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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 16, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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at federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. the governor with a touch of texas swagger said fed chairman bernanke would be treated pretty ugly in texas if he were to print more money. the governor calling bernanke's handling of the recession almost tremendous son news that was for the white house. the white house fired back. >> carney said threat anyone the fed chairman is probably not a good idea. president obama saying if you are running for president you need to be a little more careful of what you say. does governor perry want a do over? it doesn't sound like it. his office is saying the governor was expressing his frustration with the current economic situation. one thing is safe to say, both sides of the political aisle are fired up. joining us is karl rove. good evening. karl, the statement by the governor of texas is causing a still stir, certainly on the
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democratic side of the aisle. what do you think, smart, dumb, ineffective, bad way to start, good way to start? >> bad way to start. you don't want to accuse the federal reserve chairman of being guilty of a crime punishable by death which is what treason is. i thought governor perry was not very adept in his remarks yesterday. but i thought he was very skilled this afternoon we "the new york times" tried to bait him into repeating the charge. he said i stand by remarks about the decline and value of our currency but refused to repeat the charge. he's learned his lesson. one thing to say the federal reserve is following a policy that is undermining the value of our currency that is wrong for our future. and accuse him of a crime that again, is punishable by death. greta, there is something you
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said in the introduction that grabbed my attention. jay carney and barack obama lecturing rick perry. barack obama when he ran for president in 2008 wrote a book. in that book he attributed to me a comment i never made. which was we are a christian nation. find that remark offensive. we are based on the judeo-christian ethic, derive a lot from it. what about the jewses, muslims, the nonbelievers. the first -- the first amendment gives you the right to believe or not, as you choose. then senator obama called me a 60s style radical. i don't recall trying to fire bomb a federal building. lead to blow up a draft office. this president is going to . here's a guy who has been calling the republicans people who don't love their country. please mr. president don't be
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lecturing us on this. your rhetoric has been intemperate. rick perry gets a pass, i suspect he has learned his lesson. >> greta: it is true of almost every politician whether it is vice president biden saying the tea party acted like terrorists. he said they acted like, which is a little different to me. you've got this situation which is going to come back to governor perry at least it is going to be a couple days's cycle. in 2005, when he left the television station he didn't know the satellite was on when he said adios mofo or something. there's a book coming out about him. he's talked about secession. he's been bold. everyone has a video camera on the phone now. you have the president saying things that he shouldn't. where do we draw the line? do we push through this and be
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amused for a short period of time and move on? >> that's up to the candidates. president obama is not going to stop accusing his political opponents of not loving their country. he is just not. let's don't give him stuff on our side of the aisle to use. governor perry will come across tough, strong he need not come across with the kind of remarks that impugn the integrity or accuse somebody of violating the law. i suspect it was good to happen now. in the next couple weeks and months the memory is going to fade unless he repeats the same thing. i doubt he is i thought it was a good signal today when the new york time tried to bait him into repeating the charge that bernanke was somehow guilty of treason. while the governor did not step back from his criticism of the federal reserve's loose money policies he didn't take the bait and refused to repeat the charge. that sent a signal that he
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recognized it was not a good thing to say. and he was going to find a more artful way of making his views known. >> greta: a new poll has perry up 11 points above romney, 18%, followed by bachmann at 13% then it goes down. why the jump ahead? it is the glow of being the newest one in? or is it deserved? why is perry the front-runner today? >> we've seen this happen three times before with people getting big bumps up. we saw with it herman cain with a good debate performance. donald trump getting into the race. michelle bachmann with having a boom which has now started to fade. governor perry adroitly handled his announcement. he held his announcement on the same day as the iowa straw poll. he ate up most of the oxygen that day. the next day reports on the
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announcement -- on the straw poll results, michelle bachmann was the first paragraph, he was the second paragraph. the question now is, can he do the things necessary to sustain over the next two, three weeks and in more than one poll. this is one poll. sometimes we get different results from polls taken at the same time. no doubt he's handled his announcement an do itly. he's come on the scene with a -- lot of passion and appealing public image. you saw over the weekend gland handing his way through the stay fair. i thought he did a useful thing sunday night took michelle bachmann to school in her hometown, her birthplace, perry showed up early, shook every hand. circulated from table to table. sat down at a lot of the tables. posed for pictures. got up and gave a good speech. midge gull with the crowd. book pan was -- mingled with the crowd.
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bachmann was in her bus, showed up moments before she was supposed to speak. after she spoke she hung around only to sit behind a table and sign t-shirts protected by her staff that is not how you do it in iowa. iowa is a retail place as are new hampshire and south carolina. i think that is is the last time michelle bachmann is going to campaign that way at a big dinner. >> greta: if you dig deeper the media is starting to come out and dig into governor perry's -- the things he's saying on the campaign about the success of texas. what may be successful in texas may not translate to the rest of the country. one of the articles pointed out today is texas has done so well because the price of oil has gone up and texas is a big oil state. texas has done well because of the 60% increase trade with mexico and i happens to be a border state. it talks about the special things about texas. it sestak as education, has
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cut so much, slashed so much to education that it is not doing as well. right now he seems to be riding high. when you start digging into the numbers it may not be as appealing. >> everybody when they jump into the race is better. people start to pick away at them, no doubt. there is some truth in some of what you say. for example, energy. energy prices have been high during much of this first decade of the 21st century. texas was growing half the rest of the country in terms of jobs in the 90s when energy prices were lower. i think it is because texas has a pro-business environment. we have low regulation, low taxes. sensible regulation. we have had a good climate for tort laws. as a result, texas has become a magnet for jobs. existed before perry. whether it is keeping spending
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in check, cutting spending this year, first time since world war ii that a governor of texas has cut spending. continuing to push forward on the tort reform efforts, medical liability reform begun under governor bush. he expanded it. he got a small version -- all these things have helped keep the texas progress going. what we have is not the result of one man or one administration it has been decades of hard work by republicans and democrats to get the stay in the right place. the question is can you take those principles and apply them to the country as a whole? i would suspect that is going to be a powerful case governor perry can make. >> greta: at least since 2009 increase of 260,000 jobs in the state of texas, not insignificant. i assume the republicans in making a decision, wants to fan a candidate that the republican party believes -- wants to find a candidate at
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that time republican party believes can beat president obama. today president obama was embracing governor romney saying it is amusing to watch one of the major republicans, meaning governor romney, now trying to wiggle out of the fact that my health care bill is similar to the health care bill he passed at a time when he needed to compromise because he was living in a democratic majority state. by president obama embracing romney, you will see that for the next 18 months, i assume, does that disable him from being the one the republican party thinks can beat the president? >> that depends on governor romney. president obama gave him a big gift today. there are big differences between what they did in massachusetts and washington. if governor romney seizes this opportunity to distinguish the differences he will him -- help himself. the question is going to be whether or not he's going to do that.
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massachusetts didn't raise taxes. president obama did. he raised taxes on hospitals, insurance policies, medical devices, dug companies many had a hidden tax on student loans. the obama law has -- borrows money from medicare, social security and a new insurance program in order to pay the current expense of the health care program and continues to borrow money decade after decade from those same programs after leaving behind an iou which somebody is going to have to pay. the question is whether governor romney is going to seize the tune. it is a christmas gift in august from president obama picking out of crowd romney and going after him in the midwest. let's see if romney is adroit enough to go after him. >> greta: representative bachmann obviously a hundred hit in iowa. a different political environment than for instance
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new hampshire. how does she convince the republican party she can win over the government and how does she win over the different electorate republican party in for instance new hampshire? >> right. first, remember winning the straw poll gives you a boost but it didn't guarantee you the iowa caucuses. the only person in the modern history of the caucus who won the straw poll, caucuses and again on to be president is george w. bush. the first thing she has got to do is solidify the strength she had in the iowa straw poll and turn it into an organization capable of winning the caucuses in february. only 17,000 people voted in the straw poll. probably six times that number, -- excuse me 120 to 130,000 are going to vote in the caucuses. she has to expand that organization. second, she has to convince people what she said that she
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is the tip of the spear in the fight against obama is accurate. i would not try and make an argument about i'm the most electable. she can always be out-bid on that. she spent 8 million dollars last year, spend four million dollars to raise it. got 8 million dollars in her reelection bid and only 54% of the vote in a great year for republicans in 2008 she ran 7 points behind john mccain. she is the only republican member of congress to get reelected while running behind mccain's 2008 numbers. i would make it ideological thrust, winning the straw poll. >> greta: there's been some word today, chatter in d.c. that congressman paul ryan from the great state of wisconsin, is considering it, denial out of his office, considering running for president. is he viable?
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is he a strong candidate for the republican nomination? >> if he were to get in the race, he has the makings. that the question. that would only be told by his performance. we are hearing similar rumors about governor christie of new jersey and governor palin who has a schedule after neighbor lay that looks suspiciously like that of a candidate not somebody selling or hockey television programs. let's step back further. apart from ryan, christie or a len the fact of the matter is the contest is -- or palin, the fact of the matter the contest is fluid. even romney as the front-runner, are jumping in, book pan taking the straw poll this is still a -- bachmann taking the straw poll this is still a fluid situation. we are likely to see a lot of twists and turns. so many are sitting on the sidelines. much smaller number than
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normal are committed to candidates. the larger audience are sitting as observers and spectators like olympic judges rating each candidate everyday they perform. the vast majority of republicans are so intent upon beating obama, they want to make sure they've got a good candidate. some are deflated by 2008. others are expecting a lot of their candidates. as a result they are sitting on the sidelines. i think it is one of the reasons why pawlenty had trouble. he's a good man. he ran a good campaign until the second debate, when people expected him to go after romney on health care and he didn't it deflated his campaign if you can't take on romney what are you going to do about taking on obama? people are watching and saying before i commit my heart and soul and pocketbook to you, i want to see how good you can do. >> greta: is there a drop dead date where you can't get on
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ballots? >> interesting question. november 21st, is the first deadline. i want to say for missouri. you don't have a deadline for the iowa caucuses you can have people show up that day and put your name in. the first deadline november 21st. by then you have to be in or start losing 21st, 22nd and a few days after the right to participate in the early contests. >> greta: karl, thank you. >> straight ahead, tea party favorite christine o'donnell is here. she sure shook up the republican party. when she won the republican nomination for senate in delaware. then she got clobbered by the democrat in the general election. should the republican party be looking out now? is tea party darling christine o'donnell making a comeback? >> what is up with leon panetta and hillary clinton? are they teaming up against their own boss? sounds like they don't like
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>> greta: 10 muss ago all eyes were on the senate race in delaware. christine o'donnell had blasted on to the scene and shocked everyone when she snatched the republican nomination from the establishment candidate, mike castle. she did not win the general election but she did stir things up. now she is out with a new book "troublemaker" taking us behind the scenes and telling us everything in the book. joining us christine o'donnell. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> greta: the title, i guess it is an appropriate title for your book. do you agree? >> i got the title from a cover story on "time" magazine when they dubbed me the troublemaker. i took it as a compliment to me, it represented the way i was willing to bust up the backroom deals. and call it the way i saw it.
7:22 pm
which i think is what more people need to do. i wrote the book in what some political advisers says is maybe too honest, too candid. but in order to inspire more troublemakers to get involved. >> greta: in the book, you said that your campaign that there were dirty tricks from the republican party against you. essentially to sabotage your race. in what way? >> in several ways. one of the most public, both 9 former chairman of the delaware gop and -- and the democrats filed a false complaint against me. essentially abusing the political process. abusing the justice system as a political weapon. they do this so that during the election the headlines read christine o'donnell being investigated or christine o'donnell accused of this illegal activity.
7:23 pm
10 muss later, i've been cleared of -- 10 months later, i've been cleared of all charges. phony allegations dismissed. they do this, knowingly file false claims, the political damage is done. >> greta: even though you were sort of a troublemaker, to use your term on the book, wouldn't they rather have republican troublemaker than a democrat in the united states senate? >> you would think. i think certain establishment leaders would rather control the way they lose than lose control of their party. i also go on to define what i think the establishment is. not every incumbent, not every well off person is the establishment. likewise, you don't have to be successful to be of the establishment mindset. to me it is eagerness to compromise principles, eagerness to step on people in order to get ahead. in order to combat how the establishment has run our
7:24 pm
country into the ground and turned washington into a favor factory, we need more citizen activists to get involved, to put their name on the line, to run for office. i hope that my book will share the story in a way that they might relate to and realize if she can do it, i can do it. >> greta: we are not going to beat a dead horse. you discuss the witch ad. the race is getting heated up. what candidates have caught your attention and why? whether in the race or not yet in the race or maybe never will get in the race. >> honestly, i'm very happy with all of the candidates. i think that -- >> greta: that's not -- can be. that's the weak answer. give me one, must be one who is your favorite. >> i honestly don't have a favorite. i think that it is very telling of the influence that
7:25 pm
the tea party has had on the movement, in the fact that we have, as our front runners all champions of the constitutional principle fast made our country great. >> greta: couple quick questions. could you support for instance, governor romney with the massachusetts health care? >> i actually like governor romney, so far. i think that it is reassuring and comfortinging to a lot of people i've met and talked about it the way he's keeping focused on obama and remaining very presidential. and not throwing slings at his fellow contenders. we need stability in this time of such uncertainty. i think romney brings that. >> greta: are you going to run again? and what do you think of congresswoman bachmann? >> i also like michelle bachmann. i think the fact she won the iowa straw poll is a real
7:26 pm
testimony to her fortitude and strength. i can relate to the doublekç]n standard that exists for not just female candidates. when you a 6:00 -- when you are a conservative female candidate it is a double whammy. imagine in if in the 2008 presidential primary somebody asked barack obama or joe biden, how are you going to control your libido when you get into the white house? there's such a double standard -- >> greta: i think maybe there is a double standard. i think democratic women have been hit -- [ talking over each other ] >> >> greta: are you going to run again? >> i don't know. as i say in the book every time i paid the decision to run i was usually a painstaking decision made at the last minute. when i decided to run i threw my hat in the ring. right now my focus is on filing a counter complaint
7:27 pm
against crew for abusing the justice system and knowingly filing false claims. my focus is building up christine pacts so we can help lead this conservative middle class movement. it is not just conservative. it is democrats, republicans, and in s who are getting behind christine pact so everyday americans, the people who -- the people who have been ousted by the political process can have a voice again. >> greta: i have to go. new book, "troublemaker." christine, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: new warning about our national security from two members of president obama's inner circle. ambassador bolton, next. our nation's credit recently downgraded by one credit rating agency. who do we blame for this economic bad luck? president obama tells you who he blames.
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that's straight ahead. [ gnome ] ahh...
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[ male announcer ] this is what it's like getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. harpist not included. ♪ >> greta: is our national security at risk? a warning from secretary of defense leon panetta and secretary of state hillary clinton. it is about money and debt ceiling bill president obama signed. joining us john bolton. good evening. today's stunning news, the two
7:32 pm
cabinet officers are not happy that there is going to be a cut in military. >> it is like people have finally woken up to many so of the specifics in the legislation raising the federal debt ceiling. these cuts in defense in particular whether from the trigger mechanism or the first wave of cuts or even the cuts we're looking at in the coming fiscal year which starts october 1, are very, very significant. much more profound for the national security budget than on the domestic side. it is a real irony in an era of focused budget cutting in the near term and long term the budget that looks most vulnerable is our defense budget. >> greta: today clinton and panetta joined together and obviously are disturbed at the thought the military spending is going to be cut. clinton is upset she says we can't do our diplomacy if the budget is being cut. their boss just signed this.
7:33 pm
he's part of this. >> maybe instead of attending a joint seminar they should go to the white house and explain to somebody what has been going on this is what happens when you get in one of these very obscure budget kinds of dialoguing -- dialogues people are making decisions as if they don't impact the real world. you've got to look at the bigger picture. that's wherefore all the good at that time debt ceiling legislation accomplished, it has posed a very grave threat to our national security that people are only beginning to understand, including secretary of defense. >> greta: the senate appropriations they are looking at 525 billion, house 530 billion for fiscal year 2012. the president wants 553 billion. he wants the most.
7:34 pm
>> this shows how the budget green eye shapes have gotten the of control. when barack obama is the high bidder on national security, leaving the wars in iraq and afghanistan out of this number this is the base budget. when he's 23 million above the house and 30 billion above the senate, we are in trouble. the significance for those on the joint committee that are going to try and decide the second wave of cuts is these immediate cuts in defense now could have a profound impact on the numbers as they ripple down the road. >> greta: i want to protect our national security. i want to pay our military. but, we talk about how much we are going to spend. nobody is talking the fraud and waste. we did a story here last week. for a piece of plumming that guess to iraq, we are paying $80 and you can buy it in the hardware store down the street for $1.40.
7:35 pm
i realize it is a war zone and everything that is huge. nobody is talking about monitoring these contractors to see where our money is going. that's the thing that is stunning. talking about how much we need. but we are not doing anything it seems to make sure we really need it. >> we should be -- look there's fraud and waste in the defense budget, of course there is. >> greta: why doesn't anybody talk about that? >> i think we can donor more in military health care to cut costs there in the retirement system. >> greta: why don't we? >> we should be. the cuts we are looking at are going to do in the near term and long term is not change that kind of problem. they are not going to fix that we are going to cut out weapon systems, research and development, force levels around the world. i'm not defending waste and fraud in the defense department -- >> greta: let's say we pick up five million of fraud in one direction from something that is ridiculous and put it to
7:36 pm
your weapons system. >> i agree. we went from 10 carrier strike groups to nine. just at the time the chinese are bringing their first aircraft carrier out for trials. these decisions on the huge numbers at the pentagon don't impact our security tomorrow but they do five, 10 years down the road. that's why it is penny-wise and pound fool . -- poung foolish. >> greta: who is monitoring. there's never any sense of let's see what we have and throwing away. >> if you wanted to go through the whole defense department budget, piece by piece you would see we face more potential threats that we have to defend against. not just small wars like iraq and afghanistan but the major conventional struggles against the likes of china and russia. with more threats and contingencies you need more preparation. we've been under spending on
7:37 pm
defense. we should be spending more. cutting back is exactly the wrong thing to do. >> greta: are you going to run? >> i'm still thinking about it. i'm trying to make a decision on labor day. as a practical matter for somebody in my situation, that's basically about the last point. >> greta: closer than you were last time or not so? >> i don't get closer further away. i'm going to make a decision one way or the other at that point. >> greta: at least i tried. thank you, sir. >> update on the phone hacking scandal. was there a cover-up? investigators say staffers at the now defunct tabloid hacked into the voice mail accounts of people they were covering. new documents just released today by parliament contradict testimony that contradict james murdoch. during his testimony he denied having known about an e-mail that included transcripts of 35 hacked conversations. a letter parliament released
7:38 pm
today suggest murdoch may have known about the e-mail. in it a former lawyer for the news organization says murdoch was indeed aware of the e-mail. and that he informed mr. murdoch, meaning james murdoch of its existence. james murdoch may be called before parliament again. >> new accusations that are emerging that bosses at the british tabloid were aware employees were illegally spying on people. a second letter sent by a former news of the world reporter in 2007, claims employees openly discussed phone hacking during daily editorial meetings. news corporation which is the parent company of this network, closed down the tabloid last month. >> coming up, why is the president talking about bad luck? what does that mean for you? dennis kneale is back, next. >> shocking investigation, former secretary of the treasury's name is coming up. hear all about it, straight an ed.
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>> greta: president obama says he reversed the recession. so what happened? find out in 60 seconds. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: extradition proceedings underway for the man suspected of strapping a bomb to a teenager in australia. captured in kentucky where his ex-wife lives. the 50-year-old accused of trying to extort money from the victim's family two weeks ago. the 18-year-old was chained to a device for 10 hours in her home before bomb experts determined that it was harmless. >> this was the scene in tulsa, oklahoma a few hours ago. police finally able to convince this guy to come down off of a tv tower. he spent almost six days close to 100 feet in the air. crews offered him food and water. the last time he took water was friday. he's been hospitalized.
7:44 pm
police say he will be transfered to a mental health facility. >> greta: who is to blame for our nation's lousy economy? president obama said don't blame the white house. >> the president: we had reversed the recession, avoided a depression. got the economy moving again. created two million private sector jobs over the last 17 months. over the last six months we've had a run of bad luck. some things that we could not control. >> greta: the president explains the economic bad luck was due to the arab spring, tsunami in japan and final instability in europe. joining us is dennis kneale. it always me when someone says, i saved jobs or prevented us from going into depression even the definition of
7:45 pm
recession and depression economists have made the deaf up. >> this is all fuzzy stuff. what the president said today, he took off his january 20 -- he took office january 20th, of '09. in less than six months barack obama says he got us out of the worst recession in 60, 70 years in six months. now because of freedom in the mideast and because of the tsunami and earthquake in japan, now he is unable to fix the economy, after 2 1/2 years in office. if he was able if fix it and get out of recession in six months how come he can't fix it this time? in june, before the debt crisis and the brinkmanship by the tea party that is supposed to have thrown our economy -- in june consumer spending fell for the first time since september '09 because people
7:46 pm
are feeling bad. it is one thing to claim credit when it is dubious as to whether they deserve it. when you pair it with his persnickety, put upon petulant style in which he refuses to ever claim responsibility for some of the things that went wrong. he refuses to say i'm learning on-the-job. we spent 830 billion on stimulus, energy depth has 40, billion it hasn't spent. we kind of blew that. he can never say that he wants to say i authorized the osama kill mission. he wants to say i told both parties to meet me -- >> greta: dennis, he has the job. and we are in a very tough position. i understand the difficulties. what he's doing at best is telling us that come september, when gets back to the white house, after being out on the road listening to people, supposedly, and taking a vacation he's going to come out with a plan if you don't have a job tonight, september is a really longtime away.
7:47 pm
he would -- would you raer not have the president listening to people giving speeches. you want that plan, where is that plan? don't go on vacation, give us the plan and then go on vacation. >> when you are president language is important especially at a time of zero interest rates. this guy, the language he keeps talking about is tax increases. we can't to talk about jobs. he's talking about tax increases. tax increases won't help us create jobs. we want to know what he's going to do to create jobs. you have been in there almost three years. you ought to have a plan by now. did you read the reports where they are talking about maybe they going to reorganize different parts of the federal government. commerce and labor and put it into some new jobs growth department. they will -- why didn't we rearrange deck chairs on the titanic right after it hits
7:48 pm
that iceberg? >> greta: i think it is profoundly distressing. i may be one in the minority, if i had the job, i would be working at it here if i were in congress and had the job, i would be working here. when we have breaking news the first thing we do is call in and come to work. when you don't have a job and your leaders are not here working it feels like breaking news and they are not responding. it is very painful. >> i would like obama to do a book report at the end of his summer vacation. i want to know in those four cities, i want three clear ideas he go for creating jobs because he did these break-out sessions. >> greta: dennis, thank you. straight ahead, a man accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. guess who he is accused of stealing from? the former u.s. treasury secretary. we'll tell you about that, coming up. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol
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>> greta: here the best of the rest. we know times are tough but this is really stupid. it happened maryland. a man accused of paying off his mortgage in 2009 courtesy of then u.s. treasury secretary hank paulison. he convinced citigroup to accept a money order purportedly from secretary
7:53 pm
paulson for $353,000. he signed the money order as secretary paulson's authorized representative. he's been charged through criminal complaint with one count of fraud. a grand jury has yet to indict him. >> this next guy likes his pizza. he's willing to drive 24 hours trait for a slice of pizza. david schuler got frustrated with the pizza situation in mississippi he drove through the night across 16 states to reach his massachusetts hometown. once he got to his favorite place he ordered 150 pi -- pi, s for $1200. they are now headed to mississippi many obviously he likes his pizza >> texas police are in hot pursuit of this forklift. the driver stole it from a construct -- construction
7:54 pm
site. as he sped down the road police were upset he was creating more danger on the road. the man was caught and hauled a way the forklift should be back soon. >> finally, this just might be the slowest race you have seen. snails have been sliming up the track for 40 years. 370 pounds of snails participate. only the ones that make it to the podium survive. the others are cooked in the town's annual feast. there you have thefest of the rest. >> coming up rick perry may want to be president someone who keeps close tabs on the governor slips up while talking about the governor's family life. you will be talking this tomorrow. stick around. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ . >> greta: it's time for last call. there is confusion about how close texas governor rick
7:59 pm
perry is with his family. >> his father-in-law actually did his vasectomy."2;u>.f:do and may i remind you his father-in-law is not a doctor. >> yeah. clearly, i think that wrong word was used that. is the last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm going to put an open thread on greta wire. so go blog about what you thought about tonight's show, o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c. z we'll see you on greta wire in minutes. news on cable. this is fox news channel. >> laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> sounds like you are interested in listening. it sounds like you are. >> you are not listening either.


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