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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 12, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> gretchen: we're back with more of greyson chance. go to our after the show show. >> steve: have a fantastic weekend. check into the others >> you said the era of small government was oamplet that sounds a lot more like barack obama, if you ask me. >> she said she's got a titanium spine. it's not her spine we're worried about, it's the record of results. >> i'd love to see the rest of to be's -- tonight's debate asking us what we -- about what we would do to lead america as the president has failed to lead instead of playing mickey mouse games. >> you supported this war as well. it's time we quit this. it's trillions of dollars we're spending on these wars. >> america has got to learn how to take a joke! >> [laughter] >> bill: it was a hot august night in iowa last night, eight republicans hoping to grab that nomination, those
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candidates setting a fiery tone from the beginning. here is one of the most talked about, an exchange between former governor tim pawlenty, congresswoman michelle bachmann, both from the state of minnesota. >> the problem is when the deal was put together, governor pawlenty cut a deal with the special interest groups and he put in the same bill a vote to increase the tax as well as the vote that would take protections from the unborn and i made a decision, i believe in the sanctity of human life, and i believe you can get money wrong, but you can't get life wrong. >> what's wrong in the answer is the answer. congresswoman bachmann didn't vote for that deal because of stripping away a prolife protection, she voted for it -- she's now creating that as the excuse but nonetheless she speaks of leading these efforts in washington and minnesota, leading and failing is not the objective, leading and getting results is the objective. i've got the best record of results of any candidate in
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this race. bill: there was a whole lot more of that exchange back and forth and we're going to get to the rest of the other hour and 59 minutes from last night, too a. lot to cover, good morning, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to friday, good morning to you. alisyn: good morning as -- good morning to you as well. i'm alisyn camarota in for martha maccallum -- mcoccasion up. it was a fivey night, not even the moderators were safe in this debate. >> i'd love to see the rest of tonight's debate asking us about what we would do to lead an america whose president has failed to lead instead of playing mickey mouse games. >> i took seriousby the injunction to put aside the talking points and i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. >> so steve brown is up early, ames, iowa, want to start with you this morning. steve, good morning to you. let's get to gingrich in a moment here, but all the jabs being thrown between
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pawlenty and bachmann, what about mitt romney? was he hit last night or did he manage to avoid that? >> that was the interesting part. predebate, there was a lot of chatter amongst the media or at least a significant amount about how mitt romney would fare because certainly in iowa folks that are not mitt romney fans are kind of looking for an antiromney champion, if you will, and were wondering which ones were going to put their diewks up in regards to romney and it appears that nobody laid a glove on him. have a listen: >> i was fortunate enough to be a governor that got an increase in the credit rating in my state, at the same time, we got a president who got a decrease in the credit rating of our nation and that's because our president simply doesn't understand how to lead and how to grow an economy. >> reporter: nobody was really going after him the way they did in some of the earlier debates, and he acquitted himself well. you know, the first task of all these people has to be to trip up mitt romney and
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they didn't do that tonight. >> reporter: so amidst all of this, last night, verbally speaking, mitt romney walked away pretty much unscathed, and that was his biggest surprise, is how contentious it was at least in this reporter's opinion. bill: so who are the iowa activists talking about this morning, steve? >> reporter: awful lot of buzz, awful lot of buzz about newt gingrich. he's not had the smoothest go of it in the last couple of months and according to the activist, newt gingrich accorded him well, got his back up when talking about that supercommittee to talk about the federal budget decifit. have a listen: >> we don't have that down, i'm sorry. but the activists basically, a lot of them, thought that of all the candidates who did themselves some good yesterday, last night, that gingrich was right at the top of the list, that he did the best performance, probably wouldn't have been a better timed thing seeing
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as we've got the straw poll coming up tomorrow. bill: 24 hours for that. lears ali with more. alisyn:'s america's economic troubles obviously a big topic last night. at one point the candidates were asked to raise their hands if they would walk away from a decifit cutting deal that included any tax increases, even if the ratio was 10-1 spending cuts over tax hikes. let's listen: >> i'm going to ask a question to everyone here on the stage. say you had a deal, a real spending cuts deal, 10-1, as byron said, spending cuts to tax increases, speaker, you're already shaking your head, but who on this stage would walk away from that deal? would you raise your hand if you would feel so strongly about not raising taxes, you'd walk away on the 10-1 deal? >> alisyn: there you go. what did the candidates have to say about that big debt ceiling deal that was just passed by congress? many had choice words for president obama, and the way things are run in washington:
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>> i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food, all right? what he served up was not what i would have done if i had been president of the united states. if i were president, what i would have done is cut federal spending, capped federal spending as a percentage of the total economy, and then worked for a balance budget amendment, if we do that we could reign back the scale of government and that's the right thing to do. >> you don't bail out the people that are bankrupt and dump the debt on the people. that is what's happened. you have to have liquidation of debt, limit name -- eliminate the investment and go back and get growth again. this is madness. >> i've been all across iowa, people are almost unanimous, do not raise the debt ceiling. that was the right thing to do. the worst thing that you could do is continue to borrow money and spend money that we don't have. >> the twi deal with it is to pay those things that need to be paid and then make the tough choices of cutting the other things, agency by agency, program by program, based upon
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performance metrics. we then need to raise the debt ceiling, but there was an easy way out and the problem still has not been solved. >> we should have balanced the budget. the balanced budget amendment should have been the focus from the beginning. to suggest we never need to raise the debt ceiling, that is, again, showmanship, not leadership. >> of course, the other big topic was jobs. we have the can -- this is where the candidates stand on that. >> i intend to do exactly what i did as governor of the state of utah. we took a good state and we made it number one in this country in terms of job creation. if you want to know what i'm going to do, i'm going to do exactly what i did as governor. it's called leadership. >> as speaker of the house, we have a divided government. we negotiated with bill clinton. he vetoed welfare reform twice, he signed it the third time, largest entitlement reform in your lifetime, we passed red the first tax cut in 15 years, the largest capital gains cut in history, unemployment -- unemployment dropped to 2.4%. how would the country feel
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today, 4.2% unemployment? >> we got a lot of people out of work, we have a president that has an entitle failedo entirely failed economic policy and doesn't know what to do to get the country going again. surely we're going to find ways to help those who can't care for themselves but the most important thing we're talking about tonight is making sure that president obama is replaced by someone who knows how to get this economy going again. >> the big thing i've proposed is to take the corporate rate, which makes us uncompetitive, particularly in exportinging goods, take the corporate rate and cut it to zero for manufacturers. you want to create opportunity for businesses and manufacturing to grow, cut that back to zero, our jobs will come back. alisyn: everybody seemed like they were on their game last night. bill: they did. we asked this poll question about the economy, we broke it down to health care, jobs, taxes, and the debt, and a lot of folks in our poll, 53 percent, said they wanted to hear about the debt last night. you got a little of that. but the moderators tried to move the discussion through, and there was so much talk about it, so this morning, we will break this down for
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you the following wairks the best analysis anywhere. karl rove with his first live reaction since the debate last night, the moderators are here, bret baier and susan ferrechio, juan williams, karen henretty, joining us offer the next 45 minutes. also, what did you think last night? who won this debate? log on to"america's newsroom", that's our show page, you can vote right now, weigh in, we're going to tally them up throughout the hour. you have eight options online right now, so vote right now, we'll let you no how we move throughout the day. not a scientific poll but you can vote online. alisyn: can't wait to hear those results. meanwhile, what will happen with your 401(k) today? well, this week for the first time ever the dow closed with a net change of 400 points or more for four straight sessions. what does that mean? charles payne of the fox business network joins us now to explain this. charles, great to see you. >> you too. al so we set this record, though it was a dubious one,
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of all of these wild fluctuations. what does that mean? >> it means the market is very, very afraid. the stock market is telling us the same thing the federal reserve told us earlier this week and same thing the s&p told us last friday, that america is in trouble but our problems are solvable, but the problem right now isn't about the fundamentals of our country, more so as do we have the right sort of leadership and game plan to get us out of this potential precipice that we're on. alisyn: so this dizzying ride that we've seen on the stocks, is that going to happen again today? >> well, it's already happening. we were down big, then started coming back, they've taken actions over in europe to stop people from betting against the european bank stocks, that seems to have worked at least temporarily, we had good economic news out this morning. you know americans love to shop so we had retail sales numbers that were better than expected. the indication is we will open higher. of course we know that's not always how we stay. the first and last hour of
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trading are critical. more importantly i'd love to see two up days in a row. for these these days, it's a moral victory. alisyn: ict a -- it's a victory on many levels if we had a couple days up in a row. do you think we're in for these sorts of wild fluctuations for a while? >> i do. here's the problem, the economic data like the jobs report, ism number, even things like the federal reserve meeting, those are gone, they're not coming back for three or four weeks so this market is going to continue to be vulnerable to the downside and we'll take cues from second and third tier economic data but for the most part everyone is still on pins and needles and i don't see that necessarily going away. alisyn: charles, we'll see what happens in 19 minutes from now. thank you very much for previewing it. bill: a nutty week, hasn't it been? try and figure this out. >> reporter: so those are just some of the many stories we're working on now. in a moment, new developments in the search for an american woman missing in aruba, what police are now said to be saying about a man tied to
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her disappearance. >> and more from the gop debate on fox. things getting a little permanent for the candidates. one of the toughest questions going to michelle bachmann and it was about her marriage. >> in 2006, when you were running for congress, you described a military in your life when your husband said you should study for a degree in tax law. you said you hated the idea. and then you explained, quote, but the lord said be sub missive. wives, you are to be sus miss -- sub missive to your husbands. as president, would you be sub missive to your husband?
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>> in 2006, when you were running for congress, you described a moment in your life when your husband said you should study for a degree in tax law. you said you hated the idea. and then you explained, quote, but the lord said be sub missive. wives, you are to be sub missive to your husbands. as president, would you be sub missive to your husband? >> >> thank you for that question, byron! >> [laughter] >> marcus and i will be married for 33 years this september 10th, i'm in love
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with him, i'm so proud of him, and both he and i, what submission means to us, if that's what your question is, it means respect. i respect my husband. bill: congresswoman michelle bachmann now pushing back against that question during last night's debate. but what about the other seven on stage? who did stephen hayes think had a good night last night? by the senior writer of the weekly standard, fox news contributor, good morning to you there in iowa! >> hey bill. bill: do you think there was a clear winner? >> not of anybody on stage, i don't think so. you know, i think rick perry ended up having a pretty good night by not being there. but what i took away from this debate was that the conventional wisdom about the overall weakness of the republican field is true, at least it looked to be true last night, given the debate answers and responses that we got from the candidates. bill: well, you wrote at 1:00 in the morning on your blog, "many tough questions and many more weak answers".
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who was weakest? >> i really didn't -- i didn't think that the candidates really brought much of their egg in. not only did i think many candidates at different times seemed to be ducking questions, despite the admonition from bret baier at the beginning of the debate to avoid talking points, we had a debate that was filled with talking points and cutsie lines. i didn't think it was the kind of debate that if you were sitting at home, a republican primary voter and you stopped and said ys, that's my guy or woman. there wasn't a moment where somebody was really pushing you to get behind them. bill: you wrote they that's cheesy prepackaged attack lines, but you also found that gingrich scored some points and also thought that rick santorum did as well. why? >> i mean, that's the problem for republicans, frankly, if you have two guys who are not going to be republican presidential nominees, it's just not going to happen and they had the best performances of the night. newt gingrich made a mistake by attacking chris wallace
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over a question that was not only an appropriate question but a necessary question. you have to ask newt gingrich why his campaign impleaded. it's clearly a legitimate question. he looked silly and foolish whining about it. on the other hand if you look at his answer on the economy and getting tough legislation through a bipartisan congress, it was easily -- easily the best answer on the stage. i think it was true of the immigration answer and later what he called the stupid debt committee, he not only gave an answer that i thought would appeal to republican primary voters in its tone and skepticism about this setup, but also, made a substantive critique of the debt committee that i think was right on the mark, so overall, if you look at his substantive answers, i think newt gingrich had the best night. the problem for republicans is, he's not going to be president. bill: does last night sift any of the eight out of the poll? >> probably not. if there is that kind of sifting, it will come after the straw poll tomorrow.
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i don't think tim pawlenty had a great night. he had a couple of lines that were, you know, sharp elbows, the kind of thing that he hadn't done before, but it feels a little too late to me and they felt prepackaged and planned, which i think may not go over as well with voters. bill: stephen, we'll see how the ames straw poll goes tomorrow, what comes of that. thank you for your time. also on our website, again,"america's newsroom", you have eight options, who won last night? we'll have that throughout the show this morning. alisyn: mitt romney, finding himself in the middle of a heated exchange even before last night's debate and this one was with members of the crowd at the iowa state fair: >> hold on a second, i'll let you speak. hold on a second. let me -- hold on a second. >> [cheering] >> alisyn: is this the new normal for what candidates will face on the campaign trail? plus, arrests on the rise in london's deadly
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riots and looters are speaking out. why some say they feel no remorse for their actions. >> i'm all right, you know? what he did to me, it's mean. >> what about you? any bad feelings at all? have you thought about it at night when you've been sleeping in your bed? >> no, because i'm watching my plasma i just got. christmas came early.
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bill: police in london now busting in doors, going after suspected looters inside of their own homes. watch here: >> that was a scene that was repeated over and over again, officers arrested and charging about 600, police all over england arresting 1700 total. some of the looters now
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being interviewed, faces hidden, placing the blame for the riots on the wealthy >> the government, they're not helping no one out except for the rich people. they don't care for us. they just leave us on the blocks to do whatever we do. bill: that seems to be a little calmer than we've seen. today a new arrest in the murder of a 68-year-old man, brutally attacked and killed after confronting rioters in western london. police have a 22-year-old under arrest for that murder. alisyn: there's been a major arrest in mexico's fight for drug cartel, police nabbing a man accused of being personally responsible for the murder of more than 600 people. and the suspected leader of a brutal gang known as the hand with eyes. fox's jamie colby is live with more. what do we know about these guys? >> reporter: alisyn, this is a very big get for
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mexican authorities, garcia, the leader of the hands with eyes gang, they're responsible for massive killings and drug sales throughout that country, 36 years old, and after he was founded -- rounded up in an overnight raid last night, he admitted actually to 300 murders personally and being connected to 300 more, many of those involved beheadings. since his arrest, it's been reported he's a former mexican navy corporal and police officer, and that he also served as a bodyguard to a major cartel assas nane, edgar valdez, aka la barbie, before he spin off to form his own hands with eyes gang and that interestingly is named for a mexican entertainer who uses his hands, paints eyes on it and it's a puppet he performs with. alisyn: they're much more nefarious than that, obviously. so this guy, being connected to 600 murders. give us some context. is this the tip of the iceberg? >> >> reporter: it may be, because this year alone,
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there have been more than 7000 killings that are kelt dollars -- related to drug violence in mexico, some of it regular bored spilled over to the united states, but that's an average of 40 people a day, dying, as a result of drug sales and violence. early they are month mexican authorities made a major bust, so they seem to be putting a dent in this, jose, antonio acosta hernandez, known as diego. i find this most interesting when you look at the drug cartel violence, since usama bin laden was killed, wake. m guzman, another drug lord in mexico, has now become the most wanted man in the world, he escaped a mexican prison in 2001 and hesnce, alis. alisyn: lt's hope that authorities can find him soon, jamie colby, thank you. bill: to this debate, the fallout from last night in a moment here, find out where these folks are headed this weekend. tomorrow is a big day. also new this morning, there are economic numbers out that tell us a lot about
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the health of o we've had recod point swings all week, opening bell in minutes. which way now? mr. dow? >> [laughter] >> alisyn: like that. and lose a job, win the lottery! it sounds like a fair trade, right? how much a group of workers won on the very same day that they got laid off. >> so i'm watching, back up here, and i'm like doing it -- do it again, do it again, do it again, smash it, and i walked to to his window, tony, smash it, you just won the lottery!
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alisyn: okay, wall street is open for business, as of 30 seconds ago, so how healthy is our economy today? well, it's up 33 points. and what about president obama's comments on the economy yesterday? the president says that partisanship is actually hurting the recovery.
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let's ask about that and bring in our fox business network anchor, charlie s gasparino, and sandra smith. sandra, before we get to politics, what about today, what are you seeing that's going to happen on the market? >> reporter: well, as we watch the dow open right now, alisyn, we are opening to the upside, we are up about 84 points right now. keep in mind, where we are right now, we're in unprecedented territory. the last four trading sessions, all the trading days this week, alisyn, we've had moves up over 400 points on each of those trading days, either 400 points to the downside or to the upside. we've never seen this in history. in fact, alisyn, the past eight trading sessions we've moved in a different direction every single date. these are unprecedented markets now, nobody knows what to call at this point, but we are up for a second day. everybody is looking for a trend from these trading floors. alisyn: charlie, crazy, right, the 400-point fluctuations, four days in a row. what to make of it?
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>> it's interesting, people on wall street take this and they just move along. wall street has changed so much over the last five years, we have the sort of -- we have these traders, you hit a button and a ca jillion stocks trade at once. the street itself digests this stuff pretty quick. the real question is the economy, and i'll tell you, some of the stuff you mentioned earlier before, partisanship, there is one thing that the president made a mistake of is blaming the tea party for some of the issues, the downgrade, that really threw a monkey wrench into the market because when people heard that they basically said this is partisanship taken to another level, because i will tell you this, the tea party had nothing to do with this downgrade. they're about as connected to this downgrade as mars is when it comes to the fiscal situation in this country. alisyn: let's talk politics now. sandra, i'm sure you watched part of the debate last night. as a money person, was there anything the candidates said that stood out to you about the economy? >> mitt romney obviously
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continues to stand out as the business guy. i mean, he was talking about how the u.s. needs to be more business friendly, he was touting his own business experience and knowledge of the economy. talking to traders down here on the floor, alisyn, they obviously like to hear those kinds of things, they like newt gingrich saying that congress should come home and obama should come off of vacation because of the urgency of this situation. markets like to hear that kind of thing. but i will tell you that the initial gut reaction i got from traders on the floor is that the stock market needs more than a president right now. there is extreme weakness in this economy and that's what we see reflected in this economy and any of the candidates that want to talk about thousand to right the ship, they will listen. >> i will tell you, number one, i don't think the -- wall street doesn't care about that debate, they're not focused on it but they are looking for something different and i will tell you, they will line up behind president obama again if he just -- last time, i would say 60 percent of the wall street money, went to president obama over john
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mccain, but they will come behind him again if he starts to -- if he just changes his tone, because remember, wall street has done pretty good under this president. alisyn: what did wall street want to hear him say? >> stimulus. don't think these guy are free market capitalists. some of the traders may be on the floor but the woman line is the -- bottom line is the big firms make money out of big government. if he's talking their tune, government stimulus, if the fed does qe2, you'll see the market go up. alisyn: but every -- >> you'll see the markets go up again. alisyn: short term, charlie, we've seen, but that's not a longer term thing. >> you're talking about economic growth, it's not long term. traders -- there's one thing you have to look at. every time -- don't play off the headline. traders play off the headline. they like qe3. >> that's true, but -- >> they'll buy the market in a second. they like estimate lurks they'll buy the market in a second. politically, listen, i think that sort of stuff is not good politically for this country, not good for the
6:35 am
economy long term but wall street, when they look at the market they care very short term, and that's why they like some of the stuff that obama does. >> charlie, there's a big difference between a trader and an investor. traders down here on the floor, yes, they would buy it -- >> investors made a lot of money from obama when it went from six to 12, remember that. >> a long term buy, hold investor at home. >> they're not selling treasury bonds. sandra, they're not selling treasury bonds. you know, listen, if this market, if investors were capitulating on obama they'd be selling treasury bonds. they would be saying the long term aspect -- the long term concept of decifit reduction is off the table, this president is not going to go there, we should be selling treasury bonds. they're not. they're actually buying for u.s. debt. alisyn: sandra, i'll give you the last word. >> confidence has been battered right now. people don't know what to do. they want someone to lead this country, they're desperate for leadership. they want to see politics, they -- >> of course, but they'll
6:36 am
take obama back in a second. they'll take obama back in a second. >> alisyn, i thought i got last word! alisyn: i don't know what charlie is doing, horning in there! but sandra -- sandra, point well taken. you've made great points and obviously the market is up at the moment, 121 points, so we'll leave it on a good note. charlie gasparino, charlie -- sandra smith, thank you very much. bill: i love it when they disagree. alisyn: you're in the right place. bill: i don't like when they say you're right about that because the mix of opinion is reflected in what we've seen in the past week. you asked them about the politics of the economy and last night debate, who do you think won last night? and 3000 votes in 30 minutes, at the moment, online, fox's room, 50 percent of of you say newt gingrich won, ron paul, mitt romney, running second and third. you have all eight online, cast your vote. we want to remind you, this
6:37 am
is not a scientific survey. we're just trying to get a measure about what you're feeling out there. you know, we can be spammed by some of these campaigns. alisyn: we can, but it also is a good measure of today, a snapshot of this morning, how you're feeling. bill: anecdotally speaking. alisyn: we look forward to hearing more. their crime spree finally cashed out but not before four bandits led police on a high speed chase that ended with a shootout, they are accused of a rash of atm robberies and carjacking in de proit, -- detroit, the luck ran out, officers chafe chase to the vehicle, and after exchanging gunfire with the suspects police finally arrested them. >> i heard shots, and i heard a bang, and i thought they had hit my car. >> do they fit the description? >> they did fit the m.o. and the stolen vinie -- mini van and individuals in the van. alisyn: investigators are working to determine if they have their serial robber --
6:38 am
robber. bill: they never get far. an incredible turn of fate for a group of laid off workers, on the same day ten guys lost their jobs at a manufacturing plant in canada, they won the lottery! i mean, who's on the inside on this one? one man breaking the news to his friend in the company parking lot. listen here: >> so i'm watching back, i hear him hit the back of the curb, i'm like do it deny, do it again, and so you know, smash it, and i walk up to his window, i said tony, smash your cab, i said we just won the lottery, and he said cohen e. i've had a bad day, don't screw with me. >> it's a perfect amount to win. any more makes you different. this makes you comfortable. and you wish everyone could experience this kind of feeling. bill: that is cool. alisyn: i wish everyone could, too! >> bill: 18 people will share the $7.1 million prize, each gets about 400 grand. he said it was the right amount.
6:39 am
>> alisyn: just the right a that's so great. one door closes, another opens. bill: their winnings work out to about 15 years' worth of pay at the plant that just laid them off in canada. alisyn: good for them. karma. bill: buy another one! >> alisyn: so an 11-year-old girl, stuck 70 feet up in a tree, how do you get down from there? and how did she get up there? >> bill: two good questions. this was the headline, only hours before the big debate last night. watch here, state fair, in iowa, mitt romney, facing a band of hecklers: >> you ready for my answer? i'm not going to raise taxes! that's my answer. i'm not going to raise taxes! and if you want somebody that can raise taxes, you can vote for barack obama.
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alisyn: 42 minutes past the hour, here's what's developing in "america's newsroom". new economic numbers show that americans are opening up their wallets a little
6:43 am
more, retail sales rising half a percent last month, that's the best showing since march. shoppers are apparently spending more on cars, furnghts and gas. and in syria, protests against president bashar assad erupting after friday prayers, troops firing on thousands of protestors in the east. no word yet on any injuries or deaths. japan is setting up a new nuclear safety watchdog through its environment ministry, prior to this, japan's trade ministry both regulated and promoted nuclear power. the effort to tighten safety standards comes after that earthquake and tsunami triggered the world's worst nuclear crisis in 25 years. bill: when you get back to a moment from the trail, literally a moment, where mitt romney had a fivey exchange with some democratic voters, in the middle of the state fair, the debate was about entitlements. we'll roll it and watch it now. >> hold on a second. hold on a second, i'll let you speak. hold on a second.
6:44 am
let me -- hold on a second. >> [chanting and jeering] >> just a minute. just a minute. let him talk. let him talk. go ahead. >> social security. >>ing ahead. >> we're also on medicare. >> good. it's a great program. we want to -- we want to keel them. let's let him finish. let's let him finish. >> what are you going to do to strengthen social security? medicare and medicaid? without cutting benefits? >> all right. let's get his answer. let's get his answer. okay. you've had your chance. anything else you want to say? >> well, i'm going to see what you're going to say! >> i'll tell you, the way this is going to work, you get to ask your question, i get to give my answer, if you don't like my answer, you can vote for someone else. but now it's it's time to give my answer. you ready for my answer? i'm not going to raise taxes. that's my answer. i'm not going to raise taxes
6:45 am
and if you want somebody that can raise taxes, you can vote for barack obama. bill: that from yesterday. you can expect more on this in the coming year. juan williams, fox news political analyst, karen he henretty, how you two doing, huh? bright and early, huh? nice to see you in person, karen, juan, always good, welcome back to new york. how did he do on this? how did he handle it? >> you know, i think he did fine, but i think every candidate throughout the primary election and when we get into the general, both candidates are really going to have to be ready to take on -- and i don't think they're hecklers, they're just real people, they have a great deal of concern, i think there's a lot of fear out there, and you know, candidates become so used to their talking points, they've got to get better at thinking on their feet. bill: i think it's a good point. there's a camera everywhere today. but back to the point, how did rom romney do? >> romney did fine. you know, there was nothing memorable out of what -- from what he said other than the fact that the event
6:46 am
occurred. bill: so you would not label this a myth moment? >> no, i would not. >> juan, would you? >> yes i would. i think it was a big myth moment. and karen was so kind but you heard hesitation in her voice and i think the reason is he comes across as human in the moment but he also says corporations are people, my friends, we didn't see that in the clip, an corporations are people, and the profits that go to corporations all go to people, my friends, and i think you can imagine some democratic ads coming forward in which they're saying wait a minute, so in other words, the only people who count in america are people who are executives at corporations, work for corporations, or investors in corporations, so if you are not part of that group, you're not -- >> bill: i think democrats have already come out of with that spot, they reference barbra streisand, you asked for it, we deliver, right? roll this clip, let's see what juan was referring to. >> one is we could raise taxes on people. corporations are people, my
6:47 am
friends. we could raise taxes -- of course they are. everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. >> [laughter] >> where do you think it goes? whose pocket? whose pocket? peoples' pockets! bill: the point he's making is that companies provide jobs. >> right. bill: and perhaps you could word it differently, but that was the intention. >> he'll have to word it a lot differently, and every republican out there is going to have to word it a lot differently. because the real concern is a lot of these small business owners, and i talked to one over this past week who's very concerned, who's very fearful, who doesn't know who is right, who is wrong right now, and when you hear an answer like corporations are people, what people want to hear is the middle class matters. that's what they want to hear. bill: some are pointing out that the lack of the statement, middle class americans, was omitted from last night. does that answer your question, by the way, juan? the clip right there? >> no. i mean, that just
6:48 am
demonstrated the clip. i think that's why karen would admit this is a myth moment. i think this is something that lingers for the campaign. >> i think that moment, where he talks about corporations are people, is definitely a myth moment. i think arguing with a voter over medicare is really more noise, although candidates are going to have to come up with a better answer on medicare. >> bill: this stuff reminds me an awful lot of what we watched some years ago with the town hall meetings. you know, mitt romney is a man who is seen as a guy who wears a starched white shirt and tie everywhere he goes, there he's out there in the blue linen shirt, with the jeans, standing on a bail of hay, a spontaneous moment. >> i like that part of it. bill: that campaign probably embraced that moment more than they ever thought possible. >> it's a respondous moment and mitt romney needs that.
6:49 am
but remember, the tough question for him last night in the debate was about his work, doing away with companies they acquired, firing people, the idea that he's saying corporations are people is going to stick to him. it does not help. i think what you're saying about the medicare part of the debate is exactly right, by the way. republicans are going to have to find a way to talk to people about medicare, so that they are not threatening, because the energy behind that guy, if he wasn't a democratic planner, was genuine. i think there's genuine concern. >> there is genuine concern, and the other thing is the candidate who comes out of the primary race in the republican party is going to be the candidate who can connect with people, and that will be a tremendous benefit for that person. i think rick perry, in that same exact moment as mitt romney, would have handled it much differently. bill: you do? >> i do. i think he would have handled it much differently. bill: he hasn't been to iowa yet. >> he'll be there this weekend and he'll eventually get heckled, he'll get heckled, they'll all get
6:50 am
heckled, and i think the one thing president obama does not have going for him, he cannot relate to people when they are angry at him and when it is that genuine moment, he doesn't know how to respond, and i think that if you get a rick perry and maybe a mich ul bachmann, someone who can embrace that person, embrace that energy and that fear, and turn it around for something positive as a candidate, he's going to win. >> if you would have put chris christie into that, he would have been firing, but romney has been in hiding, to see him come out is interesting. rick perry, i think he might be overselling but again, it's evidence that many republicans aren't happy with the field. bill: you guys are better in person, actually! come on back, will you? what a pair! >> nicely done. bill: see you later. alisyn. alisyn: there are troubling new details in the suspect of a case of a maryland woman who disappeared in aruba, the suspect's criminal record now possibly shedding light on the case. bill: also the candidates mixing it up last night,
6:51 am
we're showing a lot more and karl rove, about his first analysis since the showdown last night, he'll be live, only moments away.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
alisyn: new details into the investigation into that maryland woman who disappeared on vacation in aruba. robin gardner's travel companion is now a suspect in the case. investigators say that gary giordano is no longer cooperating with them, u.s. court documents know giordano has a criminal record, including two orders of protection taken out by women who claimed he was violent. joining us now is homicide detective rod wheeler. hi rod. >> good morning alisyn. alisyn: we've just learned today that prosecutors say that giordano is no longer cooperating with them and
6:55 am
i'm curious, as an investigator, what do you do when the main witness clams up? >> i knew that was going to happen, al sip, because his attorney, giordano's attorney was on television yesterday talking about how this guy feels he's innocent and i said to myself, once he has an attorney he's going to clamp up, he's not going to say anything. so what does that mean to the police and investigators? that simply means they're going to have to continue to search for more clues, they're going to have to search for more evidence. now, i also just learned this morning, alisyn, fox five in d.c. is reporting that they're trying to get a search warrant for giordano's home. he lives in the maryland area, not too far from where i live, and if they get a search warrant for his home that tells me they're going to be looking for more credible evidence to try to build a case against this guy, even though we still do not know exactly what happened to the young woman. but it appears as though the police have already said that giordano's story when he first started talking, alisyn, was not adding up. not only was the story not
6:56 am
adding up, from what i understand he was changing his story, two or three times. so all of that is going to come into play during the course of this investigation. alisyn: rod, it sounds like one of the things that investigators could be looking for in his house is his computer because we know from the victim here's roomate that allegedly he had sent some aggressive and angry e-mails to her. of course, that doesn't make somebody guilty of murder. what do investigators do if they find those e-mails? >> again, all of this is going to be part of the total package, if you will, of the case they're going to start building against giordano, they're going to have to find, al lin -- alisyn, more direct evidence that links him to the woman's disappearance. he's already said she supposedly drowned but i'll tell you, i watched an interview yesterday on fox five where the woman's girlfriend said, a friend of hers said this woman would never go into the water snorkeling like that because she was really concerned about her looks. see, all of that is very credible evidence. i mean, this is an honest person, talking. so the police are going to take all of that, and any other credible evidence they
6:57 am
get to try to build a case against him. alisyn: got it. rod wheeler, thank you very much for coming on. bill: what a mystery that is. in minutes here, who does karl rove think won here last night? and bret baier had his hands full, trying to balance that microphone! >> are the jobs going to bam wack -- come back? >> you got to worry --
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
bill: they were, all eight of them, making a case to the commander in chief only hours ahead of perhaps the most pivotal gop event in the ballot for the white house, counting down to the weekend's iowa strow poll, it can be in some years a crystal ball on the presidential field, now candidates, gauging reaction to the performances in last night's debate. brand new hour for "america's newsroom", a lot to get to. like herding cats last night, wasn't it! i'm bill hemmer, good morning, nice to see you. good morning. alisyn: good morning, bill. as you're saying, everybody got in a zinger at some point. i'm alisyn camarota in for martha maccallum.
7:01 am
they're all republicans but the only thing they agreed on is the opposition to president obama's polities. bill other than that it was partisan politics on the front and center stage. here's rick santorum and ron paul's back and forth. >> you ask the israelis what keeps them up at night it's hamas, hezbollah, the support of syria, and the reason -- let me finish. i know the rules, you guys have been given these guys a whole lot of time and -- >> you have a question coming. the senator is wrong on his history. we've been at war in iran for a lot longer than '79. we started it in 1953, when we sent in the coup, installed the shah and the reaction, the blowback came in 1979, it's been going on and on, because we just plain don't mind our own business. that's our problem. bill: let's get to the moderator, bret baier for "special report", live in iowa, good morning to you.
7:02 am
i mentioned you were herding cats a little last night. i thought it was a terrific evening, and very entertaining. what did you think, how did you evaluate it? >> reporter: it was interesting! it was lodgesticly a little tough negotiating eight candidates on the stage. but i think, and when i saw the whole thing this morning in replay, overall, we're pretty happy with it. bill: nice. i thought you did a great job. and those asking the questions as well. but what happened last night at one point is that newt gingrich started asking you guys. i want to roll that and get your reaction, okay? here's gingrich. >> first of all, chris, that i took seriously bret's injunction to put aside the talking points and i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. [applause] >> i'd love to see the rest of tonight's debate asking us about what we would do to lead an america whose president has failed to lead, instead of playing mickey mouse games.
7:03 am
>> [applause] >> bill: what did you think when that happened, bret, what do you recall? >> >> reporter: well, i thought it was a moment. he created a moment. and i think it was in his quiver, going into that night, to create that moment. and to his credit, he took the ball and ran with it. i will say that the question we talked about was legitimate. if you're going to be the leader of the free world, if you're going to be the leader of this country, being able to run the country, a question about being able to run your campaign is a legitimate question. and while he created a moment, and i think he had a good debate performance, the criticism of the question, i'm not sure was that justified. bill: in these event, invariably, every time you're going to take heat from someone, because they don't believe that they were given a fair shake. that was the case with rick
7:04 am
santorum last night with sean hannity. they were in the press pit, he was talking to everybody, and here's what santorum had to say about his performance. >> last night, i said that i would get tougher questions from animos at a town meeting than i would from bret baier, which i wasn't sure that i'd get any questions from brett bret baier, but an hour and 15 minutes through the show, i got two questions and one of them i asked to ask to get. so yeah, i was a little frustrated, i got to tell you. bill: i don't know if that's fair criticism or no. but i wanted to get -- or not but i wanted to get your take. >> it's just not true. we go back to the tape, later we're going to post how many questions each candidate was asked and how many seconds each candidate talked in this debate and i promise you you're going to be surprised at how close it all is, and we really attempted to do that. senator santorum made his point,sy making an issue about the time that he was
7:05 am
given. he created his own moments, and had some good back and forth with congressman paul, as you played earlier. i don't think that criticism is justified. i talked to senator santorum afterwards, you're right, he wasn't pleased, but you know, that's sometimes how these debates go. bill: it seemed like he was raising his hand in the corner but things changed in the second half of that debate. i mean, it was a two hour deal and you had to take in the entire two hours to get a full gauge of what happened. bret, terrific job to you and everybody out there in ames, iowa. we'll be watching this weekend, okay? >> thanks bill. bill: you bet. there is special coverage throughout the weekend on fox, the straw poll in ames is tomorrow. bret is going to have complete coverage at 5:00 eastern time, it's a special installment of "special report", they are on the road this weekend in iowa. also to you at home, what do you think? who won last night? so far, more than 4500 votes in our nonscientific poll, almost half say newt
7:06 am
gingrich, ron paul is second at the moment, the rest trailing behind. paul has about 20 percent of the vote there. we're adding them up as we go throughout the hour, we'll let you know at the end of our show today who you think won the most last night or did the best or performed the best. so it's anecdotal, it's just a snapshot of what you're thinking at home. alisyn: still interesting. i can't wait it see what happens an hour from now. meanwhile the nation's debt growing by the second as you know, the sphaering amount is today more than $14.6 trillion. well, now 12 lawmakers named to that so-called supercommittee have until november to come up with a plan to fix our finances. but presidential candidate newt gingrich is not a fan of this idea: >> i think this supercommittee is about as dumb an idea as washington has come up with. >> [applause] >> i think if you look, for a second, i used to run the house of representatives, i have some general notion of these things, the idea that 523 senators and congressmen
7:07 am
are going to sit around for four-months while 12 brilliant people, mostly picked for political reasons, are going to sit in some room and brilliantly come up with a trillion dollars or force us to choose between gutting our military and accepting a tax increase is irrational. they're going to walk in just before thanksgiving, say we can shoot you in the head or cut off your right leg, which do you prefer? >> alisyn: like it or not, here they are, the 12 lawmakers evenly divided between the house and senate, democrats, republicans, fox's doug mce. -- max kelway is live at the white house. interesting comments from newt gingrich. how high are the president's expectations for this committee? >> reporter: kind of hard to tell. he has said repeatedly that he wants a balanced approach, that's been the key word, from the white house, a balanced approach. there's been some indication, at least this morning from david axelrod speaking on "good morning america" that the president might be amenable to coming back to washington from his vacation to help expedite
7:08 am
this process, to help calm the roiled markets. axelrod said this morning that he will join his family in massachusetts if he can. then he backtracked on that a little bit, saying that he had intentions to join his family in massachusetts so, that remains a little unclear. but newt gingrich is the only one who's criticizing this policy. we heard from mitt romney, saying he's not going to eat the president's dog food when talking about the debt ceiling deal last night, we heard from tim pawlenty this morning that this supercommittee is in the words of pawlenty superstupid. so a lot of criticism coming from a lot of different angles on this, alisyn. alisyn: doug, now we see it all set, all the 12 members there, but give us the backstory, were there problems with selecting this committee? >> reporter: you look at the make up of the committee and you instantly see potential problems. here's the graphic, pelosi's picks, congressman james cia burn of south carolina, beccerra, chris van hollen,
7:09 am
clearly left wing part saps, boehner's picks, jeb hensarling, david kampp, fred upton, fiscal hawks, tea party-backed, the senate side, mcconnell's picking pat toomy, jon kyl, traditional conservative, rob portman, former bush budget director, then harry reid's picks, again, real partisans, talking about patty murray, head of the democratic senate campaign arm, max baucus, who is a bit of a moderate, and john kerry who's been a frequent critic of the tea party. so it's very, very difficult to see how these opposing forces, the immovable object versus the irre sistable force is going to come together if there's any kind of balanced approach the president wants to see. alisyn: it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in that room and hopefully you will bring us inside there when it happens. doug, thank you. alisyn: taking bets as to whether or not they can come to an agreement, we will see. what had been peaceful student protests, exploding into violence in chile.
7:10 am
watch here: >> really? students angry over the slow pace of education reforms, beating on police vehicles with sticks. there you are. throwing rocks at officers, police responding with water canon, at one point hitting a tv station, demanding the rights of a live broadcast in order to publicize their demand, many in chile calling this the chilean winter, just as the arab spring emerged just six months ago. alisyn: an update on the dockerty gang, the sister caught with her two brothers, lee grace, is seen laughing in court. she's enjoying this. she's telling police that she, quote, deserves to get shot after pointing a gun at police at the end of their long run from the law, the nationwide man hunt that began in florida, ending on a colorado highway, following a hot pursuit with a shootout with state troopers, the law men saying that despite their years of training it's still very rare to be shot at. >> it does raise your heart
7:11 am
rate and get your adrenaline going a little bit, but we have so much other things to think about while we're in this pursuit that you really don't have time for any extra thought. >> shooting at my friends out there, they're shooting at me, which is bad enough, but they're shooting at my friends and everybody else on this road, too, and for me, it was more frustrating than anything else. alisyn: the dockertys are facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer, they're being held on bond of $1.2 million each. bill: that is a dramatic way to end that, right? >> alisyn: their whole story was dramatic! bill: talking about it every day. alisyn: gun fights, high speed chases. they were quite the siblings. bill: and freaky photos with the cops! did you see the pictures they took in the police shop? their eyes are all wide open. okay, we had many memorable moments last night from this debate, one of them, ron paul on u.s.-iranian relations. >> people -- we're in
7:12 am
countries where you put sanctions on, you are more likely to fight them. i say a policy of peace is free trade, stay out of the internal business, don't get involved in these wars, and just bring our troops home. >> [applause] >> bill: karl rove in a moment, who he believes had a good night, who did not? we will also get his take on the iowa straw poll that goes down tomorrow. on deck. alisyn: the postal service facing a multi billion dollar loss, now a new plan to stop it from bleeding more money. a lot of people are not going to like this. bill: man versus but. who do you think wins this? >> alisyn: i've seen things like this before. bill: the results are not pretty, alisyn!
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
bill: lesson here, don't mess with the big bull in colombia, a series of bull fights turning at one point deadly, one was gored, ended up dying from his injury, ten others were injured. wow! al -- >> two days from now, bret, we get to send a message to barack obama, and the message is this: you are finished in 2012. and you will be a 1-term president. >> look, i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food,
7:16 am
all right? what he served up was not what i would have done if i had been president of the united states. if i had been the president -- well, i'm not president now, though, i'd like to have been. >> he should cancel his cape cod vacation, call the congress back into session and get to work on this. barack obama is missing in action. >> he said the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama, if you ask me. >> anyone that suggests that iran is not a threat to this country is not a threat to stability in the middle east, is obviously not seeing the world very clearly. he sees it exactly the way that barack obama sees it, that we have to go run and apologize for the fact that we've gone out and exerted our influence to create freedom around the world. >> there's too much attention paid by the press corps about the campaign minutia and not enough paid by the press corps to the basic ideas that distinguish us from barack obama. >> alisyn: those are the presidential candidates last night, not pulling any
7:17 am
punches when it came to president obama and karl rove joins me, the first interview since the debate last night so we are delighted to get your impressions, karl. what do you think was the most memorable moment? >> you've got a couple of them in there. i thought it was memorable when michelle bachmann in her opening statement delivered the line against president obama, saying he's going to be a one-termer, and i thought tim pawlenty when he delivered the line about how you know, i'll cook you dinner, mow your lawn, if you can find out where the president's plan is. i thought those were both memorable because it's important in a debate -- look, what you say about somebody else is less important than what it is that you say about yourself or what you reveal about yourself, and in a primary, what you say about the democrats, and michelle obama had used a similar line in the new hampshire debate and she milked it for applause again last night and pawlenty came out with what i thought was a very good line against obama and by doing so they revealed a little passion, spunk, and
7:18 am
they gave their priorities which is in pawlenty's case, he said here's the big issues we face and the president has no plan to deal with them. i thought that was a like-minded memorable moment for these two competitors. alisyn: did you hear anything last night, karl, that you think will move the needle and somehow change the results of the straw poll? >> no, look, it will change it only on the margin. that's another thing to keep in mind. debates can't move the needle but the debates that move the needle are generally the debates in which there are a smaller number of competitors, mono a mono. the structure of the debates is rarely do you get to deliver a knock out punch unless it's a knock out punch on yourself. there have been exception, 1980 where reagan grabs the microphone and says i paid for this microphone mr. green, that was a memorable moment that solidified his standing but in a structure like this, it's less important what you say about your fellow people on the podium unless it reveals something about you. incidentally, i think
7:19 am
another thing that happened last night is that, look, the one thing that did happen that doesn't necessarily move the needle for saturday but keeps this going in a direction where it's been going for a few weeks is frontrunners help themselves when they beat expectations and mitt romney's comments on dog food, i'm not going to eat the president's dog food showed a passion and a toughness that people have been looking for. it was not a weak performance, but a very strong performance and by exceeding expectations he helped keep himself in the frontrunner position. alisyn: that dog food reference was a vivid one. was there anybody who you thought was underwhelming? >> ron paul got himself into difficulty and her main cain wasn't able to develop a strong image like he did in the first debate. one guy that helped himself, though i'm not sure it has consequences for the straw poll or anything after that was newt gingrich in responding to chris wallace 's question about business campaign megao being a mess and it proved
7:20 am
that in a debate the counter punch is often more powerful than the punch, chris asked a fair question but it was a tough punch at newt saying your campaign has melted down, you're a million dollars in debt and newt counter punched by saying let's get rid of the gotcha questions. it also shows that in politics, in a debate, people tend to do things twice. the cloud was with him -- the crowd was with them, he gave a tough response about how this was inconsequential but later bret baier came and asked him look, you've got two different positions on libya, which one is it, and newt returned and said that's a gotcha question, i'm not going to get into that, so people tend to do things, keep doing the same thing, if it works in a debate and sometimes it doesn't work. alisyn: newt's point was i just want to focus on the issues, not on some of the sillyier points, and they did talk, obviously, a lot about debt and taxes and economic issues, but mitt
7:21 am
romney also talked about social issues, and we're curious how much of a role you think that the social issues like gay marriage will pay in -- will play in this primary? >> well, they'll play a role, because the republican party is a coalition made up of social conservatives, economic conservatives and national defense conservatives. in the priority -- the priorities did vary from election to election based on the conditions and what's going on in the world and the country. and obviously, right now, the economic state of the country, jobs, decifit, debt, spending, getting the economy growing again, these are the principal issues. but all of those issues, national defense, economic and social issues, will all play a role. alisyn: well, karl rove, great to have you on! with your take on the debate last night. it was certainly fivey. it was great tv. thanks so much. we'll see you soon. >> you bet. bill: on saturday, we find out what rick perry has up his sleeve. they have suffered tremendous loss of life, especially over the past year. today, a changing of the
7:22 am
guard at fort campbell, kentucky and geraldo is there live. g man! >> reporter: bill, i'm here with the heros, these are the wounded heroes, they are home, they are here to see their commanding general.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
ailts 25 minutes past the hour. time for some headlines. here's some positive economic news, retail sales are up half a percent last month, that's something, right? the best showing in four-months. >> new reports of violent clashes in syria, activists saying troops have opened fire on protestors in the east. and counting elephants. a full census taken on sri lanka's dwindling elephant population where critics say the count is a smoke screen and the government wants to capture the youngest
7:26 am
elephants and use them for labor and tourism. bill: who knew, right? 25 past now. the u.s. postal service as you know, deep in the red. now it's considering a big reduction in jobs and cuts in benefits, and that is not sitting well with the unions. peter doocy, live on that story in washington. peter, good morning. >> reporter: morning bill. in the last four years, mail volume has declined 20 percent and because of that the postoffice lost $20 billion. now they're thinking about cutting 20 percent of their work force. that's 120,000 people. now, the postoffice is trying to stay above water and in a draft of their work force optimization plan they lay out the reasons they're in trouble, they say the recession, resulting economic slowdown and shifting of hard copy communications to digital alternatives is the reason that nobody is using their services as much anymore and any changes that they can make to their organization need to be approved by congress. they've asked congress to let them get rid of saturday delivery, but lawmakers never acted on that, and they've thought about
7:27 am
getting rid of about 1/10 of postoffices across the country but that hasn't happened, either. so now for their new plan, here it is, allow the postal service to establish its own health benefits program and allow the postal service to administrator its own retirement system, basically, usps is now saying they think they can give their workers benefits cheaper than the government can, which is how they're getting them now. then the third thing, give the postal service the ability to adjust the size of its work force to match operational needs and the changing marketplace. that's kind of just a nice way of saying that they are going to fire 120,000 people if they can, bill. bill: it has been several years now, since we've watched this postal service try to get itself out of the red and it's deep, deep, deep again. peter doocy, thank you, live from washington. alisyn, what's coming up? alisyn: the dow is up 100 points but it's been a roller coaster ride on wall street this week. millions of americans, watching their 401ks get tossed around like row boats in a storm.
7:28 am
did you write this bill? it sounds like you. will today be a rebound or black friday? >> bill: they might be from the same state but that's about the only thing michelle bachmann and tim pawlenty had in common last night. >> the problem is, when the deal was put together, governor pawlenty cut a deal with the special interest groups, and he put in the same bill a vote to increase the cigarette tax, as well as a vote that would take away protections from the unborn, and i made a decision, i believe in the sanctity of human life, and i believe you can get money wrong, but you can't get life wrong. bill: what's -- >> what's wrong in the answer is the answer. congresswoman bachmann didn't vote for that bill because of stripping away a prolife protection, she voted for it as -- she is now creating that as theversati] excuse. there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal.
7:29 am
kingsford. slow down and grill. [ male announcer ] this is what it's like getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. harpist not included. ♪
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>> it's an undisputable fact
7:32 am
that in congress her record of accomplishments and results is nonexistent. >> you said the era of small government is over. that sounds a will the more like barack obama if you ask me. i have a very consistent record of fighting very hard against barack obama and his unconstitutional measures in congress. >> she says she has a titanium spine, it's not her spine we are worried about. it's her results. if that's a review of your results please stop, you're killing us. >> harry reid, nancy pelosi and barack obama ran congress. but i gave them a run for their money. bill: the state not big enough for both of them. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann sparring with minnesota senator tim pawlenty. susan writes for the washington examiner. she was one of three moderators in the debate last night. good morning to you. excellent job last night. what do you think of tim
7:33 am
pawlenty and bachman? did one get an edge or advantage over the other? >> we were hoping to get the two of them to talk to each other, and boy did we ever. i think it was great that tim pawlenty finally decided to get the boxing gloves on and take shots at somebody, and it was bachmann. that's the person he needed to take a shot at. she's the one that is winning over the people he needs to vote for him on saturday, the christian conservative base. if he didn't take a shot they would accused him of whipping again in the debate. bill: you're referring to the time he was asked about healthcare legislation in massachusetts when he was debating mitt romney two months ago in new hampshire. question on gender. sometimes a woman can talk to a man like that, but when a man talks to a woman you've got to walk a fine line. how did he do that last night? did he do it well or not? >> you know, i think he did just
7:34 am
fine, and i think things changed after 2008 when hillary clinton ran for president. i think it neutralized all those issues and made it possible for an exchange like the one we saw last night. bachmann health her own, she did not back down or coul could cower to the attacks. we got to see the two of them exchange harsh remarks with each other and it will give voters an idea on who to vote for saturday. bill: you said newt gingrich dished himself, in what way. >> he's at the bottom of the poll, he is having a lot of problems. he got out there and made excellent points. my twitter feed lit up with declaring newt gingrich the winner of this debate. bill: would you write that, susan, would you go that far?
7:35 am
>> would i say he was a winner? no. i would say he distinguished himself. it's hard to pick a winner in this. i think tim pawlenty did well, he resuscitated his campaign, his average if he will. mitt romney walked away unscat unscathed, that benefitted him. and rick santorum did excellent. bill: thank you, susan. alisyn: an important story to bring to your attention, there is a changing of the guard for one of america's most storied military squadrons. the screaming eagles, the flying work horse from the war in afghanistan all the way back to world war ii. the reigns being handed off. geraldo visited there a year ago and they have lost far too many men and women in combat.
7:36 am
geraldo is the hose of geraldo at large. great to see you. i don't at the moment but t-l us what you're hearing here today. >> reporter: you're looking at the most elite military unit ever formulated i would argue, the 101st airborne, the screaming eagles, and they are all home, all 24,000 of them, full brigades this morning. the fourth brigade combat team came home. we watched them march off to war about a year ago. now they are home but they left 132 of their colleagues behind. every one you are looking at here are wounded warriors, heros all. i heard everybody talking about the debates and everybody concentrating on the economy, the deficit, jobs, jobs, jobs, what i don't want and what i would argue when looking at these wounded heroes, all
7:37 am
recovered from their wounds, thank god, don't forget the guys in the field. private, where were you wounded. >> i was wounded in the chest, i took a ricochet to the chest. >> do you think your efforts there were worth it. >> yes, every effort is worth it. >> reporter: air assault. pfc, where were you wounded. >> i was shot in the head. >> reporter: how are you feeling. >> feel all right. >> reporter: how do you feel t today, how do you feel about the effort you guys did over there. >> i believe we made a big difference not only paoeut fighting or your country, we were fighting for theirs too. comraderie, you fight for your brother. >> reporter: one more, what about you. >> lower back. >> reporter: what happened a gunshot or explosion. >> a gunshot wound. >> reporter: seeing everyone coming home today, how did that make you feel. >> it feels great to know that everybody went over there as one team and we did leave some guys behind but we all came back and accomplished the same mission
7:38 am
and did what we could to make afghanistan and the country safer. >> reporter: that will be it. that will be the great debate, how we fund the defense department, how we fund our men and women in the field, what we expect of them. they give everything for us, we don't want to give them short shriff. as they change command from general campbell to general mcconville i want the country to remember their sacrifice. the 101st has been replaced in the field out there by the first cav. we have men and women out there and we have to remember them and remember them in these deficit and budget talks. alisyn: thank you for reminding us all of that this morning. thank those men, those heroes for your servic their service. bill: we forget about the sacrifice of so many. they are like a silent voice in america. alisyn: yes, they don't talk
7:39 am
about it. bill: one guy was shot in the head. ready to go back for duty. he was not on stage last night but he was making news any way, rick perry says he will make his white house announcement official tomorrow. so we're wondering how the other guys feel about that. >> welcome to the contest. from my prospective it doesn't bother us or my campaign, that is just one more politician and that makes this business problem solver stand out that much more. alisyn: what caused this fire that you're about to see in the sky? [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
7:40 am
two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
7:41 am
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7:43 am
power to the city's water plant. restriction tph-s place, later lifted after folks were told only to use the water in the event of an emergency. look at that thing. sparks fly. alisyn: he was not at iowa's heated debate last night but texas governor rick perry now says he is going to announce his white house run tomorrow. the other republican candidates were asked about that. >> we all need prayers and i hope he offers a lot to everybody on this stage. we also need jobs in this country. i hope if he does get in this race he broadens and expands this dialogue about job creation. the people in this nation know that president obama has had two and a half years to get it right on the most important issue we face, expanding the economy and creating jobs he's fundamentally failed us. anyone who is going to expand this group a little bit and brings a little bit of savvy on the subject i think is a net plus. >> i'm very pleased that he's coming in, because he represents the status quo, and i feel like
7:44 am
i'm sort of separated from the other candidates with my strong belief in liberty and limited government and a different foreign policy in wanting to deal with the feds. alisyn: david drucker is a writer for role call. rick perry was there in spirit since the other candidates were talking about him. i want to talk you about the timing about him entering the race. he missed the debate and misses the straw poll tomorrow. is that a good strategy for him. >> i don't think it's a bad strategy. he's rom -pg up his canned today's see late, it's been a break-neck speed thing for him to get this thing going from late spring to now. i don't see how he gains in entering the straw poll. he doesn't need to share the stage. i could say that about eight of the candidates as well. once you're running for president you can't duck out of
7:45 am
the debate. there is another debate in september. i'm sure he'll be there. it's probably going to be a good news cycle for him. alisyn: what does his entrance do to the field now. >> i think what you see now is a governor potentially that can bring the red meat and the inspiration that michelle bachmann has filled so far in the campaign, along with the establishment credibility that has gone to mitt romney, and to tim pawlenty to some degree, although he hasn't gained any traction. i think that we now have a new potential frontrunner in the race. it doesn't mean he's going to end up winning the nomination, but clearly he's got an experienced team with him. he's run big statewide races and we'll find out if he can run a national campaign. i think that he enters the race as somebody who theoretically can get it done as opposed to some of the other candidates
7:46 am
where there were more questions at the outset. alisyn: if he occupies some of the same real estate as michelle bachmann, what does this do to her candidacy. >> i think she has the most to lose with rick perry. she's run a solid race, defied expectations and i think she's done really well, including last night. he can bring possibly the inspiration to the race that republicans have been looking for, and hurts her the most. at the same time he has the establishment credibility, being a chief executive, a governor, somebody with a record of running a government government. that is something that michelle bachmann would lack given that she served in the state legislature and has been a member of the house of representatives for only a few years, it's a lot like the criticism barack obama had a few years ago when he was running. that's why i think she has the most to lose. so do a lot of other candidates if rick perry is everything that he's supposedly cracked up to
7:47 am
be. alisyn: has rick perry spent enough time in iowa at this point. >> no he hasn't spent enough time anywhere. he hasn't been a candidate until now. we'll find out what he's made of. will he vault to the top of the field in iowa, will he do so in new hampshire, south carolina and florida? we'll find out if his brand sells. every candidate by the way is pretty much beloved before they are an actual candidate. now that he'll be in the race he'll be taking shots. people in my industry will be going over his record with a fine tooth comb. that sometimes is problematic. we will find out if he can take the hits and bob and weave into these tkeuf aren't states that require slightly different messages and see if it's well received. alisyn: we'll see that on display as he hits south carolina, new hampshire and iowa. david drucker, thank you very much for coming on. bill: i'm going to announce my candidacy the day of the straw poll even though i'm not involved in the straw poll.
7:48 am
alisyn: there is a lot of thunder stealing going on and it may work. bill: we will watch this over the weekend. in the meanwhile getting 20% of our oil out of north america ought to be a good thing, right? that oil could soon be heading to china. now we wonder why would that be, huh? alisyn: think your day job is tough? try this money. ♪ and so the conversation turned ♪ ♪ until the sun went down ♪ we made a miracle. and we got onesies! sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? just kidding. motorcycles, boats, even rv's.
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see you in nine minutes nor "happening now." fasten your seat belts or another ride on the roller coaster that is the stock market. kneel ka sraut tee joins us to explain all the volatility. new reaction to the fox debate last night. ron paul himself will join us. send your questions to"happening now."
7:52 am
click on the blog to weigh n. a man who wants to walk across a tight rope on niagara falls. an eyewitness to a harrowing near disaster while cruising ask's glaciers. it's ahead on "happening now" " alisyn: listen to this practical joke that went way too far. about a hundred people showing up at a north carolina's man's home after seeing an ad on craig's list for free stuff. the man never posted the ad. he only found out about it when one of his neighbors called him to tell him that a whole bunch of people were in his yard. he rushess home and he has to turn people away for hours. >> about a hundred people, exactly, right at a hundred. that's a lot of people coming in all day long to aggravate you to get free stuff. they were basically jumping over this. alisyn: oh, man, it turns out that a young neighbor posted the
7:53 am
ad as a joke but took it down after realizing that it wasn't that funny. by that it was too late. fortunately nothing was stolen. bill: to our energy in america right now. do you know that a fifth of our order comes from a 4x 8-mile pit in canada. all of that oil might be headed for china dan springer is live in seattle with more. how are you doing, dan? i used to work with jerry. good man, actually. what's the big debate here, dan. >> reporter: the growing debate of course is over where this oil is coming from and how it's extracted from the earth. we are talking about of course alberta, canada, which has the second largest supply of order behind saudi arabia. they call it the most toxic form of oil on the planet. it is certainly labor
7:54 am
intensive. we got a tour of two operations, one that 4x 8 pit that you mentioned. one run by sun core. at any given time there are 200 huge trucks carrying several hundreds pounds of tar sands. it's taken to a separator in a big plant where it's turned into heavy oil. 2million barrels are eupl poerlted each day from canada half of it coming from the tar sands. it produces triple the amount of carbon dioxide of normal drilling. >> it takes a tremendous amount of energy just to extract it, and that energy is contributing to greenhouse gases. we are making our global environment, we are making our global economy worse in the process. >> reporter: it also takes two barrels of water to produce just one barrel of oil, bill. bill: what are the arguments for getting more oil from the tar sands. >> reporter: pretty obvious, jobs, because of all the stuff that we send to san today,
7:55 am
biggest trade partner. also energy security. they are a big trading partner and it's a very stable count throw and straeubl relationship. u.s. companies are a big supplier of parts for the whole process. more oil from canada should mean less oil from places like the middle east. the u.s. already gets about 20% of its imported oil from canada, more than anywhere else. canada wants to ramp up production and build a pipeline that would take tar sands oil to texas to be refined which could mean more than double the amount we get from canada. >> it is a global economy, a global market. we are already seeing other countries making significant investments in oil sands. if it doesn't come to the u.s. where is it going to go? >> reporter: well and the answer to that question, at least from the canadian producers we talked to, china. they are lining up investing in canadian oil. if we don't want it from the tar sands they'll take it, bill. bill: i got you. in a moment results from our online poll about who you think
7:56 am
won the big debate last night. that is coming up. alisyn: can't wait to see those results, and chocolate with a little something extra. where folks are lining up to eat, well, chocolate insects and why. ♪ it's true. you never forgetyour fi. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly
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alisyn: do you like chocolate? how about chocolate covered crickets. this is one of the delicacies you can nibble on at a costa rica insect museum. also on the menu, be, tl e lar ve toffee. they say it can be a nutritional food. takes like chicken. bill: who do you think won the debate. newt gingrich after 6500 votes gets 60% of the vote online. ron paul is next at 25%. it's


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