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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 17, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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announces it will get serious about jobs. by the way, wait until next month. >> governor perry's announcement to run has offended the republican field. and coulter is here -- ann coulter is here. >> concerns are growing about domestic violence spreading around the country what is fueling the flash mob phenomenon? michelle malkin is here with reaction tonight. anointed one is off to a lavish vacation in martha's vineyard. will real americans think this is a good idea? on the third and final leg of his taxpayer funded campaign journey through the midwest president obama began to vaguely shine some of the light on the economic plan he will unveil when he returns from miss martha's vineyard
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vacation. today he said measures include aimed at creating jobs. he will propose to the congressional leaders in super committee more tan 1.5 trillion in budget cuts. how? all you have to do is read his lips. it sounds like tax hikes are back. >> the president: if you have a deal that does not have revenue in it, and you still want to close the deficit by say four trillion, if you have no revenue the only way to do that you have to drastically cut. there's no two ways about it. you have to drasticly cut medicare. you have to drastically cut medicaid. you have to cut back on education support in significant ways that affect
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school kids right here and across the country. >> sean: here's the translation, if you allow him to raise taxes seniors will have to say good-bye to medicare and poor children and kids all over the country will be left to fend for themselves in the streets. his address will include a heavy dose of west wing scare tactics. he did decline to offer any specifics. for the rest of the story we have to wait when he returns from his posh vacation from the vineyard. here with us co-host of the five monica crowley is back from the fox business network, sandra smith is here. good to see you. most americans, you are going on a tour meeting americans. the imagery, riding around in your bus made in canada or refitted in canada. then he goes off to martha's vineyard to hang out with rich learjet limousine liberals. >> it is the lack of urgency
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we continue to see. he's giving a sense of urgency but not acting on any of it. i was referencing the fact that fox business, we work around the clock 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., everyday people are worried about their money, jobs w what is happening in washington. where is the president going? on vacation on a bus tour, campaigning. there's no urgency coming from the president that is what is so disturbing. >> sean: donald trump said this to me today, he goes i don't know anybody that takes as much vacation. i wish i had that much vacation. i don't, nobody does. >> it is mid august, 2 1/2 years into this man's presidency. just coming off his one nation under the bus tour. he claims this is a -- >> sean: you are very good. >> keynesian coma. one nation under the bus tour. he claims this was a listening tour. for the last three years, americans have been hitting the same refrain, which is we
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need jobs. we've got a serious unemployment crisis. economic catastrophe. in the fact that we have nonexistent gdp growth. after 2 1/2 years if he doesn't already know that's what the american people have been telling him on the congress then he's been out to lunch. he hasn't been out to lunch. he's been building his socialist utopia. >> sean: on a serious note, he's got his agenda through, which means he owns it. he's in the 20s in terms of his approval rating on the economy. on this tour he's claiming, i reversed the recession until bad luck hit. that's one of the things he said. then he calls for tax hikes, again. he blames the gop and tea party, again. he went out there and said, that he's going to raise taxes again. one of the things, he's blaming japan and the arab spring for what happened to
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him. >> to use his words further, he has called this the worst recession since the great depression. we have not come out of this recession. right now the biggest problem is the fact that we are going to have to wait until september to hear his announcement. the concern i'm hearing is there is going to be nothing different. we are going to see the same policy, the same talk out of his mouth from this. he's only going to, for lack of better terps, kick the can down the road. we are going to be in the same position -- he's going to throw the gop under the bus and tell them it is their fault. >> sean: i think are 100% right. blaming the gop is standard operating procedure. look, last week reading the politico monica, they are going to kill romney. perry comes on the scene saturday. there has beenthon stop attacks. nbc news took a cut of rick perry saying there's a black cloud that is hanging over
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america with that debt. and they took black and separated the comment to insinuate there was some racism. chris matthews used the term bull connor, talking about perry. obviously he has the media to do his bidding. how effective can he be at a billion dollar campaign demonizing people? >> this is why it is so damaging to the obama brand. the brand that got him elected in 2008 was positive. all about hope and change. now it was whispy and meaningless but still positive. this time he has to go negative because he can't run on his record. what these attacks on perry tell us is that perry has a decent cans of beating barack obama which is -- decent chance of beating barack obama. >> sean: i've talk today donald trump at length today, he's considering -- by the way
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i'm wearing my donald trump tie. he gave me a gift. he's considering running independent. i have a strong disagreement with him. i told him, if you run independent, you are going to split the anti-obama vote and guarantee, barack obama who he said is doing a horrible job for the country, is going to get reelected. am i right or is he right? he thinks he would draw more from obama. >> i agree with you completely and i like donald trump and i respect him very much. about i think you are right. he would split the vote that is anti-obama any way. you would get a re of '92 where ross perot came in and split the vote -- bill clinton comes in with a plurality. >> sean: what do you think? >> people want a business voice now. people want somebody with experience. that's why mitt romney has been a big deal. people want somebody who has run a business before.
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they have an idea how to fix the economy. people are still in the hunt for that. to throw donald trump out there is interesting. politically, i would agree with monica, that could be very dangerous and good for barack obama history shows it is going to get worse the longer we see unemployment at 9.1%, 14 million people in recent history we've never seen a president reelected -- >> sean: romney is a business guy, people are saying we need somebody that is not insofar over his head. trump said something interesting. he's never done a deal the only deal he ever did was a rest co-deal. that's not a deal. -- he did was the rezko deal. that was not a deal. the one deal was corrupt. >> this guy has never run a business. he's never run a popsicle stand. he's never had to answer to shareholders or turn a profit. >> sean: if he runs a lemonade
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stand he better get a license. >> the biggest problem is he afraid of making the wrong decision so he's making no decision. >> sean: good to see you. >> the perry effect the texas governor is already sending the mainstream media and white house into a útisy. should he take that as a good sign? we check in with -- we check in with ann coulter ter. >> frightening flash mobs in american city was is behind this violent phenomenon? --. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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>> sean: he's only been a candidate for five days but perry already has the white house and mainstream media in a frenzy. asked about a comment he made on the campaign trail. jay carney told reporters when you are running for president you have to think about what you're saying. you know, like clinging to your guns and religion. this coming from an administration whose vice president weeks ago reportedly called members of the tea party movement a bunch of terrorists. as for the media, they are doing so-called vetting of governor perry. "the new york times" running stories. the "washington post" political page today most of the day governor perry was the subof all of the papers' top headlines this is strange. i don't recall the liberal media looking that closely into then senator barack obama's background when
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he was a candidate. joining me with reaction, the author of the new new york time best seller "demonic." the one and only ann coulter is back. how are you? >> fine, how are you? >> sean: i'm very good. first, they want kill perry. they want to kill romney the media does all the bidding for the white house. they edited nbc news as i'm sure you saw, the comments that perry made which were very innocuous, talking about the black cloud handling over the economy and the country. is that how desperate this is going to get? >> no, that was an hazing. that should have been played for comedy. the other exciting development is, it happens every few years, liberal new yorkers have discovered evangelicals. we lots of paranoid articles. the new halliburton is minutism,
9:15 pm
based on the writings of some evangelical who lived 50 years ago and none of us have heard of. but he knew francis schaefer who evangelicals have heard of and like. apparently, when he van gel cals to take -- evangelicals have a plot to take over the government, media, evangelicals, are 40% of america. maybe if they left the upper westside once in a while they would meet some. the attacks on perry and bachmann, i might add, are so thorough, so an niching. there was a new yorker article on bachmann that went back to her ancestors in 1861, they didn't settle in -- in iowa, but near iowa what were obama's relatives doing in 1861? the media can't walk into the trinity united church and get
9:16 pm
a tape of obama's minister. but they are going back to michelle bachmann's relatives in 1861. >> sean: chris matthews suggesting he better be squeaky clean. a few headlines. perry: bull connor with a . perry's swaggering tone toward bernanke may not play well outside of texas. obama to perry you have to be more careful about what you say. clinging to guns and bibles. confederate plates could be a touchy issue for perry. perry's colorful tongue takes national stage. no vetting of obama. zero, i've never seen anybody in the political arena get away as much as this guy with as little scrutiny. >> right. just a footnote, bull connor was of course a democrat, as were all the southern segregationists. but the silver lining to all this is, when we do elect a president because the media
9:17 pm
will investigate back to our ancestors in 1861 for our candidates and investigate the relatives not only of the candidates. look at how karl rove was investigated and ripped apart. even advisers to republicans will be investigated. the bright side is, we don't end up with a republican president who is suddenly having an affair with an intern. or a republican president who votes prince for his entire term as the economy falls into the toilet. democrats are always surprised when these scandals develop. maybe if the media did five minutes of vetting of their candidates the same level they will do to a ran presidential adviser, it wouldn't be such a big surprise to them. >> sean: you have been all christie obsessed, 24/7, coulter-christie, christie we saw the debate i thought the candidates looked stronger. they were more passionate. i thought we got a better look
9:18 pm
at them. and i think the field is getting stronger it is like "american idol" every week the candidates get stronger. did you have the same impression and who stood out in your mind? absolutely. of the top three -- announced running, i guess that would be bachmann, perry, romney. i like them all. i think if christie doesn't jump in, it is going to be romney. i could be wrong. all of them -- if christie jumps in he will be the greatest thing since sliced bread. >> sean: you keep talking about christie i'm going to start talking about your boyfriend. >> no one believes you. >> sean: i met him. >> romney has a great advantage because a businessman. you have christie and herman cain cain who are real businessmen. there is no question but the economy is going to be the number one issue in election. you keep seeing all these
9:19 pm
polls on how generic republican beats obama. that's what romney is. he's generic republican. you have perry and he's very appealing and a governor. i don't think you can run from the house. of course, people will be dancing in the streets, birds singing and the sunshining, when christie jumps in. >> sean: we can put his face on mount rushmore. and the skies will open up. all right ann coulter, it is always an interesting pleasure. from now on you talk about christie, i talk about mr. wonderful. that's our deal. [ laughing ] >> sean: thanks ann. >> the line just went dead. >> sean: take a look at this video. flash mobs erupting across the country. why the sudden outbreak in violence? michelle malkin is here with reaction. >> president obama gets ready for r & r in lavish, beautiful, exclusive, martha's vineyard
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>> sean: fear is escalating
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across the country as flash mobs are on the rise in recent weeks. maryland police say a flash mob of 30 barged into a 7-eleven this past weekend. surveillance video from the store shows the group stealing candy, snacks and other items. in april another flash mob of 20 teenagers was caught on tape stealing from a clothing store in washington, d.c.'s due upon circle. these are not isolated. in philadelphia mayor michael nutter has set up a customer view -- a curfew. kids as young as 11 attacked and robbed innocent bystanders in center city. one of the victims, joe kennedy was beaten until he became unconscious. >> i was in the middle of a human cyclone, 20 to 40 young kids all around me. they knocked my baseball cap off. i to pick up my cap and
9:25 pm
somebody came back and sucker punched me. next i knew i woke up in an ambulance. >> sean: joining me michelle malkin is back. i look atta guy. those are -- i look at that guy. this man was severely beaten. if this continues somebody is going to die. >> yeah. you can watch these videos or listen to these stories, one, about the details and not think that civilization has gone off the rails. we've always had riots and brawls, out breaks of violence with the most ridiculous situations after sports teams win championships, et cetera. the flash mob phenomenon adds a new twist. it gives these thugs an instant organizing tool to target unsuspecting innocent
9:26 pm
store owners, victims. i think the other thing that stands out is something that the liberal media elite doesn't want to talk about, the explicit racial factor that is going on in many of these cases. yes, we had mayor nutter call out some of these young black students and youths that have been involved in some of these. you don't, for the most part, hear minority leaders, we certainly haven't heard anything from president obama who has shown willingness to talk about racial issues, remember the beer summit. he has said nothing about this when it involves minority young people who are explicitly going after whites, asians, not just on the streets, but in our schools. >> sean: mayor nutter, his comments got a lot of play. let's remind people of what he said. it was pretty interesting and powerful.
9:27 pm
pull your pants up and buy a belt. no one wants to see your underwear on the crack of your butt, nobody! >> sean: what did you think about that statement? >> amen. it is about time. i wonder and i think many do who have observed this festering an grievement in the inner cities, whether it is too late. we've had some role models in the black community, particularly bill cosby who has been sending that pull your pants up and get your act together message for a long time. there have been too many in the minority community, too many in the congressional black caucus, maxine waters-types who are excusers and rationalizers and have turned the perpetrators into the victims. this welfare state mentality where people's violent acts
9:28 pm
have been excused. we've seen that back to the '92 los angeles riots. they weren't willing to call them riots the pc term was civil unrest. >> sean: we've been watching the riots in great britain, similarly in grease, unrest in portugal, spain, -- in greece, unrest in portugal, spain, ireland. i keep making the argument if america keeps going down the path of europe, it going to come to america. to what extent are we brainwashing him advertising, use whatever term you want, creating a mindset of entitlement. when the entitlement state stops that would cause violence. i'm not connecting it to the flash mobs, i'm saying will we see an escalation of violence because of that. i'm separating the two, but violence is violence. >> yeah, you have to be careful when we are talking
9:29 pm
these different instances. there are different classifications of these mob outbreaks. >> sean: i'm separating them. >> right, i'm saying that's what we need to do. there is sort of a nexus here. the same sort of acorn, community organizer mentality, the issuing of intimidation manuals by groups like the seiu for example are of a piece. they condone the kind of barbaric behavior we've seen from some of these activists showing up the -- up at the private homes of corporate executives. the kind of rhetoric never gets condemned by the civility police. last week you had union mob leaders calling for open season on verizon, because they are asking their union member to make some sacrifices wrapped to health care and pensions. i think the stoking of that kind of entitlement, certainly is the road to bar --
9:30 pm
barbarism that we've seen in greece and europe, not just a matter of predicting it will come here, we've seen it happen. >> sean: what scares me is the video we see in great britain elsewhere, flash mobs, you wonder if an entitlement mentality when you draw back on the welfare stay will create violence? i think we are setting ourselves up for it. but two different issues. michelle malkin, good to see you. >> martha's vineyard makes way for the obamas. is a posh vacation sending the wrong message to hardworking americans. bill cunningham and jerry thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast,
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. >> sean: during calls for him to cancel his ill timed summer getaway the an anyoned one is once again headed to martha's
9:35 pm
vineyard. the president is expected to arrive on the upper class island tomorrow for an extended vacation full of golf, family biking, fancy food, friends, fun, mopeds. meanwhile the u.s. economy is still sagging, unemployment more than 9%. what kind of message does this send to americans struggling? not one the white house is going for, that the economy is still the president's top priority. the very top of his list all right. right after he gets a few weeks of a -- weeks of r & r he addresses the nation after labor day. hold on if you are unemployed. joining me with reaction, soon to start his tribune produceed talk show the one and only bill conditioning ham. >> bill conditioning ham show. >> this is my hors d'oeuvre
9:36 pm
right here. >> sean: one of the worst tv moments of my life, i come in and i have the list of horrific shows that he's done over his career. and i'm like you did this, what do you think of that? i know it is awful, embarrassing. you totally caught me off guard. i hate you for that. >> thank you for having me back. >> sean: bill cunningham, the economy is in a mess. the country is struggling. we got under employed 20%. unemployed 9.1. real unemployed 16%. and the president is hanging out with the rich and famous, private jets, yachts. >> a few years ago springer's good friend michael moore had a film out in which george bush is playing golf. in the first three years of obama's administration obama has played golf three times more than bush in eight years
9:37 pm
and i want to know jerry's criticism of his guy fiddling as rome burns. how can you look yourself in the mirror? >> i have trouble looking in the mirror because of the way i look. first of all, thank you for inviting me to the republican party, committee here. >> we are conservatives by the way. >> you are republicans. >> sean: no, excuse me i'm a registered conservative jerry. >> my guess is you are voting republican. >> sean: i'm voting for conservative candidates. >> yes. any way, the president is taking a vacation. if i thought that you two were serious about worrying about employment in america, you wouldn't be worried about oh my god the president is actually having a week or two vacation with his family. isn't that horrible. you wouldn't have fought so hard to stop giving us a stimulus that was necessary when people are unemployed many you wouldn't be voting against an increase -- >> sean: it ed us.
9:38 pm
>> stop it! >> sean: we would never had 1.65 trillion in debt. >> you wouldn't want myself, yourself, people that lucky enough to make a lot of money to pay a little more in taxes so everyone in america could have health insurance. so we have a stimulus program. >> sean: you can donate all the money you want. >> write a check. >> why don't you write your check. >> i will. >> why won't you? >> sean: i'm overtacked now. >> talk to the people running these -- had people running these cameras. >> sean: they love me because we are a team here. >> i know. but we are lucky enough to have -- >> let's get the voice of reason instead of this raging left wing lunatic to my left. america was in trouble in 2008. obama instead of making things better has made things worse. unemployment up, gasoline up,
9:39 pm
deficit up. everything that should be up is down. everything that is down should be up. this guy ought to be unemployed in 15 months. he should add to the unemployment rate. >> then don't block the president when he's coming through with plans -- >> such as? >> having a stimulus program. >> it didn't work, one trillion jerry didn't work my boy. >> let me answer. it wasn't enough. >> he has to borrow know from the red chinese! >> there you go, red chinese. when the government spends money, you keep saying, the government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does. every single penny the government spends pays somebody's salary. when you cut government spending you are cutting somebody's job. and that -- >> sean: this country takes in 2.2 trillion a year and spend 3.7 trillion a year. >> if you would be willing, those of us who are wealthy
9:40 pm
would spend a little more. >> money used to pay the public servants that you defend so welcome out-of-pockets of private citizens. ifñ2 they had that money their money would create new private sector jobs. >> when federal dollars are spent, it is spent on defense. >> it comes out of your pocket jerry. >> it should. don't you love this country? >> i do. i think i love i more than you do. i love this country. >> i though you do. okay, here's the thing you went asking one question about how much we were spending. >> i constantly said -- >> you didn't, i listened to your show. >> part d was too much. >> when we went into iraq, afghanistan, you didn't ask how much. >> hillary clinton voted for iraq and afghanistan. most democrats voted for iraq and afghanistan. you recall her saying, let's go to iraq mr. president. >> but pay for it. >> democrats didn't pay for it. >> you never raised the
9:41 pm
question of how much we are spending when we are fighting wars. if it is talking about health insurance, where people feed it to protect, -- you never let me finish. >> all you do is talk jerry. >> that's why i have a microphone. >> sean: bill cunningham, last word. >> my last word is this. we had reagan beat carter. i always imagined as a kid what would a second jimmy carter term have looked like? we now know. we can't give jimmy carter three terms. >> all this name calling -- >> carter is name calling? >> if you want to put people back to work -- >> lower taxes. >> we had the bush tax cuts, how come unemployment keeps going up? >> obama is in the white house. >> had your tax cuts and haven't worked because we have 9.2% unemployment. >> it was 5% now it is almost 10.
9:42 pm
>> because of the bush tax cuts. >> they weren't jerry. >> they didn't work. >> you and buffet ought to send your money to washington and let it be wasted there. >> do we still have the bush tax cuts? >> we do. who extended the bush tax cuts? obama. >> just before we go off the air, you are now in favor of us doing away with the bush tax cuts? >> i'm in favor. >> thank you sean. >> thanks for joining us. >> i'm normal. >> sean: when i come back a final thought. your show starts? >> september 19th. >> watch his show he is not crazy like this. >> it is baggage, a dating show every night at 7:30. you will love it. frankly, you get tax breaks if you watch. >> sean: next our great, great, great american panel.
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel, president and executive director of the new york civil rights coalition, michael meyers is back. a national security analyst for the christian action network, ryan mauro is with us. she is co-host of the five our friend kimberly guilfoyle is back. maxine waters, watch this, is obama losing support of the congressional black caucus. >> congressional black caucus loves the president too. we supportive of the president but we are getting tired. and so, what we want to do is we want give the president every opportunity -- how long? >> to show what he can do as what he is prepared to lead on.
9:48 pm
we want to give him every opportunity. but our people are hurting. the unemployment is unconscionable. we don't know what his strategy is. we don't know on this trip why he's not in any black community. we don't know that. all i'm saying to you is, we are politicians many we elected offs. we are trying to do the right thing and the best thing. when you let us know, it is time to let go, we'll let go. >> you gotta will have this. maxine waters saying to obama, show me the jobs! they've had it. they don't like the unemployment numbers either. did she learn don't shoot in the tent? this is the problem, you are suppose odd to stay together as a party to try and advance your party goals. right now they are turning on him, not a good sign for him. >> sean: especially since he's lost independence. >> economy can cut to the core of any politician's base
9:49 pm
because the economy affects everyone. not an issue for just one group. that's what you are seeing now. among the african-american community people pinned with obama. does that mean they would not turn out for myth in the next election? i don't know. >> sean: i don't think he loses his hard-core base. >> maxine waters always loose lips but nothing to say. the congressional black choir they developed a frog -- >> sean: ouch! >> they've developed a frog in their throats at the beginning of the obama administration. >> sean: he's not in any black community, we are getting tired. >> there's a big if in her voice. what is when you tell me it is okay to go? as soon as obama got in this black congressional choir, skin colormania, skin color madness. the only reason why they have
9:50 pm
not criticized obama up to this point, not because he hasn't been progressive, because he hasn't been liberal, because he hasn't been. because he is black this is the racial mafia mindset in america today. >> sean: we have chris matthews comparing perry to bull connor. when he talked about the black cloud in the economy implying it is racist. >> are you saying there's a double standard. >> sean: is that going to happen, resort to -- >> isn't that indicative and reflective in terms of the poll numbers, disapproval rating in terms oft=wv president obama now. you see it in gallup, rasmussen, sightment about rick perry get moog the campaign. -- people want somebody who is going to stand for something. >> sean: i'm looking for a çgm want to jump the gun. >> when people play the race card nobody wins.
9:51 pm
i think when you see people like waters saying that they only hurt themselves. it has no place in our discourse. >> obama's record is dismal. pathetic that is why his ratings are so low. >> sean: hannity you were right? >> i'm"p going to say that obama fooled a lot of people. fool me once but he can't fool me twice. >> sean: did he fool you? >> yes, because he gave good rhetoric. he's a man who is weak. a weak lead and we can't rely on his promises because he flip-flops all the time and he caves. i call him in the -- call him the commander in cowardice. ♪ let me entertain you
9:52 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our panel many good idea, bad idea, vacation after meeting and listening tour of president obama? >> this makes no sense. i love this obama bus that's been two years in the making. exporting america again. that's stimulating our economy and jobs. it is like a tricked out rock of love bus or something. >> sean: a tricked out rock of love bus? >> what is he doing? i hope he's got aner raiser
9:56 pm
board in there coming up with -- some kind of jobs plan. >> sean: you watch the rock of love show? >> i heard about it. i know you watched it. >> sean: i heard about it. >> the last poll shows he has a 26% approval rating when it cop to the economy. when he comes back and announces his plan if it is more spending every american will roll their eyes. we've been hearing the same thing. the more we spend there's going to be profit, invest in america. we've heard that before. >> sean: his speech is going to be we gotta raise more revenue, raise taxes. he's going to attack the republicans. saying he's all for compromise. anything that would work and help the economy he's going to resist. >> i may be mistaken here, i get the perception this guy is all on vacation. always at leisure, golfing, vacation, europe abroad, his
9:57 pm
family is abroad on these exotic things. interrupted by big speeches. as hillary clinton used to say i'm sick and tired of these big speeches. the american people are sick and tired of hot air, big speeches and no action. he had a super majority in both houses. he could have had a jobs plan then. but he blew it. >> sean: you made a mistake. who do you like that is running now? >> i don't endorse. >> sean: who could beat him? >> i think anybody who has experience -- >> sean: no, no names. >> i can give you names. that would endorse. >> romney and perry. i like bachmann too. >> perry can win. >> romney, maybe perry. >> sean: why do you say maybe perry? >> right out of the gate he's talking about the federal reserve possibly acting in a treasonous fashion. if he keeps making statements like that, that is going to
9:58 pm
backfire. >> i was a mistake. >> people aren't going to be talking about in a week but if it keeps happening over and over again you are not going to win overvoters. >> sean: what they are trying to do is marginalize him quickly. >> why is that? they are worried about him. >> sean: i think they are worried. but he has a of creating jobs. >> if if the democrats were smart and bold they would go to him and say this country is in trouble. millions are unemployed. you and your vacations and leisure are mocking the poor. they should go to him and say, you failed you are ineffective. you have a failed presidency. you should stand down a let somebody else have a run. >> he's not going to do that this is nothing new this is what you said when he was running for office and you warned everybody. people didn't want to see it because they fell in love with
9:59 pm
him they had a crush. now they want to take it back. now people want meat and potatoes. they like somebody who is going to be a man and say i know what i want not an phrase to say it. someone like rick perry. he may make a few gaffes here and there, but don't count him out. >> i work for the christian action network. in 2008, there wasn't the enthusiasm i'm seeing now for rick perry that's a wild card the church turn out many >> sean: what about his recent -- well i don't have enough time. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. the news continues, greta is next. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight alarm is sounding for millions of americans. terrified about the sagging economy and the nonstop high unemployment rate. it is killing us.


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