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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 19, 2011 9:11am-10:00am PDT

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jamie: we were standing a little bit away from the shelter, off of the stage and it caved in at the middle and people skrepl people screamed and ran, everyone was just running away. >> all the canvas was what dash ash. >> as you all torn. >> all the lights -- >> the metal poles holding it were gone, over, crashed over. rick: it happened again, this time in belgium where a tent at
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an outdoor music festival collapsed in a violent storm. patti ann has more on this. >> reporter: it was a bad situation there. a storm hit an outdoor concert in belgium, in brussels. it caused a stage to collapse, a band from chicago was to play. five concertgoers were killed and 140 others injured, hit by debris. you can see the scene, it was all chaos. it happened at a very popular festival in brussels. the rest of that festival has been canceled. the band also played at hrol a p lollapoolza.
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the band members twitted praying that no one was hurt, obviously the tragedy details had not hit. another stage collapsed at the indiana state fair, that killed five and hurt dozens of others. they are reevaluating the safety for these outdoor festivals. it is very hard to control the weather and this can happen when you have large numbers of people outdoors. jamie: police are launching a brand-new search for a young mother missing for two years. the search began again today. susan powell, mother of two little boys, ages 4 and 2. her husband josh said he last saw his wife when he went to go camping with the boys in the middle of a freezing coldest night.
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he is a person of interest. police holding a news conference at this very moment. we want to check in on that with alicia acuna in denver. >> reporter: that news conference just wrapped up. there were a few things that really caught our attention and i'll get to those. this is west valley city utah police. they traveled to ely, nevada to hold in press conference. this is not something they've normally done in this case over the past 20 months. they've kept tightlipped as they followed this case, calling susan's husband, josh powell a person of interest. everyone showed up for the press conference. they said we don't want to answer any questions. we have a statement to make. we have some evidence that brought us here, we won't tell you what it is and we won't give you any details. we have five police officers, who investigators out there searching right now. once more we are not going to tell you why, but we want you to come along. they invited the press to go
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along on the search. this is kind of a new one on me, you and me, jaime have been covering these things for a very longtime. i've never been invited to go o. this is a desert mountain area, december lit. there are report -rs on the ground, specifically ben winsl winslow, he's a reporter there. he was opining that maybe they are trying to smoke out josh powell. his alibi doesn't smell right to a lot of people, specifically his wife's family in that he said he took his sue young sons ages 2 and 4 at the time camping and it was snowing, frigid december temperatures in utah on the night that she disappeared on december 6th two years ago. so right now we are not exactly sure why cops are out there. they said they could be there five days, they could be there ten days, they just don't know and they say they are really not going to tell anyone, other that we might want to follow along and see what happens. jamie: clearly there are some developments based on some
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tips. thanks. we'll check back with you. rick: coming up america is still struggling with nearly double digit unemployment rates, and now some are arguing that american workers could be at the heart of the problem, outrageous or is there a grain of truth to that? we'll talk with the former secretary of labor elaine chow about that in just a moment. tensions are rising after terrorists target one of our more important allies. word of more strikes. will it plunge the mideast into an even deeper crisis? a live report straight ahead. thankfully, there's new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. helps eliminate plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. it's even clinically proven to help reverse it in just 4 weeks.
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rick: as the u.s. unemployment rate nears double digits the unphoeud are not only competing with fellow americans for jobs but with workers all over the world. the founder of the world's
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largest bond fund says our labor force is too expensive. are americans part of the problem or is that just a ludicrous statement. elainelaine chao is here. what do you think of that american workers too expensive and knotte knotted indicated enough. >> the american workers are the victims. they are not the cause. let's not blame the victims. the american workforce is among the most innovative, creative entrepreneural in the world. this occurred right around the financial crisis alternate the end of 2008 going into 2009. the real problem hitting the economy right now is a lack of job creation. we have many highly skilled people who now cannot find jobs
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because they were either laid off, they lost their job, because of the dirth of new job creation, they cannot find new jobs, that is a real problem. rick: what can a politician do, what can the president do in order to splurge creation or is it impossible for any pol politician to come out with a jobs plan. >> they can do a lot. what washington has done since 2009 is exacerbate the problem. they have to have an environment where businesses and employers go out and expand and hire more people and that is not happening. since the election of 210 what has happened in washington is there has been a tsunami of regulations on the workplace, at the workplace and the workers itself. that has increased the cost of labor, created a great deal of uncertainty on the part of employers who see nothing but a landscape full of increased taxes, new regulations, more
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federal spending, and consequence lee they are holding back, they lack confidence. consumers are lacking confidence, and so we are at a standstill where this lack of coug confidence due to washington's misguided policies are creating this stalemate in which nothing is moving very much. as and we are not having the jobs created. rick: what will it take to break this logjam, do you think and how quickly, for those people who might be watching out and myself be out of work and looking for a job they don't have time to wait around until the next election takes place and maybe there are new leaders in washington. they need something done right now. >> i have two solutions. one is the department of labor does have a nationwide network of workforce centers, and there are employment offices to help people find jobs. maybe some people can get additional training, move into other jobs. the number is 1-877usa jobs.
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washington has got to stop what they are doing now. which is over taxing, over regulating, and over spending. the consumer, and the business community, the employers have to have confidence that our government, our public policy officials are doing the right thing. so the issue is not what our workers know, the real issue is whether our government knows how to create the right policies for employers to have confidence to increase hiring. rick: good stuff. i like that you're still promoting the department of labor even though you don't work there any more. >> there are many good services there. rick: elaine chao foamer secretary of labor under president bush. so nice to meet you. jamie: authorities in aruba have called off a massive search for a missing american woman.
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the latest on the man they have in custody in jo job bin gardener's disappearance. there are new developments. violence breaking out across syria one day after president obama calls for bashar al-assad to go. will the syrian strongman step down? where is it headed next? do you find your boss troubling? do you work in a toxic environment? whether it's the boss or a person in the office with you, if they are strong i can lee rude you may not realize it but this could really affect you at home. we'll tell you what to do about it next.
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jamie: fox news alert, some sad news coming out of indiana after the stage collapse at the sugarland concert. you remember the video. so far there had been five victims. well today, sadly, a ball state indiana college student, student,22-year-old jennifer has kill has died at the hospital in indianapolis. that makes six deaths as a result of this storm-related stage collapse. rick: and out of aruba, now, authorities are post possiblying a massive -- postponing a massive search for an american tourist. robyn gardner vanished earlier
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this month when her traveling companion reported her missing. patti ann has more on that. >> reporter: well, rick, robyn gardner of maryland disappeared in aruba while on vacation with gary giordano. he's being held by aruban authorities, and investigators say his camera contains images of robin that are graphic and disturbing and, quote, beyond pornographic. those quotes given to nbc news. they did say robin, who is 35, did not appear to be in danger, and there was no indication of duress. gardner is now presumed dead having not been seen since august 2nd, and authorities have postponed their search for her remains until next week. they need more time to coordinate such a large-scale effort. they plan to search near the area where gardner was reported missing by jordan know who claims she vanished while snorkeling. they're also testing against evidence they may uncover.
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meanwhile, authorities are still investigating an insurance policy that he took out against gardner reese accidentally death. he bought the policy from american express reportedly shortly before the pair travel today the island in july. he reportedly called to cash in that policy two day after reporting her missing. gardner had a boyfriend back in maryland, but she met gary online last year. he's 50, twice divorced. the two of them shared a room at the renaissance resort and casino. the fbi is assisting in this investigation, they searched giordano's home in washington d.c. it's not clear what they were looking for. it was reported last week that a former girlfriend of his got a restraining order against him after he allegedly stalked her, secretly filmed them having sex. so lots of developments in this ongoing investigation. rick? rick: all right, patti ann. thanks for the update. jamie: let's go overseas now.
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new fighting erupting between israelis and palestinians. rockets launched deep into israel. israeli air strikes hitting targets in palestinian territory one day after the worst attacks on israel in years. gunmen targeting civilian vehicles, even soldiers, and it appears crossing to southern israel through egypt. what does this mean? leland vittert streaming live from the israel/gaza border. >> reporter: hi, jamie n. the past few minutes we've heard about half a dozen large explosions here on the gaza strip border behind me. it's unclear whether it's incoming or outgoing fire, but all day the militants have been trading this kind of fire. the israelis took out a power station earlier, certain hi made for a very hot and long day for those inside the gaza strip with no air-conditioning. the gazans sent some missiles.
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they also hit a safehouse belonging to thepopular resistance committee. they sid that they killed five of the senior leadership of that committee, and that's who they blame for starting this whole thing. they attacked two separate buses, one personal car and then also an army jeep down near the resort town. it was a very sophisticated and coordinated attack using, among other things, antitank weapons. we are learning tonight now that at least one of the people who was hurt coming out of that resort town was a family. there were two sisters, and their husbands were also kill inside this attack. it could be a very long 48 hours. everyone is trying to wait and see whether hamas wants to up the ante and pick a fight or simply call it a day. back to you. jamie: leland, thanks. rick: elsewhere in the mideast,
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security forces opening fire in cities across syria including damascus. huge crowds calling for the resignation of president assad, their demands now echoed by leaders in the west including president obama. human rights groups claim that assad's forces have killed almost 2,000 people since mid march. joseph is a former counterterrorism adviser for the fbi. he has a new book out called "the honored dead." it's an inside look at the arab security apparatus, and there's the cover on your screen. thanks very much for coming in the. >> thank you, rick. rick: seems lik al assad is doubling down here. more killings today. what do you make of it? >> well, it's a big deal that thousands have been slaughtered, these kids keep coming out peacefully in mass numbers, they know they're going to be killed, and they keep doing it. it's dramatic and amazing, and it's significant that the white house has at last called on bashar assad to shep down. rick: what do you think is the end game here? does he go?
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>> he goes. he has to be pressured to leave. he may fight to the death, but it's significant also that really hard sanctions are now being imposed including a ban on syrian oil sales which is 30% of the syrian economy. rick: i want to ask you about a report that we saw that said that the syrian government is actually going after syrian-americans, syrians who are in the united states and pressuring them. what's going on? >> syrian-americans are an affluent, influential and important group here in the u.s. for the syrian regime strategically. and the syrians are threatening, syrian-americans, saying we'll go after your families. and they've been doing it. they arrest their families back home, they torture them, and in some cases they kill them. they're doing the same thing with syrians in latin america as well as europe. rick: and so what can we do about stopping that? >> well, the u.s. has already put a restriction on syrian diplomats leaving beyond
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washington. the syrian ambassador has left, probably because he feels the heat coming up, and the fbi is investigating the alleged intimidation and frightening of the syrians here in the u.s. rick: joseph's new book is called "the honored dead," he's a former counterterrorism advisor to the fbi. thank you very much, joseph. >> thank you, rick. jamie: seems everywhere you look the economy is in chaos. europe slipping, america sliding, there are some new fears that we could be heading for a double-dip recession. here's a live look at wall street. the dow right now, it's still below 11,000, down 35 points just about. so what does all this mean for the upcoming elections in 2012? paulgigot is editorial page editor of the "wall street journal", and "the wall street journal" does do a great job of keeping us in the loop. >> thank you very much. jamie: more and more people are reading it, in fact. >> we try. jamie: no question about it, everyone's worried about it, paul. if it doesn't come back between
9:39 am
now and the re-election, how big an issue will this be for everyone? >> well, it'll be the most important issue in the election by far. when the economy is down, it is always the dominant issue. and if we have a second recession in four years, it will be even more dominant. so, and in that kind of environment, any president -- including this one -- would have a very tough time winning re-election. jamie: you hear a lot that this is not the same situation as 2008. is it worse? >> well, i think in some way it's better. i mean, the banks' balance sheets are better in the united states at least, not in europe because they haven't fixed the problem in europe, and that's one of the problems that europe still has to deal with. but our banks are in somewhat better shape. on the other hand, the government balance sheet here in the united states is in much worse shape because we've already blown that up. we've spent a trillion dollars on the stimulus, we've tried cash for clunkers, we've tried all of these things to stimulate demand through government spending. that hasn't worked. the other thing that is
9:40 am
different is the fed has been at zero interest rates, near zero now for be 32 months or so. and we still haven't gotten that recovery. so the problem is the government has fired so much of its ammunition, typical ammunition, what else is there to do? there isn't a lot the government can do. jamie: that's my question, what other tools do they have in their tool box? >> well, one thing they could do, the president could come out and say, you know what? we're going to stop doing some harm. the national labor relations board which has told boeing you can't build that plant in south carolina, call them off. i oppose that. that's a bad idea. that would begin to give businesses the sense that, you know what? maybe government wants us to invest again. so you could stop doing tangible harm that could get those trade deals done are still waiting in congress. the white house hasn't even sent them up to capitol hill. get that done right out of the blocks in september. you could, you could, um, say that we're not going to do any more spending that won't work,
9:41 am
so instead we'll get a budget deal. there are a lot of different things we could do in an active sense that would not do harm. jamie: quickly, because i don't want to give everything away you're going to talk about on your show, why wouldn't president obama do this? >> i think there's a lot of opposition in his own party. the nlrb is driven by union politics. the reason it did what it did stopping boeing is because the unions don't want it to move from washington state. so there's a lot of internal politics in his party. jamie: pressure, pressure, pressure. all right. don't don't miss paul's show on the weekend, so much to learn from you, paul. thanks so much for giving us a preview today. appreciate it so much. rick? rick: well, coming up, they've got fame, fortune and free decyber clothes. -- designer clothes. wait until you hear how much some stars are raking in just for using twitter. and you've heard of fire sale, how about a car on fire sale? straight ahead, what the owner of a classic jag does when
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jamie: celebrity tweets are all the craze, we're not talking about rick folbaum, but did you know some stars are cashing in on them? what will they do next? courtney friel explains live from the newsroom. >> reporter: hey, jamie. yeah, the advertisers want to cash in as well, after all, they pay millions for celebrities to endorse their product, and now it's just a small fee for fares to send -- stars to send out a promotional tweet. mariah carey and lindsay lohan are just a few of the celebrities that are paid to tweet to their followers. one of many companies
9:46 am
capitalizing on this trend launched charlie sheen on twitter. the agency helped actors, athletes and musicians send out sponsored tweets from over 150 advertisers such as a, the -- at&t, microsoft and sony. >> typically, those fees will vary from the low four figures to the low to mid five figures per tweet. >> reporter: advertisers can easily see results by tracking the clicks and online conversations. >> if nobody's talking about a brand today and a bunch of celebrities tweet about it, more often than not you're going to see a significant lift in the number of people that will talk about the brand going forward. >> reporter: critics question if anyone really buys a ruct because someone famous tweeted about it. >> people are really not as gullible as the celebrities and the brands think. >> reporter: a celebrity ghost tweeter helps her clients built an online presence and write tweets. she says these ads are ruining
9:47 am
the experience for fans. >> it's fun to live vicariously through some of these people, and when you throw sponsorships in the mix, it just kind of makes it less fun. the storytelling is no longer there. >> reporter: and another trend, movie studios are starting to make social media promotion a contract requirement, and actors are getting smart about it, charging for access to their online fan bases. back to you. jamie: courtney, thank you. rick: i follow courtney on twitter, by the way. jamie: who wouldn't? reduction rick absolutely. all right. the contagion that spreads at work that can hurt your family, your social life. plus, a mysterious orange goo suddenly showing up in alaska. an early explanation from scientists, fish eggs. but that was wrong. now they're saying it's something totally different. we'll tell you what it is, coming up. ♪
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megyn: hey, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. rick sanatorium joins us live today on why many are now saying do not count him out in this race for the white house. plus, a woman with a potentially terminal illness holds a few garage sales to earn money for her medical bills. she doesn't want to rely on the government to pay for them until city hall shuts her down. she is here live. plus, kelly's court on the mother who's on trial for putting hot sauce on her child's tongue as discipline. and christine to donnell walks out of a tv news interview. was she justified? our power panel weighs in. see ya in eight minutes. >> i'm going to have to ask you to go ahead and move your desk again, so --
9:52 am
>> no. >> -- if you could go ahead and get it as far back against that wall as possible, that would be great. >> no, no, because -- >> that way we'll have some room for some of these boxes and things we need to put in here. >> there's no room and -- >> oh. oh, there it is. >> what? here, let me just go ahead and get that from ya. [laughter] jamie: look familiar? rick: we all know someone like that. that was a clip from the movie "office space" with the notoriously rude boss, but it turns out that bad behavior like that can spread like a virus in that place. jamie: there's a new study out of baylor university, and they found stress created by word coworkers can impact relationships way beyond the workplace, and the author of that study, meredith ferguson, great to have you here. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. jamie: we all know somebody, you know, how do you avoid it?
9:53 am
i mean, they're stuck in the workplace with you, and then you have to bring it home apparently. >> it is hard to avoid, and what we find is that it does cross over to effect marital satisfaction in the home, and it even crosses over into a partner's workplace. it distracts them at work and keeps them from doing their job well. jamie: so we shouldn't call our spouse or our partner and saying, oh, i'm having such a tough day, i have to share an office. are there other things you can do right then and there? should you speak up? >> you can speak up, speak with your supervisor or hr. the real key is stop it before it starts, and organizations have some really cheap fixes to do that beginning with hiring people that are higher in honesty and humility. we know people who have those personality traits are less likely to engage in these bad behaviors. rick: it's natural, though, to come home there work and want to talk to your spouse or partner
9:54 am
about what happened at the office today. so is there maybe a more constructive way you can have a conversation with your wife and say i have this person at work who's giving me a tough time and not have it be so detrimental to your marriage or relationship? >> yeah, i think talking about things that happened at work is helpful. spouse support or partner support be can be helpful in buffering some of those effects of workplace stress. and keeping it from affecting, really, the family. but what the study looked at was that that stress does spill over into the family and i affect the whole family's well being as the spouse perceives it. jamie: i guess there could be an impact on kids. rick has four. >> right. that's one thing we haven't looked at yet, but that is definitely a place i want to explore next. kids, um, we have an aging population, more people have parents living with them that they're taking care of and how it affects those relationships and how it, um, also affects relationships with our friends and our broader community.
9:55 am
jamie: well, interesting study, huh, rick? rick: meredith ferguson -- jamie: thank goodness we don't have to worry about it here. rick: thanks very much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. rick:. yeah, thankfully, i don't take anything home with me because everybody's too nice. jamie: your home's too busy. anyway, for sale if you're looking, one classic car. wait, it's slightly charred. the story behind the jag on fire. ♪ ananananannouncer ] the network.
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9:59 am
little damage. you can still buy it. rick: and the must-see moment, that aircraft carrier turning into a hotel in the china. have a great weekend, everybody. jamie: bye wyoming. megyn: thanks, guys. a fox news alert on a new warning on america's economy, and what a headline it is. two of america's largest financial firms are raising fears that another u.s. recession is closer than we think. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly.


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