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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 16, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the bindings will hurt. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what's come -- coming up on tonight's show? >> stop, collaborate and listen, america. they have fore saken vanilla ice. will it ever stop? yo, i don't know. and the british government considers taking away rioters, welfare and other benefits. or as they call it over there, petrol. and warren buffet says it is time for the rich to pay more taxes. the important story that will never affect you. >> thank you, andy jie. happy national relaxation day. >> i had a whole list of events planned. it was stressful. >> i am always exhausted by the end of the day. >> since national relax day day happened a lot of people died in the planning. >> it is the second deadliest holiday in the year after the national stab yourself in the throat and bleed out day. >> it is hard to top that day.
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>> that's a bad day for a lot of people. anyone who is festive can tell you occasionally you will have a downer. >> not for me. i hated carl and ted. >> happy national stab yourself in the throat and bleed out day. >> this is over. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot when she was born the sun had to take a paternity test. i am here with attorney and former contestant on "the apprentice." and he is a television legend in the world of high financial analysis. penn financial group founder and president. and his help tie at this time is -- hepatitis is old enough to drive. and farmers would ride him all summer long. the great comedian jim norton. his greatest cd is called despicable, and he will be performing in salt lake city this friday and saturday at wise guys. and within his pages, the left deeply rages. it is our "new york times"
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cory spawn department, good to see you, pinch. >> according to the art section, the ancient art of street theater is alive and well. and appearing in a subway station near you. i would often perform my one paper show of hamlet on the 57th street stop. >> fantastic. >> you are like our own lawrence oliviier. >> yes, but i am alive. should you be packing heat near a whisky meat? should you be armed with a 9 while siping wine? virginia passed a law asking them to bring their guns into bars and restaurants. lefty wails they they would turn the joint into a war zone. but they were wrong. you didn't see that coming, did you? yes, in the first year after the law passed, gun crimes and bars and eat res actually
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dropped by 5.2%. from 153 to 145 crimes. and this leads philip van cleeve, great name, to say, duh. what high really said was, quote, the numbers just confirmed what we said. the other side was saying this was going to be a blood bath, but there was nothing to base the fear mongering on. one critic of the law donald meekum is still against it saying, "i don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure that out. guns and drinking don't mix." well you know what does mix? drinking and this. >> jim, your partner looks great.
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it is good to see him out again. guns in a bar, it doesn't sound like a great idea. but it turns out, jim, it is the greatest idea ever. >> that's one of those things that doesn't look good on paper. i always carry a gun in a bar, but i never show it to people. i use it to tip my cowboy hat. it is a subtle threat. >> liberals think it will lead to a blood bath, and it never happens. why do you think that is? >> typically the people who are allowed to carry guns aren't the thugs on the street doing a drive by. you will have the people who carry their guns. i am not a big gun advocate. but it seems like it worked out well. and you can't argue with the dispatch. >> any analysis by them. >> the stat runs believable.
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>> would you feel safe neither a bar if you saw people walking in pack ?g. >> well, we have an nra sticker in every corner of the house. >> how is anne tracy? >> she is watching right now. hi. >> tell her i love the sweatpants. >> so anyway, this is not really news. the majority of states allow you to carry a concealed weapon into a bar if you have a permit. the reason is, like you were mentioning, people bothering to get a permit, these are law abiding citizens. if you use a gun it will be for self-defense and anyone who says it will bring crime up, the proof is in the pudding. it brought crime down. >> are you worried your obnoxious behavior would get you killed in a state like virginia? >> yes, yes, a slur retimes yet. -- yes. i would never want to go to a bar like this. and not to disparage them, but they did not use reported robberies in this analysis. and the reason they said it is because most of the robbery occured in restaurants that didn't serve alcohol. i'm sorry i have been to
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virginia. there are no restaurants that don't serve alcohol. there are no nurseries that don't serve alcohol. >> i don't want your facts to get in the way of my happy story. >> there are no lemonade constants that serve alcohol. >> we willed dit all of that -- we will edit all of that out. isn't this the same mentality that thugs don't rob a place if they know that fwie is going to be armed. when you walk into a bar your behavior changes when you see somebody armed. you realize your actions will have consequences. >> i don't like to make sweeping indictments. say they are less likely to rob you. i think that is correct. if somebody orders a shot, they will have to duck. >> i'm out of here. >> here is what i don't get about this law. if you have a concealed weapon, you can't drink. but if you have a permit to carry openly, you can drink. >> right. >> does that make sense?
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>> i don't even know what that means. >> i don't either. >> it means if you show your gun you can get drunk. but if you hide your gun you can't get drunk. >> i think at one point, this goes back to you not wanting to have guns to protect yourself against crazy government. nazi germany, they disarmed the nation. >> i like the way she thinks. she is absolutely right. that's what keeps the government from destroying a -- whatever she said. why did i bother trying to repeat what she said so eloquently. instead i mutilated it with my brain. they are cranky over hiring a yankee. yes, the british police are peeved about asking the police commissioner about advice on how to handle future riots rather than using their own guys. the manchester police union leader complained that local
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officers know better how to police their communities than someone who lives 5,000 miles away. while his london counterpart says america polices by force. we don't want to do that in this country. what does that mean? all of this comes on the heels of the party's plan to drop the benefits and evict their families after last week's nightmarish chaos. the move that critics say will escalate the violence. all of this upheaval sounds like a job for a certain caped crusader we all know and tolerate. that's the only way i travel. matt, should england just listen to the advice. -- to the advice? he has done miracle work in new york and other cities i
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can't remember. >> they should actually listen to it, i think. not using force, call them thugs, anarchists, it won't stop them. taking away benefits, they haven't worked in years. they don't have benefits. they are probably half of them on welfare. they don't even know what they are fighting for. you are not taking anything from them. the only thing they are going to understand is kicking their ass and putting them in jail. it wouldn't happen in america. it will cost the government so much to try to take away the benefits. seriously, round them up, put them in jail,. >> i hate to burst matt's bubble, but this will never happen in america, that's a live shot of his neighborhood right there. >> they just had a no to teen violence rally in philly, and a girl got stabbed there at a bowling alley. so we have our problems. and i feel bad for these kids. it is very cold in england which is why they are wearing the ski masks, i imagine.
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it is certainly not to hide their look. do you think the cops should consider policing by force? isn't that the point of policing is you have the threat of force? >> i think their method of yelling yoohoo is quite effective. i believe taking people's benefits for talking to loud in a movie theater. there has never been a riot in new york city, especially in this program. >> will suspending the riders' benefits make them less or more rioty? >> it is the right thing to do. i think the riots are a direct result of the failed policies for evening land. they have been giving massive handouts to those who have not worked for it and it is unsustainable and they make a 9% cut, and you have all hell breaking loose. these people feel so entitled to get something for nothing. it is disgusting. >> it sounds american to me.
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>> i say it hasn't happened, but we are overly entitled. >> bill, i wish it would happen here and you would be horribly beaten. >> i want you to hear my suggestion, bill, and you tell me if this is right. i have a thing called lend a hand or lose it. it is not about losing your hand. you take all of the looters and you give them the option of rebuilding the areas that they destroyed, and if they don't, then the government goes to their house and takes all of their private property and liquidates it and the money goes to the victim. >> it does work, no lie. the cops made me wash all of the cars. >> it is all about property. >> opposition is argument. they actually said this was -- we don't want to take away their benefits because it might lead to rioting. were they the first to lose
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their tv's because i have bad news for them. >> living in london, it seems like when they said that they didn't want to use force or they don't like the idea of new york's version of force in their police department, when you see the police in london they are posing for pictures and giving directions. and that's what happens when you no longer have the threat of force. people don't see you as an intimidating force. >> you are over looking the big problem. i i don't mind messing with somebody named bobbie. they said should we talk to the guys in new york, and they had to say why they didn't think it was appropriate. from police to partisans. is our land in peril thanks to cracker barrel? is whole foods for obama loving prudes. the "new york times" claims the reason they can't compromise in dc is because we can't either. they blame americans saying
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the self-seg grough date -- segregation means we want to be around people who think like we do and it kills compromise. and it is reflected in shopping choices. a recent report finds the whole food stores were in counties carried by obama in 2008. while 62% of cracker barrel restaurants were in counties carried by mccain. so like-minded thinkers reinforce each other. and they are more partisan and they have the loudest voices. and lawmakers are reacting on their behalf. and that's why the mess in congress is america's fault. you know who never compromises? >> this is where i am obligated to say that looks horrible and i think it is okay. i really don't mean it. do we really live in a divided country?
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>> i think we do, and i think there is nothing wrong with that. it is part of liberty. the fact that you can associate with people you want to, i don't see that as a bad thing. it is a reason to increase the federal government and allow states to have more rights and allow people to govern thementzs. -- themselves. people should be able to govern themselves compared to their social values, not someone compared to bill for example. >> she is learning quickly. just deflect all badness to bill. should america split into two countries? the united states of whole foods and the republic of crackle barrel? >> i like the salad bar at whole foods, but the crackle barrel has mashed potatoes. that makes no sense either. obama's counties are whole foods. whole foods is the most expensive supermarket in the world. the liberals don't have any money. they hate millionaires, so how are they affording a $25 salad bar? that study is flawed. it was probably done by the rallied times -- the rally
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times. >> i am going to agree. this is horrible for our country. you start hanging out with people you like. i like to drink too much sometimes so i hang out with people that drink. people who do drugs hang out with other people who do drugs. if you don't eat healthy, you are fat. how do you eats outside of the box. we lose the creativity when we hang out with bums like you. >> if i could take it off your hands, i would throw it away immediately. >> is it a myth that we really want compromise? don't we actually like to be around the people who agree with us? >> what is better than talking to people and they go -- oh, right. i live for those moments. either that or i don't want to be with people i am smarter than. >> that's funny. >> people who look up to me and say, that's a good point. >> i often do that after i have had the conversation.
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on the stair climber i am thinking ofingmething. i didn't say. >> i will start sending death threats. >> bill, you must be torn because you are a commi pink owe, but your mom worked at cracker barrel. >> her nickname in high school was cracker. that's different. we all know it is true. everyone lives in their own little tribe. that's why everyone should live in the city just once. when you live in the city, you are forced to be mixed in with your polar opposite on a daily basis. i have republican friends, democrat friends. have i religious friends and atheist friends. and i have gay friends and i have gay friends. also i have some gay friends. >> you have no friends. these are all fig ment's of your -- figments of your imagination. and they are not friends if you are paying for the act. >> they are all happy with the money they receive. legally, i might add. >> i think this was a failed uh -- attack on the tea party.
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>> the whole point is that they are saying -- the good old days when you used to compromise. there was not the good old days. the media was generally all liberal and everybody agreed and you have fox news and now you have tea party people and you go, gee, there is so much inflexibility. no, it is just that people were disagreeing with you. >> we are murdering each other. there are riots over integration. we always had a problem with compromise. >> and we think it is a big deal some old lady is yelling at a congressman in a town hall. that is supposed to be uncivil. >> look at helen thomas. as much as i de spiesed her, she had to step down from her job. >> how is she doing now? >> we have been sending dirty text. >> i never thought you kids
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would work out, but i am so proud. >> she is aggressive for me. she has to take it slow. >> believe me, she know hows to take cell pictures, wink, wink. >> something new i have learned. coming up, can a man live on a diet of hookers and twizzlers? we look at jim norton's new book, "my diet of hook scperz dwizzlers." and can studying porn help defeat the terrorists? i don't know but we should try just for the heck of it.
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are they taking a buzz saw to the healthcare law? the appeals court ruled that a portion of owe ba you ma care sun constitutional. that's the part of the law that would require americans to buy health insurance or
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face penalties. in a 2-1 decision, a three-judge panel warned they can't force people to buy something i, writing that it represents a holy fofl and unbounded assertion of authority. got that? to make it clearer the judges said, what congress can't do is mandate that individuals enter contracts with private insurance companies for the purchase from the time they are born to the time they die. that's what i said before, but longer. why did i say that? the white house agrees, but it is just a building. you know who is super excited about the court's ruling? >> i love this guy. >> you love that guy? >> that was unbelievable.
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>> i'm glad. totally erased my brain of what i was going ask. jim, what do you make of this? are you glad it is ruled unconstitutional? >> not really. i'm fine with not forcing people to get healthcare as long as when people get hurt we are not forced to pay for it. that's what happens. i don't care if people get healthcare. but what happens when they are banged up in an accident? they can't not get treated so we have to pay for it anyway. i want healthcare for myself, but i don't want to do anything for it. i want my cake and eat it too. >> you are truly an american. you are our business guy. shouldn't it be obvious that they can't force americans to buy something? i would force everybody to buy a gun, but no one would like that. >> i would force them to buy my back because nobody else is buying it. >> the problem is i feel like every two weeks it is another rolling.
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>> we are never going to know the end game, but i am with jim on this. i want healthcare for myself. i worked for that. regardless, if this bill goes through or not, if somebody gets in an accident, we are going to help them either way. >> yeah, but that's what you do. when you have that there you have emergency rooms and things like that. i don't know. i just think it doesn't make sense. you can't force somebody. it is different than car since. -- car insurance. car insurance is a state thing. i am just making this up. >> you know how you don't want to pay for it, that's not the issue. the issue is whether congress has the power to do this. you can't regulate a nonactivity. we have the 6th circuit that upheld it and the 11th circuit that says it is not constitutional. and so this is going to go to the supreme court and that's a good thing. in addition to the fact that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, it is also slowing down job growth because employers are not hiring because they don't know
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how much each new hire is going to cost. and it is about $500 billion in new taxes that this is all going to be on the backs of the businesses. >> i feel so stupid. >> it is unconstitutional. you don't have the tower to do it. >> there has to be some kind of an answer. i am not necessarily for obamacare, but i am tired of getting stuck with the bill. can't we as a group say, no, we are not going do this. >> the answer is to making healthcare cheaper is competition. i will quote nick gillespie in the book the declaration of independence. the one thing gymer carter did great -- jim me carter did was de regulate the airline industry. you have to do this with healthcare. you will always pay for somebody. that's the way it works. but there will be less of that if there is competition.
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if the health plans can compete against each other. most doctors refuse to treat you though. >> scientists love me. i get in there free all the time. >> you were patient x. >> must like the matthew broderick film. i think obama's biggest mistake was he didn't call it what it was, a mandate, a tax. st's like -- i think the second mistake was not making me health czar. if he would have listened to me all of his problems would have been gone. >> when you wear that jacket it remines me of a medicine man who has any likzer in a glass jar. >> it is like the guy why the question mark jack jacket, what he is wearing on the weekend. >> you can get money from the government. >> there are 80 new prizes or pieces of land. boy i am glad i clarified
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that. do you have a comment on the show? to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he is a worthless pile of crap. >> tonight is sponsored by cranberry, the tart red berries used in jellies, reel relishes and beverages. thanks, cranberry.
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welcome back. let's find out if we've got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. what's up, andy? >> a little depressed. >> why? >> as you know i'm a night owl, stay up late, watch late night tv. when you do that you see a lot of commercials aimed at the elderly. i think i meet three of the four criteria to qualify for a power chair or scooter at little or no cost to me, greg. >> is this because of your birthday. >> it could be coincidental because it happened over the weekend. and i also need a bathtub safety rail. >> i don't need a bathtub safety rail, but i have one just in case. when you need one you will wish it is there. >> you need to attach the cuff to something. >> true. >> virginia lets people carry concealed weapons in bars and restaurants. matt, you said you are not a big gun advocate. why not?
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>> i have never shot a gun in my life. >> you call yourself a man. >> did you get a haircut? i really like the new hair. it looks really good. >> you are no man. >> give my best to anne tracy. >> i will. i think she has a crush on you, actually. >> tell her to burn greg's sweat sweatpants. it is the only way. >> i will give that message to her. >> bill, you said you have been to virginia and there are no restaurants that don't serve alcohol. technically there are no bars in virginia. in order to get a license from the state's alcoholic -- alcoholic beverage board they need to show a set percentage of sales. there is no such thing as a stand alone bar in virginia. >> i wish i included that fun fact. i got wings one time at chuck e. cheese.
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>> i was at toys r us. >> jim, you don't like to make sweeping indictments. you realize you were on cable news, right? >> yes, and i lied. i love making the indictments more than anything. i live to do it. >> greg, you brought up the fact that if you are openly carrying in a bar you can drink. if you are carrying concealed, you can't. if you have a permit you can carry a concealed weapon. if you legally own a gun in virginia, you can openly carry it in public. >> god bless. >> virginia is the greatest state. >> however, i believe you cannot openly carry and get drunk. you can drink, but you can't get drunk. >> what's the difference? >> for some people, some people can have a drink or two and not be drunk. >> i am not familiar with that. so on to the next.
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>> matt you said these people haven't worked in years. they don't have benefits and half are on welfare. >> what's the question? >> they have no benefits, but they are on welfare. >> it is on television. >> welfare is benefits. >> if they are on welfare you can't say they have benefits. >> one out of the three. >> in baseball allstar. possibly hall of fame. >> you say people should be taken away for talking loudly in a movie theater. >> i do. >> and i thank you and wish you would write a book. >> i hear people talk and say, hey, hey, hey. >> does that work? >> no, i have been beaten up a
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lot. even by the girl i am with. it is her talking. >> you brought up the entitle meant that -- the entitlement that people feel. a boy arrested for rioting his mother has 10 other kids and doesn't live with the boy's father. she says she is ashamed of her son, but when asked who to blame for the looting she said, quote, the government. >> whatever, andy. there is also plenty of rioters -- >> i was kind of agreeing with your point. >> oh. then whatever, andy. >> well, you showed me. >> don't mess with masa. >> the whole thing about policing in the force, i think that's a reference to the fact that the british police use a model called community-based policing that i gather was
12:36 am
less add veer sair y'all than america's. apparently it works quite well. >> judging by the festivities. >> they should change the name of the fire festival. >> i said store of. >> you said you don't see anything wrong with people who think the same way. but if you are surrounded by people who agree with you, you never learn anything. >> if you go to college you will be surrounded by people with different views than you. but just because you live somewhere and everyone else thinks the same thing doesn't mean you haven't challenged your beliefs and you haven't studied it, andy. told you again. >> i don't agree with you, but
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that's okay. >> i don't have the energy. i am too depressed. >> the whole i like to drink so i hang out with people who drink clearly a shot at bill. >> it really was. >> you have to meet me otherwise you are the worst friend ever and i hate you. >> greg, i don't think this is available. you are talking about how the moderate center is going away and it applies to the right and the left. >> of course. not true. >> i sensed you were not quite being honest there. >> when i said of course? >> yes. >> no, i wasn't. you are at the top of your game today. amazing. >> jim, don't ever talk about exchanging dirty pictures and particularly dirty text and cell phone pictures with helen thomas. >> she is much better than you would think. she is a dirty one.
12:38 am
>> then you had to send a picture to prove it. >> couldn't tell what i was. thee did this. >> did she send a picture back of you doing that? >> she said the same thing. >> if you were forced to buy a gun, the obama administration is saying healthcare is unique because everybody needs it. the true judges in this decision didn't buy is that. -- didn't buy that. >> you can argue a gun is a health device and it reduces -- what are you doing to me? >> you will find out later.
12:39 am
>> lastly you said the individual mandate is clearly unconstitutional, and you said it is good it is going to the supreme court. a lot of people including george washington law professor who is far from a liberal says the supreme court will uphold the mandate a vote of 6-3. >> that would be horrible. he is a legend. >> i am taking that this is the end. >> i am done. >> thanks, andy. coming up, johnny depp has been mauled to death by a bear. i'm sorry, i read that wrong. he bought a new house in malibu. how do i screw these up? what is new with tara reid? prepared to be under well med.
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can studying smut help kick terrorist butt? according to the witherspoon institute. >> oh, look at you. >> i'm sure it is a great institute. she claims we should study porn to better understand them. when they are captured they often own a bunch of pornography. they jump to the obvious conclusion, quote, in seeking to understand terrorists, studying their ideas alone is not enough. we need to study and understand their minds. minds shaped by pornography. how was this story not our lead? let's discuss this in our lightning roooooouuund. lightning round. >> that means it is our lightning round. that's why we move quickly through things.
12:44 am
except that moves slowly, which is a joke. does it make sense that pornography has some kind of impact accelerating terrorism? >> it teach -- teaches you to take a bomb and hide a bomb and take it and hide it and then blow it up in somebody's face. >> i think it could be the reverse. it reduces terrorism because it takes your time. you are less likely to want to die because you are too busy looking at porn. >> it is very addictive. yes, i guess, i don't know. >> why do we need to talk about what turns terrorists on? >> there are a lot of giggle fetishes out there and you have given them a lot to work with right now. >> i think what you are saying is you don't believe in the connection which i don't understand it either. i think you found porn at osama bin laden's place and it
12:45 am
is like a porn mat. >> everybody is against porn for some awful reason. *6. >> are you terrible. >> i am terrible. it is a multi billion dollar business. >> so that makes it good, matt? >> it is not bad, but i don't think it makes it good or bad. if you are doing it in your own home and it is legal, there is nothing wrong with it. i can sit and argue. i remember like 15 years ago and i really wanted to be like the first guy to open a porn website when www's came around. there would be a movie about me right now. >> and your parents would have been so proud. >> they are proud now. >> as a homeless male, your porn collection must be portable. >> portable and pathetic. my problem is i went about it the opposite way. i was studying al-qaeda and learning about porn.
12:46 am
and it did not have the desired affect. arousing is not one of them. >> arousing? >> yes, i meant to say arousing. >> in an ad for the "new york times," they say, stot coddling the super rich. the billionaire investor said he paid 17% in taxes last year while everyone else averaged 26%. they say protecting the uber rich or spotted owls and endangered species. some have come out to say the numbers are misleading. can you explain that in simple terms? he makes so much [bleep] money he can't figure out how much he makes in taxes. that's what he is saying. >> no need to swear, by the way. when you have that much money, you obviously got there for some reason. you made a good, smart business decision and you learned to get around the tax code. poor sap, screw you. we got there and we made money
12:47 am
and we shouldn't have to pay as many taxes. >> way to play up that wall street [bleep] reputation. >> listen, the people who are making this money are also hiring people. they are also spending money. there is more demand for goods. you will go out and make my shoes. >> it is too late. you buried yourself. what was the point of the article to see how generous he is? >> i think so. opie made a good point. it is brave of him to say this now that he is 90. when you are 40 making this statement. >> that's true. he doesn't need the money anymore. >> no, what is he going to do? >> i'm sure his off spring are happy to know that gram ps is sending the money to the government. what do you make of this? obama said buffet is right on the money. are you surprised by that? >> no since the president would like to increase taxes on people to make more money. the bigger fact from me is 50% of the country does not pay income taxes. so why don't we focus on that? if he wants to give away his
12:48 am
money like nurse jackie wanted to, go ahead. just because he wanted to doesn't mean all millionaires should be robbed. but here is the thing. he doesn't make any sacrifice by saying this because he is too rich. if he throws another 20 million to the government he doesn't feel it. shouldn't they make him feel it? he has to give up something like a house. >> he should create another enterprise. work with me. it is called buffet's buff fate. you can -- buffet. you can get the all you can eat buffet and it will have lots of pudding. i will tell you why. old people like to eat pudding. and that's the clientele we should attract. >> i see you have worked this through. >> that is amazing. >> and they will take 50%. everyone wins including the old people. >> that's true. >> and that's what it is about. >> time for another break. >> and remember to check out the "red eye" pod cast. go to fox news radio .com and click 0* "red eye."
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tonight we talked about the nightmare i had which was like really interesting for me.
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so on saturday, tara reid tweeted, "i just gotten gauged." to what we don't know.
12:53 am
but good for her said no one. and then a few hours later she said, "just got married in greece. i love being a wife." jim, where were you when you heard the big news? >> i was alone in my room watching one of her films doing horrible things, greg. not what you think. ways booing and vomiting. like most people when i think of her, i hope she is happy. >> s. >> don't you hate the wishy washy answers. >> how long before they are divorced? >> a week. max. >> matt, are you happy she finally found happiness as jim has said. >> i think she is actually beautiful. her acting skills have improved the last couple years. i hope this doesn't deter her career. >> that's true. >> what do you know of her
12:54 am
husband? you dated him, correct? >> you could have fooled me, greg. this is quite the turn around. i think he is a genius and i will tell you why. if you are going to get engaged to tara reid, you don't wait around a day. who knows where she will wind up between the engagement and the wedding, face down in some horrible pub. youen disbaij and you marry right -- you engage and you marry right away. >> i remember how big she was, and now not so big. >> like when we worked at stuff magazine she would turn us down to do covers and then literally six months later she was asking to do covers. >> and you could hear the difference in her voice from the nicotine. we will close things out -- that was a stupid story on my part. post game wrap up from tv's andy levy coming up. and clips of recent shows. why not go to plap
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time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> hi, andy. >> hi, greg. we are trying something different tonight. we asked viewers to tweet their questions for the guests. these were the best ones we got. jim, richard wants to know, when are we finally going to see a jim norton produced tv show like all of the other successful comedians? >> i am not really a successful comedian, so tree force rich richard will have to wait if you know what i'm saying. that will make sense. >> i wasn't sure that was someone you knew. >> kevin wants me to ask masa how she really feels about referee russell mora. >> i hate him. he is the worst ref ever. he totally -- in the past
12:59 am
fight he let this guy do like 80 low blows and he took points away from the guy who kept getting hit. it was horrific. worst ref ever. >> i don't even know what sport we are talking about. >> boxing. >> and finally tom tweets, would you ask matthew if i scan can -- if i can swing by and pick up my issue? >> sure, nobody else swings by. i make a heck of a risoto. >> i don't think it worked. >> really? >> i thought it wasfi embarassing. i don't like your ideas. powerss presidential campaign. president obama takes a bus tour he says is business. but looks like


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