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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 10, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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too early to tell. >> sean: any person you want to win? >> i'm still looking. >> we are keeping an open mind. >> i want someone who is going to lead effectively in this country. there's a lot of other people that can, great choices. >> sean: thanks for being with us. great panel. greta is up next. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: well it happened again. huge losses today, wall street reduced to rubble. investors selling big time. everyone is worrying about europe's debt now. here are the numbers and hang on to your seat. dow down 520. nasdaq down 101. s&p 500 down 52. and the question no one wants to ask, are we headed for recession number two? what are president obama and other leaders doing? most americans may say nothing. house and senate on a five week recess. the president is about to tart a nine-day vacation on martha's vineyard. that has voters fired up.
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karl rove joins us. do you think the american people are revved up about what is going on? >> i'm not sure it is the vacation so much. it is the bad taste in people's mouth about the debt ceiling vote and the process that lead to it. approval in the latest fox poll for congress is 10%. it was 13% at the passage of tarp. 78% of democrats disapprove. 84% of republicans. 86% of independents and 92% tea party members disapprove of congress. >> greta: you don't think it is the vacation. what do they expect of their leaders at this point? >> to have solved this problem without all the acrimony and with -- this -- the congress is the, if you will, the victim of the absence of
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presidential leadership. if you have the president failing to do the job, as he failed to do in this. clean debt ceiling last november, december, could have gotten it done with the democrats in control of congress. tried to set it up to have the republicans take a political fall and weaken them for the 2012 election. all of that guess on for eight, nine months and people say they are -- all of that goes on for eight, 99 months and people say we are sick of this. congress is in bad shape, so is the president. >> greta: the numbers in terms of who they are blaming is it the republicans father less well than the democrats. it -- -- republicans fare less well than the democrats. >> at the end of the day what matters is not the republicans in congress versus president obama, it is president obama versus a single republican. the white house can't be
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sitting there saying we are joyful the republicans in congress are doing badly, they are doing worse than we are. at the end of the day people will go into the voting booth while they may dislike congress they tend to like their congressman, republican or democrat. and we are likely to see them comparing president obama not to the republicans in congress but to the republican candidate for president. >> greta: you think this is the worst week president obama has had? >> on the domestic front, yes. we had the passage of this unpopular measure he was castigated by the left, right, center on his absence of leadership on it. it didn't get done what he said he wanted to get done. left a bad taste in people's how the, bad job numbers, bad growth numbers, then we come to friday night and the downgrade of the u.s. american credit rating. >> greta: what happened? is it that he lost the
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democratic house so things don't so smoothly go for him? is it economic policies have well? the trends aren't good. what happened? >> it is bad policies. people have concluded this 2 1/2 year of experiment of spending to prosperity has not worked. in the average of all polls, the president's job approval on the economy is an average of 35% approve, 57% disapprove. 22 point difference. he's getting down to base democrats who are the only people in america approving his performance on the economy. >> greta: his numbers started out good and they've declined. i thought horrible. then i looked at former president bush, he started out well and he declines. is that the path of it? >> that's at normal path. the difference is, president
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bush started out at a relatively low level, because of the acrimony following the 2000 election in florida. started out at 55%. i looked at this gallup today i have a piece coming out tomorrow, called polling news and notes. i put it out every week. if you take a look at this, key voter groups have drifted from the president. they've moved dramatically, not just drifted. if you take a look at how he won in 2008. it depended on independents, who today approve of him only by 34%, down 28 points from where they were -- >> greta: is that fatal for 2012? >> it depends on whether the economy improves or not. i think he's in deep trouble. eblg still win but only by attempting -- he can still win, but only by attempting to do successfully what he wants to do is dis-- disqualifying his
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opponent. the economy is not going to be enough to get him reelected. >> greta: two things impacted the numbers, one acrimony in florida with president bush and right now the acrimony over the debt ceiling teen the house and senate -- teen the house and senate -- people know they are not supposed to like acrimony. you ask them on the phone we know the right answer. they are fighting so you don't like 'em. to what extent are these polls somewhat deceptive? >> you put your finger on one of the weaknesses of public opinion polling and why we should be a little resist dent to the dependency. i'm more inclined to look at the president's job approval than how they feel about congress. 2/3 of the american people didn't want to raise the debt ceiling at all. they say even in this went
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swimmingly you ended up at a place i didn't want you to be. the president's job approval, dropping 26 points among mid westerners, 25 points among young people and 23 points among hispanics would worry me. >> greta: the job approval rates pretty much track the economic indicators? >> not necessarily. people do vote their pocketbooks. the economy does have a significant impact on people's voting attitudes. what i see is they had expectations as to how the president would con himself in office. they thought he would be a strong decisive leader. they thought he a plan. a plan to know what he was going to do than did john mccann. they thought he would change the tone of politics.
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none of those things have happened. there was that memorable phrase, which i'm surprise people repeat back. i don't want to be the president of red states and blue states, but of the united states. people have a conviction that he didn't live up to that. >> greta: does that mean almost any republican can beat him? >> no. >> greta: why? >> he's a tougher campaigner, big wallet and he's president of the united states. as they said in an article this week in politico, if -- they said they were going to kill romney, you could still win. we saw with harry reid, very unpopular in nevada but made his 0 poe -- his own opponent than he. >> greta: let's assume we have a lousy unemployment rate. looking like we are going to bump up against another debt ceiling and everyone is freaked out about the economy. if you can vilify your
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opponent, you are still a competitor? >> yeah. and it is a sad commentary. particularly, if he pulls this off, if he attempts to do it and pulls it off, he may win. but he will qualify himself as a head-snapping hypocrite. people will not forget this is different than what he said he would do in 2008. >> greta: karl, thank you. >> tonight the calls for congress to return to work are getting louder. it is worth noting the house of representatives has passed several bills a budget. they are waiting for the senate to act. the house leadership might think the senate should get back to town first. joining us allen west. good evening. why do you think that the members of congress should get back to town? >> well for one thing greta,
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and good evening to you. the public perception is we are on a five to six week vacation. we passed seven appropriations bills out of 12 in the house of representatives but the senate has not taken action. by the time we would come back would be 7th september, a new fiscal year. what you are going to hear is continuing resolution and omnibus. we are looking at a senate that has not passed a budget in 829 days am i think we need to go back up as the house of representatives to continue to do the worker with supposed to do and completing the appropriations bills. in the military, we had a saying, that you train and you perform to the mission and not to a time. i think that's what we need here. we've got to get the commission accomplished. >> greta: your your complaint be in light of the fact the house has passed all these bills and they are dead on arrival in the senate, should your call be to call the senate to get back and
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consider the bills up or down whatever they are going to do that may be the choke point? the second question is, you want get back to work, yes many members of congress, including yourself are -- 84 member are on their way to israel instead of coming town, and you are one of them. >> i was asked to be the first one that is both of us need to get back up there the house and senate. earlier this year the gao put out a report that said there was two to 300 billion dollars of duplicative programs in washington. >> greta: that bill is sitting on my desk. go ahead sir. >> yeah i read it and i think that is one of the things we should tackle. as far as going to israel at the end of the month, it will be a great opportunity to go there and meet with the prime minister and the president.
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i'm here as a member of the united states house of representatives and we have a serious situation here. when i was in the military we had defense condition one. that means all leaves and passes were cancelled and it was all hands-on deck. i think we are at that point in time now. >> greta: if you came back to town, i think it would send a great signal to the american people that you really care. i know congress is working. many are having town halls, i'm not a fan of the big ones -- i think it could be an important message to send the american people. do you come back and buy against yourself and pass more bills or come back and somehow try to get the senate to vet yours down so you can go back and come up with something else? >> i think it is important that we come back along with
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the senate. i put out a letter that i worked with many so of the other freshmen colleagues about a nine-step plan working with the senate. we need to have the buy-in from harry reid who something being seen as an obstructionist failing in his duties as senate majority leader. we have work to do. i don't think this is the time to sit back and point fingers at the senate. america right now needs leadership. it is a rudderless ship at sea, headed toward the rocks and no one is at the helm. someone needs to step up and show leadership in this country. >> greta: why don't you come back? you could come back alone? >> i would be happy to. i believe sometimes you do have to stand alone. maybe that's something i would have to come back and do. i would be more than willing to do that. i think the constituents would understand and possibly others
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will follow suit. >> greta: you the e-mail off have you gotten a response? >> no, i have not. but i can tell you, i saw an e-mail from some of my other freshmen colleagues, you are seeing a lot of people in their districts talking about you need to get back to washington and press on. >> greta: do you peck there will be a groundswell of enthusiasm for it? do you expect traction to get congress back in early? >> well, i would hope that the american people will rally behind in recommendation. and they would call the leadership republican or democrat and would also call the president. i understand the president wants to spend time with his family. there are men and women serving in iraq and afghanistan that have time from their families. they don't come home until they get the mission complete. i think that's what they expect of us as well.
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>> greta: congressman, thank you sir. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: some american people are fed up with washington. now washington may have a new spat with the states. the states have great credit now but how long will that last? mayor martin o'malley goes on the record, next. >> did you hear what rick santorum is saying? he's calling senator rick perry destructive. >> plus, you can only tell arizona governor brewer no so many times. now she is doing things her way. wait until you hear what she is doing now. is doing now. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that.
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>> greta: washington's financial crisis is contagious. some of our states are on edge, five are being threatened with a credit rating downgrade of their own. joining us governor martin o'malley. you are one of the few states with a aaa, right? >> right. one of eight states that has made tough decisions on cuts and revenues to maintain a aaa rating. >> greta: is that a long term thing with maryland? >> it is.
10:20 pm
our state and virginia have been fiscally disciplined. something maryland is very proud of. we have the number one schools in america and a lot of other great things going for us. we understand that fiscal responsibility is like maintaining the rudder of that ship. that's what we've all done. it hasn't been easy these last few years. we've had to do unpopular things like raising sales tax by a penny. for that we have a good quality of life and innovation economy that is well poised to create jobs in this new changing world of ours. bet growth now -- >> greta: you have been put on notice you could lose that aaa, right? >> right this is whiplash month for us. we had our rating affirmed. then we were told because of the dysfunction and with the extremists and the republican party in congress, we might have our -- >> greta: there's a different
10:21 pm
view than that. >> i was hearing it from the gentleman that was in front of me. >> greta: that acrimony is the thing that the american people are complaining about. >> they are complaining we are not focused on job creation. this deficit, this is self-inflicted wound. 55% of the deficit is caused by bush era tax cuts primarily benefited -- >> greta: the other 45%? >> 13% is two wars. had those wars had to be financed -- >> greta: i don't want to get into a whole match on that. >> it is not about history, it is about the future, you are right. >> greta: let's get beyond that is the reason that you are sim my threatened with -- that you are semi threatened with credit, every state gets federal money? >> we are threatened because
10:22 pm
we are all part of this country. >> greta: this big pie. >> right. i would argue to moody's and standard & poor's and the others that states with lower bond ratings are more threatened than ours. >> greta: even if they are more threatened, the fact is, if you go from aaa down that is going to raise your interest costs and you've got a five billion dollar bond -- 50 billion dollar bond over the next five years scheduled so it is going to cost you 50 million if you lose a bond rating one step. which is horrible. >> 10 days before this vote to avoid the default we went out into the bond market. because of our aa been rating because we brought democrats and republicans together to make the tough decisions we got a good rate, 3.07%. >> greta: you are shrewd and smart. >> we have to go back out in february. look, there's two ways that we can kill this fragile jobs
10:23 pm
recovery. one, to needlessly drive the country into default, which fortunately we avoided. the other way is a massive public sector cuts. look at job creation over the last several months. private sector has been creating jobs. public sector has been shedding jobs. >> greta: i don't agree./dñ i think the stimulus bill has not created the jobs. you may be lucky you got a rich state, a lot of federal employees that live in maryland. >> i think the stimulus did save and create some jobs. it wasn't able to go far enough. what i was talking about were the fact that we are running in place here on this jobs recovery. though the private sector has created more -- though the private sector has created more jobs the public sector has wiped out those gains. that's the balance we need to get back to is recognizing --
10:24 pm
we have to recognize that the government, our federal government, also plays a role in job creation. businesses can create jobs unless america's government is doing its job. >> greta: what do you want the government to do? >> to do what wife done in the past, which is to -- to do what we've done in the past. i [ talking over each other ] >> greta: we did one in february '09 it has been a disaster. >> it hasn't been a disaster. >> greta: if you go across the country 9.2% unemployment rate still. >> i don't argue that. >> greta: people are hurting, it is a lie to say this has been a success for people. >> not a lie to say we would be a second great depression right now had president not acted. >> greta: maybe if he acted differently, we would be in a better situation, i don't know i can tell you what the numbers are now. people are hurting.
10:25 pm
>> we are not creating enough jobs. tom friedman, great marylander, he says there are five things that we need to get back to in this public-private partnership that is the united states of america. one, investing in education. rational immigration policy. mother one is investments in infrastructure. the bridges, the roads, the cyber infrastructure that makes our economy go. basic investments in r & d and the fifth in jeopardy now because of tea party extremists that have taken over the once proud party of lincoln, a balanced rational and predictable rule of law. we need to get back to it as a country to allow millionaires and billionaires to continue to enjoy tax windfalls that we can't afford as a nation is ridiculous. it is a self-inflicted wound. we need to get back to a balanced approach. >> greta: governor, i like you
10:26 pm
very much. that was not much of a discussion. but it was rather a nice speech that i've heard many times. >> i thought it was good. you are my favorite person on fox. >> greta: and i like your wife very much. >> i look forward to a longer segment. >> greta: indeed, thank you. rick santorum is here. the senator says he will beat expectations. senator santorum is next. >> newt gingrich is calling on ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st.
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>> greta: right now iowa is bizing. presidential hopefuls are gearing up for the big debate. -- go on gretawire and live chat with me during the debate. saturday is the straw holiday rick santorum will be there. right now he's right here. he joins us from iowa. did you say that governor rick perry was destructive or not? >> i think i said his position on allowing states to go ahead and do whatever they want with the issue of marriage was destructive. because you can't have 50 different marriage laws in this country. i thought that position would be destructive to the basic institution of marriage and family. >> greta: so we got that
10:31 pm
squared away. now, tomorrow night several of you up on the stage. how do you distinguish yourself from the other candidates? >> i'm someone who has been a consistent conservative over the past -- over my political career. i've been out there arguing when it was unpopular for entitlement reform and private sector health care. i didn't advocate for climate change and things like that. i've been someone who has led on all the issues, national security, more cultural issues like partial birth abortion and other pro-life things. i'm the own person on that stage who was able to author a bill and work it through the united states senate that ended a federal entitlement. if you look at some of the big issues we have to deal with from national security to our culture to dealing with our federal deficit, i'm the one on the stage that got things
10:32 pm
done and have been there from the beginning. >> greta: who do you think is the most different from you on that stage tomorrow night? >> i guess that is hard to say. you have folks on either side of me. ron paul more of a libertarian. pawlenty and romney are more moderate. i'd say i'm in the middle of the crowd, if you will. >> greta: in terms of preparation, are you practicing? >> no -- i did 50 town hall meetings over the past 15 days. >> greta: how about with your staff where you stayed -- where you stand up and get grilled by the staff? >> i get much tougher questions with bret baier than tomorrow night. these people are showing up in great numbers. they come with real tough questions. they take this responsibility here in iowa very, very
10:33 pm
seriously. we've had some great discussions. not one of them have i had to cut off conversation -- cut off the questions because i had seven town meetings a day. i was on time. we stretched them as long as we could to get to the next town on time we had great dialogue and discussion that's the best preparation for the debate tomorrow night >> greta: what was the toughest question you got at a town hall meeting? >> i had one guy ask me to look him in the eye about social security and what you are going to do with the social security system? that's a tough one. nobody on the stump has been talking about social security and i have. i said we need to chain the system going forward. make sure revenues and expenditures match. right now they don't. we have to change the structure going forward in the future. otherwise, we are going to have a social secure system
10:34 pm
that is going to collapse. i looked him in the eye, told him weigh i was going to do. may not have made him happy, but i told the truth. >> greta: you mean changing the age, the amount of money or a means test or what? >> means test, you have survivor been fits that go to men -- benefits that go to men who have a second wife and have young children and they turn 65 and they are wealthy and their kids get social security benefits. there's things like that. social security was there to keep people out of poverty not give benefits to folks who don't need it. we have to look means testing, retirement age. as our population continues to live longer, average life expectancy in america is 85. that's 20 years on social security. there's changes we have to make. we have to have a discussion about it.
10:35 pm
we have to talk with the american public. if we don't they are going to be subject to scare and fear tactics. >> greta: senator, thank you we'll be watching tomorrow night. >> thank you very much greta. >> greta: secret meetings is congress keeping things from the american people? newt gingrich thinks so. ♪ [ female announce] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. asian stocks trading lower thursday, following another huge selloff day on wall street. japan's nikkei indexes shrinking and hong cang kong's hang seng fell 1.5%. but the drop is not as intense as the dow's loss of more than 500 points on wednesday. investors are spntding to concerns about the health of europe's banks and france's debt rating. the nation's budget deficit tomming $1 trillion for the
10:40 pm
third straight year. the shortfall on track to exceed last year's deficit of $1.29 trillion. president obama and congress are taking notice and have cast a group of lawmakers cast with the job of reducing the debt in the next decade. for the latest headlines, go to i'm ainsley earhardt. thanks for watching. >> greta: are we in economic denial? we are broke, we need jobs, washington is a mess annual street is crumbling. what is being done and will it work? we asked newt gingrich. mr. speaker nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> greta: i must note, you have a nice relaxed iowa look about yourself. no suit and tie tonight. >> we are on the way to the parade which kicks off the fair tomorrow morning at 8:00,
10:41 pm
the fairground opens. i was there and people are already eating and having a good time. it is going to be a great fair. >> greta: great time in iowa. the dow plunged 519 points, wiping out all the recent gains. why did it happen? what should we do about it? >> well, we have been following policies that aren't going to work. they aren't working. i think congress should come back and start bypassing the repeal of the dodd-frank bill on -- day one. move to repeal sarbanes-oxley on day two. go through as many federal regulation as they can to repeal them to let businesses focus on doing their jobs. this economy is crumbling under a bureaucratic socialism in which washington dictates every aspect of life. the result is, people aren't hiring.
10:42 pm
folks are running out of money. i think we are going to see the economy stay in deep trouble unless there's a profound change in direction. >> greta: you say congress should come back in. are you suggesting they come back right now or wait until the end of the recess? the president is about to go on a nine-day vacation to martha's vineyard. washington is a ghost town. >> i just think when you have 14 million americans out of work and another 10 million either under employed or have given up looking. and you see the disaster, 2,000 point drop in the last 14 days of trading on the dow jones average for example. you have to ask yourself, shouldn't the political leadership of the country do something? i'm respectful of the fact that august vacations are sort of sacrosanct. i'm also very aware if we have three, four more weeks of this
10:43 pm
kind of decay they are going to come back in september to a country that is in very, very dangerous condition. >> greta: why doesn't the president stand up and demand that the speaker and senate majority leader do it? why don't they do it themselves? what can be going on in their mines why this shouldn't be done now? -- in their minds why this shouldn't be done now? >> i think they are in a period of damage. you look at the mess over the debt ceiling and you think to yourself, it should be possible for americans to come together and find a way to do some things. i mentioned a couple that don't cost money. repealing dodd-frank would save money. repealing sarbanes-oxley would not cost any money. there are a number of other steps you can take like that. cleaning out regulations by enforcing the 10th amendment would not cost money. without getting into a budget fight there are six, eight,
10:44 pm
nine things you can do overnight. i've been talking with a gentleman name michael george who helped found a managing system. he believes if you tried to modernize the federal government you would save 500 billion dollars a year. that's five trillion over 10 years. i don't sense any appetite in washington for serious thinking about doing it dining roomly. everybody says we want a different outcome. now let's go back and do the same stuff that isn't working that is unfortunate in both parties. we need to take a deep breath, step back and realize that this ain't working it is time to try different, new approaches. >> greta: i think everyone is hanging his or her hat on the super committee. the report doesn't come until november. should we be satisfied that is a structural change that is coming and perhaps they can fix things or should we be
10:45 pm
impatient and is that a compromise trying to at least get something passed or is that caving in? tell me what you think? >> congress ought to focus operate economy now. not wait until november not look for some magic. i believe this so-called super committee should have all meetings in public, on c-span. every proposal should be in writing on the internet. i'm deeply 0 posed to 12 people becoming a -- deeply opposed to 12 people becoming a super congress, hiding and springing a bad idea on us thanksgiving. it is like we need to cut off your right leg or shoot you. which do you prefer? i'm fed up where politicians come up with a set of bad choices and ask us to pick which we dislike least. we ought to have the legislative process. committees doing their job. subcommittees doing their job. we ought to have hearings on
10:46 pm
new ideas, new approaches. 12 people can possibly understand trillions and trillions of dollars. and i'm very dubious we keep shrinking the circle. there are 435 house members, 100 senators. they should all be engaged. they should all be helping draft this. it should all be out in the open for the american people. creating jobs now, i think comes before you get to that committee. congress ought to come back and focus on this economic crisis and pass the kind of things i just described. if you repeal dodd-frank you would overnight, liberate community banks, enable small businesses, realtors, home builders, all of them to have a dramatically better future. the turn around would be 24, 48 hours. the minute they knew it would happen, you would see economic activity picking up. >> greta: tomorrow is a big night in republican politics. iowa debate.
10:47 pm
of course fox news is part of this debate, sponsoring the debate watch is your strategy? >> my strategy is to be very clear about solutions. to focus on solutions, now. to suggest that talking about what i would do in january of 2013 in a country that has three wars underway, faced with a crisis at the united nations in september over the unilateral recognition of a palestinian state. faced with a decaying economy. it will be nice for the presidential candidates to describe leadership right now. what should be done right now? i will focus by effort tomorrow night in ames, i'm looking forward to being there, to focusing on what we need to do right now in national security and in economics, in order to get in country on the right track. >> greta: do you expect president obama will be the main subject and the opponent of all the candidates or will the candidates attempt to contrast and compare each
10:48 pm
other in a different position so we can see how anybody is different or how anybody is the same? >> i don't know what the other candidates will do. i'm going to focus on what america needs to get done. i think everybody understands the president is failing. this isn't just partisan politics. it isn't just name calling. the question is, what is each candidate's solution, at a time when america's economy is in trouble? i think we need to have a real focus on how we would lead, what we would propose and how we would get things done in a positive way. there's enough negative news in the real world we don't have to make negative political news. we have to offer genuine, positive solutions to give people a sense of hope. >> greta: i want you to know we on gretawire are going to have a live chat, that's a warning, beware. [ laughing ] >> okay, i look forward it to.
10:49 pm
>> greta: mr. speaker, thank you. straight ahead from arizona to washington the fight over sb is gaining new momentum. make a commute that's a little more worthwhile? then you belong at bass pro shops. check out big savings during the fall hunting classic like your adventure starts here. [ ben harper's "amen omen" playing ] we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> greta: here's the best of
10:53 pm
the rest. arizona governor brewer is asking for help from the supreme court. hours ago she petitioned the justices to reverse a lower court ruling that put key parts of the immigration law sb-1070 on . the part that states if you are stopped in arizona by law enforcement you can be asked to show proof of citizenship. the governor lost and the reason she wants help from the supreme court. we'll keep you posted on the sprblgt decision. >> -- police chased a bull done the highway for four miles. when that didn't work and the owner called in help for cowboys. they managed to rankle -- to wrangle the bull. luckily no one was hurt. >> fun for all of us tomorrow night that includes you and me. we are going to live chat on greta wire during the iowa
10:54 pm
presidential debate. don't say you can watch and chat at the same time. i know you can do this. it is going to be finance. it started at 9 p.m. eastern on there will be a special icon that says, join now. you can't miss it. see you there. you are going to have fun, i promise you. there you have the best of the rest. >> coming up, bret baier better look out, his job a be in jeopardy, maybe. you want [ male announcer ] imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place. ♪ the race of your life you never ran. the trip around the world you never took. the best-selling novel you never wrote. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event, with exceptional values on the lexus es. but only until september 6th. see your lexus dealer. excuse me?
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. >> so, are you excited to see
10:59 pm
the debate on thursday night? >> yes. >> why are you excited? because dad's going to moderate it? >> yes. >> okay. you can see, he's really, really excited about the debate. if you have questions, besides the one that paul is coming up with about soldiers and robot legs. >> [mumbling]. >> shark stories. he's big into shark stories. >> [mumbling]. >> yeah. there was a shark in the water. >> no, no, no, no! i mean like... [mumbling]. >> okay. we are running out of tape. thank you so much for coming into the office today.


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