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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 11, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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peter? >> he was one of 30 troops killed by the taliban i that deadly chopper crash in afghanistan. coming up, hear from the parents of this american hero. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have have a good, what is it today, thursday, here we are. it's been a busy week with the tumbling of wall street. we thought we were going to have a great day a couple of days ago and yesterday, going down more than 500 points. a lot of this could have to do with the european situation, the sovereignty of italy and spain and whether or not france will be able to continue as a triple a rated country as well. there was also a rumor going around that one of the major french banks might fail yesterday so there was a lot of ying and yang happening and that's what was causing the u.s. stock market to go -- >> and the major bank is society
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generale, there were all these rumors in paris that, perhaps, they were about to be downgraded. all three of the rating agencies have come out and said absolutely not, that's not going to happen. as you get up on this thursday morning, we know you wanted to know, because the overseas markets are always an indicator of how, perhaps, wall street will turn out. well, in asia, they finished down about 1%. it looks like it's an up day across europe including the country of france. up 2%, 3% at this point. it's midday there. and currently, the wall street numbers are looking up. the futures for the dow are up 104. we went on the air live at 5:00 a.m. they were up close to 200 so they're moderating a bit. >> now, the economy is really so global, the focus really has been on the european markets because folks say, well, as those banks go, our banks go. because of the cross investment and the investment as gretchen was talking about in foreign debt, in countries like france
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and now, perhaps, another standard & poor's downgrade maybe of france. >> i will bring up one domestic thing that many experts are saying is affecting the stock market which is remember the other day when the federal reserve moved in in the afternoon when the stock market was tanking on monday, i believe it was and they say look, we're going to keep interest rates at 0% through the fall of 2013 and that caused the stock market to go up because there was a bit of certainty there. that could have played into the negativity of the market yesterday. why? because that sends the signal that it's going to be doom and gloom in our economy for the next two years if we have to keep interest rates at 0%. so how does that all bode for the president right now? apparently, he was having a high level meeting yesterday with tim geithner, the treasury secretary. ben bernanke, the head of the fed reserve and the national economic council chair jim sperling and white house chief of staff bill daley.
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are they going to come out with new ideas? when asked about it, he said the president was busy crafting ideas about this economy. we've known about this economy for a long time. a lot of people thought that was a fascinating comment. >> apparently, it had to do with outlook for jobs. the president of the united states cannot get re-elected in the unemployment rate is this high and if the economy is in the dumper. let's take a look at the president's job performance right now, it's deteriorated since july. currently, only 42% approve of the job the president is doing, you know what? the disapproval is close to 50%. you know what? and he's also close to diving into the 30's which could be the really bad thing for that -- >> and the numbers are even worse when you look at the numbers with regard to is the country moving in the right direction? you see just an incredible majority of americans who lack
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confidence and i think we're going to be talking with charlie gasparino with regard to that confidence and fear and hope and optimism and how that drives the markets and where's the president been in instilling that? that becomes an issue. >> actually, with all the bad news we've been receiving as of late, i'm surprised those numbers aren't lower, quite frankly. it doesn't matter if it's republican or democrat. we've had a lot of bad news and for president obama to still be above 40%, not sure what that says but let's think about what a political expert thinks about that. here's dick morris. >> i believe that obama will have to run for president with an unemployment rate well over 10% and an economy in an actual recession and i've always felt that. it was an inevitable if you understand the impact to remake the economy and scare everybody over his changes rather than focus on his recovery. >> and the key is with that number we just showed you, that's his overall job approval
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rating. when you ask people how he's handling the economy, that number is actually, i think, in the low 30's. so that -- you know, and what -- how did bill clinton get elected? it was the economy, stupid. >> obviously, the president's approval numbers are bad news for the president. but in the greater sense, they're bad news for everybody. because if the country was doing better, then the president would have a higher approval rating. so there's no consolation in that. i mean, the truth is most americans wish that the president's ratings were better because it would reflect the fact that the country was in fact doing better and our economy was doing better. >> that's a great point. if the president wants to feel a little bit better this morning, he can realize that the disapproval rating that this country feels about congress right now is much higher. unfortunately, the american public believes -- i believe the number is 84% disapproval with members of congress. >> right, but then you look at the ratings of the president vs. a generic republican and
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generally, the generic republican has been trending higher than the president of the united states. and if the president, if you were going to have the election today and by the way, we're not gonna. don't worry. if the election were held today according to this new fox news poll, 44% would vote to re-elect the president. 51% would vote for somebody else and as you can see, those numbers have particularly vote for somebody else. that number has gone up 2% in a couple of months. >> what we've seen is an absolute disaffectionate this point for the president's policies and performance coming from the left wing media. it's -- >> where did that come from? where have they been? >> absolutely incredible some of the attacks that he has undergone in the last few days from people who were his big, big supporters in the past who are walking away from him. >> why is that poll so significant? a lot of people have said there's no standout candidate amongst the 10 to 12 people in the g.o.p. field. as that number continues to
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widen, maybe it's just not even so much the candidate as it is the policies and the philosophy of a particular party that will be attractive to the american voter. >> for so many people on the left, suddenly, they'll be saying you know what? maybe we should have nominated hillary. we wouldn't be having these problems with the economy if there was a clinton in the white house. you read "the daily beast" you read the leftie blockgs, a lot people are talking about they made a mistake with this guy and here we are. >> you see a lot of the blogs and you see more and more comments saying maybe hillary clinton could step out of the shadows as secretary of state and come in and rescue the democratic party. >> not too late for a primary challenge. >> well, it's the history of american politics. >> she said she's not doing it. we'll see what happens. in the meantime, those candidates getting ready to square off, the ones that we're just talking about in a fox newschannel debate in ames,
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iowa, ahead of the straw poll that's going to happen this weekend. steve brown is on the campus of iowa state university, bright and early this morning, you're on central time, steve. welcome and good morning. >> we are. >> good morning and go cyclones! good morning, gretchen, steve, peter, you need an actual a full inhale before you say the name of tonight's debate is the fox news washington examiner republican party of iowa republican candidates debate. and that takes a full breath but if you're going to take a look at the combatants in this particular debate, let's talk about first the arguably the candidate that has been most in the move in the polls and that would be michelle bachmann. you could argue that based on her performances in the two nationally televised debates so far, that has helped propel michelle bachmann up into the top tier of the presidential candidates for the g.o.p. now, it is interesting in that we've got to debate and then we've got an actual measurable event coming up on saturday which is the straw poll and the chairman of the state party says there is a true opportunity for
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follow-up success based on a debate performance at the straw poll on saturday. have a listen. >> there's no question having the debate 48 hours before iowans go to the polls at the straw poll could have a huge impact. if your candidate has a large and impressive performance, maybe that's a catalyst to get somebody off the couch and say i will vote for that candidate. >> now, the guy with the arguably the largest, deepest and the team that has been at work the longest in the state of iowa, that would be minnesota governor tim pawlenty. he will be out there to try to make sure folks get a good look and get a good ear -- get to hear from him in tonight's debate as well. stakes might be a bit higher for pawlenty coming up in the straw poll on saturday. there's going to be a lot of folks interested in seeing how that organization translates into actual support at the straw poll and it's believed he needs a top three finish in order to be able to show folks that he
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can translate that and then, of course, there is ron paul that has been out there working the field here in iowa and has it straw poll success in the past. and has been working very hard. the folks that are republican activists in this state say do not discount him. there are several folks who think he's going to walk away with the title on straw poll saturday. it will get set up with a debate here tonight. >> ron paul does really well in those straw polls if history is any indication. thanks so much. now the rest of your headlines and we start with a fox news alert. the u.s. military is searching now for a marine corps jet that disappeared overnight in the pacific ocean 60 miles southwest of san diego. the f-18 hornet similar to the one you see here, flying close to another jet when they lost radio contact with each other. they're looking for a jet and the navy warship that's on the way. for the first time in four days, a relative calm overcoming the
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streets of london right now. thousands of police officers kept guard overnight trying to keep the peace. still, authorities fear that riots like this one could erupt again. british prime minister david cameron will be addressing the crisis a half-hour from now. we'll bring it to you live. meantime, twitter refusing to shut down the accounts of users trying to incite even more arrests in the u.k. at least eight people have been arrested for doing just that. new details emerging about the dramatic capture of the so-called doherty gang. police arrested the three florida siblings in colorado yesterday looking quite a bit different with dyed blond hair and their new mug shot. the week long man hunt came to an end when they crashed their car into a guard rail while trying to evade police. he saw the crash and helped officers nab one of the suspects who tried to run away. >> give up and there won't be no problems. he turned his back on me and i proceeded to grab a hold of him and i pulled him down to the
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ground. >> wow. the f.b.i. also confirming that police shot lee grace doherty in the leg after she aimed a pistol at them. all three siblings were taken to the hospital in wheelchairs for various injuries. they are now in jail. no word of where and when they will be charged. she may be free but guess what? she's the most hated person in america. we're talking about casey anthony. according to a new survey by epolls market resource, 94% of those who know of anthony have a negative opinion of her. that puts anthony ahead of o.j. simpson and even octomom, nada suleman. >> usama bin laden about to get a starring role on the silver screen. did the white house reveal top secret information, classified information, make that available t to hollywood just so they could make a movie propping up the president in time for his
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re-election? >> the european debt crisis is an ocean away. their money matters could empty out your wallet here at home. charles gasparino from the fox business network is here with what you need to know. >> he's got that need to know look. >> he does. [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us.
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>> you're waking up to more chaos in the market or will it be a better day? yesterday, the dow dropped another 520 points amidst fears of rising debt in europe. but why should you care about the european debt? we're about to tell you. >> fox business network correspondent charlie gasparino is here. good morning, charlie. where are we going with this? we were talking before. is this going to be a long, long ride in terms of up and down, up and down? >> yes, i think so. if you combine the fact that you have european problems and we'll give you an idea of why that hit markets here, combine that with the fact that the u.s. economy is not doing very well. the fed put out a report the other day that said it's not going to do well for the next two years, put that together and the markets are clearly on edge and they're trading off of every single headline which is really interesting. >> so you've been studying this for decades. >> thank you. >> not that i -- >> and i would say the same thing about me with other things, ok, we're all in that
3:17 am
age bracket but because of that experience that you have, has the economy become more global recent or has it always been that way? why are we affected by it? >> i mean, it's much more now of a global integrated economy and it's a great econoquestion because that's why we care what's happened in france. i believe the ceo denied it and said it was a bunch of short sellers throwing around stuff. if a french bank did go down, blew up, that would have ramifications here. people here trade with that french bank. when i say people, banks here, financial firms hold the debt of french banks. it's so interconnected that a shock wave over there is like a tsunami. it hits here. >> do france, italy, greece, countries like that, where we hear questions about the sovereign debt, do they have the capacity like the united states had in 2008 to save banks? >> here's the thing. when you talk to traders, this is what scares them so much. they believe that they have the
3:18 am
capacity -- the european central bank is the main sort of entity. it's our equivalent of the fed. it has the capacity to save greece. but when you start talking italy and france, that's when traders get really scared and that's what had the market so on edge. france is a huge country. you think france is screwed up? then italy is screwed up and then you really start talking about major global shops and you're talking about nationalization of major banks in really big countries. this is not greece. this is france and italy. these are major industrial powers. >> we're not at that point. we're talking hypothetically. >> we're talking somewhat hypothetically. i'll say this. here's the problem. remember what the head of lehman brothers said months before it collapsed. everything is fine. oh, this is like rumors! that's what they're saying now and the markets are so jittery, they generally don't believe those words. >> all right. charles, thanks so much for your input this morning. >> thank you. >> he was one of 30 troops killed by the taliban in that
3:19 am
deadly chopper crash over the weekend, next, the parents of this american hero join us live. >> and a new jersey restaurant being sued because it accidentally served hindu people meat. but what they want from the lawsuit will have you scratching your head and what a judge said will have you scratching it even more. >> a tlot of scratching, peter. ♪ i've been waiting ♪ for a snack like you ♪ to come into my life [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has snacks!
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>> a u.s. air strike has killed the taliban insurgents whose attack caused that helicopter crash that killed 30 u.s. servicemen in afghanistan. 17 of those, navy seals including aaron vaughn whose faith in god and country led him pursue service with the seals in the wake of september 11th. aaron's parents, billy and karen vaughn join us live right now from washington, d.c. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you, steve, for having us. >> listen, thank you. i know you have had the worst week possible. and for you to join us today, that says a lot about you. because i know you want to talk about your son and we've just put up his picture. tell us about aaron. >> i tell you, just -- aaron was the boy that any mom and dad
3:24 am
could dream of having. he just -- just a pleasure to raise. lots of joy. a little bit of aggravation, lots of fun, lots of laughs. >> that's what i would say most about aaron is aaron, we've been talking as a family, the biggest thing that's going to hurt about him being gone is he was just -- he was just bigger than life. you know, and he -- and he just was always fun. every time he came home, it was those hey, y'all, watch this moments. and you know, we just had a blast every time he was around. he made sure, you know. >> we just showed a picture of your son, you're holding him as a little boy. wearing cameo. -- camo. this job is something he's wanted since he was little. >> yes. yes. yeah. from the time -- his father has the story about the day he realized what a navy seal was.
3:25 am
i'll let you tell that. >> aaron and i -- when aaron was growing up and when i was a lot younger, we lived on a farm there in tennessee, northwest tennessee and a lot of times on saturdays, you know, we would -- he and i would be out together working on the farm or doing something and one day something came on the radio in the truck there about -- about the army rangers. aaron didn't tell me this story until after he had become a seals. something came on about the army rangers and he listened to it and i told him, i said, son, there is a group that may be possibly a notch above because they do in water and they come from the air and they do those things like that and the story was never repeated after our conversation until after one time when aaron came home and he said, he told me, he said, dad, ever since -- i didn't remember it. he had remembered every bit of it and he said ever since that day in the truck when you and i were riding down the road by the
3:26 am
way place when you told me about that, he said that's what i've wanted to be. >> and his dream came true. he became a navy seal. >> he did. >> he did. >> he served proudly. we just led this segment by -- with the news that apparently the people who brought down that chopper with the rpg's apparently we had an attack and they're all dead. did that help? >> help? no. feel good? yes. >> it's good. >> that's what it's all about and that's what our son and all of the rest of them i'm sure that's what they were after. >> absolutely. there had been some suggestion that, perhaps, this attack on that helicopter was payback for the bin laden raid. bin laden, of course, responsible for september 11th. september 11th really changed aaron's life. that was one of the things that really motivated him to become a member of the u.s. military, wasn't it? >> that's right.
3:27 am
aaron had -- because in high school, aaron had torn his acl and had -- it had ruined his playing football which was where his heart was when he was in high school and so -- so he -- he couldn't play any sports or if he did after that in any kind of amateur sports, playing basketball or football on saturdays with boys and stuff like that, you know, with friends, he always had to wear a knee brace and then he came in after 9/11 on his -- actually on his 21st birthday, he'd already gotten a degree and he was pursuing another career, and came in on his 2211st birthday d set us down at the table and told us what he had done. he had joined and he wanted to be a seal. and then, though, he had to become a seal and he had to train as a seal without his knee brace because he couldn't let anyone know he didn't have an
3:28 am
acl. >> he was remarkable. >> that is remarkable. >> let me -- i know they brought his body back a couple of days ago to dover because 19 of 30 families objected, there were not supposed to be any pictures taken. and none were by anybody except the white house. and the white house did release a picture, in fact, they made it the picture of the day of the president of united states saluting at some of the cases that some of the bodies were brought off the airplane. do you feel it's appropriate that the white house released those -- that particular picture even though there were objections from so many families? >> let me ask you, steve, are you surprised? >> i am surprised given the fact that the pentagon said there would be absolutely no images. that -- and then there was an image. that did surprise me. >> it's disappointing. >> it's very disappointing. >> yeah. >> in fact, we were impressed that the president was there with no press.
3:29 am
we were impressed about that. and that's what impressed us about that he came, there was no press as far as we were told, you know, and then this. so -- >> i know at this point, funeral plans are uncertain because you don't know exactly when you're going to get the body of your son. but you are going to have a memorial service. tell us a little bit about that. >> well, aaron, you know, he grew up in a small town in west tennessee and, you know, he's their hometown hero, the people there love him. we moved to florida when he was 16 years old but he actually went back to that high school in tennessee to graduate because those people were his family and the people he grew up with and loved in the community and so it was a fitting place to have his first memorial and billy and i talked to his wife about it and she was 100%, you know, ready to do it so we just -- we went ahead and planned it. the family is working their tails off right now to put it all together to really pay honor
3:30 am
to aaron the way everybody wants to. >> absolutely. >> but we would like to say, he does have some dear friends in florida. very dear friends that have made a very big impact on his life and changed him a lot as a young man growing up. >> you know what? he's got a lot of new friends all across this country looking in and we thank you so much for joining us today to tell us about your son, aaron. >> steve, he's got friends in heaven that we've never seen and we know he's there with the lord now and we know he could not have left this world without it being the lord's will. and amen to that. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for joining us on a tough week. our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. >> thanks. >> peter? >> and the vaughns have a nation of friends you see where courage comes from. steve. breaking news on that missing military jet we told you about, we'll bring you that in two minutes. plus usama bin laden heading to the silver screen. did the white house give top secret, classified information
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>> fox news alert for you right now, u.s. coast guard confirming that those two marines we were telling you about at the top of the hour have been rescued alive after their f-18 hornet went down in the pacific ocean 60 miles southwest of san diego.
3:35 am
it was flying alongside another jet when the pilots lost radio contact. they arrived on the scene quickly and was ultimately successful in their search. that's a good way to counter the brave story that steve just had of that family that lost their son. >> yeah. finally some good news. >> happy news and rescue in the dark. >> indeed. also, we got another fox news alert. after another plunge yesterday on wall street where the street went down 520 points on the dow, the world is getting off to a pretty good start. dow futures right now indicate they are up 84 currently. so stand by. european markets, though, as you can see across the board. it's midday there, they're all up, as you can see, london, the dax and the german and the french stocks exchanges up 2%, 2 1/2%. >> asia started slow and finished with a mix bag. hong kong off a little more than 1%. south korea up .6%. it's good to see the european
3:36 am
numbers because that was apparently driving some of our numbers yesterday. that's good to see. >> big french bank might go urged. not the case, apparently. >> let's talk a little bit about what's happening back here at the white house because there are some people who are concerned that quite possibly the white house may have given special privileges or even classified information to sony for an upcoming usama bin laden movie. now, congressman peter king out of new york is asking for an investigation. you may remember that katherine bigelow was the director and producer, i believe, on the other highly successful movie, it's escaping my memory. >> "the hurt locker". >> right. and she's been working on the usama bin laden movie for sometime. she was working on it before he was captured and now has had to change the story line but ironically it's coming out october of 2012. why is that important? because november is the election for the presidency of the united states. >> yes, coming out three weeks before the election and remember, the bin laden raid was one of the biggest moments in
3:37 am
this administration's history thus far. i mean, the administration would really like a movie that shows a positive president obama really in charge doing those gutsy moves. now, here's the problem. gretch just mentioned that congressman king is very upset because apparently, there are -- and he sent a letter to the pentagon and the c.i.a. saying hey, did you let these filmmakers in on any secrets? now, maureen dowd writes that apparently, the filmmakers did have access to classified information. she wrote that in "the new york times." also, apparently, there are reports that the writer was at a closed door meeting, apparently, i think at the c.i.a. where they were talking -- where they were talking about the team that brought down bin laden. the meeting was classified. what was he doing there? the white house says don't worry, we didn't do anything wrong. here's mr. carney. >> we do not discuss classified information. and i would hope that as we face a continued threat from terrorism, the house committee on homeland security would have
3:38 am
more important topics to discuss than the movie. >> how about -- >> that all depends on what actually is exposed in the movie. that's the white house response. >> yes, e-mail us. do you think hollywood could possibly be trying to get the president re-elected? friends at >> your headlines for a thursday. you're looking live in london where david cameron is addressing the nation again on the continuing riots throughout the country. for the first time in four days, a relative calm overcoming the streets of london. thousands of police officers overnight trying to keep the peace, that the trouble is not entirely over, we'll bring you what prime minister cameron is saying in this address coming up. >> and now to some other stories making headlines this morning, the f.b.i. is now headed to aruba to help investigate the disappearance of robin gardner. local authorities called off the search for the woman yesterday saying they had no credible leads. meanwhile, gardner's travel partner, gary giordano now officially a suspect.
3:39 am
police say he's changed his story several times and he seems extremely suspicious. >> the two men accused of beating a man near death outside dodgers stadium have pleaded not guilty. prosecutors claim louie sanchez and marvin norwood had previously admitted their guilt in the brutal attack of bryan stow. the father of two seen in this picture slowly improving at a san francisco hospital and he's now responding to physical commands like raising his arms and legs. let's face it. he has been in the hospital for months now. this is a major injury inflicted upon him. >> essentially was incredible. we're in the heat of the summer. and for those firing up their grills this weekend, we've got everything you need to know. >> yep. >> let's go out to steve. >> thank you very much, gretch and peter. that's right, famous dave anderson of famous dave's is here live. of course, you guys do all the barbecue on our special concert series friday. >> we've been smoking them up all summer and i'll tell you what, we got some exciting
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things to talk about today because with all the pork that's going on in washington, d.c., famous dave's is giving away the pork. this sunday, anybody named dave, davey or davinia gets free ribs so you want to go to your local famous dave's and get yourself some free ribs if you're named dave, davey or davina. >> do you have to provide i.d.? >> i'm glad you brought that up because we even had people bringing in the birth certificates for their babies and then the whole family is getting free ribs. >> that's good. >> speaking of ribs, today you're going to give us a tip. today you're here to do some cooking. you have a tip of how to save a lot of money. >> a lot of money. what we have here is what's called a whole spare. and when you cut off the rib tip, you get what we call the rib tip and it's about half the cost of a regular rack of ribs. >> but it tastes the same.
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>> you can tell, it's all full of meat and what we do is we create a rib rub and this is a memphis style. we got some seasoning sauce. we've got some paprika, some chili powder, some garlic celery seed, black pepper, some cumin here, basil, oregano, and then -- >> mix. >> and then mix it up. so this is -- this is a memphis style rib rub. >> and then what do you do? >> we take -- we've been smoking our -- >> you put it on the ribs before you actually throw them on the grill, right? >> right. so the rib tips comes out like they've actually been smoking it and then the next thing that we do is we'll take this memphis dry rub and we'll just put it right on the rib tips generously and i'll tell you what, it makes for some great eating. >> i'll tell you what, every week you've been here, i've had the rub -- the ribs with the rub and they are fantastic. >> i'll tell you what, there aren't anything better than a
3:42 am
famous dave's rib that will rock the house. if you want a great barbecue, you can come on over to famous dave's this sunday. especially if you're named dave, davina, davey, get some free ribs. if your middle name is dave or something like that, you get half price. but anyway, it's a great deal. we're giving away the pork. so forget washington, d.c. come on over to dave's. >> i love this guy! no wonder you're famous, dave. >> they say it ain't bragging if it's the truth. >> that's right. >> dave is going to be with us all morning long and you can get the recipes at fox and back into you. >> call me dave on sunday. >> me, too. >> that's fine with me. i like that guy because he's from minnesota, too, started a great business. >> is he? >> that's where it started. a restaurant sued for thousands of dollars because they accidentally served hindus meat. is that even fair? but what they want from the lawsuit will truly leave you scratching your head. >> and a very controversial new test that lets parents find out if they're having a boy or girl
3:43 am
at just 7 weeks. but is that too soon? our medical a team examines that issue coming up. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at in one place. ♪ the race of your life you never ran. the trip around the world you never took. the best-selling novel you never wrote. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event, with exceptional values on the lexus es.
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3:47 am
peter? >> every day, harsh laws and increased regulations and out of control government infringe upon your rights as american citizens. this week is no different. in venice beach, california, the owners of a dairy farm were raided with excessive force by armed officers for conspiring to sell unpasturized milk to consumers who wanted it. is that allegation true? joining us with more from the freedom files, host of freedom watch, our good friend on the fox business network and on the fives, judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning, how are you my friend? >> is that true? tell us about it. >> what is particularly offensive here is that these people are selling raw milk to customers who want to buy it. customers who are willing to say i would rather consume the milk unpasturized so these guys are visited by agents of the food and drug administration who come armed with weapons, arrest them and confiscate the milk. they're locked up.
3:48 am
they get bail. the condition of the bail is you cannot sell more milk and you cannot talk about selling more milk. >> loss of freedom, double count. >> correct. correct. stopping them from selling a product that under california is law. and for which there's a market and not letting them talk about it. >> let's go to the next one. ever have the feeling that cops giving traffic tickets might be motivated by quotas? are they sales people? lapd cops, they feel that way? >> 10 los angeles police department police officers have filed a lawsuit against their bosses saying we were denied promotions and vacations because we didn't meet our ticket quotas and, of course, the lapd is going crazy because this is the first time any of their own have stated under oath in a public courtroom that there is such a thing as a ticket quota. >> the veil is lifted. finally, a group of hindus are suing a restaurant for serving
3:49 am
them meat filled food. >> this is the court of which i sat, as you know. says because their religion prohibits them from eating meat, they have to travel to india and bathe in the river for 30 days in order to purify themselves. a trial court where i once sat threw the case out. the appeals court reinstated it and said this is a legitimate claim and a jury can decide whether -- >> what do you say? >> i say the case is absurd and should be thrown out. and is an abuse of the courts. >> the most superior judge in the most superior court, judge andrew napolitano in the court of public opinion. good to see you. thanks so much for being here. big incentive from a big car company to get you to buy some new wheels. details of the deal coming up. then, a controversial new test lets parents to be find out if they're having a boy or girl just weeks into their pregnancy. is that too soon? the medical a team is next. stay and watch, judge.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> will it be a boy or girl? that's the ultimate question. a simple blood test that determine the sex of the baby seven weeks into pregnancy and with 95% accuracy. does knowing the gender of a baby so early bring up any ethical dilemmas. joining me with more is manny alvarez, senior managing editor and part of the a team around here. good morning. >> good morning. >> seven weeks, a lot of moms-to-be are going to be ecstatic about that. what's the down side? >> the down side is it could bring lots of anxiety. i don't see the clinical purpose of this test. there's a small amount of medical conditions that are
3:54 am
linked to, let's say, the sex of the baby. these are genetic diseases and we doctors know all about them. but this particular test is a test that, perhaps, will not be regulated by, let's say, the f.d.a. this is a test that basically parents can buy in the pharmacy, find out if they're having a boy or girl. the accuracy of the test is very good. over 95% at seven weeks and 99% at 20 weeks but look, i think it could lead to unnecessary abortions and i'm sorry to say that because -- >> why? >> because personally, this is a request that i get a lot of times. i mean, there are many families that are really, you know, they think about -- they want a boy. when they find they're having a girl, sometimes they don't make the right choices and i'm sorry to say but my personal experience has told me so. >> wow, i thought that was only in china. >> no, it happens here, too, and i think spending $250 for this particular test, it's something that, you know, yeah, you're going to buy $10,000 baby
3:55 am
carriage, knock yourself out. i don't think it has any important clinical applications for families. >> let's talk about another fad that's been going around the united states for the last year and that's coconut water. a lot of people think that this is really great way to start your day and throughout the day that it's really healthy for you and there's three different ones that you want to look at here that you're seeing on your screen. it turns out that somebody tested them and they don't have in them what they say they have in them. >> coconut water for people of lat latin dissent, we know this is not a source of hydration. it is typically a diuretic because it doesn't contain a lot of sodium and magnesium. somewhere in hollywood, they decided if you exercise a lot, coconut water was a good choice to drink. but basically, this is not the right choice. think of gatorade, something better than that but not the right kind of water. a little rum -- >> a little rum, now we're talking! >> if i was in the island, this is exactly what i was using coconut water for. >> regular water while you're working out might be a better
3:56 am
choice? >> if you're working out and you're sweating a lot, you need the electrolytes, pick the gatorade. if you want to hydrate yourself on a nice, cool beach, coconut water might be the right thing to do. he knows about that. >> our floor manager is into coconut water, i know. good to see you. have a good rest of the summer. prime minister david cameron speaking to parliament right now about the riots in london and he said they'll be looking for inspiration from boston? we'll explain. top of the hour. then what a bunch of bull! police unable to reign in this wild suspect. wait until you hear who they called in for backup.
3:57 am
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an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? >> good morning, everyone.
4:00 am
hope you're going to have a great thursday. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for sharing your time with us today. let's check out the market. it tanked again yesterday plummeting more than 500 points and losing any of the ground it had made up the day before. can we curb the chaos today on wall street? the eyes of the world are on us. we'll be talking about that. >> meanwhile, a military jet disappears off the coast of california. just moments ago, a new development from search rescue crews. we'll have that. >> and they died fighting for our freedom in afghanistan and their parents did not want photographers around when their caskets came home. so why did the white house snap and then show off this photo? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome to peter johnson jr. in today for brian. he'll be back next week.
4:01 am
good to have you. man, another busy news day and we start with a fox news alert. markets across the globe rebounding from yesterday's nose dive on the new york stock exchange. went down 520 points. dow futures indicate we could see a rally on wall street when things open just 2 1/2 hours from right now, currently the futures are up 80. meanwhile, let's take a look at european markets, yesterday, it was a bloodbath over there. today, about 2% or better across the board. u.k., germany and france as you can see in the green. asia started off slow, finished with a mixed bag. the nikkei down less than 1%. china down 1.1%. south korea, thanks, guys. they are up .6% on the day. so that's a pretty good indicator though they -- it was a mixed bag, some green and some red and then for europe to be in the green, perhaps, we'll have a good day today here in the
4:02 am
united states because we could use one. >> why is that so important? now we live in a global economy. anything that happens in europe because we trade with those banks, etc., that affects the way in which our u.s. stock market operates. what's going on in europe? it's not good. you have countries like whole countries like italy, spain and france which are in trouble, italy and spain more for their sovereignty. i mean, they may actually have to be totally bailed out. france, because they may also lose their triple a status as the united states did at least with one ratings firm last week. and you also have now rumors that a major french bank may, in fact, go down similarly to lehman brothers. that happened here in the united states in 2008. that makes all the markets sort of rumble around plus you have the domestic news that our economy is not going to be that great for the next years so the fed decided to keep interest rates at zero. that was initially good news for the stock market the other day. when people started thinking about it, they're like that's not so good because it means the economy is going to be in a stall. stall form. >> so let's recap what happened. on monday, man, look at that.
4:03 am
the dow way, way down and then the president made a speech late in the day, people were looking for some reassurance, it didn't happen. the market sold off even more and yes, on tuesday, with, as gretch mentioned, the reports that the federal reserve decided they would stick interest rates really low through the president's re-election, the dow finished up but then something that had been there all along, the fears of what's going on in europe, the european contagion set us down 420. >> fear and debt are the pervasive things we're hearing with regards to this. there are some concerns that somehow, this could, perhaps, be a replay of the 2008 calamity. a lot of other observers are saying on the optimistic basis that things are different. things are better in this country. we don't have that same commitment and undebtedness to those repurchases, those repos
4:04 am
that tanked so many companies in america and things are absolutely better in terms of banks but the european picture really sends a chill into the markets and we're hoping that it doesn't do it today. >> here's an important day. why? because at 8:30 a.m. as we do every thursday morning, eastern time, we'll give you the jobs numbers and that could have a huge impact as to what happened to the stock market today as well so hold on, put your seat belt on for the roller coaster ride. in the meantime, what's the president doing about it? yesterday, he did have a meeting with his economic team who was there. treasury secretary tim geithner, national economic council chair gene sperling, white house chief of staff bill daley and ben bernanke, the first guy in the photo line-up there who is, of course, head of federal reserve. interesting thing is when jay carney, the spokesperson for the president came out for the daily briefing and he was asked, what are they discussing? what are they coming up with? the answer was the president is looking into ideas of how to fix this debt situation and the economy and the jobs situation. and some people were scratching
4:05 am
their heads at, well, weave known about this for sometime. a lot of people waiting still for some sort of a plan to come from the president. >> and the president's got a plan. he's going to do some fundraising later today and he's coming up to new york city and apparently, the first one he's going to have a reception for 15 people only at a hotel. and then after that, he's going to have a reception for 50 people and i think that one is going to be co-hosted by movie mogul harvey weinstein and the "vogue" woman anna winter. if you're interested, you can get in. $35,800 a head. >> and the issue becomes and in a lot of people are talking about it, is the president tone deaf? is in sync with what the american people are thinking and feeling? are there concerns not being paid attention to when there's so much doubt about what's going on? and now we see an emphasis on fundraising. should the president, in fact, be doing that or should he be
4:06 am
focusing solely on this crisis at this point? >> let's talk about another crisis that's happening and compare it to the united states. so we know what the crisis is here with the economy, jobs, the debt ceiling, etc., and now let's look over in the u.k. where for the last four to five days, we've been showing you these terrible pictures of the rioting going on throughout the united kingdom and let's compare the leaders of those two countries. we have president obama and david cameron, the prime minister there. so are there differences in the way that they are leethd their country? dave cameron came right home from vacation when the riots started. president obama not going on vacation right away but has said he will be going to martha's vineyard coming up here in august. >> yeah, he hasn't canceled things. david cameron issued a statement immediately regarding the violence over there. president obama waited through the weekend, waited three days and then had a statement about the stock market and financial crisis. at 2:00 and tanked the market. also, david cameron came out on
4:07 am
television immediately, we took it live right here. the president of the united states put out his surrogates on sunday to do the talking for him. and david cameron called parliament back to work. let's try to solve this. meanwhile, of course, our congress is on recess. why didn't the president of the united states say hey, look, we got a lot of problems here? let's fix this. keep in mind, the united kingdom is much smaller, they got a different kind of government. and so, perhaps, that's to play here. >> yes, and keep in mind, it's not the same exact issue but we heard mr. cameron talking about the culture of fear and lawlessness that was going on in england. unfortunately, it appears there's a culture of fear in terms of the economy that is beginning to grip the united states. and so some observers are asking when will the president step in in a way to break that grip of
4:08 am
fear and allow these markets to rebound? >> i believe it's also accurate to say that john boehner, the speaker of the house had said that the house was going to remain on vacation as well. now, maybe he would have changed his mind that the president would call up and ask. in a statement, he made a statement that he was not going to call the house back right now. you've been e-mailing us about whether the president needs to go on vacation. here's both sides. >> there's no such thing as a presidential vacation. the presidency travels with you. he will be in constant communication, get regular briefings from his national security team as well as his economic team. and he will, of course, be fully capable, if necessary, of traveling back if that were required. it's not very far. >> the president wants to go and spend time with his family but there are men and women serving in iraq and afghanistan that have time away from their families. and they don't come home until they get the mission complete.
4:09 am
and i think that's what they expect of us as well. >> yeah, the colonel makes a great point. you know, let the president go on vacation. if he wants to make a speech about recommendations, remember, he's got no plan on how to rescue the economy at this point but if he wants to make a speech about recommendations and things he's going to talk about in the future, he could do that from the beach, couldn't he? >> it's a jittery time in the country and people are looking to the white house for leadership and looking for some hope and so when we hear about vacations and we hear about fundraising trips and like that, the natural concern is ok, that's fine, give the president a vacation, absolutely he deserves it. we want our guy to be rested and do the best job he possibly can. and i guess he needs to be re-elected in 2012 but what are the national concerns? >> i hear you. ok, let's do some other headlines because we have a fox news alert to tell you about. two marines have been safely rescued from the pacific ocean.
4:10 am
good news today after their fighter jet went down overnight, the f-18 hornet similar to the one you're looking at right here was flying with another jet when the pilots lost radio contact. it went down 60 miles southwest of san diego. two coast guard cutters and a navy ship rushed to the scene and found the marines who were yelling and blowing life jacket whistles. they have been taken to a hospital to get checked out. another fox news alert, you're looking live now at a meeting of britain's parliament, we were just talking about this where british prime minister david cameron said he'll be looking to the united states for advice on how to handle the violent riots happening in his country. cameron says he's looking at cities like boston for inspiration on how to tackle gangs. and he said he will not accept a culture of fear in the united kingdom. >> keeping people safe is the first duty of government. the whole country has been shocked by the most appalling scenes of people looting, violence, vandalizing and thieving.
4:11 am
it is criminality pure and simple and there's absolutely no excuse for it. >> more on what the prime minister is saying during this session of parliament coming up live from london at the bottom of the hour. new details about secret peace talks that the united states and the taliban held earlier this year. sources say the u.s. met three times with taliban officials. however, the taliban insisted on strict confidentiality and ended the talks after afghan officials linked information about them to the media. since then, the taliban has refused to come back to the table and a chief negotiator has disappeared. it's a police pursuit involving an unusual suspect. >> coming this way, partner! run! >> a bull running amok through downtown auburn, washington. police got several frantic phone calls before spotting the runaway animal and nearly four miles later, officers literally took the bull by the horns.
4:12 am
you can see one officer lassoing it from his squad car. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and those are your headlines. it's a different kind of call for the police. >> ♪ rolling, rolling, rolling keep those police cars rolling ♪ all right, straight ahead on this thursday morning, g.o.p. presidential hopefuls face off again tonight hoping to stand out in the crowd. does anybody have what it takes to defeat president obama? that's the republicans' main goal. dick morris with his predictions coming up next. >> talking about keeping your tax dollars to work. government agency spending thousands of dollars to party down. >> print some more. come on. we're good at it. have i got a surprise for you! [ barks ]
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at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies is a nicely designed package. ♪ now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. >> a little less than 14 hours from right now, the top republican candidates for president squaring off in a debate right here on the fox newschannel and the latest fox news poll shows mitt romney in front, as you can see, with 21%. rick perry who officially is not in has 13% and michelle bachmann at 7%. what should we look for tonight? joining us from stanford, connecticut, we have former advisor to president bill
4:16 am
clinton, the author of "revolt" dick morris. good morning to you. >> good to be here. >> we should point out you'll be live blogging tonight during the debate at >> gave you two eyes, one to watch the debate and the other to watch my comments. >> very good. let's start with what everybody needs to, we'll go down the list. first up, mitt romney who is ahead. >> well, first of all, let me say this this debate has more importance in the general election now than in the primary because it's not only an opportunity for the eight republican candidates to face each other. it's the first time the republicans have a national audience to comment on the horrific events of this past week. the 1800 point drop in the dow, the downgrading of u.s. credit and the tragic death of the navy seals. this is in a sense the republican response, not to obama's speech but to the obama performance. >> great point. >> i think the other point is that the man who isn't there who ran second in your poll, mitt
4:17 am
romney, cast a large shadow across this debate and everybody is trying to shore up their home before it arrives, particularly romney. romney will be the main loser when perry gets into the race. and there will be sort of a semifinal between romney and perry. to see who will take on bachmann or cain or one of the others in the final. romney has to answer questions about obamacare and about his social conservativism, satisfy them and show he can be a passionate standard bearer against obama. if he can't, perry will. >> absolutely. meanwhile, michelle bachmann born in iowa is expected to do pretty well. >> she has a wonderful opportunity in this debate because she actually sits in congress and voted against the debt deal. and she can say look at this thing, because it was so timid, and so limited and so upfront with conditionality, the markets crashed and we got our credit
4:18 am
downgraded. she can use the events of the last week to show she was right in voting against the debt deal. >> of course, we're all talking about jobs and the economy, somebody who was actually a ceo of the company, herman cain, what's he got to do? >> he came into the last debate even with bachmann and left it with bachmann way ahead. your poll shows bachmann at 6 but that's because you have palin in the field. if she were out, bachmann would be at 12% or 13% and kind of tied for second. i think what he's got to do is really distinguish himself. he's got to make clear how his performance as a businessman, his perspective differs from the conventional wisdom in washington. >> let's go down the list to tim pawlenty. it had been expected that he probably would do pretty well because he's from neighboring minnesota. right now, it's do or die. >> another poor performance on this debate and a poor showing in the ames poll might knock him out of the race. i just want to say word about ron paul. he may be the biggest winner from the events of the last week
4:19 am
because it shows that his very unconventional theories that differ sharply with the conventional wisdom in washington really might develop some support. what he needs to do today is to capitalize on those developments to show how his policies that differs from everybody else's in washington could make the difference. >> man, this is going to be a great debate. lot to watch for. stand by right there. he's sticking around because straight ahead, most of the players in the next big battle over our debt ceiling have been named. dick will tell us who he thinks will work and won't work on the super committee. and an emotional military homecoming you have to see, a father brought to his knees by the sight of his own family. awesome! [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
4:20 am
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>> to h >> time for your news by the numbers. number 90, chrysler offering no payments for 90 days. qualified buyers of 2011-2012 truck models are eligible. you better get to the statue of liberty while it's still open. she will be closing for one year due to a massive safety improvement project. last day of operation, october 28th. get there now. finally, $340,000. that's how much of your tax dollars the new york power authority spent on parties, picnics and gifts! according to a state audit. what kind of gift do you get
4:24 am
from a power company? free electricity? >> i'll take it. >> juice. >> thank you. nine of the 12 members of the so-called super committee has been chosen with only nancy pelosi left to make her picks. will they be able to cut the deficit or will it just be more political gridlock? >> we're back with dick morris for a closer look. what do you say, dick? good morning. gridlock or effectiveness? where are we going with this? >> one of the things is that if there is a gridlock, the automatic cuts kick in. so -- >> neither side wants that. >> yeah and if there is gridlock, then probably you see the bush tax cuts expire as well. so gridlock is not in anybody's interest. >> who are these folks? who are they beholden to? these people that have been appointed. >> what's interesting is not only the names but what it says about the leaders who are appointed them because after all, the four leaders of congress are still the key players. boehner and reid appointed real
4:25 am
loyalists, real guys from their leadership. boehner, for example, did not appoint paul ryan. he did not appoint any house freshmen. he did not appoint any real tea party types. he appointed people who are basically his guys. same with harry reid. he appointed patty murray, the head of the senate campaign committee, a political perspective, durbin, his deputy, did not put chuck schumer on the committee which means he probably wants to make a deal. and he's not putting in an extremist. in terms of the senate republicans, though, mcconnell did it totally differently. he put on real conservatives and tea party types. he put pat toomey, club from growth, portman just elected senator from ohio with huge tea party support who kyle who has been a strong conservative from arizona. so mcconnell who played the debt deal more conservatively and basically advocated a cave-in
4:26 am
now has appointed members that are going to be pretty principled whereas boehner and reid are keeping their guys on a very short leash. >> that's really interesting. regarding max bakus, he's the democrat from the great state of montana. he has kind of leaned to the right a bit and some republicans are saying, hey, that could be our seventh vote. he could actually come and help us. do you buy that? >> no, there's going to be no seventh vote in this thing. >> what this shows you is that the leaders are going to have to make this deal. the committee members will be the ones who will vote on it. but essentially, boehner's guys and reid's guys aren't going anywhere unless they're told to go there by the leadership. there might, however, be some conservative people out from some of the mcconnell picks. one other big thing is boehner did not name, boehner did not name anyone from his armed services committee. and one of the big issues here is how much you're going to cut
4:27 am
defense. i think his failure to do that is a signal that there's going to be a gulf between the national security republicans who want no defense cuts and the budget cutters who may include boehner who say yeah, we are going to accept defense cuts. >> interesting perspective. that's why we call you on once a week. dick morris, you're a smart guy. thank you very much. >> always great to see you, dick. >> thank you. >> indeed. dick was just talking about pat toomey, pennsylvania senator, toomey, one of the three senate republicans picked for the panel will join us live in about 20 minutes. we also should point out paul ryan is not on the list because he asked not to be. >> stay out, absolutely. the navy seals died fighting for our freedom in afghanistan and their parents did not want photographers around when their caskets came home and the question is why did the white house release this photo anyway? >> good question. then he's jamie foxx's protege, what does he have and does he have what it takes to make it?
4:28 am
yeah, he tests out his impressions here on "fox & friends." first impression, the president of the united states. you're not going to want to miss it. look, breakfast is served. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c300 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends august 31st. the man you've become. and you learned something along the way. about the world. and yourself. ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. and knowing how to get things done. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have.
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we take it on ours. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz w for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st. >> remember that great song? it's the cover of lady gaga's papparazzi. it made gracen famous nearly overnight with nearly 42 million views on you tube. now he's out with his first album. coming up this friday, he's here
4:32 am
to showcase the big hits on our all american summer concert series. so if you're in the new york city area, swing on by here at 48th and sixth avenue at 7:00 a.m. it's all free. and it's the most fun. it's a big, big concert. >> you know what's changed so dramatically obviously in the past 10 years is the power of the internet and social media to find stars like that and to give them huge careers almost overnight like that. it's like almost every person we have on the show these days had that sort of -- >> so exciting that you can do that, that people can really break out. >> exactly. >> we have a comedian coming up that did just that as well. stay tuned for that. the british parliament meeting in an emergency session right now discussing those devastating riots that have been gripping their country for almost a week now. amy kellogg is live in london for us with much more. a little bit of a toned down night in london yesterday. bring us up to speed. >> you're absolutely right. but the courts here are staying open 24/7 to process the over
4:33 am
1,000 people who have been arrested and the profile of those arrested, gretchen, is shockingly diverse. a postman, a lifeguard, a millionaire's daughter. police at scotland yard have over 100 search warrants. they're going to be conducting raids across the city looking for suspects and stolen property. grainy pictures of those wanted have been published all over the media. and prime minister david cameron said he didn't want any "phony human rights concerns" about the publication of these photos wanting simply for these people to be brought to justice. he convened an emergency session of parliament today. people were hustled back from their summer recess to meet. here's more of what he had to say. >> the young people stealing flat screen televisions and burning shops, that was not about politics or protests, it was about theft. >> the streets flooded with police were relatively calm last night but the story is not over. there are hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and lost sales to account for and an
4:34 am
underlying problem to be resolved, david cameron has called this society "sick" and a cry from the public to take the benefits away from those who were ultimately be convicted for crimes the last few days, an e petition is circulating. if that number reaches above 90,000, the issue of yanking public benefits from people who took part in the rioting will be debated in parliament. now, david cameron, the prime minister also said that the people who lost property will be compensated for that even if they don't have insurance. he said that this is not an issue generally in this society of poverty. it's about culture and it needs to be dealt with. back to you guys. >> all right. we continue to watch what's going on there over in the u.k. amy kellogg, thanks for the comprehensive report. >> i smelled some stuff out in the hallway, what is that? >> it's all over the place. i don't care what hour of the day it is, it smells darn good. >> darn right. calling all dave's, famous dave's barbecue, you know him
4:35 am
every friday. they have a special deal where everybody with a name like dave gets a free meal on sunday, right, dave anderson, famous dave himself? >> this sunday, we are giving away the pork. anybody named dave, davinia, davey, gets a free rib dinner at famous dave's this sunday, august 14th. >> attention, davey jones, report to famous dave's. all right, one of the great things about you guys in addition to feeding us on fridays, you always give us a great recipe. first hour, you showed us how to make the pork tips. >> the rib tips. >> the rib tips and a great side. we have our hellfire pickles and jalapeno pickled red onions so that's a recipe that we're doing right now and it will be on the web -- it will be on the site right after this. we take vinegar and red onions -- >> jalapeno, how hot is this going to be? >> it ain't really hot because we're mixing in some brown sugar, we have some salt, a little thyme here that we'll put in here and some jalapenos and then we kind of mix this
4:36 am
together and i'll tell you what, this really gives a great side to any dish and at famous dave's, this is what goes along good with our rib tips that we did this morning, our hellfire pickles and jalapeno pickled red onions. >> so this is one of the rib tips from earlier on. >> which of the sauces is that one? >> this is our south side barbecue sauce and it is tasty! >> it is good. now, these are the onions, the jalapeno onions, right? >> jalapeno pickled red onions. >> i'll tell you what, folks, this is really good eating. famous dave's, that's got a little kick. delicious! whoa! here, let me -- >> i'll tell you what, that is a mouthful of holler. >> i thought you were probably from texas or something like that. or memphis. you're from wisconsin. that's where you got started. >> the first famous dave's was in hayward, wisconsin, a little town of 1800 people but people were driving hundreds of miles just to come and taste our
4:37 am
barbecue. and i'll tell you what, we have got the world's best. this stuff is tasty! >> and that's why we're so lucky to have you every friday. famous dave, thank you very much. >> we appreciate it. hey, everyone, make sure you come out to famous dave's this sunday for a free rib dinner on me! >> that's right. thank you very much. i really shouldn't be speaking with my mouthful. gretchen, into you and some headlines. >> we'll take over for you. thanks a lot and hi to dave out there. big stories making headlines this morning. dow futures are down after a mixed night on aefr seas markets. that's not good news after the dow dropped more than 500 points yesterday. take a look at european markets now, u.k., germany and france up 2% or higher. that's good news. japan's nikkei was down .6% and hong kong off a little more than 3%. we'll go live to the floor of the stocks exchange 30 minutes from now. >> nearly 30 members of the military died fighting for our
4:38 am
freedom. their families did not want photographers around. but the white house took and s distributed this photo of president obama anyway. the pentagon had banned media coverage of the return. the parents of aaron vaughn, one of the heroes killed, joined us earlier with their reaction to this photo. >> in fact, we were impressed that the president was there with no press. we were impressed about that. and that's what impressed us about that he came. there was no press as far as we were told. and then this. so -- >> vaughn's parents say aaron's faith in god and country led him to pursue service with the seals in the wake of the september 11th attacks. >> a special moment at a minor league game in washington state.
4:39 am
>> sergeant chris surprising his twin girls and wife during the fourth inning of a spokane indians game. he just returned from his third tour of duty in afghanistan and drove all night from his base in new mexico to surprise his family who didn't have a clue that he was going to be there at all those pictures never get old to watch. >> he's a jack of all trades, multitalented writer, producer who could be the next king of tv sketch comedy. he is the man behind the cast of characters on the upcoming fox show this sunday night "in the flow" here's a peek. >> he's a living musical legend. he's a mighty marvin, the world's most arrogant gospel singer in the world. >> ♪ amazing marvin ♪ how sweet
4:40 am
i am ♪ >> and we're joined now by comedian afion crockett. great to see you. you're a funny guy. earlier, we were talking about the fact that so many people now are getting their start and becoming famous from you tube or the internet. same can happen -- to a certain extent, that happened to you. >> no, that's very accurate. you know, the internet is a free platform and for those creative people out there that want to get their ideas out, why not go and produce your own show or music video and as you said, gracen chance is doing his thing off millions of views off the internet. >> it's like taking a trip in your brain. what's it like being in your brain? >> it's crazy. it's funny sitting here seeing the stories about the military. my brain goes through so many different things. i'm an army brat. i moved around the world. grew up in germany. i'm getting misty eyed looking at the soldiers reuniting butate the same time, i'm laughing at the gospel singer.
4:41 am
he's a line of gospel singers if you've been to a baptist church. come on now! mistake me for him because i'm god for him. come on now! can't do that! >> i understand that one of your many impressions is also president obama? >> that's right. now, now, now traditionally, fox news and myself are not friends but -- >> that's not true. >> but i want to call a truce. let's bring it all together for one big group hug. >> president obama has been on this show quite a few times. let me ask you, are you going to release a plan for a jobs situation in our country? >> look here, gretchen, i cannot confirm nor deny what my plans are for that release. >> what about a vacation? you like a vacation? >> what i love is itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot
4:42 am
bikinis on michelle. i'm a faithful husband. that's it. >> can't wait to see your show. >> has "saturday night live" contacted you? >> yeah, yeah. they didn't want me. >> it's so exciting. it's so exciting to have a new show on tv in the summer because i don't like to watch repeats and i watched your new show and i've seen you before and you're so funny. it's going to be good. >> and it's physical comedy, you know, i'm very jerry lewis. i love to be physical with my body. very tracy allman. >> it makes it that much more real when you involve your whole physique. executive producer on the show is jamie foxx. it will be a good one. check it out. sundays at 9:00 p.m. on fox. great to see you. >> break a leg. >> coming up, he's one of the super committee picks, pennsylvania senator pat toomey is next talking about the tough task ahead. >> whose coming up? nascar legend jeff gordon, there he is, braking for "fox & friends." and he's doing it a lot more
4:43 am
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4:46 am
>> welcome back, everyone. nine of the 12 members of the super committee have been named and we're waiting for nancy pelosi to make her democratic picks for the house. what can we expect from this group? will they work together or come to a stalemate? joining me now is one member of that super committee, republican senator from pennsylvania, pat toomey. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, gretchen. thanks for having me. >> that's the $1.5 trillion question which are the cuts you have to make is will you actually come to any kind of agreement? >> well, i certainly hope so. and i can say that it's my distinct impression that everybody that has been appointed so far sincerely wants to so i can't imagine circumstances that would put more pressure on us to get
4:47 am
something done when you consider what's happened in just the last few weeks, you know, it really all points to the urgency of doing something meaningful to move us in the direction of a fiscally sustainable budget so i sure hope we can accomplish something. >> you're a member of the budget committee and a freshman member in the senate. why were you selected? >> well, i think because of my interest in this -- in this set of issues. i did serve on the budget committee in the house some years ago and, you know, i certainly feel very strongly about the need to make some progress and to make the direction that we're heading in. so i'm very grateful to senator mcconnell for choosing me and giving me this chance to try to play a constructive role in changing the course of our budget. >> one of the hot topics that many people are talking about will be taxes. i know you don't have a lot of time. because the recommendinations he to come out before november 23rd
4:48 am
when the trigger effects go into play. will it be a up or down vote on tax increases? >> well, i think some kind of big tax increase is just -- is not going to be a part of this. first of all, it would be destructive to economic growth and in my view, the two big criteria that we ought to keep in mind is one, reducing our deficit but the other is to do it in a way that maximizes economic growth, certainly not anything that harms economic growth so some big broad tax increase is going to be off the table from the beginning. can we do some tax reform? i hope we can because there are tremendous inefficiencies in our tax code. all kinds of deductions and write-offs and special interest loopholes that we ought to clean out and then correspondingly lower the marginal rate so we encourage investment and economic growth. it's tough to do in a short period of time. i hope we'll try. >> when you look at the other side of the fence, so to speak, the democrats, the senators that have been put on this particular
4:49 am
super committee, do you think you'll make any head way on any sort of cutting of entitlements based on those who have been selected? >> i think it's possible. you know, i think they understand that the long term drivers of our deficits are, in fact, the big entitlement programs and i think everybody understands that and if we make some reforms in a sensible and thoughtful way that makes sure that people who are, you know, our current seniors are taken care of, that vulnerable people are fully protected, i think if we do this carefully, there should be common ground and i hope we'll find it. >> all right. senator toomey remains optimistic. he is now a member of the super committee. best of luck as you move forward. >> thanks very much. >> good to see you. coming up on our show, our next guest definitely doesn't like a back seat driver. jeff gordon is here taking the steering wheel on his own. number one song on this date in 1966, "wild thing." [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> legendary nascar superstar dale earnhardt once called him wonder boy and race after race and title after title, jeff gordon who now has animation here on fox has proven to be just that. >> four time nascar cup champ joins us on the curvy couch. great to see you. >> great to be here, thank you. >> coming off a great race and you're about to go to another one, right? >> that's pretty typical for nascar. we're always racing but yeah, we're having a great year and well, ok weekend. we finished sixth but we won this race earlier. >> how often are you driving for, of course, the champagne shower?
4:54 am
you say to yourself, i think i'm going too fast? >> only when something goes wrong. when something goes wrong and you're getting ready to hit something at 180 miles an hour, that's when you know you're going too fast. >> i should have applied a brake pedal. >> unfortunately, i've had my brakes fail there before. so that was pretty nasty wreck. but i'm glad you don't have footage of that. >> there is footage of a new movie that you now are a star. >> well, i don't know if i'm a star but i'm in it and i'm very proud to be in it. "cars 2" yeah. >> you're jeff corvette. >> that's right. what a perfect name. >> here you are. >> genius, came up with that name and obviously this character and it's pretty cool to represent america and the chevy corvette in the movie. >> your kids are the proudest kids on the block. i don't know what your dad does but my dad is a cartoon. >> i did a thing where i went in and talked about racing in my daughter's class and it was pretty popular but wasn't because i'm a race car driver. it was because of race corvette.
4:55 am
>> one of the things you're doing on behalf of kids is you're very involved with the march of dimes and i thank you for that as a celebrity spokesperson for that as well. you're specifically doing something for whooping cough, right? >> we are. for pertussis. this is awareness day in new york city. that's why i'm here. we'll be in times square celebrating and talking about how we can bring more awareness to pertussis and one of the things we're doing is the race to blanket america. and so if you go to, you can create your own quilt square. march of dimes will be donating a dollar for every square that's created. we need to blanket our children in protection and in a lot of parents don't realize that they could give their child pertussis because of them possibly having it. it's an adult vaccination and not a child's vaccination. >> there's been so much
4:56 am
discussion in general about vaccinations for kids, too. >> yes. >> so you're out there in the forefront. >> i'm definitely an advocate, you know, but i always say, you know, go to your health care provider and get their recommendations. do your research and i believe the cdc does the most research and i believe in my own opinion to follow their recommendations. >> well, jeff gorvette, thank you very much for your animated appearance on "fox & friends." if people would like more information of how they can give and donate, go to our web site at and we'll have a link. >> get your motor running. thank you, sir. >> some say tonight's debate is the last chance for newt gingrich to turn his campaign around. is this do or die for him? the former speaker of the house, we'll ask him that question. joins us live top of the hour. >> who says crime doesn't pay? the barefoot bandit that led police on a man hunt inked a movie deal worth millions. where is that cash going? we'll tell you. private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: top of the morning to you. it's thursday, august 11. i'm gretchen carlson. the market tanked yesterday, plummeting more than 500 points and losing any of the ground that it made up the day before. but what did today be? will we see a stock rally, maybe a recovery? we're live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> steve: and critics say it's now or never for newt gingrich to get any momentum for his presidential campaign. will tonight's iowa debate be just the ticket for the former speaker? he will join us live from des moines shortly. >> peter: o. j. simpson no longer the most hated person in america. so who knocked him out of the top spot? the new number one coming up on "fox & friends" which starts right now. >> this is newt gingrich and krista and i watch "fox & friends" almost every day. >> gretchen: i will find out if
5:01 am
he's watching before he will be a guest in two minutes. >> steve: we've got peter johnson, jr. with us today for brian. great to have you. >> peter: thank you. >> steve: we start with a fox news alert. the dow jones industrial average tanked yesterday, down 520. there is economic anxiety around the world and this morning, the market's results aren't calming anybody dawn. european markets are shaky. london up, frankfort up, paris down right there. also the european markets you got there, combine that with what happened in asia, they were up a little bit. all right. so what can we expect later on today? we're going to have a report from the floor of the new york stock exchange shortly. >> gretchen: now time for your other headlines and another fox news alert. police in london going into homes and rounding up suspects after four days of rioting. british prime minister david cameron says he'll look to the united states for advice on how to handle the violence. cameron, who is speaking before
5:02 am
emergency session of parliament this morning, says he's looking at cities like boston for inspiration for how to prosecute those mobs. >> people say is the first duty of government, the whole country has been shocked by the most appalling scenes of people looting, violence, vandalizing, and thieving. it is criminality, pure and simple, and there is absolutely no excuse for it. >> gretchen: meantime, in another development with this story, twitter refusing to shut down the accounts of users trying to incite more unrest in the united kingdom. at least eight people have been arrested for doing just that on twitter. two marines have been rescued from the pacific ocean after their jet went down overnight on a training mission. we're learning both in stable condition. that's fantastic news. because their f-18 hornet, like the one you see, was flying with another jet when the pilots lost radio contact. it was 60 miles southwest of san diego. pieces of the jet have been found.
5:03 am
no word on what caused that crash. new details emerging about the dramatic capture of the so-called dougherty gang. police arrested the three florida siblings in colorado yesterday looking quite a bit different with dyed blond hair. the week long hunt came to an end when they crashed their car into a guardrail while trying to evade police. dave says he saw the crash and helped officers nab one of the suspects who tried to get away. >> i said, just give up and there won't be no problems. he turned his back on me and then i proceeded to grab ahold of him and pulled him down to the ground. >> gretchen: the f.b.i. also confirming that police actually shot lee grace dougherty in the leg safir she aimed a pistol at them. all three siblings were taken to the hospital in wheelchairs for various injuries. they're now in jail and no word yet on where or when they will be charged. remember the barefoot bandit who led police on a hunt through the united states, canada and the bahamas? guess what? he signed a $1.3 million movie
5:04 am
deal to tell his life story. colton harris moore became famous for stealing four airplanes and breaking into several businesses when he was just 17. he's now only 20. apparently the profits from the movie will go to his victim who he took for about $1.4 million. she may be free, but she still remains the most hated person in america. we're talking about casey anthony. according to a new survey, 94% of those who know of anthony have a negative opinion of her. that puts her ahead of o. j. simpson, paris hilton and even octomom, nadia suleiman. >> steve: let's go to des moines, iowa and newt gingrich joins us live. >> i didn't quite expect to see that endorsement of the show earlier, but it's true. we do watch the show. it's an accurate video. >> steve: fantastic. we'll be watching tonight right here on the fox news channel, 9:00 o'clock eastern time. you'll be on the stage there in
5:05 am
iowa. some have said, newt, for guys like newt gingrich, it will be now or never in iowa. do you think that's the case or is it still early? >> look, the first delegates are picked in january. that's what matters. iowa is important and the ames straw poll is important because it starts the national conversation. it's really kind of the kickoff of the real dialogue for the fall. we're going to have a very big ticket. i assume governor perry will come in after iowa. governor palin will show up tomorrow, but not be on the ballot, or at least not be campaigning. so we still have a lot of flux. but i think the important thing for the american people when they watch is this: is this a petty game of people trying to take shots at each other, or are we talking about real solutions now to the crisis we have? you look at this economy. you look what happened in great britain. you look what's happening in greece. we ought to be focusing, all of us who want to be leaders of the
5:06 am
country should focus on what should be done next week? what should be done to help america right now? i think that this could be one of the most interesting debates in that sense because what's happening around us is so historic that it needs to be different than politics as usual. it needs to be real leadership. >> peter: what is the conversation starter? what is solution a, number one today? >> i think congress ought to come back into session next monday. i think they ought to repeal the dodd bill and another bill immediately. they ought to reshape how they're approaching the government and bring in the people from strong america now and apply lean six that will rapidly improve the government and go through with every state and county, find out what are the worst regulation, the worst red tape, the most expensive federal requirements and eliminate them, return to the 10th amendment. this is going to require real
5:07 am
change. i think that's what people in washington don't get. it's not tweaking a little more or a little less. the world economy is in trouble. the american economy is in trouble as part of that. we ought to liberate the american oil and gas industry. you realize oil production in the gulf of mexico is projected to go down by 240,000-barrels a day because the obama administration's policies? it ought to be going up. not down. we ought to be creating more jobs. not killing jobs. >> gretchen: mr. speaker, do you think tonight's debate will put heat on president obama because you're going to have all of these republican candidates up there, as you just did with us, actually putting out plans about what they would do with the economy and creating jobs. is tonight's debate going to put much more pressure on the president to actually put out a plan? >> well, i think 14 million unemployed americans and 10 million underemployed and dropped out of work americans, one out of every six americans fits those categories.
5:08 am
we have the largest number of food stamp recipients in american history. i think that's what's putting the pressure on the president. as president of the united states, he has an obligation to lead the american people to prosperity, to lead the american people to real solutions, and frankly, the last six or eight weeks have been a disaster from the standpoint of the american people and the american economy. but what president obama doesn't understand is that the combination of bureaucratic socialism with washington micromanaging the country and class warfare is devastating for our economy, is killing jobs, is slowing down the economy dramatically. and as recently as his statement two days ago as the stock market was collapsing, or three days ago, he walks out and does a press statement and he goes back to class warfare. the stock market collapsing, why would you want to attack the very people you need to get back in the market in order to help stop the decline of the american value system?
5:09 am
remember, for most people, that stock market is their pension plan, it's their retirement, it's their lifetime savings. people have a right to be concerned and to expect the president to offer positive leadership with really specific solutions. >> steve: it's interesting stuff. you got plenty to talk about tonight. you'll be joined on the stage with a bunch of republicans. everybody wants the president's job. it's tonight, 9:00 o'clock eastern time right here on the fox news channel. newt gingrich, thank you very much for joining us today from des moines, thank you very much. >> gretchen: the dow futures causing agitation this morning after losing over 500 points, the actual market yesterday. so nicole of "fox business" network is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. it's a fox news alert because lots of people wondering what's going to happen today? >> what's going to happen today is we're going to see the same volatility that we have seen over the last several weeks. this morning we have the dow futures pointing to see them swing in negative territory.
5:10 am
this comes on the heels of what we're seeing from europe again. there has been so much concern about the french banks and the rumor mills start and their credit lines and so with that, we've seen europe accelerate to the down side and with that, our futures are now selling off and point to go a slightly lower, open down 80 points. but this is a minute to minute market. that is exactly how the traders are playing it. we saw all 30 dow components in the red again yesterday. the dow is down more than 16% from its april 29 highs. so the selling has been fast and furious. you noted we were down 500 points yesterday. and that equals $154 billion lost just yesterday! so certainly the pressure has been on. quick names to watch, apple surpassed exxon as the largest publicly used companies. cisco might help keep things afloat because that's up 12% after its quarterly numbers. >> steve: we know who you're rooting for 'cause you're wearing green.
5:11 am
you would like to see things go up. live on the floor of the stock exchange, thank you for the live report. >> gretchen: coming up, osama bin laden about to get a starring role on the silver screen. but did the white house, could they have revealed top secret information to hollywood so they could make a movie just in time to come out before the election? we'll debate that for you. >> peter: finding the right realtor could mean the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars on the home you buy. bob massi up next on how to pick the right realtor for you. ames ♪
5:12 am
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travelers can lp you protect the things you care about... and save money wi multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit >> peter: good news for homeowners this morning. 39% fewer homes were foreclosed on in july compared to a year ago. but whether you're fighting foreclosure, buying or selling your home in this complicated market, you must have the right realtor. so how do you know if they're qualified? this man does. fox news legal analyst, bob massi, is here to help us with that. good morning. >> good morning, counselor. how are you? >> peter: happy to see you, counselor. here is the first question today: how does a seller know they have the right realtor to
5:15 am
handle the transaction? what should they be knowing and looking at? >> you know, peter, as you probably know, sometimes you don't know if you have the right realtor. but in this marketplace, the one thing i want our viewers to understand that you have to get someone that has been in the business for several years, that knew when it was good and went throughout hard times to understand how it got bad. so when you go get an agent, make sure they've been in the business long enough that they understand how this whole real estate market has evolved. because what's happened is so many realtors in geographical parts of the country like vegas have starved for the last two or three years, so they're going into this new short sale thing and foreclosed properties and many of them, they don't know what they're doing. >> peter: so the issue is, experience. someone that is experienced to the ups and downs? >> absolutely. >> peter: what about if i'm a buyer and i'm looking to purchase a piece of property,
5:16 am
foreclosed property or other kinds of property, what kind of realtor do i want then? >> well, here is the difference. that's what we call reo property, or real estate owned property. if you're a buyer and you want to buy a foreclosed piece of property, a home or raw piece of property, you have to get a realtor that understands how the bank works when you buy the property because, peter, if you ever saw the documents that you have to sign when you buy what's called an reo property, honestly it's like a sequel to beowolf, it's ridiculous. when you buy that property, you buy it as is, peter. a lender doesn't care if the roof is caving in, so you have to have is a roof that understands that, that gets a contractor to go in and inspect the property. make sure that realtor has experience in dealing with real estate foreclosed property, again, experience and being in the business. >> peter: let's talk about pieces of paper and documents and contracts and old english. what final step should every buyer or seller take after
5:17 am
actually receiving the contract agreement? this is so important. what should they be doing? >> you know what? i grew up in pennsylvania and in pennsylvania, they still have lawyers that do closings. but many time on the west coast, we have escrow companies. i always tell people in today's marketplace, peter, more than ever before, you must get a confident real estate lawyer to explain to you, and that's no disrespect to the realtors. as a matter of fact, realtors should want a lawyer to look at it to protect them because of potential liability of inexperience. have them review the paperwork and explain to you, the buyer or the seller, what they are selling and what it means, what they are buying and what it means and get good, competent, legal advice from a competent, understanding real estate attorney. >> peter: i and the rest of america look forward to this every week. so keep on bringing these answers to us. you can e-mail bob with more of your questions by logging on to our web site and get answers from bob massi so you won't have
5:18 am
shattered dreams. the president defends our credit, but maybe we're not a triple a nation. croppist mark stein says the u.s. should be held accountable or the whole world will suffer. he's here next. is he right? and he was one of the navy seals killed by the taliban in that deadly chopper crash in afghanistan. coming up, hear from the parents, the brave, courageous parents of this great american hero. [ male announcer ] imagine all of your missed opportunities
5:19 am
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5:21 am
>> steve: quick headlines on this thursday. george soros not getting love from miss 28-year-old ex-girlfriend. she's suing the 80-year-old billionaire for $50 million. she claims he physically abused
5:22 am
her and reneged on a promise to give her nearly a $2 million new york city apartment. oh, oh,. and sarah palin's one nation bus tour set to arrive in iowa tomorrow just in time for the ames republican straw poll this weekend. she's not on the ballot, but her visit is raising some eyebrows. some believe she may actually still jump into the presidential race. so stay tuned for that. gretchen, over to you. >> gretchen: the s & p thinks the united states is no longer a triple a president. but president obama does not agree with that. >> this is the united states of america. no matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a triple a country. >> gretchen: but our next guest says not so fast. the credit downgrade was deserved and that washington should be held accountable. mark stein is a national review columnist and author of "after america get ready for armageddon." i'm actually scared to ask him about that based on what he just
5:23 am
said about our credit rating standard. so the president of the united states, mark, has to come out and say that. do you not agree? does he not have to come out, that whole point of that speech, even though it didn't work, was to reassure the american public. you, on the other hand, don't have to say that and you didn't. why? >> because i think if you're spending $4 trillion, but you're only taking in $2 trillion, the american government model right now and you got no plans to do anything about that except put john kerry on some lewd chris super committee that will get back to us around 2050 with a plan to raise the age of medicare eligibility by two years in the year 2090, you are heading for armageddon. and there is no point pretending otherwise. >> gretchen: so even though the super committee has to have their recommendations back by november 23, actually of this year, you still would see that as a glass half full? >> no, no. that's a glass one 16th full, gretchen. we've had 30 years of committees and we're still spending.
5:24 am
you can not spend at this level. look, any of these guys, and next time you get john kerry on, look him in the eye and say, do you have any intention, senator, of repaying your share of this $15 trillion of debt? look him in the eyes. the world is beginning to figure out the answer. >> gretchen: people got really upset with you when you said that the other day, that actually america deserved that. why are people so mad at you? >> i think because they would like to believe that there were 18 countries or territories ahead of the united states in terms of credit rating now and people would like to believe that's ridiculous. it's not. it's a judgment that the world is making. the people who lend the united states debt, who cover the united states debt -- my book has an incredible statistic, which is that on present plans, the united states government is expecting the rest of the planet to sink a fifth of its gdp, 230%
5:25 am
of -- 20% in its treasury debt every single year. that's simply not going to happen. >> gretchen: and it's not sustainable. one of the analogies you make, and this is where i agreed with you in your statement the other day, was that you said that the u.s. government continues to spend, but it expects all the small business owners out in the rest of america and everyone else, quite frankly, to balance their own budgets and run their hardware stores and still come home with some sort of a profit. >> the rest of us can't live like this because the rest of us can't print our currency. you can't say, well, okay. $15 trillion, it doesn't look bad. but i'm able to print gretchen carlson dollars under the desk and cover it. >> gretchen: tell me how to do that. >> exactly. it's not just gretchen who can't do that. greece can't, portugal can't. the united states is the only country that can print its way out of the mess and for that reason, it can get away with stuff that other nations can't.
5:26 am
but only for a certain point. eventually you're debuting the currency. >> gretchen: you believe you're telling it like it is as opposed in the way congress seems to be dealing with it? >> i'm the most pro-american nonamerican on the planet. i came to this country because i love the american idea, that animated this great republic for the first two centuries of its existence. we are putting that in jeopardy. we are putting the -- not by 2050 or whenever john kerry thinks we need to fix medicare, but by the middle of this decade if we don't reverse it in the next two or three years. >> gretchen: check out his new book. mark, creating a lot of news by saying that america deserves that downgrade. thanks for being my guest. >> pleasure. >> gretchen: we're minutes away from the new jobless numbers. speaking of the debt. will they add fuel to the fire when the markets open? eric bolling will be heading to the curvy couch with that.
5:27 am
it's a secret mission that took down the most wanted man in the world. but now the white house may be giving hollywood access information for a movie to come out in time for the elections. now, get more use out of your grills. famous dave is here with sizzling recipes to spice things up at your bbq. k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel.
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>> steve: a fox business alert. labor department releasing the latest weekly jobless numbers. 395,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. they were estimating 400,000 claims, so it is slightly less than expected. eric bolling from the "fox business" network joins us live. what do you think? >> i'm looking at it under 400,000, two weeks in a row, good sign. but really very elevated. you want to see 350. i'm watching the futures trade, 85 points lower. you're up early this morning, you were talking about 150 to 200 point rally in the dow. now we're looking at 85-point slide. 90-point slide in the dow. bad news, a lot of bad news across the globe right now. debt crisis going on in france, here in america. important to note, france is a little -- there may be a little credit watch on france, but sarkozy, he cut his vacation short. he got back to the capital and they're dealing with it. >> gretchen: there has been
5:32 am
rumored a french bank may be going down similarly to lehman brothers. with that number of 395, now will that mean the stock market will tick up today because it wasn't 410,000? >> no. we need to be 300, 350 at absolute worst. but remember, that's 400 -- >> gretchen: i understand the number, but it's not 450. just in this volatile world that we live in on a daily basis, does the fact that it's not in the 400s bode well for the stock market? >> no. here we are, we started this segment 85 lower on the dow futures. now -- >> peter: let's latch on to some good news today because we need it in this country. we need it for these markets. what's the good news? >> i'm looking for some. >> peter: we're not in the same position we were in 2008, are we? >> we could be worse, peter. 'cause we've lost the s & p triple a rating. you can make light of it and say, oh, america didn't deserve
5:33 am
it anyway. we did deserve it. we're the only country on the planet that absolutely can service our debt no matter what. now, policy, you may not like it. i hate it. but we can always tax more, which means we can always come up with more revenue. that is the reason why s & p never should have downgraded us. >> steve: the national unemployment rate, which is currently 9.1%. people go, well, it could have been worse. is the fact that so many people gave up looking? i mean, these numbers do not reflect the underemployment or the number of people who simply said this is going nowhere. i'm getting out? >> the underemployment number which is released every month is somewhere around 17%. 25 million people who are either out of work or taking a job just to put gas in the tank, bread on the table, or pay their mortgage. and some of them aren't able to pay their mortgage. so we're seeing a very weak labor market. the only thing that was working was the stock market.
5:34 am
s & p down grades us, the stock market is three days in the last five days we've had more than a 400-point move up or down. this is crazy. mr. obama should cancel vacations, get his butt back to dc, stay in dc and get all these congress people and senators back and say, we have to tackle this. roll up their sleeves and say this is what we're going to do otherwise we'll look back at the obama presidency and see a drifting president, aimless, directionless. is that the legacy that he wants or he needs? it's certainly not what we need to turn the country around. when the stock market is 500 lower, 600 lower, 400 lower, 140 lower, america loses confidence. the economy is so tied to that stock market, unfortunately, when you see that happening, it's a lack of leadership. >> gretchen: we'll check you out on the five today. >> i'm not on today. >> gretchen: i'm sorry. i'll have the day off.
5:35 am
>> tomorrow i'll be back. >> steve: you're part of the 4 today. >> that's right. >> gretchen: other stories making headlines, the f.b.i. headed to aruba to help investigate the disappearance of this woman, robin gardner. a local authorities called off the search for the maryland woman yesterday, saying they had no credible leads. meantime, her travel partner, gary giordano now officially a suspect. he changed his story several times and he appears to be suspicious. acorn getting no mercy from a las vegas judge. the judge slapped the now defunct political activist group with a maximum $5,000 fine for what he called represencible voter fraud violation. the judge also said if it was an individual, he would, quote, put that person in prison for ten years hard time and not think twice about it. those taliban militants responsible for shooting down that helicopter in afghanistan are reportedly dead. commanders say a u.s. air strike took them out, although the
5:36 am
taliban is denying that. the militants shot down our helicopter over the weekend, killing 30 u.s. service members and eight afghans. earlier we were joined by the parents of one of those killed on the chopper, navy seal aaron vaughn. >> i'll tell you, just aaron was the boy that any mom and dad could dream of having. just a pleasure to raise. lots of joy, a little bit of aggravation, lots of fun, lots of laughs. >> gretchen: how horrible and difficult for that family and all the other ones. vaughn's parents say that his faith in god and country led him to pursue service in the wake of september 11. a month before its dedication, the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania is still short on funds. they've only raised 20 out of the $30 million needed to
5:37 am
finish. they hope to raise the remaining 10 million through public donations by year's end. they still need a visitor center and entry portal wall. the big piece yet to be built is the 93-foot tower of voices. movie about the hunt for osama bin laden scheduled it hit theaters right before the 2012 election already causing controversy. house homeland security committee chair peter king says he's concerned that the obama administration may have spilled some classified secrets to the film makers. king is asking the c.i.a. and pentagon to investigate the administration's cooperation with film director katherine bigelow who directed "the hurt locker." the white house calls king's claims ridiculous. you've been weighing in on this story all morning. ken on twitter says, you got to figure that bin laden movie timing may just give obama a one or two point bump, a bump that could make a difference. larry says, it's not a movie. it's a 90 minute campaign commercial. finally, another one says the american people were not allowed
5:38 am
to see photos of a dead osama bin laden because it might anger the muslim community and cause further harm to our troops and americans, as obama put it. but they're going to make a movie about it and release it three weeks before the 2012 election. those are your thoughts and your headlines as well. the guys deserted me on the curvy couch. why? because it always comes down to good food. >> peter: gretchen, some good cooking out here. he's been cooking a storm all morning. we're back with dave anderson, famous dave's. >> steve: good morning to you. >> i'm really excited because this weekend, we've been having a good old-fashioned barbecue right here down at fox. >> peter: absolutely. can some folks eat free on sunday? >> everybody who is named dave, davie, anybody named dave gets to eat free, free ribs at famous dave's. we are giving away the pork. we've got our own economic stimulus plan. >> steve: you're giving the pork
5:39 am
away? >> that's our buddy, wilbur. >> steve: of course, famous dave's is here every friday during the summer when we do our summer concert series and earlier today, you made the rib tips and then we had the jalapeno onions and now you're going to give us a recipe which is available on our web site, for what? >> we're going to be putting the party to the same ole same ole. i really believe that people eat with their eyes and we put together a display. just a little bit of extra effort can really take the party to the next level. >> peter: what do we have here? >> one of my friends in georgia added peaches and i loved it, so what we did here is we took some grilled peaches and we're going to add it to the beans. >> steve: peaches in the beans? >> some steak and i tell you, it just takes regular beans up to the next level. so grilled peaches and steak into the beans and then next, coal slaw will never be the same because we have got some toasted
5:40 am
almonds. we'll add toasted almonds to the coal slaw. i took and grilled off some pineapple. we'll add that to the coleslaw. we'll mix that. potato salad, we're going to spike it up with grilled jalapenos. i tell you what -- >> steve: what a good idea! >> peter: that's more than a notch. >> it adds the party to the barbecue. >> steve: famous dave's, it's always great to have fridays here on "fox & friends". that's good. >> just a little bit of extra really takes the party up for same ole same ole beans, potato salad, coleslaw and it gets better every time. >> steve: dave and porky, that guy behind you, he's waving again. >> wilbur. >> steve: oh, charlotte's web, of course. i knew that. gretchen, over to you. >> gretchen: that guy cooks great barbecue and he's a good pr guy, too. he knows how to sell his stuff. coming up, he was attacked for
5:41 am
standing up to the wisconsin unions, but gained a major victory in the recall elections this week. wisconsin governor scott walker joins us live next. then famous dave's been heating things up outside so much that miss america theresa scanlan had to step in. she joins us with a very special treat. what is she handing out for dessert? good morning theresa! see you soon. [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us.
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[ male announcer ] this is what it's like getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. harpist not included. ♪ [ ben harper's "amen omen" playing ] we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> gretchen: welcome back. a couple quick headlines. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver's oldest daughter speaking out about her parents' divorce.
5:45 am
21-year-old katherine tells harper bazaar magazine she's way closer to her mom. she also says she hasn't forgiven her father just yet. no longer idol chatter. jennifer lopez will be returning to "american idol." she's getting a huge pay bump, $20 million, up from $12 million last season. a palletry sum. our next guest has an ambitious future and says she'd like to take her career from the pageant runway to the oval office and after that, perhaps a seat on the supreme court, in that order. >> steve: at the age of 17, theresa scanlan of nebraska became the youngest miss america to be crowned since 1921. she joins us live today. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> steve: a round of applause for miss america! [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: now you reached the old age of 18. >> yes, i know it.
5:46 am
i'm an official adult, i can sign all my contracts on my own. it's great. >> steve: you were on the program last time, you talked about your master plan. >> right. >> steve: how, if you're not the president of the united states, you would like to be a supreme court justice, or maybe both. >> right. i think it's a good combination to have president four to eight years and then go to the judicial side for the rest of my career until the day i die. >> steve: two retirements! >> yes. >> steve: the thing about being president or supreme court justice is you pay attention to the news. right? >> yes. absolutely. it's been interesting to see what's been going on and people are asking if it affected my plans in the future and absolutely not. i think that's all the more reason to want to be involved, to want to be part of it, to get in there and make change happen. that's always been my goal all along. i've seen that more and more this year. i constantly get comments when i talk about my plans of why do you want to get involved with that? you're too good for that. don't get involved with that mess. that shows me all the more why i should be. >> peter: did you see this recent cover with michelle
5:47 am
bachman on the cover of newsweek. and you saw the title, the queen of rage. and that picture. what did you think about that? is that sexist? >> i absolutely think so, not because there is a difference of political opinion there, but because newsweek has had other candidates and they haven't agreed with. they had rush limbaugh on the cover. former candidate huckabee and mccain. and whenever they have a male on the cover, even if they don't agree with them, as far as policy goes, they portray them in a serious light. they take them seriously and they portray them in a positive light. and then as we saw two years ago with the sarah palin cover in her running shorts and that was michelle bachman. they simply try to degrade women and make fun of them and portray them in a negative light. i think that shows extreme sexism. >> gretchen: specifically conservative women. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: for some reason. let me ask you this, you're miss america experience, and i can seek from this as well, you kind of get hard knocks along the way. they like to criticize you for a
5:48 am
variety of reasons. >> right. >> gretchen: does that make you stronger to then go into politics? because quite frankly, that maybe the kind of treatment you might face down the road. >> i've definitely seen that more and more this year. many people don't know there are four points on my crown for a reason. they stand for style, success, scholarship and service. and those are the four fundamentals of the miss america organization. that's what we're based on. but many people don't understand that we are all about promoting those ideals to empower young woman, to promote their education and career goals. and instead, they treat, just because we are women and we choose to portray ourselves in a positive way, they look down on us for that. i definitely see that sexism throughout this year and i know it will continue in the future in politics and it's incredible to see that many people don't take sexism seriously in our country today and i think if nothing else, something positive came from this cover and it is a clear and definitive portrayal of how real it truly is and a serious issue that we need to
5:49 am
address. >> steve: you got a lot to say about that. that's terrific. you are a queen. now let's move from you to dairy queen. >> right, today is miracle treat there with dairy queen and children's miracle network hospital. if everybody goes to their local dairy queen and guys a blizzard treat, dairy queen will donate a dollar or more to children's miracle network. last year they raised $5 million. we want to beat that this year. >> steve: miss america. >> peter: big hand for miss america! >> steve: thanks. >> gretchen: she's an impresssive young woman. >> thanks so much. >> gretchen: we'll see you soon. still ahead, he was attacked for standing up to the wisconsin unions but gained a major victory in the elections this we're. >> steve: after the governor, we'll have alisyn camerota joining us live in a couple minutes and here she is with a preview. >> hey, guys. looks great out there. here is what's coming up. the roller coaster ride continues as the stock market closed down more than 500 points yesterday. how do we get off this crazy
5:50 am
ride? our financial guests will answer that. also we're getting ready for the big republican debate tonight. we'll see how the candidates are busy preparing. what about sarah palin? why is she heading to iowa? our pundits have some theories. bill and i will see you in 11 minutes. in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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5:53 am
>> steve: all right. welcome back. after weeks of heated campaigns for state senate recall elections in wisconsin, the people there have spoken, stood up to the unions and kept a republican majority in the state senate. the democrats needed to win three of the recall elections. they won two. the republicans still in control of the state senate. the state assembly, and the governor's mansion as well. >> gretchen: so many people were saying this could have been or
5:54 am
is a foreshadowing of the 2012 election. wisconsin now looked at as a swing state potentially. could that be, because it's been a blue state for quite some time. >> peter: and wisconsin really, the birth place, focal point of progressivism and the democrats were licking their chops about a tremendous victory in that state. there has been like $35 million poured into that state and there has been some talk that after governor walker achieves his year milestone as governor, that they will, in fact, challenge him in a recall election. this kind of caps off the long legal battle in which they try to overturn the determination of the legislature there in the state based on the republican votes outlaws the collective bargaining. >> steve: we have scott walker in a studio in wisconsin right now, but we have lost the satellite. we'll take a quick time out and have him on the other side of a quick break. you're watching "fox & friends." back in two.
5:55 am
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>> because the satellite issues, governor scott walker from wisconsin joins us on the phone. congratulations. >> hey, thank you. with all the talk about food, i'm glad i'm going to the wisconsin state fair next week to eat cream puffs. >> steve: this election where the democrats needed to pick up three seats in this recall, they got two. the republicans stay in charge in the senate. this really was a referendum on a number of -- a number of republicans have said, about you. >> well, there is no doubt, voters last november wanted us to focus on jobs and fixing our budget. we've done that, balanced their budget without raising their taxes and improved the economy, our job growth in the first six months is twice the national average. i think they affirmed that on tuesday and they said along the way, they want us to figure out ways to work together, do more for jobs 'cause it's not happening in washington. >> steve: does this win for the republicans in wisconsin say anything about national politics next year? >> i think it does. i think it's a message not only
5:59 am
in wisconsin, but state houses across the country and really in washington that people want leaders with courage. people want leaders who think more about the next generation than they do about the next election. and when people think that way, when they think about their kids and grandkids and not just about their own political futures, voters will stand with them and affirm them and they want -- i think what happens or is not happening in washington was a great contrast to what we've done in wisconsin where we found a way to move forward. now if we can bring -- a lot of issues we can bring democrats and republicans together on and show the country that wisconsin really is putting people back to work and is not facing the same kind of mess that washington is. after the downgrade a week ago, it was a nice contrast with wisconsin, because we balanced our budget. we saw moody's, one of the credit rating agencies, call us. >> gretchen: unfortunately because of at that satellite hit, we're out of time with you today. i'm sure you'll be back sometime soon. thanks so much for your time. >> i will indeed a
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