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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 11, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to let congress know. you've got to tell them, you've had enough of the theatrics, you've had enough of the politics, stop sending out press releases, start passing some bills that we all know will help our economy right now. that's what they need to do, they've got to hear from you. you have to tell them to extend the payroll tax cut. so middle-class families will continue to have more money to spend. we passed this in december. the average family received $1,000 from this tax cut. and you need to get it again because the economy is still weak. it's going to help you make ends meet but it's also going to meet more customers for business. it will increase demand.
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it's right for the economy. and i would sign that bill today if it came to my desk. tell conditioning to get beyond their differences and said me a road construction bill so companies can put tens of throughs of people to work right now building our roads and bridges and airports and sea seaports. america used to have the best stuff, best roads, best airports, and seaports and we are slipping behind because of politics and gridlock. you want to put people to work light now rebuilding america, you have to send that message to congress. send a message to congress to come to an agreement on trade deals that will level the
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playing field and open markets to our businesses so we can sell more goods to countries and the world. we've got a lot of americans driving kia's and hyundais. i want folks in korea driving fords and chevies and chrysler. i'd like to see that. i want did see billions more products sold around the world stamped with three words: made in america. made in america. those trade bills of teeed up and ready to go. let's get it done. tell congress we need to reform the patent system so entrepreneurs like the ones who developed some of the technology here can turn their ideas into
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businesses more quickly. so companies like this one can better compete against companies around the world. we shouldn't make it so difficult for someone with a good idea to translate that into a business. tell congress we've got hundreds of thousands of bright, talented, skilled americans who are returning home from iraq and afghanistan and i propose connecting those veterans looking for work with businesses that need their skills. you've got 24 and 25-year-olds that are leading platoons and handling equipment that's worth tens or hundreds of billions of dollars. and they come back here and they can't find a job! let's put them to work. these are things we can do right now. these are things i've already proposed. we've worked out the glitches. the legislation is drafted.
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let's get it done. now given the weakness of the economy we need to doven more than that and over the coming weeks i will put out more proposals, week by week, that will help businesses hire and put people back to work. i'm going to keep at it until every single american what want as job can find one. now, we do have to pay for these things. and in order to pay for these things, congress has to finish the job of reducing the nation's budget deficit in a sensible and responsible way. not just with more cuts this year or next year. those cuts would weaken the economy more than it already is and we've already cut $1 trillion in what's call discretionary spending. what we need is a long-term plan
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to get our nation's finances in order. that's the only way we can invest in places like this. that's how we can fund the research at the department of energy. that's how we can fund the community college that trains folks to work here. that is how we fund the infrastructure and the technology that will help us win the future. by doing what you do, what families do. think about it, when things are tight you cut out the things can you not afford, even if it is tough, to pay for the things that really matter. you don't cut out the college fund for your kids. you stop maybe going out as often. you don't stop taking care of your parents who need care; you cut back on some of the things that you don't really need.
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the same principle applies to government. and, by the way, in your own families, i'm assuming you don't just keep all the stuff you like and tell your spouse you got do get rid of the stuff he or she likes. that wouldn't work in my house hold. you don't just cut out what is important to you, or keep all the stuff that is important to you and cut out the stuff that's important for your kids. the same is true for us as an american family. we can't ask the people in this room working families, middle-class families, to bear the entire burden. we're not going to balance our budget on the back of middle-class and working people in this country. en has to do their part. everybody has to do their part. everyone has to chip in.
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that's fair. you learn it in kindergarten. that's what all this fuss was about in washington. are we going to deal with our deficit in a way that's fair? and that means closing tax loopholes for billionaires before we cut college loans for young people. that means handing government subsidies to oil and gas companies that are doing well before you cut health care for seniors. it means making sure that the biggest corporations pay their fair share in taxes before we gut the investments in technology that make this factory a reality. now, that's just common sense. it should have bipartisan
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support. these are things we can be doing right now. that's how we can jump start this economy and speed up the recovery. and get more folks working. while making sure that we get our fiscal house in order. we can do both. i'll be laying out more proposals in the day ahead and i will keep after every idea and every serious proposal to help us "grow" this economy until everyone what want as job can find one. i want everyone to understand here: the problem is not that we don't have answers; the problem is that folks are playing political games. we've got a long way to go. we didn't get into this mess overnight. it will take time to get us out. that's the truth. but that's no excuse for inaction. it's time to put aside
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ultimatums and stop drawing lines in the sand. you know, in the aftermath of this whole debt ceiling debacle with the markets going up and down like they are, there has been a lot of talk in washington right now that i should call congress back early. the last thing we need is congress spending more time arguing in washington, dc. what i figure is, they need to spend more time out here listening to you. and hearing how fed up you are. that's why i'm here. that's why i'll be traveling to a lot of communities like this over the next week. that's what congress should be doing. go back home, listen to people's frustrations with all the gridlock, listen to how frustrated folks are with the
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constant bickering and the unwillingness to compromise. and the desire to score points even if it is at the expense of our country. and if they are listening hard enough, maybe they'll come back to washington ready to compromise and ready to create jobs and ready to reduce our deficit. ready to do what you sent them there to do. you know, america voted for divided government. and that makes it tough. you got one party controlling the house of representatives. another party controlling the senate. so they voted, you voted, you voted for divided government but you didn't vote for dysfunctional government. you din vet for a "do nothing"
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government. you didn't vote for a government where folks are just looking out for special interests. you didn't vet for a government that is beholden to lobbyists. we've got a lot of work to do. and the only way we will get it done is if everybody, democrats and republicans, find a way to put country ahead of party. that's what i'm fighting for. i'm here to enlist you in that fight. you've got to hold everybody accountable because if we can come together and find common ground there's no stopping the united states of america. there is no holding us back. we can strengthen this economy. and we can put our nation back to work. and we can lead the world in growing industry and we will make it through the economic storms and reach calmer waters stronger than we were before. thank you very much, everybody.
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god bless you. >>shepard: the president pointing out the difficulties of the day and saying heel -- he will have plans coming together and we need to get down to the business of fixing the country and getting people become to work. he is right on those fronts. people have not been able to get to work and the economy is not cooperating. the dow is cooperating. let's start with the fox news alert, another wild ride on wall street. the good kind. so far. the dow up 473 points! wow! still another hour or so. actually, what, 48 minutes it go in the trading. investors are desperate for a sign the u.s. economy is growing and today they got one. our government reports that fewer americans applied for unemployment benefits, claims down 7,000 to 395,000. the first time in four months the number has dropped below
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400,000. a snapshot of the economy but a sign it is improving. however small. but much needed boost in confidence after the dow fell 519 points yesterday. who knows maybe we will get that back today. anything can happen. we will keep you informed. but it will take more to make up for the past few weeks with the dow plummeted 2,000 points. yesterday it closed 16.3 percent below the high of the year april 29. gerri will offer her two cents. there are several factors at play in addition to the jobless numbers. >>guest: that is right but the claims that was a big deal to the market. number down, good news, and it ended at 17-week string of being 400,000 or better. and the other good news, news corps reported fantastic earnings and that is good because they own this network and it came from programming
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network and a big thing is television. shep, thank you for that little boost. >>shepard: our cable channel has done well on earnings report. and cisco had a great quarter. >>shepard: that is a rebound. >> the first quarter where they said the orders were growing, a breakout. but they have had a heck of a time. >>shepard: the situation in europe has been driving the markets and this is turmoil. >> a lot of turmoil. on tuesday sarkozy and merkel will meet. one thing that drove futures lower this morning, and they then turned around, there were rumors a bank in asia said they would not do business with some of the french banks so fears of a credit crisis paralyzing the market early this morning but
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when we get the jobs numbers that was it. we focused on local and earnings. >>shepard: good news, gerri, thank you. and fox business network is the fastest growing network on television news giving you the power to prosper and if you don't get the fox business network demand that thing. the new congressional super committee on reducing the nation's debt is complete. the democratic leader, the house minority leader, in the house of representatives, nancy pelosi, announced her picks to finish the 12-member roster. she appointed the congressman clyburn and maryland's top democrat on the budget competent which is supposed to find $1 trillion in spending cuts by thanksgiving and the group coming out of a deal to raise
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the debt limit and the white house is insisting this time, taxes, at least revenues, should be on the table. and a crash put the armed and dangerous dougherty gang behind doors. the stripper and redneck of the bunch recovering from a gunshot wound. we have their mug shot wounds, and lee is lacking the smile that she has in her flicker pictures and of course the siblings flipped their get away car in colorado after running over r in the le after she pointed a gun at him. before that, the cops say they shot at a florida officer and, then, went to georgia and robbed a bank with semiautomatic weapons. here is the officer from florida. >> i lock forward to to to -- look forward to seeing the criminals receive their punishment for putting my life and many citizens they showed
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total disregard for. >>shepard: the f.b.i. reports they now face a list of charges across many states. they captured them in colorado and our denver correspondent is there. they will be in colorado until what, next week? >>guest: yes, that is right, because the public defender for the county requested the doughertys appear -- the first abotherrance be waived and they will it is in jail until monday held each on $1.25 million bond. here in colorado they face charges of attempted first-degree murder and assault of a police officer. the state patrol says lee grace tried to shot an officer who confronted her and that officer shot her in the leg. the arrest affidavit says she told police i pointed a gun at that cop and i deserve to get shot and the f.b.i. say they will face jurisdiction in georgia and florida.
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>>shepard: some people helped out with the capture that were near? >>reporter: after the car crash a brother got out of the car and ran to some businesses and at that moment, a couple of highway workers were in a parking lot trying to figure out what was going on, the sirens and gunshots and crashing and they saw ryan come from the publics and they chased him. take a listen. >> he turned his back on me and i saw i had a chance and i grabbed him and he put up a fight and flung around and i grabbed hill again and yanked him to the ground and he just said "i give up." >>reporter: the mother who lived in florida told the associated press she is devastated but is glad it is over. >>shepard: thank you, another beautiful day on the front range. look at dow up 489 now, and ticking away but staying well into positive territory. here is what we will help for the next, well, 42 minutes of
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the trading day. we can hope we debt back to 500-some that was lost yet and begin anew, upward trend, and some of the numbers were good. we will show you the incredible results of a full face transplant. doctors did that for a woman after a chimp ripped off her face. we have the new picture. also, the response to the deadly riots in great britain. police are launching raids going into people's homes and they are getting serious. details on a busy day just ahead. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahd of her class.
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>>shepard: 22 minutes after the hour, and that is 8:00 in britain, where police are going
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door-to-door arresting anyone suspected of inciting violence. in london cops raided apartments and houses taking dozens of people into custody. officials say they have arrested more than 1,200 suspects across the u.k. since the weekend. and people living in some of the hardest hit areas say police are not doing enough. >> it is strangling this country. (inaudible) >>shepard: officials say the increased police presence kept the streets calm overnight last night but the british prime minister admitted police failed to criminal the riots. in parliament he said she giving officers more power to identify and detable suspects and he is
12:24 pm
considering cracking down on rioters using internet. >> free flow of information can be used for good or ill so we are working with the police and intelligence services and industry to look whether it would be right to stop people communicating by the sites when they are program meting violence and disorder. >>shepard: the prime minister considering whether to call in the army to support the police and he is locking to -- lookingo the united states for advice on handling the violence. what do british officials say they believe they can learn from the united states? no one no one the prime minister held up boston the way the police and logical government have come together, there, to deal with gang-related violence. the prime minister is interested in how they dealt with the recent riots in philadelphia, the mayor, of course, introducing a 9:00 p.m. curfew in philadelphia after the recent flash mob riots we saw there.
12:25 pm
and, also, the british officials want to look at the way violence in the wake of sports games such as in los angeles have been dealt with by the authorities in the united states. so, the officials in britain feel america has, perhaps, more expense of gang-related violence and, therefore, is better at dealing with this perhaps through more robust policing. >>shepard: what did the experts say is behind the provide lens in the united kingdom and here? >>jonathan: a lot of experts in the u.k., they are blaming first of all and above all else, the par ends saying the prime minister, himself, said that the parents have to take responsibility here just as you her the mayor of philadelphia say the parents have to know what their children are doing and where they are at all times. experts back up the view that family structure or lack of it is an important part of this. >> many instances we don't have men in the lives of the kids
12:26 pm
teaching them morals, values, self control, discipline, so they have kids raising themselves and this is what you get. >>jonathan: the experts point out that social media is playing a new and dangerous role in this because it can get people together very quickly and that they then act on impulse. there is not an intellectual drive but purely impulse when they get a tweet or they see something on facebook or they get a blackberry instant message. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. the dow has been on a terrace jonathan has been chatting away and he will continue chatting at and click "on the hunt," and we lost this amount yesterday on the dow jones industrial average and down about 5 percent but today we are up approaching 5 percent. maybe yesterday's losses come back, and when there is this volatility breakers and traders
12:27 pm
make large amounts of cash. thank goodness wall street is happy. fox news is america's election headquarters. and many of the biggest g.o.p. contenders for the 2012 nomination are now in the great state of iowa for the debate, like, right here on america's cable news leader. and now iowa state university where the debate takes police and the results could have a big affect on the straw poll this weekend which does not buildly much matter. eight candidates take part in the debate, and former federal banker herman cain, the pizza go, newt gingrich, the president's former ambassador to china, huntsman, and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, the texas congressman ron paul, and pawlenty, and former massachusetts governor romney, and minnesota congressman michele bachmann and the store of it all is karl
12:28 pm
cameron. and romney got into a shouting match with a heckler what was going on? >>reporter: you expect the heat to come tonight on the debate stage in iowa campus but romney was touring the state fair, it is big, a million people go to it and it is 100 years old. and he was talking about his candidacy and suddenly, the heckler, the group of democratic activists starting giving him real racket. listen to this. >> the country is attacking people and -- if you want to speak you can speak but right now it is my turn. hold on just a moment. i get a chance, i will let you sleep in a moment. hold on a second and i will let you a speak. hold on a second. >> that is a group called iowa citizen for mount improvement, democratic activist and it went on for several minutes and he cut it off. >> ready for my answer?
12:29 pm
i'm not going to raise taxes. that's my answer. i'm not going to raise questions and if you want someone that will raise taxes you can vote for president obama. >> you heard the applause, he will get him eling from the rivals tonight but not that aggressively, it is a big deal, this is almost the most consequential debate coming as it does in the wake of the news nationally and internationally with the markets and the credit down grate it is a very big deal for romney and the rest of the field. >>shepard: i read from those in the know this night is make or break. >>reporter: michele bachmann has tremendous buzz and knocking on the door of the top of the polls for some time so she will face her share of criticism and lots of questions and zooming in the polls and a big support base in iowa. and on the other side of the
12:30 pm
scale is pawlenty a fellow minnesotan with bachmann but he has been dragging and the stakes are quite high. he need as break on performance and translate that into a strong performance on saturday or a lot of folks think he may have to drop out for lack of fund and lack of support. and another piece of news we just got a call from a close aide to governor perry in his gubernatorial office in next decks and the campaign is waiting for perry signaling he will tell his intentions to get into the race on saturday but we can say here first at fox that the perry campaign does exist and on saturday he will say definitive, definitive he is in the race and he will "announce his candidacy for the republican nomination for 2012 on saturday." they acknowledge they were backing away from that but, now, it is all in. and, not only that, there will be no exploretory he will run
12:31 pm
next week and be an official 2012 candidate. >>shepard: live from the home of the cyclones. thank you. that is breaking thursday now on fox news channel. we now know romney is, indeed -- excuse me, rick perry is indeed going to announce he will be a candidate for the presidency of the united states and the republican party and he will make this announcement this saturday, fox news has confirmed it first on f and we hope you will be here on fox tonight at 9:00 eastern, right here, and if you can't get to a tv the debate will be streaming live at our website >> boyfriend of an american missing woman in aruba says he does not believe the story of the 50-year-old guy with whom she was traveling. a live report on that mystery
12:32 pm
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>>shepard: up, up, and away the dow is soaring on wall street. yesterday we lost 520 points on the dow jones industrial average and today we have gained 532 so we are plus 11 for two days. so this is positive. and this is not just some freaky
12:36 pm
trading, they are acting on numbers. the jobless numbers are not as feared and better than they have been in four months and a couple of companies had good news, and cisco system and our parent company had very go numbers and both companies are hiring and the dow is spending favorably. we have 24 minutes left in the trading session. who knows, maybe we will get an all-time record. >> the f.b.i. assisting not search for robyn gardner the american woman missing in aruba, the 35-year-old vanished last week from the very same town where natalee holloway went missing six years ago. police now holding this 50-year-old man as a suspect. he was traveling with her. they met on and he claims she vanished while snorkeling but police found enough holes in the story to arrest him when he attempted to leave the ioyfrd.nd,
12:37 pm
yes, boyfriend, says the travel companion story is unlikely because she would never get her hair wet when they went to the beach. and phil has the news from south florida. phil: robyn gardner's companion is locked up in jill not too far from the beaches that he and robyn gardner went to enjoy and the reason is his alibi does not add up according to the solicitor general. he is seen here with the police the day after reporting her lost at sea while snorkeling together, and on one of the richest snorkeling spots saying the ocean current must have taken her away. and here is an attorney. >> the body goes deep immediately and very deep and you can see it there and it goes under the water and the current will take it away. phil: a big hole? the police say that there was no
12:38 pm
current that night. nothing. another hole? so far, not one witness says he or she saw the couple go snorkeling last tuesday. a 35-year-old maryland woman is described as "trusting," person, loyal, hard working, one of the glass half full types with several tattoos one on her rib cage, and her mother released her first statement since being enoughed last week by authorities that her daughter is missing. "our daughter has been missing since august 2nd,2011 and we can only bray she will soon with be us, she means the world to us." his criminal history involves two restraining orders from two relationships and an ex wife would says he physically abused her and her boyfriend said he received a final communication from her while she was in aruba,
12:39 pm
simply a facebook message said "this sucks." very next day, she disappeared. >>shepard: we will bring the boyfriend in, now, richard forrester joining us like. nice to see you, thank you. what did you make of that, at the time? can you give us context? >>guest: this came at about 2:00 in the morning on tuesday morning, august 2nd, and why necessity what it meant, i got that message and i saw it when i got to work in the morning so i responded with a question mark and asked her to inbox me which she never did and i e-mailed her through the day to try to find out what would wrong and she responded by the very last communication i had with her was "we'll talk, we'll sort this out when i get back."
12:40 pm
>>shepard: so the story was you guys were in a low period not relationship and she decided to go to to find someone to get away with. >>guest: for i wouldn't say that, and i can't explain why she went to, that is a separate issue, but we were doing quite well, she had been, she kept an apartment in frederick, maryland but mostly lived with me in my apartment for six nights out of the week and kept her cats with me and most of her collecting, and we both works in downtown bethesda so it was easy for us to do that and we spent 90 percent or 95 percent our time together when we were not at work. we were not in a lull. i don't know why she did that. maybe she had some doubts. as far as i was concerned, and as far as she told me everything was going just great and we were looking at other places to possibly live together and had talked about the future.
12:41 pm
so, i'm as were as a quandry as everybody else. >>shepard: the story about the companion and her demise, you have said she would never get her head wet. anything else not make sense to you about the story? >>guest: a lot of things. 6:00 at night, she has had a few drinks by then and she is on vacation and she is either getting ready to go out for dinner or the night and she is not one to stay out real late, typically in bed by 9:00 or 9 3:00 or 10:00 and she is not going in the ocean then, doesn't want to get her hair messed up or her makeup messed up, she may go into the water up to her waist, she is more of a go to the pool kind of girl, take a dip, get back out and get sun. >>shepard: you have been together a while. how are you doing? >>guest: you know, i'm doing the best i can.
12:42 pm
>>shepard: have police indicated to you, down in aruba, any sort of communication that would indicate they think they know what happened? >>guest: they are not telling me anything. a couple of things, number one i'm not a direct family member. and they say it is an ongoing investigation. and more than anything because of perhaps the natalee holloway case maybe they are trying to keep it more quiet. that's why i've been going to every media source there is to get this out there. i really have to thank the natalee hall way resource center for putting me in touch with everyone they have been a tremendous help. >>shepard: have you spoken with your girl's family? >>guest: yes, over the weekend i spoke with her mother quite a bit and i keep in touch with a cousin of others for updates, and her where and i talk every now and then and, in fact, on sunday i took her clothes and her cats to her where but what
12:43 pm
they say is they don't really know. i was informed yesterday that the u.s. authorities were now involved and i've been speaking with them as of today so, hopefully there is a little bit more happening as far as that investigation goes. i don't have as much faith in the arue -- aruba authorities. >>shepard: do you know anything about the giordano character otherwise he was going to leave your girlfriend behind? >>guest: i have learned he has women he has dated all sorted of sordid and all of details i am not at liberty to say. but, just that this is a crazy, violent man, and he will charm somebody and then when he doesn't get his way will attack. i've heard that he videotaped things, and he has video cameras
12:44 pm
in his home, outside of his home, and i have heard all sorts of horrible stories, potential drug use. those are not facts. these people are just what they have told me. >>shepard: we will help for a happy ending and hope the fbi getting involved will be of help. i'm out of town. wish i had more time. thank you very much. look at this: the dow is soaring up more than 5 percent, the focus of our coverage right after this. what this means? could it be a sign for the future? what is happening on wall street? i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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12:48 pm
13,000 miles an hour and can go from los angeles to new york in 13 minutes. but we lost it. i don't know ... it is missing. trace is live from the west coast. how do you lose a rockets? well, if it goes that fast who can keep up with it? >>trace: the air force confirmed it went up in space and it disengaged from the rocket and it flew for nine minutes at speeds of 13,000 miles per hour before they lost it. this is the animation. it goes into space and the tip of the rocket peels off like a banana and then it disengaged and it glides back into the atmosphere and it soars over the motion at 13,000 miles per hour and supposed to fly for 30 minutes and it flew nor nine minutes exactly the same amount of time the last test flew, nine
12:49 pm
minutes. so, not a versusful flight but they cannot figure out how to control this thing when it gets back into the atmosphere. >>shepard: like a car on the long island expressway. what is the goal here? >>trace: well, it is a weapon. not meant to be manned spacecraft. what they do is, they hope to make it a bomb or make it carry bombs and you can get to anywhere on the planet in less than one hour. that's pretty big deal if it works. now, military jets can travel at mach3, but when they get to mach 5, they cannot perfect that technology which is why they have so many problems with this. it was the last scheduled flight of the falcon unless they get more money from the government and after today, that doesn't appear likely. >>shepard: we are let on that. trace, live from los angeles, thank you. recent law school graduates say they were ripped off by their
12:50 pm
schools and they do what lawyers do best. do they have a case? that is next. a lump sum of cash today. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped irocks thounds of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country.
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it just takes somebody having thidea, and that's where the discovery comes from.
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>>shepard: recent law school graduates are accusing their schools of being scam artists and are taking allegations to court. in separate class action suits filed this week, former students from law schools in new york and michigan say their institutions published misleading employment and salary figures and allege the schools published high employment rates for recent graduates to get temperature to pay high tuition. a law student indicates that it is a game of three card monty and officials say the claims are baseless and without merit and the plaintiff in each lawsuit seeking more than $200 million in damages and tuition refunds. lawyers.
12:54 pm
here to breakdown the case on the fox business channel and free damp watch on fox business channel, "the five." just town on the tv and he is there. judge napolitano, just a little thing. >>judge napolitano: this is crazy. i like lawsuits like this because it shows how the system can be abused and needs to be reformed. these are former law students now lawyer whose did not get jobs they wanted or that paid what they expected or as quickly as they hoped and they are suing the law schools as if the law schools are guarantors of employment after graduation. that's absurd. the economy and the economic problems have affected law firms just as they have affected everything else. going to law school is not a guarantee of a job and these clowns who have filed this should know it. this is so frivolous, that the plaintiffs should end up paying the legal fees of the law schools they sued for the cost of resisting the suit.
12:55 pm
>>shepard: this is about numbers. one little set of numbers. >>judge napolitano: they would have to show for the plaintiffs to pass the threshhold, which is the laws dismissing, the plaintiffs have to come forward with evidence showing a judge this was intentional and that the law schools they attended, intentionally misled them, as to the number of graduates who get jobs, and they relied on that intentional misleading statement. that is nearly impossible do she. >>shepard: i don't think much of people what sue their universities. you know what inyou should do with a good state school, you should support it? like you do. >>judge napolitano: like you do. >>shepard: they give us great joy, and part of our lives, and smoking of great judge, if i may be so bold, we have a new building campaign at ol' miss called "forward together rebels," building great stuff for athletics an amazing
12:56 pm
animation, forward together rebels, you should see it. i'm not going to sue them. i will give them money because i love them. >>judge napolitano: how could i not make a contribution. >>shepard: let me show you how great an american public university can, if you go to we will talk about it in a commercial, schools.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>>shepard: never in the history of the dow jones industrial average have we seen four back-to-back sessions where the market moved more than 400 points. never. that kind of volatility as those numbers has never been seen on the close. this a few minutes, just a few minutes ago i said we would hit 500-points something on the session. how


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