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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 12, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the family receive add long-standing ovationrom the crowd. why not? thanks for watching everybody, it's great to be back. in the meantime, "studio b" starts now. >> how do we top that, megyn? the news begins anew, in box one, casey anthony is not off the hook for probation, with a ruling forcing the mother who never reported her daughter missing to come out of hiding. box two, the u.s. appeals court deliver as blow to the white house in the battle over the new health care law. box number three, reports of strange and aggressive behavior by the man police call a "suspect" in the case of an american woman missing in aruba. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but first from fox at 3:00 the dow on the way to posting solid gains. after the most volatile weeks in
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history. and we have new signs the economy could be picking up. here is a live look at the dow. up 133 points. you can see the huge spike throughout the day. the dow getting a boost from a new commerce department report on spending, members spent more on cars, furniture and gasoline an this june. sales rose half a percent last month the biggest increase in four months. analysts call it proof the economy was not as weak as some feared. investors reacting favorably to new measures to control the growing debt crisis in europe. more on that ahead in "studio b" and of course this is after a wild week at wall and broad. the dow fell like a brick on monday, bounced back on tuesday, sank on wednesday, and soared yesterday and the first time it has swung more than 400 points in either direction for four
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straight sessions. that is causing havoc on 401(k)'s. the market has exchanged $3 trillion since july 2nd. and more gerri with fox top story. with all the havoc going on, what are people doing with their money? >> yanking it out of stock funds, $14.4 billion the fourth rate in a row, and i have to tell you, it is only balanced by the amount of money going into money markets, mutual funds, those are safe funds considered very safe funds $47.5 billion into money market funds. you can see the difference as folks try to find a safe place to be. it is difficult. >> but the spending numbers show that people are spending money,
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right? they just don't feel good about it. >> the mood is down dramatically to levels not seen since 1980. you have to go back to the carter administration to see numbers this bad. 54.9 percent was the index, expected to be 63.7 percent, down for three straight months. people are not feeling great. what is interesting, on the one hand you have retail sales were fantastic, and that is measuring the last four weeks and the index measures the last four weeks. people did not like the volatility. >> thank you, gerri, catch her each day on the fox business network, the fastest growing network on television, and if you don't get it demand it. a major court decision on president obama's health care overhaul. a u.s. appeals court in atlanta rules against the requirement
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that americans buy health insurance or face a penalty. the court calling this "unconstitutional," and also ruling the rest of the wide-ranging law can remain in effect. but the individual mandate is a cornerstone of the president's health care law and some believe the ruling could send the case to the supreme court. and now looking at the ruling, the executive business editor for the "wall street journal", john bussey. no real surprise, john, though, the white house in a statement saying they strongly disagree with the decision and is confident it will not stand. should they be confident? >>guest: that is a position anyone takes in the middle of a big fight and that is where we are. the appeals court in atlanta is saying, no, we disagree, it should be, parts at least, they
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are saying, look, congress doesn't have the right to force anybody to buy something, particularly something they have to buy fairly young and have all through their lives. the court did not, however, agree with the case that came up from the florida judge who said a bunch of other parts of the law are voided, as well. the appeals court said, no, no, medicare discount covered by the law allowing kids to stay on parents' health care until able 26 is fine, but it is just the issue of forcing people to buy, the mandate to buy health care that is the court said is unconstitutional. >> the court also said that if the individual mandate is unconstitutional, the rest of the law can stand, but can you have the rest of the law if everybody isn't mandated to buy health insurance? >>guest: it is a critical part
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of this law, so the justice department, which is saying, look, the court is wrong, the congress does have this authority to mandate this purchase, the justice department is fighting that issue and the obama administration will, too, because it's a critical part of the health care bill. you have to have enough people buying in to be able to afford the policy for everyone to begin with. so, this is likely, because you are seeing different appeals court decide in different ways, this is very likely going to end up with the supreme court. >> there are other challenges to this law, as well, attorneys general from many of the states are challenging this thing. >>guest: that is right and they are weighing in on it as are various business associations including the national federation of independent businesses with 350,000 small businesses saying it is too expensive, we will saddle small business with
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health care costs and proponents say know this is how it has to go filing briefs with the court in support of or against it. this is a large fight over a central part of the health care bill. at the end of the day it will probably be appealed to the supreme court. >> you called it the health care bill and it is, i guess, the health care law although most of it has not taken effect yet. is the fact that there is so much arguing about this thing going on, still, so many court rulings, one day up, one day down; that part of the uncertainty businesses feel? >>guest: well, they would say, yes. health care costs, that is one big uncertainty. tax costs is another. the various proposals that they will be raised, they won't be raised to deal with the debt problem, the discussion of tax overhaul, even energy costs, last year, particularly, when
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they were talking about cap and trade, big businesses are saying we cannot even judge our energy costs so these things are weighing on business and when you get a group of c.e.o.'s, they say those things, plus regulations which they feel are increasing, and many have particularly not financial sector, are weighing on the business community and on hiring decisions. >> so does this mean it will likely get on the fast track to the supreme court? >>guest: i think that is probably the case. the administration will want to have this resolved when way or another. but the supreme court is out now. it does not reconvene until october so you have at least until then before this gets a no one am decision. >> thank you, john bussey, assistant managing editor for the "wall street journal" here today. casey anthony may be out of options today a judge ruled the convicted liar has two weeks to get back to florida and report for probation. our legal panel weighs in on the
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>> a florida judge ruling that casey anthony, the mother who never reported her daughter missing must return to orlando to serve a year's probation for check fraud conviction. casey anthony's attorneys argued returning to orlando puts her this danger given she has received death threats and argued she served probation while in jail awaiting trial in her murder case. but according to the judge, her defense was well aware she was to serve probation upon hero lease but they tried to avoid it. the judge writes "no attorney should conduct himself or herself in a way that impedes an order of the court, our system of justice should never be put in the position of rewarding someone who willfully hides the ball." joining us is former prosecutor, lis, and defense attorney, keith sullivan. so, what happened? >> the judge ordered her to spend 412 days in prison, time
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served and after jail to serve a year of probation but the murder charges were levied and the other trial happened and she then said her lawyer said well she served that while waiting for murder. and the judge perry said, no way, you don't serve probation, probation is something you serve when you are out and you have done your jail time, something that gets you reunited into society after serving jail time. you cannot go around that by saying, well, i served that time in jail. >> but some are saying this is just a vindictive court system, or maybe a vindictive judge trying to get back for a woman who they say skated? >>guest: that is absolutely what is taking place. the judge is applying the true letter of the law opposed to the spirit of the law. lis is right, probation is to bring you back to society. there is nothing this probation department can do to assist casey anthony other than what is happening. this is clearly being--. >> wait you said the judge is going with the letter of the law and that is what a judge is
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supposed to do. >>guest: opposed to the spirit of the law based on the judge revise the order. in august 1 he wrote a revised order amending what happened previously. you do not get a do over, if the court got it wrong--. >> court did not get it wrong, probation got it wrong. i hate to say it but they screwed up. they counted her time in jail as time for probation. this does not make sense. the idea of probation is you do it when you are out of jail. >> the judge only had to check the written order. he sits in court and all he had to do was ask to see the written order. >> the judge who originally sentenced her to probation he recused himself from the hearing this time around, right? >>guest: and it is interesting why, when he was acquitted he was vehiclal showing his disagreement with the decision so he felt it would be inappropriate to rule. >> exactly, but that has nothing to do with the underlying order.
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he was very clear she was to seven her time and then seven a year, in florida, under probation. you want to serve probation in the same state you were sentenced. >> he ands, after recusing himself, the case is in the lap of perry who said did a bang up job the first time around, and throughout the murder trial, and he looks at the record and says yeah, she is supposed to serve probation. what is wrong? >>guest: nothing, and he should allow her to serve probation where she does not have to come back to florida f she is in ohio, she can register there it is going to create a circus in florida. >> but why should the state of ohio pick up the cost of a florida crime convicted in florida where she served her time? that is giving her a better deal than normal people. >>guest: and that supports the argument they should wipe this out. >> why wipe it out? nothing good -- what you are saying is just because she is hated and reviled which we all agree upon that she should
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skate? i say she should be treated like anyone else who would have to serve the probation. >>guest: but anyone else would not have a revised amended order by the judge. >> what about the argument she is in danger? all they have to be came that and there are warranted threats and it may cost the state of florida more pun but that is the state of florida. can you not let someone state because it may cost more money. >> she appears to be have been -- she can do a year of probation easy, that is no big deal. >> a cleveland judge sentencing a serial killtory death for murdering 11 women and dumping the bodies on his property. he never looked at the victims' relatives as he spoke and he ignored the judge when asked whether he wanted to speak. here is what a woman who survived one of his attacks had to say.
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>>guest: he did kill me, but, he killed what i was, and with god's help, i can move on, now. i have a little closure in my life now and started a new life, and my new husband and i'm not angry anymore. >> she said she forgives this convicted killer. so, he will die by lethal injection. >> did anyone at standard & poor's make a profit from the company's addition to downgrade u.s. debt? that's what the feds are asking right new. we will get into the details ahead.
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>> the riots in england and we hear today from people claiming to be among the looters who were ransacking stores and stealing anything they can carry in the worst unrest the country has seen in decades. some of them talking to our sister network, sky news, and many are young men out of work and angry at government officials for not helping them find jobs. we are told others are part of ored gangs using the chaos as cover to expand criminal operations. some say they only stole to help support their families and get what they could, not otherwise affordable. >> i want to provide for my family and some stuff for me. >> you were getting stuff for your son? >> yes, stuff for my son.
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>> how much money do you expect to make? (inaudible). >> how much does that mean to you? (inaudible) >> it is not just the lotting across the u.k. but rioters have burned cars and homes causing hundreds of millions in damage. earlier today police in london raided four apartments and houses and looking for suspects, and officials say they have arrested more than 1,700 people this week. they have charged around 600 people with everything from violence to disorderly conduct. fox report chief correspondent has been following this story all week live in new york. jonathan we hear from amazing stories as the accused rioters appear.
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>>jonathan: extraordinary details including a 13-year-old they arrested with a hammer strapped to his leg to use as a weapon as he headed to the riots and we heard about an eye doctor who saw his store being looted on tv and he went down to survey the damage and found the try ideaers there and one of them towned to him and asked, do you have any raybans left and a judge has been wondering where are the parents? their kids are showing up in courts and the parents are not there. one set of parents who were involved, the parents of an 18-year-old woman selected to be an ambassador for next year's olympics in london and her parents looked to the tv and saw her throwing rocks at a police car and they called the cops themselves and had her arrested. listen. >> it was a hard decision to make, you know, i hope other
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people find the courage. >> we are getting a look at the ages of those who have been arrested. the youngest so far to appear in court is 11 years old and the oldest is 48, and the average age of the rioters is just 22 years old. >> unbelievable. police and government officials are arguing over who is responsible for this? >>jonathan: first the prime minister criticized the police for not having enough officers on doubt. and now senior police officers are hitting back saying they are the ones who have brought this under criminal over the last couple of nights. and they say that the politicians, including mr. cameron were away on vacation when this broke out and have done little to change the situation. one other point, we are getting confirmation today of what we first recorded to you yesterday, that the former police chief of new york, boston, and los angeles, is now talking directly
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to prime minister cameron about bringing his experience to hope advice the authorities on how to deal with gang violence. >> thank you, jonathan. jonathan will chat about this on our website at shep click the "on the hunt," link to join in the conversation. police in mexico arrest the suspected leader of a brutal drug gang. authorities say he has confessed to ordering or helping carry out more than 600 murders. police caught the kingpin in a raid on a safe house outside mexico city, and the gang was accused of using extreme violence. drug violence in mexico has reportedly killed 30,000 people sense the president launched a crackdown against cartels in 2006. >> the suspect in the case of a woman missing in aruba says she
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vanished while snorkeling. new there is word other women say that man has a history of strange behavior. stay tuned.
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>> this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. new details on the suspect being held in the disappearance of this woman, 35-year-old robyn gardner would vanished last week from the very same town in aruba
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where natalee holloway went missing six years ago. this 50-year-old is being held. they met on and he says they went new york -- went snorkeling and she vanished in the ocean. abc reports that four women have said that he has exhibited strange and aggressive behavior in the past. phil keating with the news from south florida. how extensively is the f.b.i. involved in this? phil: well, they are involved. having conducted a substantial number of interviews not only in maryland but also over the phone with tips from around the country. the f.b.i. agent i spoke with in florida will not say whether a search warrant on his maryland home is imminent but that certainly could happen, but, basically, they are assisting aruba and what the f.b.i. does is up to aruba. this is a brand new mug shot
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taken of him when arrested last week. they hope to spark memories on the island to get people see photos of him and her and put together a story because right now there is no witness that has come forward that saw them go snorkeling together and the statement released by the prosecutor in aruba, in spite of intense police work there is no clarity of the situation of the woman, robyn gardner, who who arrived and he is no longer cooperating with the investigation, and has decided not to answer anymore questions. as for robyn gardner drifting away and drowning, investigators really do not believe this saying the currents were nothing, and the water clear and they have glenn hill -- they
12:32 pm
have flown helicopters to venezuela and back. they say her body would have surfaced by now. >> and the suspect has a court appearance in aruba on monday. is there a chance he could be released? phil: there is a chance. giordano is being held, and the judge will hear arguments for and against holding him for an additional eight days but he is not criminally charged as this point. one of the last communications known from aruba from robyn gardner according to her boyfriend in maryland that says simply "this sucks," on facebook and the next day she disappeared. he has two restraining arrests in his past and an ex wife who claims physical abuse but a couple women he dated have different accounts. >> he became physically aggressive, why remember exactly, he tried to pull me to
12:33 pm
the ground or i went to the ground, on the grass, and he thought that we were going to be intimate. >> at any point not once did i feel threatened are in danger. >> again, possibly the search warrant could be executed by the f.b.i. at giordano's home and the local media are stake, out his property. >> thank you from miami, phil. just this in: we hear from the department of justice on an appeals court ruling calling the individual mandate in president obama's health care overhaul law "unconstitutional." they say we strongly disagree, according to the department depf justice and is continuing the next appropriate steps and will until this story as it develops. and now a like look at the dow, now, it has been a relatively
12:34 pm
calm day on wall street, up 74 points to the good side. considering the wild swings of the week that is good. analysts blame a growing debt crisis in europe for the instability and countries are doing something to keep it from spreading. france, italy, spain and belgium beening a practice known as "short selling," and that affects only bank and insurance stocks and officials suggest that it is temporary. but the move is already stirring markets overseas. the three biggest european indices if london, france, and germany, all up, 3 percent, in the latest sessions. but analysts point out that the united states and the u.k. tried the same thing after the collapse of lehman brothers in 2008 and it didn't much help. joining us now is the associate editor at barrons' magazine owned by our parent company. michael, let's lock forward to next week. this has been, i think on record, the wildest week wall street has seen, right?
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>>guest: in terms of the up and down, absolutely. >> will it settle down over the weekend? >>guest: there is a chance we can settle down. europe is the key here. not just because of the measures banning short selling which is usually a desperate stopgap measure that the government will undertake but it is because we want to see if the european industrial banks tries to get in front of the problem with italian and spanish debt. there is a sense they are behind the curve and not taking the market concerned seriously and, in fact, the short telling ban is not particularly effective, it could buy europe time because they don't have all the pieces in place to actually go out and buy up a hot of the bad debts from other governments. >> we have known countries like greece, portugal and italy are in trouble, but france? >>guest: this is why the game is getting dangerous. it has gone from looking at those countries that have tremendous deficits relative to the economy, like greece,
12:36 pm
portugal and ireland to those that have the most debt outstanding. and france is in that category of an enormous amount of debt. no one doubts the french government ability and willingness to service the debt but we have rolling concerns in europe about whether they can sustain the debt levels. this is why i think there still is risk out there not markets although we have seen stabilization the last day. >> let me refer to something we talked about at the top the broadcast that the appeals court in atlanta has tossed out the individual mandate on the new health insurance law. is that good for business? bad for business? any effect here? >>guest: strictly as a matter of perception among business owners i would say it is a positive. you see the measures of sentiment that are bumping long,
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there is a perception that they are cringing in advance of some of the regulatory mandates. but we have not seen this actually have an effect, the obama health care plan has not been implemented so it is not a burden but more psychology. >> and then the investigation in s&p 500 and whether they engaged into insider trading and they knew their organization was going do downgrade uncle sam's debt and they made some trades accordingly? >>guest: yes, actually kind of a surprising story because something like s&p would always kind of operate on the procedure that their rating decisions are privileged information and you should not trade on them. but what is interesting, i thought we with likely get a credit downgrade coming into this week, not certainly this week but some time, and yet, i
12:38 pm
didn't necessarily think the stock market with go down so there is kind of a funny equation here as to whether people could have banked on the idea that markets would meltdown by 6.5 percent on monday, in reaction to this downgrade. but, obviously, the authorities are going to hunt and for anyone who might have front run this big bombshell of information. >> woe to them if they fine them. thank you. some of the republican presidential candidates for 2012 have been on the trail for months. but now it is really getting interesting. we will look at the last night's debate. call imperial structured settlements.
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>>jon: you know fox news is america's election headquarters and eight republican presidential hopefuls facing off and the candidates took aim at president obama, the economy, and each other. here is one of the more heated exchanges from the debate define former minnesota governor pawlenty and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. >> undisputable fact in congress a record of accomplishment and results is nonexistent. that is not good enough for our candidate for president of the united states. >> you said the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like president obama if you ask me. >> she has a record of misstating and making false statements another example of that. she has a titanium spy, it is not her spine we are worried about but her record of results. if those are your results please
12:43 pm
stop you are killing us. >> ron paul is expected to be the main contenders along with pawlenty and bachmann and a wild car is governor perry who is expected to jump in tomorrow and for the first time iowans can do a write in vote ferry those not on the ballot. and chris wallace with a front row seat for the action, joining us live from iowa. what did you think of this debate? >>chris: very interesting. but in all fairness i got to say and i was asking the questions of bachmann and pawlenty it was pretty easy to get them going. there could be just one ticket out of iowa for pawlenty and bachmann and they are both grabbing for it. they both of course come from minnesota, across the border from iowa and they both appeal to the same voters, tea partyers
12:44 pm
and conservatives, and bachmann at this point is whipping pawlenty in the polls and he was trying to scuff her up and she fought right back. so, yes i'm glad i got them going but it wasn't hard. >>jon: and then there was not gingrich. listen to this. >> speaker, one of the ways we judge a candidate is the campaign they run. how do you respond to people with say your campaign has been a mess so far? >>guest: i took seriously the injunction to put aside talking points and i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. i would love to see the debate asking us what we would do to lead in america whose president has failed to game. >>chris: if you think questions about your records are mickey mouse, i'm sorry, i think those are question as lot of people want do hear antis to and you are responsible for your
12:45 pm
record. >> that got testy, were you surprised at the response? >>chris: i was shocked at the response, and, look, it is a legitimate question, if he cannot run a campaign you cannot run the country, and i have heard candidates of firing their staffs, and i have never heard of a staff en masse firing a candidate which is what they did with gingrich. and the noise is setting up for the tomorrow. he is a million in debt but we are big boys, it is hardball, and they take shots at each other and we ask tough questions if they want to take shots at us we are fair game. >>jon: but a lot of people thought he did well, in the newsroom on fox, took a poll and not scientific, obviously, but roughly half of the respondent thought he came in at number one. >>chris: well, i'm not sure i agree with that. i think first of all you have to say romney, not that he had the best debate but he came in as the frontrunner and he leaves at
12:46 pm
the frontrunner. we expected some of the other candidates especially pawlenty to try to knock him down a peg but he never laid a glove on him. it was a good debate for michele bachmann, the frontrunner in iowa and she did fine and i would say rick santorum who is kind of--. >>jon: we just lot the satellite feed from chris wallace. sometimes that happens. if we don't book the window long enough it will shut down on you all of a sudden and that appears to be what happened. wanted to mention that former alaska governor sarah palin is actually at the iowa state fair today. obviously she did not participate in last night's debate. she is not an announced candidate but she makes waves everywhere she goes and she is at the iowa state fair today. now, you can catch chris wallace this weekend on "fox news
12:47 pm
sunday." chris is back. chris you mentioned michelle balk hand and i want to play a sound bite from her and we will talk about it after. >>chris: okay. >> there is a specific reason that texas has done so well and that is because--. >> you should study for a degree in tax law. you said you hated the idea and then you explained but the lord said, be submissive. as president, would you be submissive to your husband? >> well be married for 33 years this sent 10, what submission means to us if that is your question, it means respect. i respect my husband. >> people wondered about that question but she seemed to handle it pretty well. >>chris: she handled it great one of the best moments for her in the debate. our job as reporters and you know this, and let me say, as a political reporter, if you have
12:48 pm
not been scolded by a politician you have not done your job. that is just part of what we do. we're not carrying their water. we're asking questions and we are testing them. because, look, they are going for the biggest job in the world and i thought it was perfectly legitimate question, something she asked and people wondered about and she handled it great and i thought to say when we talk about "submitting" it is mutual respect and the case of her and her husband for 32-plus years, i thought that was a high point in the evening. >>jon: thank you from iowa, chris. can you catch chris this weekend on "fox news sunday," sitting down with minnesota congresswoman and presidential candidate michele bachmann. that's sunday on fox news sunday. check your local listing and the entire debate can be seen tonight on fox news channel if you missed it last note we are showing the relay all the highlights from the candidates
12:49 pm
at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. verizon officials claim someone intentionally cut phone service to an area where there is a hospital and a police department. the accusation comes amid a worker strike. union representatives say they do not condone illegal activity and now the feds are involved.
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>>jon: secretary of state hick heck calling out the seen president as his troops slaughter more people. the violent crackdown on the uprising against the president assad has killed nearly 2,000 people, and plume rights group report that syrian troops today killed at least another 14
12:53 pm
protesters and we cannot confirm any of this, as the syrian government will not allow journalists to covert bloodshed. and now the news live from the pentagon. jennifer, there seems to be a new tone from the administration, now, jennifer? >> different from when secretary of state, hillary clinton called him a "reformer," when the protests began five months ago. >> president assad has lost legitimacy to lead and syria would be better off without him. >> the protesters are increasingly impatient and are not calling for had him to step down or leave the country but calling for him to be killed. 1,700 syrians have been killed in the last five months. >>jon: and secretary of state has taken off the gloves about countries supporting assad. >> she was referring to iran, china, russia, india. >> in particular, we urge those
12:54 pm
countries still buying syrian oil and gas, those countries still sending assad weapons, those countries whose political and economic support give him comfort in his brutality, to get open the right side of history. >> the u.s. want as global ban on anyone buying syrian oil and gas which makes up a large part of their economy and the european union announced today it will be considering sanctions against those industries. saudi arabia and kuwait have pulled their diplomats from syria, and, now, the turks are talking tough with the regime. the only problem is, it is all coming about five months too late for those who is died. >>jon: thank you, jennifer. the f.b.i. is now looking into claims of phone line sabotage for verizon over striking workers. a spokesman says the corporation
12:55 pm
has discovered dozens of acts of vandalism since the strike started and someone actually cut wires which cut service. there are reports of an outage in pennsylvania that hit a police department and a hospital. here is what a representative had to say. >> for many people, especially elderly, they rely on their phones as a lifeline, and if they don't have their phone service they may not be able to make emergency calls. >>jon: a communications workers of america spokesman said in an e-mail that the union does not condone illegal acts. >> the people in charge of japan's damaged nuclear power plant say they have a plan to keep the facility from leaking more radiation, they will build a tent over the thing. the giant earthquake and tsunami explored the outer housing of a react and a spokesman of the company says crews started building a giant tent over the facility this week and officials
12:56 pm
hope the temporary covering will stop anymore radioactive materials from seeping out from the site. >> running late for the train? skip the stairs wait until you see what a city is doing to help commuters. upport for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's.
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>>jon: and then this is there before we wrap up on "studio b" for friday. a team of designers tried to speed up the flow of traffic at a train station in the negligent -- netherlands so they came up with a transfer accelerator. or a slide. the designers say it is cheaper, faster and more fun than the escalator and the slide does not do a lot to help people who are headed up the stairs. well ... at least you don't melt your panty hose on the way down.


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