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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 16, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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rating, less than two weeks after standard & poor's downgraded u.s. debt and sent the global markets into a downward spiral. that was one of the reasons, not the only one, but this is news we have to explore more with fox business network's elizabeth mcdonald. >> jenna, we're getting breaking news, fitch is reaffirming the aaa and keeping the credit outlook for the u.s. stable. it is, though, jenna, saying that the failure of a newly created supercommittee in congress to deal with the debt crisis in washington could result in a negative action to the u.s.' outlook. in other words, fitch has kept the outlook on the u.s. debt as stable. so if there was a failure there, jenna, what fitch is saying is that that outlook could go from negative to stable. it's also saying it is concerned about the fiscal profile of the united states, and it is going to review, it said, the medium term outlook for the u.s.,
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so getting back to keeping why fitch kept the u.s. on aaa, it cited exceptional creditworthiness remains in tact and also cites that the u.s. enjoying a pivotal role in the global financial system and has a flexible diversified wealthy economy and also says that the u.s.' monetary exchange rate flexibility can withstand shock. so jenna, this is a move that is looking to possibly calm the waters -- could possibly calm the waters in the markets today. but jenna, it comes at the same time that a sister company to moody's has downgraded the outlook for the u.s. economy through 2012, at the same time, moody's investor service, the other sister company, has kept the u.s. on aaa, but with a negative outlook. back to you jenna. jenna: so fitch saying our credit is okay for now but the door is still open in the future depending upon what happens next and that seems to be a theme that's repeating. elizabeth mcdonnell dollars, thank you very much. >> sure, delighted.
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our credit is okay. just according to one agency. and just for now. rick: trying to figure out who exactly to believe, who's right. jenna: that's where we target, everybody, it's nice to have you, i'm jenna lee. rick: i'm rick folbaum in for jon: jon: scott, "happening now", the gop field taking shea and while mich ul bachmann took the head in the straw poll, she's not getting the headlines. jenna: ron paul, by the way, came in second in that straw poll but he didn't get a whole lot of attention over the weekend, though, rick. he has something new out that we thought viewers should know about. rick: chris stierwalt, head of power play joins us from d.c. is ron paul the rodney dangerfield of politics? >> i tell you what, if i
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were ron paul i would be partially happy he's not getting as much attention as michele bachmann because as you pointed out she just barely won that straw poll in ames over congressman paul, it was very narrow. certainly if there's a second tier in this race he and michele bachmann are basically neck and neck, they're right in there with perry and romney, governor perry and governor romney nup front and two members of congress behind them in second tier. the reason he's probably not getting as much attention as michele bachmann is partially because liberal outlets and mainstream news outlets love to bash michele bachmann. shshodder,od you saw the newsweek cover, you saw all of that stuff, she's phot genic, she tells the kind of story that democrats want to tell about the republican party right now. it's harder for them to rip on paul because he's more consistent libertarian, he has those views that are harder for democrats to come after, so he sort of notes
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along while she gets all the attention. rick rick is it that, chris, or is it that there are folks in the republican party who do not believe that ron paul is electable? >> lord, yes. that's always been the knock on ron paul is his views thrill republican, many conservative republican, many libertarians, but that streak is real and growing and has grown since 2008. if you look at the change in evolution in the party from 2008 until now you can see the effect ron paul and his movement have had on the way he looks at things but his concern is he gets in a general election and his views especially as it relate toss foreign policy would likely put moderate voters back in president obama's camp so republicans are concerned about his electability, even it if they like his ideas. >> he's got a new ad out today and folks can go and watch it for themselves, but we'll put it in the background while we chat. he basically lumps all of his gop opponents, and even president obama into the
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same group, calling them smooth talking politicians, and he says he's not one of those. how's that going to go over? >> i think if i was michele bachmann, i would be concerned a little bit about this ad, that she would be lumped in together with perry and romney, who are smooth. they are good political operators. and she is, too. she's very smooth, she presents very well. ron paul is trying to make a virtue of his rough hewn presentation, the way that he's not telegenic the way the others are. he's trying to set himself apart. if i were bachmann i'd be worried in being lumped in with those two. >> no respect. isn't that what rodney used to say? you can catch chris stierwalt on, that shows begins at the bottom of the hour, about 25 minutes or so. chris, have a good show. keep it here on the fox news channel because congressman paul will be guest of megyn kelly, 2:05 eastern time is
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when he's going to come on, and stay tuned, we have breaking news on the gop field, perhaps another name coming up in the mix, at the bottom of the hour. jenna: in the meantime the president is focusing on jobs and the economy in the midst of his three-day bus tour. there are reports the president may o'clock shaking up his cabinet to solve economic problems, perhaps even creating a new government agency. adam shapiro is live with more on this. so adam, how serious are some of these reports and what do we mean by a new government agency? >> >> reporter: shaking up government and taking a play right out of the republican hand book. you'll recall the president back in january during the state of the union talked about shrinking government, smaller government, cutting agencies and merging agencies. here's what he said back then: >> in the coming months, my administration will develop a proposal to merge, consolidate, and reorganize the federal government in a way that best serves the goal of a more competitive america. i will submit that proposal to congress for a vote and
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we will push to get it passed. >> reporter: just a few months left in the year and the president has yet to submit that proposal but it is gaining momentum, jenna, in fact, there are different variations of what could be coming down the pike already circulating in washington. jenna: so as far as what this new agency could look like, would it be something brand new that we've never seen before, would it be a combination of already existing agencies, is it an overhaul of what already exists? how would you even describe it, adam? >> i'm going to give you a perfect washington answer. yes to all of the above. jenna: nice! >> this is what's coming down the pike. this is a report from the standard for -- center for american progress put out march first, 2011. they are not saying they're working with the white house and the white house has no comment about what kind of possible consolidation of government agencies we might see but this report outlines several options and an example of what they talk about in here is, for instance, homelessness, there are 20 different federal agencies that deal with homelessness and the
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report asks why 20 different agencies, it would make more sense to maybe have one or two agencies that deal with homelessness. then it outlines what agencies could be merged not only -- not only on that issue but competitiveness and jobs. the question to ask, when the white house does come out with its proposal is are you just shifting people around or really merging agencies and cutting and closing agencies which are no longer needed. the president hasn't put it forth yet and the white house has no comment as of today. jenna: we'll await those details. adam, thank you very much. rick: breaking news today on an arrest in a bizarre australian crime, a s.w.a.t. team, half way around the world, raiding this house in kentucky, arresting australian citizen paul douglas peters, accused of breaking into madeleine pulver's home in a wealthy city suburb almost two weeks ago, we covered this for you, and chaining a fake bomb to her neck. the father says the arrest is a great relief. >> on behalf of mattie and the entire family we are
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enormously relieved that an arrest has been made in the united states overnight. these past two weeks have been a very difficult time for us and we are hopeful this development marks the beginning of the end of this traumatic ordeal for our family. rick: mike tobin is live in louisville, kentucky. what is this new information that we're hearing about? >> as the hearing now wraps up for paul douglas peters, a warrant has been unsealed that tellsas great deal of information in this bizarre and cruel bomb hoax, it says that on august 3rd, a suspect wearing a hood, a mask, if you will, broke into the home where young maggie pulver was studying, she was only one years old, the suspects forced her to put a device around her neck, a box attached by what appeared to be a bicycle chain, now attached to the bicycle chain or the box was a lanyard, that included a paper document with a usb
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drive, instructions on that said there was a sophisticated new type of explosive in the box, and only by following a specific set of instructions that involved a web-based e-mail could that device be removed safely. now, despite the instructions on the note, the family of maggie pulver ultimately contacted police and after a terrifying stretch of ten hours the bomb squad x-ray dollars that box attached to the young girl's neck, determined there were no explosives in it and removed it. the hearing has just wrapped up and we know the extradition hearing has been scheduled now for october, rick. rick: do we know how the australian police were able to track this guy to kentucky? >> it's really remarkable. we get this from the new set of documents that have just been released. a web-based e-mail was established to a g mail account, the australian police say they determined that web-based e-mail was established in a chicago airport, in may, on a date when the peters individual
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was in that particular chicago airport. they say that the e-mail account had been accessed three times, on august 3rd, when this whole plot was executed. and the man who was walking into both a public library and a video store was caught on surveillance video or described by individuals at the scene as fitting the description of peters. as far as how they were able to track him here to a suburb outside of kentucky, he had an ex-wife who lived just outside of the city here and he was listed as a resident in the house where he was ultimately picked up. rick: mike tobin with the news out of louisville, thank you. jenna: breaking news out of kentucky, and breaking news out of san francisco now, big protests at the b.a.r.t. system, the major commuter train system in the bay area, why demonstrators are causing several stations to be shut down, right now, during morning rush hour. rick: a frightening home invasion in connecticut, a family, tied up for hours by armed men. threatening to kidnap their
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young son. julie banderas told you about this story yesterday. she'll have the latest on the man hunt, next. >> it was brazen all right. to come here, middle of the night, raining, with hand guns. the victims are scared. >> everyone is physically okay. everyone is definitely mentally distraught from the whole ordeal.
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jenna: a mess for san francisco commuters at rush hour this morning, protestors shutting down several commuter rail stations and this is a story, julie, we've talked about for the last couple of days. >> reporter: what a mess if you live in san francisco. first they hacked b.a.r.t.'s website and released private contact info and now they're organizing protests, and what's worse, they did it during rush hour, disrupting the train service for two hours and forcing law enforcement officials to close rail stations. the protests began at 5:00 a.m. in the civic center station caused by the cyber
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hackers anonymous, they wore shirts with don't shoot i'm unarmed". several dozen protestors crowd the the station and at one point crowded the train by blocking the door and chanting no justice, no peace, and b.a.r.t. officials had come under increasing pressure who say the agency overreached when it shut off cell phone service to passengers last week to prevent protests from being planned via social networking and on monday, cell phone, text message and e-mail and internet message services worked in b.a.r.t.'s downtown stations leading up to and during the protests. the fcc is investigating. jenna: more thoon as we get it, thank you. >> in the meantime, a man hunt in connecticut, the family held at knifepoint, the masked men tied up the
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family in their wine sellar while they searched the home for cash, jewelry and other items. luckily nobody was hurt. david lee miller has the details on this. what do we know about these men police are looking for? >> not a great deal of information is known. one of the men is described as 6-foot, 240 pounds with facial hair. we are told that all of the men are black. but there are no composite sketches. all of the intruders in this case were wearing hooded sweatshirt the or bandanas to conceal their face, we're told they wore gloves, four of the five had guns, they poured bleach in the home before they left in an apparent effort to destroy any ef. they did come prepared, they brought zip ties to restrain victims and police are investigating why this specific home was selected, was this random or specially chosen. the intruders fled the scene after they failed to break into a 700-pound safe, at one point they did threaten to kidnap a three-year-old boy who was in the home,
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instead, though, they ransacked it, took cash, jewelry, food, and other valuables, and as you said, no one was hurt, the family, though, was traumatized, underscoring that, rick, the three-year-old boy, after the incident, described seeing what he called monsters. rick. rick: that's going to be tough for him, and of course, this story, david, brings back memories of another connecticut home invasion, back in 2007, where tragically three members of a family were killed. are police worried about more copycats? >> reporter: i've talked to the police this morning and they say they do not fear at this time that there are going to be any copycat home invasions, but many people in connecticut, this is going to be a horrific reminder of what happened in 2007, at that time, about 15 miles away from where this invasion took place, dr. william pettitte's home was broken into, there you see the doctor with his family, during that home invasion, his wife and his two daughters were killed. now, the two intruders were
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caught, one is now awaiting trial, the other one was sentenced and is now on death row. we do not have any idea to what extent, if any, the five intruders that police are now looking for regarding sunday's home invasion were aware of what happened in 2007 and the fact that one of the men involved was sentenced to be executed. the son of the homeowner regarding sunday's home invasion did say they weren't there to kill anybody, he told a reporter, if they wanted to, they would have, they had the opportunity, they said, they had guns. they're very, very fortunate. rick. rick: i'll say. david lee miller in the newsroom, thanks. jenna: back to politics now, the race is really taking off for the republican nomination. you have rick perry, mitt romney, swiping at each other already. we're going to talk about that. stephen hayes is going to join us to not only talk about this rivalry that's starting to heat up but someone else potentially entering the race. plus, a soldier goes awol and he's not alone.
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why authorities think he may have kidhapped his baby girl. the latest, just ahead.
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jenna: some developing stories we're keeping an eye on for you in the newsroom, and from the control room as well, including this one from california, a california man is charged with bringing three underage girls from texas to california to work them as prostitute, one telling investigators she was kidnapped when he took her shopping for clothes and shoes, for what she thought was a new job. a rembrandt sketch stolen from a luxury hotel has now been found, someone spotted it inside a church, about 20 miles away, and called police, the thief is still on the loose as police continue to investigate. and homeowners broke ground on fewer homes than
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expected, single family home construction fell according to the commerce department, this news not only disappointing for the housing market but the job market as well, each home built creates an average of three jobs a year. rick: fox news alert, breaking news from the campaign trail. the weekly standard reporting that wisconsin congressman paul ryan is now strongly considering a run for the white house. joining us is the man who broke the story, stephen hayes, senior writer at the weekly standard and fox news contributor. so okay, bit of a scoop here, no official change on his position, he's not definitely in, but he's strongly considering it. what does that mean? >> yeah, we should know right up front his spokesman is saying he has not changed his mind, there's been no official change in position but certainly from everything i've been told, people i've been talking to not just in the past few days but really the past couple of months it's been clear that paul ryan is strongly considering a presidential run, he's been talking to people, sitting down with strategists, talking to fund raiders about what a possible run would look like, and he is
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currently on vacation, taking a long time to think long and hard about jumping in himself. rick: what would paul ryan bring to this race, steve? >> the way that he sees the race unfolding, and he said this publicly, he says that this needs to be a debate about two futures for the country, on the one hand, president obama and what paul ryan calls the cradle to grave welfare state and on the other hand, the kind of opportunity society that paul ryan has enshrined in his budget, in the path to prosperity budget that house republicans passed earlier this spring, and he gave an interview to a local milwaukee radio station this past friday where the host asked him are you seeing those two competing visions play out, republican field that you feel is actally mking that kind of a case, that you'd like to be seen made, and paul ryan was very blunt about it, he said there is not, i'm not seeing that right now and basically it's disappointing. so i think that, for all of the reasons that he had been looking at possibly getting
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into the race, i think that certainly added, the fact that he's not seeing anybody make that kind of a case right now. rick: let's talk about two of the candidates who have officially announced and who seem to have taken their gloves off, mitt romney and rick perry, going at it on the topic of jobs. who's got the better case to make, mitt romney who spent a lot of years on wall street or rick perry who's talked up his past, working on his family farm for many years? >> you know, i actually think they both have a pretty good case. mitt romney took a big risk a year and a haling when he started wading into this presidential race by focusing almost exclusively on jobs and there were republican strategists who told romney's people that was too risky, you can't focus exclusively on the jobs, what if the economy starts to come back, you'll look like you're talking about something that's now irrelevant, an acronism and he took a risk and he's made a strong case on jobs. rick perry, on the other
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hand, has the accomplishments he can point to, and he is saying they aren't the right kind of jobs, high wage jobs but they're pretty difficult criticisms to make when you've seen so many new jobs out of texas. rick: the way that he's come out swinging as he has, what does it do to the tenor of this campaign, it shakes it up, doesn't it sph. >> it does. this has an sleepy campaign throughout most of the summer, mitt romney has been doing an event, two three, days, mostly not challenging his rivals. he's been running a general election campaign against barack obama. that's now over. you have michele bachmann coming out of the iowa straw poll, you've got rick perry jumping into the race, taking a shot at both president obama and mitt romney and now you have the possibility, i think, that paul ryan is going to jump into the race, too, so you've got a very active -- you've gone from a sleepy republican field last week to a very active and engaged and competitive republican field potentially in the next cul of weeks.
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rick: well, it's gotten our attention! good work, stephen hayes is a senior writer for the weekly standard and fox news contributor. talk to you soon. >> thanks rick. jenna: this fox news alert, authorities in colorado, searching for a soldier they think kidhapped his baby daughter. julie has more on this, and this daughter, julie, barely a month old? >> reporter: yeah, very, very young a. month old, he's gone awol, he took his baby with him according to authorities in colorado who say an army soldier is suspected of abducting his one month old daughter and taking off and they don't know where this guy is. colorado springs police are searching for 24-year-old army soldier derek tem -- hembrey, wanted on a warrant for allegedly violating a custody order and is believed to have gone awol. he's in a lot of trouble now a white mail, 5-foot, eight, 175 pounds with brown hair and green eyes, the baby's
8:29 am
mother, a 29-year-old woman, reportedly obtained a restraining order against hembrey last month. we don't know why. but it wasn't immediately known where hembrey is stationed. according to local reports he's lived in st. peters, missouri and in arizona. cops are asking if you've got any information on this guy, if you've seen him or the bearks please call the colorado springs police department, the number, right there on your screen: >> we will have more as we get it. jenna: thafntion. rick: more of fox straight ahead, including amateur video out of syria, just crossing the international desk. we'll have that for you. the disturbing developments that allegedly shows the regime's escalating crackdown on its citizens there. jenna: plus with the unemployment rate nationally at 9.1%, one democratic congresswoman is proposing a multi billion dollar plan to create what she calls emergency jobs. she's here to break it down for us next. everyone is asking for new
8:30 am
ideas, rick, and here's one. rick: we look forward to hearing what she has to say. and proposed reforms that may affect every single man and woman in the united states, in uniform, coming up next, why some veterans groups are sounding the alarm. don't go away. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes.
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rick: welcome back. we're in the fox acquisitionings room where the video feeds come
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in, and then we bring them to you. you can see the dow, of course, we're keeping a close eye on the dow. we did get some good news today saying that the u.s. economic outlook is good, but the dow down about 62 points. and over there at 211, you'll see ed henry who is standing by in iowa where pram ha's bus -- president obama's bus tour through the u.s. is continuing today. ed, what's going on? >> reporter: interesting because the president made a little news last night at an earlier stop in iowa, they say this is not an official campaign tour, but it certainly looks like it. he was standing in front of a barn, big american flag and then got into sort of trying out some campaign rhetoric into next year's run. and the bottom line is he said that he will in early september be unveiling a new economic plan, some details on the table. and he says if republicans on capitol hill block this, he is going to be running against,
8:35 am
essentially, a do-nothing congress. take a listen. >> i'll be putting forward, when they come back in september, a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit. and my attitude is, get it done. and if they don't get it done, then we'll be running against a congress that's not doing anything for the american people, and the choice will be very stark and will be very clear. >> reporter: now, the political upside for the president is you saw that gallup approval rating of about 39%, his lowest. the problem for congress is congress is even lower in the latest fox poll, an approval rating of 10%. so it's sort of easy pickings. downside for the president, of course, is while the republicans run the house, democrats run the senate. they can't get everything they want done, but you've got a democrat in harry reid at the senate majority leader, so if you run against congress, it may hurt both parties a bit. the other issue is as he tries this sort of give 'em hell,
8:36 am
harry truman kind of a3r0e67, the president getting a little back. there was a tea party person be pressing the president on whether or not vice president biden had called tea party members terrorists. the president pushed back and basically said at one point, look, i've been called a socialist, someone who wasn't even born in this country, so don't tell me about rhetoric. i'm somebody who wants to lower the rhetoric as well. these town hall meetings don't always go according to script. rick: as hard as they try. ed henry, thanks very much. jenna: one of the questions that's being asked of the president is what's the plan for job growth. and one congresswoman's proposal is getting some attention this morning. it's a bill she says is going to create about 2.2 million jobs, and it will, essentially, create some quote-unquote emergency jobs, putting people back to work in schools and parks, also putting cops back on the job. it's already coming under fire from the gop, and as you can
8:37 am
probably understand, there's some criticism, but she's here to tell us more about it. jan schakowsky is a democrat from illinois, she's also chief deputy whip. nice to have you, congresswoman. >> thank you for having me, jenna. jenna: $227 billion, that's what this plan would cost. so let's just work through it. where does that $227 billion come from? >> first of all, that's over two years, so todivide it in half per year. but jobs equals deficit reduction. if you put people to work, first of all, you get them off the unemployment rolls. i didn't even subtract that cost. and any of the other assistance programs that people on, without a job get. and it means that they are at work, paying taxes, and beyond that buying stuff. that's what businesses need, not more tax breaks. they need more customers. and so part of the way we get out of this is not just cutting and cutting and cutting, it's
8:38 am
about putting people to work so that they can have money in their pocket to buy things that resonate throughout the economy. jenna: and those are important points that you mention about getting people back to pay their taxes and to get out shopping. so initially we'd borrow this money, is that correct? and then it would be implemented in this plan. so how would that be implemented? we mentioned the parks and the schools and putting cops and firefighters back to work, but how exactly is that done? >> >> well, let me explain that. i also have a companion bill that taxes millionaires and billionaires a bit more, a fairness in taxation -- jenna: and that's good because we have a millionaire that's coming on in about ten millions, and be he wants his own taxes raised. but go ahead. >> okay. that's one of the ways to do it. what i do is create a school improvement corps, create 650,000 jobs fixing up our schools which need that all over the country.
8:39 am
parks improvement corps, a health care corpses because we need more health care providers. a child care corps. right now they're cutting early head start, this would put people to work doing what we need to do so more women and men can go to work and take care of the children. more cops, teachers, firefighter, all these things are real jobs, they need to be done, and they let people have some money to go out and spend and also to keep their homes so that they don't go into foreclosure. jenna: congresswoman, one of the criticisms at least of the stimulus plan a couple years ago was that it was only temporary, that it only worked for maybe a year or got one project done, but it did not necessarily have the momentum to pick up the rest of of the economy. is there a part of your plan that would extend the benefits of this past 2013, or is it really focused on helping the economy for these two years and then leaving a question of what would be next after that?
8:40 am
>> well, it is a two-year program, but the thing that's unique about this program is that every dollar has to be attached to a job. this isn't giving someone, a business a tax break in the hopes that they'll hire someone. every single one of these programs requires that the money goes to pay somebody to do the work. and so i think that two years from now, hopefully, the economy will be growing, um, and we won't need to have this kind of program where we hire people. but if we do, we could always consider extending it. but my thought is that this is an emergency jobs program for the next two years. jenna: congress woman, as we've mentioned at the start of this segment, we're looking for new ideas, so it's a pleasure to talk to you about a new idea you're going to propose when congress is back in session, and we look forward to keeping up-to-date with you on what happens next. thank you so much. >> thank you. i look forward to that, thank you.
8:41 am
rick: we like ideas. we always like to hear -- jenna: new ideas, right? rick: a carnival ride malfunctions leaving two folks stuck 60 feet in the air. their dramatic rescue. plus, some super rich folks would like to give some back. jenna: are you in that group? rick: no, i'm not, unfortunately. but there's a group demanding their taxes go up. a member of the patriotic millionaires will join us, that's coming up next. ♪ dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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rick: welcome back. a pentagon task force proposing the largest overhaul of the military's retirement plan in half a century. some veterans' advocates are slamming the ideas as money-saving measures, but the pentagon says it's about creating a fairer, more sustainable system. jim angle has more from washington. >> reporter: hello, rick. the search for ways to rein in federal spending has already
8:45 am
targeted defense spending. now a pentagon advisory group is suggesting significant changes to military retirement plans. defense secretary leon panetta told a group this morning that no decision has been made but that this is, quote, the kind of thing you have to consider though it has to be done in a way that doesn't break faith with the military, as he put it. those who have served have the same view. >> as far as i'm concerned, when you strip away the thin veneer of this proposal, it's just another quickie way to reduce the defense budget and to, and to save on the federal budget. >> reporter: now, under the existing defense department pension system those who put in at least 20 years of active duty can retire at 50% of their highest average salary from their last three years. those who serve less get nothing. a group called the defense business board says the current retirement plan is, quote, unfair, unaffordable and inflexible. it goes on to say that as costs escalate, the continuation of the system will seriously erode
8:46 am
future military capabilities. so the group is recommending that those in the military get the equivalent of 401(k)s, a plan that would safe $250 billion over 20 years, but current and former military personnel worry about the impact. >> the military retirement system was structured the way it was structured because war is a young man's game. we reward those who sacrifice when they're young, and the reward is when they retire they're getting a decent retirement pay to carry them over the time -- men or women, over the time they leave the service. and this, of course, would just remove that. >> reporter: now, defense secretary panetta said this morning current benefits and beneficiaries would be grandfathered in which would make it go down a little easier, but, of course, there's still questions about recruitment and retention. rick? rick: jim angle in washington with the story. thanks, jim, and we've been asking if you're okay with the idea of privatizing soldiers'
8:47 am
pensions, and we've gotten a lot of responses. p more than 23,000 votes so far, more than 19% of you say, yes, why not the military. 70% say, no, we should keep military benefits guaranteed, and 9% of you say you're not sure. you can still vote, go to jenna: well, up next, a millionaire who says, raise his taxes. how about that, have you heard that? do you want your own taxes raised? do you want your taxes raised? this is a quote. we're going to ask him about that. he's just up in just a few moments, also, could just a few keep the doctor away? why you may not need as much exercise as you think to get healthy. we'll explain. with the 48-hour sale, the possibilities are endless.
8:48 am
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jenna: well, a big battle is brewing over taxes and what's
8:51 am
best right now for the economy. warren buffett, a billionaire investor, says it's time for congress to, quote, stop coddling millionaires and raise taxes on the superwealthy. that includes him. he's not the only one. the patriotic millionaires advocates the repeal of the bush tax cuts on those making more than a million dollars a year. they've penned an open letter demanding that their taxes, listen to this, go up. that's what they demand. leo hindery is one of those millionaires, managing partner of hindery partners. why would you want to give the government more of your hard-earned money? >> we built the tax system on the concept of progressive tax decision -- taxation, that those who earn more, pay more. i've had a remarkable career, i've been very fortunate in its outcome. i'm paying a personally lesser rate of tax than i did at the start, than the women and men
8:52 am
behind us in this very large room today. and beginning in 1986 we specifically took action to enrich the wealthy. of on the false premise that a wealthy person would pass that extra money down into the system. but i now am one of those people, and i have everything i need. i don't spend for anything. i have no appliances that i need to buy, no automobiles, no housing -- jenna: sounds pretty good, leo. >> but all of the men and women behind us, yourself included, have things that they need to do in this very stressed economy. and so how is it that a handful of us, 3% of the nation's income year after year, jenna, has now earned -- i'm sorry, 50% of the income is now earned by 3% of the taxpayers? jenna: so let me ask you about who you would actually be given the money to. there's a lot of questions on whether the tax structure needs to be reformed, but right now 80% be plus of the american people disapprove of the job congress is doing. you've, obviously, invested a
8:53 am
lot of money, so why would you approve of giving more of your money to folks that most americans think are mishandling it or not doing a good job? >> you know, that's the same excuse we use for around offshoring of jobs. if american population isn't sufficiently educated, the government isn't sufficiently well run. the reality is we have 29.2 million women and men who in real terms are unemployed. about 13 million of those have now been out of work for fully a year or more. as the representative said in your earlier segment, we have a moral as well as an economic obligation to resuscitate this economy. jenna: so why not make another business? create jobs that way? do that instead of giving it to the goth right now that's -- the government right now that's $14 trillion in debt. >> well, let me give you an example. there are five million out of school unemployed youth, 18-26, half of them with a high school diploma, half of them with a bachelor of arts or sciences who
8:54 am
can't find their first job. so we have a moral obligation, we also have an economic obligation to resuscitate this economy. i've been in business my whole career, i've been very blessed with that outcome. the thing that i know most assuredly is the only thing that works in the american economy is a vibrant mid middle class which we don't have -- jenna: and you think the tax structure supports that if taxes go up on millionaires? >> absolutely. what we did in congress a week and a half ago, jenna, is we decided we would cut, and that's appropriate. i don't want to cut foolishly, and i don't want to cut people who need it in this time of great stress, but we raised no revenues. so you and i and the representative, let's say we have the perfect job creation initiative in mind. we have no money. so you can't foreclose revenues and cut only. jenna: it's a quandary, it's one that is going to continue to be explored in congress, and we hope to continue to explore it with folks like you, leo. appreciate you coming in.
8:55 am
>> just one quick throw in the -- jenna: i'm going to have to run for commercial because we have to pay our bills. >> all right. jenna: see, that's how it happens. leo, thank you. patriotic millionaires is a web site folks can check out if you want to learn more information. rick, go ahead. rick: thank you both. we've been talking a lot about presidential candidates and the state fair, but we haven't talked about the rides at the fair. this one not so great, perhaps. a brother and sister just wanted to go on a ride, they got stuck about 60 feet in the air. the name of this ride, the ejector seat. for real. thankfully, no ejections 60 feet in the air. jenna: casey anthony, we could know exactly where she is. what her defense team is doing to try and stop that. also, golden eagles are a protected species, but now they could spell trouble for wind energy, of all things. the danger those farms pose to wildlife is the side of the
8:56 am
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8:59 am
rick: a man perched on a radio tower in tulsa, oklahoma, for over 100 hours now id'd by the police. julie has more on what he's been doing. >> reporter: the longest standoff in this tulsa continues, and now police have identified the man who has perched himself on top of the clearchannel radio tower since about 11 a.m. last thursday. 25-year-old william sturdevant ii refuses to come down from the 300-foot tower where he's been for over 116 hours. at one point monday he apparently climbed about halfway down the tower, but then he went no lower. you must be thinking, this guy's got to be exhausted.
9:00 am
he has been been up, seen taking brief naps. the fire department raised a bucket after he requested a sprite, dr. pepper, rooster booster and a cappuccino. tulsa police are asking residents to stay away from the scene, they say spectators have hampered efforts to get him down. when they're just about to make progress, the crowd starts yelling and screaming and taking pictures, so he goes back up. police are asking people to, basically, ignore him. probably not very easy to do though, rick. [laughter] rick: julie, thanks. >> reporter: sure. jenna: everybody needs a cappuccino, especially in the middle of the afternoon. rick: and be a rooster booster. [laughter] jenna: the republican race heats up, everybody, as the race for 2012 is finally taking shape. i'm jenna lee. rick: and i'm rick folbaum in for jon. here's what the republican field looks like now with 12 declaired
9:01 am
candidate rubbing for the go -- running for the gop nomination. jenna: you have rick perry shaking things up a wit, the texas governor is on the offensive as of his first week in the race, trading jabs with opponents as well, rick. rick: but there is still a long way to go between now and republican convention which is next year in florida. bret baier anchors "special report," and he joins us now. you do not have to be a political news junkie to be excited about this race now. >> reporter: definitely, rick. i mean, this is the heat of it, and a lot of focus on the gop race. rick perry has definitely shaken things up in iowa, and i think you're going to see a lot of things develop in coming weeks. our next debate is september 22nd in orlando, florida, and from now until then should be an interesting ride. rick: i saw that former president clinton called rick perry a good looking rascal, that those were his -- that's his description for the texas governor. but for folks outside of the state who may have needed an introduction, they certainly
9:02 am
have gotten a texas-sized intro to rick perry. he's not one to shy away from a fight. >> reporter: no. and sometimes he raises some eyebrows. i mean, this comment about fed chairman ben bernanke and that if he prints money during this time, it would be treasonous, and we would treat him, quote, pretty ugly down in texas, well, that has not only raised some eye brows, it's being analyzed by folks inside the beltway and elsewhere as whether this was a major stumble for governor perry or how it would effect him. listen, there's some feelings out on the campaign trail and around the country that the fed has made the wrong choices now and again, but as far as using that kind of terminology, it's just an interesting tactic, and we'll see if it backfires fir-on -- for him on the campaign trail. rick: it'll also be interesting to see whether other campaigns adapt or make changes at all
9:03 am
because of the tenor that rick perry is using now. i mean, mitt romney, this whole campaign has been rather genteel up to this point, and that could change now. >> reporter: sure. i don't think there's any doubt that the gloves will start to come off. you saw that in the debate on thursday night in ames, and as a result, governor pawlenty after not getting traction in the straw poll dropped out of this race. this race could change dramatically in coming weeks, and now with the revelation that congressman paul ryan is actively and strongly considering whether to get in this race, that's a fascinating development. we'll have to see about governor chris christie. the media often gets criticized for looking for the next shiny thing in a race that's already developed, but this is from everything we're hearing a reality, that congressman ryan at least is strongly considering whether to get in. rick: and karl rove was on this broadcast yesterday mentioning the name of chris christie as
9:04 am
someone else who, perhaps, is still considering a potential run for the nomination. and carl also said, bret, and i'm wondering what your take is on this, that the gop candidates have to be a little bit careful that they don't go so far to the right that they make themselves unelectable in a general election if they were able to go on and get the nod in an election against president obama. is that a tougher thing to do in this political environment, do you think? >> reporter: definitely. first on governor christie, i think it's less likely although it's, obviously, still possible that he'll get in, but less likely as far as governor christie goes. secondly, it always happens in elections n primary elections. democrats go to the left, republicans go to the right and then try to go back to the center for a general election. in this election there is a lot of angst about the current state of government, the current state of the economy, and it will draw candidates to the right in this primary process. one person to not discount, and
9:05 am
we don't, is congressman ron paul. there's been a lot of media criticism about the media coverage of congressman paul, and i think that's a fair assessment. he did come in second only a couple of, only a few votes, 152 votes behind congresswoman bachmann, and he does have a big following on the campaign trail. he will be factor throughout this race. whether he could gather enough support to get the gop nomination, most people inside the beltway don't believe it's there yet, but he is a factor. rick: real quick, i just want to congratulate you and the whole team in d.c. on a great job in iowa. you had that story like nobody else, and i really enjoyed your coverage, learned a lot from it. bret baier is the an to have of -- anchor of "special report." thanks, bret. >> thank you. jenna: there's a new book about governor perry on the way. it probably won't be very nice, at least according to first
9:06 am
critique. it's being churned out by one co-author of the anti-bush book, "bush's brain." but get this, the author is predicting perry will go all the way to the white house. in the meantime, a book run by perry himself is getting a sales bump. the hard cover of "fed up! " has reentered the best sellers list. of course, we're leaving out several books, one by ron paul, the revolution and manifesto, we should probably see if those books have gotten a bump up as well. rick: we'll check it out and let you know. the president hitting the campaign trail in a sleek set of wheels. check out this monster bus, shiny and black-armored, packed with top secret technology. the price tag for the president's wheels, more than a million dollars. definitely no comparison, though, to the hulking limousine the president usually rides around in. that's dubbed "the beast."
9:07 am
jenna: that's when it got caught there. little problem. in the meantime, the candidates on the stump are trying to draw in voters or create a little excitement. james rosen gets to coffer it from d.c. >> reporter: i'm just glad you're not describing me as the beast. in a season of heated rhetoric, one republican presidential candidate is now raising eyebrows with provocative comments of his own. texas governor rick perry, the newest entrant into the gop primary field, had generally received high marks for his first 72 hours of retail politicking in the hawkeye state, appearing in cedar rapids, iowa, yesterday he was asking for his opinion on the federal reserve. the texas governor then invoked federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke. >> this guy prints more money, um, between now and the
9:08 am
election, i don't know what y'all would do to him in iowa, but we'd, we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. [laughter] i mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost terriblous -- treasonous, in my opinion. >> reporter: talk of treason. well, campaign spokesman mark minor just sent out a statement in which he says the governor was expressing his frustration with the current economic situation and adds that most americans would agree spending more money is not the answer to the economic issues facing the country. meantime, former house speaker newt gingrich was back in the nation's capital touting a concept known as lean six sigma. in a speech at the heritage foundation, gingrich appear today contrast the way he handled the government shutdown of the 1990s with the way
9:09 am
today's house has handled it. maybe i'm reading too much into this. >> we ended the government shutdown correctly. everybody got paid social security. everybody got paid in the military. everybody got paid at air traffic control. you don't have to be insanely stupid and threaten everybody in the country because you're incompetent. you can have very serious fights and do it in a way -- the only people that were irritated were people who came here as tourists. >> reporter: congresswoman michele bachmann is stumping today in south carolina, an early primary state. analysts are expecting her to sometime soon start drawing distinctions with governor perry whose entrance into the contest threatens her status. lastly, paul ryan, the wisconsin republican who has emerged as the gop's leading voice on fiscal issues, is said to be, quote, coming around to a decision to run for president. the weekly standard reports the seven-term lawmaker is in colorado discussing the idea with his family.
9:10 am
now back to my family up in the new york, jenna, rick. [laughter] jenna: very nicely done, james. thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. rick: a fox news alert and some brand new comments today from the defense secretary, leon panetta, who was talking about libya and moammar gadhafi at an event with the secretary of state, hillary clinton. the defense chief saying that he believes that moammar gadhafi's days are numbered. this as fierce fighting rages on in if libya. pro-democracy freedom fighters trying to cut off supply routes surrounding tripoli. bloody skirmishes taking place on a few different fronts. let's go to leland vittert who is following this story from our mideast bureau. >> reporter: hi, rick. the noose is really beginning to tighten around gadhafi. it's all about the oil town about 30 miles from tripoli, and it's the only access point that gadhafi can get oil for his war machine. you need gas to run tanks, artillery and vehicles, and right now the rebels have cut off that key oil pipeline that
9:11 am
runs from the city to tripoli. without oil gadhafi's days are truly and dearly numbered. of course, gadhafi's forces, though, are fighting very, very hard to retake that oil pipeline. and just to underscore gadhafi's desperation, he launched a scud missile into a rebel stronghold, that is a new rising of the ante in terms of the amount of firepower he's willing to use, and also his severe your minister -- interior minister has defected. the rebels, though, are largely disorganized. it's not clear whether they have the ability to take tripoli, and it would be a bloody street-to-street fight inside that town that is currently filled, of course, with all of these gadhafi loyalists. gadhafi has said over and over again he will not leave his home country, he will not go without a fight. the question is, rick, as the noose continues to tighten and he continue to get more desperate, is he going to finally change that promise? rick, back to you.
9:12 am
rick: leland vittert reporting live, thanks. jenna: well, miss anything a tropical paradise. are police closer to finding out what happened to robin gardner who went miss anything be aruba? a live report straight ahead. also take a look, a good look. notice anything wrong here? what these teens are accused of that has cops searching for them. plus, julie has this. >> reporter: yeah, we've got the must-see moments of the day. go to you scroll down, and on your right side you're going to see the hot video poll. and here are the three questions we want you to vote on. first of all, this first story is amazing. this guy from new jersey on his way by train to his job in philly, he finds a media card, puts it in his computer. ooh, they're pictures of someone's wedding, but get this? he lost the card years ago. unbelievable. a second story coming from france, if you like heart-pumping stories, this one might be for you. you like nascar?
9:13 am
what about snail races? yeah. we're going to tell you more about that. you can vote on that. also, these thieves steal an atm machine in colorado. believe it or not, they managed to hoist the thing into their truck, and then they take off. but we've got the video. vote on your must-see moment of the day. we'll be right back. e is 9onths. she is the greatest thing ever. honey bunny. [ babbles ] [ laughs ] we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on lzo it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ shapiro ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. we put the law on your side.
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9:16 am
rick: man, how often are we hearing about these flash mob robberies? police in maryland now investigating another one. dozens of teenagers helping themselves to the contents inside a convenience store. julie ban dare as has more. julie? >> reporter: they have become increasingly menacing in cities across the country. this time at a 7-eleven in maryland and, get this, a surveillance video from the store obtained by shows it all go down. this large group of teens taking candy and other snacks. police say the pack of 0 teenagers -- 30 teenagers calmly walked into the empty store and
9:17 am
picked out items as though they were shopping. then just as calmly they entered the store, people say they exited without paying for the items. they appear quiet during the incident, and some appear to cover their faces with their shirts in an apparent attempt to avoid identification. this happened at 2 in the morning, so the store was empty. as criminals go, they were pretty neat, they didn't ransack the store. police departments in several u.s. cities are investigating what appear to be incidents of flash mob-generated violence like this one in washington, d.c. which packs dozens or even hundreds of youth appear seemingly out of nowhere to commit assaults, roy ris and other crimes. these flash mobs are coordinated through social networking sites like twitter, so now police are investigating several resources to try to track these social media networks where they're actually getting together and planning all these annoying things. rick? rick: all right. julie, thanks. >> reporter: sure. jenna: well, new developments in
9:18 am
the disappearance of a maryland woman now in aruba. robin imarder in vanished two weeks ago, and now a judge has just ordered her traveling companion to remain in jail there. phil keating's live in miami with more. as far as evidence goes, is there any evidence in this case? >> reporter: there's actually a growing amount of evidence in this case. under aruban law to hold a suspect who hasn't been charged with a crime in jail for each successive period of time, the judge has to hear a stronger case by prosecutors to do that, and that's what prosecutors won yesterday not even just an eight-day extension of the defense of gary giordano, but a 16-day extense of the time he will have to remain behind bars as a suspect in the involvement of the disappearance of robin gardner. police put a blue and white-striped towel over his head as he walked out of the courthouse yesterday to head right back to jail. he's not too many miles from the beach where he and robin gardner
9:19 am
went there together for what was said to be a little getaway that her boyfriend in maryland really did not know about. but the evidence that police have that we know about, and a lot of it is still secret, it's not as wide open as far as public information shared with the public goes here in the united states, but the rental car, they have that in custody of the couple. they're also compiling videotapes from surveillance cameras from all of the casinos, restaurants, bars on the island trying to put a timeline together, when and where the couple was together and when they were not together anymore. and we do know that at least one restaurant has found them on one of their videotapes. and they did check a phosphate mine near baby beach over the weekend, looked down in a well. they did find some articles of clothing, however, authorities say it had no connection to robin gardner. so they are still desperately looking for her body somewhere on the island of aruba because police say had she really, truly drowned, the body without a
9:20 am
doubt would have surfaced by now. it was two weeks ago today that she disappeared. jenna: more developments as we get them, phil. thank you. rick: coming up, a judge ruling casey anthony must serve a year's probation in florida for check fraud charges. completely unrelated to the death of her daughter. her legal team is now trying to fight this, so will casey be forced out of hiding?
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
rick: welcome back. china launching a new satellite to help prevent disasters at sea. instruments onboard will be used to measure sea levels, wind height and wind -- wave height and wind speed. growing numbers dying from famine caused by war in somalia and the drought in the horn of africa. look at that. the u.n. warned 12 million
9:24 am
people in the region are in danger of starvation, and more than a billion dollars is needed for relief efforts. and new amateur video reportedly showing army tanks rumbling through a coastal city in syria. heavy gunfire and machine guns can be heard in the background. activists say 15 people have been killed across syria yesterday as president assad escalates a crackdown against anti-government protesters. jenna: well, right now a major legal battle underway to keep casey anthony from being forced to return to florida. her attorneys appealing a judge's order that she serve a year's probation there for check fraud. julie ban dares as explains this latest chapter in the court drama. >> reporter: i can guarantee you it's not the last chapter. will casey anthony be forced out of hiding? of course, casey's defense team doesn't want that to happen, so they are appealing a probation order. a judge ruled casey must serve a yearlong probation later this
9:25 am
month. that would force her out of hiding. now, since her release from jail last month after being acquitted on charges she murdered her daughter, caylee, the 25-year-old has been out of the public eye, her whereabouts kept under wraps by her legal team. but earlier this month judge belvin perry ruled anthony must report to a probation officer in orlando on august 26th. now, the probation is for her conviction of charges of stealing checks from her best friend during the period caylee was missing. the probation department allowed her to serve on the check charge while she was in jail awaiting her murder trial. but judge stan strickland who presided over the check case said that was a mistake and then issued an order that anthony were to return to florida for that probation. now, her parents, george and cindy anthony, issued a statement last week saying if she does have to return to florida, casey would not be staying with them. they also said they do not know where their daughter is. the only sighting of casey so
9:26 am
far since her acquittal was in a video of her shopping, reportedly in ohio. her lead attorney, jose baez, has also asked the judge that she be allowed to serve it outside of florida. stay tuned. jenna: julie, thank you. >> reporter: sure. rick: all right. when we come back, what some have called a huge gamble by google. the internet giant is betting billions it can whip a cell phone company into shape, perhaps even take over the whole cell phone market. plus, a new study about paychecks and personality. what kind of people make the big bucks? the nice guys? or the mean guys? dr. keith ablow will join us coming up. >> i recently graduated from northwestern university -- >> what are you doing here? >> i came here to be a journalist. >> so you don't read "runway," -- >> no. >> and before today you had never heard of me -- >> no. >> and you have no style or
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♪ let me make you smile ♪ let me do a few tricks ♪ some old and then some new tricks ♪ ♪ i'm very versatile ♪ so let me entertain you ♪ and we'll have a real good time ♪ [ male announcer ] the new hp touchpad starting at $399.99. ♪ rick: police are reportedly planning to release a sketch of a suspect in the abduction of a american living in pakistan. 70-year-old warren wine stein was kidnapped at gunpoint from his home start saturday. no one has claimed responsibility so far. >> reporter: they are expected to release sketches of more
9:31 am
suspects in that abduction, possibly eight sketches in tote a. it comes that we're hear from friends back in the united states that warren wine stein, who is 80 years old had failing health recently and has a heart condition for which he need medication. he'll need treatment for that. the f.b.i. is eager to get involved. the principle officer for the consulate, in the town where he was kidnapped has asked for the f.b.i. to be involved. right now between mistrust between the cia and pakistani authorities the pakistanis are very reluctant to allow another american intelligence agency on the ground here and effectively not specifically under their control. that is obviously going to impede the investigations, because the f.b.i. is is extremely experienced and skilled in hunting down missing americans around the world. it's its job to look for missing americans whether abducted or
9:32 am
kidnapped. police say they have no suspects at in time -- no names, sorry and no further details. they continue to question his staff, the driver and three security guards but they haven't got much detail out of them at the moment. we've seen foreigners kidnapped in the past, they usually get taken away to remote tribal areas. because of his health concerns will only deep even for him if that has happened. rick: thanks. jenna: for some business news, a big deal rocking the tech world this week. questions remain on whether or not the deal will actually happen. you have google buying motorola mobility for $12.5 billion. the largest deal that google has done to death. the question we're asking, what is google up to, what is next nor the rest of us? why did google even want to do this deal? >> reporter: you hit on a key point there. it requires 17,000 path tapbts
9:33 am
17,000 patents, that's what everybody is talking about. from the consumers point of view what will google become? we know it's a search company. jenna: sure, you have your g mail. >> reporter: sure i have my j mail. people who have phones have an android operating system on their phone or computer. its taking on apple. are the two going to go head-to-head? google adds a hardware division. it has some hardware to play with. jenna: hardware, so we're clear it's an actual hand held device or tablet or something like this. >> reporter: this is almost like a test lab for google to say here is the new software we have, we can test it out on motorola devices. google's android system is used on all kinds of phones, people may have a htc, or a samsung, people are saying will it effect
9:34 am
me, they are saying no, they will keep it the same as it is because of regulatory concern. for now they say open device, open on all these systems. we have a hardware unit where they can test out all this. jenna: it seems we are asking more and more about google and the big brother aspect of one company running so many aspects of our lives, whether it's through our g mail account, email account, search engines or phones. you mentioned regulatory concerns. is there a question about whether or not the government will approve to allow one company to have all these tools? >> reporter: i think there is a legit nat question about it. google said this deal will close at the end of this year or early next. some only lists have come out and said, i'm not so sure about that. then you start to say, yeah, how much does google really control? the other companies we mentioned are saying we don't want this motorola mobility treatment getting preferential over us if we're one of the other
9:35 am
companies. it might take a while to close because of all these questions. if and when it does close it's interesting, it takes two of the biggest names, the biggest names, google and apple and possibly puts them head t head in very, very similar businesses. the cellphone business and the tablet business. jenna: let's see if they can do that. do you want to share your g mail address with anyone. >> reporter: no. jenna: good luck with that. rick: giant turbines popping up across the country providing green energy. could they also be deadly to wildlife? william la jeunesse is live in california with the story. >> reporter: it's pitting global warming environmentalists against the bird lovers and wildlife conservationists. wind farms are killing more than a thousand birds a day. many are protected. killing one is a violation of federal law yet there's been zero enforcement while the industry explodes.
9:36 am
>> we would like to have no bird deaths or injuries. once again we have to balance all the needs of society. >> we need the energy, i don't deny that but it doesn't have to be all overnight. >> reporter: in fact it does. . 33% of california's energy must come from clean power within the next nine years but this green love affair comes with a dirty secret. >> we could wipe out eagle populations. >> reporter: they ignore the slaughter of thousands of protecting birds in the booming wind energy building. >> if you or i killed an eagle we are looking at major consequences. i think the wind industry has been given a past. >> reporter: these turbines in northern california kill on average 80 golden eagles a year. in the south this project kills fewer birds but at a higher rate. in neither case a prosecution. >> we have a state government mandate that requires utilities to buy renewable power, we have
9:37 am
investors from outside california who are willing to invest billions of dollars in california and bring comes. >> reporter: kern county planning director says proper siting and design can minimize fatalities. but activists say the industry is unaccountable. >> if i shoot an eagle it's a large fine and one to five years in a state pen of my choice. >> reporter: not a single prosecution to the wind industry. exxon had to pay $62,000 when birds died because they touched crude oil. and another company made millions of dollars when eagles got tangled up in their power lines. many think there is a double standard when it comes to this. rick: william la jeunesse live. thank you very much, william. >> we've got to trim some of the fat around here. >> i want you to fire the fat
9:38 am
people. >> what? rick: you have heard the saying that nice guys finish last. according to a new research study that is out they also get paid a lot less. jenna: a new study finds that mean people earn more money, up to $10,000 a year more. why is this? dr. keith ab below, fox news medical a team is here to set us straight. i'm going to have to figure out a way to get mean, because i am so nice, doctor ab low this is almost an impossible segment for me to do. >> your job is in jeopardy, you are too agreeable. jenna: it says this is particularly true for men. if i'm a woman i maybe earn 5% more. as a man i could increase my salary by 18%, is that for real. >> that's for real. by being disagreeable. at least when you believe researchers. and they looked at 10,000 people, and what they realized is that they fell below average
9:39 am
in agreeableness they earned 18% more as men, 5% more than women. why? for one thing it seems that disagreeableness may also track along with other variables like being uncompromising, being hard driving, being focused on the bottom line. so being disagreeable isn't necessarily a bad thing if you're focused on the bottom line as an employer. rick: all right, doc i have to disagree with you here, and bring up the potential flip side of this. because let's say you're in sales. you know, if you are really driving a hard bargain and giving somebody a hard time on negotiating a price you could see a potential customer walk away, and then where are you? >> that is exactly right. that's true. i think that there is a difference between being agreeable like a patsy and being agreeable if a way that you're nice to people but firm. and i think the word agreeable gets a bad rap, and so when they
9:40 am
did a companion study, and they had a faux corporate board, a made up one, when people were identified as agreeable they were less likely to be hired. that word bothered the fake panel of employers, and so i think that here is the thing, we have so many iconic figures that we think of, van goe you can't imagine this tortured artist as a nice guy saying, come on see my paintings, right? and you think of venture capitalist donald trump. do we think of him as a nice guy? no it's the apprentice. the bottom line i think that because employers may say we like an agreeable, socially, happy workforce, if their hearts, though, what they are saying is hey, look, but when push comes to shove we want people who are uncompromising, who are focused on results.
9:41 am
rick: i can agree with that. all right. dr. keith ablow always good to see you. >> i'm not agreeing with you on anything and i want a raise. rick: me too. see you soon. must see moments. julie banderas standing by. julie. >> reporter: the must see moment, which was your favorite by the way? did you have a favorite? rick: i liked them all. the snails caught my attention. >> reporter: yeah they were very eye-catching. any way, no, the rest did not agree with you. just about half agreed that the atm thieves, they stole the story of the day so to speak. these guys actually rammed into a gas station, a shell station with their truck, their pickup truck, they battered their ram, smashed through a brick wall at a gas station to get inside, and what did they get? they got an atm machine. it took them just about 45 seconds to get in and out. they got the atm machine, loaded it onto their truck and took off. police in denver are searching
9:42 am
for the thieves that actually got away with an atm machine. not an easy heist, but hopefully they'll catch these guys, they have surveillance video. jenna: we heard from dr. ablow that being mean could make you more money. couch potatoes rejoice, how little effort it could take at the gym to keep you healthy. russian land grab the property moscow wants to claim and why it could impact the entire world. that is just ahead. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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there are virtually no claim forms to fill out. plus you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare. and best of all, these plans are... megyn: i'm megyn kelly. scott ras mass and has a new poll out on the gop white house contenders. guess who has just moved into first place. big news top of our show today. is ron paul being ignored by the
9:46 am
media, and if so why? he's here with me live to answer that question. and press promised his healthcare law would not cover illegal immigrants. new proof today that that may not be true. and surprise engagement, sure, surprise wedding? men do not try this at home. the happy couple is here, live. see you at the top of the 1:00. jenna: good news for the lazy, or maybe just the busy, the very busy, many people say they can't squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise each and every day. a new study suggests you don't actually need 30 minutes to get some of the health benefits of exercise. the study says you only need 15 minutes, 1-5. dr. marty mccarry is a physician of public health at john hopkins and he's here to talk about it. if rick got up now and did jumping jacques until the end of our show would that be enough for him for a day?
9:47 am
>> that's a great question. you know, everybody wants to know what is the most health benefit you can get with the least amount of work, and this study answered that question. it's published in a very prestigious medical journal. by saying that 15 minutes a day is sort of an optimal amount, what they are doing is they are encouraging people to use more modest goals. most people they get crushed with their exercise and they end up not going because their goals are too lofty and they feel like i can't go for an hour or run three miles, when you can really go for 15 minutes or run a mile or something like that. jenna: rick and i were talking during the commercial about this. how it is tough to schedule and if you just thought only satisfactory minutes would give you some benefit that maybe a whole lot more people would be exercising. does it matter what you do for the 15 minutes? for some it might be a walk home, or a brisk shopping trip at a sale or the mall or it could be weights. do you have to be focused for that 15 minutes or does it even matter? >> the bottom line is anything that gets your heart race.
9:48 am
if it's running or doing some sort of vigorous activity. in this study what they did is they looked at hundreds of thousands of people and they asked them how much exercise do you do? and they broke them down into categories. and the greatest take off and benefit was in people that just did 15 minutes a day. and probably what they are doing is they are just finding some time to carve out, to stay active in some kind of way. jenna: you can't do that 15 minutes and then go eat a double cheeseburger, right? >> well, you know, for some people they go to the gym so infrequently it's called rehab and not really exercising. there is this huge range out there. what you eat is probably a greater driver of things like weight and overall fitness than say how much time you spend exercising. jenna: doctor, it's great to hear from you on this perspective on the study. 15 minutes does seem more manageable. it's an interesting study to talk about. thank you for joining us to talk about it.
9:49 am
we appreciate it. rick: power shopping is not going to cut it. jenna: i thought i'd offer that as an alternative to sprinting. rick: what's with trying to get me to go over there and do jumping jacques. jenna: there were so many things i was trying to achieve with the interview. i hope somebody got something out of it. rick: i thought it was very informative. folks ready to hear the president in iowa. he's about to speak about farms and business owners. there is a political battle shaping up with the russians. they are looking to help themselves to a huge chunk of the arctic as their own. we'll explain. my doctor told me calcium
9:50 am
is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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"happening now" the president is making another stop on his bus tour today at a community college in iowa. he'll be talking about some new
9:53 am
proposals to help the farm regions, and today is the second day of his mid western bus tour. the president is encouraging the crowds to pressure congress for action on economic policies. he's also targeting the republican presidential field over taxes and healthcare. we were talking a little earlier, weren't we rick, about his new bus. rick: his fancy new bus. jenna: this is not for the rock star, but for the president, a little bit more heavy on the security but nice amenities as well. rick: absolutely. look at that thing. very secure made with the safest materials of course for the president of the united states. jenna: they call it a bus tour. you have to be on a bus, right? the president will be arriving. we'll be monitoring any comments the president has to say about how he will help the rule communities he is traveling through and about job creation as well. one of the other things we are watching today is an event for michelle bachmann. she has been hitting the trail
9:54 am
hard after winning the ames straw poll a few days ago. we'll keep you up on all the political activity and bring you up to date. rick: the u.s. won the race to the moon but a report that the kremlin wants to lay claim to a huge piece of land in the arctic and all the riches that come with it. band band hajulie banderas has more. >> reporter: russia has taken the lead to make a claim to the united nations to annex about 380,000 square miles of the internationally owned arctic to russian control. at stake here is an estimated one quarter of all the world's untapped hydrocarbon reserves. abundant fisheries and a freshly open route that will cut a third off the shipping time from asia to europe. russian tv aired video taken back in 2007 that shows a mini submarine as it places a russian
9:55 am
flag on the seabed of the arctic ocean. russia, canada, the united states, denmark and norway own arctic coasts that could theoretically be extended as far as the north pole. but in the absence of a regional deal tensions are mounting. prime minister vladimir putin says russia is open for a dialog but will defend our own geo political interests. the u.s. is beefing up it's might for the fight. not over yet, rick. rick: thank you. jenna: a very special day for rock and roll, and why elvis fans are flocking to graceland today. wait until you hear why.
9:56 am
9:57 am
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9:59 am
megyn: 34 years ago today elvis presents here was found dead in his memphis home. rick: that's right. it was a death that shook the nation. the sudden end of the king's 21-year run as one of the most famous musicians in the world. thousands of people from all over, jenna are flocking to memphis, tennessee for elvis week gathering at graceland, holding candlelight vigils in the keupg's honor. have you ever been to graceland. jenna: i haven't. i've always wanted to go. rick: it's a cool place. i have family in memphis and they sent me as a gift onhe tour of graceland. it was one of the coolest things i've ever done. jenna: we will remember him today, a big fact in american history. rick: he's an icon. thanks for joining us everybody. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert less than 24 hours after a dramatic run in with tea party members president obama is back in iowa. we are awaiting the president's appearance


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