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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 17, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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leaking specifics. we have details and brand-new reaction coming in as we await the president's remarks at a town hall in illinois. welcome to "america live." i'm megyn kelly. president obama's three-day bus tour making its final stop in atkinson, illinois today. as we await the comments we are getting a preview of the president's expected job plan and its line of attack. the white house revealing there will be two plans, one that will create jobs they say and one that will attempt to cut the staggering national debt. chris stirewalt is the fox news digital politics editor and with me now. president obama is getting a lot of heat saying he's got the plan but won't even veil it until september. now we get details leaked. >> reporter: the pressure is on, going for a cliff hanging ending on this jobs issue is not the way he wanted to go into the vacation.
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it probably sounded good to go out on the campaign trail, look good, talk tough before he goes on vacation to a posh place, martha sraps vineyard. what he's done is people are saying if you know how to put people back to work why don't you tell us, please. cliff hanging is not the way to go for the president. he's got to start leaking a little out there to soothe that a little bit. megyn: what we've heard him say at the events so far is extend the payroll tax cut that was signed into law a few months ago, focus more on free trade. spend more on infrastructure, roads and bridges, which he's already spent a lot on. is it something different from that? does he have another quiver to share with us. >> reporter: we don't know. we don't know whether his goal is to politically attack his republican opponents. he's out trying to go toe to toe with rick perry in the midwest and do all that stuff. we don't know whether he's trying to make a political point
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here, or he wants something that can pass through a divided congress. we won't know until we see the actual plan whether it's stuff that is unlikely to pass or things that have a chance. what we are going to see is the infrastructure will be there, the new spending will be there, a mini stimulus like we had in 2009, his first plan. megyn: we see the president coming out. he'll say his introductions. before we get to him on the substance let me ask you quickly about part b, he is going to focus on debt reduction. he's taken a lot of criticism for not taking the helm on that issue to date. reporter: the point that the republicans will continue to make against him is you didn't have a plan before, you let us stagger through this debt ceiling thing. you didn't come out with your own policy, now you're coming to the table and it's too late, and congress is too divided. so unless the president wants to
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make a big bid on reforming entitlement programs like social security and medicare he's going to find a pretty hostile audience on the hill. megyn: what are the odds of that. >> reporter: i put about two in ten, because they really, democrats do not want to sacrifice the entitlement issue going forward. they may talk about it a little bit, nibble around the edges, but i think grand bargain will be hard to achieve these days. megyn: we'll take you to the president. he's saying hello. you don't need to hear that. we'll get to the meat when he starts talking. we won't hear all the details about his jobs plan until september. we went back and checked on the president's stimulus plan the one that was supposed to get unemployment down to around 7.5% at this point in time. the debate happened in january, february of 09. by now we were supposed to be around 7% unemployment. the stimulus plan, as of
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august 5th the plan has paid $668 billion of the 830 billion designated. that equals 889 days averages out to $743 million spent every day since 2009. and $30 million spent per hour. unemployment last month was at 9.1%. it was not at 7.5%. when the president signed the bill it was actually at 8.2%. let's listen to the president now on what -- we expect this to some economic and job focus. and we'll see if we can learn more details on what he plans to do for the economy between now and september. >> where is lisa? is that lisa? because secret service had to shut down the road and do all this stuff i know some of you haven't been able to enjoy her outstanding food. as a consequence my staff has been, i think, trying to eat up
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as much as possible. my understanding is i've got a pie coming, is that correct? what kind of pie? coconut cream and a cinnamon roll. i'm very excited about that. coconut cream is one of my favorite pies. megyn: clearly we went to him too early. do we care about the pie? oh, wait, substantive remarks. stand by. >> now, it is absolutely terrific to be back home. megyn: here we go, let's listen to the president. >> i want to first of all say to so many of you, i had a chance when i was still running for the united states senate, and a lot of people did not know my name. this young lady, she's got like a picture -- i won't sign it?
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of course i will. [applause] >> and so as we've been traveling through the back roads of iowa, and now illinois, it is such a reminder of why i decided to get involved in public service in the first place. you know, we've obviously been going through a tough time over these last two and a half years, and we went through the worst recession since the great depression. we saw 8 million jobs lost, 4 million before i took office and then another 4 million the first few months of 2009. a lot of small businesses got hit, and so, you know, i think a lot of times there have been folks who said -- who wonder whether our best days are still ahead of us, or are they behind us? but i will tell you, when i travel through down state illinois, when i travel through
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iowa, when i traveled through the midwest i am absolutely confident about this country. and the reason is because of you. the reason is because of the american people, because as tough a time as we've had, there is not a country on earth that would not readily change places with us right now. [applause] >> we have still got the best workers in the world, the best entrepreneurs in the world, the best scientists, the best universities. we have so much going for us, and you see it at a company like this one. i was talking to the wiffle brothers and they are telling me they are now expanding. they've hired some new folks, they are starting to go into new markets around this region. so we've got so much going for
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us, there is nothing wrong with our country right now. there is something wrong with our politics. there is something wrong with our politics. [applause] >> when you look at this debacle we had with the debt ceiling and raising it, what you realize, is that our politics, engaging in partisan bring brinksmanship, and potentially seeing the first default of the united states of america, that that has no place in how we move forward together. when this country is operating off a common ground nobody can stop us. but when we're divided, and we end having a whole lot of
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self-inflicted problems. the fact of the matter is the economy has got even better than it was when i first took office. we've seen over the last 17 months over 2 million private sector jobs created. but everybody here knows we still have a long way to go, and it is urgent for us to make sure that we are joining together and not thinking about party first, not thinking about elections first, but thinking about country first. that's the message that we need to send to washington. [applause] >> there are some things that we could be doing right now to put our neighbors and our friends, some family members back to work. and over the last not just two days, but over the last several weeks i've been talking about some additional things we need to do. there is no reason why we should not extend a payroll tax cut
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that put a thousand dollars into the pockets of every single-family out there. that means they've got more money to spend, that means businesses have more customers, that means the economy grows and more people get hired. and we could renew it right now to give businesses certainty that they are going to have customers, not just this year but next year as well. the only thing holding us back is our politics. it's traditionally a bi-partisan idea. there is no reason why we shouldn't pass it. there is no reason why we shouldn't put americans back to work all across the country rebuilding america. as i was driving in here -- [applause] >> as i was driving in here i saw a new fire station was being built, right? [applause] >> thanks to the recovery act. well, we need roads and bridges
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and schools all across the country that could be rebuilt. and all those folks that got laid off from construction because the economy went south or the housing bubble burst, they are dying for work. contractors are willing to come in under budget and on time. an interest rates are low, so we could finance right now the rebuilding of infrastructure all across america that drove not only unemployment in the construction industry down but drove unemployment down across the board. traditionally that hasn't been a democratic or republican issue, that's been an american issue. we've taken pride in rebuilding america. the only thing that is holding us back right now is our politics. we should be passing trade deals right now because, look, the koreans, they can sell kia's and
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hyundais in the united states. i think that's great. i want to be selling fords and chryslers and chef sraoes in korea and i want products all across the world sent with three words, made in america. that's something we could be doing right now. [applause] >> there is a bill pending in congress right now that is called the american events bill. it basically says entrepreneurs that are coming up with good ideas. if the wiffle brothers came up with something and wanted to patent it, make it easier for them so they could market it and hire people and make money off it. we could do that right now. the only thing that is holding us back is our politics. over the last six months, even though the economy has been growing, even though the economy has been recovering it has not recovered as fast as it could. and some of those things are not
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in our control. we couldn't control the tsunami in japan that disrupted supply chains. we could not control what happened in the middle east that drove up gas prices. we don't have complete control over what happens in europe with their problems. and all those things have affected our economy, but there are so many things that we've got control over right now that we could be doing to put people back to work. and by the way, there is no reason to think that putting people back to work is somehow in conflict with us getting our fiscal house in order. you know, this downgrade that happened, they didn't downgrade us because america continue pay its bills, they downgraded it because they felt that our political system couldn't seem to make good decisions in order to deal with our budget the same way families deal with their
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budgets. and so the fact of the matter is is that we came close to a grand bargain which would have said, we're going to cut spending we don't need in order to pay for the things we do. we are going to eliminate unnecessary programs so we can pay for student loans so they can go to the university of illinois, or university of iowa. [applause] >> we know that we've got into vest in basic research. that's part of what made us the most productive agricultural powerhouse in the world. so we don't want to cutback agricultural research in order to pay for it, we've got to get rid of some things. megyn: if you want to listen to the president's remarks in full you can watch them now on we've heard this speech before. we listened to it on monday when the president made similar remarks at one of his first bus tour stops right here on "america live." those too were on you can watch those now if you
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want to hear the rest of them. we'd lick to get analysis of what we're now learning is the president's plan. it's been repeated time and time again. we expect we'll hear more of that when we hear the big speech in september outlining how he plans to turn the economy around. joining me is monica crowley and former assistant press secretary to president clinton, jason schecter. i sat here in the chair on monday and listened to president obama. he said the exact same things, in terms of his plan. expend the payroll tax cuts. more infrastructure spending. more trade deals. this seems to be the plan that he's coming up with. i want to start with you, monica. senator jeff sessions came out in response to that, we heard it monday and said, he is in denial, that he's calling for more spending, that is more borrowed money, and we can't afford it. that's how we got into the mess that he's trying to fix. >> yeah, no, i respect senator
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sessions very much. i would disagree with him that the president is in denial. this is who he is. this is his ideology. he believes in the government, and the power of the government not necessarily in the private sector. what we've seen over the last two and a half years -rblgs megyn is that this administration has spent us into a coma. $4trillion added to the national debt over the last couple of years. that's what is really holding back job creation. it's not the huge overhang of debt but everything that he has done in terms of policy from obamacare, to the stimulus that has createde enormous uncertainty, that large, small and medium businesses do not want to hire because they don't know what will happen tomorrow. megyn: the unemployment was at 8.2%, the stimulus was supposed to keep it below 7 at this point. we are at 9.1. it's gone in the wrong direction. there was a debate between the
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left and right whether it was big enough. the left wanted it to be double what it was and the right said we don't need it at all. now here we are a couple of years later and president obama seems to be proposing at least in part another stimulus. let people have more money in their pockets, spend more on infrastructure and so on and it strikes mow that neither side will be happy with that. because if you want him to spend more it's not enough. and if you don't want any more spending it's too much. >> that may be the case although i think it actually gets to why he's doing all the communicating he's doing. as you said he gave the speech a couple of days ago, he's been giving the speech over and over again. i think that is exactly what he needs to be doing. he needs to be setting an agenda, communicating and rallying people behind it. megyn: do you think that will solve the economic problem. >> in the speech that you just showed he focused on how many private sector jobs have been created over the past two years, he said 2 million. that is a growing economy. there is still a lot that we need to do, there was spending during that time and economic growth and private sector jobs. are we there yet? no, i think the point about
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politics is exactly right. there are big differences right now and for him to bridge the dived on those differences, he has to be out communicating and talking about what his agenda is. megyn: is the talking going to work? because the republicans -- he's saying he's going to have a major economic speech when he gets back from his vacation. mitch mcconnell's office in the senate, the minority leader comes out and says this is not the first major economic speech that they've heard. they put off this graph showing this will be the 8th major economic speech just since the stimulus was passed. the republicans are pouncing on this. even rick perry said, actions speak louder than words mr. president. >> exactly, look. the democrats had two and a half years, actually two years, the democrats were in control of the congress for two years before obama came into office. four years. they had share shot.
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when president obama was sworn into office the unemployment rate was 7.2%. subsequent to that, and all of the spending that as you pointed out was supposed to keep unemployment to 8% or below, unemployment sailed over 10%. it's now settled between 9 and 10%. they had their chance. megyn: he would say i had my chance and i'm making a dent but it doesn't happen like this. >> i also think that's why he's talking. i think if he weren't talking about jobs and the economy you guys would be critical of him. if you look back at the healthcare debate that was a criticism we were in a struggling economy and he was folksed o focused on healthcare. megyn: people don't seem to be moved by the plan. >> we've heard it before, we've seen the policies. >> that's why he has to do it over and over again. megyn: you think that will move people. >> people understanding what his agenda is. you said he was criticized for not taking the helm during the
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debt ceiling debate. what he's doing now is showing he's taking the helm, he has a plan and showing people what the plains. >> we are now into his 32 month in office. i'm going to go on vacation but come the 33rd month in office i'm going to unveil my plan. this guy has been in office for two and a half years. we have heard the stump speech for two and a half years. americans want to see results. we know it doesn't happen overnight. but his policies have made the economic situation worse not better. >> i think that's not true. 2million private sector jobs in two years, it's not perfect but it's growing. megyn: you just crystallized the issue. thank you. the husband of one of the real housewives of beverly hills has hanged himself, in part they say because of how he was portrayed on this show. russell armstrong's lawyer will join us live to speak to that story today. plus, last night president obama told rick perry to watch what he
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says. wait until you hear what rick perry said in response today. and a shocking crime now being investigated in new jersey. a young pakistani mother is shot dead and her husband is wounded while they are walking their 3-year-old child in a stroller. a live report on that next. >> five shots. it was pretty shocking for a neighborhood like this. we don't usual he lee hav usually have anything like that going on around here. it happened in the middle of the night.
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megyn: new details emerging today on a horrifying crime. we are learning that a manhunt is now underway in boon town, new jersey for at least three people who are said to have gunned down a pakistani couple out for a walk with their
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3-year-old child. the mother was killed on the scene, her husband was wounded, their child in a stroller at the time was not hit. wnyw's joel waldman joins us live on the phone. do we have any idea what the motive was. >> we are getting a better idea. it happened in a sleepee new jersey town. details remain stepee more than 15 hours after the double shooting. cops say this was definitely a targeted shooting, even though as you just asked about a motive is still unclear. what we do know for sure, a husband and wife went for a walk with their 3-year-old son at 10:00 eastern time last night. this is the wife's hometown and the couple was visiting the wife's father and sister when five shots rang out. the wife was 27-years-old, she reportedly was shot in the chest and died on scene from her
10:26 am
wounds. her husband was shot four times but he survived. he's an engineering and architecture phd candidate at harvard. the 3-year-old was reportedly covered in his parents own blood from the couple's extensive injuries. but the child himself is unharmed, thankfully. the couple had just finished the meal that they break their fast with during ramadan, the couple is muslim, and authorities are underway with a manhunt looking for three suspects they say who fled the area and cops are not ruling out the possibility that this crime was racially motivated. that is the very latest from here. megyn: thank you by the way for the question on the pronunciation of the town. they said she was wearing traditional pakistani clothing at the time of the shooting but the police and the family members at the last reporting did not believe that it was a by
10:27 am
as, an act of bias or a race crime. they are now changing on that, then? >> there are all sorts of conflicting reports right now. i actually just had the opportunity to speak to the family, understandably they are too upset and too distraught to speak to the media right now. they are planning to give us some photos of both the husband who was shot and injured, and the wife who was killed. they say they had absolutely no reason why this would have happened. there were some media reports saying that perhaps it was some sort of domestic abuse and that there was an issue between the husband and wife domestically, the family categorically denies this. this is a very small muslim enclave, about 35 miles outside of new york city. there is a mosque here, and, you know, they sort of stand out in this community, otherwise it's a very blue collar community north of new jersey, and right now people are completely baffled. they say they have absolutely no idea what could be behind this.
10:28 am
megyn: all right joel, thank you. well texas governor rick perry doubling down on his controversial comments about the chairman of the federal reserve. >> you know, yesterday the president said i needed to watch what i say. i just want to respond back, if i may, mr. president, actions speak louder than words. megyn: the president told perry to basically watch what he says, as you heard and governor perry in his full response three minutes away. the husband of a real housewives of beverly hills star is found dead, allegedly he has hanged himself to death. we will speak with his attorney live about whether his betrayal on this show might have contributed to his apparent suicide. plus, nearly two years after he accused president obama of lying about his healthcare overhaul republican congressman joe
10:29 am
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megyn: fox news alert. we are learning more now about the florida student who planned to blow up his high school on the first day of class.
10:33 am
police say that 17-year-old jar red cano was recently expelled from freedom high school in tam path. he said he hoped to quote, cause more casualties and columbine. police adding that he had a troubled past and kept disturbing and detailed accounts of plans to attack his fellow students and faculty. >> they received permission to search his room and his apartment, and they indeed found a manifesto written by jared, that outlined minute by minute what his actions were going to be on the first day of school, to include detonating explosive devices through the school. there were two individual faculty members that were specific targets, and then he also mentioned his desire to cause more casualties than were suffered at columbine. we had officers found material
10:34 am
in his room that could be used for making explosive devices. the material that they found included fuel sources, shrapnel, plastic tubing, timing and fusing devices within his room. megyn: well cano is now in police custody and faces several charges, including possession of bomb-making materials and cultivation of marijuana in his room. and we've got this fox news election alert on new drama from the campaign trail. just four days into his white house campaign texas governor rick perry is doubling down on his attacks against the white house and president obama's economic policies. it all got started with governor perry at a campaign stop in iowa making some now controversial comments about how fed chair ben bernanke in his view is making our economic situation worse. take a listen. >> if this guy prints more money between now and the election i
10:35 am
don't know what you all would do to him in iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. i mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treacherous -- treasonous in my opinion. megyn: president obama said to watch his words. here is how the gop candidate responded to that message today. >> reporter: you know, yesterday the president said i needed to watch what i say. i just want to respond back, if i may, mr. president, actions speak louder than words. my actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country.
10:36 am
the president's actions are killing jobs in this country. megyn: who is winning this war of words? joining me now kirstin powers, fox news contributor and ron bonjean former chief of staff to the republican conference. thanks so much for being here. kirstin let me start with you. hid perry err in not apologizing for what he said and choosing to double down on the remarks. >> once he said it i don't know that there is a point apologizing for it. it resonates with the base. the base is not happy with economic policy whether it's obama or the fed, they don't like the quantitate taeuf easing which is what he's referring to when he talks about printing money. he is appealing to a certain group of people. he takes a slight risk in that it doesn't sound presidential, he's got even criticism from republicans on it. he's trying to shore up his support from the base. megyn: he is taking heat from
10:37 am
it, ron. somebody on the left was -- it was a call for murder they said about his remarks, but the right, karl rove on fox news came out and said it was a very unfortunate comment. you don't aeu cues the chairman of the federal reserve for being a traitor to his country and suggesting that we, quote, treat him pretty ugly in texas. there are more former bush white house officials saying -- in any event there is a list of comments ripping on him for this comment from the right. >> yeah, no, that is absolutely right. you know, when you're in the white house you're taught not to talk about the fed and not to mention the dollar or else they'll have affects. on the campaign trail it's a whole other story. i can see why perry said what he said, but he needed to do it in a different way, and now you see him pivoting off of that and talking about the problems with obama and the economy and trying to force that conversation. megyn: let me ask you honestly, ron, is it a big deal? because we had michael reagan on
10:38 am
the program yesterday that said america needs to lighten up and learn how to take a joke. >> i think the tea party is going to nominate him in the primary. that's who he is focusing on. it doesn't matter what bush administration officials are saying it matters what his core audience is thinking right now. megyn: what do you make of the president actually commenting on it? it seems like the white house wants to call attention to this comment. >> yes, because it's part of their strategy to portray obama as a sort of grown up versus the people in the republican primary. they want to cast perry as being somebody who shoots from the hip, which is one of the criticisms about him. i think this plays into their overall strat skwraoerbgs is that they want to say, look this guy is kind of -- says things that aren't really presidential and aren't really appropriate. but as ron was saying he's not right now trying to appeal to a broad election threat. if he apologized i think he would actually be in trouble
10:39 am
with the tea party. i think they would actually get angry at him for apologizing. megyn: he wouldn't apologize for the substance of the comment but the language he used in expressing the thoufplt of it doesn't seem it's part of his make up from what we know of him so far. >> i don't think he's known for apologizing. that's what the tea party likes about him. even if he didn't change it on the substance my sense is they don't even want to see him backing down in any way to the president. megyn: let me ask you this. kirsten and then ron. i want to ask you if you agree with former president bill clinton. do you think he's a good looking rascal. >> no. >> i can't comment on that. he has great hair, that's what i've been told. he's got great hair. megyn: it's so interesting that that's how president clinton chose to weigh in on him. and he said he speaks a lot of nonsense. he's a good looking rascal. panel, thank you so much. i have a feeling we'll have you back to talk about perry in the
10:40 am
coming days. >> thank you very much. megyn: new questions today after a reality show husband hangs himself. his lawyer had warned russell armstrong about the pressure of going on that particular show. that attorney joins us next on his tragic death. also, velma hart, the woman who told president obama at a hahn hall meeting 11 months ago that she was exhausted from defending him still doesn't have a permanent job. she joins us live with how she feels about the president's jobs plan now. did a rare weather event cause this deadly stage collapse in indiana? we'll tell you what forecasters are now saying may have been behind this whole thing.
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megyn: the world of reality tv rocked by a very real and tragic turn. the estranged husband of real
10:44 am
housewives of beverly hills star taylor armstrong has been found dead. 47-year-old russell armstrong apparently took his own life at a home in los angeles. police say no note was found and that he hanged himself to death. according to radar online he broke down days before he died telling a friend that reality tv had destroyed his life. the couple's strained marriage and lavish lifestyle was one of the story lines in the reality tv show. take a look at this clip from last season. >> there are times when you just want to scream. so disconnected, i don't know what to do. >> do you feel like you're good friends? >> i feel like we're great business partners. megyn: russell's attorney had warned him of the potential harmful consequences long before he signed onto do the show. that attorney, ronald richards
10:45 am
joins us live. ronald, thank you so much for being here. what specifically did you warn him about? >> i warned him that the reality show process would end up being a very destructive force on his marriage. megyn: why did he want to do it? >> well his wife wanted to do it, and he was supportive of her, and he felt ultimately there could be some brand marketing value. megyn: he was portrayed unfavorably in the show i think it's fair to say in the first season. their marital problems were a theme that were discussed during season one. he didn't come off looking good. how did that affect him? >> he wasn't really made up to be pounded by the average person that he didn't know, and as the fear of more prospective statements were in the horizon labeling him an abuser it started to really weigh in on him. megyn: didn't she already allege that? you were his divorce lawyer, and
10:46 am
didn't taylor already allege in their divorce proceeding that he was an abuser? >> i never saw that in the petition, because you don't have to put that in the petition, and i hadn't filed my response yet. i don't think she labeled him an abuser in the criminal sense. megyn: i guess it was in an interview with people magazine she alleged that. >> yes. megyn: and he came out and said, reportedly, yes, i pushed her but that was during a time in our lives that wasn't characteristics of who we were. but there had been a question about whether he had abused his earlier wife, and he had been sentenced to time in jail. what i'm trying to get at is, how big a piece was his treatment of his wife taylor versus his participation in this show, in your view? >> with respect to whether it ended the marriage or -- or what other aspect? >> up until the time h megyn: up until the time he took
10:47 am
his life. >> the spector of being an abuser didn't bother him, the only issues were excessive drinking and a little grabbing. the show was pushing him out the door because they continue have him controlling the content and the controversy gave ratings. megyn: they say the armstrong's were far less wealthy than the viewers knew. they were made out to have a lot of money as you watched the show. was that not a reality? were they acting a part? >> the reality in the show was unfortunately a fix in the real world, because they were not anywhere close to what was portrayed them in the show, they were basically making their payments barely in a deficit mostly every month. russell was trying his best to keep this persona going but it just wasn't going to happen. megyn: i know they both were being sued in a business context as well. one of their friends said that bravo told them if they weren't going to have drama in the second season that they would be
10:48 am
cut that couple and replaced with somebody else because they had been deemed the disaster couple. had you heard that? >> well, there was -- there is always a pressure, and this is something that he was warned about before this show got popular, that the network has to create ratings, and that once a controversy starts to exist they throw kerosene on it, and this controversy became part of the storyline, and the show in the second season deals a lot with failed attempts of reconciliation. some people actually enjoy seeing a marriage fall apart. megyn: ronald, when did you last talk to him? >> a couple days ago. you know, i email clients a lot and i get a lot of calls, i can't remember the exact day, but she were in constant communication, he has my personal cellphone. megyn: did you have any idea that he was in this sort of mental state? >> no, because he just had the normal symptoms of a guy that worked very hard to make his
10:49 am
wife tpaeup us and right when she became famous the marriage ended. he was just disappointed at the timing, and he was disappointed that he was dealing with a lawsuit by -- in a matter that he thought had been settled. but nothing out of the ordinary for a client. megyn: do you have any thoughts for bravo and for those who support these kind of tv shows, in closing? >> well, my closing thoughts would be that people need to realize that these shows are imaginary, they are not audits of people's finances and that people exaggerate things to make tv, and that they need to be nicer to these people who are really trying to entertain them and realize they have feelings too. and when you call them bad names on web sites it does have an affect on them and they actually internalize it more than a professional actor would, because these are not professional actors as we all know. megyn: ronald, i know you lost a client and a friend and our condolances go out to you. >> it's very sad. megyn: and to his family.
10:50 am
>> thank you. megyn: thank you so much. >> thank you. megyn: on the legal front we have a question today about whether bravo could be held responsible in any way for russell armstrong's early death. that is on the docket in today's "kelly's court." we'll take a serious look at that question. this is fox news alert on the president's jobs plan. we are just learning right now that maxine waters one of the leading democrats in the house earlier slammed the president's progress on jobs. this is a democrat slamming the president's progress on jobs and criticized the bus tour he's taking through the midwest. again, this is from one of his leading supporters in congress. those remarks on tape top of our hour at 2:00pm. could this tragic stage collapse be the result of a freakish weather system? we'll tell what you a gustnado is. [ male announcer ] heard this one?
10:51 am
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10:54 am
megyn: ever heard of a gustnado? it is being i'd as the cause for this deadly stage collapse at the indiana state fair. it happened over the weekend. witnesses reported feeling a massive gust of wind before the stage came down. and now we know more. meteorologist janice dean is live at the fox weather center. what is a gustnado? >> reporter: the definition is a low level rotating cloud that forms along the gust front or outflow of a thunderstorm, or the cold front. there is the video there, megyn. i guess a couple of meteorologists, you can see that swirl in the video, they are looking at that rotating swirl whipping around the dust and maybe some flags before the stage collapsed, and their thinking is yeah it could be this phenomenon called a gustnado, which is a vortex that forms along the front of a thunderstorm. i have to mention as well that some of the nooah meteorologists
10:55 am
are disputing this. they think it was just a severe thunderstorm, straight-line winds that caused the collapse of the stage. i don't really know if we're going to find out what indeed caused the stage collapse. i guess we can all agree that it was weather related. a gustnado is a typically short-lived, lasts a few seconds to a few minutes, it's not a tornado even though it's called a gustnado. they might think the is related to a tornado, it's not. the cloud remains near the surface, rarely comes in contact with the thunderstorm above it. so it actually forms ahead of the thunderstorm. i also want to make mention that it is a slang term, it's not in the amsglossary which is a bible of terms in weather terms. dust devils, that kind of thing is in relation to a gustnado. you can see the wind report, 70 miles per hour, 60 miles per hour. it could be a gustnado, it could
10:56 am
be straight line wind damage. the bottom line is it was devastating. megyn: thank you so much. by the way good to see you back my friend. >> reporter: good to see you. megyn: he accused president obama of lying about his healthcare overhaul nearly two years ago. remember this? >> the reforms, the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. [booing ] megyn: well now republican congressman joe wilson claims he was right all along. he's here live to explain why. and investigators turn up new evidence in the mysterious disappearance of an american woman in aruba and say they may have found a possible motive for murder. and remember this woman? her name is velma hart. she made headlines around the globe after she told the president she is tired of defending him. she is live here as well. [ lopez ] beautiful skin needs protection.
10:57 am
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ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system. ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge! megyn: this is a fox news alert. there are new questions about president obama's track record on jobs from the very people who
11:00 am
put him in the oval office. brand-new hour here of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. democrat maxine waters, former chair of the black caucus challenging president obama for not visiting the black community on his bus tour telling a crowd that black caucus members will unleash on the president when black voters say it's time. >> the congressional black caucus -- we are supportive of the president -- and so what we want to do is we want to give the president every opportunity to show what he can do and what he's prepared to lead on. we want to give him every opportunity. but our people are hurting.
11:01 am
unemployment is unconscionable. we don't know what the strategy is. we don't know why on this trip he's in the united states now he's not in any black communities. we don't know that. but all i'm saying to you is, we are politicians, we're elected official, we are trying to do the right thing and the best thing. when you let us know it is time to let go, we'll let go. megyn: ed henry live with the president's bus tour. he's getting heat from the left and the right. but it's extraordinary to hear some of his biggest supporters that animated over jobs and the economy. >> reporter: he knows there is disappointment among the voters. he's in his home state of illinois at a town hall meeting. he has mostly been getting friendly questions in these areas. these are areas he won in 2008.
11:02 am
so he hasn't heard that kind of anger. but he's fully aware he's going have to do more. that's why white house aides are telling us the president will give a major speech on the economy shortly after labor day that will have two basic components. one will have a jobs plan and the other will have a deficit reduction approach. the president himself said will be more than the $1.5 trillion proposed to be cut by the super committee. the president is trying to throw this in the land of republicans saying if they don't pass this they are basically not putting their country first. >> it's time to put country ahead of party. time to worry about the next generation instead of the next election. if we do that, i guarantee you ... nobody can stop the united states of america
11:03 am
[applause] >> reporter: we checked the record and just about every few months in this administration over the last 2 1/2 years the president has delivered what has been largely billed as a major speech on the economy and jobs. that's why there is scepticism on the republican side. the other thing the republicans are pushing back on is what we heard from the president on the road. flowing the lap of congress and saying if they don't pass these measures he will run against what he calls a do-nothing congress. one chamber on capitol hill is run by democrats and that's the senate. megyn: i wanted to correct what i said. i heard all of what maxine waters said. but this is the quote giver on me. quote, when you tell us it's all right and you unleash us and tell us you are ready for to us
11:04 am
have this conversation, we are ready to have the conversation. the congressional black caucus loves the president, too, we are supportive of the president, but we are getting tired. he goes on, our people are hurting, the unemployment is unconscionable and we don't know what the strategy is. as ed mentioned, republicans were quick to attack the president's announcement that he has a major speech coming on jobs. there is a list of 8 major jobs speeches. we found these from four separate events where the president is signing jobs bills. >> today does mark the beginning of the end, the beginning of what when need to do to create jobs for americans scrambling in the wake of layoffs. >> our economy is now growing again and we may soon be adding jobs instead of losing them. the jobs bill i'm signing today is intended to help accelerate
11:05 am
that process. >> that's why i'm pleased today to sign into law a bill that will strengthen american manufacturing and american jobs. >> i began fighting for months to pass this jobs bill. the most significant step on behalf our small businesses in more than a decade. once i seen it it will speed relief to small businesses across is country right away. megyn: remember this woman? her name is velma hart. she made headlines around the globe after she stood up and said she supported him but was tired of defending him on the economy. velma joins us live at the bottom of the hour to tell us what she thinks now of the president's new jobs plan. new video in a chilling alleged bomb plot targeting a florida tampa high school. police arrested a 17-year-old expelled student after a tip he
11:06 am
divides an elaborate plot to murder dozens of students and faculty members on the first day of school. freedom high school principal say can this thing may be over, but we are not taking any chances. >> we have had a positive relationship with the police department even though they feel like their expertise the problem is solved and they apprehended the lone suspect. we'll still have an increased security presence just to make people feel more safe. megyn: police say he hoped to cause more casualties than the shooter at columbine high school did. a fox news alert. as we prepare to mark 10 years since the september 11 terror attack * concerns over a possible lone wolf attack. president obama addressed this issue yesterday. here is what he said. >> the risk we are especially
11:07 am
concerned with is the lone wolf terrorist. somebody with a single weapon being able to carry out wide scale massacres of the sort we saw in norway recently. when you have got one person who is deranged or driven by a hateful ideology, they can do a lot of damage and it's a lot hard store trace those lone wolf operators. megyn: homeland security secretary janet napolitano speak out today. catherine? >> reporter: fox news obtained this bulletin sent by the fbi and home toledo security to local and state law enforcement warning about small arms operation. they cite specific examples including a july incidents where a man was accused of plotting to
11:08 am
attack fort hood. also the attack in norway is cited where anders breivik car bombed government buildings and opened fire on a camp killing 69. it's a pattern homeland security says it is tracking. >> when they are acting by themselves, that kind of attack is the most difficult to prevent because there is nothing to intercept. >> reporter: we learned that the recent plots failed because of technical issues with the bomb. the june wear bomb amendments to take down flight 253 in 2009, the explosives were damp because he had between wearing the device for nearly a day before he tried to set it off over detroit. and shahzad didn't get the recipe right for the bomb after he got home from training in
11:09 am
pakistan. the explosives in pakistan were different than the explosives in i.s. hardware stores. >> we thwarted some attacks. but we have to admit publicly we have been fortunate that a few others simply failed. luck is with us there. >> reporter: the bulletin warns the failures on christmas day and times square may increase the attractiveness and likelihood of the lone wolf attacks by just using handle guns. -- handguns. megyn: new developments in america's so-called third war. it involves operation fast and furious. we know some of these weapons ended up in the hands of violent drug cartels and two were found where border patrol brian terry
11:10 am
was murdered. but the atf is admitting guns from the program turned up at a dozen crime scenes here in the united states. william? >> reporter: as you know, the department of justice so far has stonewalled dplong their investigation. we just received 20 pages giving the most complete explanation justifying and defending the explanation from the government's points of view. until now we only knew of three crimes committed with fast and furious guns. the murder of border agent brian terry. there was a massacre in sonora and the torturing and killing of a lawyer in chihuahua. but now we know that is the tip of the iceberg. of the 2,000 guns sold under government watching with $,400 are still out there. 274 have been recovered in the u.s. in routine police work in a
11:11 am
stash house where cops will seize the money and the drugs and the guns. 11 violent crimes, there were fast and furious guns used in the united states. this document reveals the d.o.j.'s damage control strategy. they will say this was approved in arizona by the u.s. attorney and atf. they are not giving names or dates anyone in who knew about it or approved the program. they are saying we allowed these gun smuggling crews to buy these guns and we continue to operate. then however in classic double speak the d.o.j. says, quote, to alloy the transfer of firearms to continue should not be construed to suggest the atf condones or sanctions the suspected firearms trafficking activity. that is highly ironic considering that, exactly what
11:12 am
they did though they are trying to split hairs saying they didn't aproifts. yes, they did, and the document says they did. in terms of those 11 violent crimes in the u.s., the details are known. the department of justice admitted congressional investigators they know where these are, they just have not turned over that information yet. we are waiting on that because it could be potentially very embarrassing. you can have victims with claims possibly against the government for wrongful deaths. megyn: something is growing. but critics say it's not the economy. they wants to know why the government is choosing flowers over oil and jobs in one state. remember this woman? 11 months ago velma hart told president obama she was exhausted from defending him on the economy. plus he was the voice behind the outburst. now the congressman who
11:13 am
challenged the president over healthcare claims says he the congressman was right all along. in three minutes republican joe wilson tells us why. >> the reforms i i am proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie! >> not true. male announcer ] hurry into crabfest at red lobster and savor 3 crab entrees under $20 like our crab and seafood bake. or our snow crab and crab butter shrimp. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c.
11:14 am
[ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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11:16 am
>> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you sly! >> that's not true. megyn: remember that outburst from a republican lawmaker two years ago. it came from the height of the healthcare showdown. yesterday we told you that congressman who challenged the president that right now claims he has been individual kaited. today he joins -- he has bern
11:17 am
vindicated. thank you so much for being here. why is it you feel vindicated? >> what happened last week, on tuesday there was an announcements of a grarchts $28 -- a grants of 28.8 million that part of which will be going to my grant migrant farm worker. there will be no request for verification of status. it's cleary providing money that should be going for american citizens to illegal aliens. this denies americans medical service, but it will be destroying jobs in our country. megyn: is that an assumption that the my grant workers include illegal aliens? do you have prove that? >> the pew research study has
11:18 am
done a study and at least 25% are illegal aliens. this is worse than i thought. i thought we would at least ask for the status of people. they won't do that. then there should be verification and enforcement. this is worse than i thought. they don't even ask for status. megyn: they are not going to ask for status they say because they are not required to ask for status. they are required to give the healthcare and not to ask. it sounds like the response to this criticism is everybody has to pay. everybody who comes through these health clinics, they are going to have to pay. so it's not going to be taxpayer furnlded healthcare for these migrant workers. >> i would disagree. $28.5 million is going into the
11:19 am
system. it's costing taxpayers money. megyn: hhs said, by statute health centers are required to provide primary healthcare to all residents of the service area without regard for ability to pay. however, they do not provide free care and all the patients are expected to contribute. if they cannot pay the health center will treat them anyway. and your point is that will include illegal immigrants and that is taxpayer subsidized? >> yes. that's the double speak we mare from this administration. i read the healthcare bill, that's why i knew it did not have verification or enforcement. it had 16 pages of gibberish and double-speak. megyn: you think we know as a reality there are some illegal immigrants working in this country. somebody gets hurt, somebody
11:20 am
gets cancer, somebody is sick and needs to go in for healthcare at one of these centers, do you have any empathy for them? >> i certainly do. they should receive care and they should immediately be assisted to return to their home country. megyn: do you feel vindicated because of the comment? what about the breach of decorum, you apologized for that. do you still feel sorry about that? >> absolutely. my agreement was to have a civil discussion of the healthcare issue hence forth, and i have. i pointed out the healthcare bill takeover is going to be crippling to the senior citizens of country. it will destroy jobs. the nfib said it will kill 1.6 million jobs. i points out the inconsistencies of the bill and how it will affect the american people. and i'm proud of the house
11:21 am
republicans to vote in january to repeal obama-care. megyn: he was found dead in an apparent suicide after his life fell apart on national television. can russell arm strong's estate go after the producers of "the real house wives of beverly hills"? uncle sam is taking action to protect three rare flowers. and it may take a toll on job growth. wananananannouncer ] the network.
11:22 am
a living, breathing intelligence that's helpi drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪
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11:25 am
megyn: a debate is raging on over what is more important. flowers or jobs. the federal government decided to protect three rare see seals of flowers that only grow in colorado. the problem is two of these species are found only in areas where energy companies are currently exploring oil shale. oil producers say new regulations would drastically change how they get to that oil and could cost jobs. this is interesting. >> there are a lot of people saying this is more than just a coincidence. according to the governor's office the oil and gas industry has an indirect and direct economic impact on this states
11:26 am
of $24 billion a year. experts are saying this designation of these three flowers could slow job growth. oil and gas companies will have to move their road that lead to an oil patch to insure the dust from trucks driving by does get on the flowers. some federally employed biologists have recommended 54,000 acres be protected habitat which would mean no exploration or drilling. they will push for endangered classification. >> we see a pattern where a common species that is sub divided as a special sub species supposedly found nowhere else except in these oil and gas areas. but when you look at science it makes you wonder whether it's a
11:27 am
separate species or is this just a way to stop economic activity in a particular area. >> reporter: she went on say can the feds use unpublished studies and non-peer-reviewed literature. fish and wildlife said this. >> they use the best aavailable information. sometimes that can be published studies, sometimes that will be master thesis work. sometimes it will be observations. we have to take as much information as we can get from all sorts of sources and try to make the best judgment call we can on it. >> reporter: history tells us once an animal or plant ends up on the endangered species list, it's expensive and almost impossible to get it off. megyn: there are dramatic new developments in the case of an american woman who disappeared in aruba. the what authorities are saying
11:28 am
the main suspect did before the pair took off on what was suppose to be a dream vacation. she made headlines for sending the president a candid message. she told the defendant sh -- she told the president she was defending him. >> there were three components defending his administration and my own vote for change. because i support that vote for change. i'm not going to let people talk negatively about the progress that we are making when we know there is a bureaucratic system limiting that progress. a legalt or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. the possibilities are endless.
11:29 am
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11:32 am
megyn: a new bombshell in the caves an american woman who vanished in aruba. authorities are saying the suspect, that's what they are calling him, took out a 7-figure accidental death policy on robin gardner before they left for aruba. that policy names giordano as the beneficiary. steve, you can't make this stuff up. >> reporter: more details are coming out, about that insurance policy stan giordano's lengthy history with the courts.
11:33 am
officials confirmed he had taken out an insurance policy for himself and for robyn gardner. it's worth $1.5 million. as far as his history with the courts go, he has a lengthy one, most of that involving women and violence. complaints about domestic violence as well as stalking and harassment. also complaints that he taped sexual even cowan% and pornographic images of those women and put them on the internet. as far as the search goes for his body there is expected to be a big push later this week that will involve aruban police. he still hasn't been charged with any crime. but that could change any day. right now aruban officials say they will detain him for at
11:34 am
least two more week because of what they say, a number of inconsistencies in his story. megyn, back to you. megyn: the white house says president obama will make a major speech on job creation in early september. but why not lay out his plan right now. it was last september that velma hart told the president she was exhausted from defending him when it comes to the economy. but she made it clear she still backs at president no matter what. shortly afterwards she appeared on fox news and said this to bill hemmer. >> the parties don't matter. it's the substance that matters to me. i want to hear from all sides. i think we need all sides to make meaningful change and make the right decisions going forward. so of course i'll listen to it. it's an important part of the landscape. by at the end of the day i believe in the change i voted for and that's the change i'll support to the very end. megyn: that was then, how does
11:35 am
she feel now. you are one woman. but you are one woman who got a whole lot of national attention for having a very candid and frank moment with the president of the united states. and you became sort of representative of what a lot of american are going through. here we are one year later. and the president is now about to unveil his jobs plan. and you think what about that plan of his? >> i don't know that i have a single thought about his individual plan. but what this year has definitely proven is i had good cause to be concerned, not just an issue with the president, but the entire congress. again, i said this 100 times, when you live in a democracy we vote for people at the local, state and federal level to support our issues. this is a broader issue that one man and one presidency. this is an issue with congress. megyn: do you have faith in the
11:36 am
president and his ability to turn the economy around? the president and our elected leaders. >> i do. i think the issue i'm becoming keenly aware of is we have a break in true democracy. bipartisanship is a key components of that, and that failed miserably not just last year, but even before that. the president wants to do some provocative and challenging things in this country that may in fact work and bring us been fifth but we'll never know because we can't get past the bickering and partisanship. megyn: what do you make of the democrats had control of the white house and both houses of congress for two years. still we have a rising unemployment rate and we are way above what the white house projected we would be at at this point in time. >> i think that's a fair question. those of us who are democrats and support the democratic way of thinking were a little surprised not more was done.
11:37 am
but that's just evidence how deep the problem is about support of this president. i think he has perhaps even a significant problem within his own party getting support for the initiatives and the agenda he wants to advance, and that's disappointing. i always said one thing about the republican party is when they unite, it seems like they unite. so we need to definitely have -- i think, a plan of action that brings people together. and advances the decision making that is necessary to move the country forward. anything short of that is a waste of time of and we have proven that the last five years. megyn: it's clear there has been a breakdown in bipartisanship and the economic pain doesn't know any party stripes. democrats and republicans are hurting. this just broke at the top of our 2:00 hour. we got some tape from a remarkable town hall that took place earlier today in detroit.
11:38 am
congresswoman maxine waters was meeting with a group of mostly black voters. they were upset about job creation and she was upset because she felt the president should be doing more to help the black communities. here is what she was telling the crowd the congressional black cause cuss -- how it's ready to challenge the president. take a listen. >> if we go after the president too hard you go after us. no, no, no. that's okay. i'm telling you the reality of the politics of what's going on. when you tell us it's all right -- brac it's all right]. >> when you tell us it's all
11:39 am
right and you unleash us, and you tell us you are ready for us to have this conversation, we are ready to have the conversation. [shouting and yelling] megyn: that was the exchange about whether it's time for members of president obama's own party to confront the president about what maxine waters called an unconscionable unemployment rate and her view that quote we don't know what the strategy is to fix it. what are your thoughts? >> i had not seen that piece. it was pretty noisy in there so it was difficult to decipher what she was saying. megyn: she was saying, i hear you. but is it time for to us challenge the president or sinlts. a lot of folks in the audience were saying it's time. >> i think the president has been challenged countlessly over and over again.
11:40 am
i think the thing that i see missing from that is the collaborative intent following it to come to a solution and bring forth results. that's the problem i see. so yelling, screaming, photo ops have their place. but in these times of true economic strive all over this country -- and your point before the break was apropos. it has no class, no race, no political affiliation associated with it. we have to come to solutions. and we cannot do that if we are yelling or putting our foot and head in the and and not willing to move. megyn: you found temporary work and you would love to have a permanent job. would you support president obama again in the upcoming presidential he flexion you care to share it with us? >> i have had permanent work for quite a while now. i was listening to in the
11:41 am
teaser? i don't have a job? maybe somebody ought to tell me that. megyn: my staff told me you had gone the a temporary job. >> no, but i appreciate that. i think as i think about, you know -- i have have become somewhat even more cynical in some of my views and more sceptical. for me this problem -- and i heard someone in the audience with miss waters talking about this, this is a problem not with one man but with 535 people who refuse too lead. even though that's what we employed them to do. my question to the president is what do the regular people in the world. the ones trying to pay bills and live every day. what are we supposed the to do while all this partisanship behavior and politics? what are we supposed to do. we are trying to see our kids and drive our cars to work every day and be good american citizens. i feel we are being left on the
11:42 am
sidelines and that's very disappointing. megyn: well said. thank you very much. all the best. their lives unraveled on national television. russell and taylor arm strong the disaster couple so called on "the real house waivers of beverly hills." now a real disaster half russell apparently took his own life. but can his estate do anything about how he was portrayed on the show and his deaths. >> the specter of him being labeled as an abuser was bothering him. because the only issues were excessive drinking and and little grabbing. the show was pushing him out the door because they couldn't have him controlling the contents, and this controversy is what gave ratings.  
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. see you side after living a lie
11:46 am
on national television. >> my husband is a very strong personalitiepercentstrong -- a g personality. he's the ultimate man's man. when i first met russell i had to do the majority purchase stiewg make the rip a reality. i made a list of things wanted in a partner. i said likes to work. he loves, loves to work. more than anything. got that one. and i want a man's man. megyn: russell and taylor arm strong were dubbed the disaster couple on "the real house wives of beverly hills." monday russell was found dead at a friend's home in lax.
11:47 am
he hanged himself. it turns out the disaster was real, but the wealth was not. he was a struggling entrepreneur more than $12 million in debt. friends say pressure to maintain his affluent image on the show pushed him to the edge. and he didn't want his wife taylor making their divorce a tabloid headline. friends reportedly told them they would refocus the season if there was no drama. >> there is always a pressure. this is something he was warned about before the show got popular, that the network has to create ratings, and that once a controversy starts to exist, they throw kerosene on it, and this controversy became part of the story line and the show in the second season deals a lot with failed attempts of reconciliation. megyn: does russell's estate
11:48 am
have any claims against bravo? let's ask our panel, lee arm strong and mercedes colwin. so the sting that out my story on the allegation, russell arm strong is the one to blame for his suicide, that's clear. that doesn't mean you don't have an estate try to blame somebody else. that happens all the time. we have seen lawsuits like this before where television shows or reality shows may have driven somebody to do something. one of the friends claims russell told the friends the producers at bravo told this couple, they were the disaster couple. if they weren't going have drama in the second season they would be cut and replaced with someone else. >> that's key. because i think the estate is
11:49 am
going say, he was being portrayed in a false light. they selected him to be the villian in the story, and that's not what he signed on to do. when he first signed on to be on the show he said follow our lives around. we are a married couple, i'm a wealthy entrepreneur. follow us around. but not portray me as a villian. he's going to turn around, the estate will turn around and say support trayed me in a face light. that's defamatory to my character. and the attorney for the estate, mr. richards specifically started to feather that nest. he said he's not abuser. he's not a wife beater. he was basically had a little issue with drink. if you go back in his issue, he has some of those issues, they are 14 years old, with his first wife. taylor didn't talk about the
11:50 am
fact that she was beaten in any way. there was no history of that. there was no history of that in the pleading for the divorce. so the estate can say you were to blame for this because you have created this false impression of him being a villian and he is not. >> that was a long response. i'm not his wife and i have no relationship. in all seriousness. it's a disturbing trends we are seeing over and over again the last five to seven years, reality shows attached to sue sides. however, you referenced this in the promo up to this. over and over again there have been lawsuits related to this and they have not fared well. and for two reasons. i'll explain why this case will far no better. let's take a break. my doctor told me calcium
11:51 am
is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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meg rsh court is back in session. we'll pick it up with lee arm le armstrong. she had on two guests. they seth it up. a guy said someone said he had a secret crush on him. he said it better not be a guy. they said was. three days later one of the guests kills another. the jury returns a verdicts $29 million. the appeals court says terrible, tragic, however, no legal duty to anticipate and prevent what happened here. it's the same thing. they did nothing to cause this guy or if they did -- that's not even the test. even if they exacerbated that, they were not the proximate *
11:55 am
cause, the thing that caused his death was not bravo. megyn: somebody said the producers allegedly told the couple they were the disaster couple and would get caught if they didn't have the drama. bravo denied that. even russell came out and said the show pushed up to the limits. a friend said the tv show put a lot of pressure on him to produce financially so he looked like a wealthy entrepreneur. how far can a reality go when it's dealing with its stars? >> these are not actors. these are not individuals with hard-core exteriors. that show knew of these individuals are being portrayed in real life. folks watching this are saying this is their real lives. they are having a $60,000 party for a 5-year-old when he has $12 million in debt.
11:56 am
why? because the producers are pushing this couple. this is very different than sally jessie rafael. if there is some language in there -- >> i think it is very different. i think -- i think the jenny jones one is more compelling. this is very weak. it's obviously tragic. but at the end of the day -- attorney who i never heard before, but i watched in the promo. he was warned about this before the show. things like this can happen. i don't know why he's making those comments. that's precisely the points. he's a grown man. megyn: one final word for our viewers. i agree with lee. 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
11:57 am
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>>megyn: thank you for watching everyone, "studio b" with shepard starts right now. >>shepard: thank you, the news begins anew, the suspect in the disappearance of a blond in aruba has nor explaining to do this


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