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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 6, 2011 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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"on the record," see you next time. >> good morning, everyone, on saturday, august 6. we have breaking news. for the first time in history, the nation's credit rating has been downgraded. we will toll you how it could impact everything from the credit cards to mortgage payments. and more. >>dave: a deadly helicopter crash in afghanistan and 31 u.s. troops have been killed. and the taliban is claiming responsibility. we will have the breaking details. >>clayton: a hotel near ground zero sold for the 10th anniversary of lend but suing to halt construction saying it is too loud for the customers. can they have it both ways?
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e-mail us at fox& because "fox & friends" starts right now. >>dave: good saturday morning, everyone, a big news saturday and a lot of serious news. the latest on the deadly helicopter crash in afghanistan, with 31 troops killed. and more going on with the credit crisis. >> good to see you. welcome to the show. we start with an alert. the credit has been downgraded for the first time and could impact your wallet. and now, explain to us what this exactly means for our wallet. >> not good. hold on to the wallets. this is a big deal because this has never happened before. the u.s. had a perfect, stellar
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credit rating since 1917 and now as of 8:00 p.m. on saturday that is downgraded to countries like hungary so that makes borrowing more expensive. why didn't it happen? we saw it comes when s&p 500 said -- standard and poors said it would happen. and so all the fighting in washington and the bickering and delay in raising the debt ceiling and the inability to get the cuts in spending this standard & poor's what happenedded, they wanted $4 trillion and they get half of that, so that had the rating agencies really annoyed and it affects everyone. so let's lock what this means for you and me and our pocketbooks and our wallets. the interest rate that the government pays to finance the national debt will rise. so, if we are already $14 plus
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trillion in debt that goes up because we have to spend more money to finance ourselves. that is the first thing. second, the interest rates you and your employer pay, they will also go up. if you have a mortgage, a car, interest rate payments on your credit card those things will go up. i say it is like a tax hike on everyone through higher interest rates. so, everything becomes more expensive and if you have been buying politician is out there is everything is more expensive. number they, increasing confidents for consumers and businesses slow their economic activity. hello? gross domestic product. we were boy .4 percent. we are barely growing and that will slow more. that is why people are calling for the double dip recession. a recession happens when you get
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two consecutive quarters of negative g.d.p. growth. we are not there but a positive .4 percent you cannot call that growth. as the economy slows, expect the stem to react. log on to the computer on sunday night and you will see how asia is trading and europe and you better believe the direction is going to be down. this week the dow give up 700 points. monday is going to be a volatile day. a slow down in economic activity means less demand for workers and gig corporations that are keeping cash will not actually hire while they increase costs. >> this is as much an in didn't on our financial situation as our government because when you go down the list, the s&p press release is smacking all of our officials. everything here, essentially,
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peace mystic of the capacity of congress and the administration to leverage their agreement this week. the deal they have made. they do not have any faith in our government. >> neither does the white house have faith in the numbers. yesterday we touched on this $2 trillion back and forth and there was an error in analysis and the white house says this is a fax bedamned decision the analysis was off but they would not budge on the numbers. s&p overprojected $2 trillion in deficits and the white house said the treasury said that is a problem and the s&p said we will go forward with the downgrade anyway. >>dave: this is not just a financial decision but a lot about our politics, a direct quote from the s&p is "we have changed our view of the difficulties bridging the gulf define political parties over fiscal policies, it is strange
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for some to see the s&p it is back and judge our political system," and some say they have in credibility to do that. this is the same outfit s&p along with moody's that may have triggered the entire financial crisis. they rated a lot of the mortgage-backed securities as aaa and far too late downgraded them, and that may have been the trigger for the collapse. >> you read the e-mails and people say this is like swahili, the s&p downgrades the rating and the government says there is a mistake, and essentially you have to think of it in terms of your credit rating if you want to buy a car or get a mortgage, things like that you have three different agencies. >> and everyone has a different opinion of your credit and this iss&p's opinion.
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he says in terms of other peopling having aaa they think the impact will be pretty minimal. but moody's has said they will not do a downgrade a few weeks ago. so, how much of an impact this has and dave's point about being political, they have said three things they pointed to were effectiveness, stability and predictability of washington. that is something we always hear about with business owners on the show. they want to invest or hire workers and they don't know where the government is beginning so they cannot predict hiring. >> they have in faith in what you mentioned so we have a downgrade from s&p. >>dave: what are the political implications? we will talk about the next throw or four hours and governor huckabee will be here live. some are saying that geithner needs to go and some says this fall on the president, the first president to have this happen on
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his watch and some say the suspect numbers of the s&p are bogus. >> geithner? >> he is not going somewhere. >> he may. there are different reports. "new york times" says "no." and "los angeles times" says "possibly." >> and corzine's name is being thrown around. but where are the jobs? that is what americans want to know and the white house is thefting and by have thing from the debt ceiling to jobs. president obama saying this. >> there is in doubt this has been a year where we weathered the arab spring on oil and gas and tsunami effect on supply chains and economic uncertainty in europe and recently markets
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around the globe have taken a butchy ride. both parties share power and responsibility for our progress. moving our economy and our country forward is not a democratic or republican responsibility it is a public or private responsibility. it is the responsibility of all americans. >> so, once again, people who are sitting out there who have not had a job and don't see the job and see the job numbers come out and you hear it is a rosy picture being painted but there are a lot of people that left the workforce and say "we give up." >> the white house has said interesting things during the surplus. they said we created or save add certain number of jobs but we hear from carney on friday saying the white house doesn't create jobs. >>dave: it is their job to get
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out of the way and encourage growth. does the white house produce jobs? did they create jobs? or should they get out of the way. >> they hoped to stimulate jobs. but new a fox news alert. 31 american troops were killed in a nato helicopter crash in afghanistan. seven afghan soldiers were killed according to a statement by afghan president karzai. the chopper went down overnight the highest number of casualties recorded in a singling dent. the taliban said spiders took down the helicopter in a battle with the nato troops. the state department westerning u.s. citizens to leave syria as the violent conflict between the government and opposition protesters growing. activists say 24 syrian civilians have been killed as security forces loyal to president assad continue a
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brutal crackdown in hamas. a terror attackment if a high school foiled in the nick of time. three brings are behind bars in louisiana after police discover their plan to open fire at their high school on monday. the plans to kill students, faculty and police before turning the guns on themselves. police reportedly got word of thement from another student and the three suspects confessed and are held in juvenile detention. >> rain caused flash flooding in charlotte, north carolina, and drivers swamped and residents forced to evacuate. >> this is scary. i never been through anything like this before. >> water starts rising and it got out-of-control fast. >> the middle of the heavy downpour two women suspected of soft lifting ran into a fast-moving stream and one drawned and the other missing.
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>> and now more information on the weather situation in our country. rick? rick: they get 6" of rain shortly yesterday causing that flash flooding. that is gone but more rain today. 88 in dallas. the story has been the heat across the south and it will stick with us. and you will notice quit a bit of rain out there. in the east very humid and hot and we have scatter the showers and storms and we will continue to deal with that, some severe, and maybe a near tornadoes across minnesota. in the west, some rain in new mexico but the moisture is not moving into the heart of texas and they certainly need it. look at this, consecutive 100-- degree days up to 45 days in a row in wichita falls, texas. dallas at 35, and the numbers will go up today. look at this, next five days in
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dallas, texas, no relief and the lows in the lower to mid-80's so continuing to deal with that and more to talk about in the tropics and the heat is not going anywhere. >> we were whining about the 100-degree temperatures three days in a row. for days on end. >> unbelievable. stay tuned. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>>clayton: it could be the biggest series of cyber attacks, operation shady rat, stealing secrets officer 72 organizations including the u.n. and the olympic committee but the united states is the main target. all signs point to one country: china. and now lawyer columnist and author of "collapse of china." nice to see you. you read the story and you have seen it the past couple of months. what is surprising how long this has been going on. >>guest: going or phone 15 -- going on for 15 years or longer
3:17 am
in the united states and europe and asia want telling know what presidents and prime ministers are thinking and they want commercial information, all for war-planning purposes. >> i can picture viewers this morning thinking how do we let this happen? don't we have the security to stop this? >>guest: no, we don't. our civilian and defense networks are not hard enough to do this. we are now open to a cyber 9/11. in 23 the biggest blackout in north american history, 5 million people affected all signs point it was a mistake made by a china hacker going through the electric grids. and in 2008 in florida, again, another blackout probably caused by the chinese. >> when we talk about cyber war that is intangible. we had the chopper crash this
3:18 am
morning, 31 soldiers killed in afghanistan, and that is real to us, and are people just turning a blind eye to the idea cyber war? >>guest: our government has failed us to completely. remember "sneakers," a movie, a chip could access all u.s. networks. china has that chip. they can probably crash our planes and steal money from the fell reserve. >> so we have not answered, what can we do? how can we fix this? companies, americans are not infiltrated. >>guest: we need to spend much more time and be honest in public and the white house needs to condemn the chinese for the attacks and stop military cooperation. what is the use of trying to cooperate with a country that attacks us each day? and we need to take down their efforts. we have nuclear deterrence and we need cyber deterrence.
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>> thank you, gordon. >> heated battle to cool off, a new report by nasa could improve global warming is not man made. we will separate fact from fiction. new gun control rules from the white house.
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>> and now the so-called underwear bomber wants the trial moved out of michigan. an attorney assisting the suspect says it is impossible for the client to get a fair trial in the state. he is accused of trying to blow
3:23 am
up a jet on christmas day in 2009. the trial is scheduled to start in october. big changes for troops the army is shortening the length of combat deployment to nine months. right now most deploy for a year or more. the change is in effect in january. >> the nasa study is debunking whether global warming is man made. >> 69 percent of americans believe that some scientists lied in the research to support their own theory. so what is the real story? we will look at the facts with chief meteorologist from weather bell. it is easy for people to see the numbers because across the country all states are at record high in july. in texas, rick shows up 40-plus days of 100 degrees or more. so it must be man caused.
3:24 am
>>guest: they are not acquainted with the 30's and 40's and 50's and the climate was far worst and the global climate which we cannot measure as well. it has to do with the back and forth of the ocean. but this study by nasa, and i now the dr. spencer well. we knew that would happen. simply because of the fact when you look at carbon dioxide it increased each year. we contribute 3 percent of that so that means the human contribution is one part for 20 billion, do you realize how small that is? it is almost in comprehensible that this has taken off the way it has, the whole argument, it contradicts the law that energy can neither be created or destroyed. so to look for input of energy
3:25 am
into the atmosphere you have to come from a foreign source and it is out there. carbon dioxide is part of it. >> and what is that principle of chatelier? >> that any system in distress, physical or chemical in the atmosphere, tries to return to normal. that is why you see temperatures leveling off. we have warmed up overall the last 20 to 30 years, because of sun spot psyche -- cycles. the next 20 to 30 years global temperatures should return to where they were in the 70's. we have a way to measure that objectively, not re-adjusting data. since 1978 we have been training sat lits to measure the temperatures without having to reau.s. things.
3:26 am
if the temperature returns to where it was in the 70's because we switched the cycle in the pacific, you have your answer. what is the big deal? but it has leveled off the last 10 or 15 years and they cannot find the missing heat, and they see the heat escaping and not being trapped. >>dave: the numbers don't add up. >>guest: this heat wave going on is oppressive, at least you would wait for them during the hurricane season before you blame snow and cooling. >> what will al gore do with this information? >>guest: i would like to talk to him. no one on the other side--. >> al, call joe. >>dave: joe, thank you for being here. so hotel near ground zero all rooms are sold out for weekend
3:27 am
of 9/11 and they are complaining about construction at the memorial site. this is a lawsuit coming. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
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>> the big weekend movie is "rise of the planet of apes." not only do the apes take over they actually do a better job with the debt ceiling. >> apes can handle it. did you see the headlines? unbelievable headlines. we were talking about the debt ceiling raised there was a headline under the radar that congress' approval rating? disapproved 82 percent of the american population. 82 percent! >> i cannot believe it is that low. no offense, based on what has been going on with the unemployment, with the lack of jobs, with the people leaving the workforce, with credit rating--. >>clayton: and they are on vacation. >>dave: on vacation 11 weeks a year so it adds up to a very unhappy public.
3:32 am
no one is free from blame. it is republicans. and democrats. and we still have problem ahead. fannie mae, they have needed $100 billion in bailout money, remember them? one of the big contributors crisis to the financial money now they need more money. >>clayton: this are -- these are not made up headlines they are asking for an additional $5.1 billion in loans pushing us to $14 billion when americans are having difficulty time getting listens. interest rates are great, a great time to buy but try to get through the process. the paperwork is ridiculous. and this comes from you,
3:33 am
everybody. and the postal service is speaking out. they could default. it lost $3 billion in the months between april and june. $3 billion. when is the last time you sent a letter? >> well ... >> not wedding invitations. >> i sent a pen pal letter to dave recently. >> and they are talking about closing low traffic days maybe tuesday, saturday and closing a lot of the small rural post offices. over 3,000 different post offices. >>dave: and you mention they are trying to cut days but congress does not want to let them without the slow approval process. so to cut out a day of mail takes years in congress to approve.
3:34 am
to raise their rates. to rate the cost of stamps. that takes an act of congress. >> we need to streamline the bureaucracy. >>dave: streamline bureaucracy? that is an oxymoron. coming to new york city on a trip you think you will get a good night sleep. >> no one thinks they will get a good night at new york city. >> it will not happen and now the hilton adjacent to ground zero is suing port authority, the folks responsible for putting up the new freedom tower at world trade center, $8 million in damage because the all night construction has cost them hundreds of hours of business at he tell. >> okay, so they are suing the port authority and the
3:35 am
management company. this is a hotel. by ground zero. it obviously is going to be losing people, guests who will stay there, they will not want to stay there because of the news and it is sold out the weekend of 9/11. >>dave: and the market materials markets the nearness to ground zero taking advantage of the fact that ground zero is there so would they rather the construction not happen at night and just have a giant hole with half done construction? what is better for business? >>clayton: and the long term. is that what you are thinking. maybe hardship right now while they build this area up two years from new it will be the hotel that people will want to see the memorial and where they will sleep. >> you can understand the hotel folks would be annoyed. seriously when you go down there it is loud.
3:36 am
day day but you should expect that. >>clayton: they give you ear clubs. that is typical of new york city. my son is woken bump by fire trucks. every night. all night. all night long. >>dave: let us know how you feel about this. >> and a nation-wide manhunt underway for three siblings accused in a crime spree. billboards like this going up across the country with faces of ryan and lee and dillon opening fire on a police officer during a high speed chase in florida. from there they are accused of robbing a bank in georgia, firing ak-47 and the only contact was a message to their mother reading "there is a time for all of us to die."
3:37 am
you may remember this story from aftermath of hurricane katrina, four new orleans police officers now found guilty ofselves -- guilty of civil rights violations of shooting four people and killing two. the mother of a victim says it is justice. >> i have been robbed a great deal because he was only 17. there is nothing to gain. no crime. no reason. no nothing. my child won't never have nothing. >> four of the police officer could get life behind bars when sentenced in december. >> the state of texas stadium, the governor perry will speak
3:38 am
and civil right groups have say this blurs the line between church and state but perry says this will bring unity and comfort for those americans during a tough time. >> a family blasting ryan air after the loved one reportedly had a heart attack on a flight and wasn't given cpr, claiming the crew only offered 63-year-old step dad a sand wish and a soda and then after his wife got him breathing they asked the couple to pay up for the meal and a spokesman says "in line with procedures for such cases the crew suggested to have an ambulance on stand by." the family say there was no ambulance when they landed. the give is having a heart attack and they will not do cpr, the wife does it ... it does not seem right to me. we are missing something from
3:39 am
the story. >> take it up with ryan air. >>dave: interesting night in sports and interesting if you are a fan of philadelphia, one of the baseball's best rivalries and hatred between giants and philadelphia taken to a new level. not happy with being plunked, and i think it was intentional, a hit by giants pitcher and bench on boat sides emptied and watch as the fight ensues. it is back in the action and ugly. >> the flying hawaiian is flying back in. >> you will see suspensions. phillies good news, a home run from the newly acquired player winning the eighth straight game and phillies are hot 9-2. terrifying moment in colorado as the rockies and nationals -- that is it.
3:40 am
the rockies pitcher gets a liner right off the tam people and he went down and barely moved and down this for five minutes before being carted off on a stretcher. look, i apology for showing you that, but we do understand that he is feeling a little bit better this morning and i will get reports in a few minutes with his condition. ohio state cannot get away from former coach trestle. the university took away wrist bonds worn by a number of incoming players with initials j.t. showing support for him. the school is worried that could amount to another ncaa violation for promoting a product. he resigned after reports he knew of player violations and lied about them. the worst thing that happened to he state is when casey anthony was working around in an ohio state hat. that is not what they needed.
3:41 am
and now, a check on weather. rick: guys, bass pro shop shows up. the best day of the year. get out here. we will try to be good with this. look at the weather. a lot going on. this is the calendar for the month of july in dallas. all of the temperatures but for july 1st, over 100 degrees each day since then. we are talking about a stretch now that is 35 days and likely that will get well into the 40's. and moving forward, the temperatures for the day, rather, drought, not only the heat but the drought, the worst drought they have ever seen, driest conditions, and 73 percent of the state is in exceptional drought and in oklahoma over 66 percent of the state in exceptional drought and today the temperatures are high with temperatures in the triple digits and oklahoma city right
3:42 am
around 106 to 108 and dallas 106 and memphis 100 so the heat continues. radar shows we will see scattered showers and thunderstorms again and some of the big downpours like yesterday in charlotte, hopefully nothing like that but not out of the realm of possibility and in the west coast more rain in new mexico and colorado toward kansas. >>clayton: thank you, rick. >>dave: i like where you are, clayton. >>clayton: new gun controls in the white house keeping track of guns along the border but is this a diversion to take eyes off of "fast and furious." stay tuned.
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>> british comic known for role as mr. bean is out of the hospital and home. he crashes have cars in london
3:46 am
on thursday and suffered a minor should injury. and a first look at the funeral scene from "2 1/2 men." where charlie sheen's character will be laid to rest. not charlie sheen himself. he was kicked off the show this year and is reportedly dying to see it. "dying" to see it. get it? >> calm down. >> drum ... >> the justice department now facing legal action over a new reporting rule on gun sales. >> and our guest says the new regulations are smokescreen to take people's attention away from the fallout over "operation fast and furious." wayne is the executive vice president and c.e.o. of the national rifle association a group filing the suit. good morning, sir. if you could tell us what the new regulations from the a.t.f.
3:47 am
are? >>guest: well, it is a form, it's, if you buy more than two long guns over five days, they have to file a form that goes to the federal government in washington, dc, it is back door registration on honest people, and the only ones that will borrow to fill out the forms and usurping the authority of congress and bypassing congress and bypassing the american public and trying to do this in rulemaking they don't have the authority for, congress prohibits this type of registration and congress has been very clear they don't want this to go into long guns. >>dave: but it is all a diversion. a coverup. from the growing "fast and furious," scandal and the justice department under president obama has been caught red handed sending thousands and thousands of guns under their supervision over the mexican border, right into the hands of the evil drug cartel, law
3:48 am
enforcement people are killed on this side of the border. >>clayton: critics will say this was started under the bush administration and holder and president obama said they did not sign off on this but what about the assault rifles? this is the issue. a last americans saying, would needs these? why do we need to buy multiple assault rifles? >>guest: you are talking about a long gun, a semi automatic firearms and millions of americans own them. the mexican drug cartel dozen not get their guns from the united states but russia, china, central america, defections from the mexican army, the wikileaks scandal proved that. releases from our state department say they come from central america. this administration is dropping prosecutions of drug dealers with guns, gangs with guns, fell listens with gun, all the federal gun laws that got
3:49 am
prosecutions to the lowest level since 2000 and they are not serious about this but trying to impose more gun control laws on the american public and not serious about confronting the cartel and if they want to fight with the nra and american gun owners they got it. i was with a swat team and they are letting the drug cartel in arizona will i don't the high ground all the way from 35 minutes outside of phoenix. >>dave: thank you, from the n.r.a. >>guest: thank you. >> the first credit downgrade in u.s. history and this is just the beginning of the consequences some say. nationde insurance. what's up ?
3:50 am
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>>juliet: welcome back, association listen to this one. tipping back a few cocktails has serious legal repercussions for the mayor of sunland park, new mexico, saying he was drunk when he signed contracts with an architectural firm that is now suing for $1 million, and does the miles an hour have a case saying the contracts are not valid? happy hour defense? our legal eagle sew bird -- sobered up for this. so, the happy hour defense, this
3:54 am
guy, the mayor says he was drunk at a restaurant he and another guy from the city and they are smoked. one thing lets to another and they signed some paperwork. is it valid? >>guest: it depends on what i am about to explain. who do you find more credible? the mayor who is drunk contracting, or the firm that said this guy signed it, at city hall when he was sober but play along. does having a glass or two of wine with dinner make the contract unenforceable because he lacked the legal capacity it to enter into it and that is yes only if he was so intoxicated he did not understand the legal consequences of signing but not one nine big stacks of paper at a meeting with the executives. you have to assume it is to close the deal. >> the firm says the mayor signed it, and you said the
3:55 am
documents in city hall, at sunland park city hall so i thought there would be video cameras and city clerks, and you have to keep in mind and i do a lot of court cases and most of the towns you can hit your horse outside so i doubt there is a video camera or anything like that. the reality is the legal question is, was he drunk? and, the people around him that had him sign the contracts did they know or should have known he was drunk? that is the question. the hard part. it is not that uncommon in entertainment context, people signing contracts over drinks all time in entertainment. >>juliet: but do they come back and say, wait, i was wasted, the contracts are invalid. >>guest: the same as blaming it on the alcohol against. look at call the indicators and what i think it is important, how long did he wait before
3:56 am
trying to annul the contract before saying, wait, i was so wasted i should no take personal responsibility for my actions. that is an important issue and the fact that it was written down he was with the executives. to me, everything points to the contract standing. >> i am not so sure. if they got him liquored up, they might be in trouble. it is a risk that the business person takes if they want to do business over drinks. >> exactly. it is not uncommon. how often does this happen but people are too embarrassed to say? we did reach out to the mayor and he said unfortunately he could not comment at this time. thank you for joining me today. a hero gets the purple heart he earned four years earlier, and why did it come with a bill? we will tell you about this. you will not believe it.
3:57 am
and u.s. credit downgraded for the first time in history. [ male announcer imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place. ♪ the front-row tickets you never bought. the lucrative investment you never made.
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4:00 am
the u.s. credit rating downgraded for the first time, ever. what it means for you and your money coming up. >>dave: and 31 american soldiers dead as the chopper goes down in afghanistan. now the taliban says they shot it down. the developing details coming up. >>clayton: an american soldier finally gets the purple heart he earned four years ago. why did it come with a bill? a bill in the mail. hour two for "fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome, everyone, and now for the first time, ever, the united states credit rating has been downgraded, standard & poor's knocking down the rating to a a+ putting the u.s. on par
4:01 am
with former communist countries like hungary. and now our reporter will break this down. not good news. >>guest: and when we are comparing it to hungary and aaa rating was cut to a a+ by standard & poor's for the first time ever, and a statement on why they went ahead with the downgrade. "it reflects our opinion that the plan that congress and the administration agreed to falls short of what in our view would be necessary to stabilize the government's medium term debt and reflects our view that stability and predictability of american policy making and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal challenges to a degree more than we envisioned." so, what will the downgrade mean for your wallet?
4:02 am
the interest rate the government pays to finance the debt will rise. the interest rate you pay will go up on your car long, mortgage, credit car, all up. the increasing costs for consumers in businesses slows down their economic activity so we will see g.d.p. growth slow. and as the economy slows expect the stock market to react. pay attention on money it will be a value it will ride. and a slow down in economic activity means companies will not hire as many workers. drastic changes ahead. >>dave: thank you so much. and four and five could be up for debate, we are not certain if the stock market will crash, some say it baked that in and we are not sure if it means fewer jobs. and our guest will tax down some of the panic we have heard about this and we have senator demint with what it means.
4:03 am
>>clayton: a lot of calls for treasury secretary geithner to step down. we know recently he said he will stick it out to the end of obama's first term and now renewed called for him to step down and there was the back and forth over the accounting numbers and math. the white house claimed there was $2 trillion error. >>dave: how do you mess up that big? clay the white house says "this is a fax be damned decision," and their analysis was way off but they would not budge and s&p said we got the number wrong but we will downgrade anyway. >>juliet: all the crediters, standard & poor's and fitch, they stray was a concern whether they would downgrade so the fact it is discussed anyway, we saw a downgrade, this has been talked about in april and april 20th,
4:04 am
fox business network's reporter talked to geithner about the u.s. credit rating to see what he had to say on the risk. >> is there a risk the united states could lose its aaa rating? >>guest: no risk of that. standard & poor's is wrong, the united states will keep its aaa rating. >>clayton: so, that was geithner. there are names being thrown aroute who could replace secretary geithner. the names are still being floated around like former new jersey governor corzine. >>juliet: and he was head of goldman sachs but that is a problem for for for american whe a taste with the wall street folk. he lost to chris christie not someone you want to bring in.
4:05 am
>>dave: geithner stays. word was he wanted to leave and president needs some consistency, that is what the white house feels. everyone else is again. so, too, are the jobs. the unemployment rate ticked down a little bit on friday, 9.1 percent but that could have been because so many left the workforce. 117,000 jobs were created but the president on friday is playing the blame game on our economy. >> there is in doubt this has been a year we weathered the arab spring effect on oil and gas prices, the japanese earthquake and tsunami's effect on supply chains, the extraordinary economic uncertainty in europe and recently markets around the globe have taken a bumpy road.
4:06 am
both parties share power and share responsibility for our progress. moving our economy and our country forward is not a democratic or republican responsibility it is not a public or private responsibility it is the responsibility of all americans. >>juliet: the president said it is our responsibility both parties are responsible, congress and the executive branch are responsible for concreting jobs. >>clayton: but that reveals the darker side of what the white house can do. the governor huckabee says the white house cannot create jobs but they can get out of the way. the white house has said in the past that the white house has saved or created jobs. so, now we hear this from the white house spokesman carney echoing what governor huckabee has been saying. i'm confused. >> the white house doesn't create jobs.
4:07 am
the government, together, white house, congress, creates policies that allow for greater job creation. >> what is it? >>juliet: they need to get on the same page. >>dave: those on the right say that is the problem congress is in the way. they are passing policies that are overregulating. mixed message coming from the white house. >>clayton: they put people to work fixing bridges and american reinvestment act but those are short-term jobs. it is interesting. >>juliet: now headlines and fox news alert. 31 american troops have been killed in afghanistan, according to the president of afghanistan,
4:08 am
president karzai, the highest number of casualties recorded in afghanistan in a single insurance dented. the taliban says the fighters shot down the helicopter in battle with nato troops. a live report from afghanistan with the developing details of the story. >> u.s. citizens are warned to get out of syria immediately. the state department alert comes as violence spreads between opposition protesters and forces loyal to syrian president assad. the opposition says 24 syrian scenes were killed in the last day in hamas. >> three louisiana teens are in custody this morning accused of planning a terror attack on their high school. police say the guys, boys, planned on shooting students and faculty and police at lake shore high school before turning the guns on themselves. the massacre was planned for
4:09 am
monday and police got word of the plot from another student and the throw suspects whose names have not been released confessed and are held in detention. >> bad enough army sergeant finally got the purple heart in the mail four years after supposed to get it but it came with $21 postage due. he was seriously wounded by a rocket blast in iraq in 2007 and because of a paperwork mix-up he did not get a ceremony. that is bad enough. he got an apology and refund check for the c.o.d. but he could not cash it because it was made out to "roy," rather than "rob." >> and they spelled his name wrong, too. thank you for your service, rob. unbelievable. >> and now the forecast. rick: hot warning already
4:10 am
across the south, 86 as you wake up in dallas and not getting a break overnight. and across the east, scattered thunderstorms and a warning for storms in raleigh and storms in illinois and kansas. in the west, drying out across arizona and utah but new mexico and comeing through colorado, and dallas 106, the 36th day in a row with temperatures before 100. and new, we had changes this week. noaa upped the outlook for storms this year from 14 to 19 storms. and emily break apart and we will look at the last few images in the bahamas look more
4:11 am
interesting. they will investigate to see if it is toward the tropical storm and see if we are going to deal with impacts in florida. in florida, pay attention. probably not direct impact but we will see rain. back to you. >>clayton: and unemployment numbers showing some improvement. does that mean there are more jobs? not necessarily. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right.
4:12 am
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4:14 am
>>dave: the nation's credit rating has been downgraded from aaa to a a+. how does this impact your wallet? is it about money or politics? >> and we have professor of business at the university of maryland, good to have you. and now your reaction to the downgrading by s&p. >>guest: a political document. they say they are neutral between raising taxes or cutting spending but they talk about
4:15 am
republican resistance specifically to cutting taxes and they go through what would be gained by cutting taxes and they say medicare and medicaid but they do not site democratic resistance to slashing dollars or provide us with anything about how that affects going forward of the u.s. debt. this is clearly intended to give the president a tool in the upcoming negotiations for the committee in the congress. it is remarkable how much they consulted with treasury. i with like do know how much they spent with congressman ryan rather than secretary geithner? >>dave: secretary guy neither is furious the president is the first to have this happen open his watch. there is no way the treasury secretary is happen about all of this but i want your take last week you told clayton you thought this would happen and you thought it with not be the clam difficult that some predict and six months later it could be back to normal. what does it mean for our
4:16 am
viewers? >>guest: it will be very difficult to throw the u.s. credit in the same batch with romania and bulgaria. the alternate is euro bonds but the european union does not issue bonds but the individual countries do, the larger issuer of euro bonds is italy. would you rather have u.s. treasuries or euro denominated italian bonds? >>dave: i will take u.s. for 500, italy is about did go down. >>guest: that is the best alternate. >>juliet: and now, the information coming from jobs number, unemployment went down and job numbers went up but there is a problem. >>guest: well the jobless rate was down because americans disappeared. over 300,000 americans quit the labor first. stopped looking.
4:17 am
adult participation rate, those working and looking for work is at the lowest level in decade because the job market is so lousy. if everyone stays as home, you have low unemployment rate. >>dave: we hear two strategies from the white house, they need to create jobs through stimulus. but carney said it is in the white house or congress that creates job. what does the government need to do to get the economy running? >>guest: get out of the way. on wall street, they have increased the cost of doing business there so much that private companies in the united states are now taking companies to europe because they cost 50 percent less. but the problems in investment banking and trading, with a new investigation into taking pension funds in foreign
4:18 am
exchanges, that goes on. >>juliet: there are calls for geithner to step down and there is condition fusion whether he will do that. the president wants that, he doesn't want that and who will replace him. your thoughts? >>guest: mr. geithner is here to stay and we are really looking ahead. but the president values geithner. there are fur or five -- four or five in the inner cabinet and geithner is one. i doubt he will energy working with an investment banker because he could talk about realities that geithner just doesn't understand. >>juliet: coming up the debt deal congress passed could cut
4:19 am
$1 from -- $1 billion from our plan. >>dave: a pitcher in colorado is incomed right in the head. we tell you what happened. north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas.
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4:22 am
>>juliet: and now the news. 1.5 million honda cars are being recalled because of the software that could lead to transmission troubles. >> next, $2.2 million is how much john edwards has to repay the treasury after failing to declare that amount of cash during the 2008 presidential campaign. the team says it will appeal the
4:23 am
ruling. finally, $99 million is the amount of last night's mega millions and was sold in jefferson, ohio. at a gas station. >> the debt ceiling deal brokered in washington can cut $1 trillion from defense over 10 years. >> if it did happen, it would result in a further round of very dangerous cuts. defense cuts that i believe would do real damage to our security, our troops and their families and our military ability to protect the nation. >> and the director of the heritage foundation center for foreign policy joins us from washington, dc. nice to see you. james, you heard the secretary
4:24 am
talking about what the thoughts were on this and our ability to fight the wars and be prepared. do you agree? >>guest: this is a total set up. panetta is standing up to the president, from the start the president tried to frame this simply: he knows conservatives hate higher taxes and he knows they hate defense cuts so he wanted to frame a defense deal which office two choices: massive increases in taxes; or huge cuts in defense. and panetta is throwing gasoline on the fire saying if you guys don't do something and sign up for taxes, we will have to cut defense and, by the way, it will be your fault. this is politics. >> that is interesting, you say there is a lot of smoke and mirrors. and this is the trigger, in the cuts on the table some $400 billion on the table, this is if that super committee doesn't get
4:25 am
their act together, defense would be on the table. >>guest: the president is trying to force conservatives to eat huge tax cuts by holding out the threat of gutting national security if you don't and, by the way, we will say it is your fault. >>clayton: the need for cuts, experts grow there is a lot of waste in the military budget. president eisenhower leaving office said watch out for the industrial military complex. >>guest: are you kidding? the military industry that we have today is a pale shot of what we had under eisenhower. defense was 50 percent of the federal budget and today defense spending is less than a fifth of the federal budget and we spend more on social security and medicare and medicaid and more on education than on against and veterans affair budget is as big as the defense budget so this is
4:26 am
a lot of nothing. >> the general yesterday on the show said the american public has been very good to the defense department not wake of 9/11 and he said his budget and the defense budget increased two-fold, 50 percent, since 9/11. >>guest: and we should unpack the numbers. he make as good point people talk about the defense budget they forget the budget of the intelligence community is inside the defense budget, and that is up to $50 billion and we have added a lot of money to defense but it has again to pay for the war in iraq and afghanistan and the $300 billion the president says heel cut is assuming we runaway from iraq and afghanistan. so the military has been at war for ten years and we have not modernized the military and we are paying minimum on the credit card bill and letting it run up. >>clayton: he made the point when we get the tanks back from iraq and afghanistan they will
4:27 am
need retrofitting. thank you for joining us this morning, james. coming up a developing story 31 americans killed in a chopper crash in afghanistan live on the ground with that story. [ male announcer ] the network --
4:28 am
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4:30 am
>>juliet: from afghanistan, 31 american troops are dead. a nato helicopter crashes.
4:31 am
>>dave: and live from afghanistan with the latest. good morning, sir. >> good morning, guys. this is believed the single most deadly day for american forces in afghanistan since the start of the war 10 years ago. the military has confirmed a helicopter crashed southwest of kabul but they are not releasing other details. according to officials 31 american service member were killed in the crash in addition to seven afghanistan soldiers. a crucial thing of the 31 troops that were killed they are believed all members of the special force operations unit which is a very deadly blow to a small, very unique and powerful force in afghanistan. according to the taliban they shot the helicopter down fired a rocket propelled grenade as it
4:32 am
tried to launch a radar on a taliban compound and the military will not confirm how the helicopter went down but given the hour of the time and the large number of american troops on the helicopter it seems likely this was involved in some type of night raid which is a very regular part of the battlefield in afghanistan. over the last few months we have seen violence spike in afghanistan despite claims by military officials like general petraeus momentum is on the side of the u.s. and international forces and the taliban have laid siege to officials and have had several versusful attacks on united states and afghanistan forces. worrisome situation. >>clayton: thank you from kabul. we will keep all over this story. gel gel the f.b.i. stepping up the search for a family of fugitives. ryan, lee and dillon, the sin --
4:33 am
siblings opening fire on a police officer and then robbing a bank in. the only contact was a text message to their mother "there's a time for all of us to die." the soldier would tried to blow the whistle on rogue service member who murdered afghanistan civilians has pleaded guilty. he was sentenced to three years in prison after involuntary manslaughter low and he will testify against other members of the squad including the ring leader. prosecutors say the group killed at at least he unarmed afghans. >> casey anthony can stay in hiding. the judge perry says he needs more time to consider whether the 25 should or should not return to orlando for probation on check fraud charges. she was supposed to serve the prohibition after being released from jail on murder charges.
4:34 am
the problem? the instructions were not properly forced and she served the probation while in jail and the judge will do research before deciding what to do next. >> a special google tribute a century after her birth. >> this is your last time. if one piece of candy gets beyond you, you are fired. >> we are fighting a losing game. >> and not forget that episode, the candy episode, a cool feature on google, showcasing the best of "i love in lucy," in what would have been her 100th birthday. >> go to google come and it plays different clips when you click on the old tv thing.
4:35 am
>> i loved that show. dave fascinating sports new, baseball's best rivalries, some call it a hatred between the fillies and giants, the phillies player tried to charge the mound after being hit by a giants pitcher and the bench on both sides emptied and players going after each other and plea -- three players ejected. and then he gets back in the action and he is very involved, i guess, and 9-2 and philadelphia wins after the new acquisition goes deep, and philadelphia has won eight straight games. expect suspenses. terrifying moments, colorado rockies and nationals game, line drive off the head of a rockies pitcher and he was on the ground
4:36 am
for five minutes before being carted off on a stretcher. he is in a denver hospital having tested. they are calling it a "neck" injury and saying he is resting comfortably. that is a tough, tough, moment to watch in sports. usually they get a glove or hand on it but that was straight off the head. >> oh boy. and now, rick is out there right now telling us what the weather is like if new york and elsewhere. >> can you tell there is a person standing here? that is the latest in camel wear. >> is that a real person? >> that is clayton. never been so unanimated. we should keep him in that all day. and now the weather maps, lots beginning on including drought across the state of texas and the entire state 99 percent of state is dealing with drought and 73 percent of the state an
4:37 am
exceptional drought the highest category and this is the dryest they have been on record. we have had dust bowl across texas and now we are drier than that. and we also have the heat along with this and the last 45 days above 100 degrees. the heat will continue. this week, it will be another one of the hottest weeks. the next map shows temperatures around 106 and 108 across areas of oklahoma and radar showing rain and showers and thunderstorms across a last the east. clayton? >>clayton: we can hear the ducks. it is the fall hunting classic at bass pro and nice to see you, and what is going on? >>guest: great prices with 52
4:38 am
stores and 17 days, three weekends and a big show. the fall hunting classic starts right now at all the bass pro stores. >>clayton: a lot of different items. i own one of these. >>guest: a game camera, and i use these myself, a memory card, with a 45' flash range and you set it on a tree or a game trail or a food plot in your backyard and it takes incredible pictures. >>clayton: you can get time-lapse photographry and she what is on your property. >>clayton: i got one is i can track big foot. >>guest: how is that going for you? >>clayton: and the redhead blind. >>guest: two years ago i asked the gives why aren't you making
4:39 am
pump up lines and here is the answer. this is great for hunting, and wildlife viewing, and made out of super soft fiber material and it is light. quiet. and on sale for $80. you can it is if there all day. >> i have. i have sat in these for a long time. you pack a lunch. i picked up the first redhead blind. and i can't wait to give it a try. and rifle scopes this brand has been around a long time. but middle east important we have a lifetime warranty. you damage it, it will be fixed or replaced at no charge. that is an insurance policy. >>clayton: this makes my terrible eyes work well.
4:40 am
>>guest: well, you are looking at it backwards. >>clayton: good thing we are not on national tv. waterproof binoculars. >>clayton: you can adjust these and there are a whole range of binoculars. >>guest: these are $49.95 good for sporting events or birds or big foot. >>clayton: we will be here all morning and racing a.t.v.'s and talk about that giant thing up there. >> i was in it this morning and that will be the last time i get up there. >>clayton: dave was scared to get on that, last year. back to you guys. >>dave: i'm not afraid, my friend. people have complained about the t.s.a. pat downs and the body scanning machines and they could be a thing of the past replaced
4:41 am
with from filing, details on what is happening in boston. check out the bass pro shops fall hunting classic this weekend, with huge savings on great gear. including plus free seminars by top pros. don't miss our biggest hunting sale and show of the year.
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>>juliet: venezuelan president who released this exercise video to prove she feel willing well. look at that. he is tough! he is headed back to cuba for a second round of treatments. he has not said what type of cancer he has. >> the true faith of jesus found in a motor home in tennessee? the 150-year-old stolen from a trailer and tried to pawn it off at a church and the 73 year oat man who owns the motor home got it 20 years ago as a gift. >> the airlines security has again through many changes recently, from no liquids to invasive patdowns to controversial body scanners and now a pilot program is taking off at boston's airport focusing
4:45 am
on body language. will this israeli-style screening work? and now, from miami, we have a former chief security for el al airlines in america. good morning, sir. tell us about the techniques they are using at logan. they have been using them a couple of weeks. >>guest: as far as i know what has been done is they have been training people if this program to make observations of people that are walking around at the counter to determine if they have done anything or they do anything that's unusual. >>dave: is it profiling? >>guest: a psychological evaluation. in israel they call it are filing. it is not a dirty word in israel. here we have a problem with
4:46 am
that. >>dave: it is a dirty word here, the patdown, the body scanning machines, are they the right answer? >>guest: i believe personally that the technology is not the answer. the process of screening people before they get to the airport is something this should be done. we doesn't do that here. we wait until someone comes to the antibefore we start doing anything. we start questioning them and ask them of their address, and where they are going, where they coming from but we don't here. when a reservation is made, actually, a process of looking into or verifying who the person is before they get to the airport. >> i find it fascinating that el al spend $57 a passenger in security costs. in the united states? it is $7 a passenger, so is the
4:47 am
problem who foots the bill here when it comes to securing our airlines? >>guest: economics, of course, is part of the problem. in el al an affiliate of the israel government, it is subsidized. here we have security that the government subsidized but the airlines themselves i don't believe are putting enough money in because of economics, they cannot run out of profit. >>dave: the aclu calls the program "security theater." what is your answer to the critics who say it is going over the line? >>guest: well, i don't believe it is intrusive. if you want to fly my airline you have to abide by my rules. if i want to make it safe for everyone on the airline, this is what we have to do. if you don't agree to it you
4:48 am
don't have to fly that airline. dave absolutely, former chief of security at el al airlines and own his own private security firm thank you for being with us this morning. how do you feel about the new israeli type techniques? let me know. finish high school in five years. is the extra schooling before check a good idea? that is, finish high school and college in five years. and a hotel near ground zero sold out for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 but they are complaining about the construction at the site. plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at
4:49 am
what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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>>juliet: middle east -- most teens can not wait to graduate from high school but now maine is offering five years of high school would would lick a head start to college. are the early college high schools a good idea? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is the president of university in tennessee and the policies director and independent think tank joining us from washington, dc. thank you both of you for joining us. this is based off of something that is happening in north carolina where it is called the new schools project giving students the options of staying high school for a 5th year as part of the state's project, a government initiative, 74 early college high schools across north carolina most located on college campuses, and according to this new schools project spokesman the high schools that participate in north carolina
4:53 am
have graduation rates of 95 percent and some 100 percent. you think it is a good idea? >>guest: i think sew. it is important for people to stay on the path to college and earn the degree and we know that college is more and more expensive. so, students are ready to take the college courses early and we can help them we ought to do that. >> they can graduate with an associated degree; that correct? >>guest: correct. >>juliet: bob? >>guest: you look at how we are trying to help in public education and i appreciate help anyone is giveing so i am glad we are talking but some of the characteristics worry me. for example, to say that you can simultaneously earn credit for the same academic program for high school diploma and a two year associate college degree seems we are watering down the process. high schools have a role and
4:54 am
they should play a role and universities have a role, primary and elementary. they all have a role. >>juliet: give me daughters -- details of watering down the process. >>guest: to walk out of high school and only be two years from a four year college degree is, again, two-for-one sale and i don't think that is not best interests, this are a lot of other solutions. the model that knowledge is power, those schools where there is, really, a lot more focus on spending more time in class, taking time to meet the parents, to be involved, those are working similar kind of results and they say that works. >>juliet: you have heard what the doctor says. what is your response? >>guest: well, we have had the advanced placement,
4:55 am
international program if place for white a while in a lot of well-off suburban high schools. petroleum who go on to ivy league colleges take the classes, the ivy classes in high school and earn college credit. when you get your associates degree you can then transfer and get a bachelor's degree at traditional institution so to we can get people going on their way to college and save their parents money because everyone knows how expensive college can be these day, why see the harm. july july we -- >>juliet: we will keep an eye on this program and see how it is working. we have been talking about the senate downgrade all morning and why senator demint says this is a major wake up for the white house. and teens planning to shoot up their while on monday and kill them selfs. details ahead.
4:56 am
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t harpist not included., you can apply for retirement, disability, or medicare from your own home! george: chekhov applied in his pajamas. >>juliet: good morning on saturday, august 6th. breaking news this morning. 31 soldiers are dead after the chopper goes down if afghanistan. who has taken responsibility and the details ahead. >>dave: for the first time in u.s. history, we have lost our aaa credit rating.
4:59 am
the financial whiz did not see this coming. >> is there a risk the united states could lose its aaa rating? yes-or-no. >>guest: no risk. no risk. no risk. >>dave: should geithner get the boot? second senator demint thinks so and will tell us why. >>clayton: and they are say no more noise, a hilton hotel complaining of the construction noise going on overnight at ground zero. do they have a case? we report, you weigh on, on twitter. hour three starts right now. >>clayton: we are following a story from afghanistan, 31 u.s. troops have been killed after a nato helicopter crashed.
5:00 am
the taliban taking responsibility. >>juliet: and now the latest from afghanistan. tell us, connor. >>reporter: good morning, this is a devastating employee to the u.s. military. the u.s. military has confirmed a helicopter went down southwest of kabul. according to afghanistan officials on the scene 31 members of the american military members of the special forces unit were killed in the crash long with seven other soldiers and troops. this is a devastating blow because the special separations unit is such a tight-knit small unit, small community in afghanistan and across the entire u.s. military. to lose 31 troops in any day is a devastating day but to lose 31 special operation soldiers is a devastating blow. we don't know if they were navy seals or grown -- green ber
5:01 am
empty ts but the taliban says they shot down the helicopter in the providence. they make the claims when helicopters go down in afghanistan, but this seems to be a true situation. the helicopter went down at 1:00 o'clock a.m. getting ready to launch a raid on a taliban stronghold and the taliban fired a grenade and took out the helicopter on the heels of increasing violence month after month in afghanistan for the last year, two years violence has been getting worst and not much positive news in afghanistan and this will not make anyone happy here. it is a devastating blow to the u.s. military here. >>dave: thank you from afghanistan. you wonder if this means we should get out or stay? an interesting political devied.
5:02 am
>>clayton: especially given what we know on the withdrawal. >>juliet: and the other break news the standard & poor's has downgraded the united states debt from aaa rating for the first time ever under president obama's administration. not a good thing. and this raises questions whether treasury secretary geithner should resign. >>clayton: republican senator from south carolina, senator demint, says, yes, and joins on the phone. nice to have you this morning, senator. >>guest: thank you, i'm afraid it is a sad day for a lot of reasons particularly losing our troops in afghanistan. secretary geithner has assured us the last few months our credit rating was not in danger and he recommended we raise the debt ceiling and increase our debt with no cuts and he has been irresponsible. >>dave: the administration will say if we would have passed
5:03 am
the package the white house did approve it would be north of the $4 trillion mark and the s&p hoped for that. what do you say to that criticism? they wanted bigger cuts that would help us avoid a downgrade? >>guest: the only package that did that was cut, cap and balance that cut $5 trillion and moves us toward a balanced budget and the president never put a package on the table. he talked about a few ideas but i pleaded with him to put something in writing. >>dave: did the gang of six call for north of $4 trillion, and didn't the president's plan that speaker walked away from i thought both addresses those needs? >>guest: c.b.o. did not score the president's so we cannot score. he said he would put it on the table.
5:04 am
the gang of six was not in what we call legislative language so it was not scored. we did not know, i assume if we allowed them to complete their work, it would have cut enough but there was only one plan passed by the house that would satisfy standard & poor's. >>clayton: but the economic reality is now we have been downgrade asked we know what passed and what the debt ceiling passed and many thought it was far short of what we needed. the other process is, the economic reality of what this super committee, all eyes on the super committee going forward. what do they have to do for us to try to get our credit rating back up to aaa? >>guest: that super committee frightens me more than anyone else part of the package because it will end with a higher tax rate and that is at a time when the economy is struggling and that does not make sense but if the choice is between cutting
5:05 am
defense 50 percent or raising taxes, i'm afraid this is another problem that does not address the real pending. the doubt limit was only -- the debt limit was only a warning. our debt is out of the control. i don't think we can borrow another $2.5 trillion. the federal reserve has been eyeing most of our debt this year up to 90 percent of our debt has been bought by federal reserve so they are printing money. i don't think the congress took this seriously and they are laughing at the idea of balancing the budget and calling it "extreme," should frighten every american so i'm afraid our only hope is to make it to 2012 and tush it around. >>juliet: i want you to listen to an earlier guest this morning talking about the downgrade. we heard about it and talked about the specifics coming from the press release from standard
5:06 am
& poor's it was an indictment of congress, period, of our government, and the fact they don't feel our government, they don't have any faith in our government. i want your response. >> this is clearly intended to give the president a tool in the upcoming negotiations for the committee in the congress, remarkable how much they consulted with treasury. i would like to know how much time they spent with congressman ryan rather than secretary geithner. >>juliet: he makes it sound like it makes the obama administration look good. >>guest: he is saying this gives them a tool to raise taxes and raise revenues that some don't want. does it help the argument of those who say we need revenues now? >>guest: well, they will try to blame it on congress and congress does share a lot of the blame and we have been addicted
5:07 am
to spending for several decades and to we don't take control of it our country will wake up and no one will lend us anymore money. that will be the real debt limit. obviously we are upset about the way this came down. we don't cut any spending in the next year worth speaking of, we slow the growth in spending and the super committee is not going to do anything significant with spending. it is going to raise taxes. >>clayton: senator i have not heard republicans saying this but the white house is critical of the s&p saying they screwed up their math, a $2 trillion error in the math and s&p said we will fix that but we are still going to downgrade it. $2 trillion? >>guest: well, that tells you $2 trillion, and it does not
5:08 am
affect the fact we borrow $140 billion a month to pay the bills. that is not a aaa rating. we dot no have the capability--. >>dave: it was the right decision? >>guest: obviously the right decision. i can't believe we still have a aa+ . >>juliet: thank you, senator. and now, the state department warning all u.s. citizens to leave syria immediately as the violent conflict grows. activists say 24 syrian civilians have been killed the past day as security forts loyal to president assad continue a crackdown if hamas. a terror attack plot own a high school foiled with three teen boys behind bars after police discover the plan to open fire at their high school on monday. the plan to kill students,
5:09 am
faculty, and police, before turning the guns on themselves. police got word from another student and the three suspects have confessed and are being held in juvenile detention. >> rain causing flash flooding in north carolina. residents forced to evacuate. >> this is scary. i've never been through anything like this before. >> the water starts rising. it got out-of-control fast. >> in the middle of this two women suspected of shoplifting ran into a fast-moving stream, one drowned, and the other is still missing. and now over to rick for the weather. rick: they got 6" of rain, 2" falling this less than an hour and when you get that rain around charlotte you get flash flooding and today we will see more of that and deal with the
5:10 am
heat at 107 degrees in dallas. and that big streak continues. next five days in dallas, again over 100 degrees and we will get to the record of 42 days as we stay above 100 degrees until next friday hitting a record set in 1980 of consecutive days above 100. ata lot of areas dealing with showers and some will be severe in minnesota doing dealing with a tornado threat. in the west it is dry and not as much monsoon activity but rain in new mexico. emily moved across haiti this week, and this is what is let of it, and potential redevelopment will continue to be watched. >>clayton: and now ground
5:11 am
zero. the hilton hotel at ground zero is suing over the world trade center construction going on. they are suing port authority and the company for losing hundreds of hours and thousands from people not staying at their hotel because of the construction noise overnight. >>juliet: they do construction through the night, and the guests trying to sleep and they check out and understandably ... >>dave: however they market themselves, this hotel, as their proximity to ground zero and sold out the entire 10th anniversary of 9/11 if you want to call it "anniversary," so is it hypocritical to take advantage of that and criticize the building of the memorial? if they don't finish it, what is their businesslike? if it is not done, there is a
5:12 am
hole in the ground, they are trying to get it done on time. >>clayton: they say any are proud to be part of the rebuilding, part of the world trade center rebuild and for the latest, go to >> the e-mail is saying, let me get this straight, you cannot have it both ways, folks. >> and from dallas, pennsylvania, this reminds me of those who buy property next to a farm and are surprised by the smell. that is like those in california we buy the storms in the fire prone areas and are up in arms when this is a fire. >> and another tweet, if i was a judge i would toss the lawsuit and if the hospital brags how close they are to ground zero they have no stand.
5:13 am
>> concise, right on track. let us know what you think on twitter and now you are probably blasting your air conditioning to stay cool especially in texas, but that can make you sick, the medical "a" team is here and we will explain why. anybody home? ♪ yes! ha ha! ♪ [ clicking ] dad, what happened? power went out, want a hot dog? [ female announcer ] oscar mayer selects are made with 100% pure beef
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5:16 am
>>clayton: and for the first time in history the credit rating has been downgraded from aaa to aa+ . how does this impact your wallet? we have "wall street journal" columnist in washington, dc. what does this mean? >>guest: well, it is a black eye for the united states and for our standing not world. we have been a aaa country our whole history as a nation. so this is the first time we have suffered a downgrade. the question you are getting at, how does this affect the average person? higher interest rates? the answer to that question is we don't know. think what happens this past week with the turmoil around the world in europe and stock market
5:17 am
collapse and everyone rushed off and bought treasury bills. so, i'm not convinced this is going to cause a big bunch before bump up in history rates. if you look at some countries with a downgrade like ireland the interest rates went way up and others had downgrades like japan and they have not seen the interest rate increase. >>clayton: people at home could have credit card bills they have not paid off or a car listen, are those numbers likely to go up and they have to pay more on the loans or the credit card debts? >>guest: i have predicted higher interest rates a long time, they cannot lower so in a your from now they will be higher than today. the reasons are unrelated to the downgrade. signs of higher inflation and
5:18 am
inflation rises interest rates have to go up and it is not the done grade of the debt but because we have the enormous debt $15 trillion debt and you have to service the debt and as we go forward that will cause interest rates to rise. >>dave: two schools of thought. one from administration official, a fact be damned decision and their analysis was off. and senator demint said this is the right decision by s&p and is surprised we have a aa+ rating. where do you stand? >>guest: i love demint, but i disagree. if a u.s. treasury security is not aaa bond, what in the world is? tell me, what is safer than investing in the u.s. government? the full faith and credit of the united states government still stands behind the bonds so i refuse to believe we are aa+
5:19 am
country. it is true, he is right, we have to get the debt down. we cannot borrow $8 trillion the next 10 years. >>clayton: moody's did not downgrade us. s&p did. >>guest: it could come with moody's, we are aa+ company but we need a plan in effect more ambitious than the one passed next week and to get the debt down in a credible way. >>clayton: thank you from the "wall street journal" this morning. >>dave: and a marriage proposal that stole the spotlight on the news. coming up. but, first, temperatures are in triple digits we turn up the air conditioning but before you do that stick around for the medical "a" team saying fans could be bad for your health. th.
5:20 am
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>>juliet: welcome back. in the dares of summer we are trying to beat the heat but before you turn on the air conditioning listen to this: studies show air conditioning and fans may actually make us sick. here to explain, is our medical "a" team. i went to a big home stores and tried to get an air conditioner and they were sold out and it turns out that is good. is i can die from the air
5:24 am
conditioning? >> we are concerned that air conditioning can cause breathing problems such as cold and spread viruses and molds. it makes sense. it dries out the nose and that mucous is a barrier to a virus so it blocks those out. if addition, air conditioning that leaks or creates moisture can be breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. and the fans are spreading those out. >>juliet: drying out the sinus, what about putting a humidifier. >>guest: you can do that but you have to be careful about keeping them very clear because they can be breeding grounds for mold because of the moisture. >>juliet: if the air is senate well circulated, what kind of problem does that create? >>guest: studies show places
5:25 am
inadequately ventilated can officer the transmission of viruses. airplanes, when we travel we get sick. so, that is another example. when we we are in environments with air conditioning, there is less ventilation. so that could be a contributing factor to increasing of the transmission of virus. >> air conditioning can trick -- can contribute to obesity? >>guest: they may help or contribute to the obesity in our environment because it puts us in a thermal neutral zone, we are not expending energy to regulate our body temperature. in the cold you shiver, and in the hot you sweat so you expend energy. and if we are in the constant neutral zone we do not expend energy. to be honest i think if it is a
5:26 am
factor ... it is a stretch to come down on poor air conditioners. >>juliet: thank you. we are not telling people, especially those in florida dealing with the triple digit temperatures to throw out their air conditioners. >>guest: they are safe in a heat wave you need to be in a column s. >>juliet: thank you, doctor. and now breaking news, 31 americans have been killed in afghanistan and the taliban has taken responsibility. no confirmation on that yet. the latest developments coming up ahead and governor huckabee on debt saying the downgrade will have a huge political impact. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
5:27 am
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>>juliet: we start headlines with a fox news alert 31 american troops and seven afghanistan soldiers killed in a nato helicopter crash overnight. recovery operations are underway. this is the highest number of casualtied recorded in a single incident in the country. the taliban says the fighter shot down the helicopter in a battle with nato troops. coming up a live report from afghanistan and developing details of the story at the top of the 9:00 hour. also in the headlines, a nation-wide manhunt underway for three siblings accused in a brazen crime spree, billboards like this going up across the country, plastered with the faces of ryan and lee and still
5:31 am
long, all this their 20's opened fire on a police officer during a high speed chase in florida and they are accused of robbing a bank in georgia and firing ak-47's. a text to their mother reading "there is a time for all of us to die." and you may remember this from aftermath of hurricane katrina, for new orleans police officers have now been found guilty of civil rights violations and other charges for shooting and killing two people on a bridge during that disaster. another officer was convicted of helping cover up the crime and the mother of the victim says it is justice. >> i have been robbed because he was only 17. there is nothing to gain, nothing. no prom, no marines, no nothing,
5:32 am
my child won't never have nothing. >>juliet: four police officers could get life when sentenced in december. love was not just in the air in kansas city but on the air, live, this is a marriage roles accidentally caught on camera during a news camera out of missouri at first the reporter doesn't notice what is going on but the camera fills her in and she gets the exclusive interview. >> did you just proposal to her? >> i did. >> is? for real? >> wait, wait, wait, show the ring. got to see the ring. in the bad. >> the groom especially surprised by all of the attention says he just is happy his girlfriend said "yes." >> looked like an airport. all very romantic, by the way.
5:33 am
>> very sweet. maybe they met there. >> bus depot. >> greyhound. >> dave? he is outside with bass pro. >>dave: can you see me? why have camouflage on. but i want to blend. the bass pro shop classic going on right now and my due friend from bass pro will tell us about it. what is going on? >>guest: a lot of stuff. always stuff going on for the family all kinds of flow events. one thing that happens is our hunting seminar when we bring in all the pros and they answer and talk about anything and everything hunting to help you be more successful and another program they started last year which is a huge hit you bring your old binoculars in or a scope, they will give you up to
5:34 am
$100 trade in value no matter the condition for replacement. it started out with binoculars but now it is all kinds of stuff. you have to check the schedule the big thing is the next generation which is sitting next to us, a couple of stars from our next generation television show. >> we have aaron and kelsey with us, tell us what this is? >>guest: a protein kit and our show is geared toward kids and families and we want to encourage more kids to get involved if hunting and fishing and the great outdoors and it is on the "outdoor channel," junior one is sunday at 12:00 noon central time. >>dave: we will learn about how to do a proper duck call.
5:35 am
aaron will show us how. >>guest: put your thumb there, right there, and lay your index finger there with your two fingers and just do it. do it. (duck call). >>dave: not bad. more on that. more on fall hunting classic ahead on "fox & friends" and i will get back to my friend. rick? rick: it's safe, but the weather from up here, cooler, and more breezy the higher you
5:36 am
are, and look at this picture, the south has not seen any nice pictures from linda, on lake erie a beautiful sunrise sent to me on facebook page. send me your pictures. and we have a lot going on, especially the heat across the south, waking up to warm temperatures, 84 in dallas, and 79 in memphis, and 74 in dallas. today, in the east we will see showers and thunderstorms and some could be severe and across northern minnesota we could deal with a few tornadoes and temperatures okay across the northern tear of the country and 100 degrees in houston and 102 in wichita and in the west a little bit of thunderstorm activity. but not much we will dry. and california is seeing plenty of sunshine and seattle nice day
5:37 am
at 73. guys? >>clayton: and now we will bring in the governor. the s&p downgrade, people from the republican headquarters call for treasury secretary geithner and a lost republicans are having a difficult time saying his name they want him out of a job. where do you instant? >>governor huckabee: he needs to go. it will not necessarily change white house policy but if politics optics is everything and right now the president needs to show a sense of taking command, making changes, doing things differently. because what we have eastbound is a progressive state of decay in the economy and he has to stay, look, we will not do what we have been doing but will change the course. do something highly visible, change the leadership of the treasury department. does that mean we have a
5:38 am
different policy? in. but it's the optics he needs. >>juliet: and changing the figures who would you be interested in seeing. there are rumblings former governor of new jersey, governor corzine. >>governor huckabee: i would like to see a true conservative. someone who has a, ask donald trump, go for someone who is completely unorthodox. have donald trump take the job for 90 days. >>juliet: please call us if you are watching mr. trump. >>governor huckabee: the president needs something that is a game changer and he does not have it in geithner. this morning, before he took the job he showed he has real
5:39 am
issues. he should never have been confirmed. >>dave: there are two schools of thought on the downgrade, and senator demint said it was the right decision by s&p and then our next guest says no, this is the wrong, the united states is aaa, we define that. where do you stand? >>guest: a lot of respect for senator demint but i believe moore is right, the united states is, in fact, a messed up country but we can print money we will pay the bills. do we need structural changes? absolutely we do. but the downgrade was more a kick in the groin a way to say to the united states, thing of the long term implications of $15 trillion in debt. >>clayton: yesterday the president blamed other issues for the mess, not his administration. let's take a listen.
5:40 am
>> there is no doubt this has been a tumultuous year. we had the arab spring effect on oil and gas prices. the japanese earthquake and tsunami effect on supply chain, the extraordinary economic uncertainty in europe and recently markets around the globe have taken a bumpy right. >>clayton: and you have said on the air the white house does not create jobs, but they have said the stimulus has saved or created jobs. and then this yesterday. >> the white house does not create jobs. the government together, white house, congress, creates policies allowing for greater job creation. >>juliet: they do and they
5:41 am
don't. >>governor huckabee: the white house watches the week "fox & friends" and has the message, finally. get rid of geithner. >>dave: carney said that on thursday and the president on friday contradicted what he said. >>governor huckabee: president takes credit if the job numbers are up. and if the numbers are down, they do not. skull -- >>juliet: your response to the standard & poor's downgrading, an indictment on the government and our leaders. they were very tough in their wording. what do you thing of that? >>governor huckabee: it was a kick in the britishs so --
5:42 am
britches. who the heck are the 20 percent people that look at what congress is doing and say "heck of a job." i have not met anyone. >>clayton: now it is 14 percent who think congress is doing a good job. if you are into religion you must be a republican. and the response to that claim by governor huckabee just ahead. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
5:43 am
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>>juliet: welcome back. the top stories on "for your health," you can be bad and still live a long life. it is good genes. researchers found that some would live to be 100 or older had no better health habits than those who died younger. my grandfather smoked until the last day and casual smoking is rising among teens up 12 percent
5:46 am
from 1991. heavy smoking is down 10 percent. >>clayton: so if you merge the two stories there is no moral. >>juliet: don't smoke it is expense i. >>clayton: and if you are into religion it is said you are a republican. >>dave: if you are white american and say you go to church the probability is quite high you are republicans and if you are white and you say "no i never go to religious services i don't have a religious identity," the chances are higher than predicted you would be a democrat. governor? >>governor huckabee: you know if i said something like that i would be considered a racist and sexist. i cannot imagine all labels. is that based on research?
5:47 am
or what? there are enormous number of african-americans and people of color who are very tied to church and if you look at the stats the african-american community is far more tied to religious tradition and the hispanic church. same-sex marriage issue is 97 percent issue among hispanics and 65 percent issue among african-americans and only 52 percent issue among whites. the idea that everyone who goes do church is white or everyone who is white goes to clutch so they are republican, that is nonsense. and a lot of libertarian republicans who don't want anything to do with any religious conversation is a reason why the republican party is so fractured. >>clayton: you have a big show this weekend. >>governor huckabee: not just this week but every week. some things changed but we will
5:48 am
talk about what does the debt issue and the downgrade mean to you? that is a topic. and charlie rangel is a guest and he went to the floor of the house for my appearance on "fox & friends" when we talk about "what would jesus do," and he talk about his appearance on "fox & friends" and my show. >>dave: he is always interesting character and always shows up. he will debate the issues. >>governor huckabee: we are worlds apart but he is fun and i enjoy being around him. >>juliet: so you like charlie rangal and you want done am trump to -- donald trump to be the replacement for secretary
5:49 am
geithner. >>governor huckabee: what a headline. >>juliet: and teachers want to ban students by sites like facebook. nationde insurance. what's up ?
5:50 am
what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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5:52 am
>> teachers in missouri are barred from contacting students on social networking sites. the goal? to prevent fix you'll -- to
5:53 am
prevent sexual abuse of students. we have both sides on some issue and joined by first amendment attorney and attorney and social policies advisor. nice to see both of you this morning. michael, you think this is okay, this law will protect students. >>guest: more importantly it will protect the teacher. teachers have enough to do with their regular duties they don't need now to babysitter and police officer and parent and 9-1-1 dispatcher to students with want to contact them 24 hours a day. this is a really important measure to protect the teach others and ensures that communication that exists is on official e-mail or otherwise in public which again is for the protection of the teacher and reinforces the professional boundary. who are not dealing with peer to
5:54 am
peer relationship. >>clayton: do you agree that it protects the teachers and not the students? >>guest: i have a couple of problems. both students and teachers have first amendment rights to communing indicate. when the governor jumps in and banning an dire category of communication that is a first amendment problem. the teacher can decide whether to engage in the communication so the theory there is an overload the teacher has to spend is totally under their control. when you restrict first amendment rights or communication between individuals in a free country like ours there has to be compelling reason to do so and they just isn't. the student is not allowed to commune skated -- communicate with the student privately. you are getting rid of all the good, bad, and everything that can result from the
5:55 am
communication. >>clayton: is it draconian? >>guest: no we are dealing with licensed professionals. my colleague should relike there are restrictions that go with particular professions includingment giving out your personal phone number or to call you by your first name or to come and it is at your kitchen table which is squall to have someone on facebook. you get an e-mail in your school account it is like someone knocking at your school classroom door but you get a message on first book it -- on facebook it is like they are knocking on your front door. >>clayton: if i hear a son in high school or a daughter in high school and they are chatting with a teacher, it does not pass the creepy test for me.
5:56 am
>>guest: a lot of that comes from being from a generation this did not happen, a new form of communication between teachers and student and those would grew up knocking on the teacher's door and sitting in the classroom and that is the only communication, we don't get it. this will be routine communication and to big deal in 10 years. and other forms of video communication that we cannot imagine that will occur but you ban this form of speech that is first amendment problem. >>guest: we have to protect the teachers and students and with professional license this is not first amendment issue but standard issue of principles that existed for a long time and will exist and that is professional boundaries. >> an entire police force redesigning over drug cartel violence. is our border the biggest security risk in the united
5:57 am
5:58 am
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>> many 31 american soldiers are dead after their chopper goes down in afghanistan. the breaking details including who is taking responsibility for shooting that helicopter down coming up. >> and another fox news alert. the u.s. credit rating downgraded for the first time ever. and it will have widespread effects. what it means for you and your wallet coming up. >> any way that you help bail them out to the tune of $1 billion. >> they need them to. >> my it ration. now fannie mae wants billions more of your cash. seriously? we are not making these head headlines up. hour four starts now. captions by closed captioning services
6:01 am
>> saturday morning, everybody. big news saturday. important things happening all over the world. start with a fox news alert. out of afghanistan. 31 american troops now dead after a nato helicopter crashes overnight. recovery operations are currently underway. >> and we're just getting more details about this as the morning progresses. conor powell streaming live in afghanistan with the latest. i think this happened just after 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. daylight operation? >> >> well, there is mixed sort of information as to when this operation happened and what exactly was going on. it's still very sort of sketchy. we believe this the single worst loss of life for american troops in afghanistan since the start of the war 10 years ago. now, the u.s. military has confirmed that a helicopter crashed in southwest of kabul in an area called wardak province. afghan officials 31 members of the u.s. military and seven
6:02 am
members of the afghan territory were killed in the crash. they believe the u.s. forces were members of u.s. special operations. we don't know if they were navy seals or rangers or the green berets, but the information is still coming. in we are still trying to figure out exactly who these men are but it is a devastating blow to the u.s. forces here. u.s. operations command tight knit well trained sort of well trained across the military. according to the taliban they claim responsibility for shooting down this chinook helicopter. they say they shot this helicopter as several helicopters were beginning to launch a raid on a taliban compound in wardak province. they shot it down with a rocket propelled grenade launcher and ult may matily forced this helicopter to crash. this comes on the heels of several large attacks here in afghanistan where afghan officials have been killed. this is only adding to the
6:03 am
darkening mood here about the lack of progress being made here in the war calling into real serious questions about how much progress being o. is being made. is it enough. ultimately hand over responsibility to the afghan suture forces, guys. >> conor powell streaming live in kabul, afghanistan. if you can imagine if it was one of those government forces -- special forces raid. the government may not be -- >> 31 members of the special forces really significant. >> the best of the best out there. sad story. more on that later on. let's talk about what this all means to you with regard to credit rating being downgraded first time in credit history. we are in the eyes of the s&p double a plus credit rating. yeah, it sounds like a lot of, you know, garbage. we were a a.a.a. what does this mean to you? could mean you are going to pay
6:04 am
a lot more money for car loans. home loans. small business loans. there is a lot of impact it could potentially have. steven moore from the "wall street journal" said we don't yet know if all of this will trickle down to the consumer it could just be a couple of months and then we are put right back up there to a.a.a. best case scenario-it doesn't affect your money. >> sunday night when the asian markets open up. it sounds like the markets were pretty much braced for something like this to happen. >> whether or not this is political. read this statement. see if it reads anything other than politically motivated. downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that congress and the administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government's meefd yum term debt dynamics. the downgrade effects our view that the effects, ability and predictability of american policy making. that was the key phrase.
6:05 am
have weakened in a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges to a degree more than we envisioned. if you backtrack a few paragraphs that fiscal predictability. that's what a lot of businesses say on our show when we talk to business leaders. they just don't know to hire new employees because they don't know what the economic climate will look like seven months from now. >> they also don't have faith that the deal that is reached will be a deal that is successful ultimately in the end. >> two schools of thought. facts be damned, their analysis was way off. governor huckabee agrees we are a.a.a. rated country, period. jim demint came on earlier and he said the s&p made the right decision that he is surprised we even have the rating that they downgraded us too. that will play out in the next couple of days too. the s&p played a big role in the financial crisis, giving mortgage-backed securities a a.a.a. rating until far too late in the game.
6:06 am
>> here is what s&p's john chambers had to say last night about the decision to downgrade. take a listen. >> in terms of other people who might be -- have portfolios have a.a.a. restrictions and the u.s. being downgraded, will that have an impact on them? we have spoken to a number of investors about that. they think that the impact will be pretty minimal. they don't think that there will be massive forced selling because of this. >> this is the first time that the u.s. has had a down grading. it comes under the obama administration. so naturally you would look at the treasury secretary. you know, what kind of role does he play in all of this. the question i think for a lot of folks is it time for geithner to go. they are having calls for his resignation. let's see what peter barnes from fox business negligent work. last month when he asked geithner about the u.s. credit rating. >> back in april. >> back in aim. >> is there a risk that the united states could lose its a.a.a. credit rating?
6:07 am
yes or no. >> no risk of that. >> no risk? >> no risk. >> so standard and poor's is wrong wrong? the united states will keep illustrates a.a.a. credit rating? >> you know people -- absolutely. >> a lot of politics is perception of course. we see john kerry out on a wind surfing board. politics is perception. michael do do you caucus? a tank. governor huckabee says geithner needs to go because politics is perception. >> he needs to go. and president obama needs to have him walk the plank. not necessarily because it's going to change the white house policy in politics, optics is everything. right now the president needs to show a sense of taking command. making changes, doing things differently. >> i would like to see a true conservative. get steve forbes. get someone who has a real -- ask donald trump to be treasury secretary. >> what does donald trump have to say about that? >> donald, on the phone, call us. >> bachmann and jim demint
6:08 am
calling for him to go. those calls increase. i don't think is he going anywhere. >> we shall see. u.s. citizens are being warned to get out of syria immediately. the state department alert comes as violence explodes between opposition protesters and forces loyal to the syrian president bashar al assad. the opposition says 24 syrian civilians were killed in just this past day alone as government forces broke up friday protests in the city of hamas. they wanted to go into their high school this monday, open fire, kill themselves, then these three louisiana teenagers are now in custody this morning accused of planning a terror attack at their school in saint saint -- in louisiana. shooting police at lake shore high and eventually turning the guns on themselves. the massacre was reportedly planned for this coming monday. word got out apparently thanks to another student. the three suspects who else names have not been released have apparently confessed.
6:09 am
they're being held in juvenile detention. well, it's bad enough it took four years for army sergeant rob dickerson to get his purple heart in the mail there was a snafu. get this. it came with $21 postage due. dickerson was seriously wounded by a rocket blast in iraq in 2007. he did get an apology and he did get a refund check. however, he couldn't cash it because it was not made out to rob it was made out to roy instead. >> four ways they said thanks to him. >> i think this guy needs a very special ceremony. >> unbelievable. get out to rick. there is hot weather down in texas. what else is happening? >> that and a little bit of tropical weather we are going to watch. here are your temperatures. 80's across so many of the south. take a look at your forecast for today and next five days across dallas. look at this. already at 35 days in a row of temps above 100 degrees. next five days looking like that. 106, 107 the entire time. 42 day is the record above 100.
6:10 am
likely break that next friday. he so we'll continue to watch that take a look at this morning across areas of raleigh yesterday. all that flooding in and around the charlotte area. this morning reporting flash flooding around raleigh. we have seen 3 to 5 inches of rainfall. be careful if you are in that area. rain across the east. out across the west things drying out a bit. maybe a little bit of rain in southern new mexico. this week noah ups their risk for hurricanes. initial predictions were 12 to 18. upped it to 14 to 19 named storms. we have one that we're watching. this is what was emily and potential seeing some more redevelopment of that could be a tropical storm by the time we get to the end of today again. send it back to you. >> sometimes you can't make up the headlines when leno pulls out and shows them. sometimes they seem crazy and too good to be true. this one is actually not too good to be true. this is a true headline and might have gotten flown under
6:11 am
the radar. 82% disapproval rating for congress right now. this is how it breaks down this is what governor huckabee was talking about. 14% approve of the job that congress is doing. >> i can't believe it's that many to be honest with you. don't touch anybody out here who has given congress a hand lately. >> those 14 people are staff members of congress. they have to be. >> those 14%, you may have a good point. so what's government doing right? that would be a difficult task. what are they doing wrong? here are some examples. fannie mae, had quite a hand in the financial crisis. they want more money. they have already received almost 100 billion taxpayer dollars bailing them out. now, they want 5 billion more from the united states government. >> here is another one for you. u.s. postal service, this is -- u.s. ps could default. u.s. postal service warn it could default losing
6:12 am
3.1 billion. this is just from april to june. >> 3.1 billion from april to june. >> all of the talk about closing those small rural post offices. >> nobody uses mail anymore typically the way we used to 10 years ago before email. >> a lot of people wondering why do we have the structure we currently have? can't they farm it out to private business? wouldn't private business do a better job? we farm out a lot of it to fedex and larger packages. the higher end stuft post office does. >> 3700 post offices closing. coming up on the show entire police force will resigns amid violence from drug cartels down in mexico. the problem is not just theirs to deal with our next guest says that country is quickly coming one of america's significant security threats. >> more trouble for john edwards. this time a million-dollar price tag that t. comes along with we will tell you about it coming up. [ male announcer ] heard this one?
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taste. ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. >> welcome back. 13,000 residents of one mexican border down now have no police to protect them. the drug violence in mexico so chaotic it's forcing the entire police department until asense i
6:16 am
don't know mexico to quit. the town which sits 100 miles south of the border. co-founder of the chertoff group. a global security form. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> where does this put the united states and our border security this morning? >> it highlights one thing, which is what we're seeing down in mexico is like the so plain knows on steroids. this sopranos on steroids. a woman sought political asylum in the united states. we are seeing deterioration of
6:17 am
the security to the point that the very foundation of law and order in mexico is at stake. if the united states does not act more swiftly to assist calderon and his administration we could have a failed state on our southern border. >> tell us about what would happen if we do have a failed state on our southern border. >> i think what we just saw here in the city of ascension is what you see is essentially you would see thugs and terrorists and essentially drug cartels taking over the institutions of government, law and order, essentially becoming second to the commercial and criminal interests. and what i think we see right now is that as we step back and look what happened in the case of israel. again, if you see lebanon there, or the thugs and terrorists were able to take over the institutions of government, israel learned the hard way how serious a security threat that can be. >> all of this seems so clear as day, right? these drug cartels are paying them more money. for these people it comes down to money. the security that police forces down there.
6:18 am
they hire individuals. drug cartels come to them and say we will pay you double. we will pay you three times as much. how can they even compete with that? >> you are exactly right there. is a saying in mexico they approach the drug cartels will approach the law enforcement you can either choose led or gold. which means you can either get shot with a bullet or take a bribe and become part of the criminal organization. so, what -- you are exactly right. this boils down to economics and money. as we just saw on your show before, the united states has gone true a very painful and difficult debate over our own debt and spending. as we go through next level of spending priorities, look around the world and remember that right now the average u.s. consumer is facing $4 plus gallon gas. one of the single largest suppliers of oil to our country is mexico. we import more oil from mexico than saudi arabia. any other middle eastern country. if we can -- if we are at a
6:19 am
point of prior advertising resources, if you can make a case of libya only produce 2% of our oil supply. we need to help our partners defeat these drug organizations. >> a country literally right next door to us. chad, thank you for joining us and waking up on saturday. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a new plan from the white house to tackle violent extremism on our own soil. is the strategy too politically correct actually work. peter king here next to react. >> and metal, wood, fabric, finishes created with paint you would never know it the faux technique save you cash coming up with home depot.
6:20 am
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6:22 am
>> this is a fox news alert. 31 u.s. troops killed in a
6:23 am
helicopter crash in afghanistan. the chopper said to be brought down by the taliban. >> joining us now is the chairman of the house homeland security committee congressman peter king from new york. good to see you, congressman. >> good to see you. what do you know this morning? in your opinion, will this ramp up the calls for us to get out of afghanistan sooner, perhaps ahead of that drawdown date or perhaps the complete opposite? >> first of all, it's a horrible tragedy. order thoughts and prayers most of their families. these guys are real incredible heros. there is going to be some movement now people say we have suffered a disaster like this we should start pulling out. i think that would be the wrong decision. afghanistan is essential to our national security. the last thing they would want is for us to begin to withdrawal based on their being killed these guys have put their heart and soul into it. so key to that region of the world. if we pull back from there we are inviting another 9/11. >> how significant is the blow
6:24 am
31 special sources soldiers afghan troops with them. they are the ones training. guerrilla type troops: they're the best of the troops. rough day for america, it really is. >> back here at home, the white house releasing what they are called violent extremism report. you are okay with some of it. this is a serious problem here in the united states. homegrown terror. you do have some problems though with the administration report. what are they? >> yeah, i do. first of all the administration day-to-day does a good job operations. eric holder i agree with on a lot of issues. undercover operations. they do a good job as far as the day-to-day work. but the rhetoric and what bothers me. almost equivalency in this report between al qaeda and skin heads and aaron nation and nazi party. they are bad guys but i think they can be dealt with by police. they are not supported by a foreign government. they are not part of an international movement. al qaeda is the mainly threat to
6:25 am
our country today. i know the president said that in the preamble to the report. as you read through the report, they talk about domestic terrorism. just come down from mars, you wouldn't know exactly how serious al qaeda is. also, they say we have to reach out into the community, work with the community leaders. they should also talk about, there are leaders in the muslim community who are damaging to our community like cair, the council on american muslim relations. we should be urging cut away from relations like that. >> since 2001, the muslim leaders need to speak out. haven't seeable any growth in that. >> there have been some. people like dr. judy jasser and others have come forward. i have been holding hearings which i caught a lot of flack for. i had a hearing last week. and one thanked me for holding hearings. hearings like this it encourages moderate leaders to come forward. that's what this report should have done. encouraged moderate leaders to come forward. they are out there but it's hard for them to step forward.
6:26 am
>> why are they not stepping forward. >> it could be pier pressure. community pressure. they need encouragement from the outside. a personal told me he would not have testified back in march the first hearing. he was happy to testify now. this gave him the opportunity to come forward. >> you mentioned judy jasser. i spoke to him yesterday. is he calling for all local muslim leaders in this country to speak up and get that message out. congressman, thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> first reaction is our thoughts and prayers are with the family of all of those special forces troops. >> juliet, good to see you again. >> good to see you. say hi to your wife. a mother accused of murder after her child i dos drinking her breast milk. that milk was tainted with meth. >> latest unemployment number. a bit of an improvement. some say it's because folks have just stopped looking. our panel of business experts coming up with how we can really get americans back to work and what that credit downgrade means
6:27 am
to you. >> bigger and better than ever. bass pro is back with the bass master's hunting classic. heading outside short limit all that coming up next. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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>> it's my favorite time of the year. you know, you can almost set your clock by it now. when the fall hunting classic takes over at bass pro shops. you know you want to get in those sweaters and hunting. wally is back with us this morning from bass pro. let's talk atvs. talking about hunting gear. you guys also sell atv's at bass
6:31 am
pro. >> atv's and everything that goes with us. i have been an art acat. they have some great products. they are tough. i have thrown everything you can possibly throw at them. and they can definitely take a punch we have kelsey riding the 2.5. this is a new model. fuel injected. independent suspension. voted best in class for suspension. what that means is it's a nice comforting ride over the rough stuff. this is a great value, too. you can get -- starting payments at $49. so, thank you,lesy. >> would you ever take one of these out on a nascar track. >> i would take one of these out anywhere. especially if i had somebody to ride with. this is a bad boy here. >> this is the 550. this is great -- what makes this thing ---so wonderful, not only that it's got independent suspension, electric start. it's electric, it's got power steering. what do you need power steering on a four wheeler?
6:32 am
anybody writing atv's rough stuff, these things are so nice power steering. plus this thing will toe 1,000 pounds. thank you. i feel like we are barrett jackson. >> keep it moving. this is what they do on the runways by the way. wally. differential runway model here. this is huge. >> this is the big daddy. i don't have one of these yet. but this is the 700 prawrl. this thing has got a half a ton capacity for the back for storage. it's got a click release where you can dump it toe up to 1500 pounds. it's got fox coil over shocks. these are shocks that they use in the off road racing in the baja 1,000. >> i need one of these. >> if you buy an articac can you get $1,200 off. >> think about getting one, head on over to bass pro for the fall
6:33 am
hunting classic. i'm going to get up on that perch because i get scared around the atv's. use the helmet here. juliet is going to be out on the atv's doing wheelies. >> not doing wheelie's, i don't think. that would be a great thing to have in new york city. park something so difficult. >> great way to get around. >> thanks so much clayton, see you in a second. >> now, quick headlines, the fbi is stepping up its search for a family fugitives. you are looking at ryan lee grace. and dillon daughter. the brother sister trio allegedly opened fire on police officer during a high speed chase. it happened in florida. from there, they are accused of rosing a bank in georgia. firing what appeared to be ak 47's. the only contact from the siblings a cryptic text message from their mother reading, quote, there is a time for all of us to die. the soldier who tried blow the whistle on a rogue group of u.s. service members who murdered u.s. civilians has pleaded guilty. adam winfield was sentenced to
6:34 am
three years in prison after his involuntary manslaughter plea. winfield will also testify against other members of his squad, including apparent ringleader staff sergeant calvin gibbs. prosecutors say the group killed at least three unarmed afghans. more trouble for john edwards. the former 2008 presidential candidate has been ordered to pay $2.2 million to the u.s. treasury after failing to declare that amount of cash during his campaign. his team says it will appeal the fec ruling. and it is a special tribute to a tv legend exactly one century after her birth. >> all right, girls. now, this is your last chance. one piece of candy gets passed you and into the packing room unwrapped, you're fired. >> yes, ma'am. >> let her roll! [ laughter ] >> i think we are fighting a losing game.
6:35 am
[ laughter ] you are looking at a cool feature on google's home page today showcasing the best of i love lucy, of course. all in celebration of what would have been lucille ball's 100th birthday. those your headlines. let's get out to rick outside. >> hey, juliet. we have people out here requesting that you come out. be sure you do. big crowd out here today for the fall classic. feels like summer for some people. down across parts of the south. actually your current temps. 8 a in dallas. 84 in oklahoma city. get ready those are the low temperatures. today back up around 105 to 110 and still humid. so you know the story. the rest of the country dry not looking that bad. temps across the far north have really calmed down a lot. temperaturewise. but we are going to be dealing with quite a bit of rain across a lot of the east. take a look at the forecast for the day. anywhere we see the blue that's some rain and some of those are going to be heavy showers and
6:36 am
thunderstorms. maybe severe across the ohio valley. we could see a tornado or two across areas of minnesota today. real story the heat across the south. not going to budge at all, out across the west, we are going to see the heat begin to build this week. places like the deserts of the four corners where it is normally warm. it's going to warm um a little bit more. a nice day across parts of the southwest. 76 in san diego after the morning fog burns off. take a look at your temps for the day tomorrow. shaping up like, this still hot across the south. look at that towards the north. 79 in minneapolis. take -- looking pretty good. dave, send it over to you with home depot. >> thank you, rickey, good job. we have shown you before how to paint the interior of your home, how simple it can be with our friends at home day depot. take you to the next notch. step it up and get wild with dave white. he likes to get a little funky. >> crazy. >> with the painting of the inside of his home. tell us how. >> this is going to be crazy. what we are going to be talking about today. you get a splash of color. put paint on the walls, that's terrific. now we are talking about texture and color.
6:37 am
>> with martha stewart living. she has got a whole set of decorative painting techniques and so here is where we start with this. right? by the way we are doing sort of our saturday clinic here. we have our clinic folks here. >> they are going to help us paint. >> hopefully they're going to learn something. so you start out with the kit. this is a kit that you purchase that's got everything you need to do. 12 different decorative techniques. then the rest of it we're going to be working with martha stewart paint and glaze. and i will tell you kind of what the glaze does in a second here. so what's in this kit. >> you know i'm thinking doughnuts. you told me you were hungry already. back to paint. you got different tools and have you also got the little brochure. the steps you through all of these techniques. wood grain rocker and a sponge and steel wool and striping brush and you can do all this cool stuff. let me show you, we have already done a few things and, of course, you are going to need some regular supplies to go with that, painting supplies.
6:38 am
>> that would be a good idea. this is pretty cool. this is actually some different styles of paint that martha carries that do a metallic fin initial. >> tilt it a little bit. how you can see how that shimmers. >> if you have light shining on this, it does give a nice little shimmer to it this is basically where do you a base coat. you tape off some lines, and then in the middle of lines you will paint some of the pressure metals paint, which she uses and that's how you get that over here, we do what's called a beginning ham, can we all say gingham base coat lighter green that you see. take one of the tools in the kit, the striping pool, you paint a glas on top of that which is a mixture of glazing and regular tint. and that's kind of a thin paint and then you go across the glas with the tool and it literally removed some of that glaze. you let that dry and do the other direction. >> that would be fun for a kid's
6:39 am
nursery or something. >> really cool for kid's rooms all kinds of places. let me show you. let's do a couple of the techniques here that are kind of neat we have got our base coat there already. we have let that dry. that's modern, -- that's important, right? roll the glaze out. this is basically one of these tint testers to one can of glaze. one to four. i'm going to roll out a little bit of this. i may need a little extra. so you can brush this or roll it on. the key to most of these techniques, first, is you want to practice if you guys can see right next to our clinic folks over here we have some practice boards. you don't want to start with, you know, your first try on your walls. >> show us. so techniques. >> all right. here we go. so we aring going to take our wood rocker. start high and push down and then you bring that down. >> very nice.
6:40 am
>> see what happened. this is called faux wall. culturally enlightening. put a little grain next to that. then you take the rocker tool, do you want to try it pull and roll at the same time. do it next to that. >> false wood. fake wood. >> no, yours is better than mine. so another technique real quick that's really simple. >> real quick ten seconds. >> sponging and a lot of people can do this. do your base coat and then you just put your sponge in some of your glaze, i probably put a little too much on and what you are going to do is move that sponge were a around. >> that you will information is on home >> look for the clinics.
6:41 am
you guys have been a great audience did you learn something. >> juliet? >> i want a faux waub. coming up on the show, a young mother accused of murdering her 6 week old child with tainted breast milk. hear this story that milk contaminated with meth is she to blame? judge jeanine pirro on the case. >> then we of course, as you have heard by now lost our a.a.a. debt status. is this just the beginning of our trouble? will the downgrade set our job market back even more? our special panel of business experts coming up. [ male announcer ] walls can talk.
6:42 am
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>> this is a fox news alert. developments to the story we have been following all morning. 31 american troops dead after their nato helicopter crashed in afghanistan. seven afghan soldiers were also killed in that crash. we learned that recovery operations are now underway. this is the deadliest single incident for american forces in the decade long war. the taliban claiming its fighters shot down the chopper in a battle with nato troops.
6:45 am
more on that. >> we will be following it for you. details are sketchy at this point. we are trying to get as much information as we can murder by breast feeding? you heard right. california woman being charged with murdering her six week old son after breast feeding him and after being high on drugs and ingesting large amounts of methamphetamine. >> prosecutors claim that maggie worthman knowingly gave her son poisoned milk which she made toxic by her drug use. worthman disputes the claim that it was poisoned breast milk that resulted in her son's death. joining us now is the host of justice with janine judge jeanine pirro. good morning to you. >> good morning, judge. >> this is a difficult case needless to say. murder charges, are they appropriate? >> well, first of all, what you have got here is a woman who is 26 years old. got a six week old infant. she does huge amounts of methamphetamine the night before. she breast feeds the baby, the baby literally do dies.
6:46 am
she kills the baby through the meth in breast milk. is it murder? is it manslaughter or child abuse i come down on the side of the prosecution. >> murder? >> murder to be proven here. why? because there is evidence that her friends told her when you do meth, give the baby formula. other people told her the same thing. there was such malice and such conscious disregard for the life of this 6 week old infant she killed a baby. now, her lawyer says this is a poor woman who is a drug addicted person who is improffer irished native american. that's just great. she is not the victim. the 6 week old baby infant is a victim. it's time to make sure that these women who are doing this, another conviction in california interestingly for the same thing don't get away with it. >> answer this question. this is from their lawyers. they say this is an overcharge. makes her out to be a terrible, horrible person who needs to be
6:47 am
locked away from the rest of her life. my client is not that person. >> really? i have got to say when you are doing meth on a regular basis with a kid in the house, you are burning smoke, fumes on a constant basis, child endangerment on a regular basis at the least. >> that is a great point. because there are other cases like this where you are not sure how the baby consumed the meth. in the room, get into the stash? this is clear. she does huge amounts of meth the night before out of her mouth she says. this puts the baby right there and gives the baby poisoned toxic milk the baby dies, period, end of story. >> what is coming up on your show jeanine pirro? >> juliet, we have got the latest on celina cass, 11-year-old wrapped into a blanket thrown into a river in connecticut, new hampshire. who did this to her? is it a sex offender or someone in her family? we will have the latest.
6:48 am
and, of course, we have got that never ending casey anthony who has figured out a new way to make money and what i love about this story is, it seems like they are not paying her for an interview. people are backing off because she is the most hated mother in this country. >> amen. >> and she deserves the title. >> 9:00 eastern. >> how do you really feel jeanine pirro. >> you will know tonight at 9:00. >> coming up, we have lost our a.a.a. debt status, credit rating and the consequences could be a domino effect of trouble. our panel of business experts. >> they are coming to attack. run, everybody. >> quite the panel. maybe i will stay. >> what's this mean? >> here is the camera. here they are. they walked their backs to the camera. up next with more on this debt ceiling and everything else. and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all.
6:49 am
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>> u.s. credit rating down graded first time in history. standard and poor's dropped the u.s. credit rating from the highest a.a.a. rating to what they are calling aa plus. how will this effect the economy come monday? how will it effect the president? let's talk about how it effects your wallet with our panel. it is a stellar panel this morning. matt mccall president of penn financial group. ceo of john thomas financial. might have seen him in the movie wall street. dennis deal a correspondent for fox business network. good morning to you, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, matt. what does this mean to the american's people's wallets? how will it effect them. >> what's going to happen is they are going to have more money in the wallets. the way i will get to this. >> more? >> the confidence already was lacking. in americans right now. we have seen spending come back last month. people are saving more. now, this downgrade takes that
6:53 am
confidence level to a new low in my mind so what's going to happen is americans are going to be sitting on more money. the problem with this is if they go out to try to get a mortgage, they want to buy a new car. they will be paying more for that goes back to them not spending. this crushes the consumer and ends up hurting our economy. >> more money only because they are spending less. >> because they are not spending it. >> all the viewers out there want to know. a.a.a., double a what does it mean? what's the impact? >> this credit agency has no credibility whatsoever. this is the same rating agency that rated all the toxic subprime junk a.a.a. for investors to be concerned with, this i think they should. best class in the world. stocks trading at the best valuation in over a generation. they pick the areas that are doing best, the sectors that people want to buy. you will get great prices over the next six months. >> some have suggested it's not going be the calamity that some are predicting. >> exactly. >> won't ultimately kill your house payment, car payment, student loan. >> it doesn't have to be the end of the world. our entire political society now has to deal with everything in
6:54 am
terms of it's a crisis, it's a crisis. let's look at a couple things. even last week when we thought we were this close to the u.s. defaulting on its bonds, unable to pay. interest rates on treasuries were going down, not up because people were were flooding into them still deciding in a messed up world, the messed up u.s.a. is still the best bet to make. it does not have to raise interest rates at all. they can set what they want to set. the rates are at all-time lows. this doesn't have to hurt that much. what bothers me about the whole move is why now? why would an agency that thought mortgage backed bones with the worst credit paying record from customers would be a great aaa investment and now they are telling us lick ten stein is a better place to put your money than u.s.a.? safe saving move by an agency humiliated and it d. it to look good did it even after the white house pointed out 2 trillion-dollar error in math. >> that is a massive matt error. adoes the board.
6:55 am
every financial expert i spoke with says wrong decision. we define a.a.a. rating. so why did they do it? >> i don't think it's necessarily wrong decision. think about it. if you have got a family earning $100,000.40000 in debt now they have $100,000 a debt. a.a.a. to double a plus. the timing of this is political and face-saving and really give me a break. >> there is a little gray area. why did they do it. >> they did it because they almost have a political move in mind as well. peter saying listen, government, wake um, we are on the path to becoming double a rated. jumping in. somebody who is sick. instead of letting them get sicker giving them medicine right away. get your house in order. >> who are they? >> i don't think they have any spread sheets. >> who is the s&p to weigh in on our political situation? >> they have no merit whatsoever. let's look at the s&p and what they did to japan a long time ago. they downgraded it. had no effect on interest rates nor the economy. still a great time to buy stocks back then.
6:56 am
so, if you look back now, and you look at the valuations of the market, this is a great time to buy u.s. stocks in this economy. >> that is the irony of super sell off of over 500 points on thursday. 1990 versus now. 1990 stocks were more expensive than they are today. less than 14 times trail earnings today and treasuries were paying 8.6% interest. people are selling out of stocks which are cheaper than they were in 1990 to get treasuries paying 2.9%. >> yes or no dow crar sh crashes monday. >> early morning get crushed but close up end of the day. >> yes. >> no. >> i don't think we get crushed. >> all right. great panel this morning, guys. matt mccall from penn financial. thomas. dennis neil from the fox business network. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ male announcer ] heard this one?
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