with the way that the economy's going to have the justice department spending its time again suing a state?
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>> i think anything you get to the law would be a good thing to do. but let's move it o. the tsa now is -- you know, the israelis have for a long time done a screening when you go into that country. i have been through that. you have been through tright? it's a long list of questions and they stare at you. particular loose like they are trying to see if you have done any drugs. >> no wonder -- [laughter] >> it's a way that they go through a series of psychological freud questions to see if there is something about you that doesn't quite fit. the israelis have had three decades of this am. now we are going to do it in boston. how would you feel about the tsa in boston, doing a dr. freud test on you? >> i would have them ask me questions than touch my junk, if that's what you are asking. >> they are going to do both. they are going to touch your junk and get into your brain junk. >> i think we should be
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behaviorally profiling. >> if you are not a terrorist, you shouldn't be worried. >> stop touching my junk. >> it's the see-three screeners. >> i am going to miss the intimacy. a few times, i. wanted. >> it's the only time i wanted to work for the tsa. >> it's called spots, the screening passengers by observing techniques. don't you love this when they find an acronym that works? they must have spent days. i think it's fine. i anticipate a longer line because there is a lot of conversation. but i think it's important that you look at behavior and not blindly feeling up granny. >> how many terrorists do you think will be picked up by this? >> a lot more than you think. >> a lot of people who don't deserve it will be picked up and sent back -- >> nothing wrong with being asked questions. >> yes, there is. >> are you against this?
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>> absolutely againstatism on what grounds? >> profiling and intruding in personal -- i don't want these -- amateur psychiatrists asking me a bunch of questions. >> hopefully, they will be trained. by the way, you might enjoy the therapy. >> i have had more therapy than i can handle. >> i can see you taking the tsa back into a room and explain every issue you have. >> you say the israelis were staring at you and see figure you were on drugs, they might have been right. >> i wasn't. and that's the thing, i think that's what they thought. >> remember, the last several decades, the israelis have not had a single terrorist event in the sky. they do it the right way. they have cameras all over the tel aviv airport. you land, they are watching you from the curb to see if you are displaying any nervous or behavior to tip them off. it's long since time after 9/11 -- >> the immigration people. >> think of all the women you get to meet i. action!
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>> you should see them. >> they are beautiful. >> beautiful. yeah. coming up, bachmann's new fund-raising and then the latest poll numbers through 2012. i couldn't read t. i don't like to read. next on "the five." come on back. i can't read.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. some violence breaking out this morning outside of a venue where the trial against former egyptian leader hosni mubarak is scheduled to begin in less than two hours. protesters pelting guards and the media with what appears to be rocks. mubarak is charged with premeditated murder for unleashing police on demonstrators in february's uprising. tropical storm emilie could strengthen as it heads toward the dominican republic and haiti with maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and could hit the coast of florida by the end of the week. it's lashed puerto rico with heavy rain. a grassfire tearing through tulsa, oklahoma. the flames destroying four homes and damaging 20 others. 10 people suffered heat exhaustion and seven of them are said to be firefighters. no one was seriously injured.
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i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "the five." >> welcome back, it's time for the 2012 roundup. michele bachmann running for president, running for the republican nomination for president, sends an email to supporters yesterday, citing vice-president biden's comment about the tea party being terrorists, or not agree disagreeing with the characterization. she is fund-raising off of that. appropriate. e >> in wake-up call for bob. >> republican presidential candidate. >> time to take a break. go ahead. >> yes, i think he should. >> go ahead. >> bob's asleep. >> go back to bed. you're right. >> i'm gonna. >> the viewers would prefer it. >> i read email too. >> if i were her, i would play footage of biden saying we are
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in a recovery summer. i would play footage of him the day after election in 2008, when he said, to the unions, we owe you. i would string a litany of stuff. >> more controversial, the comments made on the other side, or policies, the better, right? >> remember when joe wilson said, you lied. it was so controversial. both sides raised millions of dollars. those who thought he was crazy -- >> he is crazy. [chuckles] >> to his competitor, those who agreed with him -- so, yeah, it's a controversy. >> by the way, cbs says they believe he did. but even more of a problem, they didn't show that comment on air. >> he's got a lot to pick from. there is a lot of crazy stuff about him, being born in kenya. there is all of that. so i say more power to her. >> bob, if biden were dumb enough to let this comment go unchecked and not say, we are supposed to have a new tone here, why not?
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>> he did say he didn't say it and i trust that. the republicans jumping over obam a38,000 for a fund-raiser for his birthday and bachmann take egg line from joe biden he didn't say and raising money. the other thing is, during this great week with the great debate on the debt -- what was going on? boehner was raising money. everybody's raising money. that's the thing about washington. you can have a hurricane, a tsunami, a weapon go off -- they will always have fund-raisers. >> it's all about the benjamin, baby. let's move to another g.o.p. candidate. newt gingrich. he's got 1 passport 3 million twitter followers, which sounds impressive, but he has hired firms to hire people to follow him on twitter to boost his number of followers. now, i am following newt gingrich for free. >> that's very sad that you follow him for free. >> where's my paycheck.
11:40 pm
>> this is really common. i see a lot of people that have massive followings on twitter, but there is no activity on their account. so you look, who is following him and they have no profiles. i think the companies -- i don't know why twitter allows it. >> i don't have any people following me on twitter. >> bob, you have to be on twitter. >> i understand. >> people do follow out street, though. >> i was going to say one thing about newt. i took a train ride with newt. it was sad. he started to talk about what he wanted to have one-on-one debates for two hours with mitsubishi, -- with mitt romney. and one of the smartest men i know. he has a lot of ideas. but in this case, it's a time that has come -- >> bob -- >> get out gracefully. >> that was just a guy who said he was newt. >> the man is brilliant. but here's -- he stumbled into it with the paul ryan. distancing himself from the real
11:41 pm
conservative answer to the debt crisis and then where he went away on a vacation with his wife in an important week in the campaign. and now this. >> newt gingrich has never had an unspoken thought. >> i agree with bob. i think he needs to go. he closed his tiffany account. he should close its twitter account. >> if he had a half million followers, nobody would have questioned. but he went for over a million and people started to say, what's up? finally, a brand-new poll in a critical swing state, pennsylvania, nos mitt romney leading barack obama by a fairly significant amount, 2 points. i know it's early. but, you know, have you romney routinely pulling ahead of obama in critical states. bob? >> that's a resounding figure there. i just say this, in 1984, when i managed mondale, the year before the election, we were ahead in
11:42 pm
27 states. i rest my case. >> the unemployment number in pennsylvania has picked up and all trends show it's going in that direction. >> if you think mitt romney will beat barack obama i. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> have you jobs. i mean, you have -- >> romney is the generic republican. >> all right. >> we will have to leave it there. the attack on one of the most beloved childhood fairytales of all time. why the three little pigs may be extinct. oh, no! >> kill them.
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>> no. there is a crazy story by kyle olson on a children's educator, named ellen walford, who wrote an attack on the three little pigs. yeah, the pigs. get this -- she condemns the fable for demonizing dispraw stick homes and the poor third-world people who might live in them. she asks, qoarkts is there any
11:47 pm
coincidence that brick homes are built by people in western country, often by those with more money? i thought the moral of the three little pigs was that planning and hard work paid off. but through the eyes of a children's educator, brainwash bide multi-culturallism, it's rich versus poor. she can find bigotry in every nook, every cranny, every book read by every granny and she wrote a training manual that helps expose biases among preschoolers, a necessity since we know your toddler is a future klansman and in 2008, she signed a statement, about bill ayers. there is still some houses she is okay with blowing down. >> kistart this by saying, you could live in this house? seriously. you could. you might want to take that. i am not going to put you in the
11:48 pm
little one, the big one. >> you could snort the one in the middle. >> i could if i were still doing this. >> i support this woman. >> of course, you would. you have lost your mind! you are the crazy one -- >> that's my job. >> you are the rodney dangerfield of of "the five." >> okay, fine. i'm done. what do you make of this? i have never heard of the title childhood educator. >> this is -- this is the obama spread the wealth -- share the prosperity, share the sacrifice. this is what obama wants to do, get the mon frethis house and make sure this house gets some too, so this house gets small like this. >> can you get through one segment without dumping on obama? is it possible -- >> we are like that, bob. >> we all need to go on a diet. we are little pigs. >> it didn't take a heartbeat to go from pigs to obam amount of i love stuff like this.
11:49 pm
i love stuff like this because it makes the left look so insane. they have lost their mind. i love olson's point where he says, maybe in the end, we should have the pigs welcome the wolves in and convince him to become a vegan. would that be better? >> this is harmful because it's teaching separatism at a young age, that you are all different. she's brainwashed. >> it's corrupting a child's story. right? i mean, is nothing sacred? the left has to corrupt everything, but the whole message is one of wealth redistribution. they are trying to get to the kids, not just college kids. but they are going after them really young. >> well, redistribution. tax those who have and make sure the people who don't pay -- by the way, it's 43% of americans don't pay any federal income tax. how did you get that out of the three little pigs? >> that's what that is. this is a bad pig house. >> if i were you -- can we get
11:50 pm
that little red book? >> this prate operates on the assumption that they know better than you about your child's beliefs. >> i will get serious here. don't think for a minute that the textbooks used for kids do not promote racism. >> all right. >> come on. >> they do! >> all all right. no people of color in a book, in a community that's all white. those kids are not exposed -- >> no white in the seven dwafers, it's an attack on little people. i love you and i want you to have this house. i'm telling you, it's perfect for you. >> it's a nice hat. >> it's to die for. >> that's what got us into this mess, liberals saying that everybody deserves a house. >> exactly! that's a great point. >> i think -- >> everyone needs a house. i can't afford it. but you get it anyway. >> all right. are we going to talk about wine? or are we saving that? >> okay.
11:51 pm
a small business owner calls out the president and congress. >> let's move on. >> we have a video -- bob, can we say something. >> all of us. another anti-obama story. that's fine. let's go by the wine story and right to obama. eric would have gotten anti-obama into the wine. >> kifinish the piece? >> no. >> stick around. we have a lot more next on "the five." you go next if you had a
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11:55 pm
listen to what he says to our congressional leaders. >> i don't see any of you taking a pay cut. i don't see any of you contributing to your benefits package. i don't see any of you backing down from all the things we as taxpayers pay for for you guys. john boehner, you need to get off your stupid -- i can't begin to say the words -- and show some leadership. you can pick the fight. but can i pick a solution? mr. president, for you to have the unmitigated gall to sit there and say, i have been here -- you haven't been there. you have been out of the white house playing golf, taking trips, doing a thousand things. we don't need a president who knows how to speak in sound bites, chuare really good at. we need a president who knows how to lead. we need congressmen and senators who know how to lead. >> i love youtube. he didn't expect, guys, that this would get out. but isn't this how everybody's feeling? >> i would like to volunteer
11:56 pm
because i do volunteer to do an intervention on this gentleman. >> oh, i'm sure you are going to talk some sense into him. >> that was a little bit. you think that's funny? >> i think it's serious. >> i think it's raw and real. >> how do we know it's real? >> this is where most of the american people are. this is the equivalent of the guy who rebelled against the tsa agent and said, don't touch my junk. it's one guy with a flag saying, enough! >> it's great for one guy to talk about the country. >> or he embodied the tea party sentiment. make government smaller. >> or he wasn't wear anything pants. >> or maybe he needs a drink. >> he 20 of those. believe me. >> maybe. maybe he needs one. and according to a new study, wine can prevent sunburn, according to the university of barcelona, wine can help prevent sunburn and skin cancer. i can tell you, if you look at
11:57 pm
my back from the last weekend, that is not true. it's not true of vodka, tequila or gin. >> you pass out and you get sunburned. that's what hubefore breakfast the other day. that's where you got sunburned. >> on a serious note, every time i see something say, it's health tow drink wine, we lose a few members in our aa meetings because they are looking for any excuse to drink -- i'm serious. >> this is in spanish. >> just because you can't handle booze doesn't wee mean we can't. >> right. >> this blows the movie, the hangover out of the water because remember the friend they lost was drunk, right? they lost him on a rooftop and when they found him, he was totally sunburned. >> no offense, but i'm not buying the study. sorry. you heard of snakes on planes, well, how about snakes on your
11:58 pm
car? a family from memphis found out as soon as they hit the highway, there had been a snake hiding underneath their car. and it creeped up -- look at this. it creeped up onto the windshield. what would you do? >> come on. >> get that off of there. the snake's worse than the republicans. get him off. >> isn't this really a metaphor for government? >> let me take eric's line. that's barack obama, trying to get inside your car and steal everything. >> bob, that's the tea party, bob [overlapping dialogue] >> driving the car off the road. >> i can't stand snakes, man. i used to imagine a lot of them and the real ones look worse. >> it's the garden of peace thing. >> it's a lot more than that. i don't like snakes. >> you know what i love about
11:59 pm
in? the driver is totally freaking out and screaming, they have three young kids screaming [overlapping dialogue] >> you had a snake, don't you think there would be screaming? >> i think there are snakes in your brain. i think there are snakes in your head. >> that's a given for years, all right? ggdz. >> are we outta here? we have more time. all right. do you want to say something? [chuckles] >> let's get obama stuff out here. >> can we talk about the tea party? >> i love this. you stay up night doing this? >> this is up and coming. we are selling a lot more of it. i don't if it's bad. >> this is a big barack obama sign and i am going to light it up outside your house. >> i don't dislike barack obama. >> that's a lie! ow! >> i can't believe you said you like snakes better than republicans. >> not all republicans. i love some


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