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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 17, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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president is getting set to deliver a major speech in early september, unveiling what we're told are brand new ideas on creating jobs and boosting the economy. jenna: he's still taking a tough stand when it comes to congress, though, talking about lawmakers, criticizing them, really, and challenging republicans to block his new jobs package we're just going to hear about. >> the only thing that is holding us back is our politics. the only thing that's preventing us from passing the bills i just mentioned is a refusal of a faction in congress to put country ahead of party, and that has to stop. our economy cannot afford it. [applause] our economy can't afford it. jenna: caroline shively is live at the white house. caroline, we really don't know too much about the big announcement. we do know early september. but any details about the plan yet? >> reporter: we're learning a little, jenna, about the jobs plan and also that there will be a second
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plan, one on the decifit. to talk about the jobs plan first t. will include a couple of things, tax cuts, something called an infrastructure bank to encourage construction down the road and also help for the long term unemployed. white house officials say it won't just be a rehash of what we've heard mr. obama pushing over the last month or so and won't be a rehash of what we're hearing during this tour in illinois today, that these will be fresh ideas, although republicans do seem a bit doubtful about that. the president will submit that second plan, that decifit plan, to the supercommittee in congress also sometime once they return from the recess, and it will ask them to shave off more than the $1.5 trillion in decifits over the ten years that they've been tasked to do. after the speech in september, after he submits both of these plans, then he's going to hit the road, he's going to be taking it straight to the voters, trying to get them on his side and trying to get them to win over members of congress, jenna. jenna: that was about the jobs. let's talk about the decifit. is this, again, this decifit plan something that we've seen before, maybe something
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the president brought up during the debt ceiling debate or is it something new? >> that should be something we've seen in part. officials say it's entirely consistent with the old plan that he came up with, this grand compromise he submitted to speaker boehner, that was, of course, rejected by republicans because it had hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue and the republicans said we do not accept anything with new taxes. now, the decifit plan is just as important as the shops -- as the jobs plan, they go hand in hand. the president said if the government can get a handle on the decifit to bring it down in the far term then we can put some money into some of these jobs plans in the here and now. jenna. jenna: caroline shively, live at the white house, thank you. >> you bet. rick: meantime, have you been watching and listening to texas governor rick perry who has begun his campaign and has come out swinging,
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right from the get go, it's the first -- since the first days of his campaign and he's beginning to take some heat after these comments. take a listen: >> this guy prints more money between now and the election, i don't know what you all will do to him in iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. i mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treasonous in my opinion. >> i get a little bit passionate about that. that's okay. i think you want a president that is passionate about america. that's in love with america. rick: and again, he was talking about ben bernanke, the fed chair, not typically a political target, but he's standing behind his marks -- remarks now in a national interview. former white house political
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senior advising saying on fox news that comments like that are not helpful. take a listen: >> to accuse the chairman of the federal reserve of being a traitor to his country, of being guilty of treason, and suggesting that we treat him pretty ugly in texas, you know, that's not, again, a presidential statement. >> governor perry is going to have to fight the impression that he's a cowboy from texas. this simply added to it by accusing somebody of being guilty to being a traitor to his country. rick: here with context and perspective is roll call staff writer david drucker. good to see you david. i imagine for the perry rollout the first few days, these are not the kinds of headlines his advisers were hoping to generate. >> well, probably not. i think that there's nothing wrong with the governor's aggressiveness and willingness to take on the issue of the fed and its polices of printing money and how much, you know -- and its monetary policy and how much liquidity you inject into the market. i think from a political standpoint, that's the best thing the governor could do,
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would be to continue to focus on the president's polices, on this administration's polices, and leave out anything that strikes as personal. i think when you get personal, there's a chance that in a general election, if he can get there, it could turn off independent voters, swing voters and soft democrats who might want to vote for a republican given the current economic climate. rick: the sort of texas swagger that appealing to a lot of people out there, and we can take a look at the "rasmussen poll" that has come out that is showing just how popular the governor is, having just gotten in the race, he is already at 29 percent, considerably higher than his opponents for the gop nomination. but there's a headline in the "washington post" today, is perry built for a general election. is he? >> well, we're going to find out. he's only run for office in texas, he's done it a lot, and i think there's something interesting to understand here. there's nothing wrong in my view with the texas swagger, with being aggressive, with going after the president's polices full steam ahead and
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not tip toeing around the issue of unemployment and economic growth and whatever the federal reserve is doing, because it does register to a degree, especially with the republican primary electorate. i think what the governor has to understand, and i think he probably does, is that he is now a national candidate for office, trying to represent all states in the union, not just texas, which has, like every state, its own political peculiarities, and so i think what's important for him to remember is if he's got the long ball in mind that once he gets past the republican primary, if he does, he's going to have to pivot a little bit to the center. and i think that if you look at his opening message and the model that his campaign has adopted, get america working again, he has the right idea in mind. and if you look at his history as governor, he has run campaign ads that focus on investment in education, investment in health care, and other bread and butter issues. i don't think it is beyond his talent to do that. but he's going to have to stay focused. and i think six, seven,
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eight months from now, if this is one of the few mistakes he has made like this, it won't matter, we won't remember it, it's only if it's a tren and it continues that it potentially becomes a problem. rick:rick -- rick: but isn't he going to have to stay true to what he is, david? authenticity is an attribute that i think voters from both parties are looking for when choosing a presidential candidate, they want to see somebody who is true to himself, so if he does pivot, perhaps not politically, but style-wise, could that be a problem for him potentially, if he tries to tone it down too much? >> well, rick, it's a good point, but that's why i said in my view, the texas swagger, the aggressiveness is fine, the conservatism fill off very is fine. what -- fill officly is fine -- philosophically is fine. these are the kind of things that matter to independent, people not associated with a party. i think it's just important for the governor to channel his conservative philosophy and conservative message in
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a way that will appeal to a national electorate, which is why i think that the theme he came out with saturday in his speech in south carolina and is pursuing which is get america working again, look, nobody is going to argue with that, so stay who you are, but -- but just be a little more choosey with how you express who you are. rick: bottom line, we heard from karl rove in the introduction, there have been other voices from the right who just don't seem to be entirely convinced that the field as it is right now is the right field. i mean, what are you hearing there? a couple of seconds left, david. are we going to see other people like a paul ryan or a chris christie jump in this thing? >> steve hayes had a great story on paul ryan's, consideration of the presidential race. my reporting says he's not going to get in, i don't think chris christie is going to get in, i think the field is probably set in terms of frontrunners but we've got a long way to go and a lot could happen, so we can't decide right now how this thing is going to look next spring. ik rick david drucker from roll call, good to talk to you, thank you very much. >> thank you.
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jenna: this fox news alert, a new warning about our security right here at home. the fbi is sounding the alarm about lone wolf terror attacks, this time following the massacre in norway. national correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on this. catherine, what else can you tell us about this bulletin? >> reporter: good morning. fox news obtained this bulletin by fbi and homeland security to law and -- local and state law enforcement, with what is called small arms operation. the six page document sent late yesterday set specific examples including a july incident where a u.s. soldier is plot to go attack fort hood with i.e.d.s and guns, found in the hotel was an article from al-qaeda on homemade bombs, also the attack in norway with a right wing extremeist, opening fire on a camp, killing five #, these are patterns homeland security says it is tracking. >> we are also seeing the rise in activities by
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individuals who are actually in the country, and they're acting by themselves. and that kind of attack is the most difficult to prevent because there's nothing to intercept. >> homeland security officials telling fox the bulletin or warning is not driven by new intelligence but the growing concern about these lone wolf operations, jenna. jenna: it's a good reminder at times that homeland security, the department, is a relatively new department over the last decade, the very first secretary of homeland security. she was pretty outspoken about lone wolf attacks. >> we know that two recent plots failed not because of good intelligence work but because of technical issues with the bombs. fox news has learned the underwear bomb planned to take -- down the flight christmas may -- day, umar
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farouk, the plot in times square failed because the bomb was not put together right. he had training in pakistan but a counterterrorism official says fox when he went to make the bomb at home he could not find the same ingredients. >> we have thwarted some attacks but quite candidly, we have to admit publicly that a few others are fortunately simply failed. >> the new bulletin warns these failures on christmas day and times square may actually increase the attractiveness and likelihood of simple attacks just using hand guns. jenna: and as you heard, luck is not a strategy. a good reminder. catherine, thank you. rick: coming up, the glamorous world of reality tv has been rocked by tragedy, the husbands of one of the real housewives of beverly hills found dead. what investigators are learning about russell
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armstrong's apparent suicide. jenna: and real questions about reality tv, is it going too far. plus the brand new app that could help find your child if he or she goes missing, just in time for school. rick: fox news is your election headquarters, keep it here for all things political and coming up, more on the surgeing candidacy of rick perry. one of the battles he will face is winning over supporters of the last texas governor to move into the white house. the two campaigns have not always been -- the two camps have not always been friendly. james rosen with a look at the two texas governors when we come back.
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rick: right now the world of reality tv taking a tragic real life turn, russell armstrong, the estranged husband of one of the real housewives of beverly hills has apparently taken his own life. julie banderas is working the breaking news desk for us. >> reporter: according to
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police in los angeles, russell armstrong hanged himself in a bedroom, and he did not leave behind a note. the estranged husband of real housewives of beverly hills star taylor armstrong reportedly had, quote, tremendous financial problems, according to his lawyer, and was, quote, extremely bummed out about his pending divorce. he had moved out of the family home after he realized things weren't going to work out with his wife months ago, he was staying with a family friend. taylor armstrong filed for divorce in july after six years of marriage. in her divorce filings, taylor alleged russell had been physically and verbally abusive for years. the divorce, however, was reportedly being handled amicably and the two were cooperating in coparenting their five-year-old daughter, an unnamed source told one publication the 40-year-old reality tv star had been up all night long and was hysterical over russell's death. a very tragic way for her to deal now with a child. she supposedly has not even
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told yet that her father is no longer with them. law enforcement forces have said no drugs or alcohol were found in the room where they found the fullcle clothed russell dead. an autopsy is pending. we'll have to wait to hear more perhaps if toxicology tests come back positive with anything. rick: a little too much reality for those folks. thanks, julie. >> sure. jenna: mobile parenting, how about that, there's actually an app for it, believe it or not. lots are sprouting up including a new one by the fbi that can help parents if a child goes missing but there are still questions about that. laura ingle in the new york city newsroom takes a closer look at this. >> reporter: any parent who has lost their child, even if just for a few minutes, knows the panic. the fbi hopes their app will provide instant information in the event of an emergency. parents can use the child i.d. app to create a full data base on their child that is kept only on their phone, and that information can be shown on the spot or
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e-mailed to the fbi. it includes a picture of their child, their physical descriptions, and distinguishing characteristics. the free app is only available for the i phone right now, but the fbi plans to expand it. >> it's very critical in the first few minutes and hours, often in these cases where there are missing children, to seek the help of authorities to help locate your child, and obviously, you want to arm them with the most information that you can to give you the best chances of trying to locate your child quickly. >> reporter: other mobile parenting apps include gps, include near parent which sets all virtual neighborhood of pre-arranged helpers for the child to call upon if they are in distress, i hound alerts parents when children have arrived at a location and family tracker informs parents of a child's members. privacy advocates, they're chiming in, they're saying that child tracking technology can be helpful but that any app that can access gps and personal data needs to be checked out.
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parents say they are cautiously embracing this technology. >> i think the benefits would outweigh the negatives. it depends upon if somebody gets ahold of your phone, probably a negative. but if you can get information to the fbi as soon as possible, the sooner the better. >> i think that's an excellent idea. i am not -- again, you have the fear that who else is going to be seeing this information, which hopefully the people that are developing it are putting all sorts of controls on it. >> reporter: there are a lot of controls, security experts say technology doesn't replace good parenting, of course, but these devices could help when you need it the most, jenna. jenna: an interesting idea i'm sure we'll hear more about, especially during school time. laura, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. rick: a fox news alert. word just into the forecasts newsroom about a foiled plot to blow up a school in tampa, florida, on the first day of classes which are obviously coming up just a couple of weeks from now. the police arresting a 17-year-old in tampa, they went into his house last night and they found a whole
8:20 am
lot of material there, a journal, materials to make a pipe bomb, including a fuel source. they found shrapnel, plastic tubing and some kind of timing and tubing device. again, this young man has been taken into custody and has been charged, he was apparently planning to blow up a bomb in his school on the first day of class. as we get more information on this, we'll bring it to you here on fox. jenna: what a story. in the meantime, we told you about this story yesterday, six days perched on top of a transmission tower, no one could get him down, not police, not firefighters. only one man. how he did it. we'll tell you, next. plus, new concerns about the bloody drug wars south of our border, mexican cartels are breaking up. it's actually not a good thing. it's ramping up some horrific violence, the latest chapter in the drug wars, just ahead.
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rick: more now on our fox news alert, police in tampa, florida, foiling what could have been a catastrophic plot to blow up a high school on the first day of classes. the police chief in tampa, chief jane caster is on the phone joining us now. tell us what you found at this young boy's house. >> well, we received information that he intended to target a couple of school administrators and students the first day of school, went to his house, got permission to search, and our bomb team found material used to construct pipe bombs, including fuel source, shrapnel, plastic tubing and timing and fusing devices. rick: who tipped you off, who gave you the information to go there? >> well, we're keeping the source confidential right now, but it was an
8:25 am
individual who had heard that this may be in the works, and called our 911 center, and our officers and detective in conjunction with the hillsborough county school system, investigated it -- we also found in his room a manifesto that gave basically a minute by minute schedule, timeline, of what he was going to do that first day of school. rick: this is a 17-year-old young man who had been expelled from the school, as i understand it. what was his motive here? did the manifesto explain why he would want to do something like this. >> it was targeted at a couple of administrators that he pretty much blamed for a lot of his problems that he had -- that he had been having, and even as far as the student casualties that he had planned, he just wanted to, you know, do something that was more spectacular than columbine. rick: are you satisfied he was the only one involved in
8:26 am
this, or do you have any reason to believe he may have been working with any other students or anybody else? >> no, we don't have any indication that there was anyone else involved, that he would have been acting alone, and you know, he indicated specifically in his manifesto it was all in the first person, and he indicated where he would be putting these explosive devices throughout the school. rick: well, good police work. congratulations on this. and thank goodness that that informant came forward to give you that information. the tampa police chief jane kassor. as we take a look, this is a picture that the police department has released to the media. there is someone in front taking a photograph, but that is the young man there, who is 17 years old. we're not going to tell you his name right now because he is a minor, but there he is, we appreciate the chief coming on and giving us an update on this situation out of tampa,.
8:27 am
in america's third war, and a warning about this, the details of this story are graphic and alarming, suspected drug traffickers, killing and mutilating a man and then leaving body parts around the popular resort destination of acapulco, the head discovered on y street and head and legs hanging on two bridges and taunting police there. also in mexico a new trend, murder for sport now, authorities say it's happening now and major drug cartels are actually getting busted up but the splinter groups that are coming up are smaller gangs, they're known for extreme violence, and that appears to be their trademark. michael braun is former chief of provisions for the u.s. drug enforcement situation and knows quite a bit about the situation in mexico. you say these splinter groups, yes, they're violent but seeing the splinter groups might show some success in our war against what's happening in mexico.
8:28 am
>> good morning, jenna. as hard as it may be to understand or to grasp what you just said, that's exactly the case. these splinter groups are further evidence that mexico 's antiorganized crime strategy is working, we saw the same thing in the country of colombia several years ago with the breakup of the old cali and medein cartels, sprinter -- splinter groups began to form but they're much more vulnerable to law enforcement and other security action. jenna: you mentioned colombia, what did we learn from that situation there that you think we should apply to what's happening in mexico as far as our involvement south of the border? >> reporter: well, there's a lot or learned by the successes. the many successes in colombia. as i said, the old cali and medein cartels are gone for all intents and purposes, and what we did in colombia, quite frankly, was we provided a couple of very
8:29 am
important things. first of all, funding or money. and we also provided a great deal of consultnessy orioo consultancy or advice on the part of our federal law enforcement, as well as our military and intelligence community. and when you couple those things, marry them with colombia national police and military and other security forces, it was really a match that proved to be very formidable and continues to result in many, many successes with respect to dismantling organized crime and not only organized crime but terrorist organizations like the farc in colombia. jenna: obviously we talk about drugs being at the center of what these gangs are doing. this report about these smaller gangs and the violence almost seems like they're competing to be the most violent and the most gruesome rather than maybe competing for the drugs. only speculating here, but
8:30 am
that's what this report is suggesting, that that's the competition. how do you combat that? if it's not good getting drugs off the street, if it's kind of about this status of who can be the most violent, what do you do? >> well, listen, you hit a couple of nails right on the head there. you can't -- and i'm not in any way trying to diminish the level of violence that is caused by these splinter groups. with that said, again, they are far more vulnerable to law enforcement and security forces because they simply are not as sophisticated organizationally or operationally as the major cartels are. they're more localized, as is the case with many of these groups, the nights templar, the mono conos, or hand with eye, they're more localized groups, they do not possess the transnational reach that the major cartels do. jenna: michael, it's going
8:31 am
to be something we'll continue to watch, especially with the elections, not only here in the united states but in mexico as well, with president calderon. michael, thank you very much. >> thank you. rick: with the tough talk and texas swagger, some are comparing rick perry to another famous texan, none other than former president george w. bush, and we'll separate fact from fiction, coming up. until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem." they gave me this pantene called bakage to strength. [ female announcer ] the keratin protection pro-v system helps prevent then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage, 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene.
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six days perched on the top of a transmay tower is recovering in a hospital. this was the scene in tulsa, oklahoma. the man refusing to come down from his post on top of that tower. he may still be up there if it wasn't for one man, a retired police negotiator. he went up there in the rescue bucket yesterday and was able to ko*ebg the man down after seven hours of talking to him, giving him water, and get this. he says becoming his friend. >> when we finally assured him that, you know, everybody down here was rooting for him, and that this was a day that he could win and we forgive him, and nobody was upset with him, and when he got down we'd take care of him and make sure he got help. jenna: seven hours of negotiating, six days of this man being on the tower. he said he didn't do it alone. he credited the fireworkers and rescue workers for having an endless supply of patience. rick: rick perry kicking off his
8:36 am
campaign with a fiery approach that reminds a lot of people of another lone star governor, george w. bush. is that comparison valid? >> reporter: governor perry has responded to the comparisons which has provoked controversy. a washington correspondent for the new yorker magazine tweeted yesterday and i quote, ebushies now with perches in the come even tear yeah. nate you silver tweeted yesterday afternoon, that key parts of the gop establishment seem to be sourig on perry quickly. there is a long history of collaboration and occasional tension between former president george w. burke and his family on the one hand and his
8:37 am
successor, the governor of texas on the other. perry said he has great respect for the bushes. he spoke with him on july 6th when perry called him to wish him happy birthday and get his advice for running for the presidency. he was caught on tape saying that bush 43 was never a fiscal conservative. perry's answer about the similarities between the two men posed by our own carl cameron elicited a response that has angered some bush advisers. >> they are not all carbon copies in texas. i tell people, i say one of the quick ways you tell the difference is he's a yale graduate i'm a texa texas a&m graduate. >> reporter: frato took to facebook to say the statements about ben bernanke were unacceptable. karl rove says it is not smart
8:38 am
politics strategically or tactically for perry to try to distance himself from george w. bush. >> look, it did not matter to george bush in 1998 that he went to yale and that perry went to a and m. he moved heaven and earth to get rick perry elected as his running mate. he made certain that his phone banks only called people that were for both men to get them out to vote. >> reporter: perhaps more important to perry are the sentiments of former bush campaign donors. it remains to be seen how effectively perry can tap the deep, deep texas wells. rick: james rosen in washington. thank you. jenna: our nations economic problems worse than expected. when it comes to resolving this crisis we have got it all wrong. he has a solution he's going to share it with us next. a jersey shore cast member
8:39 am
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. jenna: at the newsroom and from our control room starting off with syria, syria's deadly crack town on protestors is raging on today with troubles detaining activists. hillary clinton has a response to this violence. we'll keep you updated on the situation. british police are charging one thousand people in connection with the london riots. tougher sentences are being handed out. two men getting four years behind bars for organizing the violent protests. the new school year that is beginning in the tornado-ravaged city of joplin. students are holding classes inside a store. rick: retail eastern inks a big
8:43 am
indicator of the economy and a lot of them are coming out today. nicole is with the fox business network. she is on the floor of the stock exchange. what is standing out. >> reporter: i can tell you target is certainly a winner, that is a name that came out with good quarterly numbers, raised it's outlook. other names, staples, bj wholesale and abercrombie & fitch. a big looser is dell. dell has been a big disappointment. rick: abercrombie & fitch announcing something a little bit strange, right? >> reporter: absolutely, very, very strange. a lot of folks that are famous get paid for endorsements. they are saying to the jersey shore case, mike florintino, the situation and the rest of the cast we'll pay you not to pay our clothing because it doesn't go with their aspirational nature. it could cause significant
8:44 am
damage to their abercrombie & fitch image. rick: it had nothing to do with getting us to talk about abercrombie & fitch today on television. thank you, nicole, good to see you. jenna: you're still okay, you could still wear their clothes. okay. just checking. surprising comments from a prominent economist got our attention this week. the headline, fixing the economy, we got it all wrong. it's an "l.a. times" editorial that he wrote. he says the economic issues are worse than expected the solutions aren't worked, we need to start anew. the professor joins us now on the phone coming to us by way of vermont. this is not part of your economic strategies being in a place fro vermont so far from a studio you have to use a phone. >> i haven't thought about that. the place has been in the family for of 0 years. it's possible the fact that no studios were located within 40
8:45 am
or 50 miles says something about us. jenna: people joke about it but some say run for the hills, buy the can of food and everyone talks about that being his tear cal or some say that. people really have panicked about what has happened with the economy and you say that is for good reason, the economy is worse than expected. why? >> i think it's perfectly predictable. we had this dreadful collapse of the financial system really now three years ago, and the public response never came to grips witness. so that we are at a moment in expansion when you'd ordinarily expect private credit to be picking up, people to be borrowing again and they are not, they are deep underwater on their mortgages, the banking system wouldn't lend them even if they weren't, but we have a problem that was created three years ago that just hasn't been dealt with. jenna: can public response or public policy response ever truly solve a financial crisis,
8:46 am
or do the markets come back themselves? >> you have to restructure the system and that takes a longtime and a lot of effort. from the 30s to the 50s it took us 20 years to get us back to where we had a private banking system. jenna: we've done it before? >> yes we have, after the collapse in 1929. by the middle 1950s things were taking off again. but it was a longtime and inquired massive transformations. jenna: one of the things that's been talked about now is something called the national infrastructure bank. you mentioned it in your editorial and the president has mentioned it before. you also said you are not necessarily for more stimulus. sometimes an infrastructure bank and stimulus let's lumped together. talk to us why you think it might be a good idea for the country now. >> it's to enable projects to be funded on a continuous long-term basis, a stable basis. the idea behind a stimulus is you're spending on almost
8:47 am
anything over a number of years and hoping the economy will pick up as a result of the stimulus. those are two very different concepts even though they do overlap lat little bit. what kind of economy do we want to build over the next ten or 15 years and how do we get there. jenna: what do you think the economy looks like 10, 15 years from now. what do you think the united economy looks like, what does infrastructure look like, manufacturing look like. >> i think we'll see a lot less manufacturing inevitably, we have to have an economy that is built on services that serves human needs, that has a long of infrastructure, nonprofit activity and emphasis on education, health and culture. i think that is a very viable model going forward. it has to be built, it won't just emerge. jenna: thank you very much. we look to having you in the studio over the next couple of weeks. this is a conversation that is not going to go away. thank you for joining us.
8:48 am
>> my pleasure when i get back to civilization, i'll be happy to talk to you. rick: that was tv makes you smarter. jenna: i hope that is always the case. rick: that might be asking for a bit much, but i like that. it's not quite a tornado, it has a name, it's called a gustnado. we'll explain what it is. it can be just as dangerous as folks found out in indianapolis a couple of days ago. it may have been to blame for the deadly stage collapse. we'll have a look at the weather phenomenon coming up. the triple play, a great play in baseball one of the most rare and exciting things you'll see on a baseball diamond. there have been two of them and just hours apart from each other. we have the details coming up on this. with the 48-hour sale,
8:49 am
the possibilities are endless. interesting... save up to 50% this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart.
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8:52 am
rick: gustnado is a weather phenomena you probably have never heard of. it's being i'd as the cause of the deadly stage collapse at the indiana state fair. >> reporter: you say gustnado, i say gustnado, rick. rick: let's call the whole thing off. >> reporter: obviously this is a serious situation, but we do call it gustnado. it is a slang term, it's not in our glosserie our bible of terms. one meteorologist looks at that video and sees sort of a swirling around motion as the stage is about to collapse, and some flags changing direction,
8:53 am
and that kind of leads him to believe that it was a gustnado. now what is a gust? tkpwr*uis a gustnado? it's a low cloud that is around the cold front. it typically is short-lived, it typically lasts a few seconds to a few minutes. it's not a tornado. even though it's called a gustnado. some folks might be saying it's just like a tornado, it's not. the cloud remains near the surface and rarely comes in contact with the thunderstorm above it. so it actually forms ahead of the thunderstorm, that's the main difference. if you see a dust devil, very similar to that, folks across the great plains and the midwest and arizona you are familiar with the term gustnado, or a dust devil. that is really what this is. it isn't confirmed yet. noah has not come out and said this is a gustnado. this is one or two
8:54 am
meteorologists looking at the video and says it looks like it could be this weather phenomenon. we could see winds in excess of 60 or 70 miles per hour. certainly some of the wind reports that we received are well within that boundary. so obviously a tragic situation and they are going to continue to assess the damage and come up with what kind of weather tp phenomenon caused that stage collapse. rick: a sad story no matter how you pronounce it. >> on the ground to third base, lowry goes to first, goes to second are for two. jenna: if you didn't believe your eyes the boston red sox in a triple play, it was a rare 5, 4, 3, the first triple play in years. fortunately it didn't stop the rays from beating the red cox but wsox.
8:55 am
rick: woe, look at that. another one. jenna: they actually beat the dodgers. i guess they had a little luck there in a few different plays. rick: how cool is that. i'm a big baseball fan. any time, no matter who is playing. jenna: do you like the sox? rick: no, i'm a phillies fan. there actually have been three triple plays this season alone. it's a rare thing, kind of an inside-the-park home run, or a hole in one golf. one of the rare moments that bring so much excitement to the sport of baseball. jenna: the average per year, i happen to know these random facts, no one gives them to me, five, five per season. we just saw two. rick: you want to rattle off facts that you're not reading off of the teleprompter. jenna: it's going to come in handy. somewhere you'll thank us for that fact.
8:56 am
rick: a big time football program hit with a big scandal. pay foreplay, prostitutes, even an abortion. shocking details ahead. a major break in the case of an american woman missing in aruba. why investigators say that the man who is suspected for being responsible for her disappearance may have taken out an insurance policy on her for the trip. we'll have that coming up. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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8:59 am
rick: fox news alert authorities in florida just saying that they have averted what could have been a catastrophic mass killing at a high school in tampa. band band is following the latest. >> reporter: that's right, rick, we are learning more about the expelled student police say is behind a catastrophic plot to blow up a school in tampa, florida on the first day of classes on august 23rd and exactly what he planned. the 17-year-old expelled student
9:00 am
intended to plant a tee vice at freedom high school. we are not naming this kid's name. but he did plan on killing 32 people including two principals at his former school. after receiving a tip yesterday police obtained a search warrant of the teen's home. last night investigators found a journal with materials to make pipe bombs as well, including a fuel source, shrapnel, plastic tubing and timing and fusing devices. they found a marijuana growing operation. the department's bomb experts did study the materials allegedly found in the teen's bedroom. they say the devices could have caused serious injuries. fortunately that tipster who they are not naming came through just in time, rick. rick: thankfully is right. banjulie banderas, thanks. >> reporter: sure. jenna: president obama's campaign machine using the tea party as a wedge in the race for the white house.
9:01 am
again, some say that, not everybody though. hi, everybody, we are glad you are with us. i'm jenna lee. rick: i'm rick folbaum. they are linking all republicans running to the tea party. rick perry, ron paul in new hampshire today an early and critical state. jenna: we are awaiting the arrival of the president. he is holding a town hall meeting and will wrap-up a three-day bus tour. on the road with the presidented henry. the president bought ice creme for everyone, did you get some? >> no i was actually working hard doing live shots. maybe today i'll get some ice cream. i'm working hard. the bottom line is the president today will be talking a little bit more trying to flesh out that new jobs plan we are hearing about this morning, aids saying that right after labor day we should expect the president to put out what they
9:02 am
are saying and they are billing as a major economic speech, two pieces to it, a jobs plan as well as a deficit reduction. he's going to challenge the shaouper committee on capitol hill to go beyond the $1.5 trillion in deficit cuts that are already supposed to be on the table. the president giving a little preview of all of this to our affiliate in an interview about what he is planning to push congress on. >> if we get that under control we can actually pay for some additional job programs in the here and now. and it's that kind of combination that i want to be able to present to congress when they come back. >> reporter: now the challenge for the president is if it sounds familiar that he's having a major economic speech, that's because it is familiar. he does this every few months. the white house bills a major economic address with a plan, proposal. the spokesman for john boehner saying, quote, we really don't need another speech, seriously just drop it in the mail, podium
9:03 am
not required. thanks. a lot of democrats responding on twitter saying this is disrespectful to the president, but the t-t's communications director himself sweeting that people should wait for the details, give the president a chance here, because he's obviously facing a lot of pressure on the jobs issue as he heeds into his re-election. jenna: this is going to be the first election where twitter is really going to be used. >> reporter: the twitter wars. jenna: absolutely. ed henry thank you. rick: in aruba the military is going to help search for an american woman missing and feared dead. robyn gardner of maryland disappeared two weeks ago while on vacation with a man she had recently met online. fox news confirming the suspect in the case took out a life insurance policy just days before this trip. steve harrigan is live from our miami bureau. steve, what new details are we learning about this one suspect in this case and a possible motive here? >> reporter: 50-year-old gary
9:04 am
giordano was the companion on this trip, fox news has confirmed with a rube yan officials. he did take out an insurance poly see before the trip. abc is calling it an accidental death insurance policy worth $1.5 million. we are learning a lot more about gee's past in maryland. he has a long history with run ins with the law. numerous cases of stalking and domestic violence in addition to charges from exgirlfriends that he secretly videotaped sexual encounters of them and posted pornographic images of those encounters on the internet. rick: what about the woman, robyn gardner and the search for her, what is the latest. >> reporter: 15 days ago now, dutch authorities are saying that she is presumed to be dead. there will be a major push later this week by a rube yan police as well as possibly the military and f.b.i. will also be involved with blood hounds. they will focus the search on the southern part of the island
9:05 am
where the couple was last seen together at a dive shop. they will push hard to try and find any signs of her body. as for giordano he remains in police custody at this time. he hasn't been officially charged, but a rube yan officials say they will be detained for at least another 16 days because of what they call serious inconsistencies in his story. rick: live for us in i miami with the latest. thanks. jenna: the university of miami and the college sports world rocked by allegations of a widespread scandal. a convicted ponzi schemer saying he showered 70 players with lavish gifts, parties,. juliet: . we have a reporter from yeah who sports. hyahoo sports. this is a big investigation. you did an 11-month skegs with this ponzi schemer.
9:06 am
any indication that anyone knew that he was doing this with the players? did the university of miami know? >> well clearly there were coaches that were engaged in this. devin shapiro the ponzi schemer who you mentioned, he named six coaches who were actually involved in some of the things that he was doing. then there was actually now sort of an infamous incident where he attempted to fight the head of compliance at the university of miami. the question that is developing pretty quickly is how much did miami know and why did they not take steps to cut off his access to the program. jenna: we have a statement that i want to put up straight away from the university of miami. they say they didn't have access to devin shapiro. this is their most recent statement ... again, they say they don't have access to questioning him. some say this guy is in prison
9:07 am
he has an axe to grind do you think that is the case. >> absolutely. i don't think he's hidden from that. one of the reasons he's doing it he feels he was left out in the cold not only by athletes that he took care of at the university of miami. in some way he felt the university turned its back on him after he contributed a lot of money as a booster. i don't think he has every denied that at least some level he has an axe to grind. jenna: night clubs, jewelry, some say -- you report, prostitutes on his yacht. cash, he also paid for an abortion of a stripper that one of the players was involved with, charles? >> yeah, the benefits i guess if you want to call them that, they stretched far and wide, and yes, there was even one fairly outlandish benefit that was an abortion that he paid for after a stripper became pregnant, he
9:08 am
paid for a player to have sex with the stripper, she became pregnant and he took care of the abortion after that. jenna: some will hear this story and say this happens all the time in college sports. this is part of the game. you obviously cover sports, and you've done an ebgts tensiv extensive investigation here. is this happening other places? >> i think there may be other people like that out there that exist. i don't think you can say that is something common, at least not on the level of this man. history will look at him and judge him to be one of the most notorious boosters in history. jenna: what happens next? are some of the players still on the team? are some of the coaches still there? and, again we don't even know if these allegations are true. you've double and triple sourced some of the information, you also say sometimes you weren't able to. what do you think is next in this story? >> well, devin shapiro -- there
9:09 am
are 12 players on the university of miami roster, we were able to corroborate they had received some sort of benefit from him. the first order of business will be what will the university and the ncaa, what will they do, what can they find regarding the 12 players and take some sort of action before the season starts. beyond that this is going to be a lengthy, widespread and very deep investigation on behalf of the ncaa, possibly one of the biggest investigations in the history of the institution. >> do you think it could bring down the program? >> i think it has potential to be as damaging to miami as, you know, any college sports investigation that we've seen the ncaa engage in really since 25 years ago. obviously that resulted in the death penalty. i tend to believe that this won't. i don't think the ncaa will ever use the death penalty again, but this will probably -- this could potentially come as close as anything we've seen in the last
9:10 am
25 years. jenna: the death penalty, no football ever again. charles, what a story, what an investigation. thanks for coming on and telling us a little bit about this reporting. we'll continue to follow the story. as you mentioned we're only a couple of weeks away from the start of football. rick: one of the largest college sports in the country. i would urge people to check out that report. 15 detectives working on the case. what are they learning about two deaths connected to the san diego mansion of a pharmaceutical company ceo? this was his girlfriend. and you may recall this story. it was in the headlines, then it sort of dropped off. we wanted to go back and resist it and find out what more we know about this woman whose body was found hanging naked from a balcony just before the ceo's son died from injuries that he suffered in a fall down a stairway in that same home. why aren't police talking any more? also, a plot involving an upcoming visit by pope benedict
9:11 am
the 1 16 16. >> reporter: you get to be part of our producing behind the scene here. we have three videos you can choose from. let's go to the web wall, one out of australia one of my personal favorites, a man loses his license for drink-driving on a motorized beer cooler. you'll have to click on the story. i'm not going to give it away, it's quite interesting. let us know if that is your favorite one. video of two teenage boys found dangling off of a cliff in california. the incredible video. you'll have to go on the website to check it out. also a blissful marriage in atlanta, georgia, very high up in the air. 17th street bridge is where the couple decided to tie the knot and say their i dos. is that your favorite must-see moment? we're going to give it away after the break.
9:12 am
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jenna: a possible attack avert averted. a chemistry student arrested for possibly planning a gas attack on the pope's visit. greg burke has this live from rome. >> reporter: every couple of years the pope organizes something called world youth day in a different city. this year it is in madrid. this world's youth day is shaping up a little differently than other ones. one because of a protest this evening, 5,000 people expected. protests against the high cost of the trip. the second thing the arrest of a 24-year-old mexican man apparently arrested because he wanted to break up this protest with some sort of chemical or gas attack. a little excitement before the pope even arrives tomorrow. it looks like the police did not say they actually recovered any memorandum kals, but that the man was making threats online and they are obviously very
9:16 am
careful about these things. the young people are there in madrid to pray, to go to confession, that's what the organizer is saying, not making much of the protests. there is some debate about the actual cost to the government, and that is because spain is one of the countries in europe right now with highest unemployment and especially among young people. so a certain different debate in this world youth day. it may be called world youth day but the man they are coming to see is no longer very young. benedict the mdclxxxiv. he'll be arriving and staying through sunday. everybody thought because of his age he wouldn't be traveling too much. this is now his 20th foreign trip. we'll be there to cover it for you. jenna: thank you very much. rick: we wanted to update you now on the mysterious deaths of a young woman and a 6-year-old boy at a mansion in san diego last month, near san diego. police will not release the results of an autopsy on
9:17 am
32-year-old rebecca nalepa. she was the girlfriend of pharmaceutical ceo john shacknai. her nude body was discovered bound and hanging from a balcony on the mansion property. just days earlier shacknai's six-year-old son suffered critical injuries when he fell down a stairwell in the same home. he -pblded up dying a few days after nalepa body was found. we have the have thed do tore of the coronado patch. we called the police for an update, they didn't really want to talk to us. i know you've been poking around as well. what is the latest. >> authorities have really locked the case down. there is still no cause of death that has been announced, much lessen a formal declaration that the case is a criminal matter. detectives called the case bizarre from the very beginning, though and if they say that that certainly attracts attention.
9:18 am
because detectives have seen a lot. i spoke to detectives yesterday and they say it is unlikely there will be any word this week. if it carries into next week it's a month and a half since rebecca's death. rick: has anyone told you whether or not they believe this death to be a suicide? what is the thinking? >> well, i think that has fallen more and more by the wayside, but there still hasn't been any formal declaration dismissing that as a possibility. detectives have called this a very suspicious death and i think you can read the tea leaves by them calling it very suspicious. rick: the jonah shackna brother of jonah shacknai called the police and found the body. what is known about him. >> there is not much known about
9:19 am
him. he came into town because ever the injuries to the boy. he appears to be the only one who can say that she was actually found hanging. i know that the detectives did not see her that way. she had been cut down by the time they arrived. rick: we just showed a picture of that young boy who as we mentioned had fallen and seriously injured himself, and then ended up dying a couple of days later after nalepa body was found. do police think that there is some kind of a relation between these two deaths? >> detectives have said they are looking at every possibility. initially they said they did not think the incidents were connected, but more recently they have said that just because of the close proximity of the incidents that they are looking at possible connections. we did finally hear from jonah shacknai last week, though. he happened to speak out during an earnings call with other executives from his
9:20 am
pharmaceutical company. it was the first time publicly, outside of issuing statements he permanently thanked shareholders and employees who had offered sympathies for his family's losses. and he said he expected to be back to work soon. he is conveying the message that he isn't the focus of the case or that even a crime was committed. rick: i know from your reporting that he has a history with thinks two exwives, sometimes sort of a rocky marriage that had at times turned violence. >> yes there have been reports with police in arizona, particularly with his second wife, that there had been issues, confrontations,. rick: this is one of his exwives shown on the screen there and her injuries. i didn't mean to interrupt you, go ahead. >> the woman he had particular confrontations with was the mother of the child who died. they ended up getting divorced and there were never any charges
9:21 am
filed but there were accusations exchanged between both of them of violence. rick: well, this is a story that we want to stay on top of and follow along as the police hopefully close in on a suspect and make an arrest in this. we want to to thank general tpher vigil thjennifer, the editor of the coronado patch for joining us on the telephone. jenna: during the last election president obama ran on the message of change. take a lesson. >> we are six days away from bringing about change in america. at this defining moment in history, you can give this country the change that we need. jenna: wel will that message work this time around? we are beginning to get some themes for the 2012 election. nor just ahead. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
9:22 am
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jenna: the federal reserve, our central bank finding itself in the middle of campaign politics now. ron paul is asking for the end of the fed he has done this for years now. texas governor rick perry launching a fresh attack on the central bank, this time demanding more transparency. the central bank is supposed to be apolitical. what is the risk here, the risk to all of us for the fed being the hot topic of 2012. we wanted to talk with charles payne. author of be smart, act fast, get rich, is that right. >> yes. jenna: what do you think about that. central bank is supposed to be a political, now it's part of the election. >> it is part of the election. the election is all about the economy. of course the federal reserve plays an amazing role with respect to what our economy is. in this particular instance i think what rick perry was saying is two things, a, your actions are devaling the dollar. the weaker the dollar gets ultimately the weaker we become,
9:26 am
the less prestigious we are and in fact you're harming us as a country. another side element to this is a lot of people blame greenspan for tight monetary policies when george h. w. was trying to be reelected. remember how popular he was, and that popularity went away. there was always and a month and monthanimosity. even though it's supposedly a political there is no doubt that the white house coordinates policy with the fed and vice versa. jenna: that being the case, what is the best for the country, though? because you start to hear when someone gets elected they are going to disband the fed and take away the central bank that has been around for decades now. does that need to be a part of what voters are really voting on at this moment in our economy? >> i think it plays a real critical role. they are the ones who print money.
9:27 am
they are the ones -- the value of your dollar has gone down dramatically over the last several decades is your point. and at some point, you know, you won't say it's worth less but at some point it raises red flags, jenna. if you do in fact care about that, if you care about the overall economy you have to care about the fed. i think the idea of them being more transparent is absolutely essential. jenna: what is the risk to having a fed that is more transparent? we see new regulation coming in that is pulling back some of the powers. things are actually changing already with the role of the fed. what is the risk to the average person out there to see such tur turmoil at that level in government right now. >> ultimately the risk is the fed is being pushed around, being made to do something that may not be in the interest of the general public, and, you know, so that is the ultimate risk. but also a lot of people just think that the fed itself, you know, again, it's this big giant entity that has a printing press and every time they print
9:28 am
dollars, the more dollars that are out there the less valuable the dollars in your pocket become. jenna: they say they are doing that for a real reason in the economy, being to make sure that credit doesn't freeze up, that was certainly part of the plan at least according to them to make sure that the credit crisis comes and goes. >> unfortunately the only people who seem to have benefitted from their grand plan have been banks. most people watching this show can't say that they can get a loan easier now than they did before. the fact of the matter is they are talking about maybe even trying this again, pumping more money into the economy. besides banks, the stock market but we see housing prices continuing to collapse, we see business starts at an all time low. everywhere you would look for all of this free flowing cash to have an impact to regular people it just hasn't materialized yet. jenna: it must be interesting to see that printing press. >> it's probably bigger than that building. that is some serious power to print billions of dollars, trillions of dollars out of thin air. jenna: it's something that is happening right now. we'll see if it continues, because it's going to be as you
9:29 am
mention -- >> perry is not backing down. get used to it. jenna: we'll see if he changes his tune. >> all right. jenna: we have a while before the election. charles, thank you very much. rick. rick: thanks, jenna. coming up a new report revealing the pull full extent of a botched sting operation. dozens of guns gone missing now allegedly found at violent crime scenes in the u.s. the latest on that. plus new questions over the president's re-election strategy in 2008 he promised change but critics say he didn't deliver. so what will he run on in 2012? a fair & balanced debate coming up next.
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
jenna: some breaking news in a report revealing brand new evidence that weapons from the botched sting operation of the atf, known as fast and furious, ended up being used in at least 11 violent crimes right here inside our country. william la jeunesse live in los angeles with more on this. william? >> reporter: jenna, not only that, just moments ago we received a letter from senator charles grassley and congressman darrell issa accusing attorney general holder playing quote, word games and lack of candor and cooperation tries to stop the bloodleting in this scandal. here is what the letter says. basically there's a document are with the attorney general lays out a strategy for damage control. number one, saying, actually go right down to that right now. that's a part of it. he is saying currently our
9:34 am
strategy, this is coming from a briefing paper. currently our strategy is to allow the transfer of firearms to continue to take place in order to further the investigation and allow for the identification of additional coconspirators who continue to operate and illegally traffic firearms to mexican drug trafficking organizations. now in classic doublespeak the attorney general goes on to say the phrase, quote to allow the trens fer of firearms to continue should not be construed to suggest that the atf condoned or sanctioned the suspected firearms trafficking activity. the doj also admits to those 11 additional crimes being performed with fast and furious guns. key here, jenna that these are violent crimes, number one. number two that they happened in the united states. as you know up until now we only know of three cases where fast and furious guns were used. that is the murder of brian terry, a basically a
9:35 am
massacre in sonora and also torture and murder after lawyer down in chihuahua. now we have the doj admitting that these guns were used in 11 additional violent crimes. now, senator grassley and congressman issa are saying, we want to know the specifics. of. where those guns were found, what cities and how they were used and we know that the atf knows that information. they're not sharing it which is part of the frustration on the part of the congressman and also the senator. and what i was going to talk to you earlier is that basically the doj in this document lays out a strategy for continuing -- containing this controversy, if you will. number one it was up to the u.s. attorney in arizona. it was his fault. they're not giving any names or dates of anyone in washington who knew of this operation. finally there is this rule within the atf manual allows them to transfer, to witness a transfer of a gun from a
9:36 am
bad guy to another bad guy. they're saying based on that, fast and furious was possible. but critics will say wait a minute. that was supposed to be a one example, not 2500. jenna, back to you. >> still so many questions about this case and what happened with those guns and what they were used for. william, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. >> if you are ready for change, we can create a brighter energy future in america! it is time for us to change america! and that's why i'm running for president of the united states. we are six day is a day way from bringing about change in america. at this defining moment in history you can give this country the change that we need. rick: so that was candidate obama promising change before his election in 2008. now that he is pushing for a
9:37 am
second term, what is he going to be running on? we're starting to get a picture of that perhaps. rick tyler, is former spokesman for republican presidential candidate for newt gingrich. josh block was spokesman for clinton-gore and gore-lieberman presidential campaigns. josh, let me start with you. the president talking a lot more about change this time around he could talk himself out of a job. >> we're talking about change in the state. economy. we're in a desperate situation. no quote about it. he is out on the bus trip i think to get a feel for how americans are sensing their personal situations. there is no question that he needs to connect with folks. that is what he is doing. there is specific things president is talking about on the trip. green energy. he was at johnson controls on monday. they employ thousands of people and buy supplies from thousands of people all over the country. hybrid energy plant today. town hall meetings. so it is important for him to get out there and talk to folks and express himself. rick: rick, what do you make of the announcement from the white house today that the president is getting set to
9:38 am
announce major new proposals when it comes to the economy, the debt and also jobs? he will not do it until after labor day. >> i don't understand that. i mean we need a plan now. we needed a plan from this president for a long time. the private sector needs some assurances that things are going to get better and that there -- look, we talk about ben bernanke in earlier segment, printing millions, trillions of dollars. but the fact is companies are sitting on trillions of dollars. it is not that there is not money available. not that there is not labor pool available. there is uncertainty in the economy and toxic environment for the economy. the president should run on the theme change it back. he goes on this bus tour -- by the way the bus $1.2 million, apparently made in canada. not a good message to be sending. he is essentially campaigning in states like iowa which has good republican governor where the unemployment rate is 6.2%, unlike the national
9:39 am
average. 9.1%. in minnesota where unemployment is 7.1%. why not in michigan for unemployment is 10% or in detroit? they need hope now. he is going to places people are doing just fine. doesn't make sense he is worried about perhaps a political rival? rick: josh, technically the white house would say these are not campaign stops. the president wasn't campaigning on this bus trip the last couple of days. but one of the things that we've sort of has been leaked that the president is going to talk about when he does announce whatever this plan is that he will talk about tax cuts. what do you think about this president proposing new tax cuts, especially at a time when so many in his party would like to raise taxes on certain people in this country? >> well, as a pro-growth democrat there are opportunities there to streamline the tax code and make sure that folks are keeping as much as possible. and that the government is fully funded. we can have programs like head start and unemployment
9:40 am
insurance and kinds of things, payroll tax reductions. at the same time we need to be providing job training and kinds of programs that can help people move from one job to another in the economy in economy that continues to evolve. right kind of targeting incentives to companies bring to market the kind of products that bring new jobs to america. the green economy is example of that. the president was on the trip companies who exist he saved auto industry. they buy parts from these companies to make the next generation of cars. the president needs to be out there and talk about opportunities. rick: rick, last word. just a couple seconds please. >> i think, the car industry recovered finally from clunkers for cash. but i think this president has an ideological opposition to wealth creation. what margaret thatcher said famously, he would rather see the poor get poorer than any successful person become more successful. it is not hard to create job. barack obama is idealogical unfit to embrace the policies that create jobs.
9:41 am
we know how to create jobs. it is not difficult. lower taxes, get burden off private sector. put people back to work. rick: josh, i know you want to jump in. i hear you we're out of time. we'll have you both back because this is debate just getting started. thanks very much, josh block and rick tyler. >> thank you. jenna: we've seen a lot of partisan bickering coming out of washington lately is probably a bit of an understatement but local levels politicians manage to put politics aside for greater good of their community. it is producing some result, big results in fact in places like greenville, south caroline. jonathan serrie looking at this story live from atlanta. john that? >> reporter: jenna it appears to be a bipartisan combination of fiscal conservatism and strategic government spending keeping greenville's economy moving forward even during the recession. this summer while the federal government was mired in bipartisan brinkmanship, standard & poor's upgraded the city of greenville's
9:42 am
bond rating to aaa. >> the council has for a long time worked together in nonpartisan way to get things done. we're very goal oriented. we try to stick to workmanship making things happened here. we're focused on economic development. >> reporter: republican mayor, knox white said the city spent $13 until to create downtown park surrounding a natural water fall. that attracted $150 million in private investments over the next two years. >> i don't think the government tries so much to influence what is done as much as they try to help those things that the go in the right direction. >> reporter: that unified economic vision crosses party lines according to city council woman jill littlejohn, a democrat. >> we don't worry about the political lines or the biggest developer. we look at what is best for residents we have here within the city. >> reporter: whether between the public second or the private sector or democrats and republicans participations appear to work for the city of
9:43 am
greenville, south carolina. jenna. jenna: good reminder it is possible at all. >> reporter: thank you very much. rick: look at this. this has got to be the picture of the day. how did this dump end up sticking out the side of the building? and what happened to the driver? we'll tell you. how does your television watching affect your health? jenna: you feel great. rick: i feel great. i've been watching a little tv. the coming up a doctor will talk about a brand new study that is out, too much television watching can shorten your life. get out. jenna: no.
9:44 am
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9:46 am
>> hey, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the president is out again talking about the jobs
9:47 am
crisis in this country yet we still have to wait until september to see how he plans to fix it. more and more unemployed americans are asking why? also velma heart, remember her? she told president obama a month ago that she was exhausted from defending him still does not have a permanent job. she is live how she feels about the president's plan. the husband to one of the real housewives of beverly hills hangs himself. reportedly distraught in part how he was portrayed in the show. his lawyer joins us live with that story. plus rick perry taking more heat today over his bernanke comments. we'll update you. see you at top of the 1:00. jenna: you know it will be a good segment when a doc shows up with one of these on set. this is a prop. beware of television. could it be true? a new study claims watching too much tv can be as dangerous as smoking, rick? rick: there is a new report says every hour of television you watch shortens your life by 22
9:48 am
minutes. jenna: come on. >> we have the senior attending physician of emergency medicine at st. barn bass hospital. >> thanks for having me. rick: thanks for bringing the props. i have a brain. i do have a brain. a couple actually. we hear studies all the time that purport to you know, teach you one thing or another. this though seems to be the most ridiculous study i ever heard. >> part of the problem it is tough to measure a lot of the variables that they want to prove or show to the public in this type of study. it is very difficult to measure them. common sense would tell us that sedentary activity, such as sitting in front of a television all day can increase, certain health disorders, diabetes, obesity, hypertension. that will eventually shorten our lives. rick: sure. why just television? what about knitting a sweater? that is sedentary. jenna: what have you got against 19ers? rick: nothing. that is my point. >> great point. knitting a sweater using
9:49 am
more energy and doing activity of knitting a sweater. television has been shown to decrease the metabolic rate significantly coupled with advertising on television which is teasing you sometimes telling you -- get a burger or french fries. usually high calorie load, high fat foods which you don't need to be eating while sitting or lying down on the couch. jenna: where do you get the 22 minutes? where you take off the 22 minutes of your life? >> that per hour. that is one study. you can't look at one study. jenna: what happens if i'm running on treadmill watching tv? >> that is one of the suggestions i brought up. some work environments have treadmills at work stations for individuals to burn more calories while you're working. >> we were talking about this. does it matter what kind of television you watch? for example, if you watch "national geographic" or the news, is that better than so-called trash television? does it matter the content, the content as far as brain stimulation or something
9:50 am
like that? >> i would have to say the content should matter because some television would start would increase heart rate, blood pressure and keep your resting metabolic rate up high. that has not been studied or accurately identified. one of the important things we need to know, when you're here in the studio, you're not just sitting in front of a tv screen all day, you're getting up and walking around. when you're home you tend to be lying down or reclining and you don't move as much unless you have small kids. rick: lots of people in the building, doc, if this were the case we would have been dead a long time ago. jenna: are we accessories to shortening people's lives? >> moderation is key to everything. moderation. increase your exercise. rick: thanks for coming in. >> appreciate it. rick: we'll be right back
9:51 am
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9:53 am
rick: a new decision by the
9:54 am
obama administration may be obstructing the effort for energy independence and blocking the creation of new jobs. the feds choosing flowers over oil. alicia acuna is live in denver with more on this story. alicia? >> reporter: hi, rick. the u.s. fish and wildlife service recently designated three flowers in colorado as threatened or endangered. the problem, two out of three flowers only grow in areas rich in oil and gas. the listing of the three flowers, the concerns the oil and gas industry which says this new regulation will slow job growth. on top of that, federal government is proposing more than 54,000 acres be deemed critical habitat for the flowers. if that is granted, means no exploration or drilling. the western energy alliance, an organization representing oil and gas says environmental groups often push for endangered classification where these natural resources are prevalent. it also questions the science. accusing the federal
9:55 am
government of using unpublished studies in nonpeer reviewed literature for its conclusions. we asked u.s. fish and wildlife about that. they deny it. they say they use a variety of sources. one thing environmentalists and industry can agree on, rick, once a plant or animal is makes it on to endangered species list it is i'm impossible to get it off. back to you. rick: alicia acuna live for us. thank you and we'll be right back. [ groans ] you okay?
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rick: we asked to you weigh in on the must-see moment of the day. what did everybody pick. >> reporter: drink driving. they have moat rised cars, it is opted by a motor, that's why he was considered drunk while driving. he was selling beer, he was sampling some of his goods. his license has been suspended for nine months. rick: the beer didn't make the
9:59 am
fuel. >> reporter: no, no, no he's sitting on the bill and the beer is in the cooler. i don't think he was drunk in that video. he was drinking and driving beer. rick: you two would look cute on the back of that thing. >> reporter: you should see this guy after a couple of beers. jenna: a maryland mystery is solved. they saw an animal hanging around, the face of a deer, looked like a rabbit. they found out it was a fox with a severe skin disease. so there was an odd looking animal but it's just a fox. >> reporter: it looks nothing like a fox. megyn: fox news alert press will give a major speech on a new


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